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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. the search for survivors after the deadly quakes. the one-two punch in japan, the second jolt even stronger than the first. roads split open. huge mudslides. hundreds of aftershocks, buildings cracked and crumbling and the race right now to rescue people trapped in the debris. the death toll rising by the hour. fight for new york. just days before the crucial primary, donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton. >> wall street owns hillary clinton, wall street, remember. on that i agree with bernie sanders. >> clinton upping her game. rubbing shoulders with the clooneys. plus, bernie's big visit heading to the vatican and meeting with the pope overnight. >> but he is a beautiful man.
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>> is this the boost he needs to take new york? tiger attack. a beloved zookeeper nicknamed the tiger whisperer mauled to death by one of the animals she cared for at a zoo in florida. guests evacuated from the scene. why did the tiger suddenly turn? and struck in the stands. >> look out. >> this foul ball hitting a fan in the face, medics along with the batter rushing to the scene. >> people are just a little more important than that game right there. >> why the protective netting didn't help at all. and good morning. it is a frantic scramble right now to rescue people trapped in the rubble after a pair of earthquakes. >> thousands of japanese army troops and other rescuers are in a race against time trying to save lives. in the midst of terrifying
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aftershocks, burning buildings, all of this with the threat of bad weather moving in. >> and look at this aerial video. this is a famous castle perched on a high wall, and that wall is collapsing beneath it. the damage is mind boggling in the country right now. the death toll rising even though officials admit they don't even really yet know how many people have been killed or injured. >> and abc's joohee cho is right there in the middle of it reporting now from kumamoto, japan. joohee, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. we're at a shelter near the epicenter where residents here are bracing for more aftershocks. already over 200 felt so far in the wake of the deadly pair of earthquakes that jolted one of the nation's most populated islands. death toll still rising and the injured streaming into hospitals. before residents could recover, it happened again. japan rocked by another earthquake saturday morning. the quake devastating the region, landslides swallowing roads and buildings. look at how this highway crumbled. the ground beneath this historic castle collapsed.
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this bridge snapped in half and transportation at a standstill, the airport damaged and trains derailed. this region rocked first by a 6.2 magnitude thursday night before saturday's 7.3 level quake. >> stay in a safe place until the tremors stop. >> reporter: scenes of chaos and devastation with broken glass scattered, concrete crushing cars, and firefighters battle blazes of burning structures. >> 20% of all medium to large-scale earthquakes on the earth take place in japan, and that's because japan sits on the juncture of three earthquake faults. >> reporter: nearly 70,000 have fled their homes. emergency crews evacuating patients from this hospital fearing it could collapse. a race against time for rescuers searching for the hundreds reportedly trapped underneath the debris tirelessly combing through leveled buildings including this college dormitory with students stuck inside.
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in a light of hope in the destruction, crews miraculously saving this baby girl buried beneath the rubble. experts are now cautiously watching this volcano, which began spewing ash, and officials are keeping a close eye on a nearby nuclear power plant. the country is still on edge after five years, memories of the tsunami, the powerful quake and the fukushima meltdown are still fresh in people's minds. paula. >> all too real, joohee, thank you. and it is countdown to the new york primary, which is on tuesday, just three days away, but the front-runners are nowhere near the empire state. hillary clinton, she's raising some cold, hard hollywood cash while rival bernie sanders takes the detour to the vatican and david wright is on the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. a detour to the vatican where he actually met the pope. but let's be clear. this was not a papal endorsement of bernie sanders. more of a sanders endorsement of pope francis. the crucial new york primary just a few days away, it's a must win for both democrats, and yet both of them spent the day
