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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this is abc7 news. >> now a boy shot in the east bay. sky 7hd says first responders raced to get this young victim to a trauma center. it happened at la salle avenue. >> that's where melanie woodrow is with this developing story. 34e8 -- melanie? >> dan and ama, we just confirmed that the boy is is out of surgery and in stable condition and expected to survive. investigators spent a good portion of this evening interviewing his family members. they say when the 9-1-1 calls came in they immediately rec cog cog -- recognized this address. >> concord police say the 8-year-old boy was playing when he was shot in his upper body.
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>> two white males in a silver colored honda drove up to the residence and fired one single shot. >> from sky 7hd you can see investigators with flashlights searching for evidence. they do not yet know if the home was targeted, but they are familiar with the address. they were called out recently for various disturbances. >> we want to know why these guys would shoot especially with children in front of the house. >> i really do hope he pulls through and is able to move on and the family is able to continue to protect their children. >> the boy's family drove him to john muir medical center. he was taken by ambulance to children's hospital in oakland. >> that is usually a good sign. >> officers questioned family members and neighbors. >> it is the first of any of this caliber to happen in this neighborhood. >> another described the 8-year-old as a beautiful
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little boy who was outside playing. they say there was a female adult outside when she was shot. abc7 fuse. >> happening now, police are involved in a standoff in berkeley on fairview near sacramento street. this is new video into the newsroom. police say a man is alone inside the home. our crew at the scene says is there are 50 officerses outside. police have not said what is causing the conflict or why or how it started. we have new details on the deadly stabbing of a british tourist in san francisco. police released this security video of the attack. it shows a robber chasing the victim right before he was stabbed in the head. >> the victim is 44-year-old paul tam. sadly he died yesterday after hanging on for a full month after the attack. abc7 news reporter sergio is in the newsroom. that video is i can isenning. -. >> it is tough to watch. they are hoping the attacker
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is familiar to someone who seized the individual yo. the police officer -- seized the video. here is the surveillance video. you can see the victim getting away from the attacker. he runs around a car and seems to trip. that's when the armed robber pounces. >> it looked like punches, but it wasn't. he was carrying some type of unknown object. >> according to police tam is from manchester, england and was visiting a relative in southern california. we spoke to his family and they requested privacy right now. the brutal attack has residents shocked. >> this neighborhood i never felt this is is creepy. i you hear about every once in awhile something happening on van ness, a scuffle or something like that. never a homicide or anything like that. >> we noticed this is a busy area for tourists and so be showed a couple of surveillance videos. >> there are people here from
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all over the place. >> although she is not seen, she had a a female uh accomplice. >> the female is about 5-8 and described as having braid or long dreadlock in a ponytail. >> police are asking businesses to check their surveillance videos from fb 18th to see if they might have images of the pair. abc7 news. >> tonight a sheriff deputy is missing his gun and star. a burglar broke into his home and stole the items in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. they took two clips and a bulletproof vest and the duty belt. the gun and ammunition were in a lock box. another star belonging to a san francisco police officer was also taken. in the south bay a veteran santa clara police officer is under arrest tonight. officer tyson green is accused
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of possessing tens of thousands of dollars of car parts related to a chop shop. katie is live at the santa clara county jail. katie? >> reporter: officer green was booked on charges of operating a chop shop and receiving stolen property and possessing stolen property. if convicted he faces more than five years in prison. he has been a santa clara plew of -- police officer for 14 years. he lives in los gatos and he has been dealing in stolen car parts. >> four chevrolet camero engines were recovered at a small garage and associated with the suspect. >> they found more than a dozen car computers and the parts are worth $75,000. an auto theft task force started investigating green last january. that's when a man tried to buy an engine from green on craigslist, but became suspicious and called law enforcement. all of the parts are from stolen cars taken from across
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the bay area over the past two years. >> anytime we have a person from law enforcement who we have entrusted -- the public has entrusted to protect, serve, it is incredibly disappointing to see an individual from that community and let the community as a whole down. >> they released in statement -- a statement this is not a reflection of the hard working men and women who serve and protect our community. officer green's arrest follows two others last year. in may sergeant thomas lipelt was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to an employee at santana row and the officer for taking a watch from a san jose target store. abc new year's eve --abc7 news. last year our dan noyes exposed a gym owner who used fake medals to get money for his business. dan's excludive is investigation landed greg alan
