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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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charged and five are tied to the oakland police department. officer brian bunton for felony obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution. another for searching official data without permission. and another for felony oral copulation with a minor. tyrell smith who resigned will also be charged with making searches without permission and leroy johnson for failing to report sexual misconduct against a minor. in a statement, the union president said the actions of a few are disappointing. but i want to remind the residents of oakland that the overwhelming majority of oakland police officers are out there working hard for our community. and also being charged, ricardo perez of the contra costa sheriff's office and dan black of livermore police department. both have resigned. o'malley said they are focused on getting miss a. back home. she was recently arrested in florida where she claims
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richmond police took part in. >> we took no part in moving her to florida. we were not consulted or informed and we protested once we learned that she was being moved. >> reporter: o'malley expressed that this victim and key witness who has admitted to have sexual contact with officers all over the bay area, including when she was under age. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. and we sent out a push alert on this investigation on our abc 7 news app today. could you download the app for free and enable push alerts for breaking news updates as they happen. an event that trains law enforcement is turning into a platform for a police protest. it is happening at the alameda county fair grounds in pleasant ton and that is why lonnie rivera is live with the story. >> reporter: yes, eric, the second day of this law enforcement expo is a wrap but it brought out passionate demonstrations from people who don't like the fact that it is
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taking place. [ chanting ] >> reporter: signs and fits calling for the urban shield police law enforcement expo to stop. some protesters even willing to go to jail to prove their point. some chained themselves together to block one of the gates. >> the police are a fundamentally violent and oppressive force and we believe that true safety comes from building up community resources and practicing, alternatives to policing. >> we got news they have moved to the jail. >> reporter: the group took their rally to the jail where they waited for the release of 20 others arrested. police say they blocked traffic. >> it is hard for me to understand why you wouldn't want police and fire and paramedics to be properly trained for critical sites like an earthquake, like a disaster, like a terrorist attack. >> they train to learn better tactics, share technology and weaponry in order to learn how
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to better oppress and control and harm our community. >> reporter: while the majority of the crowd passionately expressed displeasure with police, one lone resident doesn't feel the same way. >> their training is intense and what is happening in our country, we need that. we need this right now. >> reporter: it is the tenth anniversary for urban shield, an expo giving officers a first-hand look at new high-tech tools to improve police work, even when wearing a badge comes with intense scrutiny and criticism. officers go on this weekend to do their tactical training. last check, those 20 people arrested are still in jail. live here in pleasant ton, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a north bay woman is now facing second-degree murder charges for a fatal accident last month. prosecutors say the woman was legally drunk when she slammed her car into another vehicle while driving the wrong way on
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highway 101 near san antonio road. a 63-year-old of santa rosa died in the crash. records show the 47-year-old collier is currently on probation for two previous dui arrests in the county. a castro valley woman who slashed hot coffee on a muslim man in 2015 has accepted a plea deal in the case. the 51-year-old was recently sentenced to 20 days in jail and three years problems. as part of the deal, she must attend anger management classes. she must also stay away from the regional park where she was taped making remarks about islam and the court dismissed a misdemeanor hate crime charge. 49ers player bruce miller appeared in court facing felony assault charges after he allegedly beat up two men. melanie woodrow was in court today and joins us live now from the hall of justice.
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fe melanie. >> reporter: he is facing seven felonies and one misdemeanor, a bit of awkwardness when mill ear rivalled, the courtroom was still locked. leaving him and his attorney and his family members and a private investigator he hired on his behalf to pace back and forth in front of several cameras. former 49er bruce miller didn't have much to say regarding the events that led up to his arrest. >> do you remember what happened that night? do you want to say anything? >> i'm just go -- i'm not at liberty to talk about it right now there is an investigation going on. >> reporter: sundays are for the boys, miller posted to instagram ore over the weekend. about 11:50 a mang said he tried to take customers' food and we obtained this cell video. a manager escorted miller out. >> [ inaudible ]. >> miller then allegedly tried to get into a 70-year-old man's
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room at the marrot around 2:45 a.m. on monday. he charged the 29-year-old son who told miller he had the wrong room. >> he was punched by miller. >> reporter: and miller is charged with assaulting the victim with a cane. >> it is a major embarrassment to us, because they were visiting the city and unfortunately they were victimized but this is a clear case of elder abuse. >> reporter: surveillance video captured him across the street at the travel lodge with his forehead bloody and he was stumbling. >> how was your head injured that night. >> excuse me. >> reporter: he was ordered to stay away from the victims and his arraignment moved to november. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. tonight we're hearing from a woman who called into radio station wild 94.9 to talk about her encounter with bruce miller, the night of his arrest. she and her brother-in-law ran into him at tommy's joint on gary late on sunday night. >> he was in line. he was wasted.
