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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, glad you are with us, i am nasha zouves. i am reggie aqui, coming up on 6:00 a.m., monday, march 28, with a commuter alert bart rider s need to know. >> major delays in deals and millbrae line because of an early disabled train that is off the transgenders and they are single tracking through daly city and colma but experiencing major delays at 30 machines or -- 30 minutes or more. no other delays for bart, 44 trains are in service and train 148 is running late at eight minutes. >> good morning, everyone, we are off to a clear start and breezy. the breeze is bringing if dry air. the flags on the ferry building show them unfurled because of the wind this could get up to 35 or 45 miles per hour around the bay shore to sfo and the coat. here is the day planner, 40-50
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so dress warmer and the breezes are frisky at lunch, 54 to circuit, a stray shower is possible east bay and negotiate bay mountains at 4:00, and that is gone by sun set at 7:30. >> fresh paint is covering agree data in a busy east bay park. families who took their kids there for easter were there for easter were agreemented with racist slogans. >> police have the racist great feet cleaned up. they say it is not the time of imbuilt mas they want here in san leandro. it was found on easter morning and posted on twitter, the pictures. it was discovered often a wall at the park with profanity and racial slurs directed at hispanic and african-americans. it is gang related. >> the graffiti was done by a
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hard-base -- hayward-based gang and we are looking into the possibility of a suspect. we do not believe it is white supremacist but a turf gang. >> parents were upset to learn it was found so close to the play ground. a second incident this month, a man was arrested for writing slurs on a school district office. police do not believe the two cases are relateed. >> happening today an important test will determine when we get crash crash on the table. today, crab will be tested to determine thality of the crab. buyers want did know the quality before they set a price. fishermen will not go to sea until they know price. if everyone is good, boats hid out on wednesday and back with the crab on thursday. >> san francisco police are
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asking for your help to find an alaska resident who mental capacity of a six-year-old, visiting the city with his caregiver and she last him with her boyfriend for attend a funeral on thursday. both men disappeared and not seen since that time. >> ten people are without a home after an intense fire ripped through a santa rosa apartment building, tearing through the roof of the building yesterday evening. it started in a downstairs unit and video and two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the red cross is hing dismissed residents find a place to stay. the sonoma arson task force is investigating the cause of the fire. >> one person died following a crash in san francisco's mission district that happened yesterday after 5:00 between 17th and 189th. the driver who died had a medical emergency causing him to swerve and hit another vehicle
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head on. the other driver had minor injuries. a san francisco firefighter is still in the hospital after being thrown and the ocean on saturday. you can see the video, a total of seven fires doing a raw teen training session when a rescue wet capsizeed. four had to go to the hospital with injuries. officials are determining the fast bay to recover the boat. it is unclear what caused the boat do capsize. >> terror four a 17-year-old construction worker trapped in a trench in oakland. the ground gave way at the home on 17th avenue in east 20th street much the teen was trapped under did concrete slabs. >> they were in the front of house where he was right under the window and a couple of pieces broke away and fell on him. >> paramedics took him to the hospital where he is expected to
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be okay. >> bernie sanders is starting the week after a trio of weekend wins. he has the momentum but does he have the math? >> he had a landslide in hawaii, washington, and alaska. our reporter from seattle shows house much of a dent he put into hillary clinton's lead. >> are you ready for a news alert? >> 15 minutes into the packed rally and his wife whispered he picked up a much needed win in washington state. >> don't let anyone tell you we can't win the nomination. or win the gin -- general election. >> bernie sanders celebrating at the viewing party and say the margin of victory give the campaign momentum. >> this is hope. >> hillary clinton has 700-point heed in the delegate count according to the latest estimates from abc. that is what this is about.
