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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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at march 24. now a check on the weather. mike? >> puppy withdrawal last night. maybe we could have "national puppy day" every other week we have it every friday on midday. see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. live doppler hd showing a few clouds. mainly clear. from our east bay hills cameras. you need the sunglasses. more sunshine than year. low-to-mid 60s the lunch time tomorrow. nearly 60 at coat mid-60s to low 70 at 4:00 around the bay and inland and mid-isis at the coast to inland at 7:00. enjoy the day. at sfo take a look at drive time right now, 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo is not bad. 880, the nimitz, from 238 to the macarthur maze, looking great. and 101 also up to the san jose airport still looking great this morning. we will come back with the north bay commute in a few minutes. >> if you drive highway 87 part of it will have a different name
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starting today. to honor a san jose officer killed in the line of duty. abc7 reporter matt keller has the special significance of today. >> this is the stretch of 87 here, the beginning of the stretch of 87 that will be dedicated to officer michael johnson. today is the one year anniversary of when he was killed if the line of duty. 38-year-old was slot and killed while responding to an emergency call in east san jose on center road a man shot can killed him from a condo balcony. the 14-year veteran was married and served in his hometown of san jose. the fellow officers and communities gather at the south san jose substation for a sermon and to reflect on the honor. a resolution as the the legislature last year designating the portion of highway 87 between highway 85 and 2 craig as the san jose police officer michael john son memorial highway. the police department said the highway signs will show
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gratitude for the service and sacrifice. the ceremony starts at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> thank you, matt keller. the metro station in brussels is surrounded by police this morning. authorities are now looking if a second suspect. he is seen on security camera footage with the suicide bomber. 31 people died. 300 were injured. polly hunter joins us from brussels with the story. >> good morning, that is right, the manhunt is widening. authorities are now searching for two suspects, both seen on video. a candlelight vigil in honor of one of the victims of tuesday's attack. students gathering in prayer for the second year law student who died after the attack in the
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maalbeek metro station. i am not afraid because terrorists want to get us to be afraid. that is the thing. they will win if we are afraid to go out from home. >> as the country mourning the police are on a manhunt for the run away terrorist trying to stop him before he strikes against. >> his companion are the misstep bombmaker from brussels and paris, laachraoui and on the left, bakraoui who died at the airport. the younger brother of bakraoui, khalid, is also dead. prosecutors claim both had extensive criminal records. in the after mat of the attack, unknown number are still missing. for some american families, a sigh of relief. a mother returned word her 21-year-old stepson was found left unconscious after attack and is said to have no memory of
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what took place. [ inaudible ] >> thank you for that, molly, from brussels. >> panic atlanta airport, people just running out here, t.s.a. instructed everyone to clear a main terminal after a suspicious package was found yesterday. bomb sniffing dogs indicate add positive hit but it was a false alarm but the airport is the business of the airport in the world. official say passengers were evacuated out of abundance of caution. we will have continuing coverage of brussels under attack and you can get latest updates by down loading our free news app. >> we could be get closer to finding missing malaysia airlines flight 370 with official saying now analysis of
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two plane parts are almost certainly from the airline. this is video of previous wreckage from malaysia airlines flight 370, 239 died when it disappeared two years ago and crashes in a remote section of the southern indian ocean. >> dozens of apartment units are so close to the edge of the crumbling cliff in pacifica. tenants who were forced to eva wait want to go to court to get into their homes of the city commission ruled against the tenants would want dead return to their yellow tagged apartment building on esplanade the street where two other apartment buildings have been torn down in danger of falling into the ocean. >> i have monitors the bluffs for 16 years and i know how they fail. this this instance there was no reason, no emergency reason for the city do what they d awe took the action because we were adviseed that three cavities
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formed at the base of the cliff edge. many say they are homeless because they are priced out of market. >> chance to address a gross problem in san francisco. >> go away coyote. go away. go away coyote. >> an excuse to play that video, meetings like those have been helled as coyote sightings are going up crew the city. the residents are concerned and there is a hearing at city hall to discuss what is being done. agencies are expected to offer a plan. the meet starts at 10:00 a.m. at city hall. >> san francisco judge is taking a closer look at a settlement involving ondemand car service offer to shell out $12 million to drivers would want to be considered employees rather than department contractors. drivers originally sued for $126 million. >> the raiders will pay more to
