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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now, with live, breaking news. a horrifying scene in turkey. at least 28 people are dead and 60 others are injured after a suicide bombing at istanbul airport. officials say three suspects blew themselves up in the international terminal. good afternoon and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry biel. and we have the latest with the breaking story. >> we're told the death toll could climb. the president has been briefed on the situation and the u.s. will be very involved in trying to determine who carried out this attack. [ sirens ] >> reporter: violence and chaos at one of the largest airports in the world. passengers sent scrambling in
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istanbul after gunfire and explosions rocked the airport international terminal. video outside showing it injured waiting for help as ambulance after ambulance streams in. it still wasn't enough. it injured rushed to area hospitals in vans and even taxis. the violence erupted at about 10:00 p.m., a busy time for one of the middle east's most popular travel hubs. officials say the attackers arrived and open fire with machine guns and then detonated suicide belts. >> i heard the sound -- gun sounds but i didn't see any persons. there were two bombs -- but i don't know exactly -- how many bombs. >> reporter: inside of the airport, confusion. cell phone video shows these people clustered inside of a store, some holding children and some on their phones. everyone is asked to sit on the floor. it is not yet clear who the
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attackers were. back in march, terrorists linked to isis launched deadly assaults at a brussel and metro station.á dozened died. >> police detected thejlñ attacs just as they were walking inside of the terminal in which case security likely saved more lives. back to you. >> we're updating the latest information on the situation in turkey on the abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable the push alerts to get instant updates on your phone or device. six people who were killed in a deadly crash in southern california are from the bay area. th children died after a big rig slammed into their car on i-# 5 around 3:30 this morning. two fathers tried to escape the van and save their families and they hadgn to be held back by people who stopped to help. the fathers are a 34-year-old of san francisco and a 45-year-old
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lee of daly city. they are both being treated for moderate injuries. breaking news in eastern contra costa county, where a car hit three people in oakley. no word on how the victims are doing. this happens before 3:00 this afternoon. investigators are on the scene looking for q&evidence. you could see on the map here exactly where this took place. at bethel island road and east cypress road in the valley. stay withkn+ abc 7 news for upds on the air and on our abc 7 news app. highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains is back open today, one lane reopened, a little more than an hour ago as crews work to clear brush andht make suree fire there doesn't flare-up again. we have the details. >> trees in the santa cruz mountains were sealed, today the last stand and fall. >> reporter: they were burned yesterday in a brush fire near
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the redwood estates community north of the summit. 200 firefighters were here and some residents had to evacuate the area. it took about two hours to contaiéó the flames. no homes burned. cal fire wanted the trees brought down today because they didn't want to risk them falling down at some unknown time in the future. and for about 20 minutes, both; directions of highway 17 was closed downi/k just in case thi happened. >> everything up there is really loose, a lot of loose soil and downed debris and it is very steep and the firefighters, as they are moving around the steep terrain, they could dislodge something and knock it down the hill and have it roll out. >> during the morning commute, southbound traffic is usually smooth sailing but today down to one lane, cars were crawling up the hill. firefighters are spending a lot of time on this fire, making sure it is 100% cold before they leave it. >> fires can start very easily, especially with the hot temperatures, low humidity and winds we had, and we can still
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get severe fires. >> reporter: cal fire has a station here at bear creek road and sends the chopper up when it needs it. they respond to accidents and fires in the cruz mountains off of highway 17 and with limited space on the southbound side, they want to remind everyone to pull to the right, not to the left, if you see lights and you hear sirens behind you. in los gatos, matt keller, abc 7 news. heat is still a problem today and the question is, is there any relief in sight? >> spencer christian here with our weather. >> i'm happy to report that the cooling has begun across the bay area but for our farthest inland stations, the cooling is not occurring in a sharp fashion. you could see we have sunny skies and more evidence of low clouds and fog near the coast than yesterday and the winds have shifted a bit. more of a sea breeze. winds out of the west or north west moving across the golden gate and down along the bay and