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>> bernie sanders cut and the lead slightly but four caucus victories in the laugh four difficulties. but mill reporter believes the mapping is not in his favor. >> the bernie sanders homes to get pledge detects and go after the super delegates. make the case to the have delegates look what happened in your state here are the aprils and hope to get some of those away. >> the supporters are ready for the fight with primaries and causes in the weeks ahead including in california and new york. 96 delegates are up for grabs in wisconsin april 5. >> with your help we will win right here in wisconsin. >> this morning, the biggest statewide poll in california will release the results of a democratic presidential poll. yesterday, the "los angeles times" released their republic poll showing donald trump lead ted cruz close behind and donald
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trump has 37% and cruz has 30% and kasich 12% and if trump wins the nomination, 27% of republican voters in california will not vote for him in the general election. >> donald trump has something to celebrate with nothing to do with delegates. he is a grandfather. again. his daughter backed her third child yesterday and name him theodore james. her where tweets that he con grates his sister and brother-in-law. >> residents in a country say significant -- in a community significant -- in a community say gang violence is
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>> look at the pictures, out of los angeles, you are looking at a church in south los angeles, firefighters are worried that people are trapped inside. we this is in los angeles and lames have soared through the roof. this started 45 minutes ago. you can see the flashing lights and crews have raced to the scene from all around los angeles we will keep tracking this. >> more breaking news, another fire locally and fires have closed part of the road in
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pittsburg as they monitor hot spots from a louse fire there. contra costa fire tweeted this photo showing the aftermath of the home on the avenue which is closed between park place and rolling hills driver. the roof has collapsed when they got there and now they are checking the home to see if anyone was inside. can you follow us on deficit twitter@bayarea. >> residents have william together to support hurricane victims in the south pacific after fijism was slashed claiming 42 lives with a trail of disaster. we were in san leandro as a 40' caper was ready with food, clothes asking head for people in fiji. >> putting resources today with friends and family and anything if you do it with your heart it is a possibility that we will come out and helping those
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people in distressed isles. the company is helping to ship the container to the we have commuter alert because of major bart delay and majority meaning over30 minutes we had disabled train earlier that was blocking the tracks there at the daly city yard single tracking through daly city but experiencing major delays. now we have a couple of southbound golden gate transit buses which routes canceled. you can see which departure times on 54 and 24 are canceled. ace train one is late headed to fremont. >> in the east bay we have chilly temperatures, blackhawk is 41 and everyone is around 45 to 49 degrees and dress warmer
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this morning, and it is breezy and it fools cooler than that, at 50 in hayward and oakland is 51 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40s walking the dog it will be breezy, and kite surfing, too fast with the wins gusting to 40-45 miles per hour and jogging, it will be dry. gusts up to 45 miles per hour on mount mount t mid-60s to 70s with a remaining what trend and i will let you me if it will last through the seven-day forecast. >> we are coming back in a couple of minutes with more include the scrambling for fun, solar car project is in need of solar car project is in need of a grant
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a rash of freeway shootings has startled drivers and now police believe that the roads leads to richmond. >> we joined richmond police officer when he went on patrol. some neighbors have seen an uptick in violence. >> we went about...10 years
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where it was really nice until about a year ago. >> a couple of months ago it took us back. it was good and positive trend... >> you can see where eight highway shootings have taken place since november seven on i-80. c.h.p. officers believe all victims were tea get including a man who was killed last month with gang ties to richmond. >> from southern california, you have to look at this, thieves used a big-rig to smash their way in using the butt of the life physical and scoop up the handguns. we are told they are not sure how many guns were stolen from the location but they were all common handguns and rifles.
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>> the largest recorded wildfire is 81 mrs. contained and smoldering 400,000 acres of land in kansas. they got help where weather offer the weekend, snow and rain hampered the fire spreading and firefighters got a chance to build the break lines but winds are expected back today and that could poe continually rei night the hot spots. the fire started last tuesday in oklahoma and spread to kansas. >> talk about an easter egg failure, the company pez had to cancel an egg hunt after parents got out-of-control with several thousand towns out for the free even, it was supposed to take place in three stages letting the youngest kids go first, and the adults were there and did not pay tax to procedure. >> it was time for 10:30 and the parents bum rushed the area. >> it was like locust. they descended and left.
