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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the weekend is over. by you are up and ready to attack a new week. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> monday, march 21. mike nicco? >> if you like rain, in the north bay i am show you at petaluma and around and headed to the northeast and maybe san rafael could be wet from an early shower but not raining south on 101. a lost last over moisture but the scattered showers are more numerous to lunch and through afternoon hours. they will keep temperatures down in the 12 hour day planner in the low 60s. is it affecting the commute?
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>> busy. we have more headlights headed in the westbound direction from golden gate field into san francisco but still a nice 14 minute drive and here is what you fine at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here and traffic is flowing nicely across the upper deck interest san francisco. slow traffic from tracy and that is typical. per un. and highway 4 is looking good. different yourself extra time because of the shake roads. and rain is off-and-on. we will look at the north bay drive if a bit. >> as you mentioned bart riders face the start of another work week without trains running as part of the east bay. our reporter amy hollyfield is in the north concord bart with a look at what they are doing to get down to this problem. amy? yes, reggie, a bus from pittsburg just arrived and the people on board are very exasperated. they want to know when the should are resolved. bart has not said.
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we got progress over the weekend. officials ran a test train. on the troubles tack between pittsburg/bay point. it appears to run smoothly. crews worked all weekend on the problem and brought if an expert from the east coast. no word on when it will return to normal. that is frustrating if you ride a bus from pittsburg/bay point or pittsburg to concord. >> it is difficult. i get open at bay point and it is should down i have to get this earlier, more traffic, and it is difficult. >> people are saying taking the bus bridge is adding a lot time to the long commute. when they are on the train, the trains are shooter because 50 trains were knocked out of service because of the power surge. we expect a progress report. the word now is to expect more included trains. and the because bridge.
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no trains between pittsburg and concord. >> for first time since 1928 an american president is visiting cuba. president obama has a jam packed schedule. here is what he is expected to discuss with the cuban president. >> the historic first moment a united states president arrived in cuba for the first time in thoroughly 90 years. president obama and the first lady cigarette staff at the recently re-opened united states embassy. the weathered building and the vintage american cars signed of the stagnant economy. the cuban government has relaxed limits on the internet, cell phones and private enter list but the strict limits on free speech are still in place. cuba is not doing enough some say to earn restored ties. president obama pushes forward
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expected to discuss freedom for the cuban people when he sits down today with president raul castro. >> a historic opportunity to forge new agreements, commercial deals and build new ties between our two peoples. and for me, the laying out of a brighter future. >> president obama meets with cuban business owners. more historic moments tomorrow when he meets with the disaccidents and delivers a speech directly to the cuban people. >> we increase havana for the official welcoming ceremony by cuban president castro with coverage at 8:00 a.m. and you can follow on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. the rolling stone will people a free con skirt on friday in front of a million cubans. the stage is being prepared for the event. they were to play yesterday but it was delays because of the president's visit. >> this morning, little is the
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new big. apple is paying a product launch where we expect it will say the new phone is shrinking in size. matt? >> good morning, reggie. the battle with the federal government is taking the headlines but today apple will be doing what it does best: hyping their own products. apple is not saying much. they have been quiet. analysts hinge they have an idea but do not expect anything dramatic like the apple watch. they expect c.e.o. tim cook to introduce an update to the older 5s and those who are not buying into the bigger screen, apple introduced them the last two years which could come with apple pay and the fastest processor. speakers say it could boot their overall seals and bring people to start using their online services. speakers are expecting a new model of the ipad pro for business users with detachable keyboard and stylist.
