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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> ing, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> 5:00 a.m. on the dot on winning tuesday. it is september 13. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. who did not see the 49ers victory? 28 to 0? >> and now we will check alexis with the traffic and mike with the weather. >> could be drizzly along the coast and the construction mountains but right now it is quiet. and here is a look at live doppler hd, can you see the
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cloud cover out there and the thunderstorms that are rolling through the santa cruz mountains. winds are fairly light up to 14 miles per hour across the golden gate to angel island and not so brisk. low-to-mid 50s at 7:00, we will see increasing sunshine and mid-to-upper 60s at noon, and we will stay in the 60s around the coast and bay and hit the mid-70s inland and in the 60s all of us at 7:00, if you are going out and about do not forget our news app with the drizzle developing we will have it on live doppler hd. how is the traffic? >> we are okay so far this morning, give it another half an hour before we likely see the metering lights turned on for the toll plaza and wide on, cash lines to fast track and car pool all good at early hour. so are the drive times and tracy to castro rally is still green. northbound 280 into downtown san francisco is just nine minutes. we have a blocking issue in the
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san quentin area and have a look at that at 5:07. we are trafficking developing news in santa clara county. the sheriff is investigating a deputy-involved shooting in saratoga this morning, and it happened at titus and prospect. officers are still at the scene nine hours after it happened. right now the department is releasing little information but said the deputy was not injured. we are gathering information and we go back to tiffany at 5:30. >> from oakland, firefighters tackling a large fire at a home. we will get to jessica castro at the live desk. >> yes, the fire department is still out there at last check. this is new video to the live desk six people without a home this morning. the folks are dealing with the aftermath upset about what has
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happened. the fire started at a three story victorian home. in oakland. on 20th street between 23rd and 24th. here is a better look at that home. it did not spread to the neighboring homes. look at the flames, the fire started at 3:00 in the morning. there is still no word on exactly how the fire began. we expect more information as investigators go out there on the scene. red cross is out there trying to help out the foes displaced by the fire. back to you. >> you may have felt a small earthquake overnight. >> i will show you the 3.5 earthquake and it struck at 12:50 in east oakland near the mormon temple. we can show the intensity in u.s. geological survey showing where the shaking occurred. you can see it is on the san
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mateo coast that felt the shaking. there are no reports of injury or damage. the earthquake was a shallow earthquake located only three miles deep. >> changes could come to one of most popular tourist attractions. residents have a chance to tell city officials why the status quo is bad for lombard street. amy hollyfield is on lombard with the story. amy? >> yes, the problem is tourists have loved this street. to death. home owners say something has to change. they live along this street they love but they say they are being invaded, two million people visiting the street a year. they are overrun. there needs to be restrictions. transportation officials have spent the past year studying problem. here are ideas they are considering according to the san francisco chronicle using parking control officers, closing it to cars and pedestrians, ask charging people foe walk or drive down the street and, finally, requiring reservations or selling tickets
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at a site away from the street. they will rent all of the ideas as a community meeting tonight hoping to figure out a way to balance the needs of tourists and residents. >> the 49ers open up the football season in the chip kelly era with a win but it was not the average season opening, colin kaepernick refused to stand during the "national anthem." fans were quick with opinions on the protests, with mixed reaction to taking the knee. >> it is not the right place. it is not the right time. but can you not be mad. >> i respect him. i don't think he did it at the right moment is what it is. >> i love colin kaepernick and the fact he take as stand for himself and on the national stage. >> the 49ers beat the rams 28 to 0 andbly panther -- and play
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panthers on sunday. >> and the light rail is losing money after selling 11 season passes for express games with a pass costing $150 and 209 individual passes at $20 have been sold, as well. doing the math quickly it totals under $6,000 which does not put a depth in the reported season long costs of $500,000 to service the 49er games. >> hillary clinton is taking another day off from the campaign trail as she recovered from pneumonia with questions asked about her campaign's lack of transparency. her sickness caused her to miss the fundraisers including a huge crowd who wishes her well. all the news story is hick shake a human being and the bigger news story is how is it possible they do not get sick more often.