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>> no one got hurt and pez set up a back up plan. after the parent not bow maybing thing they walked away disappoint because it was not in the spirit of easter. >> a shadow over stanford's solar car project, volkswagen, a supporter, has dropped support and they are losing $100,000 saying this is a shift in reality not a reaction to the controversy. it usually costs $1.2 million to design and build. >> we know at the love you depends on bart in the morning and we have news. sue is tracking that. >> we have a major bart delay with agency early train out of service or disabled blocking the tracks and it has been cleared and they are single tracking and hope to get this moving shortly and major draymonds over 30 minutes with more bus
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consequencelations for golden gate transit and i tweeted the departure times for you. train one from ace and headed late into great america. here is a look at the bay bridge backup, 30-minute delay from golden gate field with metering lights on at 5:34. we will check with an accident on westbound 4 at concord in a few minutes. mike? >> good morning, everyone. the weather will literally blow away today and it will be breezy. we 101 and 880 can you so a few clouds in the distance but you need the sunglasses. cooler breezes, and remote chance of a shower and breezes relax so tomorrow morning is cooler than this morning. calmer and warmer afternoon as we head into april which is this weekend. look at the winds, already picking up double digits but for livermore and you are behind it at 9 and 20 at sfo and 2 at half moon bay and sfo could have gusts up to 45 miles per hour between noon and 6:00. airport weather warning. at 7:00, you can see the 40s
6:21 am
at point reyes and mid-30s at half moon bay and san francisco and by noon we are steady and in the afternoon, 25-35-miles-per-hour gusts all across our neighbors and 38 to 45 along the coast. then they calm down and it will be cooler. >> today temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60s but the coast we are in the mid-to-upper cysts tonight, 30s and 40s and back to ranch on wednesday and we end march and begin april warmer than average away from the coast. >> tax day is almost here and michael finney has an importanten watching. what to do if you get a call from someone claiming the i.r.s. is suing you. that is next. >> a new virtual reality roller coaster will open in california coaster will open in california and
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>> the abc6 news app on go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> if you missed out picking up a souvenir during the super bowl celebration you are in luck. a company has the ultimate prize. if you have a lot room and you care about a huge 50. one of the 50s could be yours from super bowl for a starting bid only $3,000. the construction company in bayview pick it up after the celebration and said they could do what he warned with it and it
6:25 am
is for sale for whoever want as 12' tall 50 as part of the home collection. >> a great gag different if you are turning 50, for sure, if you you open up the residents door on your 50th birthday. >> it could be a gag gift or nightmare. it is made of plywood for suitable for wet weather. >> now, ask finneyens we have received scales from a person saying the i.r.s. is suing us. what should we do besides ignore them? >> this is happening more and more often especially as we get closer to the tax deadline. if you suspect a suspicious call is trying to do you harm or fake you out or steal from you, you might want to report it to the treasury inseptemberror scene
6:26 am
for tax administration or file an online complaint. if you are not sure if the call is politic here are things the i.r.s. will never do. call to demand idea payment. require you use a special payment method lick a debit card. they will never ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone and threaten to bring if police to arrest you and the i will not use e-mail, text, or social media for a first contact only united states mail, thanks for the question, rob. >> if you have a question is from michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet or share it on social media using # askfinney. it could be answered right here. >> new this morning, and just time for spring break, six flags
6:27 am
magic mountain is day buying a ground breaking new ride. here is what they did took an old roller coaster and now wear a v.r. headset in sync with the ride. so the images you are seeing is what the riders are saying. i am told it does not make you mention sick. we the coater opens to the public on april 21 and you are asking, do they clean it? i know you will ask that, natasha, do they clean it? they do and they have multiple gear so they have time to clean it between the trains. >> so in pink eye with the reality hold set. >> we continue this morning at 6:30 with the done stories. >> can you imagine why the owner of a texas 8:00 legislation company did not initially apologize to the family whose home was leveled. >> a spring training buzz
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climbs a fence. >> there is no rain going on but for a stray shower today with warmer weather and breezes that are dangerous at tames. are dangerous at tames. i will give you a l ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, welcome to monday. at 6:30. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is monday, march 28. we are monitoring a commuter affect affecting a lot of major delays on bart. sue? we have 57 trains out there but major delays between the dallas and millbrae with disabled train earlier that is off the tracks but, still, single tracking and causing problem for major delays so 30 or more minutes. we have more degree going bus cancellations. ace train one is still late. we had an early accident with wind advisory and 30 minute drive across the bay for san mateo bridge commute and concord westbound 40 before 680 a couple of cars tangled it up so expect minor delays and it is slow from antioch.
