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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, it is wednesday, september 14. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro and alexis smith and birthday boy, mike nicco. mike? happy birthday. >> so glad you spending your birthday with us. >> so glad you did not wear a birthday suit. appreciate that. >> true. >> it is not too late. >> yes, it is. >> it is only 5:00 a.m. >> only 5:00. we have two more hours. >> people are tuning in. stick around. all morning. >> now, move on to the weather, how about that? it is not going to be warm enough to take off your clothes but it will be warmer outside.
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we will look and show you what is going on. here is a look at live doppler hd, remember the fog i talked about yesterday, you can see it encroaching on marin and the lower coastal valleys of sonoma county trying to push its way into petaluma we will watch that. from the east bay hills, it will linger into some people's minds and 46 to 54, cooler when you step outside, 64 to 74 from the coast inland, so comfortable at noon, 64 to 78, and more warming, but nothing outrageous and 59 to 70 at 7:00. we will look at activity lander. alexis? >> okay so far. we had a disabled truck on the left-hand side but not seeing anything here on the bay bridge toll plaza camera and i don't think that will an major issue but it could be clear by now. i will give you an update on that in 10 minutes with the drive time looking great, southbound 680, highway 4, walnut creek, six minutes westbound 24, walnut creek is
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looking good and the slow spot, which would be when 580, but it is still grind. 13 minutes. we will take that. but, oops now it is yellow. asen soon as i said that. >> muni riders could take connected to the outside world when they travel underground. when you go underground the self-service is gone for thousands. now, amy hollyfield has the story on what is being discussed. >> it is fun to spread good news. muni riders are bursting into huge smiles when they tell them the news: until now, muni riders were cut off from cell service underground. you could not even tell someone are running late and they said in the past that this wasn't a priority, and it needed to invest money and time into their bus and train service, repairs to trains.
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so, self service had to wait. until now. riders are thrilled. >> most of the time, there is no connection. i don't have any internet on the tunnels and always, it wasn't too good. if we can have a connection that would be from. i am really excite asked looking forward to it. >> city leaders have a press conference planned for this morning to announce the new service and they have not said, yet, when it will start or in it is in place new and i asked the commuter to try it through the tunnel and to text me and let me know in it is up and running. stay with us. i will keep you posted. >> in the south bait search is continuing for the men who attacked an elderly woman in her home, two times. the 88-year-old woman was discovered with severe facial and head enjoy on monday night in her home in east san jose.
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we were at the house as investigators dusted for fingerprints and deputies say did men broke into the house, attacked and robs the woman would live by herself since her husband passed away they stole her jewelry and car and came back hear and beat her again. that victim is in critical condition. the deputies are rather viewing security video. >> we are learning month of the woman accused of d.u.i. of a crash that killed a boy in san ramon with a previous d.w.i. arrest. malihan is the wife of an alameda county deputy and this is the mug shot after d.w.i. arrest in june when she also faced child endangerment charges for having her ten-year old in the car with her. investigators say that malihan was under the influence of a drug weapon the s.u.v. slacked into the back of a car on the shoulder of 680 on friday. the three-year-old elijah dunn died. the grandfather said malihan should not have been on the road. >> it is outrage.
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ridiculous. something has to be done. in they don't do something this time, something is wrong with our judicial system. >> malihan's license was supposed to be scheduled in july but she scheduled a hearing that postponed the suspension. >> we have been talked about the samsung galaxy and the concern it can burst into flames. we have video in the live desk that you need to see. >> look at this video, a man who owned a noted 7 told police in florida he lugged the phone into -- in to charge it and it erupted into flames. five district told abc they are working still to determine the exact cause of the fire. the owner is blaming the huge flames on his phone saying that he her it pop just before the car caught on fire. i was caught on self phone video by a nurse who stopped to help the driver. the driver is okay. he got out of the car safely.
