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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> it is monday, september 5, on labor day. >> zoom in. hello there. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> jessica castro is here, believe it or not. election, good morning. and meteorologist mike nicco. there is alexis smith, photo
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bombing the shot. it is one of the mornings. it is a strange day on the roads. you would figure there would be known there. >> we have big issues. you have your 15s out this morning, and we have the official alert on the news app of this issue, which is westbound 580 transition to westbound 80 and it is fully closed with the flashing lights this morning. this is due to a crash involving a box truck and we had a diesel spill. they are saying it could be four hours 30 minutes ago. we are looking atment of the morning do have it fully closed. i have alternates in a few minutes. another major note today if you are out and about on labor day we have traffic closure own the when between glen park and daly city and it continues. they are taking advantage of the labor day holiday to get the work done. mike make? -- mike nicco? >> a great day.
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a few lingering clouds, and santa cruz is always a good bet for sunshine on the holiday. here is a look from mount tamalpais, and we will talk about day planner, our labor day planner, and 47 to 58, chilly this morning when you step identified, and 60 to 75 from the coast inland so cool to comfortable and up to 84 at 4:00, so minor warming but nothing like the heat wave in the seven-day forecast. scary developing news from the south bay an extremely dangerous sex offender is trying to kidnap young women in san jose. matt keller in willow glen neighborhood. we are at the intersection of hamilton and mother riddian avenue at willow glen in san jose where one of the attacks took place least week and now they hoping you can help them catch the kidnapper. this is a look at photo,
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56-year-old david lee russell, 5' 10", 200 pounds, the violent convicted sex offender is responsible if two incidents the past week where he physically assault asked tried to kidnap young women. first in willow glen he tried to engage young female in conversation and grabbed her and covered her mouth and tried to drag her to the car. she fought him off and got away. so did the second known target in the area of hills day avenue near south san jose. >> i have been here at night with my friends, and it could have been me or one of my friends. >> i took recourse but not exactly black bolt but...i am glad do have the skills. photos of russell and an image of a white s.u.v. he is drive a newer model nissan rogue with no
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plates. if you see him or the vehicle call police. >> alarming. thank you, matt. there are new details in a deadly crash in the east bay, officials are confirm that two students from james logan high school died in a weekend accident. last night, hundreds of people joined the vigil for the two in a car that collided with a pickup on southbound 880 and hayward yesterday. the driver died at the scene a running back and linebacker for the local football team. heartbreaking. >> a teen is in the hospital after be hit by a truck in contra costa county. police say that the 14-year-old was on the bicycle on the sidewalk and he veered into a big break road at 8:00 last might and hit by the truck and the driver appeared to stay at the scene. he was airlifted to the hospital and the injuries are "major." >> still trying to figure out in
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a crash on interrogate 880 is connected to -- on interstate 880 is connected to a shooting at high street exit. we talked with police at the scene. all the three car crash happened before 3:00 p.m., the mercede was passing on the shoulder ands with merging back into the traffic. the passengers of the smashed up minivan told us off camera the driver of the s.u.v. crashed into them and the four-door sedan and when all three vehicles halted, the driver of the per said jumped out and ran down the freeway shoulder. at the same time police starting getting reports of shots fired. this crime scene at oakland police department is processing is a few yards away from the crash scene that the california highway patrol is dealing with it it is not clear who was shooting and it is not clear in we this are connect asked. the shooting and accident we do
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not know in they are linked. that is being looked into. again, in anyone has information to help us with that, give us a call. >> we know that the person who ran away from the crash scene was not found and the person who filed the shots is gone. there were two people who suffered minor injuries in the crash and they were sent to a local hospital as a proceed caution. >> there was a shooting at fresno county jail, and a prayer service for the officers. the main lobby reopened last night, following the shooting on saturday. the suspect, thong vang is a convicted child rapist and faces attempted murder. sheriff's association is expecting donations to help the families. for more information go to >> the trends of a boy kidnapped 27 years ago has been found in minnesota. now a "person of interest" has become the primary suspect. 11-year-old wetterling's family