6:32 am
mike? >> good morning, everyone, i am watching the winds and live doppler hd and most of us are double digits but for fairfield and livermore at 8:00 or 9 and 20 at sfo and 22 at half moon bay and 12 in novato and up to 25 to 35 and possibly 45 at the coast will you can see the camera shaking on mount tamalpais where we are gusting to 45. address warmly this morning, temperatures in the 40s but a wind chill and in the 50s at the coast and a ran democrat sure is possible in the north bay and inland east bay at 4:00, and most of us are in the mid-50s to low 60. >> from north carolina a lawsuit has been filed against a law that approved last week that man people say gives the state the right to discrimination against lgbt people. the law prevents local governments from passing antidiscrimination rules and requires students to use battle programs assigned to their biological sex. the law was passed in response to a charlotte ordinance allowing transgender people to
6:33 am
use pat. ares aligned with gender identity. >> the death poll following the brussels bombing jumped to 35 overnight as people try to identify the third suspect seen in the moment before the airport attack. dozens are dead in pakistan after an attack on christians on easter sunday. janet? >> you the death poll in pakistan has reached 70 with more inaread and suicide bomber target add large crowd to celebrate easter at a public park and an taliban faction has claimed responsibility. this latest violence is as the pope preached a message of hope in the wake of attacks around the world. [ inaudible ] >> belgium mourns the dead from tuesday with four machines confirmed among the victims.
6:34 am
at the memorial site people in brawls have been breaking up protests by nationalists and skin holds who were angry as muslims. european authorities have arrested a man in italy believed to have forged documents for terrorists in brussels and in paris. another arrested in holland and nine more detained in belgium but authorities have yet to federal government out would the man is seen at the airport wearing the hat and another man seen running from the train station. >> the pack establish attacks are hitting home for some living in the bay area. pakistani and american couple couple of danville lived in lahore the site of the bombings and they have heard from family and friends overseas and thankfully everyone is okay. they sympathize with those in the birth country but are confident their friends will recover. >> something happens so close on home and because they are living there everyone is scareed.
6:35 am
talk about it, he are thinking maybe children should not go to school and scared to be on the street but like elsewhere, life goes on. >> the couple have been doing what they can to help the situation if their holland raising money pore schools hoping to access more information to step the spread of extremism. >> facebook apologying for scaring users after the explosion in pakistan. the social media giant said something went wrong with the safety check feature because it accidentally asked people at far away as washington, dc and knock if they were affect by the explosion. the message did not officers file or give indication of where that happened. facebook said it was mistake and is designed to let people tell friends and family they are safe after a disaster. >> new developments into the way uc berkeley said they will handle the mounting cases of sexual assault and rape. this woman, faculty member, is being named the new temporary
6:36 am
lead to investigate the cases. she is the dean of social sciences department and the economic give dean of the college of reporters and sciences. this month, two staffers were accused of sexual harassment. in all, 31 female students have filed phil complaints the university failed to protect them against rape and asaw. >> finally an important moment for the crab industry, fisher men will find out how much their crab is worth as the price is set. amy hollyfield is at the wharf. amy? yes, the boats are ready to go. you can see they are loaded up with the pots, but, first, a crucial test today. buyers want the crab tested, that was caught over the welcome to see the quality of the crab and they will north a price. they are concerned that crabs soften this time year and are worry about the quality. the fishermen were anxious to
6:37 am
get the season started that was delayed four months because the crabs were found to have domoic acid. they are now toxin free and safe to eat and weapon the quality is assessed and the price is set, the fishermen will head out. they suspect that will be on wednesday and you can start looking for crab in your stores looking for crab in your stores on thursday or friday. this morning, small businesses throughout the state are trying to figure out how to handle the new minimum wage. over the weekend a tentative deal was reached to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. but some rains are reconsidering trimming menus and raising prices in order to pay their employees. some may reduce the number of employees. the wage will go up to $10.50 and then a dollar a year
6:38 am
increase until 2022. >> a first for earthquake predictions, the good morning good morning releasing new map to show where ground shaking is possible and for the first time not original looking at zoos we because of nature nature's earth shaking but human-indiced earthquakes, with good morning good morning providing the one year outlook for hazards across america. architects and engineers rely on them when they design buildings. >> new details on the building accidentally torn down by a demolition company that is apologizing. they had a permit to tear down the duplex but they blamed google maps nor sending them to the wrong location a block away. the company said that they did not say anything publicly because no one in the company is versed in public relations. i have never heard that one before. the owner is committed to making sure that both owners taken care of after the mixup. >> terrible. >> now the race for the white
