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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." expect more delays tomorrow morning on b.a.r.t. as engineers work to find the electrical problems. good afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. b.a.r.t. said there is no safety concern for riders but more delays tomorrow. it's unclear if they'll continue through the weekend or even longer. "abc7 news" was at a b.a.r.t. facility in concord where crews are repairing damaged cars. engineers know there's a spike on the track that has damaged electrical components on some cars. >> it's clear that we have this
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particular failure isolated. all the cars are failing in exactly the same place. >> b.a.r.t. has set up a bus bridge or several of them between the affected stations, which has caused about a ten-minute delay. buses are also more crowded because there are fewer train cars. some riders were angry. others took it in stride. >> the parking is full already. it's too early for this. >> the contsin ten si plan was good. >> i hate b.a.r.t., to be honest. >> it could take months to finish the damaged cars. b.a.r.t. is taking an unusual approach, at least for a government agency. answering the rider's questions directly, and interacting with their critics on social media. reporter laura anthony is live at the lafayette b.a.r.t. station with more. laura? >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is getting a lot of attention these past few days for being surprisingly
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responsive and frank on social media. but there's also criticism that it's a not so subtle play for more money. >> there's a lot of frustration with the way things are going and it's understandable. >> reporter: thanks to a serious electrical issue, b.a.r.t.'s communication officer taylor huckabee has its hands full, responding to comment, many negative, on b.a.r.t.'s twitter site. it's gone viral, with more than 1.2 million mentions. ten times the normal number on a weekday. >> being on twitter and responding to people with the facts in a calm, competent manner that says i'm on your side, we want to work through this together. >> reporter: huckabee answers as many tweets as possible, but not always in a way that makes riders happy. >> sugarcoating things is neither an effective or honest way to communicate, especially when we have a public agency.
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>> reporter: huckabee sees throughout that b.a.r.t. is an aging system that needs a serious upgrade. more money, possibly in the form of a $3.5 billion bond measure. a reality huckabee admits not everyone is buying. >> we had somebody say, your exchange is insane, it's defensive and combative and not helping. >> reporter: others seemed to appreciate his replies, even if they're not what they want to hear. laura anthony, "abc7 news." you can join the conversation by posting on social media with the #dearbart. a holiday inn in morgan hill is back open following a gas leak earlier today. pg&e says a third party contractor on a mini excavator ruptured a line.
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the deadly 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion is prompting new action. that blast killed eight people and destroyed three homes. if you like gorgeous, then this -- well, that doesn't look that gorgeous right now. this is a live look from our east bay hills camera. that looks a little murky there. but spencer christian is here with an accuweather update. >> i can assure you this is a gorgeous day. there are some low clouds approaching the coastline, though. here's a live look at live doppler 7 hd on this gorgeous day. sunny and mild to warm all across the bay area. this is the view from sutro tower. oakland is 74, san jose 76. 66 at half moon bay.
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this is the view, looking towards the golden gate from emeryville. it's currently 78 degrees at san to rosa. 74 napa. 73 in livermore. i'll give you the first forecast as we look down towards ocean beach. the evening mostly clear with low clouds developing and continuing overnight. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies with just a few clouds hanging around. highs from near 60 at the coach to mid 70s inland. clouds coming, and some rain, which i'll tell you about a little later. >> thank you, spencer. san jose students say enough is enough. they're calling for an end to racism on campus following the sentence of three former students who put a bike lock around their black roommate's neck. >> janet o has the details. >> reporter: the black student union group organized the rally. they say it's not only about dj
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williams but paving the way for future generations of minorities and sparing them going through what some of the students here today said they had to go through. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: students here say the verdict in dj williams' case sends the wrong message, and it's a big step back for civil rights. >> why are we here if it was just a prank? obviously it was not a prank. it was disrespectful and deliberate. >> reporter: students say what's more disappointing is the lack of leadership at san jose state surround thing incident. >> for them to not even mention it, they just fabricated it and said, we're deeply saddened for the verdict and bla bla this. >> reporter: on monday, williams's family members left the courthouse after two defendants were sentenced to 30 days a jail. a jury declared it wasn't a hate
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crime. williams told school officials he had been harassed and called the "n" word. san jose state has expelled the students and trying to make sure that all students feel safe. >> we've made some strides. >> reporter: san jose state says it has implemented among many things diversity orientation, training for staff, and now they're working on opening a latino and african-american resource center. the university is also hoping the biggest change will come when they hire someone to be the school's first-ever chief diversity officer. >> i hope they would bring a breadth of leadership, what is the student experience. >> reporter: in san jose, janet o, "abc7 news." berkeley police are investigating another attempted kidnapping.