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9 galaxy has been recalled by the company because the battery can everneat and then calf on fire. if you have one, they will replace it so take it back to the company. that is the newest in the live desk. >> a five-year-old boy who died after being trapped under a treadmill has been identified. alameda county officials say he died on sunday afternoon inside of a home at 5th street at 4:00 p.m. circumstances surrounding the death include how he actually ended up under the treadmill is not known. police have not said whether the bill lived in the house. >> two people are under arrest in connection with a five bomb attack on a home in antioch. christine mcdaniel and roy savari were charged with murder, torture and arson. someone threw a molotov cocktail at the home and police believe the same people tagged the home with swastikas and racial slurs. stores said that it is part of
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an ongoing dispute with someone who lives in the house. >> airs man is facing attempted murder charges accused of deliberately driving into a group of phoenix police officers. this is new video of the suspect, 44-year-old. payne plowed into three officers outside of a gas station yesterday morning. two officers suffered serious injuries. the injuries are not considered life threatening. after crashing into the front of the store the suspect struggled with the officers before being taken into custody. >> i thank god we are not planning three funerals. this is a violent, cowardly act on our police officers and it is simply unacceptable. >> the phoenix police chief said surveillance video shows payne parked, turning off the lights and waited several minutes before accelerating straight into the cops. documents show he attacked three officers 20 years ago during a traffic stop. >> hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail tom.
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democratic candidate appears to collapse at 9/11 event on sunday in new york. her doctors said she had pneumonia and needed a few days of rest. it forces her to miss an event in san francisco on monday. the campaign said she has recovered enough to headline a rally in north carolina tomorrow. >> new york's attorney general is launch an investigation into the trump foundation. this is after the "washington post" reports that donald trump spent the charity money on himself and used other people's donations to make it look like he was contributing. donald trump called the new york attorney general a partisan hack and is campaigning in ohio today. >> clinton and instrument will face off in less than two weeks for the first of three presidential debates on september 26th and it will be follow by two debates in october. the general election is less than two months away. >> for the second time in two weeks governor brown has entered a political battle between democratic candidates according
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to the sacramento bee the governor extend his rare endorsement to the state senator jim bell and is facing a re-election challenge in the assembly woman, a fellow san jose democrat. campos disagrees and attributes this to the political establishment not wanting to shake up the status quo. the govern forced napa assemblyman against davis assembly woman. >> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we checked the north bay with a few 40s in the deepest valleys. inland east bay? we are close in pleasant hill and lafayette and danville and san ramon at 51. we have dublin and leften at 52. warmer in pittsburg at 58. our cooler spots include san francisco at 57, and mountain view and san jose at 57, and los gatos is 49, and novato at 50 degrees. pacifica is 54. in san jose, our average high is 82 degrees and at noon we are a comfortable and sunny accidet
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hang out in the mid-to-upper 70s in the afternoon. a nice 71 at 6:00, and a jacket and 65 at 8:00. this is how it looks from the exploritorium at pier 15 you can see a few clouds out there, they are trying to develop along the coast but at the beach it is sunny and school and strong sunshine if you are exercising like hiking and fur on the waters say, ferry ride it is lighter breezes. san jose and 280 at 17 and the temperatures are going to go up a little bit the next couple of days, significantly, as you head inland, almost nearly 90 by friday. i have 90s in the weekend forecast, and that is next. alexis? >> we are looking good on the roads so far no major issues to talk about a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, a few minutes ago i mention add report of a disabled outrock in the fast track lane to the left. so, just inside of the car pool lanes, but i am not seeing anything on the camera and it is looking good and watch the crews wrap up on the lower deck of the
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bay bridge and it looks like the road work is coming to a close, this, as well. bart trains are 10-minute delay at daly city in the pittsburg bay point and dublin/pleasanton direction because of early track maintenance and we are probably going to be back to normal any minute now. at 5:18 we look at the south bay commute. apple c.e.o. tim cook opens up on concerns over the i phone that has no headphone jack and what he has to say in an exclusive abc interview. >> a man loses his wallet on an east bay highway and the c.h.p. officer who
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>> investigators believe they have solved a 43-year-old cold case. they have arrested larry patterson and william harvard for murder of two young girls. the 12 and 13-year-old girls left their homes to go shopping. they were found shot to death the next day. investigators reopened the case two years ago and used d.n.a. evidence to identify patterson and harvard. >> we have new details on a gun buyback program. the d.a. said it purchased tens of thousands of dollars in guns yesterday. $80,000 to be exact. semi-automatic guns and assault rifles were worth $200 and other working firearms were $100. all collected will be sent to be melted down. "dancing with the stars" could step up security measures after two men rushed stage.
