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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this morning we are seeing the first fall out from the oakland police department scandal. this involves a homicide case. the defense attorney is challenging a case investigated bit man on screen, sergeant gantt, who allowed his mistress tory his police reports. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. the scandal is becoming more complicated because of the allegations of officers having sex with an unage prostitute and the mayor's appointment and quick removal of two temporary police chiefs. jessica castro has the latest. jessica? >> sergeant gantt's attorney has confirmed that he allowed his
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mistress to transcribe three recorded witness statements and one statement could impact a homicide case against mar yes floyd and lee, to men accused of murdering a beloved oakland dog walker three years ago. the death of 66-year-old judy salamon caught wide scale attention, and now there is a motion for the personnel reporos of sergeant gantt to be released. that is what everyone wants do know, is the case compromised because of the allegations? i can not say with honesty, yes or no. i i am not getting the information. >> the attorney went on and called it "unusual," that sergeant gantt testified during a preliminary hearing and found handwrwritten notes only the nit before giving testimony and the notes were not in the original police report he filed. motions filed today, meanwhile, are heard only in july. the attorney for the second defendant in the home side case has not responded to abc7. this is the first case being
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reviewed but the big question: couldld all of sergeant sag's police reports be considered inadvisable? he is a veteran officer with a long can rear as an investigator all the growing scandals are making some people wonder, who should be blamed in all of this. some are saying the person at the top. >> we call for resignation of mayor schaaf the buck begins and ends with her the. >> we were at oakland city hall as they demand she step down blaming her for miss managing several scandals starting with her inability to find the acting chief as chief sean whent resigned two weeks ago. some believe the city council shares. blame for 14 east bay officers accused of having sex with an underage prostitute? what about sexual exploitation
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of minors? everyone jammeded silent? >> the district attorney is considering various charges against many of the officers and the mayor has rejected calls for her resignation. we pushing out latest information on the shakeup in the oakland police department on our news app. you can dowownload it right new for free and enable push alerts to get instant updates. > the san francisco police commission will vote caught on cell phone video after he was shot when he lunged according to the officers with a knife. the video raised questions of what, impact, happened? tonight, the commission will choose between two versions of a new policy to deescalate the situation before resorting to force. all thehe stanford sex assault
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case continues to have a major impact in the bay area. now it is not just affecting many opinions of the law, but it could actually change the law itself. matt keller is in san jose with the legislation the d.a. is push ing. >> good morning, reggie. district attorney rosen wrap up the press conference about 30 minutes ago. he said with the proposed legislation he wants to stop the possibility of a victim, like one in the brock turn are case, would have to see the attacker spend less time in jail than they would during a semester at college. this legislation was written up in the district attorney's office. it will be introduced at the state level by local lawmakers. basically the law is written in convicted of sexually assaulting a person while unconscious or intoxicated, they are eligible for probation. the proposal close the loophole making the defendant probation ineligible and requiring a minimum three year prison
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sentence as in the victim was conscious.s. brock town are was sentenced toings months. the victim in the case supports this legislation. >> we have head her letter. now, we will give her back something beyond worldwide sympathy and anger. give her a legacy that will send the next brock turner to prison. rosen said the judge persky gave the wrong sentence but had the right to give it and would not say if he reports recall but supports the d process. hearings are expected in sacramento next month and it would go to the governor to sign thank you. san francisco police are sending for several men who stabbed someone nearly to death in golden gate park. it happened before 6:30 last night. investigators say four to six men chased the victim after he walked by and punched him,
