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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in fairfield where just moments ago, police confirmed to abc 7 news that officers have shot a man wanted in concord for shooting an 8-year-old boy on friday. the suspect is in critical condition at a local trauma center. concord police warned that james jarrard was likely armed and dangerous, how $1.1 million warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with friday's shooting in concord. investigators believed jarrard was targeting his own brother but missed and hit the 8-year-old boy instead. the child is expected to survive. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will have more information live from the scene on abc 7 news at 5:00 with breaking news updates 24/7 on the abc 7 news app.
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thank you so much for joining us today, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry biel. we also have breaking news involving apple. they don't need apple's help hacking into an iphone. demanded help in bypassing the security of a phone that belonged to the san bernardino shooter. apple refused saying such back door software would be dangerous. late this afternoon the department of justice announced it's asked a judge to vacate an order that would force apple to help. eileen decker issuing a statement saying with recent assistance of a third party, we're now able to unlock that iphone without compromising any information on the phone. apple has not responded so far to this new development. new at 4:00, shots were fired at the nation's capital. police say it happened this afternoon at a security checkpoint at the capitol building's visitors center. officers shot and wounded a man who they say pointed a weapon at police. they stressed it was not an act
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of terror and say it appears the screening process worked. the capitol was filled with tourists viewing the famed cherry blossoms. some visitors captured video of the panicked moments. >> we heard get out, get out, there's an active shooter. we all ran out. went around side of the build to be secure and we were relocated. most stressful experience i've had in my life. >> we believe this san act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before. >> investigators say the suspect is larry dawson, a tennessee man who interrupted a house session last october. no officers were hurt. police say a bystander suffered minor injuries. crab fishermen eagerly awaiting the results of a quality test. >> it will determine how meaty the crabs are and will in turn determine a price. mellow woodrow is at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. you spoke to fisher pe efisherm out this weekend. >> reporter: i did.
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no pressure there, this fisherman tells us he's been doing this for a very long time. we're waiting for the official results. in the meantime, the fisherman who went out this evening tell me the crab looked good. if you ask victor why his boat was chosen to fish the 850 pounds of crab for the quality test, he'll tell you because of its size. seas were rough this weekend. his boat's name is sort of an added benefit. crab fishermen are getting a four month late start to the season. bountiful is an adjective they could really use. >> this year's different for everybody. this crab season was financially sting a bunch of fishermen. >> reporter: a dangerous neurotoxin in the crab was blame even after samples were below alert levels. public health agencies recommend people not eat the internal organs of the crab known as butter or guts. the price per pound this late in the season will be right is the new concern. >> we seat some crab and looked good, looked full. >> reporter: quality tests being
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conducted in ft. bragg where they're cooking and taking the meet will formally determine the price. >> want to make sure the craft aren't soft, make sure they're full of meat. >> reporter: crab fishermen are hosting for at least $3.50 per pound. >> i'd like $4, but guys are raring to go right now. >> reporter: most hope to be on the water by the end of the week. >> gentleman's agreement. everybody is tied up. hopefully everybody will go together. >> reporter: hoping to be up 36 hours straight hoping to bring a bounty to make up for lost time. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. operations are still suspended at the board of oakland's largest terminal. sky 7 hd over the oakland container terminal where a labor dispute between the dock worker's union and terminal's operator stopped the loading an unloading of goods at 7:00 a.m. talks between the two parties are taking place now. the attorney for the stolen car suspect was beaten with
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batons by alameda county sheriffs deputies last fall is now taking legal action. he'll file a claim against the county and the sheriffs. abc 7 news reporter vic lee live at san francisco city hall of justice with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, larry, district attorney george gasgon has yet to complete his department's investigation into the incident but tomorrow the attorney for the suspect will file that claim and as you know, that is the precursor to a lawsuit. what went through your mind when you first saw the video? >> rodney king. >> reporter: oakland lawyer michael hadad is referring to this security camera video. it was taken november 12th in an alley in the mission district. two alameda county sheriffs deputies striking petroff repeatedly with their batons. the 29-year-old was tackled after he crashed a stolen car. he had led them on a 30-mile chase at high speeds after ramming several police cruisers.