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a 9-year-old girl says a man tried to kidnap her while walking to school monday morning. she says a man got out of a green van and started following her. police are trying to determine if this incident might be connected to a series of attempted kidnappings last fall that also involve a green minivan. police are warning residents to be on alert after vandalism involving bb guns to shoot out car windows. you can see one of the suspects right here in this surveillance video. more than 100 cars have been targeted in the last month. matt keller has the details. >> reporter: this would be frustrated if it happened broken glass, windows shot out by bb guns. but this has happened three times this year, the most recent wednesday morning. neighbors are hoping their turn isn't inevitable. >> we're probably bound to get if two of our neighbors did.
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>> reporter: this is surveillance video from february. you can see what looks like a toyota forerunner opening fire on the vehicles. since the end of december, bb gun attacks have taken place in the washington manor and marina district, and in the alameda county sheriff's district. about 100 cars have been hit. victims and police are frustrated, and just want to know why? >> we're still searching for a motive and that hopefully will come out when we identify who the suspects are, that are responsible for this. because it makes absolutely no sense as to why anybody would drive around at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and just randomly shoot windows out on parked cars. >> reporter: police estimate all the attacks combined could add up to tens of thousands in damage. if the vandals are caught, police are hoping to have them pay up for the repairs. matt keller, "abc7 news." to politics. your voice, your vote.
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hillary clinton has just won two more delegates from missouri. senator bernie sanders today said he will not seek a recount of the close vote in tuesday's primary. so he concedes defeat. clinton won all five of tuesday's primary contests, including florida, ohio, north carolina, and illinois. there's been a big milestone for the year on the stock market today. an afternoon surge in stocks raised the dow today, wiping out losses from a terrible start to 2016. the dow rose 155 points to close at 17,481. the s&p rose 13 points. the nasdaq rose 11. president obama's choice to fill the supreme court vacancy was on capitol hill today but not all doors were open to him. and why so many are out of compliance with the city's building laws. after 4:30, after years of
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controversy. the end of the line for a sea world staple. >> and let's check our san jose traffic. stay with us.
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this is "abc7 news." >> democrats are turning up the pressure as the new nominee for the supreme court holds the first meetings with senators on capitol hill. abc is in washington with the latest on the supreme court showdown. >> reporter: chief judge merrick garland's first stop on the hill with hopes to ascending to the high court, a meeting with patrick leahy. >> there's no reason, especially somebody as noncontroversial as the chief judge, there's no
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question this could easily be done by memorial day. >> reporter: another show of support on the steps of the supreme court where senators gathered to press their point. >> republicans in the senate need to do their job. >> reporter: democrats insist garland deserves hearings and a timely vote. harry reid lashes out at his republican counterpart for refusing to even meet with garland. >> mcconnell leading his troops, he's leading them over the cliff. and they're going to rue the day they followed him over the cliff. >> reporter: but republican leaders remain united in opposition. >> there's simply too much at stake to leave this decision in the hands of a president who is headed out the door. >> reporter: republicans insist voters should have a say when they elect the next president. the senate republicans' campaign committee now pushing back against judge garland's reputation as a moderate, calling him a former political operative for volunteer work on
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democratic presidential campaigns more than 20 years ago. democrats are decrying a suggestion by republican senator jeff flake that they may go ahead and confirm garland, only if hillary clinton is elected in november, to keep her from picking the nominee. a digital rights group says the apple fbi fight may be just the opening salvo in a broader war over encryption. the attorney for the san francisco based electronic frontier foundation expects more confrontations and app makers in the future. the fbi and apple are doing battle in court over the government's demand for the company to unlock a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. san francisco is a finalist in a contest sponsored by the u.s. government trying to improve the way people get around in cities. >> kristen sze has more. >> reporter: 78 cities applied and there are seven finalists.