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cut some people and decided that he wanted them to pay for his food. and kept harassing them in line. he got in the guy's face. his wife, she actually stopped him and told him, i don't know who you are. get out of our face. he told the guy, meet me outside and i'll beat you and they got into it for a hot moment and his wife got in the middle of it. and i said you better get him because he will get into something. >> that is before he showed up at the marriott and beat an elderly man with a cane. police believe they may know what led up to a scary accident at the solano community college. nine people were inside of a classroom when an out of control suv crashed into it. lyanne melendez is now live at the fairfield campus with more on this. and the driver's health was a factor? >> reporter: well, you know, what can i say. sometimes the impossible occurs.
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how else do you explain this accident. now the suv got off the road and traveled quite a distance, before plowing into that building. antoinette ortiz was inside of this portable classroom at the solano community college when out of nowhere a car came crashing through. >> i see a car and then i see the car on the end of the classroom and then i see no desks and no students. and i'm like, oh, my god, my classmates are dead. i was hyperventilating and i called my mom and i was crying. >> reporter: the sheriff's office found a man in his 40s, inside of the suv. a college employee. >> we believe the driver suffered a medical emergency. we don't believe alcohol or drugs to be a factor. >> reporter: that may explain how he jumped a curb and crashed into the portable classroom. >> surreal and almost in slow motion. huge vehicle coming into the classroom. >> reporter: ray ortiz is enrolled in the same math class
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as his granddaughter. nearby faculty and staff quickly came to help. >> one student was pinned between the car and the wall with some desks on top of her so they immediately attended to her. >> we later found her as police were taking pictures of her injuries, all incredibly minor. >> surprised that i had no broken bones or anything. >> reporter: and the driver and seven people were taken to two nearby hospitals and quickly released. students here say monday through thursday the campus is full of students. luckily there are very few classes on fridays. at the time of the accident, the students were taking a test. >> they were happy to hear the instructor was discounting this exam from their grade. >> reporter: in fairfield, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. coming up, looking for hidden earthquakes. digging for answers. setting explosions in order to learn about the dangers of the hayward faults. what is news and what is not. facebook is under scrutiny for
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what critics call censorship. and an on demand shuttle service and the all cash deal to acquire a start-up. >> and i woman who is swimming 93 miles from sacramento. and
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scientists in the east bay are doing earthquake research by digging deep into the earth. jonathan bloom explains how all of the digging in the park in castro valley will help us be better prepared for the big one. >> reporter: seismic researchers are digging deep. >> we know the hayward fault will do an awful lot of damage in the bay area but we don't know the exact degree and this helps us to narrow that down a bit. >> reporter: they are drilling a hole not on the hayward fault
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but on the adjacent chibbot fault, one we know far left about. >> we think it may have the potential to behave like the fault in west napa which was thought it be effectively pretty quiet. and what we found out that it wasn't. it is not. >> reporter: the south napa quake was a sobering reminder why the work is being done but the study began a year early when cal state east bay implode the warren hall, they measured the shock waves with hundreds of sensors all over the east bay. >> and that gives us a 3-d image and kind of like an ultrasound image. >> reporter: and now they do it again by setting off small explosive devices at the bottom of small holes. they plan to dig 30 holes like this one, some as deep as 40 feet into the ground and set off the tiny explosions one at a time. >> we'll send teams out all over with backpacks. >> reporter: teen teams, including those from the bay. >> and the answer could answer whether it is connected to the
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hayward fault and give first responders a better idea of where to send help. >> it is well overdue that we understand this fault and similar faults like it. so better now than after the earthquake. >> in castro valley, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. general motors is recalling more than 4 million cars and trucks because of a glitch that could affect your safety in a collision. gm said a software defect in rare instances could prevent airbags from deploying during a crash. the issue has caused one death and three injuries. the recall is for newer cars an trucks and suvs from 2014 to 2017 model years. the company will notify effected customers and update the software for free. japanese automatic neissan s recalling 134,000 cars because brake fluid could leak and cause a fire. customers should park the cars outside until it is fixed.