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hadad says he counted 40 baton strikes. >> he had a lot of blows to the head and both of his hands were crushed. >> reporter: hadad says the two deputies filed their police reports four days after the incident and only after abc 7 news broke the story by airing the video. >> their policy requires them to file these reports within one -- by the end of their shift so it looks like these reports were written basically to cover up and try to defend the indefensible. >> even legitimate use of police force the video is always going to be graphic and ugly. >> reporter: lawyer michael raines represents luis santa maria, one of the two deputies shown in the video. he says the deputies were afraid for their own safety. >> he starts resisting violently. he's got his hands underneath him and these guys understandably are fearful that the man may be armed. >> reporter: petroff was not armed but a gun was later found in the stolen car. the lawsuit will be filed
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tomorrow morning. vic lee, abc 7 news. the u.s. coast guard seized six tons of cocaine worth more than $200 million. about 300 miles southwest of panama earlier this month. officials say the drugs were most likely headed to mexico to be repackaged and sent to the u.s. video released today shows the alameda crew arresting four suspected drug smugglers. >> in the last two years we've intercepted six of the se semisubmersibles. prior to that we hasn't intercepted any. our increased understanding of the networks, our intelligence and the way that we use it. >> this is a rare underwater look at that. the vessels are made specifically for drug smuggling. they operate mostly under water and are hard to detect. in terms of the forecast now, sunny but windy day around the bay area.
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>> oh, yeah, started last night. still kicking through tonight. spencer christian has our accuweather update on when the winds might simmer down. >> as you mentioned windy and sunny. live doppler 7 hd, as you will see, we have little pockets of active weather mainly in the atmosphere traveling over the bay area but we have no -- as of 4:00 p.m., we had no reports of rainfall hitting the ground but obviously there is moisture coming out of these clouds, much of which is evaporating before it hits the ground. some of it is hitting in the higher terrain from the north bay down into the east bay and out over the mt. hamilton area. those are the clouds we're seeing traveling through the sky that are producing that moisture. here's the view from our rooftop camera at abc 7. peak wind gusts this afternoon 47 miles per hour at sfo. 37 at half moon bay. between 25 and 30 many other locations. even know gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour between 25 and 35 i should say all across the bay area. here's our first forecast. we'll see mainly clear and breezesy conditions tonight.
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the winds will diminish overnight. that's good news, ama. winds calming down after midnight. sunny skies, chilly inland tomorrow morning and sunny and calm tomorrow afternoon. i'll have a look at our weather this week in a moment. larry, ama? >> thank you, spencer. sounds good. more trouble today for b.a.r.t. 5:20 this morning, a train blocked the tracks. riders were upset saying this is the new normal for b.a.r.t. >> used to this? >> it's getting more frequent. definitely getting more frequent especially with the whole baypoint north concord thing on top of everything. >> earlier this month, mysterious power surges knocked 50 b.a.r.t. cars out of service near the north concord station. a train shuttle is still running there as b.a.r.t. searches for the source of that problem. when you're riding b.a.r.t., sound off by sharing a message
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on social media, use #dearbart. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, two different outcomes today in two states, an lbgt rights controversies. plus the honors keep on coming for the defending nba champs golden state warriors. caught on video, a scene that might play out in a movie. the massive heist that took place in less than two minutes. michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with #askfinney. at ç4:10, first look at th afternoon commute. san mateo bridge. the traffic on the left is eastbound moving nicely at this hour. likewise on the right side for folks moving back toward
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two states, two controversial bills over lgbt protections, and today two very different reactions. in georgia, businesses are celebrating the governor's veto while north carolina is facing a new lawsuit. abc news reporter elizabeth hurr has the latest. >> reporter: calling his decision based on sound judgment and solid reason -- >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: georgia governor nathan deal says he will not sign off on the state's controversial religious liberty bill. >> that is the character of georgia. i intend to do my part to keep it that way. >> reporter: the bill would have allowed clergy to refuse to