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>> we need her to rest and get better. >> why would someone running for president not reveal she was sick, but she did not thing it was that big of a deal. >> at the ncaa will pull seven events out of north carolina over a law being criticized as 18ty lgbt saying they want to provide a safe and respect will environment at the events. the bill passed by the inning in legislature and bans transgender people from using bathrooms in government offices in schools that do not match their sex at birth. >> today in the north bay the marin district ton is holding a gun buyback program. five locations are set up throughout marin county and gun own ares can get $200 for semi automatic handguns and $100 for any other firearm. this is the second program the d.a. has sponsored and residents must show a driver's license for officers to collect their gun. the buy back is from 11:00 to
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8:00. >> an east bay city will impose a business tax on uber and lyft which would require those drivers in oakland to pay $72 a year. the city council member said the city knees money for public safety and companies not paying taxes is unfair. the oakland finance committee will discuss the tax this morning. >> a crucial housing assistance program for seniors and people with disabilities in san francisco will be re-instated on october 1. the property tax postponement program has helped seniors stay in their hems. it was suspended in 2009 because of the recession. city officials will bring that program back next month to help homeowners struggling to pay property taxes and other necessary expenses. the program is first-come-first-serve because funding is limited. >> warriors guard steph curry will talk about technical start-ups and being a world class athlete in san francisco. he is a start-up investor with slice, a social media publishing and tracking platform for
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influence, and participating in the u.n. nothing but nets campaign to fight malaria with mosquito knelts and speak at the conference at pier 48 this afternoon. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the fact we are going to have cooler-than-average weather, a look at what is going on, mid-50 if you waive up in san francisco, very narrow margin. 54 in mission, castro, portrero hill, glen park, park presidio, and through the ferry building, 58 to the financial district is 56 and no drizzle. palo alto is a cool spot at 50 and pleasanton is 51 and tracy is 52 along with american canyon and palo alto, as well, at 53. oakland average high is 74 degrees. the hourly planner today, lunch time temperature is a little chilly in the shade.
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66. we will top out in the upper 60s in the afternoon and fall back to 67 by 6:00. here is a look at the rest of our neighbors, 60 and 70s dominate today, a lot green and yellows but notice the oranges creeping in, 80s around fairfield and antioch and livermore tomorrow and more 80s start to spread into the north bay as we head to thursday as the 60s get a little bit higher and so do the 70s. we have a warming trend and i will let you know how long this weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> good morning, mike, i have been look out for drizzle we possibly have out there this morning, not seeing any on the traffic cameras and have not heard from anyone. as mike mentioned let us know if you see that on the commute. looking good on the golden gate bridge. on our traffic maps we have minor issue here in marin county, and westbound 580 ramp to northbound 101, as you head into san rafael from the richmond-san rafael bridge, a minor collision, one person was transported with minor injuries
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and a tow truck is on scene. we are just getting reports of a tree down in the south bay and we will look at that before 5:20. >> keeping the part going, the effort today by a san francisco lawmaker to preserve lgbt night life in the city. >> excuse me? excuse me? back off. >> disruption on "dancing with th
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it's about time the taco... came out of its shell.
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. >> a san francisco city leader is pushing to credit an lgbt
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cultural heritage district. the resolution is introduced to create the lgbt night life working group. the coalition will work with planning officials to push the district forward along with policies to support lgbt night life. abc7 reported on the looming closure of the stud bear, a legend. >> in the first look, not the start we were expecting on "dancing with the stars" with the protest against ryan lochte in the studio? here is what happened behind the scenes. >> in this morning in the first look, chaos and confusion on the dance floor after ryan lochte's performance at the "dancing with the stars" premiere. >> excuse me? excuse me? back off. >> he is critiqued but look over here, security personnel rushing in before the show quickly go do a break. >> take a deep breath. >> after four minutes --.
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>> i would like to personally thank our security team for staying in shape. >> two protesters wearing anti-ryan lochte shirts stormed the stage and the los angeles police booked them for dress passing. everyone was shaken. >> so many feelings going through my head. a little hurt. >> but the show did go on, and there will be exclusive video at 7:00 a.m. of the incident. >> one of the three chances with murder in marin in san francisco will not have the hearing closed to the public. largely's attorney asked the judge to cleveland the hearing to the public and the press say the exposure would jeopardize his right to a fair trial. the judge disagreed and ruled g.p.s. him. lamply and aligood are charged with murder of as hiker and a canadian tourist visiting san francisco. >> the third accomplice has
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agreed to testify against the other two. >> we are learning move a long time bail bonds man who is one three people killed in a plane crash. 45-year-old was head back to the bay area when the small plane crashed after take off at the lke tahoe airport on sunday. family pastor shared this photo with his saying he was transporting a client accuses of skipping bail. we spoke with the chair of the california bail association saying that she knew him well. >> he was a good man. hard working. honest. helpful. he took the job seriously. >> the church is planning a million service of the cause of the crash is "under investigation." >> california is doing the firefight that has traditionally been done by risen inmates. the state is short 600 inmates available for the fire line because of the california prison realignment plan and inmates are transferred to county jails so citizens are asked to join the state conservation corps.
