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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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no one was home at the burning condo unit. a woman arrived, firefighters had to restrain her because she wanted to go back inside to save her dog. they did not let her because they looked out for her safety. the dog did not make it. [ inaudible ] the dog perished. the humane society is here to assist her. >> the damage on the breakdown. or breakdown on the damage. one unit was destroyed. the units on either side had damage. a total of three homes cannot be lived in. five people displaced. four found friends to stay with. the red cross is helping another victim. firefighters say no injuries from the fire.
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>> san jose woman known as miss flo is fighting for her life after being brutally beaten in her home. police try to determine in a 19-year-old suspect had an accomplice, neighbors gathered for an emergency meeting. katie marzullo has the story. >> we will have you break out sessions. >> outrage and ready to stake a attend. 200 neighbors, some meeting for the first time brain stormed ideas to fight crime in the neighbor. >> limited streets and getting the neighbors to be more vigilant. >> my wife's parents are older, we want to make sure everyone works together. >> neighborhood involvement like this is critical. all the majority of crime does not occur in the presence of a law enforcement officer we need the assistance of the public to tie the evidence together >> the sheriff made an arrest in
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the home invasion robbery and beating of 88-year-old flo dougless. there is physical evidence linking 19-year-old zachary cuen to the crime. he broke into her home on tuesday viciously beat her and took her jewelry and car. >> we continue our investigation to determine if he had an accomplice. >> it was my grandmother. it could be yours, your mother. please, if you have additional information call >> the family has set up a gofundme page. miss flo is in critical condition. >> the gofundme account has raised $2,000 of $20,000 goal. can you see it at $2 some 3060 and a nice picture is there. if you would like to help out we posted a link at >> the former such of hayward is filing wrongful termination suit
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hours after the board voted to fire him. stan dobbs smoke after the meeting on wednesday accused of being dishonest. he failed to report of gift of a free hotel room and lost his temper when he was denied a request for a car calling this "character assassination." >> no choice but to sue because they had other options and actions were done in a malice way and centered around personal i believe i don't have the protections of a whistleblower. >> he led the schools for three years and has begun local action now. hayward had four superintendents since 2010. >> this man, former uc berkeley lw school seen chow dry is suing his former bosses after being suspended of hard ration
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his executive assistant. the constitute accused the university of racial discrimination. the campus spokesman said uc berkeley will now "vigorous and success. defense." all the family of a man bludgeoned to death in san francisco is filing a lawsuit against the gym operator. a man hit him in the head with a weightlifting bar in expect 2014 and blames steroids for the family. the company did not do enough to protect the jim members. all the miley anticipated iphone 7 is on sale today. >> fans have been lined up all night but some customers already have theirs. >> apple hopes to see the long lines we have seen before, here in the united states. look at the palo alto store where there is plenty of lawn chairs lined up.
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a look at new video from sydney australia. if you want a new iphone, good luck. apple said the phone are in short supply. the company said walk in customers can not get the iphone 7 plus because they are all snatched up with pre-orders and if you want jet black, the non-apple retailers like best buy could still have the jack black but right now, apple does not. if you are going apple picking, it could be slim pickings. tiffany wilson is talking to folks in line. stick around for that. it is the latest at the live desk >> the oakland unified school district is wanting parents of a phone scam after receiving a call saying their child was kidnapped. caller demanded a ransom. parents immediately called their
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child's school to confirm the child was safe in class. in july, we reported a similar scam in union city. oakland unified said if you get a fake phone call let them know. >> united states soccer is responding together a player who kneeled dug the "national anthem," yesterday before the game in solidarity with colin kaepernick. the first time she did so she was wearing the unit fm of the women's team she went with what is in her heart and knew it was the right thing. >> i understand it is a time-honored tradition and something in a sports environment this country is very passionate about. there is a bigger conversation here that needs to happen that is far bigger than sports. >> united states soccer expects players and coaches to stand and honor the flag while the anthem is played. >> twitter scores with the first thursday night football game, with the nfl game between jets
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and bills was broadcast on jetter to rave reviews. it was streamed and free of glitches. some complains of buffering and lag behind the tv broadcast. twitter will stream nine more thursday night football games. the jets won 37-31. >> a proposal for the new home for oakland raiders in las vegas is headed to the never governor with unanimous approval to build $1.9 billion stadium for the raiders and now needs april approval of the governor and two-thirds of the legislatures, nfl owners then have to approve the move. oakland mayor schaaf said oakland is neither rolling over or giving up. >> good morning. we will start with san francisco where it is cooler than yesterday from west portal at 52 degrees, and the mission and the was industry and glen park and sunny side, and lake merced at 53, and financial district, and