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thousands of miles away consulting with higher powers. no pictures yet, but as he left the papal residence this morning, bernie sanders was glowing after a brief audience with pope francis. >> he is a beautiful man, and there is a radiance that comes from him. it was a very, very wonderful moment to me. >> all: bernie, bernie, bernie. >> reporter: sanders had gone to vatican city on a wing and a prayer unsure they'd actually meet, no promises given, accepting an invitation to speak at a vatican conference on the economy and the environment. >> and i have been enormously impressed by pope francis speaking out and his visionary views. >> reporter: pope francis begged off the conference citing his trip to lesbos today to meet with syrian refugees, but sanders spent the night at the vatican guest house where pope francis lives leading to this brief audience. >> he is one of the great leaders in modern world history
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in my view. >> reporter: not to be outdone, after brushing up on her domino skills in new york, hillary clinton seized a moment to slip away and squeeze in a pair of glitzy california fund-raisers hosted by george and amal clooney. sanders supporters were there to greet her at the first fund-raiser last night in the bay area banging pots and pans. >> $27. >> reporter: for his part sanders pointedly launched this new ad to coincide with clinton's fund-raisers highlighting the fact that his contributors tend to give more modest sums to his campaign. >> 27 to transform america. >> reporter: 27 bucks is the average donation from sanders' supporters to him. tonight those clinton fund-raisers are giving north of 33,000, but the price includes dinner and a selfie. >> well, there you go. the price of selfies i guess just went up, didn't it? >> dinner and a selfie. welcome to campaigning in 2016. david, thank you. on the republican side donald trump is doing something surprising this morning. he's agreeing with bernie sanders. abc's devin dwyer on trump's
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latest salvo and why ted cruz is leaving the empire state just days before the crucial primary. devin is on the campaign trail in syracuse, new york. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. after his loss to ted cruz in wisconsin, donald trump is looking to tuesday's new york primary to start a new chapter in his campaign getting back to winning and taking on hillary clinton. this morning, donald trump's in an empire state of mind. >> folks, we need a change, but not an obama change, we need a real change. we don't need hillary clinton who is a disaster. >> reporter: trump's turning up the heat on fellow new yorker hillary clinton. he's so far ahead in the state, he's wandering into the democratic debate. >> wall street owns hillary clinton, wall street, remember. on that i agree with bernie sanders. >> reporter: but rival ted cruz says trump is a fan of other prominent new york democrats.
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a new cruz tv ad hammers trump for his kind words about new york city mayor bill de blasio. trump hasn't spent a dime on tv advertising in new york and holds a commanding lead. >> god bless the great state of new york. >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz is ditching new york today to try to win over gop delegates where trump has not campaigned. >> when i'm done here, i'm getting on a plane and flying to the state of wyoming. >> reporter: this as trump continues to question the fairness of the delegate selection process. >> the republicans want to play cute with us, right? if i don't make it, you're going to have millions of people that don't vote for a republican. they're not going to vote at all. >> reporter: now, while ted cruz and john kasich both prepare for a contested convention, donald trump this morning says he's begun softening the tone of his campaign to unify the party telling the new york newspaper, "newsday," quote, i said things that were a little bit too tough, paula. >> all right, we're seeing that 180. devin, thank you. and we want to bring in abc's political analyst matt dowd. matt, thanks for joining us.
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i want to start out on the gop. this is turning to be an ugly feud between the gop and trump. he wrote an op-ed saying that the process was rigged but the party responded and i want to read this to you, quote, each process is easy to understand for those willing to learn it. it ultimately falls on the campaigns to be up to speed on these delicate roles. have you ever seen anything like this before? they're eating their own. >> absolutely. this is unprecedented. but basically the guy that wants to lead the team is attacking the entire team in the course of this. he's trying to do a hostile takeover of the gop. he's like carl icahn of the politics right now. he's trying to take it over. you've never seen anything like this. trump is right. the system is rigged and the rnc is right is the rules were known. so both sides were right and how this feud ends up, turns up, we'll see at the convention in cleveland. >> it could sabotage their own party. to the democratic side and bernie sanders has won seven of the last eight contests. we have a big primary on tuesday here in new york. but do you think this could be his final stand? >> yes, i think the only shot he has left anymore is to change the dynamics of the race.
