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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 18, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> another record-breaking day if the bay area. temperatures are on the way up. do not expect to see it lasting. >> kristen is off today. meteorologist mike nicco is up on the roof with how hot it will be. mike? >> that is a great question. let me show what you going on today. we start with temperatures right new in the 50s and 60s. we are on way, well into the 80s, even near the coast we will be in the upper 70s from time to time. now, as we head throughout the afternoon hours, you will see the temperatures staying in the 80s and the 70s at coast and by the evening back in the 60s. if you look for the areas that
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could possibly set a record today, here are two: san jose at 87, and oakland at 84. all of us are 15-18 degrees warmer than we should be. be represented for another record-set day. >> we want to see highway you beat the heat today without live, take a photo or said i don't and share it #abc7now. we could use it on air. >> friends and family and classmates mourn the loss of two teens swept away and presumed drowned at ocean beach over the weekend. our reporter is at their school at vallejo high school. >> one history teacher said open facebook he will do all he can today to help the students get through the tough time. the victims have been identified on social media by friends and by relatives. they are wayne saas and grissom durant. both 15. they drowned at ocean beach in
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san francisco on saturday evening. investigators say five teens walked arm in arm into the ocean together but a wave knocked their arms apart, and three of the teens made it back to shore and wayne and grissom did not. ocean beach is not safe for swimming. >> ocean beach is dangerous. there is a last current. heavy surf advisories often. our job is to make safety conducts with patrons and inform them it is not okay to swim here. >> wayne's brother posted this on facebook saying every day is mazing journey and life with you, brother, i'm not the best at gifting speeches but all my heart is saying i love you i know we have been through tough times but it hurts. he thanks g-r-i-s-s-o-m for being a true teen the one teen noticed that another team was struggling and went out to him
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him and they both disappeared. crews in santa rosa are scrambling to clean up a scene involving a tractor-trailer and three other cars that left live wires scattered across the road and put out power to 1,400 customers. the intersection is shut down and no word on when it will re-open. we have at night routes highlighted on green. if you stay route 12 northbound 101, and headed in from santa rosa use porter creek rod. the police officers association has a list witnesses it wants to testify on the culture of law enforcement. they have been defending the officer's actions since the district tomorrow convened a blue ribbon panel last year to investigate allegations of police bias and misconduct. today, they say it will submit a video taped deposition if retired san francisco police officer and former young
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president. now, the deposition includes allegations of the d.a. using racial slurs during a public dinner. >> people if san jose are concerned after two fire high traps in front of a burning townhouse failed, a step you will see only here. our cameras were there over the weekend with the charred damage to the complex that caught fire on saturday. the fire department said that the two nearest high traps did not work. the department said the water district is responsible. the president of the home owners association said neighbors repeatedly reported the problem. here is the fire. here is the fire hydrant. right here. look, look at fire hydrant. look at this. does that make any sense? >> the fire left two pets dead and four people burned out of their homes with no word on a cause. >> for the first time the anniversary of the 190 goes on without any living survivors,
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this morning hundreds gathered for a memorial service in san francisco. we were at union square with that story. tiffany? >> 110 years ago you saw fire and rubble surround me and today the people would attended the memorial wanted to remember the destruction and remember what it took to rebuild. >> silence and sirens and song. ♪ san francisco >> a 5:00 a.m. tribute to mark the devastating earthquake that ripped across san francisco 110 years ago. 3,000 died. hundreds of thousands were displaced. today, the resilience was honored. >> it is a big part of our history. >> this is the first anniversary without survivors the last then survivor passed away in january. three generations of his family attended the memorial in his honor. >> i heard stories about earthquake from the time i was little and it ties you in to