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this is video you did not see on tv during the premiere right here. security took down one of the protesters. they stormed stage after ryan lochte's performance. according to "usa today" the company in charges of show is now evaluating all security procedures. ryan lochte is trying to repair images after false claims of being robbed at gunpoint during te rio de janeiro olympics. >> today in the first look, an exclusive interview with apple c.e.o. he is talking about airpods, part of the discussion and emotion. >> in the first look, robin problems goes one-on-one with apple c.e.o. tim cook. he get as look of the accessories for the fall the new wireless air pod headphones. >> by snipping the wires i have never personally had one fall out. >> let me see those. >> you got to see those. >> let me see these suckers.
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>> try it out. >> i have been on treadmills, walking, doing all things i normally do. >> twerking. >> right. you walk around with the earbuds and they are always getting never have that problem. that is not the only secret revealed on the new iphone 7 and 7 plus. at 7:00 we will have robin's entire interview with apple c.e.o. tick cool with "first look." >> it is about to get tougher to find parking in parts of san francisco's castro district. crews will repair drainage and other issues from last year's sidewalk widening project, and according to hoodline parking spots at 189 there and castro are blocked off the crews will replace the rainbow crosswalk that was damage by film crew last year. work is expected to wrap up a week from today. >> you may still be in the final
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days of summer but folks in lake tahoe, can you believe it, are celebrating the first snow of the season. >> this video is from yesterday. the ski resort said they did not get the first snow fall until the end of october last year. kirkwood reported 4" snowier. the resort posted the pictures of the mountain, a also promising start to what skiers and snow boarders hope will be a long snowy winter. i can hear mike nicco...scrubbing up skis, waxing them. >> waxing him and getting them ready. all the rest of us look bone dry. good morning, everyone, i have been tracking the fog along north bay coast starting to push into the lower valleys and not making it to san rafael but petaluma i am watching you. here is a look at our highlights today. we are going to be seeing a lot more sunshine at the coast and warming trend continues toward your neighborhood and trending
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dry. here are the next six hours no measurable rain because there are hardly any clouds. grab the sunglasses. dress the kids in the afternoon from the mid-to-upper you have per 70s and low 80s at los gatos and gilroy. the peninsula today, we have mainly mid-70s like redwood city at 76 and millbrae is 72, and mid-60s with the sunshine along the coast and 67 in downtown and south san francisco and if you are going to the game a light breeze develops and then we start at 63 at 12:45 and am up to 66 and watch out for the strong sunshine burning at 15 to 20 minutes. 72 in san rafael to santa rosa at 77 and along the east bay shore, 71 at berkeley, oakland is 73, same in richmond up to 77 in fremont, and 678 in castro valley and, also, in erin da, 77 in san ramon, and 80s around san toxic and brentwood. my seven-day forecast, way will notice is a lot of 90s friday through tuesday inland, and 80s around the bay this weekend, but, city, 60s at the
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coast. we will see more clouds the next couple of orings. alexis? >> we are looking nice on the roads, i do not have are joe incidents do talk about we are looking at the south bay, and this is 101 at 880 and san jose the northbound side of victims coming toward us and it looks like we have a disabled semi on right hand shoulder on the southbound side, but we had an early crash on the northbound side, no residual delays and it does sound like we are in the clearing stages but, actually, i saw a little bit of stop-and-go track, northbound 101 at the 880 connection, maybe they had to possibly block the lane to get the tow truck in position. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, okay, and it is filling in the yellow at 35 minutes. we are hear about a possible new crash in san francisco on surface streets and we will look at that before 5:30. >> four legs could be shore but a chihuahua is hiking hundreds of miles to raise awareness for
