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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 10, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> steph curry this morning officially the first ever mvp in n.b.a. history to receive a unanimous vote. he earns that for the second straight year after an incredible season and incredible performance last night. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. and we listened this morning that steph curry was named the most valuable player for the second year in a row and steph curry received all 130, first place
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votes to be the first ever unanimous mvp. >> he played for the first time in three weeks after a knee injury, scoring 17 of the points in overtime. >> i love this game. i love playing. i love competing and miss being out there. to help get a win in that is a good feeling. >> every human emotion last night in portland. the teammates celebrated after he nail add three, and then, a look at the trail blazers' owner, he can not believe this ended this way in overtime. the warriors need only one more win to advance to the finals that happening at home. >> we have continued coverage of the steph curry m.p. day. we will live stream the press
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conference at 2:00 tom and you can watch it on our free abc7 news app and look for the live report this afternoon starting on abc7 at 4:00. >> dubs nation show your pride by posting #dubson7. we want did see yards, you can see them right here or online. >> we have breaking news in san francisco where an entrance to the st. luke's hospital is closed because of a suspicious device. can you see the hospital on the map. police are on the scene. they are checking the device. they are directing people away from the area toward other entrances at st. luke's hospital. >> today, we are hearing from the woman who recorded and posted a video of her confrontation with a muni operator over a parking space that involved racial slurs.
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amy hollyfield is in interview -- is in san francisco with the interview. >> she wants to thank the community for all of the support she received and thank muni for the reaction, moving to firing the remain low he. a man in a muni uniform angry at a woman over a parking spot. >> i'm a what? >> [ blank ]. >> i am not even black. >> your mentality [ blank ]. >> maqra saw the packing spot and grabbed it by the wharf and then the car backed up you could tell the map was yelling inside, pulled out her cell phone to record it in case he turned violent. >> i was shocked. i was, like, i could not believe he was so openly racist especially with me videotaping him. >> she said it continues after she put the phone away. >> i was walking away he was
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calling me low class, gangster, gangbanger...he did not apologize and said something about make sure eye car is there. >> she showed the video to her boyfriend would posted to facebook and encouraged her to do the at the same time. >> i knew something had to be done. >> she said muni sent her an apology and placed the employee on paid leave and are working to terminate him. >> that is the right thing to do you do not want something like that representing you. >> he does not have a place at that company. muni is a very important transit agency serving everyone. and handling it as quickly administration they did shows their thoughts. >> muni has not identified the driver but, again, has placed him on paid leave.
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she kept her cool that is something. >> now, the san francisco district authority is holding a news conference about a beating involving sheriff deputies and we brought you the story in november after surveillance video you can see showed the beating and it appears to show a car theft suspect, stanislav patrov, getting beaten by two sheriff deputies in the san francisco alley the deputies were placed on paid leave. >> and now we are at the news conference and we will have the latest developments at 4:00. >> another san francisco police officer is caught up in allegations of a racist remark. the sergeant made the racist remarks in the presence of other officers who either woulded the incident in february. high allegedly said he transferred to bay view to kill people a certain ethnicity. he used the "n" word, and was suspended by the police chief suhr in april.