7:10 am
math is against him. he's got going to get the delegates he needs in the course of this before the convention, so he has to change the dynamics of this race. that's why i think he went to rome and had his meeting and did his speech over there. bernie's great adventure continues but he has to win new york or the race is over. >> great analysis. always great to have you in the studio. >> great to be here. >> okay, dan. >> i want to remind everybody that they're going to have a big show tomorrow on "this week." matt will be there, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders joining george stephanopoulos to talk about the primary in new york, t-minus three days until that. so much more coming up tomorrow on "this week" right here on abc. magnitude, thanks again. we turn now though to the horrifying story of the tiger whisperer. she was a seasoned employee of the palm beach zoo mauled by one of the animals she loved. the zoo evacuated, and abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story. eva, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan. this is something the zookeeper did every day, going one-on-one with these tigers preparing them for their day, but this time one of the tigers turned on her. now, investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. this morning, a florida zoo is closed after a tiger attacks and kills a veteran zookeeper. >> we've lost a family member. >> reporter: a malayan male like this one shown in this zoo video mauling lead keeper, stacey konwiser. the palm beach zoo declaring a code red after the attack. all guests evacuated, many huddling in the gift shop. emergency crew airlifting konwiser to a nearby hospital where the 37-year-old was later pronounced dead. zoo officials say guests were never in any danger. the attack happening behind the scenes in a closed in area. >> there was no public involved whatsoever. the cat was contained. they notified people, shut the zoo down. the animal was not out in the open. >> reporter: konwiser was working side-by-side with the big cats in the night house where they sleep preparing the zoo's afternoon tiger talk like the one in this youtube video posted by the zoo. the veteran keeper called the
7:12 am
tiger whisperer by her co-workers had been at the palm beach zoo for three years. >> this is an incident that happened. it's beyond rare. we have an important job here to educate our public about the animal world. >> reporter: and that's a lot of what she was doing. konwiser's husband also works as a keeper at the zoo where counselors are now on hand. no word at this point when that zoo will re-open. >> and jack hanna is right. this is incredibly rare, but these are wild animals. you always have to be careful. eva, thank you. a lot of other news this morning, and for that, as always, let's turn it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan, paula. good morning, everyone. we begin with pope francis' emotional meeting with refugees in greece. abc's terry moran is on the island of lesbos following the papal visit. good morning to you, terry. >> reporter: good morning, ron, and we're just learning of this extraordinary move by pope francis coming to the front lines of europe's refugee crisis and bringing home with him to rome three syrian refugee families to live in the vatican. a surprising move but typical of this pope trying to set an
7:13 am
example for other world leaders, especially european leaders, do the same thing. all this coming after his visit to the main detention camp here for refugees, thousands of them living in an old prison, pretty grim. we saw emotional scene, a man falling to his knees sobbing, broken. the children rushing forward with their drawings, all part of this moment where francis came to bless the parties where so many have died. practically doesn't have much pow story change things but he is trying to move the debate with his powerfully symbolic gestures in the direction of love. >> okay, terry moran, thanks for that report from greece traveling with pope francis. back here at home, a shooting in temple hill, maryland, just outside of washington, d.c. leaves one firefighter dead, another critically injured. firefighters responding to a call asking to check on a sick person who could not be contacted. when no one answered the door
7:14 am
when they showed up, the fireman along with the person that called them went into the house and that is when shots were fired. the shooter was believed to be the person they were checking on who is now in police custody. and the nba calling a north carolina law affecting what public restroom transgendered people can use, they said it was problematic, however, they have no plans as of now to move next year's all-star game from charlotte, north carolina, this after an outcry from fans and basketball stars like charles barkley demanding that move. friday the acrobatic theatrical group cirque du soleil said it would cancel all its scheduled performances in north carolina because of that controversial law. in new orleans, hundreds of football fans and dozens of former teammates of will smith, the former new orleans saints star who was killed last week showed up to say good-bye holding a public visitation inside the team's practice facility. smith's wife, who was also wounded in that incident attended that memorial along with the couple's three children. a suspect has been arrested. smith's funeral will take place later today.
