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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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around at 60 degrees with high clouds and sunshine and sunny this afternoon upper 50s at cost and mid-60s for the rest of us. more warming coming up. sue? >> couple of issues on the east shore freeway this morning, one looks like it is clearing, check it out, westbound at tennessee early everfund landing back on its wheels but there is emergency crews on the scene trying to get it clear. here we go, westbound 80 at san pablo dam, slow traffic here blocking the middle lanes we will check back with which were on that and check back with the bay bridge commute. >> big changes could come to lombard where helps of making the most dangerous roads safer. our reporter joins us with the proposal. >> good morning, matt, this is the straight part of lombard street not the crooked pardon, the part you take to and from the golden gate bridge.
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but it is not just cars you will find on lombard. city federal say 80,000 pedestrian use it each day. they say it is too addition. they want to make some safety improvements and could go on it today at the bore meeting at 1:00 o'clock. including proposals with nine new buffers boarding areas and nine wider waiting areas for people on foot at intercessions and three islands for pedestrians. when you add this up you have to take space from somewhere and that would be parking spaces which would be a hassle for residents and merchants. official say it will help drivers and pedestrians see each other and keep them safe. this is either after the vision zero project. if the ideas pass, construction could start in the summer. in a few hours pg&e cruise are back to work restoring natural accident scene service to 900
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homes in moraga. 200 pg&e workers are going house-to-house to re-light the pilot lights after a sinkhole opened up at rheem boulevard severing a 4" line and 2,500 customers had their gas shut off. there is debris and put slides from the welcome storms and several put slides at the tracks in niles canyon yesterday. ace train passed two damaged area. amtrak used this along with ace and one train was delayed as dough braces with cleaned. ace train derailed a week ago because of a mudslide. >> can you stay on the severe weather with the abc7 news app and enable the push alert. >> crews are mourning the loss of one of their own, 25-year-old was off duty on friday and she was involved in a car crash near truckee and died of the injuries on sunday.
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she was an employee of the cal fire unit and plagues are half staff. they come teared at the fire department. >> the opinion who shot and killed a person on oakland streets is on the streets yesterday afternoon at 8th and campbell blocks from the west oakland bart station. the victim is in his 20s, from richmond, a man. police are offering $10,000 reward for information leading to the killer. >> sonoma county board will hear task force recommendations following the officer involved shooting death of 13-year-old andy lopez. the deputy goal house shot -- deputy shot and killed him after thinking the pull let gun was an assault rifle. >> the two former san jose state university students will senator 30 days in jail or perform weekend work for putting a bike
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lock around their roommate's neck and a third will serve probation much the victim was not at the sentencing yesterday, but his mother said her son and 17-year-old fresh, has lasting scars from the incident this started in the fall of 2013. d.j.s with called racial slurs by the white roommates and they were convicted of misdemeanor battery. >> i want do thanken for their support and their prayers and the outcries that the community let us know they are impacted as we are. all the williams family filed a civil lawsuit and seek $5 million in dams from the university and the defendants. >> happening today, a possible relief for drivers in san francisco. a proposal to lower towing fees is going before the mta board. the cost of retrieving a towed vehicle will drop more than $100 and now be $380. for the first time, there will be an amnesty program so the low-income people can retrieve a
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vehicle for $294. the possible decrease comes as they renegotiate the $65.4 million contract with the tow company. >> and now the morning commute will be easier with lyft organize car pools and the drivers get a financial incentive for carrying car pooler, and details are not yet released. they are compiling a wait history in those interested in taking part and uber is testing their own version. it is culled unbird pool. >> ohio and florida could make or break the presidential candidates in the g.o.p. and on d side, hillary clinton could face stronger than expected competition from bernie sanders in the midwest today. we go to cleveland with the story. >> good morning, there are enough delegates at state to make donald trump and hillary clinton frontrunners to likely
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nominees for the party with florida and he the big pries but the other states voting could make the difference. >> it is here the day that could be a critical town point in the race for president. >> this is the place i want to win, the place, this is going to do it. >> going frontrunner donald trump was in the winner-take-all state of ohio overnight. attack the governor and rival john kasich. >> kasich cannot make great america again. can't do it. >> the stop trump movement is in full effect. >> this country is not about tear one another down. >> the rivals saw problems trump rally. >> don't worry you will not be beat up at my rallies. >> a difference between this rally and those of donald trump i am not asking you to punch anyone in the face. >> these are a love fest. >> the likely opponent of hillary clinton called him out.