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perform same-sex marriages and protected churches and groups that declined services to someone based on their faith. >> today, we're letting them know, no, you will not do that to us. >> reporter: in north carolina, a similar bill that became law just last week is now headed to court. the aclu and advocacy groups are suing the state calling the new law unconstitutional. >> this is not over. >> this is not over! >> reporter: opponents have been rallying against the law for days and facing backlash from major corporations. legislators in indiana have even amended a similar religious freedom law. tourism officials in indianapolis reportedly believe the law may have cost the city 12 conventions and $60 million before lawmakers took action. >> does the community have protection on the state level? no. it doesn't. which is why i believe that this certainly is going to be taken up by federal courts aross t rc
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countries. >> reporter: experts believe this legal fight in north carolina is just the beginning and this case could reach the supreme court. elizabeth hurr, abc news new york. disney the parent company of abc 7 released this statement after the announcement, we aploud gove applaud governor deal and look forward to our film production in georgia. disney said it would stop making films in the state if the bill became law. san francisco mayor ed lee tweeted, proud of strong community and business support of equality for all in georgia. salesforce ceo said thank you, georgia, we applaud governor deal's decision. some sports news, stanford introduced their new head basketball coach today former cal bear, jared has. before that an assistant at two big-time programs at kansas and north carolina. he replaces johnny dawkins. he always wanted to be part of the cardinals but took 25 years.
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as a high school player he was recruited by then-stanford head coach mike montgomery. >> it didn't work out the first time. i wasn't able to become and realize the dream of playing at stanford at that point. this is a situation where i have a second chance at something very, very special. the goal right now is to take advantage of that opportunity and build something the best we possibly can. >> espn reports santa clara also hired a new coach. former arizona state head coach herb sendek is their new basketball coach. santa clara hasn't played in the ncaa tournament since 1996. sendek is a former pac 12 coach of the year, guided the sun devils of asu through two ncaa appearances. good hire. more accolades for the defending nba champion warriors. clklay thompson named player of the week. klay averaged 42 points per game, registered back to back 40-point games in the first time in this career and becomes the third warrior this season to win player of the week honors.
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dubbs now 56-7, only 7 wins away from setting the all-time season single record. they host the washington wizards tomorrow night. all right. we are actually getting crazy weather right now as spencer was mentioning before. we're hearing that there's some hail happening in vallejo right now, apparently vallejo fire department tweeted out this video. >> hard to see the hail but you c can see a couple droplets. right there. not a ton of hail. you're safe to walk outside i think. picture, live from the mountains in the sierra getting a nice dose of spring snow and we're getting some scattered rain right here in the bay area. spencer christian, you want to talk about unsettled i believe is your word at this point. >> unsettled is the perfect word to describe the weather right now. let me get to live doppler 7 hd and show you what's going on. earlier i showed you a line of
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stormy, active weather. we weren't getting any reports before 4:00 of rain hitting the ground. it's hitting the ground now. we have reports of hail. also as you reported, larry, ama, fairfield, the vallejo area, rather. pockets of active weather moving over the east by. some of this is definitely hitting the ground right now. it's isolated and all in one line. this is the view from the east bay hills camera showing dark storm clouds passing by with, you can see the little l lines of moisture coming out of the clouds. currently 56 and sunny in san francisco. 60 in mountain view and san jose. 54 at half moon bay. this is the view from the emilyville camera looking westward. cluer view. 56 in santa rosa. 62 fairfield. 55 concord. 57 in livermore. a few clouds not directly over the golden gate bridge but north of it. winds will weaken
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warmer pattern begins wednesday. no sign of more storms in the next seven days. overnight, mainly clear skies. chilly in the inland valleys. lows dropping into the upper 30s in the valleys. low 40s in the east bay valleys and south bay around morgan hill. upper 40s right around the bay. wind gusts animation. starting at 5:00 this afternoon, it will still be gusty with winds over 40 miles per hour in some coastal locations. in between 25 and 35 in other spots. notice the winds will taper off a bit, weaken a bit in the late night hours. overnight, winds diminish considerably. 8:00 tomorrow morning, we'll be looking at a couple gusty spots in the coast. point reyes and point arena maybe over 20 miles per hour. in other locations we'll have normally breezy conditions. our animation for tomorrow shows sunny skies. starting out maybe a little patch of moisture developing over the higher terrain of the north bay.
