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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. glad you are awake. and us with it is wednesday, june 22nd. now a check weather and traffic. >> good morning. happy hump day. we will look at visibility. i wanted to show you the clouds developing along the coast. that is the big change today. that is why it will not be so hot away from inland as yesterday. the day planner shows 54 and 62 and the same conditions. 60 to 80 at noon.
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62 to only 95 at 4:00, from the cost inland. i will show you how much longer it will last ahead. golden gate bridge and a strip of fog, i used the windshield wipers over the waldo. we now have four lanes southbound and two lanes northbound for wednesday morning commute, so that is good news. green is good. typical slowing out of tracy for 40 meant drive at this point. >> an east bay city is taking a serious stand to cut crime. >> a city council member said it is the closest to get to a force field an the city. amy hollyfield is in danville with more. it is not an actual force field, amy? >> extra force field of cameras. they will watch parks, residential streets, basically keeping an eye on the town of dan sill. the city council voted last night to buy the cameras placing through the streets with 36
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sixed and 18 portable reading license plates costing $839,000 to cut on rot crime. they say it is rising. >> license plate cameras enhance prime prevention in criminal investigations by discouraging criminals, alerting us to stolen or wanted vehicles, and providing investigators with data on vehicles leaving the scene of the claims. >> a video we found on youtube shows how the plate reading cameras work. the screen will alert you when the plate of a known criminal is detected. in a home is broken had to they want to be able to see who was leaving the neighborhood. the vote was unanimous. it was describe as the biggest expenditure danville has made in quite a while. >> thank you. now the growing oakland police scandal. the conduct an oakland police detective on leave for letting his ex-girlfriend write his police reports will be the focus
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of a court hearing. the alameda public defend are said he wants all of sergeant guarantee's -- gantt cases reviewed and possibly dismissed. he worked the murder of the oakland dog wacker in 2013. we obtained court documents showing gantt surprised the defense in prosecutors in bring evidence that neither side knew about. >> we have to get to the bottom of this and figured what reports have been doctored by him or her, but it brings in question his veracity and credibility as a police officer. >> in this case, when questions about it, he claimed he found all of the evidence the night before. the trial for the murder case is scheduled to begin next month. >> i am reaching out to someone to recall you as mayor of oakland. >> oakland residents demanding that mayor schaaf step down as the mayor last night at the city
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council meeting. speakers blamed schaaf for mismanaging multiple scandals at the oakland police department. they told the city council they needed a leadership who could take charge, schaaf said he is not going anywhere. >> we have the latest information on shakeup in the oakland police department on our news app which can be downloaded for free with push alerts for instant updates. >> san jose d.a. plans to hold a news conference on new legislation that may hope protect sexual assault victims. jeff rosen said it was inspired by the victim in the brock turn are case, after being sentenced for six months for assaulting a unconscious woman. many felt the judge was too lenient. there is now a major effort to get the judge removed from the bunch. the d.a. announce this at 10:00 a.m. at the santa clara supervisor courthouse in palo alto. >> police say this man has
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confessed to molesting a preschool age girl and taking video of it. the santa cruz police say the 47 -year-old richardson was family friend, the video was found last week and con fronded richardson and he took the video and drove off and was arrested where he admitted to the crime. >> it look like ohio will beat owe bay area in a bid to be a multimillion dollar test ground for driverless cars. san francisco was among seven cities select as a final of the by the department of transportation for $50 million smart city government grant. the mayor 35 led a delegate to washington, dc to pitch the offer of the city. unfortunately, this morning, the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the transportation secretary will announce it is going to columbus. >> if you want the job done right do it yourself and that is what a san jose family decided to do about a pedestrian tunnel built in 1928 at the alameda
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area. and our reporter explains the problem and what the familiar is doing about it. >> this drain was actually backed up with sewage. >> this is not exactly how most 22-year-olds choose to spend their summer. >> we had a power wash it four times but slow and her family, seen in the photos want to bring back the underpass build in 1928 in honor of two students killed while crossing what now is alameda. over the years, it became a scary dirty drug filled place and the thunderstorm family did something. >> it was not hard or challenging or taking time out of my day, it was merely getting a trash bag, shovel and broom and picking it up. >> 150 hours and $2,500 later, this happened. >> we will have giant balloons, giant hearts, filling the tunnel. >> next step is painting a massive mural, people are
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already coming by to see the improvement. >> it is just like coming back to the way i saw it when i was little. >> business owners on the alameda want change. many consider the tunnel an cry sore that only attracted problems. >> it could be something better. all the thomas are recruiting other residents to maintain the tunnel and hoping the city will help out, too. >> in san jose, for abc7 news. >> do not look at water conservation efforts to go away. our wet winter does little to replenish or snow pack to predrought levels. a new analysis shows it will not return to those levels until at least 2019 ever continue we get above average rain the next few years. the snow pack provides nearly a the snow pack provides nearly a third of our state's water.