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play in oakland, the coliseum authority will vote on the one year lease extension at the coliseum tomorrow morning. our media partner reports that the team will pay $3.5 million to use both the same and the training facility in alameda. last year the raiders paid $1 million. the proposed agreement also includes options for the silver and black to pay at the coliseum in 2017 and 2018. >> warriors forward grown -- green used poor judgment in driving 118 miles per hour in his new bmw. >> in a statement before the game the warriors said they were aware of the video and officials were planning to discuss it with him after the game last night. his mother weighed in herself on twitter. she said, relax, you never wanted to see how fast a car would go and she later tweeted she had not seen the video or
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talkd to her son about it. >> we will let that go. >> 5:08. 48 in orinda and castro valley. ruin city and fremont 47, 50s in berkeley, richmond and alameda, and we will see if anyone else is waking up, san francisco is 52, pacifica is 51 and everyone else in the 40s, fremont, san jose, brentwood, 47, napa is 42 degrees. why post that? walking the dog is going to be good today, kayaking is good. breezy softs the bay bridge, and watch out for pollen if you jog. from our camera you can see the dancing lights of the bay bridge and temperatures are going be above average today and tomorrow and saturday also. we will check out the easter sunday coming up next. sue? anyone driving that? >> people are driving pretty fast. traffic is light. that is the good news if you are up at 5:08. southbound 101up the north gate mall and the civic center look
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great for 20-22 meant drive from novato to san francisco. at the golden gate bridge we have four lanes in the southbound direction and the zipper truck on the move and two lanes in the northbound direction and very light conditions this morning. no fog. over all the traffic map looks great. but one exception we have each morning throw traffic from the central valley. mass transit options in a minute. >> uber is looking for a few good people but not to drive. next, the challenge they are giving to has beeners. >> we found almost everything. >> we found almost everything. >> a positive end to the moving
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> thousands of pg&e customers are waking up with power this morning, after a big outage. a possible fire in sunnyvale knock out power to 10,000 homes and businesses. pg&e said that it was caused by damage to underground equipment. >> happening today, registered measures from every uc medical center are in san francisco talking against a new retirement man for university employees. this is video from past profits. they will be gathering at the uc regents meeting speaking out against uc president napolitano's proposed pension plan that limits pensionable earnings.
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napolitano said it will reduce costs by $99 million a year over the next 15 years. do you remember this nuestra familia? we have good news. we introduced you to the couple last week in san francisco after their moving truck with everything inside was stolen. days later we learned the drunk had been found but not all of their belongings. wayne freedman has a good upday >> it has been two weeks since the couple moved from san diego to san francisco. she expected her new unit would look better than this by now. >> it would be a lot more full of furniture and toys, for sure. >> that was before they parked a truck in front of her parents' home in san francisco and walked out to find it stolen. the family moved here so he could do post doctorate work in neuroscience, and their story brothered miami viewers to make donations and to help. >> i am very grateful to all of the people that reached out to
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us. >> in a few days, police found the moving van but most of the furniture and precious momentoes hads did appeared and they were losing home until in a storage facility --. >> we found almost everything. >> it came from a stole car case in napa that led police here where the san francisco lieutenant found the stuff in a rented container. >> two people in custody in napa we believe were probably here and we are not sure. there was a third person would rented the facility who is outstanding. >> they lost some big electronics but the memory stiff, family stuff. >> baby book. the photos. letters from friends and family. that tough is come back soon to where it belongs. so good. so happy. >> our weather. loving it.
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>> in the comfort zone. >> you can walk around and fought wore about the sun being too strong or too breezy live it is in the summer. i like that. >> 5:15 and the next three hours it is dry. from the exploritorium camera at pier 15, back at downtown san francisco. with a few clouds and above a, and fog formed in the morning, and santa rosa and napa, fog forming right at this point but it is not too chick. cooler and breezy for sunday. mid-to-upper 60s in most neighborhoods and santa rosa and napa and fairfield and antioch and concord and livermore and san jose and morgan all there, 70 to 72. more fog overnight hours and temperatures are mainly in the 40s inland, and in the mid-40s to low 50s an the bay and to the coast. my seven-day forecast shows tomorrow is like today temperature-wise and breezy at coast, and our warmest day is
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saturday, and you can see the increasing clouds and breezes take the temperatures back down to average. not much wet weather but a chance of sprinkles sunday interest monday and tuesday and wednesday, it is dry, and thursday and friday next week, we could get rain the enjoy the 70. >> breezy monday. is that a bad air day? >> well... >> here we go, bart sets as we know between pittsburg/bay point and every ten minutes they are running, with the vallejo bay ferry 7:00 a.m. departure is $8 and the return is a bus, and golden gate transit southbound a couple of the 72 expressways from republic rope. follow me on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. i tweeted out the departure time. you can get updated on that. san jose 280 we have height conditions.