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it covers 2015 to 2017 murano and maxima. they will send owners a letter notifying them what to do if their anti-lock brake light comes on. one of the nation's oldest automakers is buying a san francisco based shuttle service. chariot will join the ford smart mobility program. no word on the purchase price. ford is only saying that it was an all cash deal. chairiot aimed to solve the commute through a crowd sourced shuttle system and ford announced it is sponsoring the bike share program and plans to expand to some 700 bikes to 7,000 over the next few years. >> over 50% of the u.s. population live in cities. and in 2030, that will grow up to 60%. and it is just going to be too much congestion so we have to figure out other ways to get people to move. >> prices and rental terms are still being worked out but ford envisions a future where people could hop on a bike and connect
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to a shuttle recently and they plan to expand to five new cities in the next year and a half. a rough day on wall street. the dow closed down 400 points in the worth slide since brexit, following comments by the federal reserve that a september rate hike may not be off the table. the dow finished down 2%. shares of advanced micro devices plummeted 5%. and apple stock dropped more than 2%. tonight facebook is changing its tune and allowing an iconic photo it censored back on the website. norway's largest newspaper slammed the social network for removing a photo from the vietnam war of a naked girl fleeing from napalm bombs. the 1972 picture has been used countless times to show the horrors of war. facebook censored it said a naked child would violate the community standards but in a statement tonight the company said we recognize the history and global importance of this
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image in documenting a particular moment in time. the company said it will adjust the review mechanisms to allow the picture to be shared in the future. tonight space x head elon musk is asking for help on twitter to help identify what happened when the fallon 9 rocket exploded this month. he tweeted this is the most difficult and complex failure his company has ever had. his team is trying to understand a quieter bang sound a few seconds before the fire ball exploded. he tweeted asking for advice from nasa and the faa, and the air force and anyone else willing to chime in. right now a san francisco swimmer is attempting the longest solo swim ever recorded in california. kim chambers is swimming from sacramento to tiber on. that is a long swim. this is video from last year when she became the first woman to swim the 30 shark infested miles between san francisco. she started a little more than three hours ago. and let's give you a live look
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where she is now. you could track it on this swimmer's website. here is about two minutes ago and 12 minutes ago and expected to take her 48 hours to swim 93 miles. >> that is a cold, tough swim there. >> yeah. you could see the stops she's made. not really stop but that is how they are tracking her. >> good luck. >> now your forecast with sandhya patel. >> and she is one brave woman. if you are stepping out this evening, here is a look at your hour-by-hour forecast. coastal fog at 6:00 and temperatures mild inland but cool elsewhere. fog around through the evening hours. temperatures will fall and you will probably likely need a jacket if you are going to be in the san francisco area grabbing some zdinner or in the south ba going out. near the coast, it hasn't budged. temperatures in the coast have been in the 50s and 60s. from the east bay hills camera and the marine layer is coming in but it is shallower which means a little bit of a warm-up for tomorrow.
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61 in san francisco. to 66 in oakland. we're in the 70s in san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay 57 degrees. a live look. and here are your temperatures. low 70s from santa rosa to novato and one last view from the camera, a lot of sunshine. a nice variety of weather here in the bay area. fog along the coast and bay overnight tonight. temperatures up tomorrow. down on sunday. and then it is sharply cooler on monday and tuesday. so first thing tomorrow morning, you'll notice that those temperatures begin in the 50s. if you do have early plans, you are taking your kids to games, you want to make sure you bundle them up. at 7:00 a.m., the fog is around. as we head into the latter part of the morning, still fog. and great morning for a run. and then as you head into the afternoon. the fog lingers at the beaches and everyone else sees the sun and a lot like today but the teams are rising. 82 in the south bay in san jose. 79 in sunnyvale. mid-80s around gilroy on the
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pennsylvan peninsula and a nice one. 77 in san mateo. and along the coast, hang on to the extra layer. 60 for the fogs. 64 downtown san francisco. in the north bay, temperatures in the upper 70s, around petaluma and napa, and 77 in san rafael and head into the east bay and 70 in oakland, 72 hercules and inland areas the area where you need the sun squeeze. 90 in livermore. 92 in antioch. and in walnut creek. average high is 70. you are nowhere near that over the weekend. it is nice. but look at that. 59 degrees on monday. it is really going to be well below normal. much cooler and breezy for your monday. it is going to already start to feel like late fall. even though fall doesn't start for another two weeks or so. below average for your tuesday. upper 70s inland. 60s coast side. wednesday we're looking at warming up it up a little bit. and here is your accuweather seven-day forecast, so your weekend plans include a warm up tomorrow and a cooldown on sunday and then we see the
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temperatures drop with drizzle on monday and tuesday mornings. mid to upper 70s inland, and upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. temperatures remain below normal through the latter part of the workweek before we warm back up on friday. abc 7 news is a happy thing to -- a handy thing to have on hand. and check your temperatures and the weather if you are stepping out for any of the activities. >> then you wouldn't be caught needing a sweatshirt the last minute. >> right. >> and it is free, that is the best part. thank you. a night of fun and fun foods. it is finney's friday free stuff next. and then on world news. >> breaking news. the major new alert about smartphones catching fire. the federal government late today issuing a warning a short time ago. the new alert about 9/11 here in new york and the scare, the car dangling from a parking garage and the driver crawling out late today and you'll see had right here on abc 7 news. and there she is.