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said they are in deep grief and did not want his story to end this way. he was kidnapped in 1989 by a masked gunman while riding his bicycle home at st. joseph, minnesota, with the person person new in jail on child pornography charges. our affiliate reports that he led authorities to jacob's trends. >> my prayers and thoughts are with the family. >> the family needs peace to know where he is not wonder is he still out there? >> jacob's family helped pass jacob's law requiring child sex offenders to register and in anyone has ever lived in minnesota or has family members there it is the most famous stories they have ever had, and now finally, there is an answer to what happened. >> breaking news from israel after a building has collapsed. >> jessica castro, what going on? >> moments ago we learn one person has died and at least 17
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are hurt in the building collapse. i will show you new images, from tell visit where the building has crumbled. there are reports that another four people are still missing right new. we have learned it is a construction site and i will monitor the situation for you from the deck. that is the latest. >> thank you. now, back to alexis watching the problems. >> traffic alert for the east bay. this is our emeryville camera, and we swung its around from where we normally have it with all of the flooring lights, westbound 580 the transition to 580 is fully blocked for three more hours, this is a crash involving a box truck and it has a lot of damage done to and it they are calling in a special tow truck. that is the reason for the long estimate. all the backup shows we are still hanging tight at under a mile if you are coming in at
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this early hour. the alternates show eastbound 80 to powell, toward the berkeley area, with a u hurrican patricia and head to the bay bridge or take the southern right, and take 980 to 880 with no delays and we will talk about mass transit in less than ten minutes and right now we have meteorologist mike nicco. how is the labor day holiday? >> good morning, thanks for asking. walnut creek is clear, and 55 degrees. a little bit of a chill. the rest neighborhoods, 60 right now in antioch and the warm spot and 53 in danville; san ramon and dublin is 50, and 52 in livermore, the temperature around oakland is 53 and san carlos and san francisco and mountain view is 55, and the hills are 65 and only 48 in novato and pacifica is 51. and, today, oakland is 66, and heading out, lunch be delightful 67, with the sunglasses and it will be a breezy 70 at 4:00. here is the rest of our neighborhoods this afternoon, 67
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in san francisco, 70s around the bay and 80s inland and check it out, the 90s are back tomorrow and even getting close in santa rosa and look at that, hump day is the hottest day this week, antioch at 99, 82 in oakland and do not fear san francisco not getting overbearing only 71 degrees. we will look at the seven-day forecast next. >> that is a heat wave. >> a lot of fun stuff in the bay area including special day in oakland. we at 3rd three stages are society up for a block party with more than 40 musicians with music starting at 11:30 until after 7:00 people and organizers unusual people to take public transportation as street packing is limited. >> colin kaepernick a know show and the reason that the quarterback bailed on a schedule weekend appearance. >> also, after the break the latest agent heat to join
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all the san francisco first baptist was filled expecting to hear from colin kaepernick who will tack about why he will not stand. and the pastor explained why kaepernick would be a know show. >> anticipation build as the choir singing swelled, colin kaepernick was expected to appear and address the people at
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third baptist church and the pastor brown announced that the congregation would not hear from the man but should still support his message. [ inaudible ] the last minute training conflict came up. civil rights attorney said that is the real reason for the absence. >> i hope it doesn't mean that his commitment has somehow waned. >> the couple came to third baptist specifically to see kaepernick, leaving disappointed >> he should be here. >> a it was bad on his part. all the mission high school boys from spaces says on the decision to kneel and hoped to discuss the papers. >> i feeled mad because i brought my little brother and sister. >> others say kaepernick's absence did not hinder the conversation he sparked on the star spangled banner and minority rights. >> camp cap showed up by sitting
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down. >> everyone should sit with him and support this man. >> the pastor said kaepernick will be invitessed back at an unnamed later date. >> this is interesting, colin kaepernick's controversy could be helping the jersey sales with the seven majority say the best seller at the on-line store. two weeks ago it was the 20th best seller. at the end of last season they were on clearance. not all buyers are fans, social media has lit up with people bumping their jerseys, that will set you back $100. >> the nbc monday is 49 are days at abc7 and you can catch the we opener against the rams right here on abc7. our coverage begins on monday, september 12 at 7:00 p.m. with kick offset for:20 and the game is followed by at 10:20. >> another professional athlete
