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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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lewandow live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. we have new details about that viral video where a san francisco state student approached another student about what is appropriate culturally. it now appears those students exchanged some words before the video was taken. >> reporter: some students have come forward to defend bonita tindell. it appears she was peacefully handing out flyers when there was an exchange of words. the video taken last monday has been viewed by 1.6 million people on youtube. a student at sf state confronts
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corey goadstein about being white and having dread locks. but now some are talking and posting about what happened prior to that exchange. a witness posted on facebook that goldstein supposedly made a derogatory remark. she then followed him inside the student center. ashton herald said another student in his class witnessed the same event. >> he verbally assaulted her prior to that, and because the cameras turned on in the last moments, i think only part of the confrontation was recorded. >> reporter: yesterday, goldstein talked about the incident inside the center but never mentioned the prior confrontation. >> if she would have come and talk to me about this situation in an open, loving, respecting way and tried to teach me about what's going on, i would have been more than receptive. but she had to attack me, demoralize me and it made me
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feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: he filed a police report after the incident. he says he will not press charges against tindell. there is talk on the internet that the entire thing may have been fabricated. she considers herself a cinematographer. lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." questions remain following the snow pack measurement in the sierra. it was found to be 95% of normal, but it leaves officials in a tough spot whether to ease or drop the conservation mandate. californians are under orders to use 20% less water. >> the photos show the charlie crick bridge at lake shasta. there was no water there at all in 2014. there's plenty this year.
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last week california's largest and most important reservoir reached 87% capacity. this is a live look from our tahoe camera. there is a good amount of snow, but what's in our forecast here? spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. lots of blue skies. >> you're right about that, and lots of blue skies now that will remain this way for a while. it would be comforting if we could see a little more rainfall before we get into a drier pattern. here's a will be at live doppler 7 hd which reflects the blue skies. a few high clouds around. here's the few looking out over san francisco. currently 56 degrees here in the city. oakland, 62. 64 in san jose. 65 in morgan hill. 57 at half moon bay. this is the view over the golden gate. it is currently 66 degrees in santa rosa, napa, 64.
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68 in fairfield and concord. here's the first forecast as we look at the sky over sfo. during the evening and overnight, low clouds and fog expanding and pushing locally across the bay. by afternoon tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, highs ranging from near 60 on the coast to low to mid 70s and the warmest inland locations and i'll show you the next hope of rainfall in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. another eviction battle under way in san francisco. this time it's an elderly woman who got notice on good friday that she needs to move out of the place that she's called home for decades. >> her landlord says he wants to move his mother into that unit. vic lee joins us with this story. vic? >> reporter: the disabled senior citizen is beatrice allen, and she lives in the upper flat of this apartment building. her lawyer hopes the land lord can be convinced to withdraw the eviction order.
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but that seems unlikely and you know what that means. another ugly land lord/tenant fight. she's lived in this neighborhood for almost her entire life. and in this apartment for more than three decades. the 80-year-old has suffered three strokes. now she's being evicted by a new owner. >> i feel really sad, because i have been here for 35 years. >> reporter: her daughter, betty rose, lives with her. >> there's no need for you to do this. you have so much. just let my mother finish staying here. >> reporter: the new land lord is a technology investor who also owns his own firm. he and his wife live in this house next door. the couple's attorney, andrew zaches, explains why the allenes are being evicted. >> the mother of the wife that owns the property recently had a fall at her home. she had become ill, and she needs a place to live here her
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family. >> reporter: and that place is here. the flat where allen lives. her attorney believes the land lord knew allen had been taken by ambulance to the hospital march 17th when she became ill. >> four days later, he records a new ownership interest that is now permitting his wife to attempt a relative move-in into the unit occupied by the allenes. >> reporter: zaches says they're committed to helping ease the allen's move. >> my clients would love to try to find a way to help her to provide her assistance. >> reporter: but the problem is, you have to move, where would you go? >> i don't know. i don't know but it's very difficult. >> reporter: vic lee, "abc7 news." a step forward was made to raise the minimum wage in california to $15 an hour by 2022. today, the assembly