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and the coast guard had to rescue three people from a stranded sailboat off the coast of georgia after they lost steering control in strong winds and rough surf. search and rescue teams and a helicopter were able to lift the three men to safety. they were treat ed for dehydration and seasickness. and finally, a pet duck in wisconsin gets his waddle back thanks to some high-tech feet. his name is phillip the duck, and he's learning to walk again after being fitted with synthetic webbed feet designed using a 3d printer. the duck lost both of his feet to frostbite. once phillip has mastered walking, his owner hopes he'll be swimming next at an animal sanctuary that will be his home. this happened -- listened to this -- an hour before he was supposed to be put down. >> you're kidding. >> they saved his life. happy story. happy ending. >> that's phenomenal. >> and the material called ninja flex that they use to put on his feet like a ninja duck. >> i love it. >> by the way, kayna whitworth, it's great to have you here. in for sara. what's it called? ninja flex. >> ninja flex. so, i need that basically on everything i own, i think.
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>> well, we have our own resident ninja. his name is rob marciano. he's in washington, d.c. right now, rob, it's all about those famed cherry blossoms, correct? >> yeah, that we're celebrating the natural cherry blossom festival. the parade is today. it's kind of the final weekend of the festival itself that goes on for about three weeks. behind me they're blowing up the balloons. it's like thanksgiving here. i think that's strawberry shortcake. i should know that but you got balloons and you've got floats. of course, you got marching bands. this is the mitchell high school marching band from new port richey, florida. what a beautiful backdrop, the washington monument here on the mall. the sun coming up. going to be a fantastic day. here are the tamago dancers. they're going to be on with the tamago drummers dancing throughout the parade. we celebrate japan because they gave us 3,000 cherry blossom trees back in i think 1912. they lined them all. they line the tidal basin and it's just a spectacular site when they're in full bloom. but because it was so warm this
7:17 am
yearm they bloomed a little bit on the early side. all right. let's talk a little bit about weather. spectacular tornadoes yesterday across southeast colorado. this one in eads. no damage done but a great day to chase, no doubt about that. we're going to see more in the way of severe weather today. this is the radar, heavy rain on the east side of it. heavy snow on the back side of it, and as the front slowly moves off to the east, that's when the severe weather will fire up tonight into tomorrow morning and then again on monday getting closer to dallas, there's going to be a flash flood threat as we go through time there and heavy rainfall, maybe 5 or 6 inches northwest of dallas. we'll look for flash flooding possible there through monday. and the snowfall will be upwards of four feet in the mountains. a winter storm warning for denver this morning with maybe a foot there especially in the suburbs.
7:18 am
>> all right. bring it, bring it. here they are. in all their glory, it's the national celebration of spring, guys. i even broke out the purple getup. live from washington, d.c., we'll be back here in about 15 minutes. back to you guys in new york. >> rob is a wonderful conductor. isn't he? >> yes, he is. he works well with a horn accompaniment. >> all right. >> someone needs to tell him you're not supposed to wear white. >> i can't hear a word you're saying. >> he's not supposed to wear white what? >> before memorial day. >> before memorial day. that's changed though. the rules have changed. i can't believe i know that. >> you're the fashion expert apparently. >> don't ask me. >> when it comes to fashion there are no rules anymore, right? you set the standard, so go with that.
7:19 am
>> he's okay then. >> yes. well, today marks a really big day for basketball fans. one more reason to sit on the couch, dan, okay, the nba playoffs tip off, 16 teams are in. for many of the regular season it's been a mere formality. the big question, though, which one of them has a legit chance to take down masters champs, we're talking about the golden state warriors and their star player steph curry. espn "sportscenter" anchor kevin negandhi has more on what's ahead. kevin, first and foremost, it's great to have you here in studio for us this morning. >> paula, it's good to be here. thank you for having me. a year after beating lebron james in the final steph curry is unseeding king james in popularity. according to a recent espn sports fan poll, curry has jumped ahead of lebron as the league's number one favorite player, and like his shooting range, curry's popularity has no limits. no matter where he is on the court, steph curry can beat you. >> bang, bang, oh, what a shot from curry. >> reporter: smashing records and leading the league in scoring, curry could become the nba's first ever unanimous mvp winner.