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this map shows san francisco's competition, if you will, in the smart city challenge. one of these cities will get $50 million to transform the way people get around. >> imagine a city where transportation just works. gridlock is a thing oh of the past. lights turn green as you approach. >> reporter: it's a video explaining the contest goal, all about using technology to make getting around easier, quicker, and safer. imagine your cal train pulls into the station and there's a self-driving taxi waiting or a rideshare car goes up, depending on how many people are traveling. san francisco municipal transportation agency's director says community input is part of the process. >> what would work for you given all this new technology, what it's sensors, whether it's on demand technology, autonomous
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vehicles, what are your challenges? >> reporter: google's parent company announced it's jumping in, tweeting it will work with the finalist to build a platform to get data to city officials to find smarter way to move goods. san francisco now gets $100,000 to expand its proposal. the winler be announced in june. >> thank you, kristen. nearly a million spectators lined fifth avenue in new york city for america's largest st. patrick's day parade. nearly 200,000 marchers took part, including lbgt groups for the first time. the celebration got started early in san francisco. "abc7 news" was at the irish bank at the financial district. the block party, an annual tradition at the bar and the festivities will go on until midnight. by the way, thanks for sharing your st. patrick's day photos with us, housing the #abc7now.
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perry got into the spirit with a picture of rolling green hills. you can share your pictures with us using the #abc7now. the chp warns it will be out in full force tonight and no one exempt from the consequences of drunk driving. the number of drunk driving arrests in california dropped from 489 in 2014 to 120 last year. time is running out to register for sunday's oakland marathon. "abc7 news" was there today. organizers were there promoting the event. last year, 10,000 people took part in the race, which also raises money for nonprofits. this year's relay is sold out, but you can still sign up for the half and full marathons. registration online ends tonight at midnight. easy transit has issued an alert about detours and delays.
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we have a full list of closures at time to check on the weather. it's dare i say hot out today? it was pretty warm. >> it's getting there. i don't think we're near 80 yet, spencer. >> we had some upper 70s, so yes, it is warm. lovely day. here is live doppler 7 hd with sunny skies. beaming all across the bay area right now. there you go. let's take a look at 24-hour temperature change. most locations around the bay area are anywhere from 4 to 5 or 6 degrees warmer at san jose than at this hour yesterday. so you can see there's been an increase. here's the view from our east bay hills camera looking towards the golden gate. mostly sunny skies and mild conditions tomorrow. partly cloudy on saturday. a little bit cooler and rain likely on sunday. let's get into our fog cast animation. overnight, low clouds and fog pushing up against the coastline
4:20 pm
and locally across the bay. patchy low clouds overnight. tomorrow morning, that will burn back for mostly sunny days. we have a storm on sunday, ranking one on the storm impact scale, expected to produce not more than 0.3 inch of rain for the bay area. it will bring breezy conditions. starting 6:00 sunday morning, light rain across the north baby midday. light rain reaching other parts of the baby 5:00 p.m. and it will taper off sunday night. by 10:00 sunday night, once again, rainfall totals will be just over a tenth of an inch. santa rosa will have a bit more than 0.3 of an inch. sunday at 5:00 a.m., light rain pushing in, showers by mid morning hours into midday. then tapering off into the evening. that almost will rank one on our storm impact scale. on we go to tonight's
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conditions. a few low clouds near the coast and around the bay. low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow, we'll see a few of those patchily, low coastal clouds hanging around. temperatures in the 60s to 70s near the bay and 70s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. increasing clouds on saturday. two light tomorrows sunday and monday, ranking a one on the storm impact scale. becoming sunday and mild again next wednesday and thursday. looks like a rather balanced forecast, wouldn't you say, larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, it's a piece of fiction coming to life in san francisco. we'll tell you what it's all about. at 4:21, this is a traffic shot and beauty shot as we gaze at the golden gate bridge and hardly a cloud in the sky there. and traffic moving nicely in