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miss america. possibly. new at 6:00, meet the bay area woman (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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two pig lets are seeking a forever home tonight. meetiggy and ziggy. the two piggies are now at animal places vacaville facility. they were dumped in the san francisco animal care and control and it is believed they may have been neglected. even though they are smaller than chickens, eventually they reach up to 150 pounds. >> so best if you have a farm or land. okay. >> not a small backyard. >> and today is friday. you know what that means. >> free stuff. >> michael finney is here with the free stuff. what do you have there. >> this is a local company. food designed by kids, created by moms. >> oh. >> it is called in a cup. and then you want to start
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opening that and in just a moment because you could see what you do, it is like one of those noodle in a cup things except for the difference is everything is really fresh. it is cold right now. you could eat it either cold or hot. and now what you do is you pull out all of the little packages and then mix them together and shake them up. so two moms who wanted to make packing school lunches easier -- >> i was thinking that. >> and look at the folding spoon. that cracks me up. >> there it is, right there. >> and the sauce into the noodles and you shake it up and microwave for a minute and enjoy. it is a $3.99 value but you could try it for free. okay. so there you go. and so there is a meal in a cup. how about dancing in a square? square dancing up in marin county. we'll give you free lessons up there. there you go. you'll receive a dance coupon for one free modern square dancing lesson from tam twirlers
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dance club. it is located up in san rafael. it is socialable. and you dance to all types of music, current rock and country music and work into the sequences together. and keep track of what you are doing. >> first you eat the calories and then work it off dancing. >> perfect. see. >> it is synergy. >> never guessing. >> here is how you get that synergy. you dial 800-kgo-71177 or log on to >> michael, thank you very much. 166 years young coming up. how birthday wishes for california. >> the big celebration ahead.
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>> when it happens where you live -- >> the abc 7 news team covers
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your neighborhood. your story. choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. choose abc 7 news. and a programming note here. monday is a special day on abc 7. with the 49ers playing the first regular season game right here on abc 7. our live coverage of espn monday night football begins at 7:00 p.m. >> and before that, tune in for the new sns of "dancing with the stars" on monday at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. and tonight, 20/20 anchor elizabeth vargas points a portrait of live as an alcoholic. >> and coming up today, team coverage on the sex scandal and what a officer told dan noyes about his encounter with celeste
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gaap. >> and what we are learning about the san bernardino terror attack and the break that likely saved the lives of dozens of people. >> and from seven on your side, the police you need to check out before getting a new loan or credit card. coming up at 66. >> the state turned 166 years old. >> the 31st state on september 9th, 1850 and fillmore was present at the time. this is two years after the mexican-american war and the discover of the gold at the south fork of the american river. >> we have the goals. i think it was a great deal of attempt to get us into statehood. >> a modest ceremony in sacramento including banjo music and free ice cream and birthday cake with the state seal on them. world news tonight is next. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen zse. for all of us here, thanks for
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inviting us into your homes here tonight. >> see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. tonight, breaking news. the suv up in flames. and tonight, the new and urgent warning just issued about a particular kind of smartphone. after several fires now reported. and the faa, now saying do not pack them in your luggage. we're also watching severe storms set to hit this friday night. the system now moving east. rob marciano says there could be treacherous driving ahead. and the other driver nightmare late today. the car dangling from a parking garage. the driver crawling out. on the scene tonight, authorities and the new discovery. as they look for clues in the missing student making national headlines. donald trump, and his praise for prid


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