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valley in the upper 40s and the rest us us in the money 40s. san francisco is 52 and lafayette and san ramon and newark at 56. brentwood and tracy, 64 and san jose at 58. now, the activity planner shows it is dusty if you are doing trail biking, small craft advisory sail on the bay and swimming? still hot. but we have extreme sunshine. again. the temperatures are cooler today. cooler tomorrow, as well, and we rebound on friday and it is almost hot this weekend. the seven-day outlook is next. >> 34 bart trains, great way to go if you are headed out and want someone else in do the driving. ace train one history on time out of stockton this morning at 4:20 and head into vasco in another 10 minutes. no problems with muni, buses or rail, everything is great. and mass transit is a nice way to commute on wednesday morning.
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solid stream of headlights headed westbound on 80 beyond golden gate field, and university, to the bay bridge toll plaza and importants beyond, golden gate field to the city now is 15 minutes. >> another big name in sports saying "no," to the summer olympics, we will tell you would announced he will not go to provide. >> hit broadway musical returns >> hit broadway musical returns to san francisco with a message
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a shake" in the sports world. the biggest stars is expected to be at the olympic games this summer said he is out. jessica castro is tracking breaking news while you were
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sleeping that broke. >> people will talk about this, we are speaking about one of the most famous golfers, and this is the very latest on what is happening with rory. we heard from the olympic committee they are disappointed with the decision, moments ago, they were releasing a statement saying that they do respect the golfer's choice but they are disappointed they cannot take him to rio de janeiro, telling the irish inquirer he knew there was a risk of somehow getting infected with zika virus and although he knew it was small he is not willing to take the risk and he has pulled out of olympics. this is new information coming to our newsroom this morning. if you are not a fan of government, he is one of the biggest names of the sport right now, rory mcllroy, a loss to ireland and the games but he said and the olympic committee said they can open up an opportunity for another athlete. that is the bright side. >> the attack in orlando is on
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the minds of the cast of "scab -- "cabaret," the story of the nightclub in berlin before world war ii and how they coped with the beginning of the hitler regime. following last week's attack in orlando, the themes take on add relevance. >> there is great satisfaction to know that i am doing the show and that i am able to do a show some ways, really, speaks about violence, directly speaking of targeting minorities >> he will be the special celebrity guest at the san francisco pride parade. the entire cast of "cabaret," will march. it is on stage at the golden gate theater through july 17. >> i have watched every episode of his show back in the day.
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>> can you get into the alameda county fair for free today and help a great cause at the same time. all you have to do is bring four cans of food between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 people, part of the largest one day summer food drive in alameda county. the goal is to collect 30,000 pound of food. alameda county fair runs through the fourth of july in pleasanton >> what kind of weather can we expect? warm? >> mainly inland, yes, absolutely, warmer-than-average again, but, in you are an the bay, or the coast you will notice the difference, check out what will happen. with the trust highlights brief cooling trend today, inland east bay is what we have, we will feel the effect, the least amount. limited june gloom with more clouds that will go away as the heat resumes over the weekend. now, yesterday, we watched high clouds on live doppler hd and now we are watching low clouds with month profound affect on the temperatures than the high clouds. here is a look at the low clouds, notice by 9:00 or 10:00
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they gone and by noon we are seeing them from the coast and the peninsula coast will have the best chance of seeing clouds in the afternoon. now, microclimates in the south bay, san jose is the middle spot between 86 in milpitas, and gilroy at 92. 78 in millbrae. low-to-mid 80s for most of the peninsula. mid-60s along the coast. to average day in san francisco. 69 degrees. warmer in southbound san francisco at 74. through the not bay, petaluma is at 83. the cool spot. napa is 90. cloverdale is 92. the warmer spots. along the east bay shore a lot of mid-to-upper 70s. and orinda and castro valley and newark, low-to-mid 80s. moving inland, 93 at san ramon. we will hit the upper 90s at highway 4. now, temperatures tonight are the from thing about this heat wave. it is cooling off significantly. at night. we have not had excessive heat watch or warnings were we will do it tonight with temperatures
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in the 50s. my seven-day forecast shows cooler weather tomorrow. a rebound friday. the coast is beginning to be in upper 60 to nearly 70 with mid-80's an the bay and mid-90s to triple digits inland saturday through tuesday. >> we have slow traffic out of the central valley and that is typical, otherwise the green is great. now, what is happening out there, to be aware of later this morning, they are starting a pipeline roth in pittsburg for 2 1/2 mile stretch at 6:30 this morning to 3:30 for the next week. they are advising delays and give yourself plenty of center time, a rough area anyway as far as traffic. a lot of room to move coming to dublin/pleasanton but, oops, here is where we get slow, fog up and down the altamont pass. looking to check the drive times for 45 minute drive.
