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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, terror tale. in brussels new pictures just in inside the bomber's apartment. a smashed tablet, a busted front door. plus, the raids overnight. more people under arrest in the investigation. we're live in brussels. severe weather sweeping across the country. heavy flooding in the south. this morning people sleeping in airports as flights get canceled because of high winds. we're tracking it all. breaking overnight, evacuations after a train derailment. >> ooh, geez, explosion. >> the massive explosion after the crash lighting up the night sky. and caught on camera, an enraged driver speeding down a highway trying to steal a motorcycle. the wild police chase.
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good morning. we begin with the horrific attacks in brussels and chilling new images from what's being called a den of terror. >> take a look at this. this is an up close look inside the apartment of the bombmaker and the two brothers who blew themselves up. detectives raided it shortly after the attacks saying they seized an undetonated bomb, an isis flag and other chemicals used to make explosives. >>over. overnight, belgian police arrested six people during a series of raids and abc's molly hunter has the latest from brussels. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena. we've just learned that secretary of state kerry has arrived here in brussels to pay his respects. belgian police carried out raids in central brussels, jette and the schaerbeek neighborhood early friday where earlier this week they found explosives and bombmaking material in the apartment used by the attackers. overnight six people arrested
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across the city. amal also evacuated. investigators are trying to figure out if there were other potential targets. they claim brothers khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui secretly recorded a top belgian nuclear scientist using a hidden camera. the two killed in the attacks were also on a u.s. terror watch list. authorities are also on the hunt for a man shown in surveillance video just before the attack and searching for this suspect shown with the bombers at the airport. ♪ as the memorials across brussels grow and the grieving continues, the families of the missing are still searching for loved ones. >> every one of them heartbreaking and difficult for these families. they want information about their loved ones who are missing. >> reporter: u.s. authorities tell abc news they have identified that mystery man in the airport and that he was likely on a u.s. terror watch list. now here belgian authorities are working around the clock to identify that man and to capture him. reena, kendis.
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>> molly, thank you. in addition to the overnight terror raids in belgium, we also heard about terror raids in france, as well. are those connected to brussels? >> reporter: that's right, kendis. french authorities are saying they have foiled a terror plot in paris. they have made at least one high-level arrest and at this stage, they say, those raids here in brussels and in paris are not connected, but we should learn more as the day goes on. kendis. >> that's right. more details keep unfolding. abc's molly hunter live in brussels. thank you for that report, molly. >> and later in this half hour, we're going to hear from this injured basketball player in this now iconic photo. >> count on live team coverage of the manhunt later on "good morning america." much of the country, we're going to move on and move to the homeland. much of this country is reeling this morning after being battered by a round of nasty, stormy weather. air travel has been difficult at best. passengers stranded at dozens of airports because their flights were diverted or canceled
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altogether because of lightning and heavy wind gusts. and much of the south and south florida in particular under water last night. the streets of boca raton were nearly impassable swamped by heavy downpours. at least four inches falling in some areas. the pouring rain also turned much of the baseball field there at florida atlantic university into a swampy mess, and it's not over yet. the radar shows a string of new storms moving into the entire east coast. rain, thunderstorms and wind from miami to raleigh and from mid-atlantic to maine. well, breaking news from minnesota where a propane explosion has shaken a small town, and it was all caught on video. >> ooh, geez, explosion. >> the blasts and flames shooting into the night sky. it happened ten hours after a semi tanker filled with 10,000 gallons of propane was hit by a train yesterday afternoon. that tanker burning for hours until the huge nighttime explosion.
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200 people living nearby are spending the night away from a home as a precaution. and seven hackers linked to the iranian government have been indicted by the u.s. accused of cyberattacks on dozens of banks as well as a small dam outside new york city. the attorney general characterized the attacks as relentless, systematic and widespread. those charged are believed to be in iran. it's unclear if they'll ever be brought to justice. happening right now, president obama and his family on their way back to the u.s. this morning. in his last day in argentina, the president visited a memorial for the victims of the country's so-called dirty war of the '70s and '80s. he apologized for u.s. policies as thousands of people were killed and disappeared. well, it's a somber day on the christian calendar. good friday. it commemorates the suffering and crucifixion of jesus christ. this morning in jerusalem, people are retracing the steps of jesus on the via dolorosa or the way of the cross. by the way, why it's called good
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friday, if jesus died on that day in old english good is applied to mean good friday which meant holy. >> okay. good to know. >> that little tip. >> thank you. well, still ahead, the consumer alert. a baby foodmaker recalling a product. plus, ted cruz angry and emotional. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> the presidential race taking a personal turn among the gop candidates. and hillary clinton cracking jokes making a late night appearance on "jimmy kimmel." we're live from washington. and from the cockpit to pimping prostitutes? an airline pilot accused of running a brothel. plus, be kind, rewind and return the tape. a man arrested for keeping a movie rental.