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the program was conceived during the great depression to make up the deficit and handle the back breaking work of inmates. >> if you love carbs, and who doesn't you will love this story. olive garden is bringing back the pasta pass. for $100 you get all of the the pasta, salad and bread sticks for seven weeks. or you can buy a family pass for $300 and bring along three ghosts. it is reported that the 2,000 passes sold out in one second. 19,000 more will last a little bit longer. >> for $300, you can bring three of us, and it is a fight to the death between election let, me, matt and jessica. >> i am not getting in that fight. i am walking arrest. >> solved. solved. in they had that when i was swimming, put you out of business quickly. good morning, everyone, from the exploritorium, cloudy in san
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francisco, and waiting in the drizzle to develop long the coast in santa cruz mountains and otherwise sunny, grab the sunglasses, still below average, and patchy fog is possible tonight along the coast in the north bay valley and warming trend tomorrow, and a look at the breezes: her to back from 1:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening through the delta at 28 to 34 miles per hour for the ferry ride and only 14, calmer this morning. we will start inland east bay, free air conditioning, and mid-to-upper 70s and in the north bay, breezy spots as you get to the bay, temperatures are from san rafael at 66, and santa rosa at 80 in the south bay and san jose is clean and cool at 72 and santa clara is the same the on the peninsula today, we are below average from 69 in millbrae and palo alto and redwood city at 72. along the east bay shore, temperatures are in the upper
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60s to low 70s brighter than yesterday with 68 in oakland and breezy downtown san francisco at 64 and marina is 67 and daly city and sunset only 60. here is my seven-day forecast, slow baby steps before you know it we are back to average on thursday and warmer-than-average away from the coast friday through the weekend. normally i ask you for hot spots but you say there is nothing? nothing to worry about. we are looking at light volumes here, westbound richmond-san rafael bridge, on the richmond side, when you get interest san rafael, they are still working on clearing the collision on the opramp to northbound 101 but no delay. to the traffic map we have a tree down in the south bay and this is south of los gatos, on bear creek road before you get to 17 so west of 17, and that is blocking all lanes and they are working on this at the scene to get it cut up and get it cleared. you have to use the other surface streets. a new problem on the light are side of 580, in the tri-valley,
5:20 am
just beyond this area new reports after collision blocking one lane with more detail on that before 5:30. >> as you probably have seen, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick did take a knee as he said he would during the "national anthem." other players and former athletes are taking note of the protest including olympic gold medalist delivering hugs and more at the senior citizens saying she believes athletes have a right to speak out. >> we all have a voice and how we are willing to use our voice and i believe we have to continue to built indicate and pull together. i believe in fighting injustice with love. it could take a longer time but we have to find love in everything that we do. >> she said she was discriminated against during her heyday at ucla and in the olympics but fought back with a message of positiveness.
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>> next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> heart stopping crash into a store. >> and
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♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ♪ savings ♪ oh, yeah >> did you feel it? a 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook people across the bay area this morning centered in east oakland near the more monday -- mormon temple. >> there was a deputy involved shooting in saratoga. authorities say the deputy was not injured. they are not releasing any nervous on the suspect or what led to the shooting. >> richmond police department is releasing report on the police scandal involve 19-year-old celeste guap after connecting 11 officers to the teen prostitute.