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way up north around cloverdale in the afternoon. that will taper off. a mainly sunny and dry day tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow will -- in oakland, for example, will be in the 40s in the early morning hours but rise up to low to mid 6 0s in the afternoon. that will be the pattern around most of the bay area. we'll see highest readings in the mid to upper 60s inland and around the bay. accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this. warming trend begins midweek. we'll see high temperatures in the mid 70s inland thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. even though we'll have an increase in clouds on sunday and monday and very, very little chance ofs rain. it's going to be a nice, steady mild pattern. larry, ama? >> thank you so much, spencer. up next the white house easter egg roll. >> we'll tell you why the first lady started to dance and the big-time
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president obama blew the whistle starting the last eager egg roll of his presidency. more than 35,000 kids packed the white house grounds taking part in all kinds of festivities including basketball, optical course and even dancing with the first lady. >> we've got some tremendous athletes and entertainers and artists who are going to read and play games with you all. we have a little whip and a little nae nae or however you do it. something like that. >> larry knows about the whip and nae nae i think. the events are intended to highlight the first lady's let's move initiative which focusing on reducing childhood obesity. >> i calmed down on the whip and nae nae thing. i was told to. lot of famous faces at the easter egg roll. shonda rhimes saying it must be nice to have washington on your side. "scandal." afterwards, play time with the first dog.
4:24 pm
look at beau and sunny right there. beyonce, jay-z and daughter, blue ivy making a surprise appearance, dressing for the occasion as an easter bunny. the easter bunny in good company with a giant -- nba hall of famer shaquille o'neal. the bunny looks big. maybe the same height as shaq who's 7 feet tall. he has a shoe size 2 2. comparing that with the foot of the bunny. the paw of the bunny. either way. >> we get it. all right. it's only week two of "dancing with the stars" and one may have to sit out. abc talked to dancers ahead of latin night. >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" back in full force and hours and hours of dancing already taking hit e ining heat.
4:25 pm
>> my feet hurt. heels. knee thing going on. >> what are you doing to me? >> definitely. at the end of the day it's about perseverance. >> reporter: it's going to take serious perseverance for these stars to go the distance. for some of the women in the competition, there's a common theme, what aches the most. right, jodie sweetin? >> my feet are killing me. at the end of the day, for the first week and a half i couldn't feel my second and third toes on both sides. the feet, i'm so used to fighting barefoot. now that i have heels on it's miserable. >> reporter: the gridiron gang, this dancing thing isn't so bad. >> i'm not in any kind of pain. i'm beating up the dance, the guys are beating up on me. feels better dancing than after a football game. >> i'm feeling pretty good. we've been doing a great job stretching at the end of the session. getting massages.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: but for some, we've already seen a little blood on the dance floor. >> elbow in the eyebrow. four stitches later. but we laughed about it. >> yeah. he's a tough cookie. he was laughing, when i hit him the blood was coming down his cheek and laughing. i've never seen anything like it. i felt so terrible. he had a plastic surgeon stitch up his eyebrow. >> reporter: geraldo rivera took tumbles relying on an old friend for help. >> fell twice in training, real big collapses. it's it. i had all the muscle aches. my friend, ben came around and helped me out. >> reporter: in los angeles, abc news. >> ballas, mark ballas apparently has undisclosed injuries. we'll have to see if he's able to go. catch "dancing with the stars" at 8:00 followed by "the catch" a new show at 10:00 and ab 7 news at 11:00. still to come, governor brown endorses the deal to raise
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the minimum wage to $15 an hour. could it do more harm than good to the state's economy in the long run? daring heist by a ring of car thieves in florida. something like this actually happened in the bay area as well. later the area back east, that's quickly surpassing california as earthquake
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in news mocking headlines at
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4:30, breaking news, fairfield police have shot a man wanted in the shooting of an 8-year-old concord boy. james jarrard is in critical condition. he wounded the boy in a darive by shooting on friday. he's expected to recover. see the message or their t-shirts, they don't want to strike but say they will. abc 7 news reporter david louie tweeted this saying instructors at campuses have set a strike date. details are coming up in a live report on abc 78 7 news at 5:00. the crab is looking good the initial report from abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow who tweeted results of quality tests are expected today. the governor and state lawmakers announced a plan to raise california's minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next 6 years. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in san francisco where businesses had already been adjusting. sergio? >> reporter: that's because the minimum wage here in san francisco is being stepped up to