7:20 am
while lebron james looks like a 6'8" comic book superhero, the 6'3" curry is doing it with ridiculous shooting range and dribbling skills that kids like noah cutler want to imitate. >> so much of what steph curry does, people can identify with. handling a ball, shooting the ball, he very rarely dunks. he's not flying through the air. steph curry and now a whole legion of players like him realize that dribbling and shooting the three-pointer can make you a champion. >> three, perfect. >> i want to be great. i want to be the best i can be. >> one out of every five avid nba fans name curry as their favorite athlete but popularity at home may be a little different. his young daughter riley stole many of the postgame headlines during last year's playoffs. >> oh, daddy -- >> you're going to be -- >> -- quiet.
7:21 am
>> now, curry is the face of the nba and the defending champion warriors. but the biggest test on trying to become the best team ever begins today in the playoffs. >> we just know we have a good thing here, and we want to take advantage of it and keep pushing the envelope. >> by the way, that special michael jordan's bulls team in 1996 went 15-3 in the playoffs, finished 87-13 overall. the warriors need to win a championship and go 16-4 to finish with a better combined record. >> as a proponent of meditation, i can't help but notice that both the bulls of the '90s and the warriors of today have a real focus on the mental game. >> yeah, phil jackson was the head coach of that bulls team. one of his former players, steve kerr, who is the head coach of the warriors. so they do the whole meditation thing, and this past year their top three core values, joy, mindfulness and compassion. >> that sounds like the core values of "gma" weekend. >> yes, as those are our core values. absolutely. >> and beating the spread. >> exactly. >> kevin, it's great to have you. >> thank you very much. >> come on back sometime soon.
7:22 am
and, remember, everybody, it's a full day of playoffs on abc and espn, rockets against the warriors and oakland starting at 3:30 eastern. and coming up here on the show, the baseball fan hit in the stands even though there was protective netting in place. how that ball managed to make it through and how the fan is doing this morning. plus, will and kate's taj mahal visit as they wrap up their tour to india and how it's being compared to princess diana's visit almost 2 1/2 decades ago. we're right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. severe weather, flash floods and a major snowstorm on the way. the rocky mountains bracing for up to four feet of snow. hundreds of flights canceled in and out of denver. texas, oklahoma and kansas expecting torrential rain, hail and tornadoes. >> and they're issuing fines for seat hogs in the bay area. san francisco transit police, they are set to start giving out fines to people who take up more than one seat on the train, so, seat hogs, beware. repeat offenders could pay up to 500 bucks. also pop star prince rushed to the hospital after his jet makes an emergency landing in illinois. tmz is reporting that the "purple rain" singer has been battling the flu for several weeks and is now resting back at home but the
7:31 am
flu is going around and this particular strain seems like it's pretty hard to kick for a lot of people. >> pulling for prince this morning. and coming up, speaking of prince, prince william and kate wrapping up their tour to india with a visit to the taj mahal. the event bringing back memories of william's mom, princess diana, who was photographed there 24 years ago. but first here, a disaster at a baseball game in florida. >> a batter hit a foul ball. it then struck a woman in the stands, and the ball apparently sailed through a tiny opening in the protective netting. abc's marci gonzalez is here with the story. hi, marci. >> good morning, guys. fans sitting behind that notice netting thought they were protected but a gap barely bigger than a baseball created this unforeseen danger for that woman, and this morning she is recovering after taking a hit right to the face. >> look out. >> reporter: overnight a baseball fan in tampa bay carried out on a stretcher after she was struck by a foul ball stopping the game for several minutes as medics rush to treat her. rays outfielder steven souza jr.