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many expect apple to have more dramatic event in the fall with introduction of the iphone 7. the event is in cupertino at 10:00. >> a foster city couple is at home arrest being arrested for illegal poaching in south africa this photo was obtained of the couple andject spear has been helping the couple after they spent three weeks under arrest. they say there was a misunderstanding over a skirt paragraph bone they bought in kenya. they were told it was legal and they flew from kenya to tanzania they were arrested and face 20 years in prison. she thinks they were targeted because they are americans and look like they have money. it cost them $62,000 to get out of tanzania. >> the sheriff is investigating a body found in a car outside a fire station blocked in the
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driveway of fire station 93 yesterday morning. investigators do not suspect foul play. it is possible the opinion may have suffered from a pre-existing medical condition. >> dozen of campus works at uc berkeley will receive job offers from the university. u.k. berkeley reached a labor agreement so there will be job offers to all contractors, including parking attendants and custodians part of the producter of the to support fair wages requiring all workers schedule more than 20 hours to be paid $1 an hour at least by october 1. >> salt could be the solution to california's future of clean energy goal. a everyone so california company released this video showing the first of a kind solar power plant creating and stores electricity using salt. it creates enough power for
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75,000 homes. experts say plants hike these could help california meet goals of having half of the state's electricity come from solar and wind power by 2030. >> a new san francisco art gallery is open to the public of the check out the minnesota street project in san francisco's dog patch neighborhood. locals are stepping in to keep artists in the bay area after rising republicans have forced so many artists out. they bought and leased three buildings to house art galleries and create space for nonprofits and provide work space for dozens. it is for profit but will keep the costs down by creating flexible spays for galleries. it already has a full lineup of events and exhibitions. >> now at look at live doppler 7 hd street level around petaluma the southwest side headed to lakeville a light shower will rollover 101 and make the commute slow, castro trail is 48 and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50s from orinda and fremont at 50 to richmond at 56
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and oakland is 53 degrees. on the other side the bay shore, low 50s and down into san jose and los gatos at 47, 48 in novato, and 49 in pleasanton and livermore and fairfield. from the exploritorium camera at pier 15, the clouds will drop showers from time to time so that will hopefully take the tree pollen out because it is high. look who has joined oak, cedar and juniper and moldspores are low with flight arrival delays into for when they let us know i will tweet that. it will be breezy from time to time today and the chance of showers will taper tomorrow and look at the sunshine and warm returning on wednesday with 70s in the forecast that could linger. that is next. sue? >> yes, getting busy out of the central valley, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, about 40 minutes now, highway 4 from antioch to concord is looking good and san rafael into san francisco, as well. san rafael, beyond the thought
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gate maul southbound 101 into central san rafael you are looking at 21 minute drive from highway 37 into the golden gate bridge and lombard street. here is the golden gate bridge waiting for the zimmer truck. there are these lanes in the southbound direction. three lanes both directions, pardon me. they will reconfigure that to be four and two. we will check back in a few minutes. >> i am fascinating by two bay area cities named the happiest for employees according to a job search website the happiest city is los angeles. >> what? >> san francisco is number five. trying to get over number one being los angeles, and the top ten is san jose. the least happy? denver. that makes no sense. people love living in denver. >> unless they are lying. >> indianapolis is two, louisville is number three. how do they do this?
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they use data from company reviews to determine which cities are producing the happiest and least happy. >> go figure. >> you my is seen this video a protester sucker punched at a trump rally. hear what he claims happened. hear what he claims happened. >> the easter bunny in
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walnut creek, burlingame,
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campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning, donald trump is saying it is not our fault. he is referring to another violent incident at a rally over the weekend with pore talk this morning over the possibility of a contested convention. here is that report. >> after last week's voting in the heartland and east coast race for the white house moves west. with three western states homing contests. this weekend, the west was wiped. with violence breaking out. a protest are taking a sucker punch he said landed him in the hospital. and donald trump's campaign manager caught on camera grabbing a protest are by collar. donald trump defend him in an interview with abc. >> i give him credit, he wasn't... >> but --. athat was someone else. >> donald trump suggesting the candidate with the most delegates should get the nomination even if it is short of the magic number, 1,23. >> rnc chairman rejecting that.