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appropriations committee voted 12-7 to advance the measure. it could be considered as soon as tomorrow. legislative analysis revealed today indicates raising the minimum wage to $15 would cost taxpayers $3.6 billion a year in higher pay for government employees. the napa county board of supervisor also consider increasing the minimum wage next tuesday. two people have been arrested in connection with a robbery yesterday at a walgreen's pharmacy. this shows one of the men as he jumps over the pharmacy counter and confronts one of the workers. >> he brandished a night at the pharmacist. at which point the pharmacist got on the ground and the suspect proceeded through the back area, collecting prescription pills. >> the robber took 3,000
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prescription pills with a street value of $15 each. police in hayward arrested a robb robber. a woman who acted as a lookout was also detained. police are still searching for an accomplice. san francisco police looking for a pick pocket. he's been targeting muni passengers. >> kristen sze shows us how the thief operates. >> reporter: the theft happened in january aboard a fulton bus. we have it from surveillance video to show you. take a look. it was very crowded inside. the victim is the man right there, in the striped shirt. he's standing there and holding a child. police say the pick pocket is standing behind him. he turns his back to the man and he scoots his hand into the victim's back pocket and takes his wallet. >> he was caring for his
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children. it made him vulnerable and no fault to his own, but the suspect targeted him seeing he was attending to his children, it made it easier to grab the wallet. >> reporter: nothing else was taken from the victim. police are asking for your help to identify the alleged pick pocket. officers are alerting commuters to be careful, especially on crowded buses. they recommend that you keep your wallet in your front pocket and if you have a bag to keep it in front of your chest and not on your back where you can't see it. larry and ama? >> kristen, good advice. the san mateo county sheriff is asking for the public's help to locate a vehicle that struck someone north of mateo avenue. the man was jaywalking when a pickup truck hit him. the driver did not stop. the man suffered serious injuries. police say the vehicle may be a silver toyota tacoma.
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b.a.r.t. riders in eastern contra costa county will have to put up with those shuttle trains a little longer. the shuttles replace the bus bridge that was set up two weeks ago when mysterious power surges disabled dozens of trains. investigators are still trying to determine what's causing that problem. ebay won approval to cut down redwood trees next to its san jose campus. four trees will be cut down to build a fire line. the company has agreed to plant 52 new trees a around the facility. no one spoke out against the tree removal at today's meeting. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, a freak pool accident took the life of a bay area man. so how do you know if your pool
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is safe? tips that could make a difference. new concerns about your car's headlights. are they bright enough to prevent an accident? plus -- >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some. >> more controversy from donald trump and why he's now backtracking on those comments. take a look at the wednesday afternoon traffic. this is a live look at the macarthur maze. it's a mess. that's the on coming traffic. on the right hand side, moving a lot faster. back with more on
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is "abc7 news." police are still investigating an electrical short in a pool that killed a silicon valley tech executive and injured his wife and daughter on easter sunday. >> there may be a lesson in this tragedy. reporter wayne freedman is live at the lake ridge athletic club. >> reporter: where the pool behind me is new and safe and stick and span. and a lot of fun to be in. but if you have a pool, and it's a little older, you might not want to take it for granted. it's a danger of owning or swimming in a pool most of us never consider. is there any way to tell if there's electricity in there? >> no. >> reporter: and by the time you get in? >> too late. >> reporter: it's something to
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which his entry pays attention. it could be a wet junction box or a light. be aware of cracks or waters inside. >> it has a gasket that keels it properly. >> reporter: can it leak? >> yeah, it can. >> reporter: we're uncertain what killed the man in hillsboro, only that he was rescuing his daugter from the pool. police blame bad wiring. one of those might have prevented his death. a ground fault interrupter automatic circuit breaker. jim parlet is continually amazed that many pools do not have them, in violation of building codes. >> i'm surpriced more people haven't gotten electrocuted in this country. >> reporter: is it that much of a problem? >> i believe so, yes. >> reporter: according to the safety commission, 14 americans died from electrocutions in pools from 2003 to 2014.