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britain's prince harry is on a mission to celebrate and honor wounded veterans. he spoke on "good morning america" why serving in the military changed his role as prince. >> serving in the army, i felt as i was part of a team. i wanted to prove that i had a certain set of skills, flying helicopters, rather than just being prince harry. >> he says that experience put him in the perfect position to raise awareness about supporting wounded veterans through their recovery. he's now the driving force around the games where hundreds
4:25 pm
of veterans compete in sports. he'll host the next games in orlando, florida this may. game of thrones fans you may want to head to pier 39 where a mythical creature from the show has crash landed. fans have been checking out the crushed concrete and foot prints left by the dragon when it arrived for celebration. >> look at this. this is a great promotion that was here running in san francisco. so glad to be here. thanks for the gift and looking for the next season. >> game of thrones, season six premieres april 24th. the dragon will take flight across the city tonight thanks to 3-d projection. local celebrities are using march madness as an opportunity to help kid's wishes to come true. "abc7 news" was there today at
4:26 pm
the make a wish foundation. i was there, too. it started at 9:00 a.m. i caught up with bob gal low and he says it's all about the kids. >> that's the purpose of all this, have fun, watch the great games and do something for the kids. >> the local chapter of the foundation is trying to raise $100,000 this year so they can grant ten kids wishes. the make a wish foundation focuses on making children with life threatening condition, their dreams to come true. bob and cathy open up their homes every year to hundreds of people to make this event happen. it is really special. >> that is fantastic. "abc7 news" at 4:00 does continue. there's a new tool in the war against isis. the new term the u.s. is using and what it means. on the hotseat on capitol hill, lawmakers in hot water
4:27 pm
over flint, michigan's water crisis.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." checking the headlines now at the bottom of the hour. b.a.r.t. delays are expected to continue tomorrow because of an
4:30 pm
electrical surge on the tracks. crews are working to fix the trains that got zapped yesterday, damaging their wiring. engineers have locate wrd this is happening but unsure what's causing these power surges. b.a.r.t. set up a bus bridge for riders traveling between pittsburgh bay point and north concord stations. melanie woodrow spoke to a b.a.r.t. person who said we're taking it one commute period at a time. coming up, riders share their frustrations. today, sea world announced its orcas will be the last generation kept. coming up, how sea world is embracing the changes that will benefit the whales that are still in captivity. and facing accusations that dozens of their properties violate zones and housing laws. they're being hit with years of inspections involving dozens of their buildings.
4:31 pm
vic lee is live at city hall with the story. vic? >> reporter: the planning commission just wrapped up that issue on its agenda here at city hall. there were several speakers who went to the podium during public testimony, but the academy of arts had its lawyers in the room monitoring the hearing but no one spoke. instead, they released this statement which says basically they're working with the commission to reach a resolution. the academy of arts has been the subject of nearly two dozen planning commission hearings since 2007. zoning administrator scott sanchez. >> they had numerous properties in violation of the planning code, they never obtained the proper permits for. >> reporter: one property, this one on townsend street, zoned for industrial use. but the university converted it to classrooms. the unpaid fines for this property alone have been adding up over the years. they now total $500,000.
4:32 pm
at today's hearing, city residents and others asked commissioners why the university was being treated so differently. >> i don't understand why, for 25 years, these guys have gotten away with things that all of us can't get away with. >> reporter: and there are other academy of arts buildings in the city, most not in compliance either. >> they own and use 40 properties in the city. of those, three quarters, or more than that, have some sort of violation. >> reporter: some for illegally putting up signs or converting buildings into classrooms or changing apartments into student dorms without permits. chris martin spoke up today. he used to own the cannery. >> i doubt in the history of san francisco there's been another property owner that has violated the planning code to this extreme. >> reporter: the planning commission has set july 1 as a deadline for the university to produce an environmental impact report on its properties. commissioners say that's an important first step towards a resolution.