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a special dog, 350 rug el mailed from north lake tahoe, he and the owner are walking to bring aware if to hospice care the ought misconception is, you are dying tomorrow? people get there early enough, they live longer than people who don't. >> okay. the next 25 days jim douglas and his cam upon beyond will move through the wicked terrain on the discovery trail sharing the journey on social media. >> this store trend wad my heart, what do you think? john's car stalled last saturday night on i-80 and he got out to see what was wrong and last his wallet on the hood and drove away. that is when he saw an entire week's worth of money spill into the center divide. 9-1-1 calls starting pouring in of a man crawl on the highway and that is when the officer james morell jumped in to help,
5:21 am
escorting him for a gas station, spotted an a.t.m., and, then, gave the man $630 of his own money. that is how i was raised my parents caught me to help everyone in every way i can do and that is, again, the reason i got this job i wanted to help everyone. >> i was thankful and got choked up because...he doesn't know me from adam, you know? >> he is a mechanic, a father of two, and said he lives paycheck to paycheck and money meant everyone to the family. i an getting choked sweet. >> very cool. next, the 15 things you need to know. >> the bay area company that has developed a portable breathalyzer.
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ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. one dark chocolate rises masteringabove the rest.inement. lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers. pure, rich, elegantly thin. experience excellence with all your senses. from the lindt master chocolatiers. >> these are the seven things you need to know before you go, an update on celeste guap. we are hear that her hearing is
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being pushed back in florida. remember the 19-year-old is at the center of a police sex can israel and several officers are investigated and some fired. they sent her to rehab in florida and she is facing charges for baiting a security guard. >> santa clara county sheriff deputies are reviewing security video do try to identify two men who attacked and robbed an 8-year-old woman in her home. investigators say they stole her jewelry and car. the victim is in critical condition. >> san francisco transportation authority is analyzing residents' today back on ways to thin out the number of tourists visiting the famous section of lombard street. neighbor say there has been a subject of visitors at crooked street causing all kinds of problems. >> this morning, muni will officially announce a plan to provide cell phone service for subway requireds caring for more than 130,000 passengers a day that are cut off from communication.
5:25 am
all the warmin trend continues. my latest numbers as we look at the window from sutro tower, remember, we started 15 degrees below average on monday, and now, today, we are going to be two to six degrees below average with 70s and 80s. >> six, it has been a quiet morning so far on roads, zooming into san francisco we have a new crash reported around at&t park and we are hearing that king street is closed between 2nd and townsend and work on confirming that and a look at drive times after 5:30. >> uber starting their self driving car service in pittsburgh, person, dozens of self driving fords will pick those who participating. >> game area company is make strides in measuring how much pot people smoke or consume. hound lab has developed the first breathalyzer for mayor lawn used by law enforcement measuring thc in board breath the inagreedent in pot that mkes people high.
5:26 am
>> the other exciting news is that we are able to detect ed ills in the breath so that means that packets of thc gummy bears someone ate an hour ago we are able to measure that in breath and no one has been able to do that in the past. >> the impact be being studied to determine the threshold. voters will decide whether to localize recreational mayor on use in november. afour-legged stars are ready for their debut in the south bay and the big white tippet is up in downtown san jose where 65 majestic horses will perform on stage with acrobats and dancerss and musicians. we are talking about the $30 million production. the show promises to take the audience on a wild ride. i have seen this and the relationship between the performers and horses is incredible. >> i can talk to reach horse separately because each know his
5:27 am
name and by moving and giving them cues, they will make a routine. all the show runs through october 1st. can you find more information on tickets on our website at >> you like the show, right? >> i could see it over and over again. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including a report that the oakland police department accidentally deleted a portion of archived video camera. >> and the sinking millennium tower was no secret. >> and a new report involving kids and where they should be sitting in the car.