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>> san francisco's police commission will weigh in on an independent review of the department which looks increase any bias. last night a panel of three judges heard public comments and presentations by a blue ribbon panel made up of eight law fills and now it is the judge's job to create a final report that will include their own review of documents involving racist and homophobic text messages between officers. the police commission will have its own discussion on the panel findings tomorrow. >> throughs of people gathering right new in stockton for a bernie sanders rally and they want to see hill. got there at 3:00 a.m. to show support for the vermont senator. tiffany got up earlier than that to bring us the story. >> i needed coffee more than they $check out the enthusiasm. the bernie sanders supporters showed out in force in stock tan. >> bernie, bernie, bernie all
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all the bernie sanders, as you saw, did not disappointed gathering on the sidewalk in pre-dawn and by the time the sun came up, signs and t-shirts and nags floated brother chairmaning "feel the burn," for everywhere before he took the same, the crowd was enthusiastic and when three and his wife arrived they crowd went crazy and talked about unemployment, mass incarceration, and education and income inequality. >> when you have a situation the last 25 years trillions of that ares have last the happens of working families and have again and the top .1% don't tell me we don't have the resources to rebuild stockton, california. >> this follows a massive rally in sacramento last night. some 16,000 people including
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many from the pay area waited in line to see bernie sanders and the secret service compared to woodstock. now, from stock top, bernie sanders is expected to head head to oregon for another rally tonight. our thank you. bernie sanders is expected to do well in the two primaries especially in west virginia. some votes decided to cast their ballot before work this morning and hillary clinton is expected to take it on the chin from the people there, and still steaming over her pledge to slash coal miner jobs in favor of renewable energy. nebraska is the site of the other primary with the results for the democratic party have no binding effect on delegates. donald trump, of course, is now running unopposed in both states. california's primary is happening june 7 and you can stay on top of the deadlines with breaking news in the race for 2016, by downloading our news app and make sure you have enabled the push alerts. >> the city of berkeley could
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were soon hit with a lawsuit. according to berkeley site, a lawsuit could be looming offer the interference with the usps plans to sell the post office claiming that the city zoning restricts a section to nonprofit uses and the post office falls into that cat glenn frey. the city planned to sell the building to private developers and the justice department is giving the city a week from friday to respond. >> happening today, university of california regents get a chance to unload on a seething audit with the analysis saying local students were hurt by the number of out-of-state and international applications, including the uc president janet napolitano say 9 audit was unfair is points out the other students supported the entire system because they paid higher tuition. >> photoshop fail has motionen trainor sounding off over unapproved victimming down that has the music industry taking home. >> home away from home for
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families would need it most with the new and improved ronald mcdonald house at standford. >> a look at the golden gate bridge and lisa is coming in
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>> ronald mcdonald house has a problem, it wasn't big enough. problem soxed. today the planned opening is now double in size. matt keller is in stanford with what it means for families with critically i ill kids.
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>> we have a lot of speakers before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, this is a former board president, a lot people like him are celebrating the new ronald pick donald husband today and while the willing is nice, workers say the reason it is so important is because of the families. >> what does a new ronald mcdonald house mean? unfortunately, families will not know until they face the most difficult time of their lives: a child with a critical diagnosis. >> if we can create an environment that embraces them and tries to give a sense of calm and just the reassurance that we will take care of you. >> families often need a place to live while their child is feeted at the children's hospital. the occur. ronald mcdonald house can accommodate 47 families but the new one has 67 brand new suites. there has never been enough room for everyone in need until now. we don't want 40-50 familiar as night waiting to get into ronald
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mcdonald house. we want to be able to take care of everyone. >> $40.5 million was raised to build the house at stanford and 48 bay area design firmed helps with the room adding individual flare to each suite. 52,000 square feet building has a commercial kitchen, activity rooms for kids and a lot of shared spaces. families are asked to pay do 10 a night to stay but in they can't, no problem. no one is turned away. >> it is overwhelming and it is tremendously exciting and we cannot wait for the familiars to move in. >> the workers will zoe a few more finishing touches to the building and families are expected to move in start, next week. >> meghan trainor is taking a stand against foe show -- photoshopping but rows are made her look slimmer in the new music video she pulled it. the 22-year-old singer is demanding it not be released
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until it is fixed. >> i found a video and they photoshopped the crap of me i am sick it and over it. i pulled it. >> it is not the first time, last month she got back latch for the 17 magazine cover which many thought it was enhanced and the article she said show continue shying away in her curves. >> a. >> -- a look at steph curry's wife in the kitchen. >> we have one-hour delays at sfo and not everyone in the sun yet. 60 degrees right new in san francisco, and warm-up is coming your way. i will tell you how much warmer next. >> it is almost lunch time and you might see extra crowds at one south bay spot a new one the world famous restaurant