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the peninsula. a steady breeze but not a strong powerful gust iúr we could feel the difference in 24 hour temperature changes. two degrees to 7 degrees cooler across the bay area than at this hour yesterday. the result is current temperature readings, high so far of only 107 in antioch where it was 109 at this hour yesterday. upper 90s at fairfield, concord and livermore where it was 102 at this time yesterday. and around the bay, quite a bit cooler than7mg yesterday, at h moon bay a high so far of 57 degrees. not much change at the coast but it wasn't very warm there yesterday either. i'll show you how much cooler it will get and what the fourth of july weekend is looking like in just a moment. larry and ama. >> thank you, spencer. the deadly wildfire burning in kern county is now 45% contained. two people were killed and 200 homes destroyed in the fire near lake isabel. that fire began on thursday and spread 70 square miles. residents have been able to return to their homes but fire
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officials say the danger isn't over. one man was killed on a shooting on the street in front of the san jose greek row. we wereym over the scene at 11 and san antonio where it happened, a block away from the campus. san jose police found two male victims with gunshot wounds near a silver hondag# odyssey. there are no known suspects at this time. an investigation underway after a police shooting in antioch. officers shot a 56-year-old man just before 3:00 this morning during a domestic violence call. it happened along west eighth street. investigators say the officers fired after the man pulled a gun. the man is hospitalized and in stable condition. no officers were hurt. the oakland police sex scandal now taints cops from seven different agencies. the california attorney general tells abc 7 news and thei-team, she has not ruled out getting involved. >> we're monitoring it and at the point if it comes to the
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point that we believe those investigations are not proceeding as they should, then we'll get involved. based on what i've read about that conduct,) i think it is outrageous and shocking. it is not even just deeply troubling, it is outrageous. >> dan noyes has another exclusive story on this scandal and the young woman who is at the center of all of it coming up tonight at 6:00. community members will hold another vigil tonight to raise awareness for a 99-year-old san francisco woman they say could be evicted from an apartment her family said she co-owns. supporters gathered outside of her home and melanie is here with both sides of story. >> reporter: she won a court battle and gets to stay in her home but now she is facing yet another eviction. this time over legal fees. the units co-owner said he is willing to waive the fees with
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one stipulation that is not okay with iris. too many outside of the street and iris is a bit celebrity. at 99 years young, she's earned the respect of her supporters but not of all of her nei peter owens coowns with her and they want her to sign paperwork that would convert the joint ownership apartments to condos. >> she is holding the entire building hostage because nobody can buy and sell their units. >> reporter: iris, who hasn't signed so far, won her fight to stay in the apartment but the court granted peter $164,000 in legal fees. an amount he said he is willing to waive if iris signs the condo paperwork. she asked for more time to understand the condo conversion documents. >> i am completely supportive of giving her as mucht% time as sh
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nee needs. >> reporter: without her signature, her family believes she will be7sñ evicted if she doesn't pay the legal fees. >> he wants to see my aunt stay in her unit and we're asking )4 if you are a man of your word, then withdraw. >> reporter: as both sides hold firm to their convictions, iris' health is unveiling. inside to an apartment she's made her home filled with close to 100 years of memories. there is one idea both sides agree on. >> old people shouldn't be evicted from their home. >> reporter: the question now, who will bend, and when? in san francisco. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in san jose when friends and police held a fundraiser for the family of a fallen officer. ther famous dave's barbecue. officer michael katherman died when a minivan collided with his
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motorcycle two weeks ago. he is survived by his wife, two sons and his parents. still ahead at 4:00, imminent domain used to save homes and the usual move in the south bay. >> they have to run and hide and running behind the police and running away altogether. >> there are threats against an east bay teacher who took part in the weekend rally that turned violent in sacramento. and a shock for families that went to see finding dory this weekend, what they caught a glimpse of in stead. and at 4:11, a live look at the traffic on the san francisco sky way. it is jammed up in both directions. left hand side trying to get to the lower deck of the boy bridge and on the east side that is your southbound traffic toward the peninsula and sou
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berkeley police are investigating threats made against a middle school which prompted some students to be evacuated yesterday. >> police say the threats are coming from the neo-nazi group that led a violent rally in sacramento. amy hollyfield has the details. >> myr a summer camp which was evacuated yesterday because somebody threatened to shoot up the summer camp and kill the children if the school district didn't fire miss fall arca. >> she teaches history here at berkeley. she attended a counter protest on sunday demonstrating against