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>> minority does not rule for the majority. >> the majority choose the nominee. >> john indicate ice expressing confidence saying that a contested convention could be inevitable. >> everyone has to face the fact we are going to an open multiballot convention. why is everyone panicked? take a chill pill. >> the protester sucker punched at the donald trump rally in arizona is not a registered member of either party. >> look, you can see sanders getting:bettered by an african-american man. >> i had a sign that said "bad for mc," and trump with the confederate plan superior imposed and i was escorted out of the building with a peace sign and a guy grabs the sign and pucker punched me. >> sanders say he weren't to the rally because of what he called
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donald trump's fascist, racism, and the attitude toward women. the suspected attacker is facing misdemeanor assault charges. donald trump said the attacker was offended by a protester wearing a kkk outfit but that person was still coming up the aisle. >> and from a different angle, even an easter icon can take only so much. maybe we can find the right video if a -- in a second at a new jersey mall the man with white pants was in a bunny costume and taking pictures as part of a mall event and he snapped. do we have that video? we will have to skip this story. natasha? >> today is world down syndrome day and a hollywood star is taking part. >> this is how i see myself.
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i see myself as a daughter, a sister, and a good friend. >> power will. you see where the story is going? >> she plays a girl with down's syndrome, how do you see me? a 19-year-old check student narrates this, live an every day life, including enjoying time with family and working. they want to aim to show how people with downs syndrome see them selfs and highlight the problem with how people look at them because of their condition. >> this week you have a chance to see two rare comets blast by earth, the closest in decades. the bigger is 750' wide close to earth in an hour. it will be just over three mill miles from earth and we can only see it in southern hemisphere. tomorrow morning at 7:30, a smaller come it will come two
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million miles from earth. there is a chance at some point we could see it in the northern hemisphere. >> people in great britain have lack of imagination for naming a ship. britain launched a contest to name a $300 million warship and name a $300 million warship and the leader so historic but beside boadie, other suggestions include historic but beside boadie, when you ask the people want they want they will give you what they want. that is problem with that. >> reggie mcreg face. >> that is why we will elect people to do stuff like that.
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>> because we cannot be trusted with names. >> that is fun. good morning,en, at 5:19. here is a look around mt. st. helena with live doppler hd and the dome showing a stronger cell heading across 128 north of calistoga to mt. st. helena where the best radar storms a little breezy. above where most of us are residing if you are around 1,000' expect the winds to pick in. unsettled today and tomorrow. breezy continues at times. and some showers. lighter. warming sunshine returns on wednesday. the abc7 storm impact scale "1" light to (3) severe, tote today to tonight light scattered
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showers from 5:30 to 7:00 not a lot of radar returns until 9:00 with the cold front moving into the north bay and you can see scatter showers in the heart of the bay and hanging around through 4:00 and we will see a tapering in the evening. they are not completely away overnight. the rainfall totals, we are below semi 2" threshold but santa rosa at a third. seven-day outlook shows today and tomorrow below average. wednesday is become to average. thursday through sunday temperatures are warmer-than-average. sue? >> calm. we have wet roads. from overnight rain. use extra caution. the richmond-san rafael bridge c.h.p. has a high wind advisory but no advisory at the bay bridge. a couple of cars are stacked up. with 14-minute drive from golden gate field. traffic is coming from
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to berkeley to the maze may moving nicely. you are getting crowded with a nice solid stream of headlights. the traffic map is looking good with slow traffic, typical from tracy and no other issues. we will look at the mass transit options in a few minutes. >> today is a big day for twitter and making a home improvement. >> apple if you product unveiling, with no word on what tim cook will be veil but most expect a smaller version of the iphone and apple watch models. >> microsoft is teaming up with lowe's to help you remodel. you can strap in reality headset to see how the newly repedals kitchen will look. twitter is celebrating the 10th birthday. they have 300 million active
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users and a public company with tears of joy emoji tweeted 4.5 billion times. >> happy birthday twitter. >> straight head the bridge closure in san mateo starting today. and seven things you need to know before you walk out the door. >> if you live in marin you may soon have to pay for recycling. >> why can't the phone companies >> why can't the phone companies stop the
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steady morning energy whether you...e love the great outdoors... love the great indoors... or just really love doors. belvita. because we can all use steady morning energy. these are the seven thin you need to know before you go. mike? >> we have a chance of showers today. through tomorrow morning. i will show you when. where. how much. and where it falls on the storm-impact scale. >> two, we are looking at monday morning commute. san mateo bridge is looking good. with 15-minute drive from
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hayward to foster difficult and san mateo. a couple of citizens in the santa cruz mountains and another in san jose. >> bart has made some progress. there have been serious power subjects knocking out dozens of trains were bart delays still continue today the in word open when the service is back to normal. >> president obama making history. the first united states president in 90 years to step foot on cuban soil. he. meet with cuban president this morning as the country faces protests over human rights. >> san francisco based airbnb is expanding services into cuba. the drury department granted airbnb permission to offer vacation rentals to non-united states citizens starting next month. >> sentencing for chinatown gangster raymond "shrimp boy" chow convicted of murder and federal racketeering facing life in prison. >> apple will unveil a new smaller iphone today.