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we have alameda county fair and you can expect slowing on 80 through pleasanton. the road work is still there and ready to pick up at the cartinez bridge but i am not seeing delays through the span or through the toll plaza on either direction but we will check back with c.h.p. and give an update in a couple of minutes. >> a new study fines natural remedies may help ease the symptoms of menopause including hot flashes and my sweats amount review shows that certain plant-based therapies including eating soy rich foods affected the symptoms. >> researchers in australia say they have found a way to prevent high risk breast cancer. a protein that fueled the cents causes osteoporosis, and they used it in osteoporosis drug and found that the proceed cancer cells stopped dividing. one in 400 people carry the gene mutation which was name after actress jolie who had both
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breasts removed in order to revent cancer. the republic was published in the journal of nature. >> it could be a surprise memberships are not winning the battle of the bulge, with 46% of americans have poor diets. researchers say over the past 13 years the a fruits and vegetables that americans eat did not change. they did not eat less meat processed meat or sodium. but americans are eating more whom grains and slightly more notes and seeds. >> streaming music has a new king. >> here are the tech bytes. >> spot file has a major milestone now with 100 million abilityive users including 30 million users would pay to listen commercial tree ahead apple music which now has 13 million paid subribers. >> in time for summer, the latest fit if device for swimmer s, tracking lap distance and calories burned and is water
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purchase in depth up to 150' retaking for $120. you just have to be motivated. >> speaking of high together, 9 queen of england is thanking everyone for birthday wish on twitter. >> shear a photo of queen elizabeth sending out the tweet. she difficulty herself and thanking everyone for their kindness. she received a lost well wishers. >> is that an ipad? >> i don't know the brand, it looks like it is a tablet. >> you may remember the specific a.t.m. particular celebration to months agond she had other birthday party and now she has other birthday parties. >> she can do whatever she wants. >> she is the queen. >> a congressman's push to keep >> a congressman's push to keep treasury from putting hair yet
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>> calls are growing louder this morning for oakland mayor schaaf to step down. several groups took to the podium demanding she resign after several scandals impacting the police department. >> two, the first case involving suspended oakland police detective is challenged in court. all of sergeant significant -- gann testimony's cases are being reviewed. >> the d.a. is announceing new legislation to protect sex assault victims in the wake of brock turn are case, the swimmer sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> four, if you are tired of the heat look at this picture from sutro tower, the marine layer and cooling clouds are back and temperatures are 3-5 degrees cooler with more cooler in my
5:23 am
forecast. the time table is ahead. >> we are looking at an accident on the altamont pass involving a couple of big-rigs and a car. sandwiched in between the big-rigs we will follow this but the ride out of the central valley, now, got worse. >> researchers have detected never-before-seen movement on the san address fault with technology revealing significant new evidence that could predict earthquakes in the future. >> no one matched all six numbers last night, with the 6, 15, 29, 49, 50, and mega ball: 10. the jackpot now is $363 million. the in, drawing happens on friday night. >> a top republican money bit -- pundit is weighing in on donald trump and the going convention speaking to members of the commonwealth club in downtown
5:24 am
san francisco and is editor of weekly standard and appears on "this westbound," on abc the biggest voice in the "never trump," campaign. >> figure out how we want to nominate but do we have to rubber stamp trump in i don't know what the odds of succeeding are, i would have said a week ago, honestly, i would say 5%, 1 in 20 but today i would say 10% or 15% and he credited trump for capturing frustrateed votes from both parties. >> there could be more truth to starving students than we thought. 20% of california state university students are actually going hungry. officials are holding a conference this week in long beach to discuss strategies to address the crisis. according to new research by the university, one in five students are not get enough to eat, close
5:25 am
to one in ten border on homelessness. cal state is the largest public university in the nation with 460,000 students. >> a bill in sacramento will not lower the price of prescription drugs but it will stole us when the increases coming. it will make pharmaceutical drug rising more transparent and you are requireed to notify in the increase, in they are increasing the price more than 10% and proponents say it may allow shopping around for better prices. >> iowa congressman has proposed legislation that would block harriet stub man from replacing andrew jackson and say idea to replace jackson is divisive and it is from the president and he did not like it. he said the redesign was a waste of money and suggested it was racist and sexist that some american believe adding it would