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kicked him and stabbed him in the stomach. the victim was rubbed to the hospital in critical condition. no description yet of the suspect. >> danville is taking a big step to cut down on crime. the council voted to spend more than $800,000 on new security cameras and license p plate readers. most of the 87 cameras are installed at 13 locations around town and others are affordable. >> license plate cameras, enhance crime prepension by discouraging criminals, alerting us to stolen or wanted vehicles and providing investigators with data on vehicles leaving the scene of crimes. that is interesting to watch the technology is coming from a company that posted this youtube video showingg how the automatic license plate readers work. the scene lights up when it detects the license plate of a known suspect. officers say property crimes can
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be solved. >> a raging fire in san francisco and what has was doner the first time after the fire. >> what is happening in walnut creek lined up around the block and then some all for a doughnut and coffee? we will take you inside the dunkin' donuts frenzyzy. >> golden gatate bridge camera showing light traffic and clear skies with no summer fog to speak of, another hot day ahead but we will have your temperatures
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> new this morning, neighbors in san francisco burned out of the their home last weekend got to see what is last their belongings. they were allowed to return to their char the apartments this morning. a five alarm fire broke out on saturday on mission streak. it gutted six buildings between 29th and 30th. it smolderrered for 24 hours. one resident lost everything but a wallet. i lost everything. i just moved in. all my clothes. my television, everything. again. everything is gone. i don't know what to do. >> 57 people were displaced the majority low-income residents. >> developing thursday from
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southern california the san gabriel complex fire is continuing to burn in the angeles national forest. containment is only 10%. triple digit heat has been fueling the flames. there is a small glimmer of good news temperatures are supposed to be only in the 90s, not in the 100s. officials are slightly downgrading the acres destroyed and now it is 4,900. on capitol hill, house democrats are staging a sit in on the bottom of the screen, a protest over gun control. a group of 30 democrats are demanding a vote on gun control measures. member, the senate voted down four gun control proposals this week. the democrats want house speaker paul ryan to keep the house insession through the week long recess next week. all the michigan attorney scene is suing two companies over the water crisis that put flint
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under the national eye. the companies hired pit state are accused of causing the crisis and worsening it because of the omission. it started in 2014 when the drink water was switched from the detroit system to the flint river. the slay was not properly treated. popes corroded and elevated lead was detected in some children. >> have you ever turned to help and end up in a rabbit hole of confusion. now, google is launching an update to improve your search. google is using a new way for searches so when you type in a symptom you get results with related conditions and civil right treatment options in easy to understand terms that do not require you to be a health professional. >> the doctors caution, it is only a place to start. >> exactly. it can lead you to a dark place. >> a rank gone wrong and a must see video with the tails turned on the would be prankster.
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>> good morning from the broadcast center. mother nature is pulling her own prank on the heat: it is going away. temperatures are up to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. when it comes back it will be hotter. >> you have probably seen the commercials "america runs on dunkin' donuts," until now, the bay area did not. look at this line in walnut creek, amy hollyfield has been handing out there all morning for those who are very
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>> walnut creek. burlingame. campbell. all the bay area. >> if you look for something fun today you can get into the alameda county fair free. you can help a great cause at the same time. bring four cans of food. the offer is good physical 5:00 p.m. today part of "feed the need," the largest food drive in alameda county. they want to collect 30,000 pounds of feed. the fair is through fourth of july. >> but what will they face with the weather? >> cooler than yesterday. >> thankfully in they have ice cream. it will not melt to quickly. the pavement will not be so hot. enjoy it. the forecast shows for alameda county fair in pleasanton, around 98 yesterday. it will be lucky to top out at 90 at 3:00. comfortable later on. 74 at 7:00, and 61 at 11:00. grab sun scene. we have extreme amounts of ultra
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vie let radiation today. a time-lapse shows...some heavenly rays coming through the clouds as we head through the time-lapse from the exploritorium at pier 15. that was a sign that different things were going to happen today in our forecast because of the sea breeze. we will look at the highlights. can you see from mount tam the fog is still infiltrating the bay this morning. we are going to have cleaner air and more haiti relief tomorrow of the hot highs will spill into nbc week of the 17 miles per hour for wind at sfo and fairfield is at 22 miles per hour. it is changing. look at the cloud cover along the coast. we did it have that yesterday. you wonder what the temperature are? we are still in the 50s at the coast and san francisco. 60 around the bay.
