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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> we have reached the weekend. >> not quite. almost. >> i have mentally reached the weekend. i am reggie aqui. >> it is 5:00 a.m. i am natasha zouves, friday, march 18. we will track the weekend weather and trafficking the bart issues in the east bay. sue? >> ongoing for the foreseeable
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future. there is a bus bridge. north concord to bay point with 23 cars out running with 10 minute delays on the pittsburg/bay point. today is national transit driver appreciation day. give them a high five. the golden gate bus services are canceling the 4, the 6:49, the 6:51 and the 54 out of novato at 6:36 and 7:18 departure. indefinitely. ace rain is on time. mike? >> high five...not for those riders. >> live doppler hd is showing the marine layer is back and the fog is not getting too thick. in the lower elevations. can you drive interest it and sue had to use the windshield wipers. think about this today. sitting on top of the bay bridge looking from the roof camera.
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the day planner is milder this morning from 44 to 54. partly cloudy at the coast. you will need a light jacket in the evening at 54 to 60. we have monitoring the problems for bart for they days and they will continue for we have no idea how long. janet is in the north concord bart station as riders gear up for another challenging day. janet? >> bart riders are adjusting to the normal that is new. they will have on get used to the bus bridge for a couple of months. it could take 22 weeks it order the parts needed to fix the problem. right new buss run between concord and more tip necessary station and pittsburg/bay point. there is no train service between the two stations. we talked to a bart rider who said so far he doesn't mind the
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change >> the because is nice. clean. cleaner than bart. it is not too bad. >> how long it will take? >> i have to accommodate another ten minutes. not too bad. >> folks say the buses came on time so they could catch the next train. keep in mind buts are running right now where traffic is light and yesterday it took 25 minutes to get between the two stations. >> the man who said the buses are cleaner than bart has the sound bit, bart engineers are working around the clock to figure out what is going on. they have isolate the electrical problem to a single track between bay point and north concord. surges have damaged a really expensive part. >> this device is electronic
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switching device. this is the device. right here. it costs $1,000. when we get them. >> when it fails, the cars stop powering themselves. engineers say the cars will take months to fix. >> a coroner is working to identify a body found in the water. discovered yesterday afternoon near the san pablo bay frame. the eastern's gender or cause of death is fought released. >> friends and family of sierra lamar continue the search for the body. lawyers for the man suspected of killing her asked for time to evaluate d.n.a. evidence collected by the prosecution. soft give say d.n.a. found on her pants matched 12 different people including garcia-torres charged with murder. the evidence is important because hour body was not been found. volunteers will continue to search for her near the
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reservoir tomorrow. >> in berkeley, police are increasing patrols in response to an attempted kidnapping mere malcolm x elementary. the man get out of the friend van and tried to abduct a girl on way to school in south berkeley on monday morning. police are trying to determine if the incident is connected to a series of attempted kidnappings in the fall that involved a green van. >> san jose state university students say they feel like they are back in the civil rights time when they fight for the rights after a verdict this week in a case where three white students harassed their black roommate and put a bike lock around his neck. a judge sentenced two of the three to 30 days in jail. students say they are disappointed in the lack of leadership at the university surrounding the incident. they hope a big chain will come when they hire the first ever chief diversity officer. >> hopefully it will bring a breath of leadership in working with faculty and issues that are
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occurring and what the students experience and campus lives. >> the finalists are on campus to meet and talk with students and staff. >> an effort to limit the number of out of the state students at university of california campuses is back to the dry -- to the dry board that with is limiting the out of the state and out of the country to 15%. they make up around 20% of the student body right new and other campuses have fewer. bringing in too many out of the state students hurt those in california a chance of acceptance. >> there is a delay for a vote for on demand ride company like uber and lyft, with an approval of a major overhaul yesterday. 9 vote was delayed. the "san francisco examiner" said that regulators are holding off to discuss a few key issues including if companies can use