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about $15 an hour and will actually reach that rate in two years from now. it's because of the state law, the rest of californi will get to $15 an hour about 4 years later. the plan to raise the california minimum wage to $15 an hour is being hailed by the governor as a win for workers. >> it's a matter of economic justice. it makes sense. and will help our entire state. >> reporter: this proposed deal would make an end run around a ballot initiative that voters would decide in the general election. >> the struggles are to the point where we have to cheese between feeding me and my child, buying bus passes, paying rent and it's not fair. >> reporter: the hike in the statewide minimum wage mirrors a trend we had already been seeing in some bay area communities like here in san francisco. many small businesses like book stories and comic book shops had been exploring alternative revenue sources like crowd funding drives or subscription services. the hike in the minimum wage means businessowners across the
4:32 pm
state will have to adjust. >> wages for those who keep a job will go up but there will be people who lose job. that's the theory. >> reporter: in daly city, flower shop owner karla chu says she likely won't have to make the adjustments immediately though the minimum wage in daly city is a little more than $10 an hour, she can't find people to work for that amount. >> you don't offer it, don't offer the $10 because you never get the phone call back. >> reporter: in a few years when she does have to pay more, cutting back on employee hours might be an option. other neighborhood businesses say they'll just pass some of the new costs onto customers. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. the death toll in last week's brussels terror attack is up to 45. four injured in the blast died today from injuries. new video shows the one bombing suspect still on the run, this is the first moving image of the man. it comes after more than a dozen weekend raids. a man detained in raids last week is out of jail. a judge found there wasn't enough evidence to juf holding
4:33 pm
faycal cheffou. to your voice, your vote. new threats and theatrics in the race for the white house today. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after big weekend victories for bernie sanders. this while the personal fight between ted cruz and donald trump continues to dominate the republican race. abc news reporter lauren lister has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: ted cruz on the campaign trail in wisconsin. >> no candidate should be doing what donald trump did last week which is attacking my wife and ataking my family. >> reporter: while donald trump made waves during a conservative radio interview there. >> did you know that i'm a #nevertrump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> reporter: host charlie sykes asking trump to apologize for the treatment of cruz's wife. trump making a twitter threat to spill the beans on heidi cruz and retweeting this photo comparing an unflattering image of her to a glamour shot of
4:34 pm
melania trump. >> getting an apology for somebody who sent out a picture of my wife? >> reporter: trump claiming he's the victim of personal attacks by cruz after an anti-trump superpac released this ad last week featuring a racy "gq" magazine photo of his wife. cruz insists he wasn't involved. cruz accused trump of being behind a "national enquirer" story targeting him, trump denying that. >> i had nothing to do with it. the campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it. >> reporter: on the democratic side -- >> we just won the state of washington. >> reporter: bernie sanders trouncing hillary clinton in flee state three states over the weekends earning at least 70% of the vote in each contest. sanders would need to win the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. the candidate insisting he can still win. >> we have a math to victory. >> reporter: hillary clinton in wisconsin expected to focus on the vacant supreme court seat telling voters they should be
4:35 pm
concerned about the kind of nominee a president trump might put forward. laura lister, abc news washington. firearms will not be allowed at this summer's republican national convention in cleveland. that announcement was made from the secret service. an online petition was started a week ago to allow the open carry of firearms inside quicken loans arena. police in florida are looking for the thieves involved in a brazen car theft ring. security video captured as many as ten people breaking into a tampa dealership early on friday morning. the men can be seen breaking into the building. they headed straight for the lock box to get the keys so maybe inside job. they knew exactly where they were going here. they drove off in eight vehicles in about two minutes. security experts say we're seeing a spike in these crimes. >> thieves find it very easy to get into a lot of these car dealerships, able to get parts, able to take the entire vehicle and able to monetize these parts and vehicles rather quickly. >> like the movie "gone in 60
4:36 pm
seconds." literally were. in december, seven cars worth half a million dollars were stolen at a san francisco audi dealership worth an estimated $500,000. ventura county investigators are on the lookout for two men who rammed a semi into a gun store and took a cache of weapons. bashing in glass cases and running out with arm loads of firearms. get this, they did it all in less than a minute. happened early sunday morning. investigators believe the same men broke into a check cashing business just 15 minutes earlier. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, one college student is repaying his grandparents in a big way. >> surprise! >> yeah, he didn't just give one, but two big surprises. that story's next. i'm michael finney, ask finney is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with #askfinney. i'll answer your questions here live a little later.