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well, "your voice, your vote" this morning and the escalating feud between donald trump and ted cruz over their wives. >> and the democrats, meanwhile, are trading predictions about a victory in california. abc's bazi kanani is joining us from washington with more on all of this, bazi, and it's a lot to cover. >> reporter: it is. why don't we start with the democrats. they both believe they can win delegate rich california. they were both there this week hoping to win over voters with a few laughs. the democrats stop into california this week for a chat with jimmy kimmel after bernie sanders on tuesday. it was hillary clinton's turn thursday. >> are you jealous of bernie sanders' slogan "feel the bern" because it is a really good slogan. >> i've got to say i'm not. >> you're not? >> no.
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>> because i've seen some of yours, and they're not as good. hillin' like a villain. take a hill pill. >> reporter: clinton criticizes republicans for holding up a supreme court nomination. >> to refuse even to give the nominee the chance to be heard i think is unprecedented. >> is it possible that they're busy? >> no. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz makes clear his new feud with donald trump is no laughing matter. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> reporter: cruz enraged after trump retweeted this side-by-side comparison of their wives with an unflattering picture of heidi cruz. >> it is not acceptable for a big, loud, new york bully to attack my wife. >> reporter: this war of words started when trump blamed cruz for this digital ad run by an anti-trump super pac showing an old racy photo of melania trump on "gq." trump then threatened to spill the beans on cruz's wife.
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>> i wrote, i said, be careful because otherwise i'll have to start talking about your situation. >> reporter: and cruz insists he had nothing to do with that super pac ad. trump is now accusing cruz of false outrage saying he's just trying to get attention. reena, kendis. >> and that would not be the end of it, no doubt. we will hear more on that. >> reporter: probably not. >> bazi kanani in washington, thank you. and when we come back, the latest on the manhunt in brussels. the basketball player injured in the attack talking from his hospital bed. and burglarized by a brewin. a community dealing with a rash of car break-ins and the bears are to blame. because it's the only almondmilk made with california-grown blue diamond almonds.
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is soh, she better not be.ld? our claim runs straight down to the glut'n free stuffin'. it's gluten. there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold. colorado and other rocky mountain states starting the day digging out after a spring storm that dumped as much as three feet of snow in some spots and the bad news, more than a foot could fall in those areas again tonight. >> and that's not going to make for an easy morning commute. roads will be very slippery with some rain but mostly snow from washington state to the great lakes. heavy snow in the rockies and rain along the entire east coast. >> okay, so say you're flying, airport delays possible in charlotte, miami, washington, d.c., new york and boston. we want to recap our top story right now. at least six people were arrested overnight stemming from the deadly terror attacks in
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belgium. >> and they were picked up during a series of raids in brussels, and they may face charges today. we're getting a first look at the apartment of the two brothers involved in the bombings. authorities say that they had been secretly filming a top nuclear scientist, and they've now identified the third airport suspect saying he was on the u.s. terrorism watch list. nearly 300 people were wounded in the attacks and some of those survivors are sharing the details of their harrowing ordeal. among them, former college basketball player sebastien bellin who is still recovering. the blast ripped into his leg and knocked him to the ground as debris rained down on him. abc's david muir was with him in the hospital. >> you know, i think i blacked out for a little bit, and i remember seeing two little kids to my right, you know, and their little hands were up in the air and -- and then the whole -- the whole time i was just -- i just
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told myself i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it, i'm going to make it, and when i got in the ambulance, then i knew i was good. >> at least four americans are still unaccounted for including justin and stephanie shults who had moved to brussels. officials initially told the couple's family that they were alive. that turned out to be a mistake. they were later told that the couple is still missing. well, back here at home quite a story in texas. a united airlines pilot has been grounded. bruce wallis is accused of running brothels and promoting prostitution in houston. prosecutors say wallis ran six brothels with at least 20 women working for him. their services were allegedly advertised online. authorities say they paid the pilot $400 a week. united says wallis has been removed from his flying duties. well, gerber is announcing a voluntary recall of two types of organic baby food because of packaging defects. that defect could actually make the food susceptible to spoilage while being transported and handled.
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the recall involves pouches of vegetable and fruit baby food. for more information check out our website, want to show you a wild scene in mesa, arizona. a man being pursued by cops gets out of his vehicle at the stop light and then tries to steal a motorcyclist's bike, and then you see they get into a fight there before the suspect returns to his own vehicle and then leads police on a chaotic chase. cops are right there behind him. that guy on the left, that's a police officer who is armed. they went through several streets and freeways during rush hour traffic. it only ended when the suspect crashed his vehicle. in north carolina, a hungry bear is the main suspect in a rash of break-ins. christa south was stunned at the damage to her car after a 400-pound black bear rummaged through it. the bear even accidentally locked itself inside another vehicle. the animal is captured on an officer's dash cam fleeing. >> pretty smart bear. >> it is a smart bear.