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director roots and color family and the city of san francisco. >> after gathering at the fountain the group moved to delores park and this helped save the mission district from fires that followed the earthquake. it is spray painted each year as a reminder. >> i want my son to understand that history is not just something out of the book with no relationship to your house. >> they went inside for break fast at lefty o'doul's where we caught up with fire chief hayes-white, with the 150th anniversary of the fire department, as they salute history, it, also, looks forward to the feud. hayes-white said they are ready for the next big earthquake. >> we know it is a matter of weapon, not if and we are in a vulnerable area. >> preparedness was a major part
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of the message at the memorial this morning, along with support for all of the victims of the easterns if japan and ecuador. >> speaking of ecuador, the death toll if the country from saturday's massive earthquake has risen to 350. we are hearing some of the survivor stores including from a bay area couple in the middle of their vacation. >> damage is immense in evening do from saturday's 7.1 earthquake. a drone captured video above an overpass that buckled during the shaking and crash on the street below. the red cross reports up to 100,000 people may need assistance. search-and-rescue teams in ecuador continue the efforts to find people trapped under the rubble. the national police tweeted out this photo of a dramatic rescue of a young girl with her mother on sunday. >> i have infinite gratitude to the ecuadoran people and the firefighters, or soldiers, our
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police and all workers would is not slept or eaten as they work hard to save lives. >> a couple from vallejo was vacationing in a small seaside town when the earthquake hit. >> we are from the bay area so we feelers but this was intense. more than anything we have felt in the bay area. >> alice and bill survived and took pictures of the damage. they were concerned about a possible tsunami that never came. >> at the half the buildings here are made of cement, sidewalls have tumbled down and bricks coming down on the side. all the help has arrived from mexico and spain and chile and venezuela and switzerland. secretary of state john kerry said the united states will also help in anyway possible. >> the united states military is joining efforts to help people devastated by a string of power ful earthquakes in southern japan with the death tomorrow at 42. 1,100 have been injured. crews are looking for survivors
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that are buried. sins thursday there have been 44 earthquakes 4.5 or larger including 7.0 earthquake on friday. game two of the nba playoffs could have to happen without steph curry tonight. and dubs nation said "bring it on." janet o is at oracle arena today. janet? >> we heard that steph curry did not participate in the shoot around which could be a bad sign but fans say even if steph curry has to sit it out they will be hear and this shirt said it all at far as the unconditional support, it is all about strength in numbers. there is no question they will win. >> fans pump to see them take on the rockets in game two. one player they may not see on the court along with the three pointers is steph curry. >> i want to see steph curry. >> the coach said his status is
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"questionable," after injuring i-right an circle on saturday. steph curry has been treated and taking it easy and did not practice yesterday. in the republican signature he only missed three games, the warriors won two of three of throws and one was against t rockets. >> we have gone through it before and we will be prepared for it? he is not available. >> fan say they not worried. >> in terms of how well they play without him they will do 8. >> they could win it all. houston is not that good. >> the worse have home court advantage but tonight is expected to be a sell out crowd with fans cheering them on every step. >> i have been following the as a die hard fan. >> if you can come come check out the tailgate three hours before tip-off with food, deejay
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, and photo booth along with the team store. >> if you come to the game tonight, doors open at 6:00 p.m. and you will get one of the souvenir t-shirts. if you not coming to the game but want to check out the tailgate party it starts at 4:15. it is free. take bart. you do not have to pay for pack ing. >> grab us one those shirts? >> a keeping it for herself. >> game two is tonight at 7:30 at or are and the soars shifts to houston for game three at 6:30 and game four on sunday at 12:30. if necessary, game five would come back here to oracle arena open wednesday, april 24. >> janet minute you could find it on ebay and pay full price. >> heart stepping video in houston with record-setting
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flooding. >> two power companies join forces and what is bringing the obamas together with the duke
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developing news in texas with flash flood warning, and look at this guy, his car is about to go under and he is crawling out and he has to make a swim. watch this.