5:26 am
this is at the apple campus in cupertino. it is aimed at people who have not bought into the bigger screen. >> do future say "please," or "thank you," when you watch jeopardy anything you could do that? i found out at the san francisco audition it days more than knowing the right response. [ inaudible ] >> people would have passed the online test take a second written test and play a round in front of the folks would decide if they make it. who is picked and who doesn't? personality play as big role. so does the ability to follow rules. when asked, what you do with the money never say pay bills. >> even if it is true. >> come up with something better they want someone and something
5:27 am
more interesting. >> up to 3,000 people a year and only 400 slots it is difficult to get on the show. >> today at 6:00 i will show you the other secrets to getting on "scrap difficult -- "jeopardy." including tips a tip: you can never interrupt alex. >> another show of force from north korea overnight and more north korea overnight and more on the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> let us be the first to welcome you to monday morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves.
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it is monday. yes. monday. we are glad you are here. now to meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> it is monday. we will be okay. maybe. good morning, everyone. look around our radar with the best radar returns at mt. st. helena with scattered showers this morning. they will increase from mid-or to -- from mid-morning to afternoon. it will be breezy, also. temperatures are mild. low-to-mid 50s. we will-out in the upper 50s at the coast and the rest of us are in the low 60. sue? we have busy conditions. it is bunching up quickly. this morning. westbound 80 between golden gate field and san francisco is looking at 20 minute drive. a look at a couple of accidents to update you, the central
5:31 am
valley the drive from tracy is slow. about 35 minute drive into the dublin/pleasanton area. 17 northbound the summit we have an accident northbound right near glenwood. expect traffic by 87 and s.a.p. center with an accident near julian northbound 87. we will look at mass transit options. >> bart rider, the work begins the same way as last eke with a section of the line closed and more crowded trains. we help to hear more today of what days' of investigating have discovered on the power subject. amy hollyfield is in the north concord bart station. >> good morning. we are expecting to hear progress report from bart today. possibly this morning. riders want to hear an update. they are frustrated to start a second week with the issues. we saw a little bit of progress over the weekend.
5:32 am
this is a test train running over the troubled track between pittsburg and concord. officials are not saying when they will run for the public again through stretch. riders are surprised the problems have not been fixed. >> a little bit. with the technology. as although as bart has been around they cannot figure out the problem. >> he are the buses between pittsburg and concord, no trains are running between the two stakes, but it just adds time to the commute. the trains are crowded because they are shorter. the power subjects knocked 50 cars out of service. a spokeswoman is wait willing to be -- waiting to be breached on how the weekend went. we will cover this important commute story. president obama is making
5:33 am
history today as the first united states president to visit cuba in 90 years. our reporter is in the newsroom with a look ahead to the sit down today with cuban president raul castro. >> prove said he is hopeful change will happen in cuba. he and the first lady and two daughters landed in the i'll country last night there for 2 1/2 days. president obama agreemented staff at the re-opened united states embassy. the country has relaxed limit on the intent, cell phone and private enterprise. but free speech and political opposition are still in force. today president obama will sit down with raul castro to talk about many things including the future between the two countries and more freedom for cubans. >> historic opportunity to forge new grams and commercial deals and build new ties between our two peoples and for me the laying out of a vision of a brighter future.
