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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: because this is an ongoing homicide investigation, both sides are being very protective about some of the details of this investigation. san francisco police say they are casting a wide net to find 2-year-old ariana fitz. >> nicole and ariana fitz went missing. >> reporter: a body found in mcclaren park friday is 32-year-old fitz. by phone, he said he last talked to nicole after her shift at the store friday, april 1st. she then exchanged text with family hours later saying she was in fresno. family is now looking for answers in nicole's murder and desperately trying to find 2-year-old ariana.
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>> if you think you see her or have seen her, please call someone. >> she's adorable. such a smart kid. she's very -- she's very bubbly and outgoing. >> reporter: they lived in san francisco, but family lived in santa cruz and have not seen the toddler in person since february. nicole's friends said ariana had been staying with a sitter in oakland while nicole was at work. nicole had an older child, currently with the father's family. police have not released or confirmed many details because they say it's angoing homicide investigation. new at 6:00, police have arrested a man wanted for a vicious beating outside a house party in orinda. cell phone pictures of 21-year-old macca, who knocked a
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21-year-old college student unconscious during a fight. he continued to beat the victim, who remains hospitalized months later. he is now charged with attempted murder. san bruno police hope someone will help them find a police who sped off hitting a man. scott glasner died at the scene around 1:30 this morning. the car was described as being a dark colored newer model mercedes-benz sl class. two people have been arrested in a hit and run that killed a 60-year-old man last november. dennis nix was struck by a silver mercedes. 32-year-old brendan wallace was driving the car. he did not stop and later abandoned his car. he was picked up by 34-year-old heinz rino kcortado, who helped
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him get away. >> he didn't know what else to do. he claimed his car was stolen and tried to hide the evidence from us. >> wallace faces various charges. cortado is charged in accessory to a hit and run. >> charges against uc berkeley as it struggles with sexual harassment. two grad students say they mishandled their complaints against a professor. live from the cal campus with the story, >> reporter: they're calling for them to change their policy and style. >> it's completely derailed my future career, my education. >> reporter: graduate students erin bennett and kathleen
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gutierrez call the culture oppressive and intimidating. the women reported professor wentworth a year ago. they accused the university of protecting abusive professors. >> i wish i could say different. this process obviously hasn't been easy. months of harassment and intimidation. >> reporter: now they're taking this to the next level, filing a discrimination complaint with the state. >> more people will feel empowered to come forward and change our rotten system. it's been rotten for too long. >> reporter: in a statement the university says the campus has taken several steps to protect the interests and well-being of our students. most recently, the department chair has reassigned this faculty member's classes to other professors. i called professor went worth's office. nobody answered. a report found that 22 faculty
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have been accused. >> we're standing sfwoth saying enough. >> reporter: sorel came to the rally to show support. survivors are calling on uc to fire staff with repeated complaints. elissa harrington. new information regarding a drunk driver accused of killing a mother and her daughter in livermore last year. alameda judge said that jones will stand trial for murder. jones just left the river wine festival and had a blood alcohol level of .14 when he struck and killed the mother and her child last may. after a new recall today. >> first one involving the suv that rolled out in december. kristen zee is here with the
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story. >> reporter: tesla's first suv with a base price of $80,000. a voluntary recall. it promoted it as a luxury ride environmentally friendly, defining features, doors that open like falcon wings and panoramic windshield. tesla is recalling the 2,100 vehicles after recliner in the third row collapsed during new crash testing. tesla explains the decree kleiner, provided to us by an outside supplier, a locking thank allows the third row seat back to fall forward f the recliner were to slip during a crash, the seat back could move forward. there's been no customer complaints. it's already found a fix but wants customers not to use the third row until the replacement is installed. better news for tesla today. makeover for its model ssedan is in the works.