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rental cars to offer rides and if the children can travel legally without an adult. >> san francisco wants airbnb hosts to pay taxes on beds, and even spoons and folks. the "san francisco chronicle" said they will notify hosts like airbnb and home away of changes ahead. they will need to submit an itemized list of all of the furniture, appliance, supplies and equipment and fixtures used if their rentals. officials say they are treating the host as they would any other pice. >> interesting. ahealth alert this morning. the peninsula is the home of a dangerous mosquito known for transmitting thees such as yellow fever and more bostonly the zika virus. we look at the neighborhood that is impacted. >> this is is mosquito carry
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dangerous diseases including the zika virus. they are in one menlo park neighborhood. >> frightening. you do not expect this to be here. you can expect that to be in other parts of the world not in menlo park. >> it arrived three years ago. experts thing family must have moved here from a more tropical region and the mosquito laid oceans their presidented plant before they left. when they arrived if menlo park they hatched and the mosquitoes that rained. the mosquitoes are not like most other types. it prefer to feed on humans, active in the daytime, too, and not just at dust or dawn. and they bite different people over and over and over. >> residents of opinion let perk should be concerned. we would like to eradicate it. the eggs were last fond in may. that is worry many in the neighbor. they fear the mosquitoes can bite an infected person. >> if someone is living or comes
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from brazil or comes to our neighbor and the mosquito buys that person it can be transmitted. >> mosquito control officials say the chances of that happening are slim. but they want the mosquito gone. the best we to do this is to get rid of standing water. >> good morning, at 5:09. we have bart delays on the pittsburg/bay point base of the electrical problem with bart. leave plenty of time. getting busy on the san mateo bridge. with 15 minute drive across the flat section. looking out there we have slow traffic from the central valley, otherwise it is looking good. southbound we at oyster point c.h.p. and caltrain is repairing a pothole. it will be re-opened by 5:30. we have weekend overnight road
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closures. we will update that in a few >> right now i am work on the oakland running festival forecast. 47 in castro valley is the cool spot and everyone else from fremont at 50 to richmond and berkeley and oakland and alameda and hayward at spree degrees -- 53 degrees. headed into san francisco it is 55 and los gatos at 48 and same temperature in pleasanton and napa at 44, novato is friction and pacifica at 50. fog is not in san rafael but it is to the north. looking south on 101 tree pollen is high at oakland and pine and walnut creek with no fog today. that why the inland temperatures reach the 70. same in the south by. cooler temperature with more clouds and a breeze and light rain is possible on sunday and monday and tuesday.
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ought michigan governor on the hotseat for the flint water crisis with strong words regarding his respond to the contamination. >> update to water cutbacks at contamination. >> update to water cutbacks at home in californ
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> michigan governor snyder continues to face criticism over
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the flint water crisis. several officials are calling for the resignation of the epa administrator. the republican governor apologized for his role in the crisis in a congressional hearing. lawmakers blasted snyder and the epa administrator for handling of the crisis. >> people who put dollar over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government. >> he said the officials with the department of the we environmental quality assured him that water being piped in from flint river was safe when in reality it had dangerously high levels of lead. >> next can actress said she thing she got an interview with the notorious joaquin "el chapo" guzman because he likes the drug war character she plays on tv. she talked with abc about that meet. joaquin "el chapo" guzman and her exchanged text messages starting in september of last year and he want to know if show wanted to produce a movie of his life.
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she said one night she found herself alone with joaquin "el chapo" guzman known to be vicious and dangerous. >> my heart started pounding, i actually got the guts to tell him that it was now or never and he said i may not have another opportunity and if i said it could be my last words. >> what were the words? we will have to watch "good morning america" today for more. and "20/20," tonight to see the entire interview with the actress. >> extreme weather is disrupting life for tens of millions of americans this morning. here is a look a day of clean up ahead and the hardest hit areas. >> in the skies over new york on thursday night. >> just got hit by lightning. [ inaudible ] an americans airline flight struck by lightning damaged on the wing forced to pick an emergency landing on the way
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from north carolina to new york of the [ inaudible ] >> it was a flash of light. big explosion. the plane dipped 100'. it felt like a roller coaster. >> hail pounding the south. >> a all hole started breaking loose. >> in mississippi the family in a camper and the ice storm hit fleeing for protection. in texas, hail the size of pees and baseball size breaking car windshield wipers and terrorizing the drivers. >> glass was flying. i got a cut on the arm. i was crying. ready for it to go. allthe hail was so hard it killd we birds at a zoo in dallas-ft. worth. and now net of snow in the northeast on sunday and monday.