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joining kaepernick in protest, soccer star got down on one knee during the national anthem right there. she played for the seattle in the national women's soccer lead and helped win the world cup tweet it is the least i can to do keep the conversation going. >> steph curry is in asia teach fans how to play. this was posted on twitter on the tour, with the back do back mvp was in china meeting fans and showing players the moves. you can see thousands turned up on the street to get a look of him, what a reception. the tour continues this week in hong kong. this is what happens when alexis smith goes out on the street. thousands showing up. waving. >> all screening for the traffic reports. that is what happens you cannot take me anywhere. it is a pain. we have traffic alert and here we go, we thought we with have a quiet morning on labor day
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holiday but we have flashing lights, the sig-alert westbound 580 to westbound 80 the transition is closed, however, we got a major update from c.h.p. and they said in the next 20 minutes though are reopening lane one, two, lane three closed for the next several hours. this is due to a crash involving a box truck and we had a diesel fuel spill and work on get all of that cleaned up and it sounds like the transition is partly reopening very soon so we will keep a close eye on that. on top of that, it is the labor day holiday and we have mass transit notes, we still have the bart work between daly city and glen park so the bus bridge you saw, still in place all day today so that not be back to the regular schedule until tomorrow. ace rain is not running because of labor day and caltrain is run on a sunday schedule. another update at sig-alert is less than continue minimums and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we start with the golden gate
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bridge, sunny and breezy up to 20 miles per hour winds and right now looking pretty clear and the temperatures are 55 here. now, what will happen today, it will be breezy and warmer, and going to see stars and it will be cool and you are gone do like that inland end the first autumn heat wave arrives tomorrow and lasts through friday. you can see wherever you go, the bay shore, the delta, the coast, all very breezy at 24 to 38 miles per hour winds are possible from 1:00 to 9:00 so, please, exercise caution. now, the temperatures down to the south bay upper 70s in sunnyvale and santa clara and milpitas low-to-mid 80s and at the boardwalk, 73 in santa cruz, the privatest and warmest spot on the coast today. low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula, low-to-mid 60s a few more clouds along the coast, and sunset is 60 and notice downtown sunshine and 67, and south san francisco is 70 and
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sausalito is sunny and 72 degrees and shaded from the breezes and more than tiburon where we are in upper 70s to mid-80s heading up through the north bay, and along the east bay shore upper 60s in berkeley, richmond, hercules, accident in oakland and 74 in fremont, and as we head down to the coliseum, angels in town take on the a's 105 first pitch and watch out for the sunshine, no joke, even though it is september you can burn in 15-20 minutes. moving forward we talk about what will happen for our temperatures inland east bay, mid-to-upper 80s not too bad. a little bit warmer than yesterday, but, here is what will happen tonight, upper 40s to mid-50s. my seven-day forecast shows 98 inland on wednesday, 80 around the bay, 68 at the coast and not an offshore breeze to bring the warm weather to the chest and we will stay in the same temperatures on thursday and we will fall back to average by sunday. reggie aqui and natasha zouves?
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>> in first look a murder suspect on the run this morning after a stunning escape from police custody. >> here are details. >> in the first look, a massive manhunt for the suspected murderer, seen in custody at a north las vegas police station moments before paying a mysterious escape. he was in handcuffs and when the detectives stepped out he put the handcuffs until they broke and the 25-year-old perez made a break for it, gleeing the police compound undetected and stealing a truck from the rental company. that is rare. in fact, we do not hear of instances like this because handcuffs are not made to break. he is wanted in the shooting death of we mohammed robinson a father of four. this morning the victim's sister said he is furious and frightened. >> i want him found and i want him to pay for what he did. >> we will is more on the manhunt at 7:00 a.m.
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that is "first look," from negotiation. >> a clip of the earliest interview footages of nelson mandela has been found. >> from the beginning, the national conditioning... [ inaudible ] >> he is in the late his 30s speaking on white sue supremacy and a fight against racial discrimination, predating the earliest clip by five years and you know what followed spending 27 years in prison and elected president of south africa in now measure. he died in 2013 at the age of 95. >> another great figure, mother teresa, now officially st. teresa. the pope francis cannonnized the woman. members of the mission of clarity were vat the cat van to catch the scan onization dying 20 years ago and the impact still felt around the world.
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local catholics honored her on sunday at the cathedral. >> [ inaudible ] show taught us all how to love. >> local nuns carry on her work in the bay area 25 years after visiting san francisco appeal for people to help the needy. >> next the seven theys need to know as you start your day. >> and who the police officer union is endorsing to be the new police chief. stay tuned.