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car offering a longer driving battery, new color choices, l.e.d. headlights and restyled nose. it will also mean an updated price, increase up from the current $76,000. dan and alma? >> thank you so much, kristin. new report shows dramatic racial disparities in driver's license, suspensions traffic related arrests across california. civil rights lawyers compiled the report from public records. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in the newsroom with the story. vic? >> this report titled stop, find, arrested. all that information comes from police and sheriff's department records. what they found was that two-tiered system of traffic-related offenses. >> data on license suspensions
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are much higher in communities of color. >> reporter: racial disparities for traffic-related stops, fines and arrests. >> disproportionately impacting people who don't have money and people of color. >> reporter: this woman ran a stop sign in oakland. she got a ticket a year and a half ago. >> they gave me community service hours i completed all of them through the church. i paid the fees. >> reporter: she thought everything was fine. but the system failed her. >> they didn't update the records and, because of that critical error, my license was suspended. >> reporter: she's a single mother of two. she goes to a city college and works. so, she had to drive. but without a license. she was stopped again, went to court and the fines kept piling on. >> i would say at least 2$2,500 in total, including the community service and everything. >> reporter: her story is not uncommon. in san francisco, blacks make up
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less than 6% of the city's population but make up more than half of those arrested or failing to appear to pay traffic warrant warrants. >> let's arrest people where there's a public safety violation not because they couldn't afford to pay. >> reporter: good news to the story is that she finally got her license back last month. after a year and a half of fighting. san francisco superior court responded to the report saying they're no longer suspending licenses because someone fails to appear or pay fines. they're no longer ordering bench warrants for traffic court related offenses. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you, vic. goldman sachs became the last of the big investment banks to pay a penalty for its role in the financial crisis. >> equaling $5 billion.
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at 6:30, find out why some say it's not enough. the agreement reached between bart and its workers more than a year before the deadline. i'm spencer christian. nice to see late afternoon sunshine today. clouds will come surging back and possibly some rain. accuweather forecast in a moment. >> did you ever think would you get there? >> i never worry about it. >> plus, the local softball coach with 999 wins is about to go for number 1,000.
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a woman died after being hit by two cars this morning. she was walking on the ramp between northbound highway 85 and 17 in los gatos before dawn. the first car tried, but failed to avoid hitting her. the second car drove right over her. the victim is a 3-year-old woman. her name has not been released. contra costa gas station owner finds that -- >> handicap accessible businesses and buildings. >> new at 6:00, anchor eric thomas joins us live with a story from berkeley. eric? >> reporter: the gas station owner says he's not upset to find out he was in violation of the ada. he's upset that he was willing to spend thousands of dollars to fix the problem and pay the court costs but the victim wanted ten times more that much. american with disabilities act has helped millions of people,
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like megan shirley of berkeley. >> for the first time, it allowed access into all public facilities. >> reporter: which can be a challenge if you're in a wheelchair. facing a different sort of ada challenge, this gas station his family owns in san ramon is being sued for noncompliance. >> i don't want anybody turned awaa aw away. i want everybody to have access. >> reporter: they installed a heat shield under the bathroom sink, restriped the parking lot. but the plaintiff still wanted $25,000 to settle. and if the payment wasn't immediate, that amount would grow. >> at first you're taken aback. you're a little bit agitated, angry. >> reporter: so the family did some research and found out that the plaintiff was sacramento area lawyer scott johnson, who has filed hundreds, if not thousands of similar suits in and around sacramento and is now filing some in the bay area.
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san francisco attorney martin orleck has defended numerous businesses that johnson has sued. >> it has done a disservice, in many respects to the disabled community because of the proliferation of lawsuits over a mirror an inch and a half too high or a pound or two over the statutory requirements. >> reporter: fighting the lawsuit even though it might be cheaper in the long run to settle. >> it's not about fixing the issues at the site but lining their own pockets. >> reporter: we tried repeatedly to reach mr. johnson for a comment. megan shirley said it would be a mistake to think that all ada lawsuits are bad. >> unfortunately, that's actually what it takes. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc 7 news. bart reached a tentative
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agreement with its unions. four-year extension more than a year early. if approved by the unions and bart's board, the agreement calls for workers to receive a 10.5% raise through june 2021. >> both sides acknowledge we need to focus on rebuilding this system. both sides agree that we need to focus on service to our rider. >> now is the time where we would need to decide, are we going to dedicate our resources to focusing on preparing for full-blown negotiations in 2017 or do we focus our resources on keeping b.a.r.t. moving? >> the unions still need to ratify the decision. vote is expected in the next 30 days. golden state warriors will go for win number 73, something no nba team has ever done before. they tied the '95-'96 bulls record of 72 wins in a season yesterday against the spurs. tomorrow's game is at home
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against the scrappy, but underpowered memphis grizzlies. gives the warriors a 93% chance of winning. let's hope that's right. young warrior, meantime, gave these other youngsters a great story to share about what they did after school today. they used paint and markers to put their own design on pairs of athletic shoes. james mcadoo and his wife, lauren, serve as the lead designers. >> i'm a huge shoe guy. my wife will tell you that. this idea came about a couple of weeks ago when i custom designing a pair of shoes online. why not give these kids an opportunity to do the same thing and raise money for them? >> one pair of shoes will get signed by the kids and mcadoo and ralphled for the boys and girls clubs. we've been hearing a lot about the warriors going for that nba record for wins.