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>> if you go back, now, several months, he has been building this incitement. she rallied late into the night in charlotte and bernie sanders was in chicago, far behind in the delegate count by confident. [ inaudible ] >> bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton in all five states, voting, today, i repeat bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton in all five stays voting today in the big hot contest in the home state of florida marco rubio is 20 points behind donald trump but here in ohio governor kasich has a chance to win which is setting up a likely contested republican convention. >> good morning, everyone, 8:05. walnut creek is partly cloudy and 43 degrees. after 13 consecutive difficulties of rain, time to talk pollen.
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oak and pine high concentrations. weed and grass, absent. mold and fine particulates low. if you are stepping out in woodside it is 40 degrees right new and menlo park is 41 and mid-to-upper 40s for the prosecute of the peninsula and san carlos and mountain view is 48 and livermore is 40, and san jose is 46 and oakland is 47, and san francisco is the warm spot at 50, and 47 in san rafael the we are in the 60s today with high clouds and sunshine and more sunshine in the afternoon, and look at the 70s to forly 80 by thursday. i will look at the weekend and a chance of rain is possible. next. sue? >> in the east shore freeway from golden gate field through berkeley and university avenue and to emeryville and the macarthur maze looking at 12 minutes all the way toward the toll plaza and it is get pretty steady and heavy but no major delays and look at this, toll plaza is streaming through into san francisco with in problem.
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the altamont pass shows some sort of a tree log in the lanes number two westbound 580 at in the flynn we see the typical slowing from the central valley. and a couple of accident on the nimitz. we will check in a few. >> google wants to build another home in mountain view with our first look at plan for a smaller google plex. google plex. the muni bus is no longer a b
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san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a driver who failed for yield to a c.h.p. traffic stop is in custody after a high speed chase. our camera captured the pursuit that started before 9:00 last night on interstate 80. it continued from richmond to oakland until officers caught up with the driver. and the warriors were playing. a wet and wild ride for the driver of a pickup truck. it somehow ended up in the water off of san mateo coast. the san mateo fire department tweeted owe the photo. no one was hurt. a tow truck removed the truck from out of the water. >> we have a new look at google's massive project in mountain view, business journal has these renderings of the project next car to the same google plex showing structures topped by a canopy and friend space and a fitness area where you can stretch before a bicycle ride or work out. the property will contain 600,000 square feet of space.
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>> old muni buses are helping some in san francisco stay cleaner. we were in the tender lynn as the blue bus parked on golden gate a retired muni bus redesigned on the inside. it now has two showers and toilets. the bus is one of two moved around the city by a company called lava may to give homeless people a place to cleanup. 40 people use it each stop. >> i can be clean. makes them feel better. about socializing with other people >> the shower bus is trying out a new location next to st. anthony's costing about $75,000 to re-purpose into mobile showers. >> later today lucky fans will meet two of the defending champions must popular players and help the community. >> klay thompson and guard livingston will be in alameda to
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sign audit graphs between action and 7:00 p.m. fans had a chance to purchase the ticket for $10, and all proceeds are donated to the alameda food bank. >> the sacramento river for the first time in four years is spilling over into an area designed to divert the floodwater. it channels water from the river to the ocean. all of the water flooded over the roads this welcome but people do not mind. >> it is amaze how much water is across the road. we take this road each day downtown. it is amazing. >> this is a 33.5' high concrete wall that has been there for 93 years as flood protection. >> is exciting to see so much water. >> the drought is not over. although the reservoirs are getting pull the wart table is still very depleted with parts
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of the central valley searching because we take out too much groundwater. hopefully we can fill those up. we are looking at sunday into monday for a chance of rain but until then high clouds and sunshine, a colorful sunrise this morning and you capture it #abc7now. we would love to see it. the ferry building shows the winds or flags show an brief developing so the warming begins. above average highs the rest of the week. the storm is taking better shape for monday. now, 66 in milpitas today, to gilroy at 69. san jose is 68. on the peninsula, millbrae is 62. everyone else is around 64 to 67. we will touch 60 at half moon bay. we will be in the upper 50s elsewhere. low 60s downtown 61 and south san francisco 62 and sausalito is 61 upper 60s along the north bay coast and warmer inland 64 to 67.
