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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> have a great friday. making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, violence outside a trump rally. supporters and protesters clashing on the streets. a police car smashed. several arrests are made. and at least one trump supporter left bloody. we're live with the very latest. a tornado tears apart buildings and homes. we have video of the damage coming in. meanwhile, other areas are seeing so much hail, it looks like snow. we're tracking the severe storms on the move. caught on camera, a bear cub learns a hard lesson when it tries to jump through a closed window. and the first round of the nfl draft is in the books. see the number one pick appearing on "jimmy kimmel" and the must see fashion on the red carpet.
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good friday morning, everyone. we're going to start with what was a chaotic scene outside a massive donald trump rally in california. >> anti-trump protesters descended on an amphitheater in costa mesa where 18,000 people showed up to hear their gop front-runner. demonstrators jumped on squad cars, shattered windows, hurled bottles and clashed with people leaving the rally. one trump supporter was even pulled from his car, badly beaten and left covered in blood. >> quite a scene there. and while trump was on the west coast, a suspicious white powder caused a scare at trump tower in manhattan where he lives and works. the substance was discovered in an envelope that was addressed to him, but it was later deemed harmless. we get the very latest from abc's kenneth moton who is following developments from washington. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the numbers are still coming in but police in california arrested more than 20 people, and no mor injuries were reported as trump protesters and
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supporters clashed. overnight, stop trump demonstrators in the streets of orange county, california. >> i love this state. >> reporter: inside the pacific amphitheater in costa mesa, the gop front-runner rallied thousands. outside protests turned ugly. a trump supporter pulled out of his car and beaten. doughnuts in the street. people on cop cars. police in riot gear trying to keep control as people waving mexican flags protested donald trump's stance on immigration. >> we are going to have strong borders. we are going to build the wall. >> reporter: it was trump's first stop in california, which votes in june, but the next battle is in indiana. >> we are at the edge of a cliff staring downward. >> reporter: republican rival ted cruz needs a win tuesday, but the attacks against him keep coming, even from former house speaker john boehner, who told stanford university students what he really thinks of cruz. >> how about ted cruz? [ laughter ] >> lucifer in the flesh.
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>> reporter: on the democratic side, fewer fireworks. hillary clinton ha fund-raising off trump's remarks that she's playing the woman's card sending an actual card for donations. speaking of money, rival bernie sanders was in oregon again hammering away at clinton. >> you can't be for wall street and for the working people of this country. >> reporter: and it was the alliance that was over before it started. ted cruz and john kasich say they have no alliance to stop trump and that they say that they just agreed on where to focus resources to help their chances. kendis and diane. >> and, kenneth, we should point out so far no reaction from trump to the riots overnight, but he's promising to be back in southern california. kenneth, thank you for that report. we turn our focus to the other story we're following, the new round of severe weather slamming much of the country from the southern plains to the mid-atlantic. >> now for torrential rains and flash floods to tornadoes, at least 18 of them have been reported across six states from
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california to kentucky. this damage just outside of indianapolis was caused by a suspected tornado uprooting trees and flattening homes. >> watch and listen to that. this was the scene just north of amarillo, texas, the skies feeling like they were tumbling down in this massive hailstorm. >> and the latest radar images show those storms are still far from dissipating. that major system is marching east. it stretches nearly 1,200 miles from the southeast up into the great lakes region. >> accuweather's justin povick joins us now with the very latest. good morning, justin. >> diane, kendis, thanks, and good morning to you, as well. we're tracking a big storm system over the south plains. later on today i think there could be more tornadoes, reports of damaging winds and also large hail. that's from oklahoma city to dallas. further north and west heavy snow impacting denver with up to a half a foot before it's all said and done. showers also continuing throughout the northeast causing travel delays from new york city to d.c.
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diane, kendis, back over to you. >> our thanks to justin there. the fda has granted emergency approval for the first commercial tests for the zika virus. until now patients asking for zika virus blood tests had to go through government health departments. well, now this new test developed by quest diagnostics should be available to doctors across the u.s. in the coming week with results available in three to five days. three people with ties to the couple responsible for the terror attack in san bernardino are in federal custody this morning. the brother of shooter syed farook, raheel, his wife tatiana and her sister mariya are all charged with marriage fraud. they're accused in a scam to get a green card for mariya. they're not being charged with anything related to the december mass shooting that killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. well, the white house is condemning the new round of deadly violence in syria calling it abhorrent and immoral. in the city of aleppo, air strikes killed more than 60 people in just 24 hours and
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destroyed one of the last functioning hospitals. the u.n. is warning that food and medical supplies are running out putting aleppo on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. >> and north korea has sentenced a korean-american man to ten years of hard labor for espionage. kim dong chol was convicted this morning, six months after he was accused of spying and stealing state secrets. the verdict follows a conviction of another u.s. citizen, a university of virginia student sentenced to 15 years for anti-state activities. vice president joe biden is delivering a speech at the vatican this morning. he headed to rome after wrapping up an unannounced trip to iraq. this morning's address will focus on biden's cancer initiative. unlike the pope, the white house says the vice president will not discuss stem cell research. >> and while the vp was traveling, the president, well, he pulled off a big surprise in the white house briefing room leaving some college journalists with their mouths hanging open. >> oh, well. >> i hear there's some hot shot journalists here.