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another bay area team, abc 7 found one team that's winning softball games one after the other and is about to reach a huge number. >> reporter: it's been business as usual for the girls softball team at carlmont high school, 14-1 this eeven. >> we're girls but we play hard. >> reporter: those are the rules on jim ligget field. a coach with a reputation. >> tough love. >> reporter: the winningest softball coach in california history, with one more victory, his teams will reach the 1,000 mark. >> you have to win some games when you've been there as long as i have. >> reporter: after a career in professional baseball, he began coaching the boys. it was here, with the girls, that ligs, as they call him, has
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made the strongest impression. why do you think he likes coaching the girls? >> they cry a lot more. i think my first year i had everyone on the team crying. >> reporter: not anymore. or so they tell us. >> he has calmed down in his older age. >> reporter: since everyone is obsessed with 1,000 wins, here are other numbers to consider. 28. the number of league championships he has won. 50%. that's about how many players go on to play in college. 40. that's how many received scholarships. when we asked coach today, he gave us another statistic he's even more proud of. >> our current team has a gpa combined over 4.00. >> reporter: one last note, coach ligget will be retiring at the end of this season. >> it's hard to leave but it's the right time. >> reporter: like it or not, expect a few more tears. from belmont, wade freeman.
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let's talk about the weather forecast. things are changing right again. >> here with all the details. >> early morning mist, and afternoon delight -- afternoon sunshine. low clouds now amassing along the coastline. looking westward. check them out. currently 60 in san francisco. san jose, 65. 65 half moon bay. well, there was a view just seconds ago. you can actually see some clouds beginning to move out over the city. currently all we can see are the clouds. 59 degrees up north. santa rosa. 63 napa, 66 fairfield. concord, 65. 64, livermore. these are our forecasts. we can them.
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little bit sunnier tomorrow. showers will develop late sunday night continuing into thursday morning. wet for thursday morning commute. this next approaching system ranks one. light in intensity, expecting it to produce 1500ths rain. breezy conditions along with the storm thursday. let's start the forecast animation wednesday night at 9:00. we'll have lots of clouds. late night and overnight, we'll see an area of showers and light rain, advancing southward and covering much of the central part of the bay area by 3:00 am. then the showers spread farther south by 5:00 am, start of the morning commute. still pretty wet. probably be wet over the entire area. but it will still be raining in the south bay, east bay and peninsula at 5:00 am. this system moves on out of here by 7:00 am. by 7:00 am thursday, rainfall totals ranging from .15 to .3
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across the bay in oakland. lows mainly in the low 50s. tomorrow's highs will be generally in the mid 60s around the bay. and upper 60s in our inland areas. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. come on, advance. there you go. we expect a big warming trend into the weekend. we'll see mid 80s inland. >> wow, geez. >> thank you very much. up next, a boost for california families and the new benefits coming to state
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one more week. this year's deadline falls on april 18th because there's a holiday in washington, d.c. on april 15th. >> that's also the deadline for companies to submit bids to buy yahoo!. that leads the bay area business watch. rumored to have interest from several parties, verizon communications, daily mail and time are all reportedly in line to buy. yahoo! stock gained slightly today up nearly 10% so far this year. dow lost 20 points to close around 17,500. nasdaq dropped 17. face book is rumored to have a new partnership with ticketmaster. users could start buying tickets
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by the end of this month directly through facebook. governor brown signed new legislation extending paid family leave for state employees. it gives new parents as much as six weeks off and up to 70% of their income. and also includes workers who have to care for a sick relative. the state law, which starts in 2018 offer employers six weeks for fully paid leave for new parents. well, as we've seen many times over the decades, governor brown is not one to mince words when it comes to his opinion. new at 6:00, hear his review of one presidential candidate. plus -- >> joining the smart phone revolution. the app that could help the economy and the planet ahead on abc 7 news. next, why some say a $5 billion penalty isn't enough to