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loan the east bay sure our cool spot, berkeley and richmond at 64 warming to 67 in castro valley. and oakland and san leandro at 6 pa and brentwood is 65, and pittsburg and pleasanton at 67. heater will run again tonight with a lot of 40s out there and a few 30s but more isolated than what we see and feel this morning. here is my seven-day forecast, the wealth of 70s away from the coast and on sunday with increasing clouds and there is a slight chance of rain on monday. sue? we have moderate traffic from the central valley and from tracy to dublin, it is not bad. really, the 30-delay category highway 43 is five minutes and san rafael to san francisco is looking good at under 20 minutes. a couple of issues, including debris tree or log, north flynn
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blocking lane two and this is the typical slow traffic from tracy up and over the altamont pass with north fremont has a lane of traffic blocked but i am not seaing too much slowing. highway one to 280 southbound, it is closed for road work until 6:00 this morning. we will look at the mass transit options when we return. >> folks living in sausalito have their say tomorrow on a new design for a ferry dock, our media partner said that the project will cost $11.534 the golden gate bridge district proposes a new dock last year but many say the original design did not fit the small town character of sausalito. others say the new dock is needed safety improvement and will provide improved access for those with disability. >> chipolte's top executive take a huge pay cut. last year they were hit with an e. coli outbreak closing several restaurants and sickened dozens of people the since that time
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the value of chipolte has again down 30% because the compensation is tied if part to the stock price, they now get $1434 rather than $29 million. that is still many more million dollars then all of us are making. >> amazon could let people pay for things with selfies. here is the tech bytes. >> today, making a rich with a selfie. amazon reportedly developing new technology that allows users to complete the million transaction by snapping a selfie. >> no word open when the retailer could launch the new technology. >> a new light bulb aimed to help you fall asleep. the white bulb changes its light depending on the time of day like morning sun sheet and warmer tones like a sun society help you republic for sleep. >> the folks at tinder say everything is back to normal. the dating app came to
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after a glitch deleted matches. the missing matches have been returned when a user logs out and ten back in according to tinder. >> must be so relieved. >> those are the tech bytes. >> maybe a lot of people on tinder are blaming t.s.a. >> t.s.a. is under fire for not being up to the job of moving passengers through security fast enough. airports say travel is increasing, t.s.a. staffing is lagging. to protect yourself be ready for long lines moving into the spring and summer season signing four for precheck and arriving at the airport early is the best way to daily with delays. row check was the best decision i ever made. >> bald eagles are returning for the first time in 50 years. >> so majestic. when we see them it is awesome.
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>> a pair of adult eagles and two juveniles have been spotted and researchers say they have been coming here each year since 2007. a higher water level and more fish would likely mine more eagles. the drought kept that from happening but maybe this year will be different. >> seven things you need to know straight ahead. >> and russia makes good on a promise to boost peace talks in syria. stay tuned.
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ensure. always stay you. from the #1 doctor recommended brand. the fresh taste of philadelphia cream cheese.d we make it daily using fresh local milk, real cream, and absolutely no preservatives. when it comes to fresh taste, nothing else tastes like philadelphia. if you are just joining us or head out the door the seven things you need to know only on seven, a bizarre carjacking in san jose everyones if a san jose city council member jumping into action. the city leader saw a man trying to run from the crash. he juneed into action and helped arrest the suspect. >> number two, pg&e crews will
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resume restoring natural gas service to 900 homes in moraga at 8:00 a.m. gas was shut off after a sinkhole opened up on sunday. it severed a 4" lane. >> you need your umbrella to shade yourself from the strong sunshine coming with the warmer-than-average temperatures into the weekend and a new storm is developing. i show you the latest on our storm-impact scale and what it means to you on sunday and monday. >> we are following your tuesday morning commute. so far, so good. a flurry of incidents earlier but they are cleared and you are looking at 14 minutes from hayward to foster city on san mateo bridge. five states are holding primaries and if full full wins ohio and florida he is assuring the path to the g.o.p. nomination because these are all or nothing delegate states. >> health officials in contra costa county are concerned of a spike in prescription drug