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>> california cutbacks for water has lessening the drought. farmers and other customers will get 45% 6 the water they request. it is the third such increase in recent months. >> good morning, 5:17 on friday morning. we look at the drive times and it is green. that is from. that is friday light. we are responsing bart delays on pittsburg/bay point with a bus bridge for pittsburg north concord. otherwise we are green. that is what we hike. a couple of incidents, over the weekend we have an old broadway crossing demolished and southbound 101 is closed overnight on saturday and sunday and petaluma we have a closure starting tonight southbound 101 until tomorrow working on the
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petaluma river bridge project. full road closure. it will be a diversion. full road closure. it will be a diversion. mike has the weather. we are on a tight timeline we try to make up new words as we go along. and next six hours nothing is going on with live doppler hd and we have low clouds, and a lot of areas but for inland east bay and the north bay, marine layer is back, a cooling trend with mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon hours and partly cloudy at the coast the sea breeze will keep us cooler and the cooling trend continues tomorrow but spring starts at 9 pock in evening a chance of rain on sunday and monday and tuesday and light rain. antioch, in the 70s in concord and fremont and palo alto and san jose and livermore and to cloverdale and everyone else in
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the mid-to-upper 60s and the coast is 60 degrees. tonight drizzle possible in the morning in the upper 40s to mid-50s. the storms are rolling in "1" is light and "5" is severe for storm-impact scale and sunday and monday and tuesday all are light. and breezes but the rainfall amount is not generous. the best chance of steady rain is the coast and north bay with scattered rain through the day in other areas but for the south bay and headed to 7:00 it is moving into the heart of the bay and bit evening it will fall apart. santa rosa is the outlier where the most amount of rain pushing out half an inch and the rest of us .2" and less in san jose and livermore. my seven-day outlook shows are back and sunshine runs on
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sunday and 70s on thursday. academy of art san francisco is facing a deadline to clean up their act the sum of two dozen planning commission hearings since 2007 and some of properties owned by the diversity have been converted illegally from buildings to choose rooms and farms have been changed to dorm without the property permits. the supervisor said "enough is enough." we will come to a mutual settlement agreement are start enforcing. >> the commission are set the deadline july 1 for environmental impact report on the properties. the commissioners say that san important step. >> how many of us sit in front of the computer screen all day long with multiple ipads. if that gets you stressed out here is the reason why. >> a new t million binge, you can new watch unlimited
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youtube videos without using any of the monthly debt allow ance. netflix and hulu are participating in binge on. michael cures is getting into the smart watch visit with new fashion droid watches spotted to go on sale in the family in department stores and his boutiques for $400. the stress we feel while waiting for websites to load is real, the struggle is real. the delay of only two seconds makes our stress level go up 16%. >> if the video stopped player to rebuffer our stress go up 15 's further, comparable to wanting a horror movie >> straight ahead seven things you need to know use start the day. day. >> a new tool to help
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>> here are seven things you need to know before you go: number one, bart riders have to deal with positives of rely on a bus bridge to get between pittsburg/bay point and the north concord station. it could take 22 weeks it order the parts bart needs to fix the problem with the tracks. >> two, following your friday morning commute, we just talk about bart, want to mention the southbound buses for golden gate. as of monday four routes affected. more detail on that in a second. >> three we start off cooler. the company layer and clouds are back. they will yield a chance light rain sunday and monday and tuesday. >> four, an assistant track coast -- coach in under arrest for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old and a
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17-year-old and enoch garcia is under arrest. >> investigators are looking into claims by a hacker group say they have private information from donald trump including his social security number, cell phone and address. >> apple's next product unveiling will be more low key than usual. they will reveal new products at campus in cupertino to include a smaller version of the iphone and the ipad pro. >> if you need a sugar rush head to 7-eleven today is "bring your own cup day," for the slurpee. for $1.50 you can fill any cut, teapot, small bucket, behavior you have, as long as it fits through the display hole. remember, i love slurpee but only the coke type and we are at abc7 studios fur interested in deliver.