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neo-nazis rallying the state capitol. she was hurt when the protests turned violent but felt strongly about being there. >> we defeated them and their efforts and they ran from behind the police and running away altogether. >> and now anonymous letters have said she must be fired or there will be consequences. it is a low level threat but berkeley police are taking it seriously. >> we met with the staff and the school district staff on sunday and again on monday morning, as well as some of the parents that were showing up at the school to let them know what was going on. >> reporter: the parent that we spoke to found the threats very upsetting. >> i was shocked. i had no -- i mean after everything going on with the shootings, it was very scary. but somebody would do that and target kids. >> reporter: yvette told us by phone she is angry this happened but wouldn't hesitate to go to another rally. this parent will stand by her. >> i support her being able to
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be an activist. >> reporter: so there are no students here on campus but people come here to use the tennis courts and the swimming pool here. berkeley police have assigned an officer to the campus and have added extra patrols around the school. in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. bicyclists stopped pedaling to write the mayor ed lee urging that he make the streets safer for those walking and riding bikes. >> make a difference today -- >> reporter: abc 7 news was at 7th and folsom as the bicycle coalition passed out paper and clip boards and pens at the same corner where a woman was killed cycling last week. and another woman died last wednesday and a car hit her in golden gate park. the mayor hasn't commented on the call for increased safety. basketball this morning, one of the greatest champions innovators and pioneers, pat summitt led the lady vols across
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america and really around the globe. >> because i didn't want to, but i felt like i needed to. >> she's the reason we're on espn, she's the reason that we're competitive and we have a fire under us. >> reporter: her team always made the ncaa tournament. she never had a losing season in 38 years in tennessee. in 2011 she revealed she was suffering from early on-set dementia and the winningest coach male or female retired that year after 38 seasons. in retirement she embarked on a crusade raising money to fight alzheimer's and to assist patients and care givers. she was 54 years old and she is an icon who will be sorely missed. and a lot of reaction on her passing from all walks of life. >> chris is here with what some luminaries are saying today on social media. >> it is clear when you comb
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social media reaction that pat summitt was respected by all. from the basketball world, warriors guard barbosa tweets rip pat summitt will be remembered. and magic johnson tweeted, you were the reason i started following women's college basketball. cal state los angeles head coach and ncaa star cheryl miller shows this picture of her after the 1984 olympics. gma anchor and former college standout robin roberts tweets out, when my beloved mom met pat summitt, she said she talked to her like a long-lost friend. and then she brought her lady vols to town and from the political world feinstein tweets she was a trail blazer for women, instilling in her players the belief they could do anything. bill has lem tweeted, we have lost one of the greatest tennesseeans of all time. and one last message, peyton manning who plays college at
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tennessee said today, she had a great impact on me, i appreciated her friendship and her support of me in my football career. condolences keep pouring in. >> kristen, thank you. and another loss in the7hg÷ sports world, the pro-football losing buddy ryan when he coaches the eagles. he died at his home in kentucky. in 2011 he met president obama when the 1985 chicago bears were honored at the white house. the '85 bears known for the great bears won the super bowl. he survived the 46 defense and an assistant coach that year, the 82-year-old ryan was suffering from cancer in recent years. san francisco police recovered a 107-year-old violin stolen from a musician's car yesterday. ♪ >> abc 7 news was at a coffee shop as 45-year-old clinton heights fiddled with the vie ollin he's had -- violin for 30
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years. in an hour police found it among a group of people at united nations plaza. he felt likeçn he had lost a family member. he is ecstatic to have it back. >> that is nice. spencer christian is fiddling around upstairs checking out the weather and it is still hot inland. >> it is. i have been fiddling around. and remember, i play second fiddle to no one. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. i wouldn't string you alongq here. it is very funny. temperatures inland, temperatures are beginning to come down a little bit. we have sunny skies across the region except fog is more evident at the coast than at this hour yesterday. and this afternoon we had quite a heart break of thunderstorms and numerous lightning strikes in the sierra. not unusual for this time of the year. i just thought i would show you that. back to the bay area where all is calm and quiet. this is the view from sutro tower over san francisco. it is 61 degrees here. oakland 69. 75 in mountain view. 82 in san jose. 92 in morgan hill. only 55 at half moon bay.