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> good morning, we are halfway
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through the week, september 14 and you are here so that is a great start. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui we have jessica castro and alexis smith, traffic reporter and birthday boy, mike nicco which is making everyone excited with the birthday boy to buy breakfast for everyone. i will serve it in an aupon problem and birthday suit. >> no! >> mike, i'm not hungry anymore. >> now, here is a look at live doppler hd, i am watching a little bit of fog developing along the north bay coast as we talked about moving into petaluma but, so far, visibility is six miles per hours and we are partly cloudy and 57 at sfo. 46 to 58, so, a chill in the inland neighborhoods as you get the kids ready. 64 do 74, comfortable at noon, and 78 and warmer, but, still,
5:31 am
not back to average. i do have 80s and 90s in the seven-day forecast, but i will show you those ahead. >> the metering lights for the bay bridge are on at 5:28, and we are filling in and car boom leaches are okay, and a check of the rave time, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is 39 minutes and southbound 680 out of the tri- valley okay at 17 minutes and northbound 85 in the south bay, highway 101 to cupertino is 16 minutes the we have road closures around at&t park and hearing of new issues with e.t.a. and that is coming up at 5:38. >> developing news from the south bay, an 8-year-old woman is in critical condition this morning after two men beat her in her home and came back and beat her again. >> our reporter is in san jose. tiffany? >> this is the type of story that make you wonder, who could be so cruel? lifelong friends of victim, 88-year-old flo douglas save her
5:32 am
as the sweetest lady saying she was always quick with a smile and a wave. this morning, she is in intensive care, suffering from two severe beatings, that left her with trauma to her face and head. the santa clara county sheriff said that two men broke into her home on monday and she has been living there alone since her husband died. investigators say they beat her, stole the jewelry she was wearing and left for a short time and came back and beat her again. >> it seed look they are tear through the house looking for anything of value and they took julie look for anything of value and ended up stealing her car. >> douglas was so severely injured she could not call for help. hours later, a neighborhood found her and called police. a description of the suspect has not been released but they are look at all area surveillance video hoping to find something that will help them track the two men down.
5:33 am
terrible. more on breaking news we are tracking a hearing for the bay area woman at the center of the local police connection sex scandal was delayed. jessica castro has details from the live desk. that is right the court appearance was pushed back a few machines ago. you could know her bit name of celeste guap. her real name was jasmine. her court appearance is in florida facing misdemeanor battery charge. she will be taking a three deal this morning after biting a security guard at a drug rehab facility in florida. we have just learned that her hearing now will be held at 7:00 on our time. she will hold a news conference with the tones and will likely come back to the bay area and be able to testify in the cases of so company law enforcement implicated in the sex scandal here. several police departments with officers are accuse of having
5:34 am
sexual relations with celeste guap. some of those when she was still under age and we will track it with the latest at the live desk. >> there is word oakland police accidentally delete add large portion of the department's body camera videos. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting a quarter of the department videos were deleted in october of 2014. an employee clicked the wrong button while installing a software upgrade and was not discovered until a positive later and just came to light dug a murder trial now underway. police say the mass deleaks has not significantly affected any cases. >> the san francisco board of supervisors has approved the largest ever housing complex in the mission district. it was called obesity on bryant ," and will bring much needed we we affordable house