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>> and haight-ashbury will be loader because of a professional soccer team, the san francisco deltas. not everyone is celebrating. because of changes to the stadium located in the corner of golden gate park. the city approved a deal to include major renovation to the facility. the team c.e.o. promised no taxpayer dollars will be used. supporters say this is good for businesses in the area and residents are concerned on the increased traffic and noise. >> good news for san francisco and the bay area to have another sports team to support. >> 6,000 cars does not work. muni is overcrowded and understaffed. >> a private security company and san francisco police make sure alcohol inside the stadium does not become a problem. the deltas take the field in april of 2017. >> ever been carried away at the casino? new technology will be unveiled to allow you to set a limit on betting to protect you from
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yourself "play my way," piloted in massachusetts using a special rewards car to set a budget for the day or week or month. future casinos built in massachusetts with have to adopt the feature. the feature. stay tuned.
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>> kgo news >> big day. friday. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves.
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>> sue, tell us about the bart delays >> the pittsburg/bay point has ten-minute delay because of the trains out of service. between the north concord and pittsburg/bay point stations. there is a bus bridge if place. we will update that and follow it with janet out there. no meet are lights but we are stacking up for cash-paying folks. still uncontinue minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. and at look at highway four commute with the because bridge if place with more memorial on the roads on highway 4. we will update that in a bit. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler hd shows the marine layer of clouds and fog forming overnight and taken away our taller builtings, in san francisco. from the exploritorium at pier 15, inland east bay, though, in parts of the north bay not foggy so mostly cloudy at 7:00, mid-40s to mid-50s at noon. most of us welcome mostly sunny
5:31 am
in the low-to-mid 60s away from the coast at noon and a light coat is needed this evening in the mid-to-upper 50s. natasha and reggie? >> bart ride others are frustrated with problems in the east bay have to wait months before the commute is back to normal. our reporter is at the north concord station with what part is saying about a plan for a fix. janet? >> good morning, it started out as a frustrating situation but it will be like now bart riders at least necessity what to expect and that means rely on the buses to get them to and from the pittsburg/bay point to concord and martinez. right new there and in train service and it could be the case for month. it could take 22 weeks for order the part for problem. here is how a passenger deals with this. >> you have to make the boast of it and roll where the pups.
5:32 am
>> how early did you get up? >> normal time. >> the or has been calm so far and those taking the buss say it adds only ten minutes to the commute but that could be a different story as the traffic is heavier on the roadways. yesterday, it took the buses 25 minutes between both stations. >> we afresh say the update. now, what the problem means, 58 cars have been damaged on the pittsburg/bay point line. add that to the 80 already dam by the transbay tube fleet so one in five cars is out of service. >> we tracked down the guy behind the twitter account. this is taylor huckabee directly
5:33 am
slamming down rider criticism open social media. he admitting that the family is outdated. he said and i quote, "paying employees poorly does not attract talent." he said "bart is in serious need of finding." >> being honest about problems allows people to bond ocean to fix them. it does that good to say nothing. this is a tendency to be overly cautious in government. >> the last couple of days bart has been mentioned on twitter 1.2 million times. that is continue times more than normal. >> you can join the conversation by posting on social with # by posting on social with # #dearbart." >> look at new surveillance video of a man who stabbed someone outside of a bart. they spent ons try to figure out who this guy is and they hope you can help. our reporter is in san francisco with the images. matt? we are not away in where the
5:34 am
alleged attempted new december took place in the middle of the street on lincoln avenue in front of the willow den bar. it was all caught on camera. check out the surveillance video that happened on november 15 last year, a sunday morning after 1:00 a.m. you can see the suspect in a white t-shirt walk outside and get and a confrontation with another man. security guards stayed between the two but they bothen up in the middle of the street squaring off. thin the man in the white t-shirt started chasing the other man before making a stabbing motion. police say victim was stabbed at least one and treated at a local hospital. police call this an attempted murder and they need your help to catch the suspect, here is his picture hispanic man, 25-30 years, 180 pound as scar on the back of his hold. last seen wearing a white t-shirt and white shoes. both membership bumped into each other inside the willow den bar.