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check out this view. the coastal low clouds and fog from the east bay hills camera. temperature readings is toasty. 87 at santa rosa. 80 at napa. 91 novato, 98 in fairfield and 95 in concord. many in triple-digits yesterday. golden gate bridge shows evidence of the advancing coastal fog and the forecast, fog near the coast and bay overnight. gradual cooling for the next few days and we'll have never average high temperatures through fourth of july three-day weekend. tonight forecast shows an increase in low clouds and fog not only at the coast but over the bay and then back to the coast again tomorrow afternoon. highs will range from near 60 at nd some low 80s around the bay. still warm to hot inland tomorrow with highs ranging from low to mid-90s. maybe a couple of upper 90s inland tomorrow. lows tonight in the mid to upper 50s. and then tomorrow starting in the south bay, look for sunny and warm conditions. highs in the mid-80s. about 86 in san jose, low 90s in
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morgan hill and gilroy. on the peninsula, 83. redwood city, and 80 at mountain view and menlo park. breezy on the coast. daly city 63. downtown san francisco, up in the north bay, 90 at santa rosa. 83 in sonoma. 84 at napa. 84 aq 73.a. san leandro 85 and castro valley and east bay, but up to 97 in antioch and 99 in brentwood. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures won't drop off sharply but gradually. saturday is the coolest day, only 88 inland. mid-70s around the bay. 60 on the coast. and a slight warm-up by a couple of degrees by sunday and monday, which, by the way, is fourth of july. it looks like a very nice moderately warm weather. >> 96 never looked so comfortable. >> right. as compared to 104, right. >> thank you, spencer. up next, if you build it,
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a concord movie theater is apologizing to parents after it showed a rated r trailer during finding dory.=ñ >> so that is the trailer for the sethq rogan comedy sausage party. parents saw a slightly different version before finding dory. the theater said it was a mistake. playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in an effort to accommodate several large last-minute groups wanting to see finding dory and the mistake was caught and the right movie
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aired. an iowa farmer who is a tennis fanatic just built a wimbledon replica in his cattlefield lot. he calls it the all iowa tennis club, instead of the all england tennis club where it is held. some have visited it and given it the stamp of approval. mark accepts reservations to play but does not charge knowing this is the most people will get to playing at wimbledon. >> the corn is laid and the beans have been sprayed and i'm ready to host people on my tennis court. it is my passion and a great time for me the way it works out. >> i've been to wimbledon to see it and that is how it looks. that is pretty cool. >> now the court is for two weeks every summer. mark is a volunteer at wimbledon so he is off for the fort night. >> that is great. >> abc 7 news at 4 continues.
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you probably heard about eminent domain to build roads or high-speed rail, but how about to save mobile homes. what is behind this unusual move. >> i think it is clear it is time to move on. >> a new report is out on exactly what happened in the benghazi attack that killed a bay area man and there is still no clear answers. >> and finally good news on wall street after the
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in today's headlines at 4:30, we're following breaking news out of turkey where at least 31 people are dead after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at istanbul airport. at least 147 people have been injured. the attacks happened in the x-ray area at the entrance to the international terminal. the faa has stopped all u.s. flights to and from istanbul. stay with us for continuing coverage of the situation. police in san francisco are looking for ways to de-escalate dangerous situations without resorting to lethal force. vic lee tweeted this picture at sfpd training today. he'll take you inside of the training on abc 7 news at 5:00. a nearly $15 billion settlement announced as a result of the vw emission scandal. wayne friedmann will have the details at 5:00.
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and in santa clara, government agencies are teaming up to prevent the closure of paltrow alto's only mobile home park. the housing authority approved an agreement that could lead to the park's purchase. chris nguyen isa5 in palo alto with the story. >> for more than three and a half years, a battle between the owners of the mobile home park and the residents. >> we never dreamed of this. >> reporter: earlier today commissioners with the housing authority of santa clara county decided to form an alliance, all with the goal of buying the mobile home park to keep the residents from having to move. >> it is paramount in our county right now, with the escalating rent situation that we have, we have to look at every opportunity to develop affordable housing and to maintain affordable housing. >> reporter: and the property owner wants to close the park to sell it to a developer. but they've been faced with one legal road block after another ever since announcing their intentions.