4:33 pm
vic lee, "abc7 news." secretary of state john kerry says the united states has determined isis is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in syria and iraq. kerry outlined a series of atrocities he says the militants have committed against people and religious sites, as well as threats they've made. kerry says the world view of the group, also known as daesh, is based on eliminating those who don't prescribe to its "perverse ideology." >> there's no question in my mind that if daesh succeeded in establishing a caliphate, it would seek to destroy what remains of ethnic and mosaic religions once thriving in the region. russian president vladamir putin says he will continue to support the syrian government in its fight against armed groups, even if some of his forces withdraw from the country.
4:34 pm
putin says syrian president bashar al assad agreed with his decision to remove the russian troops, adding moscow could relocate back to syria within a few hours. the withdrawal of troops, they say, should be complete in two or three days. partisan attacks took center stage today during a capitol hill hearing on the lead contamination crisis in flint, michigan. house democrats took aim at michigan republican governor rick snyder and republicans attacked the epa boss gina mccarthy. >> reporter: on the hotseat, the governor of michigan receiving a tongue lashing from members of congress. >> you are not in a medically induced coma for a year. i've had about enough of your false contrition and phony apologies. >> reporter: governor snyder and the epa chief testifying on oversight and government reform, regarding the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> this was a failure of
4:35 pm
government at all levels. local, state, and federal officials. we all failed the families of flint. >> reporter: the problem started after state officials switched the city's water supply in order to save money. the move led to high levels of lead and an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. >> the state provided our regional office with confusing, incomplete, and absolutely incorrect information. >> i am really upset today with the way things went with the epa. that's very disheartening to me. >> reporter: both the epa and governor say they were in the dark for over a year about the consequences of the move, based on false reports conducted by mission's temperature of environmental quality. >> you told me you had the authority, you have the compliance authority. did you ever shut these programs down or go after them? >> sir, we -- >> you did not! >> okay. >> you did not. no one acted. i heard calls for resignation.
4:36 pm
i think you should be at the top of the list. >> reporter: and the governor of michigan is calling on congress to approve a bill that will spend over $200 million to fix lead contaminated pipes in flint and other cities. abc news, new york. a lawsuit filed against uber in the name of the driver accused of shooting and killing six people last month appears to be a fake. the hand written lawsuit that was seeking $10 million, well, it's suspicious, because the envelope it was mailed in had a philadelphia postmark. jason dalton is in jail in michigan. dalton has denied filing that lawsuit. reunited after more than a month. coming up, a southern california family is back with their dog lost at sea. how he made his way back home, just ahead. i'm spencer christian. here's the view looking westward from our east bay hills camera. clear skies, mild, almost warm conditions. but there is rain on the way.
4:37 pm
i'll tell you all about it in my accuweather forecast coming up as "abc7 new
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4:39 pm
a german shepherd is back home after being lost in the ocean more than a month ago. luna reunited with their owners yesterday in san diego county. she fell off a fishing boat in the dark of night, but somehow luna made it to san clemente
4:40 pm
island where she survived on her own for several weeks. >> we're driving up the main road, spotted her. opened the car door and whistled and in she jumped. >> everyone on the island fell in love with her. >> oh, wow. luna survived by foraging and hunting for food and drinking from puddlinpuddling. everyone says luna is one lucky dog. >> amazing. we all know americans love their pets and they're willing to spend big bucks on them. according to a new study, americans spent just over $60 billion on their animals last year. the biggest increase was for millennials and baby boomers. >> i spend a lot of money. >> hwe spend a lot on spencer
4:41 pm
christian. >> i'm not commenting, spencer. >> the grooming part hasn't been working very well. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, mainly sunny skies across the bay area on this lukewarm day. tomorrow, statewide, hook for mild conditions continuing. it will be warm down south. certainly in the desert with a high of 92 in palm springs tomorrow. in the bay area, another lovely day with a few more clouds around near the coastline and bay. highs range from about 60 on the coast tomorrow to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. a few low 70s inland. and rain chances for the week ahead are 90% on sunday, which will be a day of light rain for us. rain again on monday, 60% chance on monday, tapering off to about a 30% chance on tuesday, probably just morning showers. after that, sunny, dry, mild weather. enjoy your partly wet weekend.