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abuse. they are asking bay area doctors to scale back when prescribing painkillers like oxycontin. all the iditarod wrapped up this morning in alaska, and the third straight win for dallas, and 4 this title in just five years. russia is pulling out troops from syria, and vladimir putin ordered the move saying it should be a stimulus for serious political talks. despite the pull out a russian airbase and naval facility will stay opened. >> the most expensive lobbying battle in california history is underway, pharmaceutical companies including johnson&johnson have spent $50 million against the california drug price relief act limiting how much a state can spend prescription drugs. there are conflicting opinions whether it raise or will lower
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drug prices in california. the campaign spending is a seem on how heated the battle for votes is. >> oakland is trying to get the city to remove waste from a pat flow that was down on a man's prosecute. we were in deck yesterday and saw this littered with budgets of miles an hour juan waste the owner said he has in idea how the bags got on the property and the city will not pick it up because it is on private property so he does not know how he is supposed to get rid of this. >> a photo you would not expect to see posted on twitter showing hillary clinton and george w. bush sharing a sweet moment at the nancy reagan funeral, they have a long history, of course, and this shot and could be the best photo from the funeral. >> an 18-year-old boy in >> an 18-year-old boy in virginia channeled
5:26 am
he does it with one hand banking it in and off the back board and the buzzer sound and look close ly, and very nonchalant say he is excited and very prized it went in. >> estimate every eight-year-old 's hero steph curry these days? curry these days? stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, we are heading into 5:30. wake up. i am reggie aqui. >> i am matt keller here for natasha zouves.
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we will check on the weather and traffic on this tuesday, march 15. >> look at live doppler hd a few high clouds but they kept the fog from forming. look how clear the sutro tower camera is, no need for umbrella. the big story is temperatures are up to 10-12 degrees cooler, 38 to 50. high clouds and sunshine. flirting with 60 at lunch. high clouds give way to sun at 4:00. and mid-60s. enjoy the warmth with more in the forecast. sue? >> 32 trains leave on time for bart out and about and great way to take mass transit. muni is not reporting delays and ace train run is heading into pleasanton on time and ace train three is leaving stockton on time from the central valley with slow traffic but not too bad beyond the s.a.p. center and the sharks are laying there. >> a bizarre carjacking in san jose ends in the right place for
5:30 am
victim and the wrong place for the suspect. he was chased by a fire chief and a city council member. we are in san jose with how this all unfolded. alyssa? >> yes, wild story. the san jose city councilman helped pin down the man. here is the incident video that happened near the 87 on-ramp. the city councilman and the city deputy chief of fire were at a community meeting discussing a recent string of fires and they heard commotion outside. they jumped interest -- and action. we heard screeching of tires and the sound of cars crashing. obviously a car crash. we looked at the window and it was all looking leak not just the car crash but another car was pinned in and someone got
5:31 am
out and tried to run. >> this is video you will see only here on abc7 news. the man trying to run, a carjacking suspect steeling -- stealing a woman's car with the woman inside. it crashed. he was injured, the suspect, and he was taken to a hospital. in san jose, for abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news from san francisco, a death investigation is underway. police were called to a him near 44th and seal rock drive at 11:00 and the body was found. officials call it a homicide not jet but the medical examiner is at the scene. >> in moraga pg&e cruise restoring gas service to 900 homes, and 200 position manage workers going house-to-house. the gas was shut off after a sinkhole opened up at rheem
5:32 am
boulevard on sunday cutting a 4" line. 2,500 customers had gas should off because of the leak. >> you see on tv the syrian refugees so this is nothing, a little inconvenience, no heat and cold showers. >> another problem is not so easy to resolve, a put slide seriously damaged two hems and east bay mud spokeswoman said though will inexpect it when it is safe. >> message highway closure in napa is frustrating drivers at 121 shut down on sunday. a huge chunk of pavement cracked and it has fallen 1' since that time. caltrain believes the storms are to blame. people would live near say the rain raised quite a few problems. >> couple of rock slides and the tree fell down the other day, down the wooden valley road so the the rains have had an affected.