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park presidio, and downtown is warmest at 55 and richmond at 56, along with union city, santa clara, saratoga, walnut creek at 55 and pittsburg changed to 5 of. petaluma is 53. up north the average high is 82. we will start off at noon and hang out around 80 and if you are head out this evening you need the jacket at 61 degrees by five o'clock. today, the temperatures are 90 at antioch, that is the warm spot. the bay and the coast will be below average, but, notice, hot spots developing with 90s in the north bay and inland east bay and look at heat spreading, we have heat alet for sunday as we get to nearly 100 degrees in our inland east bay neighborhoods. i will show you the let of the seven-day forecast and let you know how long to plan for that. >> exactly. so far, not much to worry about. we can keep it this way this morning. northbound we at the 880
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intersection starting to fill in ever-so-slightly in the south bay with mostly green on all traffic flows. the exception as usual is starting to fill in a little bit hire on 580 on the westbound side through the altamont pass. we have a major bart closure again this weekend for track repairs and i will talk about that and look at the life times before 4:50. >> coming up the epipen controversy is prompting congress to take action and what they are doing to impact the future of prescription drug pricing. >> one shot this young german shepherd who had to have his leg amputated and we meet
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>> abc7 news all morning. all the person would shot a young german shepherd is still loose, they had to amputate the leg but the dog is bouncing back despite the operation. cornell barnard has the story. >> he is wonder dog getting used to trotting around on three less rather than four. >> redistributing the weight and getting the balance but doing really, really well. the new name is bullet after someone shot the nine-month-old german shepherd mix mere monument boulevard a good samaritan brought him to an animal hospital. >> our vets estimate the bullet direction it was running away or it was laying out.
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>> x-rays show bones in the leg were shattered by fragments. >> he needed to have the leg removed. amputating bullet's leg was the only option to save him. >> i am used to doing amputations but to remove fragments from the amputation site is a little bit disconcerting for me. >> police are doing ballistic tests and they want to scratch who did it but need information. >> someone might know what happened to the dog and we would love to hear about it. >> all but the let needs is the perfect home he loves to play catch and of course he loves a treat. or two. or three. after he is fully healed, bullet will be ready for a new home in a few weeks. in martinez i am cornell barnard >> congress is making an effort to tackle this skyrocketing price of prescription drugs that would force drug makers to tell
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us about planned price increases and research and development costs. the measure was spurred by news that a device used to inject a food allergy drug skyrockets, with to out of three people in the united states take one prescription drug. >> now the race not white house, hillary clinton and trump are stumping in washington, dc today, the donald trump camp putting hillary clinton in the birther story. >> stunning statement from the donald trump campaign. claiming that donald trump did the nation and president obama a great service by demonstrating that president obama was born in the united states, a statement reading in part in 2011 donald trump was finally able to bring this up police incident to a conclusion by successfully compelling president obama to release his birth certificate. but donald trump himself raised the question "ugly issue," in tweets and statements after 2011
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and as recently as 36 hours ago would not answer a "washington post" reporter who asked if he believed president obama was born in the united states. hillary clinton pounced. he still would not say "america." >> hick was on campaign trail after taking a break to recover from pneumonia. all the donald trump campaign statement also claims that hillary clinton was responsible for falsely starting the rumors of president obama's birthplace, fact checkers have deemed that inaccurate. >> 4:45. 4 1/2 million letters were mail to california voters say they are not registered to vote. it caused a lot of confusion with the general election a few weeks away. a washington, dc, nonprofit, sent them out. california election officials say it is causing unnecessary concern whether by accident or
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otherwise. voters are urged to verify their registration. >> surfers had a big surprise in the waters of san francisco: a video of a great white shark leaked out of the water in ocean beach on wednesday morning. saveers stated it to be 7 to 8' juvenile great wheat. usually they only jump out when they are sneaking up and attack their prey. >> what is that between the surfers and the shark? 50 yards? >> not enough. >> i need an ocean away. >> i need the road between me and the shark. >> mike, how is it looking if you are headed to the beach? >> people think i walk on water because of our new set and i would have been walking on water then. >> good question. i will have a beach forecast next weather hit but it will