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now, add another. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." new testing shows your car's headlights may not be bright enough to avoid a crash. take a look on the left here. the insurance institute believes low beams should light up 330 feet ahead, as far as the deer -- well, you can hardly see the deer. that's the point. one-third of more than 30 mid-size cars tested did not shine far enough. there are government standards about how much light a bulb puts out but no standards for how far it must reach. >> have the same line, have it at a different height and you'll get a different amount of visibility. >> nearly half of all car crashes happen at dark. the best performer was the toyota prius b, with l.e.d. lighting. the honest company is facing a new class action lawsuit for
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deceptive marketing. the los angeles company is run by jessica alba and says it sells home and personal care products that are free of harmful chemicals. the lawsuit claims several products, including the company's dish soap and laundry detergent contain unnatural ingredients. the honest company has been sued twice before. alba says the latest suit is baseless and without merit. as it celebrates 40 years, the great american amusement park is considering staying open year around. "abc7 news" was at the park today as the ceo detailed the park's master plan. it includes new roller coasters, water slides and digital attractions. officials acknowledge they were considering using the land for high density housing, but decided against it. they also addressed rumors of a sale. >> we control this land through 2074 and i intend to still be here. but whether we own the land or
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something else does, we have the right to be here through 2074, and that's plenty of confidence for us to make the investment we want to make. >> the master plan could include an entertainment district outside the park so people can enjoy the amenities without paying the entrance fee. you probably heard and seen people living up in droves to get the new iphone. what about a new tesla? this is a photograph of somebody, i think he's on the right there, camped out. he's concealed himself just inside the walnut creek store. the new car will be unveiled tomorrow night in southern california. so ama, there's still time to get in line. there's no pushing or shoving required at this moment. >> keep it civil, people. >> that's right, calm down. spencer christian, calm and cool, although a little warm. >> that's right.
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it is going to get even warmer. a lovely day right now with blue skies and mild conditions. here's live doppler 7 hd. mainly cloudless sky and we have some low clouds moving up. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have low clouds approaching the coastline. we'll see them advancing overnight. right now, looking across the embarcadero over the bay, skies are blue and we'll see areas of fog overnight. mild through the weekend and a slight chance of showers on monday. here is our fog forecast, starting at 7:00 this evening. low clouds and fog, fairly widespread. so we have a foggy morning into the mid morning areas. overnight lows under partly foggy conditions, will range from low 40s to upper 40s around the bay. let's resume the forecast animation. at 9:00 in the morning, notice how the fog burns away from most
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areas. a little lingers at the coastline. tomorrow's highs, upper 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. looking ahead to friday, we'll see a similar range of highs as we'll see tomorrow. maybe a couple of locations reaching into the mid to upper 70s inland. saturday, slightly milder for the most part. we'll see some upper 60s around the bay. and mid to upper 70s inland. and then on sunday, just a few more clouds, not much change in the temperature range, but speaking of clouds, sunday afternoon at 4:00, as the clouds thicken, we'll see an area of light rain move to our north, overnight into monday. then to the east, it looks like it will miss the bay area. but that system there, that weak system is our slight chance of rain next week. speaking of next week, the week ahead will be a mild one in san
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jose, but warming up to 82 degrees, warming up sharply on wednesday. that's indicative of a pattern the entire bay area can expect next week. here's the seven-day forecast. inland highs reaching into the mid 70s saturday through tuesday. on wednesday, virtually all locations will see a sharp spike in temperatures up to about 80 degrees or higher. mid 70s around the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. we'll warm up during the week, no significant rain in sight. >> thank you, spencer. up next, william shatner is going where at least two of his characters have gone before. the lawsuit he's facing. at 4:21, a live look at the commute in walnut creek. this is interstate 680. that's usually heavier at this time and it is heavier than what you see on the right hand side on 680 south. stay with us.