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♪ >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things you need to know. alexis? >> back to the picture of westbound 580 at the 80 transition in the east bay,
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emeryville area work on getting two of the three lanes back open. it has not happened yet. >> two, a pair of cars stolen from an auto dealership, caused two separate crashes on northbound 880 in fremont and hayward. the highway patrol said the security guard of the dealership was chasing the car thieve on the freeway and it led to the collision. one person has been arrested and the injuries considered minor. >> terrible, students at james logan high school are mourning the death two classmates this morning, both die when a car that meese was driving collided with another car on 880 in hayward yesterday morning. >> four, san jose police need to find this man, 56 year old david russell, convicted sex offender accused of attacking two women in the past week. if you see him call 9-1-1. >> today is the 42nd annual bicycle race, world class bicyclers are around the city
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all day including right in front our building, and the first race starts at 8:00 a.m. and the final, the pro race, peddles off at 3:00. >> a long journey. >> good morning, everyone, on labor day, it will be cool at the coast and more cloud cover and comfortable inland but the first fall heat wave is coming. even from 100 possible in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, burning pan is over today. the time lands video from last night so 70,000 people are new going to be back on the roads from the develop dessert many are returning to the bay area and guess what they need? a shower! >> an elk was in trouble in woods wandered into the right neighborhood for help. >> look at this, this elk had a large tire swing wrapped around his around her and walking around and bewildered and
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distressed and it stumbled into the backyard of baby a butler and she a veterinarian. >> no way. >> i am not seeing what i think i am seeing. and literally, the poor guy had a tire swing tangleed in his antler. >> butler spent 12 hour removing the tire swing, its was successful and he is fine. >> 12 hours. >> you have to be careful. >> look at her. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the san francisco pop cop and the endorsement handed to the man who is the interim chief and some say he is the best person. >> what is next for these stranded ships? it could affect your christmas. stay tuned.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> it is 5:30 a.m. and i have no idea why you are up on this labor day. for whatever reason, we are grateful. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> all of that. we have jessica castro and the whole team, and alexis smith who has been surprisingly busy with trouble on the roads and mike nicco. alexis? >> back to the traffic alert. this is still happening westbound 580 to westbound 80 still fully blocking the transition. we are going to be getting two of the three lanes back open shortly and they are estimating about 20 minutes, 20 minutes. we are really close and you can still see the large emergency response due to a crash involving a big box truck. looking at minimal delays approaching that right now if
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you want to head up on eastbound 80 and swing around at powell and continue to head to the bay bridge it is possible, and 880 is wide on on the light holiday. mass transit is coming up at 5:37 and we check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. we will look up to the sky and see stars and a few clouds. we go from clear-to-partly cloudy on live doppler hd and southeast camera showing the bay bridge is looking clean this morning. temperatures are running from the upper 40s to the mid-50s at 7:00, and the labor day planner shows 60s at coast and 68 to 73 around bay, and 75 to 84, noon at 4:00, 58, 68, and 73 at coast and bay and inland by 7:00. could be a nice day but wear the sunscreen if you are outside for a long time. >> good to know. it is a tough start to the new school year in union city. >> hearbreaking. we learned of a second high school student who died in a bad crash over the weekend.
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amy hollyfield was at james logan high school. amy? we have just learned of the death of joe jr. iaramo for the 17-year-old meese before the students learned of the second debt. we are working to get a picture of the same victim, joe iaramo. 100 showed up to remember meese, a leader who was running through a wall for the teammates. >> he was helping kids not only with footballs but off the field in the class and society. he was a kid where i testified him to check to see how the team was doing, how is the group doing? >> the boys were in a crash at 1:30 on sunday morning on interstate 880 in half hard,
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meese was driving and there was third person in the car and that person was taken to the hospital. two people in the truck they crashed into were taken to the hospital. the c.h.p. is still investigating. >> so sad. developing news now in the south bay, police want to find a convicted sex offender who is extremely dangerous. look at the photo, please, 56-year-old david russell, accused of targeting to women in the past week, not just target them but attacking them one in willow glen neighborhood near lambton and meridian and the other four miles away near hillsdale. police say he is driving a newer model nissan rogue with no plates. if you see david russell call police. >> three cars crashed on interrogate 880 and reported came in of shots fired. police are not saying in the two are connected. the crash happened near the high street exit before 5:00 a.m. last night. c.h.p. said the driver of a