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in court to face charges he lied about winning two purple hearts and a bronze star. alan pleaded not guilty. he was one of several real war vets in court today. >> i know a lot of people that have earned a lot of award and paid a heavy price for them. this guy is just a fraud. >> alan is facing a year in jail and a $100,000 fine. he will be back in court in may. >> bart is warning about another upcoming service disruption. the tracks will be closed for repairs. there will be a bus bridge on saturday and sunday. the train should be back on track for the morning commute. this is the first of six weekend closures. oakland's cathedral of christ is allowing for extra time to get to easter services if they plan to use bart. he met with ace officials and the federal railroad
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administration. the focus is preventing accidents like this one. they discussed sensors and track side fences to trip a signal. we are awaiting the results of a study of what factors beyond the heavy rain contributed to the mudslide that lead to the derailing. tony robbins has bought a new building for french nuns facing eviction from their soup kitchen in the tenderloin. he paid $750,000 for a building down the street from the 16th street bart station in the mission. robin stepped in in february to prevent their eviction. the nuns say this is god's blessing. he will help them find a new place to live as well. tonight we are learning new information about the victims of the terror attack in brussels. >> the brother and sister killed in the blast and the american couple still missing. >> and ted cruz and his angry
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response after a tabloid accuses him of a sorted affair. >> and the special guest that is getting all the buzz. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. your holiday weekend will include changes. the ups and downs for your easter coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> here we go.
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mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. and san mateo, this is abc7 news. >> tonight in europe, the hunt
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goes on for two suspects in tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. we are learning the you'd ties of -- learning the identities of the siblings killed in the blast. here is marcy gonzalez. >> reporter: dramatic raids and arrests in belgium including this tense take down. a man refusing to drop his bag and shot by police. a young girl by his side running to safety as a bomb team moves in. authorities not saying who he is or whether he is connected to the attack in brussels. this as belgian officials confirm one of the suicide bombers who targeted the airport also built the bombs used in the paris uh -- you -- attacks. they found a suitcase of nails and screws and likely shrapnel. he and the man pictured next to him died in the airport bombing. there were one of two terrorists on the run
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responsible for this. the horrific aftermath of the scene where new york residents alexander and sasha were among those killed. the dutch brother and sister pictured on facebook on the phone with their mother when the bombs went off. still missing is this couple from tennessee, justin and stephanie shultz and among the injured survivors, american missionary mason wells. >> we were really close. i feel lucky to have escaped. >> two americans are among the dead and their names not released. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. mariah carey canceled her concert in brussels because of safety concerns. she said i love my fans in bros sells and at this time i am being advised to can sell my show for the safety of my band and everyone involved with the tour. tonight the rolling stones rocked a massive crowd in
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havana. there they go. mick jagger told the crowd in spanish "we know that years back it was hard to hear our music, but here we are playing". the times are changing." a half million people attended. >> take a look. the "washington post" reporter released from an iranian prison. he tweeted this photograph of himself courtside with the caption "from where i was to where i'm at." carolyn tyler caught up with him. here they are together. a lot of people were going up to him and telling him how happy they are he is back. right after his release from the iranian detention he said he wanted to watch a warriors game. he grew up in marin county and many relatives still live here. and a sign of how deeply personal the gop presidential
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race has become, ted cruz is responding to reports that he had a number of extra marital affairs. it is the latest twist in the fight between trump and cruz that started with a racy photo of malania trump followed boy an unflattering photo of heidi cruz next to a glamour shot of malania. cruz denied a report of marital infidelity. >> this national enquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear, and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his herch men. henchmen. >> trump insists he had not read the national enquirer story and says doesn't know if it is true and had nothing to do with it. in portland, oregon the crowd that gathered to hear bernie sanders roared with applause when a bird landed on
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the presidential candidate's podium. he smiled at the feathered friend he immediately named birdie sanders. that was a quick add lib6789.. let's check the forecast. >> it is going to be dry for all of the easter egg hunts or all of the holiday plans you have. skies are clear in half moon bay, but we have patchy fog and visibility down to four miles. the temperatures, most of you in the 50s. 62 degrees in brentwood and here is a live look from the emeryville camera. as we look across the bay you can see how spectacular it is. mostly clear. mild tomorrow. it is going to be cooler on easter. the cooling continues on monday. when you look at the temperature trend for livermore, it pretty much spells out what you can expect around the bay area. the average high is 65 degrees. this weekend you will remain above normal for really two days and then you will drop