4:42 pm
>> thank you, spencer. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, the end of an era for sea world. the big changes coming up and what will be new at the theme park next year. i'm michael finney. a man has to pay back nearly $8 million to the people who pai
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area. this is "abc7 news." a big announcement from sea world today after years of controversy. the company is ending its orca breeding program as of today. sea world's killer whale shows also coming to an end. bra brandi hitt has more from los angeles. >> reporter: these killer whale also be the last to live in captivity at sea world. >> current orca also be the last generation at sea world. we're going to phase out our theatrical shows. >> reporter: they announced they've been listening to growing criticism. after years of mounting protests, the 2010 death of a trainer and the release of cnn's scathing documentary "black
4:46 pm
fish," >> when you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home. >> reporter: sea world is changing with the tide and teaming up with the humane society, long-time critics. >> this is something every animal advocate in the nation can celebrate as progress. >> reporter: as for the 29 killer whales in captivity, that's where they'll stay. the company is building them larger, more natural enclosures with a message of conservation. >> the best place for them is at sea world. no world born under human care has been released successfully. >> reporter: shows will end here in california next year. parks in texas and florida will follow suit. >> the change could also extend to dolphin shows. he says, stay tuned on that. the federal government took action today to improve car
4:47 pm
safety. it comes on the heels on news that michael finney brought us early. >> this is interesting what happened yesterday and today. i told you yesterday that 20 carmakers agreed to make life-saving automatic brakes a standard feature in their vehicle. well, today, the federal government said it will require that safety equipment in all cars, just like seat belts. transportation officials said carmakers will have standard brakes by 2022. tests show the automatic brakes do save lives. right now, carmakers offer them 234 some models but not all. once the rules take effect, you'll have automatic brakes in all new cars and mid-sized suvs. bumblebee is recalling more than 31,000 cases of tuna. the fish might be contaminated. it affects five-ounce fans of tuna packed in water and oil, or
4:48 pm
oil. affected cans have a code that starts with the letter t, and the best buy dates of february, 2019. bumblebee said a processing error might have caused contamination with potentially deadly organisms. however, there have been no reports of illnesses or death. you should throw out any recalled cans. i've mosted information on how to request a refund. you'll find that at the man accused of using people's belief in the power of prayer to defraud them as agreed to issue $7.8 million in refunds. the christian prayer center encouraged people to sign up to request prayers. authorities say what those people didn't realize is they were also agreeing to repeat credit card charges. he's accused of using fake testimonials and the name of a pastor without authorization. >> i believe in the power of prayer, i do. i believe in that. but to capitalize on that, that
4:49 pm
yearning for support, spiritual support, to take advantage of that in a deceptive way, how low can you go? >> he's also accused of operating a phony consumer complaint agency. >> thank you, michael. new study finds that unvaccinated kids are shown to be behind some disease outbreaks. the makers of products like jelly belly and welch's fruit snacks have agreed not to advertise to children under the age of 12. they're joining six larger candy companies that haven't aimed their ads at kids since 2007. can stay in place whatever those current laws are.