4:18 am
quite an apb out for that bear. all right. time for sports and more busted brackets no doubt during march madness. >> so we turn to espn for last night's action. >> i'm nicole. he's kevin. on this particular program called "sportscenter" we talk about sports, particularly on this night and morning, basketball, college basketball. >> the ncaa tournament round of 16 having at it. the first eight meeting up on thursday night, and the number one overall seed continued to dominate, kansas taking down maryland. big night for wayne selden jr. he had 19 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, but perry ellis, the story, a career high 27 for him. kansas knocks off maryland, 79-63. villanova and miami. villanova came out firing and did not stop. draining threes, ryan arcidiacono here getting 3 of his 21. momma, dada, they love it. villanova, 10 of 15 from downtown. they move on to the elite eight with a win, 92-69. a team that everybody is
4:19 am
sleeping on, oregon in the west region, dylan brooks to chris ushay. the ducks got 22 points, 6 assists from brooks and they knock off the defending champions, duke, 82-68. texas a&m and oklahoma, you know this guy's name, buddy hield. oklahoma up 11. hield driving and one. he'd convert. three-point play, 17 points, 10 boards and oklahoma wins, 77-63. i cannot wait to watch the rest of the games. >> go, syracuse, not that we're rooting for anybody. back to you. >> big night tonight. >> can i say that i'm rooting for my school, g.w., final four. they made it to the final four. >> no, they haven't. one more sports note, a mets player leaving fans confused. >> and it started with a ball, a
4:20 am
hit yoanis cespedes, the ball bounces and goes under the fence. cespedes tried to say the ball was stuck which would have forced the batter to stop at second base. >> he makes a point but with the ball clearly visible, the umpire let the play go on and the batter ran all around the bases and the umpire went out to inspect and easily moved the ball. the result, an inside-the-park home run. >> all right. >> nice to know that it's just spring training right now. >> i still think g.w. is going to make the final four. >> g.w., yeah, in 2025. >> mark my words. you heard it here first. let's get to "the pulse." the tributes pouring in overnight for garry shandling. plus, the eighth grade athlete who's already been recruited by a division 1 school.
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of 66. >> as you know, shandling started out as a comedy writer and then he turned to stand-up. he starred in "it's garry shandling's show" and "the larry sanders show" on which he played a fictional late night talk show host probably his most memorable role. fellow comedians are really paying tribute. >> jimmy kimmel tweeting "garry shandling was as kind and generous as he was funny and that is saying a lot." ricky gervais, "rest in peace, the great garry shandling surely one of the most influential comedians of a generation." >> of course, he was very memorable. we move on now. a young athlete from long island who hasn't even started high school has already been recruited and committed to penn state university starting in 2020. >> how is this even possible? that's because brennan o'neill is a star lacrosse player. the 13-year-old mull muller midfielder practices for two to three hours every single day.
4:24 am
even on days when he has games. >> so he's an overall athletic stud. he also plays tight end in football and he's a power forward in basketball. not bad. >> good luck. >> yeah. exactly. so this may sound like one of those tired, dumb blond stories, but we promise it's for real. a north carolina man has been arrested for not returning a videotape of the movie "freddy got fingered" that he rented back in 2002. >> so when james meyers was pulled over for a broken taillight, the officer informed him that there was a warrant for his arrest. meyers laughed it off thinking it was a joke, but apparently it wasn't. meyers was handcuffed and taken into custody. a court date has apparently been set for april 27th. how did this happen? and who knew that people still used vhs. >> and who knew people watched "freddy got fingered." >> you don't like that one? >> that movie? i think meyers got fingered by the law as a result. >> clever, i like that. >> yeah. >> more news after this.
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provide voice >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> it is confirms in brussels two americans died in the terror attack. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is friday. march 25. we will get to the breaking news from brussels in a minute. but, first, we get you started with a check of weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? >> good morning, to you. half mile visibility in napa. we have thicker fog and more widespread fog this morning. we will start off milder this morning, a last us in the 50s. headed to noon the fog will fade. the sun will emerge. we will hit the upper 50s at coast and mid-60s inland and mainly 70s around from the coast. grab the light jacket for the evening. mid-50s to mid-60s from the coast inland. and friday "lite"?
4:29 am
>> fingers crossed. so far, we still have very little activity going on. three lanes southbound on the golden gate bridge which is fog free and 14 minutes across the san mateo bridge, and flat section from the high-rise to foster city. green is good. we have a stalled big-rig westbound 80 at the skyway and lane four working to get it out of the lanes but no slowing. we will check back with road work coming up. >> back to the breaking news from belgium, officials confirm at least two americans died in the attacks that ripped through the brussels airport and subway this week. >> our reporter is in the newsroom. tiffany? >> american families holding on to hole the past few days know their loved ones are gone. at least two americans were killed in brussels in the attacks. these the first confirmed american deaths, several americans remain among the missing including siblings from new york and a couple from
4:30 am
tennessee. 31 people died and hundreds were injured after terrorists set off bombs in the brussels airport and subway. belgium police conducted more raids and took six people into custody. a massive map hunt is under bay for two suspects, one seen in the subway before the bombing. another man seen at the airport in a light jacket. united states officials believe the man in the light jacket was on the united states terror watch list. secretary of state john kerry is in brussels today to express his condolences to the belgium people. >> the united states, i want you to know is praying and grieving with you. for the loved ones of those who have been cruelly taken from us including americans. >> secretary of state john kerry does not provide detail of the americans who died but the family of the missing tennessee couple said they have not been notified.


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