5:33 am
>> no word how long 121 is closed and caltrain will have to determine if the road can be fixed. >> drivers are being asked to use state route 128 and twine as alternates. remember, i can stay on top severe weather with the news app and download it for free and able push alerts for updates as they happen. >> c.h.p. will honor a fallen officer would has ties to the bay area. the officer taylor was directing traffic at an accident scene interstate 80 near truckee when he was hit by a vehicle. he died on sunday. he worked for the highway patrol for six years three at c.h.p. san jose office. he was springfield last week by our sister station after helping a woman who lost control of her car and crashed into a snowbank. today the officers will risk a bowl at the department academy this sacramento to mark officer taylor's end of want. >> chicago police are interviewing a woman after a shot out that let three officers
5:34 am
wounded. the veteran officers were monitoring drug activity on the west side and they noticed the man and a woman under investigation. when the officers tried to talk the man pulled a gun and started shooting at them. the officer shot back and killing the gunman. all three officers are expected to survive. >> voters in five states heading to the polls, primaries in florida and ohio could be crucial for republicans. marco rubio and scene kasich are fighting for the survival of their campaigns in their whom state of the polling shows trump is in a tight race with ohio governor kasich in the buckeye state. it is not so tight in florida, where trump leads senator marco rubio by 20 points. should donald trump win both states it pay pat for his nomination. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in all give states today. besides florida and ohio, illinois, missouri and number
5:35 am
income holdry marries. last night, hillary clinton rallied supporters in charlotte and bernie sanders was in illinois where he is barely trailing hillary clinton in recent presidents. he is hoping to pull another upset in the midwest like he did in michigan last week. a firm silicon valley venture capitalist forced out of his job by a lawsuit is being extorted filing a countersuit claim. she claims three rescued from human trafficers and he kept her as is sex slave. she said he agreed to pay hour $40 million, but he counterclaimed and said it was $10 million but she wanted more. >> the unified school district >> the unified school district in san lore --
5:36 am
image, which dates currently back to 1997, seen as a softening of a previous mascot that depict add confederate cornell. >> you have noticed, as you step out, it is 13 degrees cooler. i thought the heater would run all night. danville is cool at 39 degrees and everyone else is around 40-42 degrees until highway 4, pittsburg and antioch and brentwood at 45 to 48. 38 in santa rosa, and vallejo is 41, and los gatos is 42, and san carlos and hayward is friction and 47 -- 46 and 47 in pacifica. today, dry pavement is if but it will be chilly, and if you want to hike the trails are pretty muddy. from the exploritorium camera at bi15, downtown san francisco is looking gorgeous.
5:37 am
temperatures in the 60s today. most of us in the mid-to-upper 60s with a decrease in high clouds this afternoon. look at total such shine and away from san francisco, 70s for wednesday and thursday. i have chained the trust coming up on monday, and i put a storm impact scale on the ex storm with an update ahead. >> bay bridge and metering lights are on, and 5:29 this morning with traffic stacking up to the overcrossing and you are looking at 11 minutes delay to get to the tolls and on the pan it is nice. in san jose, this is highway 280 northbound direction, the headlights where they are headed at 880 overcrossing a brisk drive into cupertino from san jose. no problems. we have an incident on the nimitz freeway. 880 northbound. before north fremont. it is still out there. it is partly blocking a lane. no slowing but be aware it is this.
5:38 am
the north bay commute is when we return in a few. >> test results are in on the knife found on ago on's estate and what they reveal. >> thinking outside the box byizing one, a start-up has a unique solution for businesses lo nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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the abc7 news app on go on roar schedule news that lives
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where you live. >> new this morning, a buried knife found on o.j.'s estate may not be tied to a double murder. it is reported that the knife did not contain any d.n.a. or hair evidence linking it to the murder of his wife and friend. o.j.'s former jailer is sharing details of his life behind bars. retired guard said that o.j. live as life of luxury and weighs in on whether three was behind the 1994 murders. >> o.j. told me one time only two people alive know who committed the murders: him and al who drove the white bronco and he was o.j.'s best friend. >> he was the closest confidant at the nevada prison where he is serving time for kidnapping and robbery. more on the book coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> the san jose city council is expected to delay discussing a
5:42 am
proposed soccer park until next month. city leaders are considering an alternate project suggested by the earthquakes. the new 44 acre site is on coleman avenue. the complex houses seven fields rather than four fields. the earthquakes academy would use three fields and the others are open to the public. >> one company is addressing the real estate problem in san francisco in an innovative way, leasing office space in shipping containers for vacant lots. after 13 years in construction manager, dennis decided to re-purpose shipping containers. >> they are relocatable and kind of quirky. >> short-term leases range from $30 an hour to $150 a day or $3,200 a m they are designed to be earthquake ready. they are working with the planning commission to build the caper offices in other parking
5:43 am
lots. >> a site we want to see more of, in phoenix lake, as water flowed over the bridge. since the rounds of storms marin has secured enough water to last two years but it is important to note that the drought is not over in much of california. >> so nice to see. >> i am excited we will be nearly 80 this week. >> it feels great. a retrieve, getting rid of the cabin fever, nice. you should see my yard. it is overgrown. no rain is possible, and from the exploritorium, you can see it is gorgeous start to the morning but mostly sunny conditions and spring warm the today but not only today but through sunday and a hint of rain on sunday interest monday and it is becoming more than a hint in the last couple of computer model runs.