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however with the housing authority now getting involved, the power of eminent domain could be used to get the property. government officials say they'll be making a fair market offer but the family calls the idea outrageous. >> no one in america should lose their property because the government thinks they could make a better use of it than the current property owner. that is not what america is for and that is just wrong. >> reporter: residents consider this a small victory but wonder how much longer this could all take. >> it is one big family that supports each other and support the community, we are everyday people, it is just somewhere that we feel comfortable. it is somewhere we want to stay. >> reporter: the housing authority plans to have the property appraised and is expected to make a formal purchase offer in the next few months. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. a search is on for three railroad workers missing after two freight trains collided head-on in the texas panhandle. you could see smoke and flames rising from two trains near
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amarillo. each train carried two crew members. one man jumped from his train moments before impact and the other three are missing in the pile of wrecked locomotives and boxed cars and feared dead. >> hillary clinton accused house republicans of playing politics as the final report on the 2012 benghazi attack emerged on capitol hill. the nominee served as secretary of state overseeing that outpost in libya in 2012. ambassador chris stevens from the bay area and three other americans died in the attack. the report blames then secretary clinton and the white house and the military for responding too slowly. >> there are other three assets that ever made it to benghazi. two unarmed drones and the king from tripoli who deployed themselves. they weren't ordered to go. >> i think even republicans are struggling to articulateco( exay what value has been derived from this. >> house democrats on the panel issued their own report saying secretary clinton never personally denied any requests fors7 additional security in
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benghazi. and benghazi is a red hot issue in the race for the white house. today in denver the former secretary of state responded to that report. and donald trump is on the attack as well. abc 7 news reporter megan hughes has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton, touring a denver training facility, touting an in ovation plan. >> i do plead guilty -- >> reporter: and hence surprising the crowd, taking a house about the house republican report on benghazi. >> after more than two years and $7 million, i'll leave it to others to characterize this report. but i think it is pretty clear, it is time to move on. >> reporter: donald trump going after clinton on another issue at his first campaign event since christening his golf courses in scotland. >> hillary clinton and her friends in global finance want to scare america into thinking small. >> reporter: and she's got one of the fearest attack dogs against donald trump and could
4:35 pm
warren take the vp spot. responding on abc's the view. >> yesterday was not about vice president, yesterday was about having a chance to get out there with the woman who is going to be the next president of the united states. >> you're not going to answer the question? is that right. >> yeah, that's right. >> abc news)sn has learned the massachusetts senator is among the names being formally vetted as a possible clinton running mate. megan hughes, abc news, washington. former presidential candidate mike huckabee, he is still feeling the pain for some of his campaign decisions. ♪ >> the music in the background was the eye of the tiger playing at the huckabee rally. the campaign was sued for copyright infringement and paid half of a $25,000 settlement and now the federal elections commission said he needs to pay the rest himself. on wall street, for the first time since the bombshell brexit vote in great britain,
4:36 pm
stocks closed with the dow up nearly 270 points. the nasdaq was up 97 points and the s&p was up 35 points. this follows the biggest two-day selloff since last summer. european markets are on the rise amid continues talks of britain's exit from the european union. we are in new york with more. >> reporter: investors looking for recovery finally see green on wall street. stocks rally after tumbling nearly 5.5%. the dow dropping 871 points and the average retirement account shedding almost $5,000 in value in two days. but traders are still cautious. keeping a close eye on the developments overseas. british prime minister david cameron is now in brussels meeting with european leaders. >> britain will be leaving the european union. >> reporter: but his message, the brexit will stand despite a
4:37 pm
petition for a revote. but the exit plan still needs to be mapped out and the uncertainty has investors and business owners everywhere nervous. >> in addition to tourism, investors say this could continue to affect jobs, companies and markets here in the u.s. for as long as the uncertainty in europe lasts. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> i think it is going to be excitement. she'll want to show me everything. >> a wish come true for a 3-year-old girl who was severely burned. what she did today and how she is doing now. i'm spencer christian. check out the view from the host camera. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a
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here we go again, the megamillion jackpot is soaring. now nearly $400 million. that is the fourth largest jackpot in the history of the game and the 12th largest jackpot ever. last time the jackpot hit was march 8th. last time a californian won was last august. it is not us because we are still here. >> a bay area family is getting a disney wish come true thanks to a local radio station. we were at koit radio as this 3-year-old and her parents were