5:35 am
thank you, matt, antioch pose are investigating the shooting of a teenager last night, before 8:00 people near sycamore dry. the map was taken to the hospital by ambulance. we are gathering more information to keep you posted with the details coming in. >> to men accused in the measurer did of a cringe mother from san jose are slated to enter their plea, pedraza is charged with killing his girlfriend stacey aguilar after a house party. her body was dumped if a rural area of fremont of his friend is charged as an accessory. police say he helped throw the body down a hill authorities say pedraza is in the country illegally with a criminal history. >> several groups are joining for a rally at city hall this morning. they demand an end to police violence. the rally start at 11:00 with throw coalitions taking part, one is justice for more i don't
5:36 am
one is justice for more i don't -- mario road -- refusing to drop a knife. >> vandalism in san leandro has neighbors worried. vandals with bb guns have been shoot out car windows. since december they have hit 120 cars. this is surveillance video 6 an attack in january. they struck on wednesday shooting outen withs on eight cars on santiago road. the third time this has happen the open street this year. >> we are sending for a motive which will cop out when we identify who the suspects are responsible for this because it maybes absolutely no sense. >> the attack usually happened between 1 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. so far washington manor and parts of san lorenzo is hit.
5:37 am
>> an assistant track coach if san jose has been arrested for having sex with two students, and evening works at the high school much the victims are 17 and 14-year-old student. the school called poets on monday when the investigation began. officers arrested bar sea the following day. 4,100 students can get a second dose of the meningitis vaccine. last month many were vaccinated after a precaution after three meningitis infections. everyone has to wait for 30 days before the second round of evacuations. >> apple employees would rather quick that help the fbi unlock a terrorists' 15. apple will renew argues over apple will renew argues over unlocking the iphone of a
5:38 am
a judge has ordered apple to unlock the phone. >> we have almost 5:38 right now. light traffic. corner is good on the road sensors a couple of things, first, reports of an accident northbound 101 at oakland road in san jose, i am seeing slow traffic apporaching the 880 overcrossing so heads up we will look at the shot in a couple of inmonths and looking at highway 4 because of the bus bridge for bart in place between the pittsburg/bay point. yesterday we had an increase of traffic when 4. today it is good. so far. mike? >> in the south bay, santa clara and saratoga are 48 and antioch 49 and everyone else 50 to 55 so mild morning. because of the increase in clouds.