7:32 am
who hit the foul ball seen here visibly concerned about the fan's well-being. >> the human side of him showing there where he was concerned. >> reporter: even walking into the stands to check on her as she was taken away. >> people are just a little more important than that game right there, and that woman's health is way more important than my results in that game. >> reporter: an estimated 1,750 fans are hurt by runaway hits and flying bats every year. often in stadiums with little to no protection between the field and the stands. >> ooh, back in the seats. >> reporter: last year this detroit fan stretchered off in a neck brace after taking a foul to the head. >> they will take her out of the ballpark now. >> reporter: and at fenway park last june, tonya carpenter severely injured after a broken bat flew into the stands then just a month later stephanie wapenski struck by a foul ball. >> the fact that i got hit between the eyes reflects i couldn't have been looking more
7:33 am
flushly at what was going on. >> reporter: after a rash of high-profile spectator injuries, the league issued new recommendations to extend the protective netting beginning this year. unfortunately, it wasn't enough to protect this woman last night when the speeding ball went through a small opening and fired into the second row. and a hospital spokesperson says that woman is in stable condition and will undergo facial surgery later today. yeah, souza says he hopes to visit her in the hospital and you could see just how badly he felt. >> yeah, it was a really compassionate response. we're pulling for her, as well. thank you, marci. appreciate it. let's check the weather now and back to rob marciano in the nation's capital celebrating the cherry blossom -- >> strawberry shortcake is flying. >> right. >> she's flying. >> she's alive. >> she just got better. >> hi, strawberry or shortcake. >> the glee, the glee from paula faris is like completely uncontrived glee. >> you don't understand. i love strawberry shortcake with all of my heart. i still have my sleeping bag from fourth grade. >> and she's now a national news anchor, ladies and gentlemen. >> well, i'll see what i can do. if i can pack that in the onboard carry-on for you, paula.
7:34 am
see you later on today and tonight. hey, celebrating the national cherry blossom festival, the parade is today and of course we're at the assembly here. look, it's the dogwood trail mix. good morning, ladies. >> all: good morning. >> they look beautiful. the antebellum dresses all colorful celebrating spring here and we've got the marching band, the washington monument. hi, diana mayhew, the president of the festival itself. we're so psyched. what makes this so much more different and exciting than other festivals around the world? >> no place else to be other than springtime in washington, d.c. but the nation's greatest springtime celebration. >> we've got dancers and drummers from japan. we've got the ladies from southern alabama, i mean, how many floats do we have and how many balloons do we have flying? >> about 15 floats, probably about 9 balloons, and there's over 5,000 participants in this parade today. >> one of which is this marching band saying "hit me with your best shot."
7:35 am
>> so we're ready to go. >> and the weather couldn't be better. >> thank you for that. i was hoping you would give me credit. thank you, diana. congratulations. participating in today's parade. she mentioned the weather is going to be perfect. you bet. not just here, but across the entire east coast. blocking pattern in place, high pressure, temperatures will be in the 70s, widespread, beautiful levels of humidity and as we go through the next couple of days, we're really going to see things crank up, especially in some of these bigger cities, temperatures approaching the 80-degree mark in philly, here in d.c., maybe even new york city, and that probably continues on right in through the middle part of the week. watching the severe weather threat, this is all jammed up because of the beautiful weather we're enjoying here in the east coast, several rounds, so several round, several
7:36 am
>> this weather report is brought to you by nexgard. thanks, guys. you guys sound awesome. you look terrific. the tamagawa dancers and, of course, the dogwood trail mix. just three items in what's going to be a spectacular day. i'm here with wjla, abc 7 to help our affiliate down here. it's going to be a broadcast that you may be able to see at some point in your local area. dan, paula, back up to you. strawberry shortcake is looking good. but i don't know if i can fit her in my bag, paula, so forgive me if i don't make that happen. >> can you try and let me just apologize. i think i contained my composure now. >> no need to apologize. >> are you sure? that was a moment of freakout on my behalf when i saw -- >> beautiful. >> i will never let you forget it. >> embarrassing more like it. well, everybody, coming up on "good morning america," new memories for the royal family, prince william and kate, they follow in princess diana's footsteps. that story when we come back. that story when ♪
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there they are, prince william and kate wrapping up their whirlwind tour of india this morning with a visit to the taj mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. >> the image, a stark contrast
7:41 am
to when william's mother visited the stunning monument to love by herself 24 years earlier and separated from prince charles just a few months after. abc's lama hasan joining us from london with more. hi, lama. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, guys. well, this morning under the blazing sun, it's 105 degrees fahrenheit at the taj mahal today, a bittersweet moment for william as he retraces his mother's footsteps, he and kate sitting on the very same bench princess diana did in 1992. the prince saying he wanted to visit a place where his mother's memory is kept alive but make new, happier memories with kate. this morning, the moment we've been waiting for, william and kate touring the monument of love, the taj mahal sitting on that iconic bench just as diana did 24 years ago. >> she'd be glad to see that her son seems to have found contentment in his marriage that eluded her and prince charles. >> beautiful place, stunning design.