5:26 am
make american currency more representative of the united states population. well...she was the most prominent abolitionist for the work in the underground railroads and would be the first woman on our currency. >> taylor swift is taking on san bruno based youtube, she and others petition congress to reform the digital millennium copyright act in an occupy letter writing the current law allows youtube and others to generate huge profits by allow us to carry every recorded song in history in our pocket and artist earnings are diminishing and asking congress to balance their interest with those of youtube claiming they are paid $3 billion so the music industry so far. we have another full 90 minutes of news including a big day for dunkin' donuts fans and the east bay city where you can now get popular sweets and the coffee. all the sent for a father and all the sent for a father and three children lost at sea, off
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 5:30 of the wednesday, june 22nd. mike nicco? >> yes, reggie and natasha. the big story today is the sea breeze is back. fairfield is 24 miles per hour wind. the rest of us are at ten miles per hour or lower. the picture will tell you the tale, carl the frog is back and dropping the temperatures, with the biggest drop is around san francisco, the least amount is at highway 4 corridor in contra costa county. the 12-hour day planner is 62 at coast and 90 inland at 4:00. we will look at more cooling coming up. sue? >> we have drive times for you up and over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin a couple of big-rigs and a car blocking the lanes and we will check back
5:30 am
with c.h.p. in a few and the drive is added on, 51 minutes. dublin over the mission grade we will say over the sunol grade it is good and highway 85 to cupertino from 101 looking great, as well, this morning. we look at the accident in a few. >> new developments this morning in the turmoil at oakland police department. today an alameda county judge will take up the first challenge of a case involving a homicide detective on leave forgive his mistress access to confidential files much the alameda public gdper wants all of sergeant mike gannt's cases dismissed. one case was the murder of the oakland dog walker and we obtained court documents from the case with a print of his testimony last year raised several questions. during cross-examination he seemed to surprise both the
5:31 am
defense and the prosecute attorney producing handwritten notes. he told the court he just found them the night before. >> we call for t resignation of mayor schaaf, the buck begins and ends with her. >> coalition communities groups is demanding oakland mayor schaaf step down speaking last night. some blame her for mismanaging multiple scandals inside the oakland police department and for appointing two interim police chiefs who each were gone in a matter of days. >> i feel like we need to fix the problem. the fact she has appointed multiple chiefs and they are a problem. >> i share the passion to reform the lived and re. the community trust in policing. >> schaaf is not going anywhere she said and adds she has in timeline at this time for hiring a permanent chief. >> another new twist in the
5:32 am
stanford sex assault case with the d.a. taken off a similar case and now the d.a. will make another move inspire by the stanford victim. matt keller is in san jose. matt? >> yes, reggie, in a few hours at 10:00 a. district attorney in santa clara is going to speak to us about new legislation that he said wasp expired by the victim in the brock town are case. the sentencing in the case has been controversial and people are speak out on both sides. this is a billboard on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge aimed at the judge in the brock town are case, judge persky, saying protect survivors not rapist. the group submitted a million signatures to the state judicial performance demanding persky's removal from the bench. another petition titled "a letter in support of judge aaron persky," was started with 120
5:33 am
public defends and others signed in support of persky saying removing him for a controversial sentence takes away the judge's national independence. the county public defender goodman believes it was not lenient because turner has to register as a sex offender. >> it will affect your life 100% for the rest of your life. >> stanford law professor is collecting signatures for a possible recall election for judge persky next year hoping to submit them by june with the recall landing on on the november ballot in 2017. >> off the cost of florida the coast guard is looking for a missing family. jessica castro has been tracking story all morning. >> i am keep close tabs on this, and unfortunately the latest at this hour is the certain has come up empty and the coast guard is looking for a family, a
5:34 am
family of four, a father and three teens. i mentioned this earlier, air and boat crews are used to search off the coast of florida south of tampa, and north of ft. myers. the family was last heard from on sunday when the father called his pro se they were expensing rough wars. the family was en route to for the mire -- ft. myers. there were two boys and a 17-year-old daughter the coast guard will release the family's name some time this morning so we are keeping a close crayon this story. if we get the names we will pass them along. >> a pilot is doing okay this morning after his small plane crashed in lake county. it happened near clear lake oaks at 9:45 sparking small grass fires that crews managed to get a handle on. the pilot was the only person on board and managed to escape with minor injuries. >> investigators are trying to determine who purchased plane