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you know, josh was speaking for me, and i wanted to make sure he was getting it right. how is it going, everybody? >> the president answered questions for more than a half hour, even promising one rookie reporter a future one-on-one interview and talked about enrolling 2 million more people in pay as you earn, helping students to manage loan repayments more efficiently. prince's death now a criminal probe with search warrants being issued. and a man storms a tv station wearing an animal costume and claiming to have a bomb. what was he demanding before a sniper ended the bizarre incident? plus, dramatic escape, a bus going up in flames. students inside evacuating in the nick of time.
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you're looking at the first moments after a group of students managed to safely evacuate their charter bus. look at that scene. that's before its engine burst into flames. that high school spanish club was on a field trip from champaign, illinois and they did make it to chicago but frightening indeed. investigators are trying to determine if prince's death was caused by an overdose. a source tells the associated press that they're also looking into whether a doctor was prescribing the singer drugs during his final weeks and if a doctor was on a plane with prince when it made an emergency stop a week before he died. the man accused in the road rage shooting death of former new orleans st. player will smith has been indicted on a second degree murder charge. cardell hayes also faces attempted murder for wounding smith's wife. hayes says he wasn't the aggressor and has pleaded not
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guilty to all charges. smith was shot seven times. his wife was hit twice. an oregon man accused of posting online threats against president obama is in federal custody. in one of those postings he allegedly said the president was, quote, barely worst the cost of a bullet. federal agents found several pipe bombs in his apartment which they dismantled. u.s. stocks start trading coming off the worst day in more than two months led by both apple's extended losing streak, a weak reading on u.s. economic growth and news that the bank of japan decided no the to jump-start its economy keeping interest rates unchanged. the dow dropped 210 points yesterday or just over 1%. las vegas may be closer to getting an nfl team. mark davis owner of the oakland raiders says he wants to move his team there. and is pledging $500 million toward a stadium but the city of oakland is saying not so fast. it's still working on a deal to keep the team in town and of
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course nfl owners get the last word on any potential team move. when we come back, the nfl draft, the first pick is in. he's on "jimmy kimmel" as well and one player got it later than expected likely because of a tweet that came out just before the draft started. a curious cub learning a hard lesson trying to jump through a window. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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a dust storm in arizona brought traffic on an interstate to a standstill in east tucson. the storm turned visibility to zero triggering multiple vehicle pileups and forcing the closure of interstate 10 near zansa san simone. the pileups involved one tractor trailer and more than a dozen vehicles. this sight was caught in napa valley over lake berry esa. they're essentially tornadoes over water. now for a look at morning road conditions. roads will be wet across a lot of the country's midsection with flooding conditions in the deep south. you'll see mountain snow over the rockies, wet roads in the pacific northwest and showers in the northeast. the threat could cause delays this dallas, houston, denver, kansas city as well as memphis.
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a man who ter rised a baltimore station for hours is in stable condition after police sniper finally took him down. >> showed up wearing an animal costume claiming he was rigged with explosives which police now say were just chocolate bars wrapped in foil. abc's pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: the terror starting at 1:20 p.m. a man enters a lobby of the fox affiliate claiming he has a bomb. he comes face-to-face with this security guard. what did the device look like? >> wires, wires to a circuit board leading to other grayish areas on his body that could potentially be explosives. he had a metal detonator in his left hand and that's why i couldn't determine whether it was fake or real. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the 25-year-old suspect dressed in an animal jumpsuit is rambling about the government and black holes saying while he doesn't want to hurt anybody,
4:17 am
he's ready to die. the employees seen evacuating the station while the security guard keeps the suspect calm for about 30 minutes in the lobby. the. >> man is walking out. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team approaches the suspect now outside. >> the man is out in the street. >> the first shot rings out. the suspect continues to walk forward. then a second shot and a the fourth one bringing him down. he is still alive but not cooperating. >> right now he still poses a significant public safety threat. >> reporter: a robot attempting to disarm. by 5 p.m. word he's being moved from the scene by ambulance. he is in the hospital in serious but stable condition. after all those hours of fear, those wires weren't covering a bomb, they were hiding candy bars. police say it looked just like the real thing and could take no chances. they're still investigating looking for a motive.