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i'm spencer christian from our east bay hills camera, dark storm clouds moving through the east bay dumping locally heavily downpours and hailstones. at 4:37, let's check your san jose traffic. 280 southbound is the backup on the right hand
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take a look at this.
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wow. picture of an erupting volcano in alaska began erupting yesterday sending an ash plume about 20,000 feet high and prompting flight warnings. a passenger who was flying to anchorage took this picture. eruption did not cause immediate dangerous to nearby communities. officials say this is not that unusual. the highest recorded plume from this volcano was 49,000 feet. imagine flying by that. that looks rather ominous. all right. it's being called a gift of a lifetime. [ laughter ] >> you did it! >> for real. >> yeah. >> that's cecil and marilyn roberts reacting to the news their grandson paid off their mortgage on their houston, texas, home, more than $15,000 and guy thave them a trehem a t the bahamas. >> he did it to repay his grant parents for everything they did
4:41 pm
for him. he saved the money by eating microwave pizza, lots of it, opting not to go out with his friends. his grandma calls him a blessing. that is amazing. awesome, yes. >> wonderful. time to turn on our weather, it's like the weather is turning on us. what's happening outside? >> we need some help, spencer. >> gusty out here. we've got some isolated storms. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you what's happening. we have a line of active weather, stormy weather moving through parts of the north bay and east bay. see up in sonoma county west of petaluma and just south of the bay a little cell moving through that area that produced earlier some hail and down in the east bay from hayward eastward along interstate 580 out through castro valley in dublin, stormy weather as well. earlier there was hail reported in vallejo area. gusty as i mentioned. half moon bay, wind gusts will diminish everywhere overnight. half moon bay is our indicator
4:42 pm
by 7:00 p.m. down to 34 miles per hour then during the overnight hours we'll see the gusts drop off, oh, about 23, 24 mile per hour range. tomorrow, statewide, partly cloudy to partly sunny. and a little bit on the cool side with the highest readings mainly in the 60s. that applies to the bay area as well. highs ranging from upper 60s at the coast. few mid and upper 60 s in the inland areas. warmer weather later in the week but we'll have to wait for it. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, this is the last thing you want to see if you're a passenger on the plane. one of the co-pilots was in hands cuffs shortly before takeoff. plus disney's new theme park in china doesn't open until june and it's already a hot ticket item. 7 on your side's michael finney. i'll
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a state senate committee is taking up a bill to make it harder for drunk drivers to get behind the wheel. abc 7 news at san francisco police headquarters as state senator jerry hill called for expanded use of ignition interlock devices, the breathalyzer won't let a car start if it detects alcohol in a
4:46 pm
driver. the dedivice has been used in alameda and three other programs in a pilot program. >> prevented over 1 million instances of drinking and driving since the state pilot program began in 2010. >> if the bill is approved, california would join 25 other states that require ignition interlock devices for convicted drunks drivers. imagine seeing this as your plane is about to take off. passengers watched many of them in shock as an americanairlines co-pilot was arrested for failing a breathalyzer test. late today the pilot's mugshot was released. john francis mcgwire was charged today with operating under the influence. abc news reporter david curly has the story. >> reporter: you're in your seat ready for takeoff and see a police car then an arrest on the tarmac and that's apparently a pilot police are taking into custody. passengers snapping photos. >> i saw them actually taking the pilot around side of the car and handcuffing him. >> reporter: an americanairlines pilot heading to his jet in detroit for a flight to
4:47 pm
philadelphia but an airport official says a tsa agent smells alcohol and calls law enforcement. the pilot is asked to take a breathalyzer while passengers are told there's a problem with a pilot seat. that pilot never got in the seat and the passengers were delayed. >> then we were all told to get off the plane and then they told us their flight was canceled. >> reporter: many flyers, spring breakers, their vacation delayed. >> i was getting a little nervous and there was a good reason why now. >> reporter: the pilot failed two breathalyzer tests above limit which is lower than that for drivers. >> airline pilots have to respond instantaneously when things go wrong and can't have any impairment whatsoever, this is intolerable. >> reporter: still about ten times a year over the past decade, a pilot has shown up at the gate over the limit for alcohol. americanairlines says this is a serious matter and it is assisting with the investigation. >> that was david curly reporting. faa rules say no person may operate or attempt to operate an