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dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening now, a historic rescue boats would exploits were recently memorialized by hollywood is in san francisco today. the ship is 36542. the first self riding lifeboat which crew were showed using it to rescue epaed sailors. >> a fabulous, fabulous boat it is historic. there are many, many lives that
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have been saved they owe their lives to this boat. >> it is in the middle of a two day trip to the coast guard rescue system where it will be placed on the ship. >> a nice day to go boating. >> it does look good. aand lisa is on the roof. it is only 60 degrees and you have a sleeveless dress on so you are being brave? all the sun feels good. boy, the marine layer this morning, is deep. we have the clouds all the way to the delta, 2,000' deep and we are clearing all around the bay with live doppler hd showing we are looking at little bit of cloud cover in napa, santa rosa, on the peninsula, as well. from emeryville can you see it is looking nice, 60 here, 59 over in oakland, where we still have the clouds and 62 mountain view, and san jose, partly cloudy and 63, 58 in morgan hill, half moon bay is a chilly 54 democrats here in downtown san francisco and sutro tower camera showing that it looks hazy throughout and santa rosa,
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you still have the fog at 59, and, napa is 57, in the clouds and novato is 61. and by the delta, leading the pack at 70, mid-60s concord and livermore, so, the wins they will back off a little bit and it will allow for a remain wary day today, pretty much for everyone. a little armer tomorrow, and, again, through thursday, and we will get a wind shift and a cooler pattern friday through saturday. these are very subtle changes with no huge swings in temperatures. tonight, notice we are in the low 50s from deck to san francisco. 51 morgan hill, and mid-50s toward concord. here is the visible picture to give you an idea where the fog is lingering from the peninsula, and, also, in the south bay it is clearing and in the next couple of minutes, probably in the next 30 minutes, we will be mostly sunny around the bay. even at the coast. we are spotting sunshine at half moon bay, pacifica, and it
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should be nice with 60. low 70s in san mateo and san francisco, you should climb another seven degrees today. 79 in condition considered, 78 in san jose. giants game tomorrow and, yes, it will be night and clear on the way there with temperatures in the low 60s. the sun sets after 8:00 and then we will see some of the patchy fog running so it should be a nice evening. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are up a little bit , bit bibite and even at the coast. though will shift it and bring it down slightly on friday and saturday. it looks like subtle changes into next monday. still, it is looking good with nothing too extreme and nearly average as we head to the weekend. >> >> thank you. that sounds good. and, now, a story i have been looking forward to a global cullly near -- culinary specialty is opening today and fans say they serve the finest
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soup dumplings oning the first franchise in santa clara minutes ago at look a.m., and a spokesman said they expect human crews and long waits from devoted fans, with crowds at other locations including southern california and washington state. it originateed 60 years ago in taiwan. >> so can you pronouncely correctly for me. >> okay. >> steph curry is not the only one the family having a big day. ayesha will talk about the new cookbook. >> functionality is important. everything have its place. >> her first cookbook is about food, family, faith and the joy of eating well. today she cook up her signature dish brown sugar chicken.
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you can catch the full interview on "rachel ray," right here at 1:00 o'clock. >> in her food is good enough to fuel steph curry it is good enough for us. >> a incredible moment for a news photographer, an up close look at
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>> coming up at 4:00, the tallest sculpture in san francisco: an upclose look at venus is see what makes this work of art unique. and going beyond vacuuming to allergy-proofing your home, "7 on your side" reveals top tips to prevent sneezeing inside at 5 o'clock. >> americans throw away one out of every four bags of food they buy often because of the "best buy," date and now a lawmaker is take action on stop the waste and seven-day forecast is putting ode food to the safety. tonight, at 11:00, from make to egg to soup see in anyone can tomorrow what was expired. >> we never know what a day on the job will bring and one photographer in lake tahoe got quite the surprise while out on the story. here it is, get assistance from the bear but was able to use the zoom to get close up shots of a summer black bear and her two curbs. neighbors told the photographer
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they do not mind the visitors and they are more common because they come out of hibernation to feed on the fresh spring grasses. do not mess with mama. >> no. from all of us, thanks for joining us.
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>> just moments from now, another player will attempt to fight their way question by question to that ultimate prize of $1 million. will they make it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me too. our first contestant was given some shocking advice from her husband about coming on the show today. what is it? and will she take it to heart? we're about to find out. from east village, new york, please welcome ashley ward. [cheers and applause] how you doing? good to see you. >> good! nice to see you. >> welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. >> what is this advice your husband gave you? >> well, uh, you know, my husband and i have been married for 13 years.


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