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pierre thomas, abc news, baltimore. >> now to a close call at the country's busiest airport where two passenger jets were put on a collision course. a delta flight was cleared going 140 miles per hour when another delta jet suddenly crossed the runway. the air traffic controller realized his mistake and ordered the pilot to abort takeoff. the first jet screeched to a halt just in time. the planes were a mile apart but at that speed that means they were just seconds from colliding. round one of the nfl draft is in the books. >> yes, so the number one overall pick was cal quarterback jared goff. he was chosen by the new los angeles rams, his first appearance as an nfl pro, "jimmy kimmel live." kimmel asked him what his plans are once he gets to l.a. do you have -- >> do you have any interest in being the bachelor. >> no. >> none at all, huh? >> no. >> do you have a girlfriend? can we get you a kardashian or
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something like that? >> made him feel right at home. he's played sever times while in the bay area. the eagles picked north dakota state's carson wentz as the number two overall pick. >> there was some controversy over the man who was picked 13th. laremy tunsil was projected to go much higher but he had to wait. get this after a video posted to his twitter account showed someone smoking something out of a bong gas mask. tunsil says someone hacked his account. he says the video was from two years ago and he called the incident and the video a mistake and it was a costly one. the salary difference between picks number 1 and 13th about $13 million. >> wow. but, of course, that's assuming he would have gotten picked first. >> not a lot of people were thinking he would. >> terrible timing on that. >> absolutely. up next in "the pulse," the early days of michele and barak. the trailer released for a movie
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. ♪ it is time to check "the pulse." and we're going to start with a first look at an upcoming movie about a young barack and michelle obama. the film is called "southside with you" and the trailer is now out. >> it's set in chicago on a hot summer day in 1989. we see the future first lady preparing to get together with a summer associate from harvard law. she insists it's nothing serious. >> shouldn't we be getting to the meeting. >> we have some time. i thought we'd swing by the art center, see some paintings, maybe grab a bite to eat. >> this is not a date.
4:23 am
how is going to look if i start dating the first cute black guy that walks through the doors. it would be tacky. >> you think i'm cute? >> i didn't say that. >> ooh. i think things worked out and went pretty well from there, and, of course, the rest is history. "southside with you" hits theaters in august. now, let's call this an unbearably adorable video. >> oh. >> almost as cute as the graphic. showing one little guy learning a valuable life lesson. >> captured on camera inside a home south of buffalo, new york. this bold and curious bear cub, oh, he peers inside the window. he wants a closer look and -- >> oh, that's right. the little guy got a crash course in a closed window. what was he looking at inside? must have been something yummy inside. >> obviously there was a person inside who was filming him, at least one, a little bit scary had that window been open. >> oh, my god. >> maybe he just wanted to give them a bear hug. >> well, luckily --
4:24 am
>> thanks for the sympathy laugh. >> -- it appears the bear cub was not hurt. maybe just a little shaken up. >> i think he learned a lesson there. back to the nfl draft, the players' fashion choices are not always the big talk. but this time around almost as popular as the picks. >> what helped matters is they had a red carpet. and this is alabama's a'shawn robinson on the red carpet wearing this crimson jacket with a gray vest and pants. >> he's rocking it. >> who do you think he's wearing? >> looking sharp. >> he's expected to be drafted but didn't go in the first round. >> and red glasses. >> yeah, you got to coordinate. >> here's laquon treadwell from ole miss wearing what looks like a kimono jacket. his daughter looked pretty great too. >> okay. >> and she joined dad on stage when the vikings drafted him. >> just as cute. okay, but getting the most attention, what do you think of this? ohio state's ezekiel elliott in his belly shirt drafted fourth by the cowboys as jimmy kimmel pointed out.
4:25 am
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we tracking the breaking news in san ramon. a bad crash overnight on 680. >> one person is dead. part of the road is closed. amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> good morning. if you need a reminder to slow down and pay attention in traffic this video is what you need to see. look at these mangled calls. a chrysler crashed into a honda the second crash. the first crash involved a honda that rear ended a crane. the crane was not at the scene of construction on 680 were it was driving down the road. all the crane was part of the project.
4:29 am
however, there was no closure and it was headed to did destination northbound. the driver of the honda was killed. they do not know in he was killed when he hit the crane or weapon the chrysler hit him. the woman driving in the chrysler was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the driver of crane was complaining of pain but will be okay. this happened at 11:30 last night southbound 680 beyond the exit. two lanes are closed. investigators are gathering evidence. they help to get it opened soon. >> that is a horrible crash. >> and now the impact of the accident on the commute. >> i was tracking the slow traffic beyond the area but that is diminished with green sensors. two lips are open. the right lip closed for the
4:30 am
investigation. a hoping that will not impact the commute this friday morning. we have an accident southbound 880 before north fremont. that is blocking one lane of traffic. because of the timing, it is early in the morning and not a lot of traffic in the area. >> they are building the fast pass lane. how long will that construction continue? >> it is a remember with the h.o.v. lane and the equipment. >> people have to slow down. it will take a couple more months. >>ing, everyone. here is what is going on weather-wise, cloud cover is rolling in. it is piled this morning. the clouds will not do anything but stop the sunshine. they will go away and you can see we have high clouds and sunshine and breezy this afternoon with temperatures close to average 60 at the coast and mid-70s under land. >> we are following


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