4:48 pm
aircraft within eight hours of drinking alcohol or have blood alcohol content of .04% or greater. advanced tickets for the june 16th opening of the shanghai disneyland are already sold out. this just hours after the tickets between $56 and $$76 u.. dollars went on sale at midnight. scalpers on one of the alibaba's online shopping platforms were asking as much as eight times the face value. disney is the parent company of ab krp c 7. seems something is sour with apple's update which came out last week. many people who updated phones and tablets are having problems opening link in safari, chrome and other apps. some cases older iphones and ipads clearly freeze up. customers in support forums say the company is aware of the problem and working on an update. all right. more consumer news now. time for "ask finney" 7 on your side's michael finney answering
4:49 pm
questions sent in by facebook, twitter and e-mail. question one from elizabeth from alameda. she says, i signed up for an at&t service that was supposed to cut our bill in half. i found out six months later the bills were higher than i expected. what could i have done to avoid the confusion? >> ask a ton of questions, get everything in writing. everybody is selling a bundle now. a bundle can be a very good deal because they bundle all these services and buy them cheaper. but a bundle makes everything really, really complicated. what you have to do is really tear it all apart and make sure you're getting what you think you're getting and costing what you think it's going to cost. here's a couple of the tricks of the trade. i don't know if at&t is doing this or not. for all bundles in general. when they tell you this is your new deal, parts of it may end in three months. other parts in six months. other in a year. if you sign up for a year deal, you often think it will keep going unless i change it. no, no. at the end of the year it jacks back up to retail price. you got to mark your calendar
4:50 pm
when you buy a bundle to know to re-sign up. >> nicole d. wanted to know which platform is the best for buyi ining and trading stocks? >> depends on how much help you need, how much you want, how much -- how much hand holding is what it really comes down to. do scottrade, etrade, they trade stocks $8 to $36. schwab used to bt cheaper guys. now they're very inexpensive and offer a lot of information and lot of help. you decide how much you want. then you go to the traditional stock brokers and if you want someone really to be making the picks for you, that's where you want to go. it all really comes down to how much work do you want to do, how much work do you want them to do? >> okay. kelly ann from pleasanton asks via e-mail, aisle i'm trying to finalize my late mom's estate. how do i dispose of multiple boxes of sensitive information? >> make sure you're getting them
4:51 pm
shredded to look like confetti, not long strips. go to the store, buy one for 20 bucks and sit there all afternoon shredding. you don't want to do that. they do shredding, u.p.s. staples used to do shredding. call around who's doing shredding, "a," "b" does anyone have a deal? usually during tax time they offer a deal to get in the store. ask if it's free. up next, manmade earthquakes. the states back east facing the same dangers as us in california. dan's here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> ama, thanks very much. coming up next, breaking news on the peninsula. take a look at this brush fire that broke out in menlo park. sky 7 hd is overhead. it shut down university avenue by highway 84. we're keeping an eye on this. of course we'll update you in just a few minutes. the democratic race for president tightens in california. is your vote really starting to matter now? and the high school principal who turned a down and
4:52 pm
out team into one of baseball's greatest dynasties. those stories and a lot more when ama and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00. when it happens where you live -- >> in of you are still frustrated with the persisting b.a.r.t. issues in the bay area. >> -- the abc 7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> san francisco. >> morgan hill. >> live in oakland. >> sfo. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> i'll kind of share what we got right in our backyard. >> choose the team that works for you.