6:39 am
house, senator bernie sanders said he sees a path toward victory after sweeping saturday's caucus and he scored three more victories over hillary clinton and winning caucuses by a landslide in loss can, washington, and hawaii. he is still trailing hillary clinton in the delegate count. the vermont senator needs 73% the remaining delegates to get the nomination and insists he can still win. >> we have come a long, long way. you will have to concede that, the last ten months. we do have a path toward victory >> hillary clinton was off over the weekend north eater holiday and is back on the trail today to speak at two events in wisconsin. bernie sanders challenged hillary clinton to another debate. >> ted cruz is blaming donald trump for an article accusing him of affairs with at least five women. over the weekend, donald trump denied his campaign had anything to do with the "national
6:40 am
enquirer" report. cruz denied the report several times in the last few days and said its tan hit smear and donald trump is close friends where friends of the c.e.o. of "national enquirer". >> this is indicative of how low donald trump will go. >> after the twitter exchange involving the candidates' wives cruz now is saying attacker spouses or children is off limits and it has in place in politic. >> donald trump responded and said it was disgraceful that cruz crew plained him nor that story. >> a san francisco 49ers football star will be joins thousands of children at the white house this morning. they will be there for the annual easter egg roll. it is a day long celebration and first family is going to gin -- gin the fun. there is live music and story tell asking sports. kids get a lesson in football
6:41 am
from 49er's safety with award winning singers attending, as well. sue, how is the bart situation? do we have major delays? >> yes. yes. yes we are. bart said it is looking good to clear shortly. that means, we value to check back with them. right now, daly city to millbrae lines, the trips are running at 30 minutes late with an early disabled train off the track for a while and they head over to inspect the track single tracking between daly city and colma so the as a result 30-minute delays and more going going bus cancellations. i have told you the exact departures affected and ace train is become on schedule with no delays. heavy conditions eastbound freeway with a little bit of fender bender at the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights are on since 5:34 and this is a
6:42 am
good solid 30 minute drive from golden gate field into san francisco. >> it is windy and the wins have whether the us cooler conditions from novato at two degrees cooler to fairfield at ten degrees cooler and cooler tomorrow morning. los gatos is 40 degrees, the cool spot in the south bay and saratoga is 46 and everyone else is 47 to 49. newark is 50, and alameda is june, and that is it, everyone else is in the 40s from san francisco at 9 and novato and san pablo 46, and danville is 35 and redwood city is 48. the ferry ride is blustering this morning, winds around 20-25 miles per hour and not your friend if you have allergies they stir up the tree pollen today, oak, cedar and juniper. oakland oakland is 46 temperatures are by low average today and tomorrow and back to average on wednesday and i will let you know if the remain wrapping trend continues and the hour by hour look at the presses today. >> next, another company is
6:43 am
emergeed as a potential buyer for yahoo. >> and harrison ford is putting his ice conic jack it up for auction. >> good morning, coming up on "good morning america" the wild weekend in politics with personal attack between the republican front runners not letting up and news for donald trump that -- candidate is becoming a grandfather. again. again. more on
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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>> a lyft driver was fired after a passenger recorded him making antimuslim comments mid-ride. the man in the black t-shirt said he was with his girlfriend and the driver made the racks. though recorded him and told lyft and a span said that they do not tolerate discrimination and racism. >> uber is fighting a major airport plan to fingerprint their drivers. officials in atlanta international airport want to use finger presents to check uber drivers' really records. uber said their reports enough but a study shows potential drivers can pass background checks by using an alias. sfo and san jose do not require the drivers to be fingerprinted.
6:47 am
>> chance to own "star wars" history with harrison ford auction off a jacket to raise pitch for finding a cure for epilepsy which is personal for him because he revealed his daughter has what neuro logical disease. >> a lot going on in next with the reality headset going live dead and microsoft is looking to buy yahoo. jane? >> good morning, stalks are not doing much. so far as we cox back to work after the long holiday weekend, the dow and s&p 500 slightly higher and the nasdaq turned slightly lower trading in the single budgets. microsoft reportedly in preliminary talks with rate equity firm about helping againsts bid to buy yahoo. righrs reported private investors approached microsoft to gauge their interest in buying yahoo and microsoft has not confirmed the reports.