4:41 pm
surprised with a suitcase full of frozen toys. her grandmother tried to win tickets for her after suffering burns from a boiling quart of water. >> it is amazing. it is awesome. i love it. i'm thankful that she's healing progressively. >> she's recovered well.ç most of her scars have now disappeared. she the radio station but she was too shy to get behind the mic. >> she is so cute. she is going to have a great time. >> completely. we're still waiting for spencer christian to overcome his shyness. >> slowly, he's coming out of it. >> such an introvert. oh, shucks. we have sunny skies over the bay area. it is another hot day inland but not nearly as hot as yesterday. fewer triple-digit readings today and a downward trend in temperatures will continue. check out the fog at the coast and beyond from our south beach
4:42 pm
camera as we look at the forecast to this evening's game two of the boy bridge series, a's and giants at at&t park, 7:15 and partly cloudy and 61 degrees at game time and turning cooler later in the evening. statewide conditions tomorrow, still pretty warm in it the interior parts of california. 104 is the high at chico. 98 in sacramento. 108 in fresno. 114 in the desert and at palm springs and here in the bay area, sunny skies except for lingering fog at the coast. 60st( to 70s around the boy. and low to mid-90s inland but one or two locations hitting upper 90s tomorrow. larry and ama. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, a major recall from ikea. why 29 million dressers have been recalled and what to do if you have one of them. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. a big stumbling block to owning a electric vehicle may soon be moved out
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ikea is recalling tens of millions of dressers warning that they could tip over and
4:46 pm
kill a small child if not properly secured. abc news reporter david curly has the details. >> reporter: ikea recalling 29 million dressers because of a risk of tipping over -- with deadly consequences. >> that is devastating. >> it is. >> it is fatal. >> the pictures, the numbers are stunning. >> this is our way of enacting what actually happens in american homes. >> reporter: most of the dressers were already under a repair order. more than 30 children have been hurt, six have been killed. >> does it take a sixth death of a child for you to get a recall. >> sadly, it did. >> one mother found her son pinned under a ikeaá dresser. >> send it back. it is dangerous. it is a dangerous product. and i don't want to see it in any homes. i don't want this to happen to any other family. >> reporter: ikea now offering to buy back any unit made after
4:47 pm
2002 at a cost of what could be more than $2 billion. ikea said the dressers should all be anchored to the wall and has been offering repair kits for older units but now admits that these dresser that are under recall didn't meet standards. >> we have stopped selling the products not meeting the voluntary industry standard to c&h(lc% thing. >> reporter: ikea is offering to send out an anchor kit so you could screw your dresser to the wall or they'll come out and do it for you. and the company is willing to buy back any model made after 2002 to keep your child out of a dangerous situation. david curly, abc 7 news. new protections are closer to being put in place for widows and children facing foreclosure. >> seven on your side michael finney has been following some is story for two years and joins us with more. >> it would close aykñ loopholed give widows the same protection from foreclosure as other
4:48 pm
homeowners is headed to at assembly. theñi bill passed out of commite today to allow survives to inherit a home to sue lenders who foreclosure before it is decided if the survivor can assume the previous loan. bankers say the bill is one-sided and would open the industry to frivolous lawsuits. i'll have one survivors story here tonightr a big stumbling block to owning a electric vehicle may be lifted. tesla is working on a deal to put charging stations in gas stations and convenience stores across the nation. some drivers have been reluctant to purchase the vehicles out of fear of being8ñ stranded. there are estimates that in six years electric vehicles will cost just about the same as traditional cars. microsoft is softening what some consider its overly aggressive campaign to get you to upgrade to windows 10. some complained they were tricked into accepting the free upgrade. they clicked the red x thinking
4:49 pm
they were rejecting the offer when in fact they were allowing the upgrade to schedule itself. now you are given three options, upgrade now, schedule the upgrade or decline the offer. now i want to hear from you, the seven on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the number is 415-954-8151 or reach me on my facebook page and through abc 7 larry. >> thank you, michael. most anti-depredepressants effective for children. >> and labelling food is ineffective. here is jane wells. >> nearly all antidepressants are uneffective and unsafe in children with moderate to severe depression. this was published that only prozac was more effective than a placebo and had benefits that
4:50 pm
outweighed the harm. and new york times report that the age people leave the pediatrician is going up from 18 to 22. under the affordable care act children can remain under their parent's plan until age 26 and young adults say it is difficult to find someone who will accept insurance from new patients. a pair of agra business backed legislators would kill the vermont law on genetically modifying foods. pat roberts of kansas and debbie stabenow would require a national standard for labelling foods that contain gmo but some complain the food company would have wide discretion on what words are used on the labels. and xbox one owners have to find another tool for working out in front of the tv. they plan to shut down the xbox fitness service. it launched two years ago and since then has received a steady stream of updates something