5:39 am
49 in bodega and san carlos and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s but redwood city is at 47. activity planner, marine layer clouds if you are riding the bicycle, brighter this afternoon, and foggy at the beaches and cloudy this afternoon and walking the dog it will be mild. look at man layer you can see the stop of it up to a thousand feet and if you above that you do not need the windshield wipers. temperatures are 60s and 70s and tomorrow is cooler and rain is coming in on sunday. that is next. >> donald trump is under attack, and how he is being targeted by democrats and now by hackers. >> enjoys of high school students scratch their head over a big mixup, a major mistake a a big mixup, a major mistake a school is now
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a possible cyber attack is targeting trump and his family with a suspicious package showing up at his son's home and now donald trump's information is portered including social security number, cell phone number and address. the hits keep coming after he
5:43 am
predicted riots if he loses the going nomination. >> bad things would happen, i believe that. i would not lead it but bad things would happen. ano one should say that because to address or hadn't to violence is not acceptable. >> that is happening while the candidates prepare for the tuesday contest in arizona, utah and idaho. >> john kerry said the unhas determined that isis is commit genocide targeting christians and other minorities in syria and iraq. john kerry outlined a series of atrocities and threats. john kerry said the worldview is to eliminate those who do not subscribe to their ideology. >> in question in my mind if they succeeded in establishing a so-called california fat it -- caliphate it would seek to to dough destroy the ethnicity in
5:44 am
the region. >> republicans are saying president obama needs to come up with a few plan. >> state lawmakers want did know what can be learn with how first responders reacted to the terror attack in san >> if december a husband and wife inspired by muslim extreme is opened fire and a luncheon. >> president obama will make a historic two day trip to cuba and made history sending first heard by direct mail in 50 years. >> the white house released the photos showing president obama writing the letter to his 76-year-old in cuba and writes he is looking forward to visiting havana to foster the relationship can highlight our shared values. he said he is hoping to enjoy a cup by can --
5:45 am
>> there are two stations in the east by where service for bart is suspended and sue is tracking this. >> more people get on the roads to get to the other station and highway 4 is a busy stretch pittsburg/bay point station is not services training to north oakland you have to get to north deck by bus. the rides are taking from 10 minutes to 25 minutes so we monitor that. to the bay bridge, metering lights are on at 5:35 and snacking up to the macarthur maze from golden gate field to san francisco, under 20 minutes. here is san jose, 101 northbound at 880 overcrossing to other side of the overcrossing with an overturn vehicle and track is stacking up with c.h.p. on the scene. back in a few. all the latest drought
5:46 am
information and we focus on the dark red across state. that is our exceptional drought at 35% down from 46 when we began. a year ago it was at 40% we hope to get more height rain to help before we yet out of the rainy season. santa rosa is low of the visibility because of the fog, you can see three-quarters mile from guerneville road down 101. be careful. has not made it to san rafael as we look south on 101. it will be mostly sunny and mild. the clouds are stubborn at the coast and spring starting with cooling trend and chance of rain is light sunday and monday and tuesday. half moon bay is 60 degrees and friend is 63 and a lost mid-to-upper 60s from santa rosa to oakland and san mateo and from napa, fairfield, inland east bay and the south bay low-to-mid 70s and tonight
5:47 am
there is drizzle possible along the coast and an the bay shoreline with temperatures in the upper 40s and mid-50s. storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" is severe and this light. sunday is breezy film. have the umbrella handy. in the north bay. that is the best radar returns. a few pockets of rain develop in other areas during the afternoon. the steady rain moving into the heart of the bay in the evening and falls apart. another chance on sunday or monday interest tuesday. rainfall is a slight amount in livermore and san jose. on third, sunshine and 70s come back. >> starting today, uber is allowed to cross into tijuana mexico from san diego. until now drivers have had to drop off passengers at the border. you can get into mexico on uber
5:48 am
but you have to find your own way back. >> they leave you there? >> they leave you there. >> tough times for kohl's closing down a bay area store. the location in san jose is one of 18 stores around the nation shutting doors because of poor sales. the restructure listens with announced a couple of weeks ago and employees are offered jobs at another location. >> oops, thousands of students got mistakenly accepted to uc santa cruz after sending 4,000 high school students e-mails congratulate them for admission but the students did not even apply. the school now apologizeed to the student and said an officer accidentally sent these to the wrong list. >> the first ever silicon valley comic con kick off at the
5:49 am
convention center if you are in san jose. there will be costumes and tickets are available. there have been other comic cons in the bay area and you have probably remembering drew taking on that step last year during the over develop. this event in silicon valley is different because it features more tech including virtual reality zone. that will be cool. >> a hint: never call it "dress up." i did that on twig and i never heard the end of it. >> highway patrol helicopter targeted by a laser beam and a surprising suspect is
5:50 am
identified. >> a man goes no one a stabbing spree after possibly being spree after possibly being radicalized.