5:34 am
>> president obama will meet with cue want -- cuban business owners today and tomorrow and deliver a televised event. >> big day. cuban americans are closely following the visit in the bay area. they call this his overdue. >> a lot of us were in the boat where we are stuck between two worlds. now we are trying to come to terms with what the change means. does it opinion i have a future? can i help with the change? >> we talked to cuban born christina garcia the >> their of several novels saying half the family was for the revolution and the other half against. her family that is still left in cuba is excited about the president's visit and what it
5:35 am
could mean. abc will air a special report on the historic trip to cuba with up-to-the-minute updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> apple fans are exc the unveiling of new products. "let us loop you in." among the products to be revealed a 4" iphone combining the size of the 5s with the features and function of the iphone 6 and 6s with upgrades to the ipad and apple watch with new band colors and designs. >> the first california inmate granted gender reassignment surgery is out of prison and will have the surgery in the summer that is covered by the low income health insurance program that could cost up to $100,000. she was convicted of second-degree murder in 1986
5:36 am
shooting and killing a friend outside a california bar. she was paroled last year. in marin county you could have to pay more recycling. the owner of the marin resource recycling center told our media pans they are having trouble selling recycled plastic material because of record low oil prices which was used to make plastic. many items may have to be dumped into the landfill. residents would have to pay to recycle. >> still dealing with a huge remnants of the storms we experienced last week including the 75' tree in walnut creek that fell during the storm. you can see it just missed a house and car. we will show you what it looks like before it fell when it was standing upright a beautiful tree but no one was hurt. >> coming up on 5:37 and the rainfall intensity is in the green so it will be light this
5:37 am
afternoon and in the evening. random showers are possible and temperatures are piled upper fete through the san ramon valley to low-to-mid 50s as you head from walnut creek through concord and out highway 4 to brentwood. we will see how everyone is, low-to-mid 50s around the bayshore line and san francisco and oakland at 53 and slow is 50 and los gatos is cooler at 46 and novato and napa at 48 and 49. we have dangerous waves building at the coast this afternoon. i will show you the high wind advisory. walking the dog and running, stay on the pavement. showers are possible. it could be muddy. 280 and 17 at 49 degrees, under mostly cloudy sky. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s today with the showers. it will be more scattered tomorrow. less numerous. and by wednesday, they gone. look at temperatures touching 70. i let you know if the warming trend continues. sue?
5:38 am
>> bart has 41 trains in service at this hour with ten-minute delay. pittsburg concord line has in we trains this morning with a because bridge in place. golden gate southbound buses canceled indefinitely, the 4, from mill valley, 6:49. 24 fairfax, 6:51 is indefinitely canceled and 54 from novato. all canceled indefinitely with no other delays as far as golden gate so far, ace train one is open time. three has last on time. that is looking good. here is something you feed to be aair of traveling through san mateo in the next eight weeks. starting this morning, the popular avenue bridge over caltrain is shut down one of four bridges that is deemed unsafe. caltrain is replacing them at a
5:39 am
cost $38 million. traffic will be detour around the area for did months. >> another trump family member targeted and the high-powered trump being threatened. >> protect taken footage taken >> protect taken footage taken from victoria
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>> abc7 is committed to gender equality and proudly joins in changing the game for women in the workplace. to learn about events for professional development, follow @pbwc. >> north korea has fired four short range projectile into waters off the east coast. this is three days after north korea launched their first medium-range missile into the sea of japan since 2014, the video you just saw. the firing is their response to annual springtime military exercise that are underway with south korea and the united states. >> a marine from southern california is the first united states service member killed in iraq since october of last area. staff sergeant lewis carden died outside mosul yesterday withen by rocket fire hit the unit. he was in temecula assigned to a unit out of camp lejeune in north carolina. >> senate majority leader mcconnell said there is in
5:43 am
confirmation hearing for president obama's choice for the supreme court. yesterday on this week, mcconnell cited precedent and the need for the american people to weigh in. he said the senate will not move forward on confirmation nor judge merrick garland until after the november election. >> republican presidential rent run are donald trump said ifer located he will release the list of up to ten judges he would nominate to the supreme court. he said the list would mitigate weapons that i would pick judges who are too liberal. his sister who is a federal appeals court judge in philadelphia has received a threatening letter. the f.b.i. said it is working with the secret service and united states marshals in the investigation. last week, you will remember his son received a threat being letter were watching the family would be harmed if donald trump did not pull out. >> democratic candidates are gathering up for stops in the bay area. chelsea clinton attends two local fundraisers today one palo alto and another here in san francisco. hillary clinton will visit alter
5:44 am
continue on wednesday. bernie sanders is concentrating the efforts in arizona and washington state. last knit he gave a reason that the donald trump will not be elected. >> because the american people will not elect a candidate would lies all of the time. >> he needs to pick up victors with arizona holding the primary tomorrow and walk state and class and hawaii hold caucuses on senator for democrats. >> an easter icon could only take so much. you can see the patch half dressed as easter bunny from the waste doing, and it must must have fallen off so there he is getting into a fight with other people inside a mall in new jersey. video no idea what made him snap. he is throwing off the gloves in this video and get down with the shoppers at the mall.