5:35 am
with above and below mark coat rate units including on a second parcel site. >> residents on russian hill are fed up with tourists. last night they held an emotional community meeting on what to do. staffs and the transportation authority handed out surveys on relieving tourist congestion. ideas include requiring a trillion. or reservation. hire more packing control officers. or make the crooked street for pedestrians only. >> people should expect they will get tourists. >> people who say those people on russian hill, in they didn't know what they getting in to they should move, 69 years ago i can assure my mother did not know what she was getting in to. >> the transportation authority will analyze residents' feedback and make a wrecks dangerous to the board of supervisors at the
5:36 am
end of the year. >> several people have been forced from third homes after fire tore through an apartment building in walnut creek. it happened yesterday evening. it was a few blocks from downtown. the flames were put out in 20 minutes but the fire destroyed two humidities and damaged four. a firefighter sprained an ankle. no one else was hurt. >> happening today the hayward school board could decide whether to fire the suspended superintendent. he was put on leave in july while the district conducted an investigation into his behavior. according to our media partner hobbs engaged in unethical acts and involved in an altercation with other trustees. hobbs said he respects board's authority. there is a closed session at hayward city hall. and then an open session at 6:30. >> look at your tv, napa police need your help to fend this guy he walked into an oklahoma bank at 1:45 yesterday afternoon,
5:37 am
flash add gun and demanded crash. though did not say how much he got away with and the description is vague, a white man between 25 and 30. he is wearing a backpack, green hoodie, jeans and oakland a's scan. >> people in california are embracing obamacare, with the number of uninsured dropping by half. california has particularly embraced expansion of the come for the poor. something pond to note, california's up insured rate remains higher than those of 24 hour states. >> super file find is sweeping across taiwan bringing along the rain and flooding and winds clocking in at 225 miles per hour. it is strong of the cyclone on record this year, some villains have already been destroyed. hundreds have been forced out of their homes. the storm has weakened but expected to slam into mainland
5:38 am
china this morning. >> residents in georgia and florida will see rain because of a tropical storm that will cause flash flooding and by 3 to 6" of rain. some area could see winds up to 40 miles per hour. >> it weakens slightly from 225 mitch down to 180 miles per hour. it has evening withened. -- it has weakened. slightly. >> now, the beautiful island of brunswick, georgia, a noisy night as the storm is rolling away from that and heading up to hilton head, and savannah and charleston, 3 to 6" of rain and make 10" of rain. a lost flooding to deal with. we have cold air drainage and it is sinking into the valley. woodside is giving menlo park at 49.
5:39 am
52 in foster city. palo alto is 59. same in los gatos and san ramon. and napa. san francisco is 57. oakland is 56. san francisco today is going to be cooler-than-average again. we will hang out in the mid-60s in the afternoon. our average high is 71. the democrats show a now 80s creeping in, inland, and hitting in the north bay tomorrow, and the south bay by friday and 90s showing up and i will show you where they going for the weekend. >> in san francisco we are trying to get to the bottom of the situation at at&t park, and we did have a carjacking, we have that confirmed. we know that ended in a collision. next to the ballpark this morning is that that happened. we are work out what closed the conditioning street is said to be closed at 2nd and early reports that 2nd street was closed between brandon and king. we are waiting for san francisco police department to confirm which street are closed.