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lady gaga and joe biden are taking their act to vegas to right awareness about sexual assault. they will hold a rally at the university of las vegas to address the need to address sexual assaults on campus. biden will also hold events in pennsylvania and colorado. actor william shatner is facing a $170 million paternity suit from a florida man claiming to be shatner's biological son. >> the star trek star denies it. david wright has the details. >> reporter: let's face it, folks, captain kirk was a bit of a player. green hair? no problem. now at the tender age of 85, william shatner has been slapped
4:25 pm
with a paternity suit from peter sloan, aka peter shatner. when i look at his face, i see myself in many ways. >> reporter: sloan says he was given up for adoption as a newborn. he claims he did some detective work and discovered his mom was a canadian actress whom he says had an affair with you know who in toronto in the 1950s. he says he confronted shatner about it more than 30 years ago. >> he basically admitted that he was my father, asked me what he could do to help me. >> reporter: he says he met shatner again in 2011 at comic-con where he introduced shatner to his daughter and -- >> she was whispered in his ear, i'm your granddaughter. >> reporter: but if he was hoping for the tearful reunion -- >> very proud to be your son. >> reporter: that captain kirk's long lost son got in "the wrath of kahn," it was not to be.
4:26 pm
publicly, shatner has treated the claim more like his character denny crane did in "boston legal." >> he's not my son. >> reporter: shatner denied the whole thing in a radio interview. >> is he not your son? he looks like you a little. >> everybody looks like me. >> reporter: sloan says it's not about the $170 million. he says he just wanting a dna test. >> i'll be darned if i'll be called a liar. >> reporter: david right, abc news, new york. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. more states step into the national debate over religious liberty. plus, the photograph that stirred up controversy after the egyptian plane hijacking. what the man who posed for the photo is saying today. she lost her foot in the boston marathon bombing. now she's getting a chance and getting ready to run aga
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." news making headlines as we approach 4:30, learning more about a confrontation about race that's gone viral. it appears two san francisco state students exchanged words before this video was taken. it shows bonnie tindal confronting corey goldstein about his gold locks. that is the assessment of the sierra snow pack.
4:30 pm
laura anthony tweeted out this video. at 5:00, she'll explain what the findings mean. new questions about deputy misconduct involved the beating of a suspect. melanie woodrow tweeted that the sheriff's office has a photo of the scene showing the suspect's gold necklace but that necklace was never booked in as evidence. a deputy is accused of giving the necklace to keep a witness quiet. in politics, wisconsin is the focus for candidates with the primary on april 5. but a comment today by donald trump about abortion is overshadowing all campaign events. here's lauren lyster. >> reporter: donald trump during a town hall expressing his support for a ban on abortion. if there is a ban on the topic of punishment -- >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman?
4:31 pm
>> yeah, there has to be some form. >> ten days, ten years, what? >> that i don't know. >> reporter: trump continuing to stand by his man, corey lewandowski. >> you need somebody that's going to be loyal to the country and yourselves. >> reporter: lewandowski, charged with battery after this march 8 altercation with reporter michelle fields. security video appearing to show lewandowski grabbing her arm. afterwards, fields showed abc news bruises, allegedly caused by lewandowski. now trump implying fields may have been a threat to him. >> she walked through secret service, she had a pen in her hand, which is very dangerous. we should not have been doing that. >> reporter: in wisconsin, a standing ovation for one of trump's recent targets, ted cruz's wife, heidi. and hillary clinton telling her supporters -- >> just listen to donald trump. he says demeaning and degrading things about women. >> reporter: tuesday's wisconsin
4:32 pm
primary is the next major presidential candidate. a new poll shows cruz in the lead while sanders and clinton are neck and neck. lauren lyster, abc news, washington. >> late this afternoon, trump backtracked, issuing a statement writing the doctor or any other person perform thing illegal act would be held responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in the case as is the life in her womb. supreme court nominee merrick garland is back on capitol hill today. he met with al franking and kristen guillenbrand. he held his first meeting with republican senator mark kirk of illinois. republican leaders are still refusing to meet with him and vow they will not hold a hearing on his nomination. the supreme court says the government cannot freeze the financial assets of people accused of crimes, if that money has no connection to criminal activity. the justices ruled 5-3 today
4:33 pm