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> today there are two bone marrow drives to save a man who has saved others, the officer suffers from a rare disease and he was testing to become a don't marrow donor and he found out he was sick. the first is at c.h.p. office at 10 and the second at 2:00 p.m. in rohnert park at c.h.p. office. >> the f.b.i. is release new information of the santa clara man accused of stabbing four
5:53 am
people if november. investigators believe that the 18-year-old mohammed self radicalized with in ties to foreign terrorist organizations. officials say moment's laptop contained pro isis propaganda and visited isis and other, extremist websites prior to the attack. >> the raiders be negotiating with the coliseum authority. they have signed a lease to lay in oakland this year. they have openings to lay at the coliseum for two years. a new stadium will be the subject of meeting. raiders owner mark davis said the silver and blue need a new stadium and he expected large public subsidy. the oakland mayor schaaf said that will not happen. >> prince harry is talking about being an uncle and his mother. he spoke to robin roberts on "good morning america" and said he is doing everything he can to make sure his mother is never forgotten. hike his mother, prince harry is passionate about helping others
5:54 am
and hosting the games in may at disney world, wounded veterans from across the world will compete in sports. >> you are uncle harry to two little runs. >> got to have fun, imagine life without fun. you have to be taken seriously but i hope i am a fun uncle. >> having them is it something you continue about in the near future? >> i can't wait for the day will be fantastic. >> he is grown up. >>. coming up prince harry will talk about the other woman in his life, the queen would will turn 90 in april. >> good morning, from the traffic center, i am showing you 101 northbound at 880 overcrossing looking light because on the other side of the overcrossing we have an overturned vehicle partly blocking a lane of traffic and traffic is stacking up north we
5:55 am
near old oakland road expect delays. a few minutes we will see if we need to give you an at fat but it is has been like 15 -minute delay. >> mike? >> the oak running festival is sunday from 5-k to half marathon to full marathon with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s and in livermore there is a barrel taste from noon to 4:30 at 64 to 71. a chance of sprinkles on sunday with light rain. an the state, 92 in palm springs and 74 in los angeles, and mid-to-upper 70s through the stream valley and 60 in lake tahoe and above average tomorrow with rain on sunday, moderate snow on monday and light snow on tuesday. >> now for the puppies if you are a dog lover we have
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something for you, you have been sending in photos to celebrate national puppy day in a week so this is from matt, a puppy, there will be a dog-napping soon and i will be the chief suspect. we have a big adoption event with all perfect pet partners to help dogs find forever homes. we have been asking you to send in your photos and if some places, your video. look at the french bulldog. join us on wednesday starting at 4:30 a.m. we are streaming our puppy camera and introduce you to puppies you can take home for adoption. share your photos use be # #puppiesonseven. >> singing in court a convicted felon decided to sing a musical apology. ♪ hello ♪you are under
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i want to say i'm sorry ♪ >> a is funny the lawyer to the left...we thought he was pretending it was not happening but he is try taught to love, looking down. >> he has nothing on the papers, staring at plank papers. the 21-year-old appeared in michigan arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. he wrote the lyrics and used the song to apologize to the victim, his summer, and the judge. before the hearing a lawyer asked the judge to give him permission to sing the song and the judge looked at lyrics and found them remorseful and allowed it. >> bart engineers are working around the clock to repair trains damaged on the track and a fix will take longer than we hoped and what you need to know before the morning commute. >> more proof that breakfast is >> more proof that breakfast is the most permit meal of
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is friday. it is 6:00 a.m. >> regular i didn't is already on the weekend. >> it is the 18th. now a check on traffic. >> sue? we will have bus bridges north concord to bay point and yesterday taking 10-25 minutes. the pittsburg/bay point is report continue meant delay. the bar schedule is looking good with 42 trains in service. we have issues with buses canceled


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