4:50 pm
some wanted the national labeling laws, saying a patch work of laws across states is expensive and also confusing. an fda panel approved the first-ever dissolving heart stint called absorb. the agency is expected to make a final ruling whether it will be used late they are year. it's a drug distensing stint that can be use on patients. and mazels outbreaks in the united states, more than half of the cases involved unvaccinated cases according to a new study from emery university in atlanta. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. a warning today for warrants about the need to keep over the counter and prescription drugs out of the reach of children. a new report says accidental overdoses send 160 kids to the emergency room every day. in 2013, almost 60,000 young children were seen in e.r.s
4:51 pm
after ingesting medication or even vitamins that adults left within reach. >> kids will find nmedicine in all kinds of places. one out of four kids were finding and getting into medicine in a pill box. >> dr. richard besser says parents need to be vigilant. child resistant packaging doesn't always work. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. major renovations coming to the stadium, including a new sports team. but not everybody is happy about the changes. we'll tell you what's at stake coming up. right now kristen has a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> you'll see some dramatic pictures showing how el nino is rescuing us from the drought. and why google is backing off from these human looking robots. and whether the juice cleanse phenomena lives up to the hype. these stories and more on "abc7 news" at 5:00.
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here's a look at what's ahead tonight at primetime -- the home of the san francisco 49ers. to you it will be the home of the sf deltas, a professional soccer team. >> the city voted to approve the deal.
4:56 pm
but not everybody is happy about that. >> lyanne melendez is live. what's at stake? >> reporter: that's right. the rec and park commission approved it today, saying it was a win-win for the team and the city. but you know, there has been a ban on alcohol here for decades. and that, of course, will be lifted during the games and not every neighbor here likes that. the stadium as we know it will undergo major improvements to make room for a professional soccer team that few have even heard of, the san francisco deltas. today, the city's recreation and park commission heard from dozens of soccer fans who support the idea. brian is the owner of the deltas. he privately raised the money to transform keysar. the team will be a member of the north american soccer league, a
4:57 pm
division below the major league soccer division. no one is happier than sue hackett, across the street from the stadium. >> i think it's good news for san francisco and the bay area to have another sports team that people can support. >> reporter: not every resident agrees. some have seen the aftermath of big events. >> selling beer, wine, and hard liquor as an essential part of the deal. >> reporter: traffic and parking are also an issue. police and a private security company will make sure those issues don't become a problem. >> we're only going to use the stadium a few hours 15 to 20 days a year. >> they expect the deltas to formally take the field in april of 2017. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc7 news."
4:58 pm
>> that will do it for this edition of "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is the actual device. >> b.a.r.t. has identified what's causing its serious l electrical problems, so why can't they fix snit surveillance video captures a man with a gun blasting out car windows. s >> and what these students are demanding from the san jose state administration. and the lace to build as a season of swallows starts in ernest. about 800 of the bird also return to this bridge in the next six weeks. >> live from the kgo steve broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." b.a.r.t. is working around the clock to fix its power problem. something is causing this equipment to burn out. in the meantime, it's a tough
4:59 pm
commute for a lot of people, until at least tomorrow. some riders feel stuck. >> i hate b.a.r.t. honestly. but it is what it is. it's why i've been driving. >> good evening. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. engineers are making progress tonight in making the problem. melanie woodrow is live at the concord train yard. there was a problem a few weeks ago, but not quite the same issue, right? >> reporter: exactly, dan. it is not quite the same issue, but it's a great question, and one that a lot of people are asking me on twitter this afternoon. the engineers here are saying that there is no way the power circuitry from that problem could be connected to this one. they say it's too far away and there's no electrical connection. that being said, they don't know what is causing this problem and they say this time it's worse. b.a.r.t. engineers are one step closer to a solution today.
5:00 pm
they don't know what's causing the problem, but they have identified where it's happening. >> we've got this particular failure isolated. >> reporter: every time the train cars pass over that section of track, they get zapped with extra voltage. >> with all this sparking we've had, you see damage. >> reporter: it's small, but expensive. >> $1,000 for this part. >> reporter: and typically takes 22 weeks to order. when it fails, the cars stop powering themselves, they're basically being dragged and pushed. >> once it failed yesterday, it was literally four or five cars in a row that it took out. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. doesn't want to lose any more cars. >> we never had 55 cars go bad in one day. it's a catastrophe. >> reporter: officials stopped service between north concord and


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