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the 17 and 880 overcrossing from here to cupertino is eight minutes. we will look at the north bay commute in a few. >> today at 11:00, an exclusive eye team follow-up to what prosecutors call the crime of century, it has been 40 years sin armed gunmen kidnapped a bus load of schoolchildren in california and then buried them alive in a livermore quarry in a plan for $5 million republican some. the kidnappers spent decades in prison the victims are fighting back. here is the story tonight at premiere of "the catch," at 11:00. nowtechbytes. >> and a new stickers feature on twitter to allow users to change images before posting. facebook has bad news for black berry users pulling the black
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berry app by the end of the year. this is after what's app that programmed to end support for the blackberry printing and now you can seek a perfect match for the presidential candidate asking users a series of policy questions. >> and it tells you which presidential hopeful is the close of the match. >> at least there are no dating options. >> that would be weird. those are the tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> thank you. >> usher is looking for a few good hackers, launching a program to pay hackers who fine bugs in their app code. the bug bounty programs overs $10,000 for each critical problem found. and $5,000 to hackers would there "significant," issues and $3,000 for "medium," issues found. >> starbucks fan can earn
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loyalty points without going to a starbucks, teaming up with chase and visa to offer a prepaid row wars card. kiss informs can use the card to get stars for any purchase regardless of what you buy. now it is based on how much you extend rather than how many time you go. >> ocean mystery the small bees show up in monterey bay and a show up in monterey bay and a deadly danger they pose to
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everyone gets kohl's cash too! now that's the good stuff. kohl's. to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. >> he are the seven things you need to know before you go. belgium police say a second terrorist is believed to have taken part in the bumming at a brussels subway station on monday. he was seen on surveillance video inside the we subway station with another bomber before he doubt natured the
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device. all the bay area robber known as the beered bandit is if jail. he was arrested after someone spotted him at a c.v.s. he was wanted in 15 robberies totaling $28,000. we will have a report on this at 5:30. >> officials will honor fallen san jose police officer michael johnson with part of highway 87 and interstate 280 designated at the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway shot and killed a year ago today. >> following your thursday morning commute, a shot of san rafael, southbound 101, no delays to the golden gate bridge. we will head to san jose where we have first reports of an accident on highway 85. >> spring has sprung. it is taking away our spring. for today. tomorrow. and saturday. slight chance on sunday and monday. a better chance on monday but i will map that and show you how warm it will be the next couple of days.
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that is in the seven-day outlook. >> pirated version of "the force awakens" has already been downloaded a quarter of a million times two weeks before the latest story is to rebe leased on dvd and will hit a million downloaded by the weekend. >> warriors are nine wins away from a new n.b.a. record from most wednesday in the season, improving 64-7 >> plastic pellets are wash iing a shore in monday dry bay and a group said it is affecting the safety of fish and birds. look at this, involving just the small particles on the edge of the penny here. officials are asking for help in ridding the beaches of the bell lets that birds and fish can mistake for food. the group said it does future know exactly where they are coming from. >> a group of homeless people camped out on the lawn of state capital in sacramento.