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>> i thought it was a puddle. a puddle. >> what were you thinking? >> how do i get out? can i open the door? all the man did not want on give his last name said he was confuse asked not sure what to do until the reporter working for ktrk shouted for him to get to safety. now, when andy was driving into the water the reporter told him to turn around and andy panicked and did not think it would be so deep. you can see the car just exceptions moments after andy got into the water. thank goodness the reporter was doing the live sheet. amazing. >> england's prince william and his wife will post president and mrs. obama for a dinner at the united kingdom. the royals are alonging forward to welcome the president and
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first lady to the palace. william and kate have met several times and william visited the white house open a 2014 trip to the united states. the president and mrs. obama will have lunch with the queen on friday a day after the upon arc's 930th birthday. >> we can see this little boy getting creative with the blame game, the unlikely person he said was really causing father after he was caught red hands. >> i am blaming the heat meister for the record-setting seat and this could be rain that towns the heat off. >> what is in a name? the public is getting the last laugh about a brand new ship across the
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birds eye voila so veggie good >> los altos, antioch, post plume, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, a lesson for everyone, don't ask a question if you are not ready for the answer. especially if the answer is a national joke. you were look at picture of england's newest polar research going to be named body mcboat suggested by a federal radio host for the $284 million vessel, but that is what the public went for. >> absolutely. i am sure people are on their own boaty mcboats today on the
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by. >> a great day on the water, calm conditions and you do not get to see the bay look like glass but that is what you see behind me. temperatures are from 15-18 degrees warmer-than-average. look how dry live doppler hd is. if you have an umbrella you may want to use it. we did that on the baseball field in the stands and soccer field, yesterday we saw a lot of parents using umbrellas and the satellite hes the offshore breeze. we have a little bit of an onshore breeze now at the coast and you can see what it is doing to the democrat, at 64 and other areas already in the 70s and 65 in san mateo, and oakland is 68, but, check out los gatos at 82 on the way to 89 degrees, today, one of the warmer spots and from mount tamalpais we sue the backdrop to talk about our last chance for record highs, cooling by 20 degrees by friday and unsettled pattern will bring a chance of showers wednesday and thursday and friday and not
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a social just a chance of showers that will cool us off. enjoy, starting to the south, record high 88 in san jose, and record high at 87 in gilroy and 79 in santa clara and mountain view is record high 85, and cool in millbrae and 78 in pacifica, a farm spot, and 80 in downtown south san francisco, and sausalito at 77, and mid-70s at coast and mid-80s in the north bay valley, and richmond, 80 record high, oakland, record high, and 90 in antioch and brentwood. going to the game tonight, unat&t like with a light brief and at least seven at 7:15 dropping to 61 when the game is over. tonight, 40s in the north bay valley. the rest of the us in the low-to-mid 50s. a few high clouds. storm-impact scale is around and ranking the storms. this is going to be on the light side with our best chance of
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rain rolling in to friday's forecast. here is a look at the seven-day outlook, the 80s onlying on but they are gone by wednesday and the 70s are gone by friday. they return on sunday. the spring seesaw of temperatures are coming at you. there is not a lot of rain, however. >> mike, do you have air conditioning? >> yes. >> i will see you later. >> today is the debt line forbids interested in buying yahoo, verizon is looking to rebuild tear on-line ad business and the "wall street journal" reports that "time" magazine and at&t have decide not to along with google's party company citing sources close to the matter. the paint of daily maim is in talks with possible pans to make a bid for yahoo. >> if you have not filed the tax return, time is running out, until midnight tonight to submit them. the post offices will not have extended hours so plan
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accordingly. the deadline usually is april 15 but a holiday in washington, dc, pushed it back today. five million tax returns are expected to be filed today. >> this next boy finds him envelope a tough spot. what you to do? a mirror covered in lipstick and the mother saying, month does this? who the little guy claims
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>> coming up at 4:00, searching for the best baby stroller? which is the best for you at the right price. >> still not ready to file at 5:00? michael finney reveals what you need to do. right now. >> a little boy in scotland has a creative response after he got busted for using lipstick to write all over his mother's mirror. >> was that you that wrote? >> no. >> would was it? >> batman. >> would? >> batman. >> batman did it? >> batman did that. >> a way to get out of trouble, blame it on the dark knight. you really have no way of knowing who did it, no one was this with for cameras. mom said if anyone seeing bat map she would like to have a word. >> so cause. all the action sent makes it
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five times more duty. >> from all of us,s that for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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>> hey, everybody, in the next 30 minutes, you may be watching someone walk out of here with a very big check. get ready. it's time for "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. i'm chris harrison. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me too. let's do it. our first contestant grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with five people. he's here today so he can finally buy a house fit for a king. from the bronx, new york, please welcome ian pogue-mohammed. [cheers and applause] ian, how you doing, bud? good to see you. >> hey, man. >> welcome. ♪ welcome to "millionaire." you grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with five people? >> yeah. >> one bathroom, i assume. >> yeah. >> that's a lot. >> yeah. >> but growing


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