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mercede was passing on the shoulder and trying to merge when the crash happened. the driver jumped out and ran down the freeway shoulder and moments later reported came in of gunfire. >> the shooting and the accident at this point we do not know in they are linked. that is being looked into. in anyone has information that can help us where that, give us a call. >> two people have minor injuries and the person who ran from the crash account person who fired shots have not been found. apolice in richmond arrested two gang members and recovered the pistol and a magazine capable of carrying 50 rounds. officers pull over a car at 7th around 6:00 on saturday night for a track violation. officers smelled marijuana after speaking with the driver of the car and searched it. both people in the car were arrested or firearm and significant-related crimes the san francisco police officers association announced their choice for new chief, the association posted a statement reading that they are look for
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the right leader at the right time and they believe that toney chaplin is the candidate. he has been in the interim position since may after the resignation of chief greg suhr sure one of 60 candidate whose have applied. the commission will recommend three candidates and the mayor will make the final choice. >> in san leandro a man is missing who could be at risk the 47-year-old has been missing since friday. he has a ponytail. he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been without his medication since disaperring. he was last seen at the san leandro marina. >> in ohio, brock downer was spotted at his parents' home two days after being released from jail. the former stanford student wearing a blue kansas university t-shirt and sunglasses, 21 -year-old served half of the six month sentence he got for
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sexual assaulting an unconscious woman and this is from friday. his was has receive the world wide attention in the widely perceived light sentence and he has to register as a sex offender and will be on the regular dry for his life. >> we have been watching this come in, president obama just finished speaking at the g-20 summit in china and jessica castro has been monitoring this mentioning colin kaepernick. >> the president is on the world same and talking about 49ers' colin kaepernick and the decision to sit down during the national anthem at football games. >> as a general matter, when it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, we that is a tough thing for them to get past.
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>> kaepernick's actions have start add productive national discourse, kneeling or sit down the national anthem to protest oppression and injustice. notable is that president obama met with russian president vladimir putin o side lines, and on the stray john in syria, and, also, with several isis strong holds. they did not come to an agreement but programmed they will keep talking. this is the latest from the live desk. >> the last summit, thank you. >> new details on the bankruptcy of one of the largest ship companies, going do court to prevent ships from being seized. 68 of the 141 ships blocking to the company have been san franciscoed since the company collapsed last week. several ships have been stranded or turned away altogether at ports in the united states, china, canada.
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terminals are refusing to off lone the cargo, they do business at the port of oakland and we will continue to track it. hermine is parked off the east coe and forecasters warn she could regain hurricane strength any time doing a lost damage in the south. two people died in the storm. governors along the eastern seaboard are taking emergency percussion, and new york city beaches are shut down for the second day in a row and new jersey has declared a "state of emergency," in coastal counties. >> you can feel it when the waves hit the piling shakes. >> ferocious. >> officials are again urging people to use caution and stray out of water even in the weather seems decent as the threat of potentially deadly rip currents is extreme high. >> nows back to the track alert, and hive to westbound 580 at the 80 split the transition has been fully closed for over an hour due to a crash involving a box
5:39 am
truck that had a diesel spill. i have been watching them move the flairs and the coaches but they have not opened them yet but a lot movement with the vehicles and it is coming at any moment. in the meantime you have to use the alternates and stay on eastbound 80 and do a u town or use 880. i will show you how light it is, as well, with no backups aside from this even from the central valley coming in from tracy so a light labor day commute. i rome add look at mass transit and that is at 5:50 and i will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, glad you are in although it is a million day. now, good morning, partly cloudy and foster city and redwood city is 52 and menlo park and woodside, 58 and 45 and 51 in pacifica and daly city and 52 in palo alto, and treatment, san jose is 56, and san ramon is 50
5:40 am
and same in napa and mill valley and santa rosa at 49, the long nights are getting the better of us and losing about two meants and 20 seconds of sunshine reach day. on the bay, be careful. it will be breezy and:y. we now, do not close the pools inland, it will be in the upper 90s to 100 and i show thank you in my seven-day forecast. a first day for swimming today, more so headed into the weekend and the beaches are not is sunny. the next three days, san francisco is going from the 60s to the 70s peninsula is 70s to 80s and south bay 80 to 87 and east bay 74 to 88 and the north bay is 83 to 91 and inland east bay 85 to 97. reggie i got a post from katherine burke with said thanks for coming in and working. >> shout out to you, katherine. >> thanks, mike.