7:42 am
amazing. >> this spot is so significant because it's where i think people first realized that charles and diana's marriage was in real trouble so the photograph of her sitting alone on that bench became an iconic royal photograph. william and kate said they want to create new memories and i think that being here today showing the strength of their marriage, they're creating a new chapter in world history. >> reporter: the royal couple ending their visit to bhutan with a romantic hike to one of the world's most magical sites. >> it's an amazing experience. lucky to see such beautiful scenery. >> reporter: william making a vow to return. >> it would be lovely for the children to return with us. >> maybe when they're a bit older. >> reporter: the duke and duchess on their way back to prince george and princess charlotte. >> we're looking forward to seeing them but they're in good hands. >> reporter: a trip to remember, so many memories to cherish for the royal couple from the slums of mumbai to a night with bollywood royalty, and who could forget feeding baby elephants and rhinos, not to mention the extraordinary day they had with the king and queen of bhutan. so, that's it, folks.
7:43 am
it's been a whirlwind tour of india and bhutan, the duke and duchess packing in more than 20 engagements on this trip full of picture perfect photo-ops, so now it's time to put their feet up as they head home to see their two little ones, and i bet they can't wait, dan, paula. >> yeah, although being with the two little ones as you know as a new mom probably not a position where you put your feet up. not relaxing at all. >> no. >> good point. thanks, lama. coming up on "good morning america" actor chris hemsworth reveals his brush with death. that's straight ahead in "pop news" with kayna whitworth, everybody. stick around. we're right back.
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and just realizing now it's april 16th and you didn't get your taxes in on the 15th, don't panic. the actual tax deadline this year is monday, april 18th. giving us last-minute tax advice is rebecca jarvis, abc news chief business and economic correspondent. now, what if you didn't make it and can't make this deadline coming up on monday. what do you do? >> there's good news. you file for an extension. ron, it's form 4868 on the irs website,, you go and you fill out the form. the key here, though, is that you pay by april 18th to the federal government what you think you owe in taxes, that way you won't face big fees and penalties down the road. >> okay, and, rebecca, if you are due a refund, how soon may you expect to get it? >> the irs says the average refund this year is going out within 21 days. on average it's about $3,000 so there's an incentive there to file because most people are getting refunds this year. >> and if you don't file are you likely to end up in prison like al capone did for tax evasion? >> the chronic nonfilers will face criminal prosecution.