that federal prosecutors violated the constitutional rights of a miami woman accused of medicare fraud. prosecutors put a hold on more than $40 million in assets that include money unrelated to the charges. >> virginia is now the latest state to join the national debate over a controversial religious liberty bill. today, the governor of virginia vetoed legislation that opponents say discriminates against the lbgt community. >> reporter: the battle lines are drawn and neither side is showing any signs of backing down. >> this is not over! >> reporter: the two sides divided over the religious freedom bill, past in north carolina, a similar bill currently under consideration in mississippi and others just rejected in virginia and georgia. >> georgia is a welcoming state. >> reporter: more than two dozen major corporations had threatened to leave georgia,
4:34 pm
meaning the states could have lost billions in revenue if the governor signed the bill into law. a bill that would have allowed churches and groups to refuse services to gay couples. now the new state law in north carolina is facing the same pressure from corporations to have that law repealed. while some governors from other states are banning travel to north carolina and the aclu suing the state calling the new law unconstitutional. >> we shouldn't have to be dealing with these lawsuits in the first place. >> reporter: the state's attorney general says he will not defend the state against these lawsuits. to which the north carolina governor issued this message on youtube. >> as the state attorney general, he can't select which laws he will defend. >> reporter: and with officials in atlanta already asking the nba considering moving next year's all-star game out of charlotte, the nba said they are hopeful this can be resumed soon. egypt is asking cyprus to
4:35 pm
extradite the man who hijacked a man yesterday. he's charged with hijacking, illegal possession of explosives, kidnapping, and threats to commit violence after he ordered the jet diverted to cyprus. and a british man pictured with the hijacker says he's not sure why he posed for the bizarre photo. he's taking a selfie with the guy who hijacked the plane. he said he wanted to get the selfie of a lifetime it will likely take months to reopen the airport in brussels. and a laptop found near the hideout of the suspect contained images of the prime minister's home, but there are no indications that the prime minister was threatened. president obama hosted his last annual easter prayer breakfast today.
4:36 pm
vice president biden and others joined the president at the white house. the president spoke about the importance of faith, as well as how terror attacks can stir up fear and division. >> they can tempt us to cast out the stranger, strike out against those who don't look like us. or pray exactly as we do. that's the intent of the terrorists. >> president obama added that the meaning of easter is that "you don't have to be afraid." just ahead, a website that's offering apologies after body shaming actor wentworth miller, what he said that has the website backtracking. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the #askfinney. i'll answer your questions live here a little later. i'm spencer christian at the golden gate. looking at blue skies above and blue skies ahead. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in a moment as
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the oakland a's kicked off spirit week today at the coliseum. their mascot stopper, oh, anybody better than stopper? handed out free tickets to b.a.r.t. on friday, the mayor and the manager will raise the team's flag over city hall. the a's will play the giants at
4:40 pm
at&t park tomorrow and friday and then close out spring training on saturday in oakland. going to be interesting to see how the a's and giants compete for the warriors for viewers. the warriors continue their pursuit of the best regular season in nba history. last night a victory over the washington wizards. the warriors are 67-7, the same number of wins they recorded last year. they need to win six of the final eight to break the all-time single wins record sell by the 1995-'96 chicago bulls. that is going to be awesome because it's going to happen. >> positive thinking. well, our weather is fretty nice, too. >> positive thinking with a fist. i like that. >> she means it. >> maybe we can get something out of the weather. >> she said it with authority. [ laughter ] here's a live look at live doppler 7 hd. blue skies over the bay area.
4:41 pm
very few clouds to be seen right now. we have a few low clouds advancing overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies, mild here in the bay area and over the northern half of the state. cooler down south where los angeles and san diego with highs in the mid 60s. in the bay area, mid and upper 60s around the bay and low 70s inland tomorrow. and exhibition baseball, the three game bay ridge series between the a's and giants opens tomorrow night. game one begins at 7:15. 54 degrees and partly cloudy. typical baseball weather in san francisco for game one of the bay bridge preseason series. rain chances over the next seven days, not so good. slight chance in santa rosa. 20% chance sunday evening and a 30% chance on monday. looks like the system that brings us that slight chance will move to the north of the bay area. so we're likely to have dry
4:42 pm
weather for the next seven days. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, a big win of "wheel of fortune" is going viral. the contestant who took home thousands on just a few letters. i'm michael finney. friends and money. not always a good mix. how can you get your money back how can you get your money back if vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. vo: victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans.