5:44 am
low-to-mid secretary along the cost and san francisco and mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of us at 64 to 68 degrees this afternoon. tonight, it will be another cool one especially inland with isolated areas in the 30s but not so many, a lot of low-to-mid 40s and richmond and san francisco could stay in the 50s. it is back. storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" severe and sunday night into monday so a way off. right now .25" to .5" and breezes in the monday forecast. my seven-day outlook shows near the cost we will be nearly soviet on thursday, and upper 70s and we will taper because the winds switch direction but by sunday we are still looking at 70 degrees were best chance of rain is sunday night in the north bay and the rest of us, monday. have a good one. i will look at the sierra snow pack coming up in the seven-day outlook with snow for the
5:45 am
sierra, also, next. sue? >> we have no chain rarement as nice time to head up there and our san rafael camera, traffic is flow nicely from novato beyond the civic center, and to san francisco, the lombard street is 26 minute drive in highway 37 and what you are waiting for the at golden gate bridge and travels over the waldo grade with no delays and four lanes in the southbound direction. we will check a couple of incidents, we had a new accident reported westbound 580 before the dublin/pleasanton and three cars are involved and did last the freeway at san ramon boulevard and one is still possibly out there, so heads up, i am not seeing too much slowing, a little bit of red in the intersection. we will look at the bay bridge. the next update. >> sue and mike are big dog lover lovers.
5:46 am
matt? >> love dogs. future a cat give. >> national money by -- national puppy day is were coming up and we have a big adoption event march 23, a week if tomorrow and we want to see photos of your favorite dog with # #puppiesonseven. you could see your photo on the air. ajoin us on wednesday at 4:30, we will live extreme our puppy camera all morning on we will tell you how you can take one of the up byes home. >> we only have dog lovers watching us because all the people who love cats have contained the channel. >> we still love you. more big changes coming to san francisco's waterfront and what you can expect to see. all the first look of bart's fleet of future. >> house fire that almost towns >> house fire that almost towns interest tragedy, the dr
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5:49 am
benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a bank robber should be easy to find. very clear surveillance video of the suspect. this is take were at wells fargo on clay done road on -- clayton road on friday. he is about 30. nearly 6' tall. and weighs about 180. >> state lawmakers want the tax on candy. a handful are proposing a sales tax on candy claiming it would reduce obesity and generate $1 billion in revenue each career. support others suggest by not
5:50 am
taxing the candy the state is an enabler of childhood obesity, and diabetes and accidental problems. the measure would need two-thirdses vote in the legislature and by voters. a similar effort did not work out in 1992. >> bart rider, the train of future is almost here. bart video shows the first of how cars being shipped out from cold and snowy new york. the cars have more room. quieter. cooler. and they have motorcycle and bicycle racks. >> the rest of the fleet will arrive in a year and a half. >>ingly is make another pitch to train traffic laws to accommodate self driving cars. the head of the self-driving google program will testify before the senate commerce committee. new rules will speed up development of self driving cars. >> san francisco is adding sex
5:51 am
trafficking to the school curriculum and students will learn about comfort women, korean women forced by the japanese military to have sex with soldiers. this is one of those women in san francisco giving the curriculum her blessing. >> consulting with experts so we make sure the curriculum we present is accurate and correct and sensitive to the victims. >> korea is removing the term "comfort women," from their text becomes but she witnesses it used here in san francisco. the subject will be taught in the fall as part of health curriculum and include information on modern sex trafficking. >> for the first time an nfl executive acknowledged a link between football-related head trauma and the brain disease c.t.e. testifying before a congressional committee yesterday the executive jeff miller said there was a connection certainly with evidence of disease found after death in promise independent retired players including we
5:52 am
frank gifford. although the nfl is now admitting to a connection they are not obligated to comment retired players who develop the disease in the future. that is because of a pending settlement between retired players and the league. >> it is super cold. mike, are we masking the temperature outside? >> yes. yes. this is why i am sleepy. livermore and san jose and san francisco congratulations, you are above average for our rainfall year that began october 1st and everyone else is close 95 to 99%. today dry up and down the coast, and mid-80s in palm springs. we will look at our snow pack, we had the avalanche warning yesterday because of so much rain at 102% in the north, behind central and south but, still, 92% average is not too bad compared to last year at 60