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70s inland. only on highway 4, antioch and brentwood, discovery bay all exceptionally hot, low-to-mid 80s in the south by. upper 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. we will start in the my 80s and drop to 74 in pill bring. low-to-mid 60s along the coast. 66 in downtown the south san francisco, and sausalito warmer at 70. north by coast stuck in the mid-60s where we will see more sunshine. petaluma is 79 degrees. the wind shift make a difference. 70 in richmond. fremont is at 78. oakland is only 72 degrees. as you head inland, 85 in men. check out antioch and brentwood at 94 and 98. at the game this afternoon, watch out for the extreme sunshine. the light breeze will be comfortable in the shade at 69 at 12:30 and 73 at the cove and the third day in a tote index is
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as high as it can get. this weekend, pride parade is coming at you sunday morning at 68 degrees, increasing sunshine and temperatures are in the mid-70s around san francisco on sunday, then, a lost 80s and 90s around the bay and even a few 100s lasting saturday and sunday but, also, monday and tuesday. today and tomorrow, it it is the cool of the day in the forecast. >> how long would you stand in line for a doughnut? in it is the first time you could get the doughnuts here since the 1990s? wait until you hear what people are doing in walnut creek to get dunkin' donuts and amy hollyfield's eyes are glazing over. >> so jelly. >> jelly? i will bring you some. so good with the puns regular joy. you have to see this, the people keep coming and it has not let up all day. the owner was told to plan for
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10,000 doughnuts sold in san man could and he will hit that by... noon. >> they knew a lot of people with show up for the dunkin' donuts grand opening in walnut creek but they does not expect this. we knew there was pent up demand, a lot of transplants would grew up on dunkin' donuts. >> the first person got her at 2:00 a.m. for 5:00 a.m. open asking thought there would be a crowd but was happy to be first. >> i was excited. and embarrassed for myself that i was excited. it is...doughnuts. >> she was the smart of the customer because the line grew. >> i bring my kids back east they are always like, can we go to dunkin' donuts? when it is in my backyard, had to come. >> we decided to track a wait starting at 7:00 a.m. >> how long will you wait? an hour.
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>> highway long are you willing to wait? >> an hour. >> to handle the crowd the owner scheduled six bakers and they could basically keep up. he thought maybe he would sell 1,000 or 2,000 this morning. he was off. >> 5,240 doughnuts. at 8:49...customs did not seem deterred bit line and were happy when they finally got their doughnut saying it was worth the wait. it was a long wait. check out our timer, when she got to the counter: one hour and four minutes. >> it is okay. in people knew what they wanted it would go faster. it will be fine as time goes by. >> i checked and he told 8,200 doughnuts and it is not even noon and he thought he would sell 10,000 all day. amazing. the east bay likes dunkin' donuts. reggie, kristen, what is the most popular doughnut today?
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>> my first guess is glazed. it is like the vanilla. >> that is what we like. >> but that is not it? >> really glaze? >> no, boston cream. they have made up a quarter of the sales. i am a chocolate girl but i may have to sample this. back to you. >> we will have to sample. >> they are having a good time. >> one playful teen was wedged in a place that she never wanted to be. >> next, a fun prank did not go as planned. >> michael finney wants to hear your questions and will meet you on friday so bring director questions at santana
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>> a tall for workers or distraction? social media in the work place. >> and mark zuckerberg is as paranoid as the rest of us. later on abc7 at 5:00. >> we have good news. and you play the lottery the you have another chance to get mega rip. no one watched all six numbers last night in the mega millions drawing. two wins machined five numbers
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so they get $1 million prize. here are the numbers: 6, 13, 21, 49, 50, power ball: 10. the jackpot is $363 million. that is drawn on friday night. >> someone get stuck in a giant barney head. purple. >> that happened to this alabama team, darby put on the dinosaur head to scare her friends so the joke and perhaps the scare was on her, when her head got stuck. her friends tried everything, tugging, rubbing vas plane, and finally they drove her to the fire station where firefighters cut her out of it. she said she was embarrassed but can love about it now. my goodness. that is not the ream barney, kids. the ream barney's head does not
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come off. >> nice friends. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> just moments from now, another player will attempt to fight their way question by question to that ultimate prize of $1 million. will they make it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [applause] how about we continue to play it? because having traveled the world, you'd think our returning contestant would've seen it all. i don't think she's ever seen a million dollars. i hope she does today. from golden canyon, arizona, please welcome back elham jazab. [applause] hello, my dear. >> lovely to see you. >> lovely to see you. thank you for coming back. >> excited to be here. >> it would've been lonely if you didn't. you are off to a good start. $10,000.


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