7:48 am
but for the majority of people, the real issue is if you owe the government money, you will face penalties for not paying that money by tax time. if you're owed a refund, you have three years to file those taxes and collect the refund. >> okay, rebecca jarvis with some last-minute tax advice and coming up next, "pop news." last-minute tax advice and last-minute tax advice and coming up next, ♪ last-minute tax advice and coming up next, (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. opioid-induced constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation, which may need a different approach. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. ♪ lowe's oanyone can haveee a beautiful garden. finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy. now get one pint annuals 5 for $5, at lowe's.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. >> all right. it's time for "pop news." paula and ron are having an argument over there so, kayna, i will pay attention. kayna is in for sara haines this morning. very happy to have you. >> great to have you, kayna. >> it's so nice to be here, everybody. i think chris hemsworth is a pretty good place to start for "pop news." >> i think he is too. >> you know, he might play a superhero on the big screen but not even the god of thunder could defeat the himalayas opening up on "jimmy kimmel live" about how he suffered from altitude sickness and nearly died while trekking in the himalayas with his wife. >> but apparently the oxygen in
7:53 am
my lungs, the next stage was oxygen in my brain and then good night. we wouldn't be sitting here. >> you need a new travel agent is what you need. >> that's what i said. >> a different vacation. he said that he started getting sick at 10,000 feet. by the time they reached 13,000 feet above sea level, he was basically losing his mind. >> whoa. >> and the conditions were not great either. it was cold, they had to sleep with their water bottles in their sleeping bags so their water wouldn't freeze overnight. >> that sounds like a great vacation. >> that's why you go to the beach on vacation. >> how tough is his wife, by the way? >> sounds pretty tough. she was totally fine. >> the whole time. and summer might be right around the corner, but you know winter is coming. the next season of "game of thrones" opens up april 24th, and the studio has decided its employees deserve some extra sleep for staying up late to watch the premiere. the hbo show airs at 2:00 a.m. in the uk to coincide with the broadcast here in the u.s. so this half day is vacation company policy, and they get that for the first episode of every season. it's included in their handbook listed as a perk. >> how nice. >> also listed, by the way,
7:54 am
warning to american workers, they're not allowed to spill any secrets that happened last season,so now only the president gets to view these before anyone else. >> yeah, well, i mean people get really angry when you release spoilers. on a show like that, for sure. >> i've had that date marked on my calendar for awhile. >> i'm so excited. it's date night again. >> winter is coming. what? >> it's date night again in our household. >> oh, nice. it's a romantic show, very, very romantic. >> put the kids to bed. and watch -- >> honey, the kids are in bed. let's watch people kill each other. >> hey, when you've been married 15 year, sometimes that -- >> yeah. so from the land of fire and ice to celebrities dripping in it, it was a girls night out for jessica biel, naomi watts, reese witherspoon accompanied by their friends, tiffany, the diamonds. ah. the jewelry company celebrating their bluebook party and made these ladies shine brightly with diamonds. and now new mom jessica biel saying she loved it all. >> these moments, you take your own. you do a couple of like silly,
7:55 am
silly, personal -- what are these called? selfies! that's mom brain for you. >> that is mom brain. >> absolutely. and speaking of selfies, this is one that reese posted saying, whoa, all these jewels, enough said. she said, what's better than having "breakfast at tiffany's," having dinner wearing tiffany's. >> i'm going to wear tiffany's the next time i watch "game of thrones." >> kayna whitworth, what's next on "pop news"? >> this story is for you, dan. it's one of my favorites, we've got a dad and daughter duo who summoned the force to pull out a wobbly tooth. watch this. >> i love you, chewie. >> wait a second. >> what. >> oh. >> ow. >> you just saw that. >> nice. >> nothing says family bonding quite like the "star wars" themed dental procedure that was the millennium falcon.
7:56 am
i don't know how many parsecs it took but that was it ripping out the tooth, saying, i love you, chewie. >> very good use of par secs. >> distance and not time. >> i have no idea. >> anyway, thank you. did a great job. see you tomorrow morning on "gma."
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning and thanks so much for joining us. let's start with a first look at the forecast. lisa is tracking the latest with live doppler 7. >> it is clear outside. nothing to pick up here but we're looking at not only a lot of sunshine, a wind shift. and that's going to allow for the winds to warm us up. north/northeast winds, high pressure building into the west coast. it's clear, looks a little hazy with 60 in mountain view. those winds already working on our cool morning temperatures. 45 in morgan hill, 54 half moon bay in san francisco and from our tower camera, nothing but sun today, some of the north bay communities will be the warmest around the bay today.


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