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certainly not trivial, but it's not a whole lot relative to overall net earnings. >> the last of the big investment banks tied to the financial crisis has agreed tonight to pay a $5 billion settlement. just days after san francisco bay's wells fargo agreed to a $1.2 billion settlement, goldman sachs announced its own deal with the department of justice. >> no executive at goldman sachs is facing criminal charges. news reporter david lui breaks down what goldman did and who got hurt. >> reporter: the last of the big investment banks to pay a penalty for hurting so many victims from bay area schools to public employee pension funds. u.s. attorneys office said goldman would reclassify risky loans so they would appear acceptable even as an independent peer review raised red flags. >> 467 loans, 29% of the loans or over a quarter of the loans initially graded unacceptable were change bid goldman to an
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acceptable grade. >> reporter: even hollywood couldn't resist turning the financial crisis into a move. >> i the whole housing market is propped up on bad loans. they will fail. >> reporter: santa clara university economics professor alexander field says the $5 million penalty is small compared to the $34 billion profit. also surprised that no one is facing any criminal charges. >> no criminalage acknowledgement. no individual has been punished or required to zpurge any bonuses that they received by selling these securities. >> reporter: no one has been singled out. >> there is not good evidence that this was some sort of scheme directed by somebody at a very high level at the bank. >> reporter: sequoia union high school was a victim when it invested in lehman brothers,
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losing bond money earmarked for school construction but later recovered $3.1 million. david lui, abc 7 news. three women who were not hurt when a balcony collapsed in berkeley are suing for emotional damages. media partner east bay times, reported the women had just walked off the deck seconds before it collapsed in june of 2015. then had to, quote, bear witness to the horrific accident. six people were killed. their other roommate was severely injured. the lawsuit alleges contractors ewed cheap materials in building the deck, didn't waterproof it for several months and management didn't properly inspect the deck before renting out the apartment. do you recognize this man and woman? they're wanted for the killing of a british tourist in san francisco. police just released these sketches today. the man is accused of a deadly stabbing and robbery in lower pacific heights in february. and he the woman then ran off with the victim's valuables. hamm died from his injuries a
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month after this attack, web manager for a company visiting relatives in southern california. dueling rallies in north carolina over the so-called bathroom law, which requires transgender individuals to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. >> we don't need bruce spring teen to come here and tell us -- >> it wasn't about the water cooler in the '60s. it's not about the bathroom today. >> limiting anti-discrimination protections for the lgbt community. rocker bruce springsteen dropped a concert. san jose base paypal nixed plans to expand in north carolina. naacp is asking state lawmakers to repeal the law. today marks the start of lgbtq appreciation week in san
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ramon at the campus of windemere ranch school. >> what we're talking about is four days for 10, 15 minutes each day. we're not talking all day long. so, it's probably less than an hour we're talking about this. and we talk about acceptance, respect for everyone. >> about 10% of the students will not take part in the class because their parents chose to opt them out. no primaries take place this week. next contest in the race to determine presidential nominees is in new york next tuesday. california is among the final states to hold a primary on june 7th. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is looking ahead while both donald trump and john kasich held an event in new york. summing up quite quickly why he's in california. >> california will decide the republican nomination for
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president. >> governor brown was asked about cruz's visit today and didn't mince words when sharing his opinions. >> not given it a lot of thought to senator cruz. i marvel at the fact that he got out of harvard and had so many lame ideas. both democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, are in new york with campaign events. it has caught the attention of governor brown. >> looking forward to the debate. as a super delegate, i'm super interested. >> super delegates aren't bound to candidates and make their official decisions at the national convention. brown said he hasn't decide who to support. for the first time u.s. secretary of state is visiting hiroshima, japanese city devastated by an atomic bomb in 1945. john kerry paid his respects to the victims at a memorial of the hiroshima bomb.