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>> we have a warning if you are visit the golden gate bridge to bring friends or visitors, the parking lots are closed for vehicles through the day, and the district is helping to avoid the big backups on the bridge that you rebel have seen in the past holidays and closed until 5 o'clock >> the stage is society for what could be a critical positive in president campaigning and how hillary clinton and donald trump are going head to head on this labor day. >> the star-studded lineup for a fan favorite music festival in san francisco and who is coming
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>> all news all morning. >> welcome back. donald trump and hillary clinton will both be in ohio on this labor day. trump and running mate mike person sit down with union leaders in cleveland and head to youngstown for a festival. clinton will be in cleveland celebrating labor day with young leaders and workers. yesterday, on this week, more running make tim kaine defending the fact she has not held a press conference in nine months. >> all the time hillary is on trail she is talking to the presentation, hundreds interviews i am doing the same, labor day to election day stretch is going to ramp up even more. >> in mexico --. ahe crucial for both candidates especially for donald trump,
5:45 am
with no republican having ever won the white house without winning ohio. >> in brazil demonstrators protesting the new leader fought with police in the south, waving flags and banners in opposition to the new president. he was appointed president five days ago after the president was peached on corruption charges. she is appealing the impeachment. experts say it is doubtful she will succeed. >> now, the flooding, the land shoulds, cause be problems in the mention cap resort of acapulco this weekend, and 70s homes and schools have been affected by torrential rains on saturday morning. 200 people got trapped in an acapulco housing complex evacuated by air. authorities say the rains have caused 30 rock and landslides and army drops have been deployed to help. >> and alexis i thought it would be like a friday "lite"
5:46 am
situation on this labor day? >> you are busy. >> i thought the same thing, theying well, i don't think they need me today...but, it continues out we have quite a big going on. this is westbound 588, the transition to westbound 80 still fully closed. if you coming from the east bay trying to get across the bay bridge it is a busy route. it is a hell day today so we are seeing light other than average volume otherwise, we would be seeing major delays by now. this is due to a crash involving a box truck that end up with a diesel spill. a lot of activity in the last few minutes and a lot of the crews are packing up working on getting two of the three lanes back open but it has not happened yet. i have been watching closely and we still have the coaches in place. give it another 10 minutes and we should have it back open. the traffic maps show a lot green, very light, and mass transportation notes: bart deals city to glen park closed with a
5:47 am
bus shuttle. ace train is not running with the maybe day holiday and caltrain is on sunday schedule. how are the barbecues going to do? >> great, a limit breezy in the afternoon around the bodies of waters. san jose, though, mostly sunny already as we look at 280 and 17. temperatures are up to five degrees cooler than yesterday morning. most of us are off to a cool we start and warming ending today, and clear and cool nights ahead that is the key because we have a heat wave coming but you can open the windows and get the 40 and 50-degree both temperatures back in the house after running the air conditioning. all the next six hours on live doppler hd show bone dry. we will talk temperatures back to the south bay first, and we have upper 70s to low 80s in most neighborhoods and at the boardwalk and santa cruz, afternoon sunshine and 73 degrees.
5:48 am
who are manley cloudy along the peninsula coast and that is the big difference from yesterday to today. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60s from pacifica at 61 to half moon bay at 63 and on bay side, low-to-mid 70s with sunshine and breezy conditions in the afternoon. deals, 62. rich pond, 63 degrees. richmond district, sunset only 60 and downtown about 67 on the bay side brighter and warmer. as we head through the north bay santa rosa warm sunshine and 83, sausalito is breezy and sunny and 72 and northwest he at 81 and vallejo 79 and the east bay sure, no worries, sunshine, breezy, sure, nothing we cannot handle in deck at 69, to fremont at 73. heading into inland neighborhood, this is the coolest ill to be all week and these are mid-to-upper 80s tonight and tonight cool and 40 at santa rosa and napa and danville and san ramon and the rest of us in low-to-mid 50s
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with clear conditions. the seven-day forecast shows the numbers have temperatures in the low-to-upper 90s tuesday through friday with 80's around the bay, and we are getting near 70 at the coast and not too bad, reggie and natasha? >> the uc berkeley teen is back in the office six months after resigning in a sexual harassment accusation. he resigned in the spring after being suspended and the dean assistant sued uc berkeley saying he made unwanted advances to her starting in 2014. the interim dean has been leading and the future said the situation is unclear while they review the case. >> crews are working to contain fuel leaking from a historic river boat that capsized in the dole that. you can see spit of sacramento floating upside down in eastern contra costa county with a mechanical problem that started taking on water before sinking early on sunday morning.