5:35 am
tickets for the orlando shatter and his family to fly here to san francisco. our report is that someone bought airline tickets for the shooter,ly wife and son a day before the massacre. the tickets were for a flight to the bay area to visit the wife's family. the united states attorney general loretta lynch said the justice department is trying to determine whether more could have been done to prevent the attack. >> we are going back and looking at all of our contacts with him, as we are asking people to look back at their contacts, as well to determine what in anything we could have done better. all the shooter was buried yesterday and univision interviewed a hand who claimed to have been a lover can said he had sex with another person would admitted to being hi positive. this supposed lover said the shooter may have been trying to get revenge on all puerto ricans at the pulse nightclub having a latin night the night of the attack. >> two people are in the hospital this morning the victims of an attack that
5:36 am
happened in front of a home in martinez as people were ready to serve a search warrant while investigators searched for includes out of the home. officers from several averages arrived moments after hear gun shots and they found one person shot, another was stabbed. there was no description of the suspect. >> now the california wildfires, crews have gained a little ground on fast moving brushfires near los angeles. the fire is 10% contained. two fires emergencied yesterday in the angeles national forest half an hour east of los angeles. officials have also got an better handle on the size of the fire and downgraded it from 5,400 to 4,900 acres burned. >> officials in santa barbara are respecting to list evacuation orders for those impacted bit sherpa fire at 82% contained with full containment expected tomorrow. cooler air is helping crews get
5:37 am
a hand tell on the flames which has burned 8 the acres so -- 8,000 acres. >> relief coming their way. like we have. east bay shore shows 56 to 57. we have 55 at berkeley and alameda and richmond at 54 and orinda 54 inland and castro valley is 53. novato is 50, pacifica is 51, san carlos is 57, and 58 in mountain view and concord is 61 and antioch at 63. tomorrow, our coolest is 60s at the cost and san francisco, 80s inland a few 90s at the highway 4 corridor and friday the run of inland heat and around santa rosa and look what happens on saturday, 90s and 100s inland and 80s away the bay and 70s in san francisco. the rest of the weekend forecast is coming up next. >> in san jose, highway 87 beyond the s.a.p. center is looking good with headlights
5:38 am
headed in the northbound direction the julian off-ramp to give you an idea of where, exactly, that is on highway 87. green is good. we have slow traffic. out of the central valley. and a couple of big-rigs and a car blocking a lane of traffic, c.h.p. was on the way to clean up the debris. but it is bumper-to-bumper traffic to the scene and then beyond that, you at the speed limit with delays up to an hour getting out of the central valley. if you take ace train it could be way to go. we will check back and look at the bay bridge and see in the metering lights aren. >> bizarre story the driver of a party bus packed with 33 marin county teens and booze and drugs will face arraignment. look at the photo at the busted bus, bags. any drink containers and police toed the party because near the larkspur ferry terminal.
5:39 am
>> they could smell odor of alcohol and marijuana, and the kids came off the bus, the bus driver was arrested and the kids were turned over to their parents. >> police say the 33 teens were between the aim of 15 and 17, with 30 capeers of hard liquor and the driver had illegal drugs and a weapon. he claims that he was taking the teens to their parents. >> in the race for the white house, the gloves are off. she has a bad temperament. she would do so badly with the moment. >> he has written a lot of books about business they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> harsh words on both sides and the words do not step there. donald trump is scheduled to deliver "big speech," going directly after hillary clinton saying her foreign policy is partly responsible for the creation of isis. hillary clinton expected to deliver a speech in north
5:40 am
carolina about the economy, something she said donald trump will run into the ground. as for as campaign finance, public filings review trip trip raised $3 million last month, and clinton raised $25.5 million. >> bacon? a clown? a egg roll? what do they have in common? >> and this boy has stuck with the by an necessity lessons with big dreams and a talent to match with impressive accomplishment with impressive accomplishment at t
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> check out the south bay break-in, oops, this is reggie. >> an s.u.v. smashed into the entrance of bloomingdale's inside the stanford shopping center. three people made off with $150,000 worth of judgmentry. palo alto police managed to arrest two in may of last year.