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though are still going strong after four months now. they are fighting for the right to protect the homeless from be arrested in public places. donald trumper is collecting signatures in support of a bill this with stop law enforcement from arresting the homeless for eating or resting and practicing religion in public places. >> want to make sure the people that are sleeping here are safe and protected. and that is what we are here to do. >> homeless activists have collected 700 signatures supporting senate bill 876 with the goal to reach a thousand by next tuesday. that is when the bill will be heard by lawmakers. >> san francisco has throughs of small new neighbors, mostly people have not noticed them because the beehives are being kept on the rooftops of downtown san francisco hotels. the cliffs hotel at union square shares these photos 8230,000 bees. honey bees help environment and
5:25 am
pollinate our food and they make beautiful honey for us to eat. they are threatened. the fairmont has had a hive since 2010. >> they look like ikea cabinets. >> they could be. >> will see images of remote places like you can see the streets from google. it is called the google tracker backpack in nevada's carson city collecting images cross nevada popular with hikers and the green dome has 15 different cameras each taking a photo every few seconds to build 360 degree images. >> when you turn the switch on, in the back, they have your droid phone started and you can forget about it. just pick it up, put it on, and start walking. >> you have probably seen these around the city, right, mounted on top of the cars helping to create 360 maps of cities around
5:26 am
the world. >> and taking a hike why want to car my cell phone much less big thing over my head. >> 'king a mystery took 95 years and now the 1/2 knows where a ship sank on a journey chose the pack. >> you can see where it sank a few miles southeast of the aisles northwest of the golden gate bridge and the navy provided the foes to of ocean tugboat and the crew of 56. it began the journey from vallejo to american samoa in march of 1921. a survive the pacific in 2009 detected the wreck average and follow-up determined it was, in fact, the long lost tug body. >> a big payday for historic album, a rare beatles album has sold for $110,000 at auction. the vinyl record called "the holy grail," of beat
5:27 am
the first released under their name including the first song ever written by john lennon "hello little girl," stored in an at tick for decades. >> by way a "record," plays music. for all you millennials. for all you millennials. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> coming up on 5:30, good morning, i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. it is thursday, march 24. how is the weather and traffic, meteorologist mike nicco?
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>> reggie and natasha, no march madness here. it has been quiet on live doppler hd. the last couple of hours. not too many clouds. on sutro tower. the day planner is the same this morning as it was yesterday morning. 40-53. at noon, sail thing, 60 to 66 nearly sick at coast and nearly isn't an the bay. warmer at 4:00. the light coat you will still feed at 7:00. the three day forecast is next. >> clockwork at 5:30, and metering lights are turned on the at bay bridge and look at delays building but right now the golden gate field into san francisco looking at 15 minutes. now, san jose, if you have been nervous following behind a truck with a ladder, me, too, and here is why, northbound 85, after 87, the ladder surveillance video off the back of a truck. they are off to the right shoulder. i am not seeing delays and tow truck will be out there.
5:31 am
we will have the mass transit update a bit. a man concluded to a dozen robberies all over the bay area is finally caught. the so-called bearded ndit made have his facial hair to blame. amy hollyfield is in brentwood. >> high was spotted at the c.v.s. and what did they sell here? razors that is what he was buying, presumably to shave the border the but it was too late. ashipper spotted him and called police. he gave chase. by they caught him and arrested him. look at the map starting in february in fremont, traveling all the way from gilley to sacramento the most recent happened on monday if lafayette. people had good surveillance video of him. he covered up in sunglasses and a hat but you could always see the beer the he would give a demand note to a teller and never showed a weapon and no one was hurt in the rockeries.
5:32 am
i have calls to police to find out more abut man including his name. stay with us. we will keep you posted. now the latest on the attack on brussels. they have covered a new attacker in the subway and he is still on the loose. our reporter and in the newsroom >> that is right. people believe five terrorists were involved in the adak and a massive manhunt is underway for two of them. right now police are conducting raids throughout brussels. a second man carrying a large bag can be seen on subway surveillance video with the suicide bomber khalid bakraoui and police are look for him. police are also trying to find this man in the light jacket would ran away after leaving a bomb at the airport. so far, neither suspect has been identified. officials are not the only ones desperately searching for answers. the past two difficulties have
5:33 am