5:24 am
punishment is ranging from recommend manned to termination. >> and trying to recover from pneumonia hillary clinton was seen nearly fall into her car on sunday but did not tell the media she was sick because she did not think it was big deal. >> and, now, below average again today. we show you what it looks like with the numbers on the camera: temperatures are going to be anywhere from 6 to 12 degrees cooler but warmer than yesterday with nice warming trend ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> and matt think i am jinxing it, but we are quiet and looking better in the tri-valley, eastbound 580 we had a crash in the far right lane but it cleared in the last few minutes with drive times after 5:30. atwitter is days away from allowing longer tweets, and massive changes are coming monday including ability to attach photo or video without
5:25 am
impacting the character point. >> a nail biting moment cause when an s.u.v. slams into a convenience store take down a clerk. before we show you the video, everyone survived this crash. the s.u.v. goes beyond the white van, in the parking lot and plowed into the store in connecticut. the clerk, 33-year-old workers was near the register and spes say he over suffered minor injuries. the 64-year-old driver was cited for reckless driving. >> the city of santa clara wants new reports over abandoned carts at the store. a store owner said it is bad for the image. >> this is a clean place a clean city, and i like to see them not
5:26 am
in this situation. >> if you find an abandoned shopping cart you are urged to report it to the store you belong to or the city streets department. >> humans are not the only ones that need a pick me up a k-9 unit posted this video of an off-duty k-9 enjoying the drink at the starbucks doing a good job training and decided to give him a little reward. >> is that a special or just, literally...milkshake? >> regular drink and it was well caffeinated. all the reason that uber and lyft could soon be paying more taxes. >> frightening crimes at the greek theatre at uc berkeley after three were attacked. >> a bay area hospital could be the first in the nations to
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get up and get going with abc7 morning. >> it is tuesday, september thin. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. we are waking up to a land listen slide victory. jessica castro is leader, and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. >> a shut out. no drizzle. now a look at live doppler hd you can see the increasing clouds and i know you are look at the thunderstorms in the sierra and i will have more on that ahead. right now from the roof camera, i will show you the numbers on our day planner, waking up with clouds and the same as yesterday
5:30 am
and 63 to 67 at noon. now, and inland neighborhoods at 4:00, it is 67 and our best chance for direction they will morning is along the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. i will keep an cry on that. next we will look ahead. >> now, the bay bridge toll plaza meter lights will turn on any second. early right around 5:30 or 5:31 or 32 they flip on. westbound 580, tracy to dublin is 40 minutes and that is the first drive time in the yellow, westbound 4, antioch to concord at 16 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is looking good at 18 minutes. i have new information on the tree that is doing, not too far from the summit off highway 17, and update on that coming up before 5:40. >> developing news we are tracking information on an officer involved shooting in the south by. >> it happened last night in saratoga with tiffany wilson with the latest from the scene.
5:31 am
>> yes, we are right at t it us and prospect and you can see the tape behind me with glares surrounding me. and halfway down the block on my right, your left side, that is where all of the activity taking place. on the office side you can see a sign that says "school," a goal post there. this is school that is blocked off. a spokesman said this did not happen during school hours a deputy was called before 8:00 last night. on the scene it was confirmed that an ambulance did leave, but there is no information on the
5:32 am
condition at this hour. >> and our investigators are out here on the scene, and we are investigating the situation. [ inaudible ] now, again, the to see whether any >> you may have felt a small earthquake that hit the bay area, 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit west of highway 13 and south of lincoln avenue not far from the mormon temple from pittsburg to san francisco to milpitas and many felt a small jolt. one felt it in alameda a quick shake, and was not sure what it was and thought i was snoring
5:33 am
again. in reports of damage or injury but u.s. geological survey said it is weak. [ inaudible ] >> now we have new details on the growing police sex scandal on the woman known as celeste guap, with a report last night on the investigation into their officers. we read through the report and police say they were first made aware of the scandal involving the 19 year old in mid-may. by early june the office of professional accountability said they linked several officers to the teen. investigators combed through more than 10,000 text and 5,000 social media features including 750 work hours. in the end, 11 richmond officers were connected to san jose less. the report did not detail the specific punishments or how many lost their jobs but only said that punishment ranged from letters of rope manned to termination. >> officials at uc berkeley are proactive after a weekend where three women reported being sexually assaulted on campus on
5:34 am
saturday during a sold out electronic dance music concert at the greek theatre. two victims are students. official sent out alert on the assault and description of two attackers. >> it is sad how a lot of universals try to sweep it under the rug but berkeley does a good job of bringing it to light compared it other universities. >> it is between one and four and one and five women are sexually assaulted during their time in college. athere were five alcohol related arrests at the concert and so many drunk transportses that berkeley police had to take some to another jail. >> colin kaepernick is continuing profit for social justice taking a knee. four other players protested, as well, in different ways. two other 49ers and two ram players held up fists and kaepernick talked about the
5:35 am
support he has received from the teammates and league. >> it is amazing. people that have known this issue is going on, they did not know how to express it or bring attention to it and now that conversation is there, they support it. and i want to let people know they are supporting. >> kaepernick hugged several teammates. >> it was exciting season opener right here on abc7. 49ers won 28 to 30. a lot of local fans but we caught up with a few coming all the way from the east coast for the game, a man from florida and another from new york. >> i love my team. i love the history. i love our attitude. the tradition we have. >> we had a drought but i stayed with them. >> i love the team. they are the greatest. a great dynasty. we are back again. here we come.