5:44 am
they shared the video again this week. do we have it? they still looking for one more suspect. hopefully we can show you that suspect...two of people were card they are still looking for this guy. >> if you have seen joseph sandoval palo alto police want to hear from you. >> the issue of homeless camps will be on the ballot, allowing police to take down tents with 24 hours notice. we will never do anything, take away tenths with nowhere tolls go but when we have shelter housing available we will take down the tents and clear them out. >> he said the additional housing and shelters needed for the program could be paid for by $50 million sales tax measure benefiting homelessness. >> love this story. a ten-year-old boy from san ramon is preparing to embark on a musical journey of epic
5:45 am
proportions, performing at carnegie hall in new york. it will be his 5th performance at carnegie hall but the first time on the main stage. his summer a sign different and his dad is an engineer. they are proud and excited nurturely gift from the beginning. at age five he composed his first music. >> i want someone who is blind folded and would not say "he is good forly age," but he is arthur rubinstein. >> he has incredible idols, with the performance next thursday. he said he wants to be a pediatric surgical oncologist when he grows up. >> i don't even know the names of his idols that is how advanced he is. >> and he loves cars.
5:46 am
>> i am worried about him crashing. >> now, word miscommunication on the senate phone will be easier because of a new world of emojis. >> i do know my emojis and these >> i do know my emojis and these are from unicode consortium favorite. and cowboy. cowboy. that will comes in handy. >> black heart. that is the darkest of all of them...these are coming to your phone but i have a feeling they will not be on the phone right now it depends on phone you have. wherein they are released it is up to the phone maker to put them on to your program so...we are waiting. >> i cannot text you a canoe this morning?
5:47 am
>> no. >> john travolta? >> i wish there were elmo psychiatry for our favorite meteorologist, mike 19. >> he deserve one. >> there you go! >> my inner italian coming out, dancing around because it is cooler than yesterday. look the at cloud cover rolling in, and today is different around the bay and the coast, inland, still hot. sfo has the clouds creeping in with no delays. in they announce any i will let you know with cooler air and more heat relief tomorrow and the weekend highs spill into next week. yesterday we watched high clouds, not much of a difference in the weather and low clouds all the difference in the world for the sea breeze. we will see how they hang and and how long you can see until 10:00, the peninsula confident this afternoon, as far as our temperatures in the stop bay in the my 80s to low 90s with san jose at 87.
5:48 am
and low-to-mid 80s for a lot of the peninsula and you hit the 70's negotiate of san mateo and mid-60s along the coast and downtown san francisco is 69, close to average this time of year. 83 at petaluma, cloverdale, 92 is the warm spot and napa is behind at 90s and along the east bay shore mid-to-upper 70's and i will take that down a couple of degrees because of stronger cloud cover than i anticipated. here is a look inland, mid-to-upper 90s. lows tomorrow are very comfortable again, in the 50 with cloud cover. maybe not so extensive. tomorrow is the cool of the afternoon with temperatures rebounding on friday and it will be hot this weekend. we will see in that translates into our pride parade on sunday. >> we are looking at the drive from the upper part of the east shore freeway beyond golden gate field to the macarthur maze. 21 americans from appian way into san francisco and, boom, metering lights were on at 5:30 and you are stacked up. this is the computer lane, the
5:49 am
car pool lane. if you can we watch that each morning whizzing right by and leaving everyone else in the dust. obviously, it is a tough thing if you cannot get another -- get other folks to drive with you, that is the great way to go. we will look outside, green is good and we had an early accident involving a couch big-rigs and a car over the altamont pass, near grant line and it is cleared out of the lanes and we are look at 15 minute drive into dublin/pleasanton. it is picking up through livermore. >> i grew up with dunkin' donuts so i did not realize it was a big deal. people are going...crazy because dunkin' donuts is opening in the east bay. >> leave extra time for the commute. the first time in more than 15 years the dunkin' donuts is back in the bay area. a were show in walnut creek opened an hour ago. there were dozens of people wait ing outside for their first
5:50 am