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>> it is a stunning display. it is a gut wrenching display. it tugs at all of your sensibilities as a human being. >> secretary kerry did not offer any apologies for the bombing. the purpose of his visit to japan was to join in talks on denuclearization and terrorism. a trucker's turn time. >> that's how long a truck is spent inside a terminal, loading or unloading. >> next, new technology tracking that time. plus -- >> certainly wouldn't hurt if more people were aware and more people asked their mechanics for these kinds of brakes. >> new on abc 7 news at 6:00, what you should maek sure
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a cartoonist whose work appeared in "the new yorker" frequently passed away, suddenly dieing in a car crash in kentucky friday. best known for targeting the wealthy. here are some of his cartoons for "the new yorker." hamilton was 76 years old. charges will be filed against dog whisperer er cesar
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milan after a dog bit a pig during his series. the pig didn't need any medical treatment for the injury. if you own a smart phone, chances are it came to this country on a container ship. >> but the industry that loads and unloads those ships hasn't been using cutting-edge technology. that is, until now. >> jonathan bloom explains how it's helping truckers save time wan app that rolls out next month. >> reporter: you could say the port of oakland was built on innovation. >> putting things in containers was a big innovation, probably the biggest. >> reporter: half a century ago. the industry that moves those containers -- >> it's one of those industries, you know. it's an old-fashioned, mom and pop industry. >> reporter: trucks, making their way in and out of giant shipping terminals to drop off one container and pick up another. >> customers think it's like picking up a burger at a fast
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food restaurant and it's not. >> reporter: lines at each terminal could be anywhere from minutes to hours. from the street it's hard to tell. >> if they had an option to access a line that was 45 minutes versus 15, they'll choose the shorter line. >> reporter: soon they'll have that option with an app. >> average wait time is 41 minutes. >> reporter: for each terminal, how long they'll wait outside and inside the gates and whether the wait is getting longer or shorter. >> different move to a terminal that's not so congested and better utilize the workforce. >> reporter: tracking trucks is tougher than you might think. which ones are parked, which are waiting in line and which ones are just passing through. installed an entry and exit points, collect the data, part of the $350,000 investment by the port. >> large generator of jobs. handle a significant amount of cargo to the bay area and beyond. it's incredibly important we operate like a well-oiled
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machine. >> reporter: bigger cranes from asia, modernizing terminals to attract huge mega ships like the benjamin franklin. >> ships are bigger, faster, fuel efficient. >> reporter: now the trucks can be more efficient, too. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. california driver's brake for the environment and may not even know it. >> changing the brakes
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if you had the car brakes replaced recently, there's a very good chance you helped to improve water quality and didn't even know it. >> kristin sze reports on this environmental success story touched off by a bay area team that solved a longstanding mystery. >> reporter: back in the early 1990s, it was clear san francisco bay had a copper problem. >> parts of the bay couldn't even be fished, the fish were so full of copper that they were not fit for human consumption. they were trying to figure out where the copper was coming from. >> reporter: larry moore said scientists looked at everything from rain gutters to rat poison
6:46 pm
until auto mechanics helped to connect the dots. >> we noticed brake pads had copper in them. >> reporter: keeping their formula secret but the mechanics could see the copper. that turned out to be the clue that counted. every time we break, a little bit of dust is generated from our brake pads. whatever is in the brake pad ends up on our roads. that brake dust is full of copper. rain washes it down storm drains. then it flows into creeks and out to the bay. meredith williams is with the state department of toxic substances. >> getting that copper out of our water is really important. copper is a toxic to aquatic species from the bottom of the food chain, minnows, trout and even salmon. >> reporter: environmental groups and brake companies teamed up to research the problem. that led to laws in california and washington state, phasing out copper and other heavy metals from brake pads by the
6:47 pm
year 2025. brake pad companies are already taking action. >> 40% of the brakes on the market already comply with the goals that were set for the year 2025. >> reporter: larry's auto works has been installing the new pads for five years. they cost about the same as the old ones. >> there's no copper, nothing glinting back at you. >> reporter: compliance has been voluntary up till now. next year, california will finalize mandatory requirements. meantime you can help speed things up. >> certainly wouldn't hurt if more people were aware and asked their mechanics for these kinds of brakes. >> reporter: many mechanics may not know about the low-copper brakes yet. these symbols show what level of copper and other heavy metals are in the pads. this one, with the three dark leaves, is best for the environment. kristen sze, abc 7 news. >> that is good information. >> it is. time to check back on our
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weather. >> spencer christian is here with that. >> mainly a bright evening around the bay area. statewide, though, look for shower activity in the western part of the state, including much of the sierra. spotty showers down south as well. in the bay area we'll begin the day with pretty good round of morning cloud cover. by afternoon it will be mainly sunny with highs ranging upper 50s to mid 60s around the bay and upper 60s inland. rain chances over the week ahead. significant on thursday. system coming in wednesday night that will produce showers overnight into thursday. about a 70% chance of rain thursday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice that will be our one rainy day this week. we start to get a big warming trend toward the end of the week. i want to show you this. it's pretty. view of the western sky from emeryville. it doesn't play into the forecast. but, hey, it's pretty. >> we like it. >> stare at that all day.