5:40 am
avoid the area if you can. there are mechanical issues with late rain from santa teresa at 20 minutes' delay and 68 is serving light rail stops. we have delays in the south bay. we have reports of a new crash in the tri-valley. a course on history palestine sparks controversy on the university of berkeley campus. >> a sky scraper in san francisco is tilting a
5:41 am
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>> a man is under arrest after he ram add vehicle into an officer's car. the officer spotted a stolen scar yesterday afternoon at hillcrest avenue. he fired shots at the driver after being rammed. police arrested the 27-year-old after a struggle and he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon an officer. the officer was not hurt. >> more on the skyscraper that is tilting and sinking, a san francisco supervisor is launch an investigation into whether there was political influence in get the millennium tower approved. it was reported last month that the stadiumest residential skyscraper in the city tilted 2" and sank 16" since being built
5:44 am
in 2008. after reviewing the documents, the supervisor said that he believes the rapid settling was no secret. there could have been political interference to get the project done. >> millennium tower corporation knew before they sold their first unit the building was sinking more than projected. >> the millennium tower hoa issued a statement say they fine the allegations "troubling that a public agency sought to keep secret the building's condition." they are conducting their own investigation much. >> controversial course on palestine is for longer available at uc berkeley, the school suspended "palestine," according to the school that examined key historical events in palestine. groups say there is anti-israel bias and the lectures are so one-sided they violate a school
5:45 am
policy on indoctrination, among 194 student taught classes this semester. >> at buy of vice president biden is make a visit to the south bay, discussing president obama's college promise initiative. it is to make the first two years of community college free for students. jail biden is in san jose to meet with mayor liccardo, lt. l. governor newsome and business leaders. she said community colleges change lives. she is a teacher. >> officials will decide tomorrow how to divide the california water supply. farmers will find out how much water is sent to northern areas to protect endangered fish. 350,000 acre feet is enough to irrigate 100,000 acres of farmland and enough to serve two million people for domestic needs for a year or grow six billion salads. >> advocates say that diverting
5:46 am
too much water to save endangered fish could force farmers to stop working fields. >> an out of the world experience high school students get a chance to talk to bay area not on the international space station. >> cool opportunity. indicate cube ins has a 20 minute earth to space call. rubins has completed two space walks and will return to work next month. highway school do have an astronaut in your class. we have meteorologist mike nicco in the studio and he is the cool of the guy we know. >> hands down. and it is his birthday. >> i appreciate that. i loved her air, did you see her hair, out-of-control like she was in the south with the humidity. good morning, everyone, golden gate bridge, no fog, hardly any wind, the flag is barely moving. six miles per hour are the
5:47 am
fastest gusts so nice and calm morning. patchy fog. a few more clouds tonight. a long warming trend inland neighborhoods. calm conditions on live doppler hd. you know you have high pressure on top of the sinking air. breezy in define san francisco 5967. sae in mission and south san francisco. daly city and sunset are 63. in santa rosa, we have mid-to-upper 70s with calmer conditions and strong sunshine and oakland is 73 and a last mid-to-upper 70s fremont at 77 along the east way -- bay shore. and 80 in livermore in the south bay, living up to the sunny reputation, low 80s, 77 in san jose, los gatos 81. san mateo is 73 and comfortable and 76 in redwood city, a warm spot.
5:48 am
my seven-day forecast is the night on friday through tuesday inland and 80s this weekend around the bay and still comfortable 60s at the coast but not so much sunshine as today. >> a look outside on the bay bridge toll plaza and it is congested and the metering lights on at 5:28 so 20 minutes strong and car poolers are not the only ones -- are the only ones moving along okay. a problem in the tri- valley in dublin, three or four vehicles involved in a crash and the center lane is blocked. a tough spot so it is not blocking for long we hope. northbound 101 in san jose we had a crash around 4:45 at 880 connection. we called c.h.p. to make sure it was clear and all lanes are open. slammed back south of the 280/680 split. i have a couple of mass transit notes and that is before 6:00.
5:49 am
>> california is making a sweeping decision it is three years since "black fish," came out and activists are cheering. >> teaching moment at stanford the student features in the middle of the photo turned the tables on the people who attacked her on social media. >> big difference where you put your
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> due you recognize this man? police need your help to find him. he was caught on camera walking on to the porch of a how in the afternoon on august 28. he stole a package from the house. if you recognized him, contact the campbell police department. parents, if you drive you may want to change how you put in
5:52 am
the child seat, kids should sit behind an unoccupied seat because in there is a crash, adults can crush the child behind them. in there is in seat in the back behind an unoccupied seat, parents are encouraged to put their child behind the lighter person. >> apple is facing a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of iphone upgrade program members. attorneys say those customers were shut out from reserving the iphone 7 and the 7 plus on friday. the lawsuit said upgrade program members were promised an easy way do get a new iphone each year by making monthly payments and paying the extra fee. they were, instead, told to check back when the new iphones want on sale. >> muslim student is fighting back with positiveness against people would attacked her on scial media. show is featured in a university football ad wearing her hijab. many on social media took issue with her wearing it. one person called for her and her friends to be "shot."