been agonizing for families waiting to hear if their loved ones are safe. >> it has been the worst days of my life. i did not know how everyone one person can love another until... until you don't know where they are. >> heartbreaking to listen to. a growing memorial in brussels and officials increased the number of wounded to 300. 31 permanent dead. several americans. missing. in the newsroom for abc7. >> if you have a flight from sfo today or picking someone you will, increased security an soft targets of the airport including the lobby, check in counters and baggage claims. visitors are on edge. the second time in a year we have had attacks in paris and now we had a minor attack in
5:34 am
germany, so you think, how safe is europe? >> the state department is warning americans attacks in europe are likely not over. >> we know a lot of you are showing support for people of brussels by sharing this imam on facebook and you can find it on facebook. stay with abc for continuing coverage of brussels under attack, and you can get the latest updates by downloading our free app by enabling push alerts. >> officials will honor fallen san jose police officer michael john so, it has been a year since he was shot and kid while responding to a call of a suicidal man with a gun and now part of 87 between highway 85 and interstate 280 is designated the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway. >> a ceremony will be held at the police substation that happens at 10:00 a.m. two little girls 14 months and 2 1/2, are safe and sound this
5:35 am
morning they were missing for two days after their mother left them with a woman she barely knew. the stranger seen in the surveillance video was then only jacquita and she walked into a san francisco hospital with the girls yesterday. police say their mother, 126-year-old of oakland, asked her to watch the girls. >> after being interview, miss conference was subsequently booked on child endangerment charges and unrelated narcotics charges. >> this could have been a misflooding but, regardless, lesson learned. do not drop your children off with an acquaintance. >> the kids are in good condition and they are in the care of child protective services jam quite is not -- jacquita is not face charges. >> cliff side residents in pacifica could appeal a decision to keep temperature out of their building. the city council ruled evacuation order stamps for the yellow tagged apartment buildings. that is the same street where
5:36 am
two other buildings have been torn douse because they were in danger of falling into the ocean. you can see part of the cliff going down and former residents say because of this they hopeful. >> yahoo will try to replace the entire board of directors. starboard has reportedly been pushing for changes if two years. the c.e.o. mire has been under-- c.e.o. marissa mayer has been underfire for some time >> a major deadline for vacation wagon. they must let a judge necessity if they have a way to bring more than 500,000 cars interest comebliance with the clan air laws. volkswagen admitted installing software that cheated emission toasts. the judge warned of consequences if they do not act quickly. investigation wagon faces a class-action lawsuit.
5:37 am
>> bart's board will discuss the power distribution problems that plague the pittsburg/bay point line with two trains run until 9 a.m. and then they will connect the stations by a bus bridge. the service will resume at 3:00 p.m. the power problem started open wednesday when a surge damaged 50 train cars and took the line out of the mission. >> if you head out on the peninsula at look at temperatures, 41 in menlo park, cooler at woodside at 39, peel appeal is 43, wood wad is 44, and san mateo is 48, and belmont and san bruno, around 50 to 52 and san carlos is 46, and 50 in hayward, and concord is 49. 44 in mill valley and half moon bay at 46. san jose and 101 and 880 mostly clear at 45 degrees. tree poll certain high again with career czar and downper and oak and u.v. index is high if
5:38 am
you work outside the sunscreen is out all day. san rafael is 49 degrees under clear skies and temperatures today and tomorrow close with 60 at coast and low-to-mid 70s for the rest us and a few mid-to-upper 70s on saturday and cooler weather on easter. i will tell you about it in the back of what of the seven-day forecast. sue? >> 44 bart trains in service and, again as we evening ifed, we have the shuttle train between pittsburg and north concord running every ten minutes. the ferry is a bus and more golden gate transit cancellations with the 2 express from rohnert park and various routes are canceled. follow me on twitter for specific routes. drive times are 580 from dublin to pleasanton, not bad, moderate drive. and highway 4, westbound into
5:39 am
concord, is 20 minutes and we from san rafael to san francisco looking good at under 20 minutes across the golden gate bridge. >> east bay middle school student was bullied for wearing this, and she said her school is failing her. >> what is next in the push to >> what is next in the push to give bay area parents more paid
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> donald trump has a big lead in california over his republican rivals. the nonpartisan public policy institutes of california shows donald trump has support of 38% of likely voters. he leads senator ted cruz with 127% and john kasich is in a distant third at 14%. hillary clinton is ahead of senator bernie sanders with 48% of support to bernie sanders 41% and the california primary is on june 7. >> happening today, another move toward making many restrooms in san francisco gender neutral. supervisors will consider a bill requiring all single occupancy restrooms and businesses in public places to be free of gender restricts. it would require all new buildings to is a gender neutral restroom on every floor. >> east bay 7th grader has had it.