5:50 am
according to the sacramento business journal tours ended in 2009. fish and wildlife officers are worried about 600 gallons of disease old in the fuel tank. >> it is hazardous to wildlife so we take this seriously and we are on the scene to get it out the environment so it does not harm the fish and wildlife. >> you have to feel for the new owners of the spirit of sacramento buying it on saturday. it has history behind it, it appears in the 1950s john wayne movie. >> music fans big names are coming to the hardly districtly blue cross festival, including emmy lou harris, cake, and chris isaak. >> the events features 100 acts, free to the public and days place on september 30 through
5:51 am
october 2nd in golden gate park. >> alexis has a big reaction, and i did not know in she was applauding or what. >> at 6:00, a stunning security slip has an accused killer walking free and the police could be a step closer to him today. >> you will remember this explosion, and, still ahead, what the owner of the satellite destroyed now wants from spacex >> if you are an animal lover we have
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> we are back with the explosion on spacex which could pay $50 million for the israeli space communications
5:54 am
company. their satellite was destroyed in the launch site explosion. we that blast destroyed a satellite belonging do a communications company from israel asking spacex to cover the cost scat light or provide a free flight of the future and a customer, facebook, is helping to launch the global internet initiative using the destroyed broadband services which will have to be rethought. all the makinger of gatorade has come out with organic version of the sports drink, that will be sold in select markets in the fall called g organic coming in strawberry, let gallon and mixed berry flavor. there are only 15 inagreed helps including organic cane sugar. >> we head of the the effect ofe drought on farmed but it is hurting the salmon that is coming from fish hatcheries across california and in some cases the salmon had to being
5:55 am
trucked to places to be released because stretches of some of the rivers are dry. >> now, the traffic alert, which is just now clearing, so a couple of moments ago, no vehicles on westbound 580 to westbound 80 but i watched them picking unall of the cones, flares and i watched the emergency crews leave the scene so it looks like we have all lanes open and said we are going do have the far left lane closed for are some time to come and it looks to be open now. coming up in a few and if you were one of those try to make it to the bay bridge check out how light it is, no metering lights and we are probably going to stay like that most the morning with the holiday and check out the drive times. the green all way around, westbound 580, tracy to castro valley, northbound 101 in the south bay and northbound 280 into downtown san francisco no problems to speak of. >> more summer like on the continues today?
5:56 am
>> the seven-day forecast, with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yes, and they are going to get more summer like headed through the area, and who are going to keep you around for the rest the show. here is a look at santa cruz this morning, where it is cloudy and this is going to be brightest and warmest area along the coast, 73 today, clouds along the peninsula, and probably 63 and half moon bay and 84 in yosemite, maybe a one-day trip and a lot of sunshine, and i have disturbing news, cabo is taking a full on assault from tropical storm newton, 5-10" of flooding rain starting tomorrow. >> good news for mean da lovers, the animal is now off the endangered species list, and not completely if the clear, international group said they are you will have neitherrable rather than endangered and panda populations are in china having jump by more than 250 between 2004 and 2014. chinese agencies have been
5:57 am
endorsing the poaching bands and climate change could eliminate up to 35% of the natural pam into habitat that could lead to another decline in the pandas. >> siri gets an upgrade with the commute easier than ever according to apple with a budget loss. >> san jose police want this man off the streets right new. what he is accused of doing striking fear in an entire south bay community. >> now, a look at 5:57, thanks for inning us on abc morning
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, not bay, let's get up and get going, monday, september 5th and maybe you are enjoying the long week and could not resist and wanted to spend labor day with us. that is why i am here. >> for most people it is because
6:00 am
their body clock wakes them up. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, we have alexis and of course mike and jessica castro but we will start with the weather. how is the labor day looking? >> great. >> perfect. >> keep it simple. don't want to bog you down with details. now, live doppler hd is showing clear to partly cloudy now. unfortunately, fur thinking today was the day to go did the coast, yesterday was probable the brighter of the two dares. the suspect shine will return if you have the week off. at pier 15, temperatures are going to more time, here is the 12 hour labor day pan old 47 do 58 at 7:00. cooler this morning. 60 at the coast and 75 inland, minor warming today, 61 at the coast,


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