5:36 am
>> next up for the 49ers they take on the panthers sunday oned road. >> more on future of the oakland coliseum. the alameda board of supervisors will meet with a group led by nfl hall of famer who wants to build a raiders stadium in oakland. in july the board voted to enter into negotiations to sell the land the coliseum sits on and discuss the rice and terms of payment. the meeting starts at 9:30 this morning in oakland. >> today, marin general hospital could be the first in california to allow medical marijuana use on hospital grounds. the district doctor is a marijuana advocate and introducing a resolution to allow patients to locally consume marijuana, but not actually smock it. in approve ready the hospital staff will begin a review process to understand the implications. all the city of berkeley will go toe to toe with the cell phone industry in a federal appeals court over a city law requiring
5:37 am
cell phone retailers to tell customers of potential raid ace when the phone is close to their bed. burke contends the federal communications contention mandates the watching and the cell phone industry suggests it is only a suggestion and will ask the court today to overrule a federal judge's refusal to freeze the law. >> your accuweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are going neighborhood level right now inland east bay neighborhood where we are in the low-to-mid 50s but for when you get in the hills, yesterday at this time, mount diabolo was 64, and 43 now. the cooler air has expanded and it will hang around this afternoon. 58 right now with oakland and we are 56 in san francisco, and santa rosa, and hayward down to san jose, and 55 in mountain view and san carlos, vallejo is at 58. from the east bay hills, the winds are around ten miles per hour and temperatures are 52 degrees and good if you are excessing not too stressful but watch out for the sun. cool to mild whether you are walking the dog this morning or
5:38 am
this afternoon and breezy north of the bay bridge if you feel like going out on the water. here is a look at san rafael, mostly clear and 53 looking southbound on we. temperature in san francisco is in the mid-60s the next three days and in the low-to-mid soviets on the planes and low-to-upper 70s in the south bay and the east bay and mid-70s to mid-80s inland east bay and low 70s to low 80s in the north bay, so, a warming trend and i will show you the seven-day forecast and the weekend all ahead. so stay tuned. >> now, you know where to go, right here, we are looking at filling in through the bay bridge toll plaza. i mentioned the metering lights will turn on any minute at 5:30, and we got it at 5:31. car pool lanes are okay and everyone else is congested. richmond-san rafael is look okay in the richmond area on the westbound side, and we had a collision on the on-ramp to
5:39 am
northbound we in san rafael and it is cleared and the road is open. and to the traffic maps, back down to the los gatos area, the bear creek road on-ramp west of 17, and we have a tremendous gown and they are trying to get units on the scene and they will not arrive until 6:30, so it will be a while it is clears before 17. hearing about a new incident away levi stadium and look at that in less than 10 minutes. >> wild sight, the plane skids down the runway daring off the landing gear. jessica castro what are you seeing from the live desk? >> new video to the live desk, the plane is skid on the runway with smoke coming from the rear and this is in indonesia, a cargo plane, and it is a boeing 737, and the trail of smoke was chartered by an indodesian state oil company so it was actually carrying fuel, so pretty impressive it did not burst into
5:40 am
flames. there were no injuries to the pilot or anyone else and no word on, exactly, what went wrong, the company spokesperson said it was bad weather and it was foggy. >> wanted: eyes and ears to help fight terrorism. coming up the training california will offer to be list you in the war on terror. >> champion and off the field, the visit by buster posey and his
5:41 am
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abc7, all news, all morning. >> a shop in los angeles is destroyed in a fire last night. the flames tore through the 100-year-old building in the little tokyo neighborhood near downtown. 160 firefighters battled the flames for two hours. it is fought clear what started the fire. no one was hurt. that is the smoldering aftermath of an argument in lafayette. two people living in the home argued on friday and the woman tried to burn down the house. one person is burned now; that woman is being held on $750,000 bail. >> an 81-year-old man is in the hospital after he was hit by a car in vallejo, can you see the extensive damage on the windshield wiper with the collision happening at crosswalk at snow haw and redwood city at