5:45 am
why this happens we have no idea. what does the mall have to say? "no comment." >> i want to know the context. >> new englanders face a messy commute as the spring storm kickoff the week with winter weather advisory impacting massachusetts right now, 4"-of -- 4-8" of heavy wet snow could cause power outages and boston canceled school today because they want students to be inside and stay safe. >> still thinking of the bunny in the fight...but never, ever, did i take the head off. i always followed the rules with the costume. even if you get into a fistfight keep the head on. >> keep the head on. >> you of fighting little kids at chuck e. cheese.
5:46 am
>> good morning. my son got scared at chucky cheese. >> you taught him well. >> pretty sure it was not reggie. >> the lighter showers moving across the higher elevation of the north bay random showers are possible and you can see left over prior on the richmond side, the richmond-san rafael bridge and a few puddles from the showers that fell overnight. waves of light shower today and fewer showers tomorrow and dry and waller into the weekend and storm-impact scale where we rank storms from "1" light to "5" is spree -- severe this is a "1" with light showers. you can see the best chance is going to be across the north by until noon and the cold front is responsible for the enhancement of the showers rolls through the
5:47 am
heart of bay through 4:00 and we will see a tapering to more isolated showers in the evening and overnight. we will look at the rainfall amounts we get the most in the north by from .2" in napa and the prosecute of us at .1". temperatures are below average in the low 60 today, mid-60s tomorrow and the sun is out with upper sits on wednesday and in the 70s rolling through on thursday into easter sunday. sue? >> good morning, we have metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. and traffic is stacked up. per usual. you are looking at jammed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. golden gate field to san francisco at 20 minutes. the traffic map shows extra slowing from tracy this morning, with no no stalls or accidents. expect 40 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and multi-vehicle accident possible
5:48 am
an overturn santa cruz mountains 17 at glenwood. we will check on that delay and another accident in san jose at the s.a.p. center open 87 when we come back if a bit. >> check this out, a rare whale birth. caught on camera. off the cost -- coast of southern california alongside a whale wanting bet. the mother pushed the baby to the surface to condition it breathing. a pod of whales swam by, false killer whats which are normally in the warmer waters. >> scares of heights? this remarkable leap of faith in africa, cliff jump at victoria falls with dare dove victims falling head first into the water passing the cliffs traveling 53 miles per hour. they have been seriously sure. nothing went wrong.