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all right. take a look at this wheel of fortune challenge. be honest, would you be able to get this? one man -- >> no. >> with just a "d" on the end? one man got it, and he didn't stop there. his performance on the hoe is going viral. tiffany wilson has the details. >> reporter: cue the open. >> hi, everybody, how are you doing? >> reporter: and now drop the hammer. >> places is the category. robert? >> port and star board. >> yeah, that's it. >> reporter: 23-year-old robert says he studied up after learning the theme of his show was nautical. obviously the homework paid off. >> robert, what took you so long? >> oh, what a night.
4:46 pm
don't let the cat out of the bag. >> robert? >> easy breezy. pat, i would like to solve the puzzle. exhilarating water slide. >> that's it. >> h. >> yeah, you can tell us what's there. >> three wishes. >> reporter: pat sajak turned him during the break and said that's great, but now we have to let someone play, okay? as luck would have it, he solved every puzzle but one. >> goofy pictures. >> you got it. >> reporter: he told his local paper he plans to pay college loans and buy a car with his $76,000 winnings. his advice for others, apply and prepare. he applied four years ago. you can catch "wheel of fortune" right here at 7:30 right after
4:47 pm
"jeopardy." tiffany wilson, "abc7 news." >> remember ken jennings? he's like the ken jennings of "wheel of fortune." i'm going to ask you a question but you have to answer it before i even ask. >> a proper introduction. time for ask finney. judy asks, i loaned a friend pony in april of 2015. he didn't pay a penny back. i went through small claims court and won my case. now how do i get the money? >> that's the hard part. winning the case is easy. you have to wait 30 days because they have a right to appeal for 30 days. you can say, hi, kind sir, will you give me the money? and they're probably going to tell you no. then you can send them a letter, do something like that. eventually you've got to go to a collection agency or hire an attorney. you can go back to court and say
4:48 pm
they won't pay me and they can go after their driver's license if they have a professional license from the state, they can freeze that. so there's some things they can do. it takes a long time. it gets costly. >> francis c. asks, if a product says it's distributed in the u.s., can it actually have been made in another country? if so, why don't countries have to declare where it was made and not just distributed? >> they have to declare where it was made. the distributed thing, i've never enseen that. that's amazing. as far as i know, there is no legal term for what that means. that just means it was distributed here, so what. they have to tell you where it was made. if it's made in america, fine. if not, they have to tell you. i've never even heard of it. >> tyler w. asks, i'm new to san francisco. i was wondering if there were a best time of year to look for a new apartment? >> oh, yeah, there is actually. september, october is a pretty
4:49 pm
good time to look for an apartment. the problem is, of course, there's no good time right now in san francisco. that's a traditional best time to look for an apartment because that's when people are coming and going because of new graduates. they leave school and go out and find an apartment, so they sign a lease and a year later the lease is up and everybody moves around. right now in san francisco, i don't know if there is a good time. >> thank you, michael. actor wentworth miller says a body shaming meme poking fun of his weight is a picture of him at his lowest point when he was considering suicide. the online humor site posted a split screen showing the star of "prison break" with the caption, when you break out of prison and find out about mcdonald's monopoly. he said the past picture was taken when he was suicidal and turned to food for comfort. he has spoken out about his suicide attempts in the past.