5:44 am
8:00 p.m. last night, the 73-year-old driver stopped at the scene and was cooperating the victim is from colorado and the injuries are "severe." >> california farm worker will be able to earn more over time thanks to a bill signed by governor brown lowering the dealer hold from ten hours to eight hours before overtime kids in and this is an historic victory but the agriculture hal community lobbied against it. it said it will hurt an already declining industry in our state, and the new law will be phased in starting in 2019. the california will soon give you the opportunity to listen how to catch a terrorist by arming you with information. the bill was signed interest law by governor brown. the office of emergency services will create a class teaching every day people what specific things to look for, things this could mean an attack is being planned. >> i just in the, maybe there is something there if we can develop better tools to help arm our deserves, in combating the lone wolves maybe there is
5:45 am
something you can see and if you get to law enforcement soon enough, maybe we can prevent the attacks from occurring in the future. >> the idea was sparked by the revelation that a neighbor of one of the san bernadino terrorists saw suspicious activity and the neighbor reports suspicious activity the attack may have been stopped. classes will not be available for two years. >> are uber drivers directors or employees? there are new negotiations to settle a class-action lawsuit over the matter. a judge threw out the $100 million settlement reached between the two parties. the silicon valley business journal reports that both uber and the drivers have asked the judge for a 60 day extension before an appeal so they can negotiate a potential deal. >> the bus riders in marin are getting a big boost from the federal government receiving $4.4 million to build a new bus garage to house the fleet. the location is not determined and marin transit contracts with the private company and the
5:46 am
transit company for the routes with they are having problems parking. >> buster posey and his wife will justin' cancer patients at the children's hospital in san francisco. >> it is part of the campaign to bring awareness and funding to pediatric cancer that he kick off at at&t park in spill. he and his wife will talk with patients and pose for photos and private bedside visits. pediatric cancer is the number one death for young children beyond infancy in the united states. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco is track the weather of the how is it looking? >> i found showers i found them in the higher elevations to the south of lake tahoe rotating to the northwest and it will miss you. but it will be dicey on wealth
5:47 am
roads. now, here santa cruz mountains, ride along the coast, that is our best chance for any drizzle. right behind my name there are a couple of light radar returns heading down to santa cruz and that could be one of small areas of drizzle on highway 1. otherwise, get ready for mostly sunny and cooler-than-average afternoon. patchy fog is forming tonight in the coast and our warm pattern will hold through the weekend. now in the south bay we have low-to-mid 70s and all of the 70s every one but los gatos and gilroy. 69 in millbrae. low 70s on the peninsula today. nearly 60 to 61 on the coast in daly city and 60, and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 54 and 69 and everyone else is 70 to 72 through the north bay valley and vallejo is 68 and upper 60s for oakland and hercules and richmond and berkeley and low 70s elsewhere and headed inland we will have 72 in men,
5:48 am
and my seven-day forecast is showing by the time we get to, say, friday, we are 5-10 degrees warmer away from the coast and hold average to above average for the weekend. now, where do our travels take us this morning? >> we are looking at south bay and i have found flashing lights so this is 280 at 17 on the far right-hand side you can see this area but it is not causing backup. we have a problem to the northeast, at levi stadium, so westbound 237 beyond the florence expressway we have a vehicle leave the road and that is down an embankment right now. they are working on getting a tow truck to the scene with several vehicles assisting driver but everyone is going to be okay. drive time is looking good so far this morning, westbound 580 normally the slowest and tracy to dublin, you are in the yellow at fry minutes. >> now, the east bay report is ahead.