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apparently misery loves company. the state of oklahoma actually had 3.0 to 4.0 earthquakes than california did last year. according to the usgs, some central states have seen a dramatic increase in manmade quakes because of oil and gas production including fracking. abc 7 news reporter lyanne
4:56 pm
melendez live in menlo park with exactly how california did. >> reporter: larry, california wasn't really included in this report because we were part of a 2014 survey, so nothing really new there, but this is the first time that geologists have taken a look at fracking and its effects and they're not good. it has taken california decades to prepare for naturally occurring earthquakes, but as seen on this new geological survey map, our neighbors east of the rockies, oklahoma, texas, kansas, and colorado, now face a similar risk, manmade earthquakes. they are triggered by the amount of waste water from the production of oil and gas which is then pumped deep into the ground. well below the drinking water aquifer. >> it would be very expensive to purify this to drinking water standards and so the most expedient solution is to inject it deep underground. >> reporter: the waste water is causing faults to slip.
4:57 pm
>> it just tends to push the sides of the fault apart. >> reporter: last month, oklahoma had a 5.1 quake. since 2008, the region has seen a dramatic increase in the number of these human-induced earthquakes. this year's reports shows no changes in california's seismic activity. the threat of a big one continues to be imminent. >> the most likely candidate would be an earthquake on the hayward fault. >> reporter: despite what californians know, we don't always follow through with a good safety plan. >> no, i got some water but no, nothing, i'm not really prepared at all. >> what's it going to take for you to be 100% prepared? >> probably another quake. >> reporter: the largest earthquake on the hayward fault measured a 7.0 recorded in 1868. in menlo park, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with ama and dan.
4:58 pm
breaking news in fairfield. a man suspected of shooting a boy is in custody. gunfire breaking out as police move in for the takedown. a dramatic ocean raid caught on camera. the $200 million haul found by the bay area coast guard. also why the fight between apple and the fbi appears to have just ended. and what's behind the labor fight that shut down the largest terminal at the port of oakland? local crab now being tested. a lot depends on this including how much fishermen can charge to catch it and what we pay to eat it. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> yellow evidence markers on the ground at a fairfield mall. the shopping center turned into a crime scene when police opened fire on a man suspected of shooting a little boy. good evening, thank you for joining us i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. james jarrard is in critical
4:59 pm
condition and will face charges if he survives. laura anthony is live in fairfield tonight to explain what went down. laura? >> reporter: well, hi dan. this all unfolded in this busy parking lot of this lowe's store here on north texas street. we do understand that the man who was shot here by fairfield police is that man, that suspect, suspected of shooting an 8-year-old boy in concord on friday night. now, i'll show you what it looked like from sky 7 hd. this all unfolded just after the lunch hour here when fairfield police apparently spotted a car in the parking lot of lowe's store. we're not certain yet what led them to this location, but as you can see from sky 7 hd, there was quite a police presence here. abc 7 news has confirmed the man shot here was the suspect in friday's shooting. in concord on la salle avenue in the front yard of a home there. there was some young boys playing in the front yard. that suspect's name is james
5:00 pm
smiley jarrard of concord. family members told us over the weekend the 8-year-old was shot in the neck. he is at children's hospital oakland expected to recover though we understand at last word that doctors could not remove the bullet. now, this all happened just after lunchtime. here's what one witness told us here in fairfield. >> 12:45 to 1:00 we were leaving my mom's home to do errands and saw the police pulling in, lots of different vehicles. >> fraptic frantic. doing this. did our errands. when we were at the bank we heard a single gunshot. >> reporter: we had a couple witnesses tell us they heard a single loud gunshot. police are still here investigating the scene. there is the car that appears to be the object of most of their work. it has been put up in the parking


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