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>> yeah. >> on to sports. of course, we've got a big week this week. >> oh, yeah. >> what are you talking about? >> big game happening wednesday. >> oh, the warriors, okay. historic run can place them in the nba record books yet again as they can eclipse the '95-'96 bulls regular season record with
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when the warriors lost to boston earlier this month, i think we all thought they would never eclipse the bulls' record. never doubt the warriors, turning around and beating san antonio twice, including last night to tie the matching number 72. they can set a new record of 73 wednesday night. most consecutive wins at home. the first team in nba history to have not lost back-to-back games all season. they want to set the new standard. you can see it in their faces last night. >> not nursing any injuries. don't put myself in a position to be a step slow on the
6:53 pm
playoffs. go out and take advantage of an opportunity that may never come again. >> never saw this my rookie year. knew we had a chance to be a good team but not maybe one of the best teams ever. it's surreal. we're trying to embrace, enjoy every moment we can. it goes by really fast. >> meanwhile, san jose sharks would like to do nothing more than win their first stanley cup. they face their biggest rival thursday, l.a. kings in round one of the playoffs. they missed the postseason last year. knocked out of the last two trips in 2013 when the sharks had a 3-0 lead. ten new players and coaching staff this season. they've met four times in the last six playoffs. >> i think every game we play, it's no secret both teams don't
6:54 pm
like each other. both buildings are electric, tough to play in. they're fantastic games to be part of. >> we're playing the l.a. kings in the playoffs. won two stanley cups in the last three years. i think that's motivation enough. >> joe could use a little manscaping on that beard. oakland a's in first place, hosting the angels. losing part of the rotation at least a year. felix dubrou in. t will have tommy john surgery tomorrow. he started out against the giants. tore the ligament during that inning. impressed during the spring to earn the fifth starting spot. last season he was 3-3 with five starts. first tommy john, expected recovery time is 12 to 18 months. after sweeping the mariners, a's showed up to find their charter plane had a giants logo on it. with this #are you kidding me?
6:55 pm
since the mavs were using the plane, a's were given a replacement that didn't go over too well with the organization. giants are off today, facing the rockies tuesday in colorado. setting a franchise record by hitting one home ren run in at least seven games. opening day lineup has had at least one hoper, including pitcher madison bumgarner. the surge is unexpected by bu they're not arguing with the results. >> we've got guys in the lineup capable of driving the ball out of the park. we're on a good role. hopefully, we can keep it up. >> i'm not going to sit here and say we're a power hitting team but we've got guys with pop. pitchers make mistakes, we'll jump on it. finally, bill dugan caught not one, not two, but five foul balls today. he says he has caught about 200 over the years and it's all about placement. he gave all five away to kids and says that's the best part.
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personal best was four foul balls. abc 7 sports report brought to you by arch ard hardware. odds of warriors losing to the grizzlies have to be pretty slim. warriors fans should appreciate this run. historical season you may never see again. something special, especially with an mvp with steph curry. cable channel 13. take you up to tahoe. locals are seeing something that hasn't happened in months. that's at 9:00. >> at 11:00, linda ronstadt taking the stage in the south bay three years after going public with her battle with parkinson's disease. we'll have a full report. >> that's all for now. for all of us here, thank you so much for joining us.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are an informal educator from baltimore, maryland... a latin teacher from alameda, california... and our returning champion -- a tax accountant originally from canyonville, oregon... whose one-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, as you just heard, ricky had a very impressive debut on "jeopardy!" -- $25,599. could happen to catherine. could happen to thaddeus.
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we'll find out in thhalf-h. here we go. categories in play as of now are... next... followed by... sports. and finally... each correct response will contain those letters. ricky, off you go. we'll do who wants a beer? for $200. thaddeus. what is budweiser? yes. entomologist's dictionary for $200, please. ricky. what is colony? colony is right. let's do who wants a beer? for $400. thaddeus.


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