5:49 am
>> facebook and your fans, the social media could be bad for your bank account. >> more and more kids are playing soccer and that sounds good but this morning, this is cause for concern. >> the over a popular store chain is
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> today, for a second day in a row signs are going up at american canyon warning people of a dangerous vortex, after a dog drowned there after being sucked into a drainage pipe. the owners said she let the dog free and the dog was swept away when it jumped into the water. pets are required to be on leashes. >> now the issues at wells
5:52 am
fargo. federal authorities now want to look at the aggressive sales practices, the san francisco based bank was slapped with $185 million fine last week after it was discovered that will set employees secretly opened two million accounts for customers without even telling them. the senate banking committee is holding a hearing into the practice next week and the woman who overall the accident is looking the bank with an enormous package, getting more than $124 million when she retires later this year. >> authorities are have thing the report of a samsung galaxy phone exploding injuring a child. the six-year-old boy in brooklyn suffered burns when the phone exploded in his hand on saturday night. there is a worldwide recall after fires spark by batteries. samsung is encouraging customs to exchange the phones at retailers. >> millions of kids are playing soccer but that means plenty of gin is. the 90% spike in youth players
5:53 am
since 1990 and since that time, a new study found that injuries have jumped 111%. the numbers could be on low end because the study only looked at visits to the e.r. and must injuries have been for kids between 12-17. >> parents, you want to hear this: toys 'r us will take your older car seat and give you a discount on a new one, car seats that are out grown or those recalled. toys will offer 25% off a new one. this runs through october 2nd. >> now a look at what is going on outside. we will start with the south beach across the bay bridge it is future is breezy and it is dry. it is hard to call these extremes when we go from daly city and half moon bay at 60 and pacifica at 61 and antioch at 77 and brentwood 78. now, a look from the
5:54 am
exploritorium the pier 15 there are clouds over san francisco. at the love mid-level clouds. we not seeing much drizzle but along the chest and the santa cruz mountains where it is patchy. the average high is 71 and noon temperature is 60s and hanging out around 64 and 65, and now, this evening grab a jacket in the low 60s. at the game, subset is 7:20, first pitch is five minutes earlier at 61. and 58 by the end of the game. the thunderstorms in the sierra will stay there today. so ill to be dicey around yosemite and lake tahoe with the lightning falling down and you can see a few showers around los angeles if you travel that way. safe travels. alexis? >> mike is showing you the bay bridge is looking good as far as weather and good traffic wise, too, so the inbound side is coming from the east bay we are not having issues, and the metering lights are on but it is
5:55 am
not too bad at this early part of the morning so far. looking at our traffic maps and getting you down to highway 17 off of 17, south of summit at bear creek road we had a tree down and they are work on getting the crews out there to get the tree out of there. and they hoping to get their by 6:20 this morning. this is likely close for the next hour and power cable work here for bart, again, today at 9:30 until 2:30 they will single track the trains between south hayward and fremont that can cause up to 20 to 30-minute delay and we have drive times after 6:00. >> the whole country is close to passing and legislation that is already affecting us in california, banning non-disparagement clauses or gag clauses buried in agreement with retailers that try to charge you huge fees for leaving bad reviews about a business. california banned it in to 14 and yesterday the house of
5:56 am
representatives passed similar legislation that now goes to the senate for reconciliation, and it is up to the president to sign it into law. all the amazon speaker that speaks could talk to you without talking to you, first. without you talking to it first, rather. according to the technology publication the information, it will speak certain push notifications without being prompted by users. right now users must address them before getting a response. use others will first have controls over which notifications will be read outloud. all the bay area has 19 new american citizens this morning. and we were at the bi41 as they boarded a ferry for angel island yesterday. it was there that they took the oath to become united states citizens. one man looks forward to taking the opportunity of being an american: voting. >> it is an important real for politics and i encourage everyone to vote. i an delighted to vote this
5:57 am
year. >> a historic site are the first stop for many asian immigrants between 1910 and 1940 and is stilled calls the will police island of the west. >> changes to the instagram feed, how you can now stop bullying before it stops. >> probably saw ryan lochte targeted dug "dancing with the stars" and coming up the video you have not seen from the moment after two men stormed the dance floor. >> big changes to the most iconic streets in san francisco: plans being considered to control the flood of tou
5:58 am
it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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is there a baby in your tummy? my dad says your house looks ugly. you're my third best friend. kids don't know how to act fake. you're losing your hair. so we're learning to be more like them, removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. >> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning, on tuesday, september 13. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> we are glad you are here. i am natasha zouves with alexis and meteorologist mike nicco.
6:00 am
what is going on? >> so far, no hard knocks weather-wise. >> was that a slot in the rear? >> thanks for noticing that. thank you. >> and 17 and 9, it could get wet. from the santa cruz camera you can see the boardwalks it is looking dry. the day planner is waking up in the low-to-upper 70s and as we head to noon we are in the mid-to-upper 60s and we will make the 70s inland but that is it. temperatures are up to ten degrees below average again. tracking thunderstorms and warmth in the seven-day forecast. alexis has the commute. >> a look outside on our traffic camera, this is 280 at 17, and we still have not been able do confirm what is going on right here on light are side. we are seeing thering lights and we do not have reports with c.h.p. so i don't think it is a major issue. now, westbound


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