cup of joe and a woman got this at 2:00 a.m. >> i got here at 2:00 a.m. i almost got here at 1:00 o'clock but my coworkers told my 2:00 was probably plenty. i miss them. >> they are have good i have arguments over what the best dough news are but maybe you have to be from the east coast. >> people say the way a lost west coast people feel about in and out is how east coast people fell about dunkin' donuts. >> that is not true. >> reggie is not a fan. >> it is not how people feel. >> he was passionate. >> that is not how i feel. >> dunkin' donuts once has 15 stores in california and it is making a resurgence, boston cream is the favorite. the first got $250 gift card. >> ribbon-cutting ceremony at five o'clock am. >> if you have never had it, it
5:51 am
is a doughnut. >> look at this guy...calm down. it is a doughnut. >> michael finney has a warning for job hunters what to look for before submitting the next application. >> do not scratch the mosquito bite it could be a hazard. >> fasted if to the rescue? >> fasted if to the rescue? the meal deal box you can
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have tracked the news from antarctica where a rescue effort is underway to evacuate one sick worker with officials saying a small plane has left the south
5:54 am
pole with the united states patient. authorities will not say what the medical problem is because of privacy. a second worker is also sick. officials have not decided whether that patient will fly out. normally planes do not use the polar outpost from february to october because of the high danger of trying in the pitch dark and the cold. >> do you feel stifled by the twitter video limit? now twitter is allowing 140 seconds of video. it could seem like a random number but 140...140: what else is 140? character limit! though are keeping the six second format that now allows you to click for more video for a longer version. >> house republicans are releasing new proposals to try and repeal and replace obamacare with a plan part of the speaker's better way agenda to -- straight how the going would
5:55 am
govern with the republican in the white house. the proposal rely on individual tax credits to allow people to buy coverage from private insurers and includes medical liability reform and expanding access. >> next time you get a mosquito bite, we know they can carry diseases like zika virus or west nile but why are they so potent? it is the inflammation from the bite that spreads virus. researchers want to look in using antiinplame step cream can reduce the chances of getting a virus? the alameda county fair will have the winds of change but in the direct sunshine we start at 82 at 11:00, and 90 at 3:00 and 75 at 7:00. if you are going to the game in oakland the sun will break out and it will be extreme. a light breeze, temperatures in
5:56 am
the low-to-mid 70s and first pitch at 123:35 with pride celebration during the parade, 6 at 10:00, to warm 75 at 1:00 o'clock in san francisco. sue? >> we are taking a look at drive times with an early big-rig accident on the altamont pass. from tracy to dublin, it should improve because the accident has cleared out of lanes. looking at a moderate drive over the sunol grade from dublin to mission boulevard, south, on 680 and 85, northbound, from highway 101 to cupertino you are move at the limit with no problems. we will look at your bay bridge and the rest of your morning commute in a few minutes. >> kfc is taking the finger looking good meals to a new level. all the chain is calling box and you can see from the video watt a box is a five in
5:57 am
one meal that has an unexpected side, a side of beef. you get the rice and grief grief and sauce you get to charge your smart 15 before you start making lunch plans, this is not available in the united states. it is only available in india. watt a charge? it is a money. the -- it is a pun. >> and a california dad make as quick stop and what happened quick stop and what happened next is
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, cracking down on criminals and east bay city moves ahead with a plan to install dozens of surveillance cameras in public spaces, and means you will be watched during your daily routine. >> first, a bit of relief from the hot weather.
6:00 am
meteorologist mike nicco is tracking a little bit of a cool down for today. mike? >> it feels much different. it looks different. from the top of our broadcast center. happy hump day. look at the gray behind me. we will look at it on live doppler hd. you can see three miles visibility at petaluma and half moon bay and a break in the heat for some of us. a beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais. 54 to 62 strongest sun, again, this afternoon, and the clouds are 60 at the coast and 80 inland and 62 to only 90 inland by 4:00. i will let you know how long that will last just ahead. sue? >> we have metering lights on at 5:30, and, boom, all sold out at the toll only toll and you are looking at a 20-minute drive from the richmond area all the bay down the east shore freeway into san francisco. slow traffic up and over the altamont pass, and it is typical but this morning it is


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