5:43 am
she is tired of being bullied because slow is a miss him and does not want to show her first because wants to share her story. she hopes it helps the bullying she has been facing at hayward middle school. she is describing the bully with an offer for her harasser. >> he pulled my scarf to the side and he called me a terrorist and asked me, defy, if i was a terrorist and i said, no. i invite him to learn about my religion and to know that terrorism is not representative of me or my religion. >> the hayward unified school district said they are looking into why the issue was not dealt with not going and they will not go into detail of the latest incident, they do say it is being addressed. >> happening today, anti-semitism and free speech is being weighed at ucfs mission bay at the university committee approved a policy that intendses to condemn anti-semitism.
5:44 am
they made a distinction between antizionism being against israel and anti-semitism. >> you can say you are a zionist big as a jewish student you should not be on the student council because you will not be objective that is against first amendment. the university admitted the policy is not enforceable and some groups say it will suppress criticism of the israeli policy. >> we are get our first look at the dramatic transformation for candlestick point. the developer showed the new images of the plan for the former stadium site approve by the planning commission with 2,200 homes. ashipping district. and a film arts center. the plan calls for the re-development of neighboring public housing units. the former home of the 49ers was demolish last june. >> happening today, warriors mvp is meet his wax double for the first tie.
5:45 am
>> he could be creeped out. he may love it. the wax figure is at the marriott city center at 1:30 this afternoon. the video showed that 150 measurements were taken to capture the exact likeness and four months to create at a cost of $350,000. "san francisco chronicle" will join joe montana as a star with a statute at the san francisco location. >> maybe they next. >> that is a different thing. we will clean a couple of days, pretty nice and we will keep them around. but then it will change on easter. and a chance of showers next week. i want dead show you the sunset last night.
5:46 am
absolutely gorgeous. talk about the great sunrise that we have been getting but we will get another one today but it is nice to look at this. the next six hour as few high clouds through the sky and otherwise it is quiet with the winds blowing at five miles per hour right new. more sunshine and warm the today and cooler but dry for the easter egg hunt and next week, trending unsettled with the chances of light showers. today we will start with the coolest half moon bay at 63, and san francisco is 65 and richmond is 66 and the warmest santa rosa napa and fairfield and an doing and concord and livermore and palo alto and slow and morgan hill in the 70s. tonight, patchy fog hike who are seeing developing in the not bay but nothing too thick mainly in the 40s and mid-40s to low 50s around the bay and to the coast my seven-day forecast shows tomorrow a clone of today and wednesday, or saturday is warmer, and clouds increase and breezy on sunday, a few sprinkles this, and monday and tuesday we are looking quiet and temperatures are below average.
5:47 am
sue? we have a backup at the bay we have a backup at the bay bridge, and not a surprise, 5:46 maze with metering lights, there, slowed down get werely, so you will expect delays, give yourself plenty of time if you travel through walnut creek, southbound on 680 it is looking great beyond north main to the 24 interchange which is looking good through the tunnel. slow traffic from the central valley as usual, and we will look at the speeds if you are traveling up and over the altamont pass, it is 40 minute drive from tracy into the dublin/pleasanton area with speeds, really, slowing until the top of the pass and it picks up. back with a look at the south bay drive if a bit. >> new moms and dads with work in san francisco could soon get more money while they are spending time bonding with their new bop. yesterday, a committee approved supervisors' proposal to provide
5:48 am
any employer with 20 workers to pay parents their full salary during a leave. right now 50% is paid. the legislation goes before the gulf board of supervisors on april 5. >> monday, april 18, is the deadline to file your federal and state income tax returns and if you still working on those, you have questions, we can helpfully hope. today the tax experts are here to take your calls from 4:00 to 8:00 people and you can submit the questions posting them on facebook or use #askfinany. look for the answers starting today at 4:00 p.m. today at 4:00 p.m. right here. i cannot believe it. this is not an snl skit, the president's dance moves, look the a this. that is president obama performing the argentine tango
5:49 am
the state dipper in argentina, so, initially he refused the dancer's hands several times and she kept asking so he finally agreed to join her on the floor. first lady paired up with a male dancer and she had full areal, you can see got a hug after, i did not know he had it. >> a san francisco gangster will have to wait longer to find out his fate. the reason a judge has post popped raymond "shrimp boy" chow's sentencing. >> but, first, preparing for his first commune for areas and a familiar said the chump is discriminate -- said the chump discriminate -- said the chump is skim -- said the church