4:51 pm
microsoft said is unsustainable. in times square, i'm jane king, here is to your health. google is teaming up with the state to archive california history. the partnership involves digitalizing historical documents to make them available to a global audience online. the first is three exhibits that highlight the history of state parks, the secretary of state office and campaign materials created by the nation's first political consulting firm. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, maybe you saw the blue whale tangled up in the crab lines yesterday, but is this a bigger issue and could this year's crab season delay be playing a big part in this problem. kristen is here plus the critical training underway to pre -- reduce
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officer-involved shootings. >> and michael finney has the car with the highest ever mpg and that and more on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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it's tfrom the old way off buying and selling cars. introducing beepi, the radical new way to buy & sell cars, all online. carefully inspected, guaranteed and delivered right to you. if you never have to step foot on a dealership lot again, neither should they. zero to happy. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is the middle, followed by blackish, at 9:00 it is uncle buck and at 10:00 to tell the all followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. the crab season ends in two days and experts are relieved. there have been 40 whalen
4:56 pm
tanglements and they are getting caught in crab and fishing gear and there is an effort underway to avoid this. leen mel mel is live with the story. >> reporter: no one is blaming anybody, they have to make a living. but this is a collaboration between the crab fishermen and the whale experts with the help and guidance of sacramento. this young blue whale became entangled off the coach near orange county after getting tangled with crab pots. >> the line gets caught all the way in the back and then when you have several hundred pounds of crab pot pulling back on that, it cuts into the back of the mouth. >> reporter: the line and the weight of the float impedes the whale's ability to feed. there have been 40 entanglements since january and the national marine fisheries services said this year the numbers are
4:57 pm
running ahead of last year. several factors have contributed to this problem. >> the number of whales have increased and they have been good calf production years. >> reporter: and it didn't help that the crab season was delayed because of an al gee nboutbreak >> since we started so late there was so much gear so late and that is when the natural migration show up. >> reporter: but law crab fisherman must end the pots when the season ends and while the beet owners are responsible, some pots get lost. now sacramento lawmakers are considering allowing more crab fishermen to collect other fishermen's so-called derelict pots and get paid for it. >> we have people in different ports and they go out and look for the gear. >> they believe retrieving the pots will save dozens of whales.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm;' ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with larry and kristen. >>jf at the east bay, we are li where two people were hit by a car in contra costa county. plus -- [ sirens ] >> a tear attack at the airport and dozens dead and yes, it could have been much, much worse. also -- >> they cheated on the test and got caught. >> now volkswagen has to pay, a record settlement over an emissions skandsal with a big -- scandal with a big chunk going to california. and the critical training to reduce police$xñ shootings in s francisco. >> put the knife down. all right. welcome to abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm larry beil. sitting in for dan ashley
4:59 pm
tonight. we have two breaking news stories to get to. one involving a fatal accident and investigation in the east bay. police are looking into that right now. >> that is right. there was a victim who had been hit and one person killed, one injured. let's go right to reporter leslie brinkley who is at the scene. leslie? >> reporter: a very tragic accident here involving what we are told are two teenagers. they were walking on the side of the road. this is east cypress road at bethel island road. they were walking on the side of the road and a car that was eastbound struck them. one of them died here at the scene. the other we understand was very critically injured and a medical helicopter came in here once the east contra costa fire protection district got on the scene and a medical helicopter took that one patient to children's hospital oakland. this is a look at the accident scene from sky 7. again, a vehicle versus pedestrian accident. and it did involve this vehicle
5:00 pm
striking what oakley police say were -- appeared to be two teenagers walking on the side of the road. oakley police are handling the scene. there is a road block up. and a lot of traffic backed up on these rural roads out here in far eastern contra costa county. behind me there are investigators out in that grassy field area off to the side of the road collecting evidence and processing the scene. we believe the car involved in the accident has already been cleared out of here. so again, a serious fatal accident involving what appear to be two young teenagers out here near bethel island road and along east cypress road in eastern contra costa county. >> what you can see here are the investigators on the scene. they are working to collect evidence. it may be a while. this accident happened at about 2:50 this afternoon. again, road blocks in both directions. so an area


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