5:49 am
they were fine. nothing to try at home. both have substantial experience cliff jumping. >> if you you are look at buying a tesla or another electric, there is a change to the rebate program. march 29, the state is putting an income tax on driver whose qualify, if you make $250,000 a year, and congratulations if you are, will in longer be eligible. low can moderate income resolution democrats -- residens rebate up to $3,000. >> google will unveil the winner of the doodle for google contest. >> these are students from kindergarten to high school seniors all eligible. the restriction you have to use the letters in the word google with the winner displayed later
5:50 am
this morning. >> celebrities are ready for the big debut on "dancing with the stars" but the question is, who will take home the trophy? the competition is fierce. ginger zee has been practicing. she will compete against marla maples, geraldo, and the premiere starts tonight at 8:00. reggie will stay up late to see this right here on abc7. >> this is now the most expensive material ever made? see this girl? new at 6:00, michael finney has an important tip for anyone who used personal cell phone for work purposes? >> we have a stubbing admission from the mastermind of the paris terrorist attack what he is
5:51 am
saying during the interrogation about a future attack. about a future attack. >> hackers have ange
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> disturbing details of paris attack terrorist shah salah abdeslam who was planning another attack. he was captured in brussels on friday after five months running. he said he was "ready to restart something from brussels." investigators down 30 people involved in the paris terror attack. they are sure there are more. the lawyer said he plans to fight extradition to france. >> happening today the hulk hogan sex tape trial is continuing despite he has been awarded $115 million in the
5:54 am
case. the wrestling superstar sued gawker media for postage video having sex with his former best friend's buy. >> he sued gawk are say the 12 post violated his privacy and the jury will consider punitive damages. when the jury is finished there will be an appeals process. the courts often reduce the jury awards this large. we see. >> superstar sing will adele -- singer adele has leaked photo including an intimate pregnant adele and an ultrasound. she is furious. the 27-year-old known for being protective of her family. "good morning america" will look into the breach and talk about what legal resource celebrities have when they are hacked. that is at 7:00 rate here on abc7 news. >> coming up on monday, the surf
5:55 am
will be rough at 3:00 through 9:00 tomorrow evening. right now between 8 and 9' but possible 20' with sneaker waves and runups. the showers are down to monterey and to yosemite and the higher elevations it will turn to snow. we did have a winter weather advisory starting at 11:00 this morning through 5:00 tomorrow with periods of snow with 10" above 4,500'. if lake tahoe it is quiet as we look at heavenly and we are going to have snow showers tomorrow and temperatures are become to average on wednesday and warmer than average at mid-to-upper 50s thursday through holiday weekend. >> i will check on the chain requirements. southbound 680 beyond north main walnut creek seeing brake lights making the turn to highway 24. we do have an debt further east
5:56 am
or north from that and it is reported southbound 242 near 680 and i am see slow traffic from the concord area toward 680. give your sex center time. we have an accident in san jose northbound 87 at julian which is clearing and rough in santa cruz mountains with an accident near glenwood highway 17 northbound it is 20 minutes delay from the back of the line to the scene an overturn blocking the right lane. we will have the chain requirements in a few. now, cute puppies, i love this now, cute puppies, i love this guy, using #puppieson7. to get in spirit use #puppies #puppieson7. wednesday we have a special event. it starts at 4:30 right here on
5:57 am
the morning news live streaming our puppy camera all morning. we have upped it this year with a 360 puppy camera to want at home with a bunch of puppies brought in. if you see a guy you like you can adopt them and make your home their forever home on wednesday at 4:30. >> if you at 6:00, help for teachers facing eviction in san francisco. the new proposal supervisors will continue. a big day for apple. matt is in cupertino with the matt is in cupertino with the new product to expect to see
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are starting the work week with more delays and crowded cars nor bart riders. crews have been working around the clock to repair dozens of train cars and figure out what is causing an electrical surge
6:00 am
on the tracks but the issue is still not fixed. happy monday, i am reggie aqui. >> monday, march 21 and we will get to the bart delays in a m but first went did give you a check of another round of rain with meteorologist mike nicco. all the bestiary car returns are across the either bay and you can see they are green which means they are light and mainly in the higher elevations but a random shower is possible through the only commute and it will pick up in the north by after 9:00 and for the rest of us after the noon hour into the early evening hours. you can see what it will do in the day planner. it will keep our temperatures cool of average upper 50s at the coast and low-to-mid 60s for the rest of the us. do we have hotspots? with the commute? sue? >> bay bridge meet are lights on and that is a hotspot. slow from golden gate field with delays become to 25 minutes through the toll plaza and some san francisco. i check the chain


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