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below average for monday and tuesday. low to mid60 ises. low to mid60s. it will be cooler where it is notice believe a. first thing in the morning there are a few patches of fog near the coast. temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s and you will need the extra layer to start off your day. for afternoon it is really a nice, mild day. temperatures in the mid70s in antioch. livermore, concord and 71 fremont and palo alto. 73 napa and san rafael and you will see filtered sun due to the high clouds. 73 degrees and in half moon bay, 62 degrees. head toward saturday evening and the clouds will increase as we head toward sunday morning. there is a system dropping in from the north. it is not coming over water, but as it drops southward we will see extra fog and cloud cover around on sunday morning, and then the clouds will break up for sunday afternoon and looking nice for easter. as far as the temperatures are
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concerned, they will be in the 50s to 60s range, a few 70s inland and excellent easter weather. and then on monday we'll bring in more cloud cover and cool it down and peck up the breeze and mid50s to 60s. tuesday we will keep the steady pattern going. for the easter egg hunts or any plans you do have on easter sunday here is your day planner. fog in the morning and sunrise at 7:02. mid40s to low 50s and in the afternoon it will be breezy and cooler. partly cloudy and low 60s to low 70s in the evening. it will cool down. in the morning and in the evening you will likely need a coat or jacket. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures will be on the warmer side on saturday and sunday a little cooler. cool down continues on monday. and the temperatures will actually slowly come up as we head toward the end of the workweek bringing back the 70s . monday through wednesday you will notice a difference as we get to a cooler pattern.
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>> thank you, sandhya.
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are set to invade san francisco. they have been traveling the world for two years and they are designed to raise awareness about australia's cute, but out of control rabbit problem. the inflatable bunnies won't arrive in time for easter, but you can catch them at san francisco's civic center. >> you raise awareness, but they don't look menacing if they are that cute. >> rascally rabbit. >> elmer fudd. >> my broadcast idol. >> that says a lot. >> it is not a surprise. warriors' coach steve kerr called his defense horrific
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and not rascally. steph was -- i can't even do it. steph was making shots like
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you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. the warriors welcomed home an old friend, david leigh. leigh received his championship ring and a lot of playing time because the mavs rested a bunch of guys knowing this game against the warriors and a loss waiting to happen, right? maybe not. a noise ovation. steve kerr smiling and he presents his bling-filled ring. steph lob on the oop.
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leigh with 12 points and nine boards. 30 seconds left in the half. a step back and that's ridiculous. this is absurd. the whole world knows he is coming up shooting at the buzzer. the mavs let him get it off. splash. steph goes for 33. third quarter and with you will eyes on steph and easy basket for harrison barnes. dallas resting dirk gnaw -- dirk nowitzki. they couldn't finish dallas off. behind the back and to sean livingston. clay channeling his inner steph. he breaks the record for 934 and counting and feeling it hits three in a row. 40 for clay. warriors 128-120 the final. 65-7 is is the record. 10 games left and eight wins away from the all time record. ncaa sweet 16 notre dame and seventh seed wisconsin. 19 seconds left. they have the ball, but not
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anymore. they had it and swarmed by the defenders. jackson steals and scores. the fighting irish up by one. rear row wick so many times and blows the lay up. with five seconds left gets ripped by jackson. two huge mistakes as notre dame moves to the elite 8 against north carolina. 51-56 final. gonzaga and syracuse and under 30 seconds to go. he stays with it and gets his own and puts it back up and in. rejected and some people said they shouldn't be in the tournament. they win it 63-60. i was one of those people. the women's tournament sweet 16 and fourth seed stanford trying to knock off notre dame. erika mccal was on fire. 136 to go. the clock is winding down and carly samuel sen with a prayer
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that is answered. stanford holds on 90-82 and reaching their 18th elite 8. the split squad are taking on the royals. if he hits like this all season the giants will be ecstatic and he will be rich, rich, rich. five homers this spring and all in the last five games. giants win it and got hammered. the other squad by the dodgers 13-0 and the a's lose to the angels. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >>
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that is our report. we appreciate the time. and we hope you have a great holiday weekend. >> for larry, sandhya and all of us, thank you for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live," larry
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- henry cavill. from "empire," gabourey sidibe. snapchatting with dj khaled. and music from flogging molly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, good luck, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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