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives without live. >> kansas is under a "state of emergency." look at that glow, a fresh fire spread to 72,000 acres, the largest grass fire in kansas' history. it started on tuesday in oklahoma. it has been burning in can chance since yesterday. some homes have been destroyed. several cities have ordered jails and hospitals to be evacuated. >> secretary of state john kerry has arrived in now and he is scheduled to meet with the russian president john kerry will try and feigned out if vladimir putin is more agreeable to removing gash bash
5:53 am
from pow we are. say the man convicted of shooting giffords is going forward with a theory to draw support for $25 million lawsuit. he said that government put a chip in his hold. he said that gifford's causes him emotional distress one of several people injured in the shooting. >> he is serving a life sentence. >> if you details on the jetblue flight attend amounts would tried to sneak extend pounds of cocaine through a security checkpoint at l.a.x. she enjoy is caught. marsha reynolds surrendered to d.e.a. agents at j.f.k. and you will see her. look at all of the drugs. they found it in her carry on so she took off her gucci he wills and made a run for it. she made it out of the airport. >> she was not in uniform and it is not clear if she was working. she was able to book a red eye
5:54 am
because authorities were not taking her name >> the oakland catholic diocese is discriminating against their son with special needs. the 8-year-old anthony leon has autism and has been preparing to receive first communion in church. he is a picky eater and the diocese now is raising concerns he will not eat the wafer and the family does not know if the church is going to let anthony participate in the first communion service. >> i love him and i want to sea him receive his sacrament. >> the oakland diocese said they are trying to provide anthony the resources to receive sacrament. >> coming up on 5:55 on thursday. you can see the lights are on the bay bridge with no fog here in san francisco. look at our temperatures today from two degrees warmer-than-average in san francisco and concord is the warmest at five degrees above
5:55 am
that at 66, topping out at 71 today. look at the low-to-mid 70s through the central valley, and low-to-upper 80s from los angeles to palm springs and 63 with sunshine in monterey and up to lake tahoe it will be 54 today. warmer-than-average, not only today but, also, tomorrow and as we hold to saturday and sunday but the cold front will bring us cooler weather next week and it will hit the sierra more so than us so you can see the snow on monday and tuesday and wednesday. fill be light. sue? >> we will go to san jose, 280, in the northbound direction with head hates headed toward cupertino and the 880 overcrossing at the limit. no delays from san jose but we do have an accident in san jose at 680 near the "good morning washington express" before the expressway and it is cleared to the right shoulder and this is 101 northbound, you are slowing seeing heading to the 880 interchange. enjoy, elsewhere, we have bay
5:56 am
bridge meter lights on with a fender bender west of the toll plaza so that is making for a slow commute. we will check on that when we return if a bit. >> thank i, sue. a food distributor will meet to tackle hunger in silicon valley. one in three children in santa clara and san mateo counties suffer from a lack of food. a suggestion is to reduce the amount of food waste. they will look for ways to prevent overbuying and overreduction of food. >> you can get flesh crab caught right off the bay area coastline , and tomorrow morning commercial fishermen can put their pots in the water. california's commercial crab season finally begins after midnight on saturday o. friday, officials announced the season could begin after tests showed the crab no longer posed a health risk. the crab season was delayed since november because of high levels of domoic acid. >> if you want to get more from the work out you will not believe this suggestion.
5:57 am
>> this is research i can get behind. you might want to take abetted of chocolate before you hit the treads mill. eating dark chocolate can improve yourhysical performance. it is known to pack serious health benefits from improveed blood flow to muscle cells and it turns out bicyclist would ate a small amount of dark chocolate each date could ride further continues for longer. the big take arrest? replace the current snack food with a small square of dark chocolate. don't overdo it. >> netted. >> health warning of marijuana as more people turn to the drug for medical purposes researchers say there could be ununder interested consequences. >> new information coming while you were sleeping on the terror attacks in belgium investigators say there could be investigators say there could be another suspect as the
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news a major development in the brussels attack an additional suspect has been identified as an international manhunt intensifies. >> special on today for a police officer skilled if the line of duty a memorial you may notice on the commute. >> high speed drive that has green trending on facebook and how the team and his mother are now responding. >> good morning, at 6:00 a.m. >> i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday, march 24. now a check on weather. mike? >> good morning, do they have a quicker or slow response to green? this is fog along the coast south of half mo


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