6:48 am
back in 2008 make mike made a bid for yahoo at $45 billion. regular verizon customers have a sigh of row leave after a hack attack. .5 million customers of verizon that deal with other datas breaches everyone not lucky with their data posted for sail on a crime forum. the first headsets are shipped to customer, a virtual realty company own by facebook, with headsets coming to market. the first to be delivered today will happen but most still have for way for the highly anticipated deinvite the $599 is back ordered for several months. >> we want do you lack at this amazing picture of an erupting
6:49 am
volcano in alaska, the u.s. geological survey said this is an as settlement cloud over mountain right now with a hue column of ash that began erupt ing yesterday 20,000' into the air 600 miles southwest of anchorage. the threat warning for pilots flying near the volcano is "red," the highest level. you can see y >> person who who made a big boat stands to win an enormous amount of money in the biggest long shots as they capture the national championship. syracuse advances to the final four by beading virginia and the orange is the first ten seed to reach the final four. back in jap, one las vegas smarts book gave them 1,000-1 odds of winning and a gambler bought a $100 ticket despite the odds which are worth $100,000? the orange wins it all.
6:50 am
>> leave me alone. >> this player with give you $100,000 to get in some bee repel an. chicago cubs star running nor cover after a swarm of bees interrupted the spring training game in arizona. you request see the parkways spread through the crowd and we heard of rain delays but why thing i have seen a bee delay and that is what happened because the swarm was too much. >> arizona could have used rain for the drought and to get the bees out of situation. >> that was brutal. we have nothing like that, a last pollen in the air but month mosquitoes over the weekend. >> with was that about? >> hand in hand with the rain the last three areas we did not have to worry. now, the next six hours you can see all of the snow falling in the sierra, with showers over
6:51 am
the ocean and they could stray into our neighborhood the north bay mountains and the east bay hills in the afternoon, otherwise, the big story is the wind. at sfo we have an airport weather warning from noon to 6:00. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. and san bruno gap and the coast. cool and gusty winds a stray shower, clear and calmer and cooler tomorrow morning and gradual warming trend into april. at noon the temperatures are around 20-30 miles per hour and in the afternoon, going into the evening hours we are around 20-30 miles per hour and the cost is 30-40 miles an hour and they will calm down. they will taper overnight so we will be in the 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. low-to-mid 60s away in the coast and mid-to-upper 50s today, a few dead warmer today and warmer than average as we end march and some april. >> sue?
6:52 am
>> commuter alert is listed with the early bart delay and now, back to reasonable delays, not major delays, only ten minutes daly city to millbrae will be clearing. though are still tracking teen daly city and colma and that was because of an early disaided train. more golden gate bridge cancellations. you can find the destination canceled times and ace is back on time. slow traffic in san jose, north 280 an accident near saratoga so track is stacked up at the overcrossing and that should hopefully be cleared out of the lanes and san francisco another accident southbound 280 causing big delays back to 101. guys? >> thank you, we are back with seven things you need to know before you go. >> take us with you if you headed out, can you use it to get breaking news and personalized alerts on the smart personalized alerts on the smart phone or tablet, by enabling the
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6:54 am
>> if you are headed out the door the seven things you need to know. sue? >> we have a bay bridge backup and metering lights were on at 5:30 for 30 minutes delay from golden gate field and early bart delays down to 10 minutes between millbrae and sfo. >> two, new video breaking news in pittsburg, firefighters are monitoring hot spots in a house fire, with the roof collapsing. the area is closed at park place
6:55 am
and rolling hill drive. >> opening statements in the trial of darnell williams charged in the murder of an 8-year-old girl shot at a sleep over. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> san leandro police hope someone assists in identify the people who controlled racist graffiti over the weekend. the screws of can -- the crews cover it up. >> death toll from brussels has risen to 35. and 62 are in internive care. in pakistan, easter sunday suicide bomber blew himself up near a park killing 70 people, with many being childrenned. >> officials test the local dungness crab for quality to set a price. the boats will health out -- will head out on wednesday. >> stray shower is possible, at
6:56 am
61 to 65 for the range. >> see you in 25 minutes, guys. >> "good morning america" is coming up next.
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severe spring storms tear through the heartland. reported tornadoes and golf ball-size hail pound the midwest, as record rains lead to flash floods in the south. now, more severe weather is coming, southwest to the southeast on high alert. also breaking right now, new and chilling video of the brussels' terror suspects from the moment before the airport blast. a massive manhunt under way right now. the other horror, at least 65 people died in a new isis-inspired attack, targeting christians on easter sunday. back here at home, ted cruz pointing the finger at donald trump for that tabloid story about alleged affairs. the war over wives hitting a breaking point, as the front-runner welcomes a new family member.


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