5:53 am
and called owe negative posters. >> i were whatted to make a point to stop this stuff. it is not okay. and we issue not be so quick to brush it off but it is not a normal thing for people to be so hateful and spiteful. positiveness beats hate but we have to take an active stand. >> stanford officials are filtering the comments but have kept the post up at the request of her. >> oprah's star power is not enough to help wheat watchers stock with shares falling% after the resignation of the c.e.o. they have been on a downward spiral because of tough competition and a shifting culture of health consciousness. oprah through her support behind the company investing and doing commercials and after the stock drop she is estimated it have lost $117 million. >> a question, are you looking
5:54 am
to get into the self driving car video? the next story could be up your alley, education company online is partnering with major companies like mercedes to launch a degree program for those interested in becoming a self driving car engineer broken into three terms that cost $2,400, of eight weeks each term. >> in san francisco, the lack of clouds and fog this morning. we will look at what is hatching as we head into the afternoon hours. our extremes are daly city and sunset, at 63. los gatos and antioch at 81 and brentwood is 82. have a game? wrapping up the series with the padres, 12:30 first pitch, warming to 66 with a breeze late. a lot of strong sunshine can you burn in 15 to 20 minutes. we know august was cooler than average for not of us around the bay area and spot is following
5:55 am
suit in san francisco 3.1 degrees below agency and only two days where temperatures were average. that was tuesday and wednesday of last week and warmer-than-average. i will let you know in it keeps up in the seven-day forecast. next, alexis said it is busy. >> i have quite a few things and looking outside if san jose, northbound 101 at 880, early crash at the interchange has caused a backup south of here in you are coming up from the 280/680 split it is stop-and-go traffic to 880. tri-vietnam, good news, we had a crash in dublin in the center lane and it was pushed off to the center divide but we had it blocked long enough to cause backups and we hope it will recover. mass transit note, light rail is having mechanical should today out of santa teresa so 20-minute delay at bus number 68 is serving stops. new information on road closures
5:56 am
at at&t park coming up next. >> pleasant hill student is recovering from an injury suffer when a t shirt cannon misfired at college park high school in pleasanton hill yesterday. a cartridge went off suddenly. the student had cuts to his hands and injured thumb. the cannon was a hoax made project being tested for sports leadership program. >> and space has to ground flights after an explosion when a rocket explodes. the company founded by tesla's elon musk will resume launches in november. he have not determined what caused the explosion. >> renters in california have a new protection for fighting eviction. the governor signed a bill to prevent tenants from critics tarnished by evicts resolved in their favor. right now in they receive a notice and sues the law has to be resolved in 60 days or the
5:57 am
renter's name is put on a blacklist even in the tenant wins. that can make it impossible for tenant to rent again. the new tenant bill takes effect in january. >> looking for a last get away as summer closes? we have a way to save big. thank you man is accuse evidence taking a package what is not his but he did not know i was caught often camera. >> unlikely reunion, two young friends in china became
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, north bay, on wednesday, september 14. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. i am jessica castro and alexis smith is here and mike nicco is here on his birthday. happy birthday. >> finally, 30!
6:00 am
>> i need a nap. wow: i gist realized. that happens when you town 30. >> it happens. >> let me go over leader and rest after the forecast. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing some of the fog we talk about yesterday is developing along the north bay coast and trying to push inland but so far it has not made it to our reporting stations. here is south beach camera, you can she a gorgeous picture of the bay bridge, temperatures are going to run in the 50s this morning a few 40s inland, and 60s during the lunch hour so enjoy it and watch out for the strong sunshine and 60s and 70s this evening. i have 80s and 90s in my seven-day forecast. the activity planner, coming up next. alexis? >> i start you off with the bay bridge toll plaza, and we are congested this morning and we have had the metering lights on since 5:28 an early start with the only rush. getting in to san francisco we have a little more information now, on this crash and, actually, a pursuit for a stolen


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