5:53 am
60%. it is quiet in lake tahoe. well above the average high of 48 degrees. have the sun scene ready. a top of sunshine. but the same storm will bring us rain on monday. it will bring them possibly significant snow on monday. we will talk more about that next along with the day planner. sue? ought east shore freeway if the commute takes you into the berkeley area to emeryville, will it stream of headlights headed westbound to the macarthur maze for 25 meant minute ride from golden gate field to san francisco. metering lights are turned on at 5:29. when you are on the span it is luggish headed into san francisco so give yourself extra time. the roadways the accident westbound 580 before 680, two cars exited the roadway but there is still a car on the freeway with minor delays headed to the dublin/pleasanton
5:54 am
interchange. we will check with mass transit and the openings in a few minutes. >> we will look at video showing how dangerous being a firefighter can be an apartment building fire in germantown, maryland, with all of the soak coming from the town homes and the camera caught the molt when the front of the building collapsed. in a matter of seconds, you can see flames shoot from the building and the front falls on top of a firefighters and the firefighter suffered town live threatening injuries and the three families would live there are now looking for another place to stay. >> apple fight as justice department order to help hack an inphone connected to the intern -- san bernardino shoot are others are adding encryption and text messages now are incented and facebook and snap chat and google are using more encryption coming to the defense of apple which is refusing to set a dangerous press distant, they say. more people are using smart 15
5:55 am
to ask health related questions some agents come up short on mental health issues. researchers tested the top four artificial intelligence systems finding they could provide critical information in response to certain questions on suicide, and rape and domestic violence but an example, siri provides resources if the question suggests a user is contemplating suicide but questions on rape get nothing. >> airbnb is now allowing neighbors of rental properties to we view gift behavior an effort to clamp down on those who abuse the short-term rental service. neighbors can go on-line and provide feedback on renters and their activities. the new feature is introduced next month and the globe. airbnb has been criticized for allowing unruly renters to turn quiet neighborhoods into party zones last month also a businessman in paris found a
5:56 am
southern -- a body in his garden. >> and if you are quitting >> and if you are quitting smoking, best to go cold turk slowly. love is in the air on "good morning america." >> ment off the finale right here the bachelor and his fiance are in the big apple after a lot of tears and i am sure a lost drama and countless surprises. >> i don't watch it, i hear...i hear all about it...from my buy. >> sure. lauren b. was the pick shaft night. the happy couple stopped by "good morning america" and talked about what they are looking forward to doing next. >> i am look forward to starting
5:57 am
a remain inial life. we have been engaged but secretly for the last few weeks and i am excited to go on a date. >> anywhere big lands in new york tonight? >> we will stick around for a couple of days i have a surprise mapped and why went to ruin it with a nice dinner date. >> so first to date after you get engaged. isn't it? >> the body language to me is not there but...who am i to say? >> a lot of talk is about her ring, $95,000, under five kates if you -- under five carats if you are keeping count. and now the toughest part of the journey? being on a reality show? and falling if love? >> commuters will notice big changes on a popular route and why transportation officials want do redesign lombard street and what it means. >> did you get enough sleep? >> did you get enough sleep? if not you are not alone what is
5:58 am
5:59 am
what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. at 6:00 i am reggie aqui. >> i am mad keller on tuesday, march 15. file days away the start of spring. we will check with mike to see what our forecast is doing. >> getting warmer. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing it is ben dry. it is cooler this morning. when you step identified. upper 30s to mid-40s. sunrise at 7:20 >> the to be colorful. we will 30 with 60 at noon. increasing sunshine and this evening, grab a coat, mid-to-upper 50s. sue? >> bart has 52 trains on schedule at 6:00. on tuesday morning. muni is looking good. not reporting delays. ace train 1 is heading into fremont. ace train 3


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