4:50 pm
>> i was alone in the house and i swallowed a bottle of pills. >> he says he's now in a better place and hopes his story will encourage others to reach out for help. lad bible has apologized saying they got this very wrong and mental health is not a joke or a laughing manner. mammograms could help screen for heart problems. >> and the drug that cost 300% more in the u.s. here's jane king. >> a prostate cancer drug that cost $129,000, more than three times the price in japan and sweden. it is called vtanldzy, developed at u.s. universities with dprangrants from taxpayer dollars. the companies behind it say the costs fail to reflect what patients actually pay, with many just shelling out $300 after
4:51 pm
insurance and medicare. parents of young children all too familiar with ear infections, but the numbers are decreasing. a study points to several factors, including vaccines and breastfeeding. breakfast in the classroom may not increase test scores. a new study of serving free breakfast inside classrooms found no evidence it boosted student achievement, but it didn't increase obesity either. and another reason to get a mammogram. it could help detect heart risks. a study showed a strong correlation between the amount of calcium detected in breast arteries with heart arteries. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. just take a look at this giant panda cub at the research center in southwest china. ahhh. he was spending time with his foster dad earlier this week. their bonding including hugging
4:52 pm
and kissing and taking selfies together. >> that's adorable. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, the dancers making a comeback after the boston marathon bombing. >> i went into the hospital creaming that i was a ballroom dancer from the very beginning, and screaming for them to save my foot. >> it's her road back to the boston marathon. plus, kristen here now with a look at what's coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00. coming up next, apple is poised to turn the tables on the fbi. the new fight over how the fbi hacked its locked iphone. and -- >> nine, eight, seven -- >> the countdown to gold will lift the veil on san jose's olympic pu
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it's time now for our lineup tonight on abc 7 --
4:56 pm
it's been nearly three years since the boston marathon bombing that killed three people and injured nearly 300 others. >> now one of the victims who lost her foot in the attack is working to run in this year's marathon. annabelle munoz from los angeles has her story. >> reporter: adrian hadley davis is one of 17 survivors who lost limbs in the boston marathon bombing. she wasn't a runner, just out for a walk. >> i heard a giant blast behind me, and then all of a sudden i was covering my ears and my eyes and my face and i was on the ground. >> reporter: she said she wasn't in pain, even after she saw what happened. >> i could see that my foot was gone immediately at the moment. >> reporter: hearing the news a t the hospital was not easy for a young woman living her dream as a professional dancer. >> i went into the hospital screaming that i was a ballroom dancer from the beginning, and screaming for them to save my
4:57 pm
foot. >> reporter: adrian went through some dark moments but is now an inspirational speaker and a ballroom dancer and gearing up to run her first marathon ever, the boston marathon. >> i pushed myself and pushed myself and was able to do it. and i knew that i wanted to run for limbs for life because i've been working with them for a couple of years. >> reporter: she's leading a team to raise money to help amputees. >> they've been instrumental in showing me what the struggle is for amputees and how many people are on waiting list to get legs. you can do a lot or a little, but you're making a huge dent. >> reporter: for more information on how you can support adrian's team, visit our website at annabell munoz, a"abc7 news." >> what an amazing story. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news" at 4:00. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil.
4:58 pm
"abc7 news" at 5:00 beginnings right now with dan and kristen. can you tell me how you're doing? >> this is the first time we're seeing a man at the center of a law enforcement scandal. what he's telling only "abc7 news." plus -- >> after all the talk about el nino, we find out how much snow we received. a bizarre pool accident takes the life of a bay area father. experts tell us whether your pool is ever completely safe. also, one county's new plan to go after speeders on two wheels. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. fog increases overnight tonight. i'll let you know if it will burn off tomorrow afternoon, coming up. live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> can you tell me why you're here today? >> around the corner, "abc7
4:59 pm
news" tracks down this car chase suspect and what he's saying after being beaten by sheriff's deputies. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. we're hearing for the first time from the man beaten by deputies caught on camera. today he appeared in san francisco superior court on felony drug charges. melanie woodrow was the only reporter there. she joins us live from the hall of justice. melanie? >> reporter: that matter was continued until may. petrov was here with his mother and shared just a few words about his injuries and what life has been like since that november beating. his attorneys say he was struck more than 40 times, causing multiple head lacerations and fractures in his hands. >> i can do nothing. i'm a mechanic by trade, now i can't use my hands. >> reporter: his mother says her son is suffering considerably. >> my son was traumatized.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: today, the sheriff said from now on deputy's body-worn cameras will be activated at all times. >> it's incumbent to me to make sure this office is above approach. >> reporter: there is also a bribery allegation that petrov's gold chain to a couple that witnessed the incident to silence them. petrov told "abc7 news" it wasn't him. >> i don't know what you're talking about, man. >> reporter: his attorney said obviously even if true, that would not affect the moral or legal equation of what happened on november 12. petrov's knotter says she wants her son to get help. >> his life is horrible. i want him to be -


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