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look and feel warmer and brighter than now. this is why the bay and the coast are staying mild, a marin laser not deep enough so the heat is arriving and spreading on sunday and then the good news is it break through overnight and it will not be too excessive. small craft advisory at 1:00 to 9:00 and the usual areas if you head out on water be careful it will be choppy. the wind are 15 to 20 around angel island. morgan hill and mid-80s. we have mid-70s to nearly 80 on the peninsula, low 60s along the coast. mid-60s for downtown and south san francisco at 67 and sausalito is 70. upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay valley, and 60s around richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s the rest of our inland neighborhoods or east bay, and hot around antioch and brentwood but nothing like you will see this weekend, with temperatures spiking nearly 100 on sunday and upper 90 by monday
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and getting cooler as we head to wednesday and thursday which is finally fall. in this means something to you and you like baseball, i have that coming up next. >> that was a good tease. roads okay, checking out the golden gate bridge with really light will involves. no blocking incidents. mass transit is gone to have major track closure closed for repairs between daly city and glen park so balboa park station is closed all day tomorrow and sunday. shuttle bus service is provided but if you are headed to for or millbrae add at left an hour to the trip. we are looking good westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the green at 29 minutes. >> good news for tenants fighting eviction a law allows them to keep their names private. previously landlord could get the names of tenants sued for eviction on the list and many times preventing the tenants
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from residentsing. the property associations believe the law will prevent landlords from knowing the truth about tenants. >> if you have spent time on google street view they blur out faces of people on camera but this is at a new level. a man tweeted this picture showing a cow with its face blurred writing it is great to see google taking cowcy seriously, it is clear that the automatic face blur technology has been rover zealous and we do not begrudge the cow "milking," its five minutes of fame. >> land is on the verge of being named a national monument but not everyone is happy. all the only thing more incredible than in crash landing is what happened after. >> t-mobile c.e.o. has a warning of apple's new ios10. >> today, a federal government orders a recall of all samsung
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galaxy in the united states, dozens caught fire because of foughty batteries and new phones are expected in stores by wednesday, with a million of smart phones affected. >> customs are getting their hand on the new apple iphone 7 at apple stores but there will be disappointment because some polleds are sold out because of heavy pre-orders. >> fans are streaming songs in huge numbers hoping to help a rapper pay off a debt $2.4 million tax lien. his streams have increased 200% since
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>> this is a pretty picture. quite a bit of controversy about this land, today can you is a say on the land to declare 5,800 acres of land in santa cruz county a national monument. this area is known as coast dairies, but is the only way to protect the land from development. critics fear the designation would bring pore visitors in the region. >> well-known san francisco house now is part of an effort to protect the planet. a painted lady, a victorian, is
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outfitted with 21st century green technology solar panels. >> we felt compelled from a responsibility perspective in terms of wanting to do the right thing, but, also, from an economics perspective and saving money. >> engineers made sure the solar panels and wiring are tough to see to preserve the historic look and landmark status. >> dutch plane spotter captured the moment of another plane crash landing at the airport in the netherlands. the front wheel was ma'am financing. the pilot managed to get the plane to land but overshot the runway and crashed into a potato field. he was not hurt. the plane success extended "major," damage. >> santa cruz this morning is 2358 in the water. 72 today. 78 on saturday. warm, sunshine, and 88 on
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sunday. our lake tahoe camera now is dark. here is how it looks in lake tahoe, 74 today, 78 tomorrow, and 80 is our warmest average at 74. it is "star trek" night at the giants game, 60 degrees cornering down to 57. took one from the cardinals in the grand prix of sonoma, mid-80s to mid-90 bit weekend. it will be uncomfortable. alexis? all the traffic map this morning is nothing too uncomfortable with mostly green on all of the traffic flows but to the altamont pass it is 24 miles per hour. that is the average. trying to take ace train from the central valley, got an alert they are running since minutes late on ace one because they followed a freight train and they got a few minutes delay at six minutes. i don't think there will be residual delays. we will look at the drive times
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after 5:00. >> happening today 5,000 people will walk from justin herman plaza to at&t park led by the manager of the giants and is encouraging everyone to incorporate more walking into the daily routines. >> he is 6" taller than anyone else. if you are a t-mobile customer you may want to wait to install ios 10 with users warned to hold off on installing the latest software update getting the update is causing connection issues. apple said they are working on a fix. >> the spike in children killed inside of a hot car is leading to big changes, and what you can be seeing inside of your car. >> if you are tired of being
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harassed with robocalls you will be excited to hear what the state tons did. >> you that is a kitten in the middle of a freeway using up to many of its nine lives. do not worry we will show you a happy ending. >> the time is 4:57 and check out the low clouds out there, foggy in some spots and chilly on the peninsula.
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>> build, north bay, let's get going. >> good morning, it is friday, september 16, i am matt keller, here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. alexis smith is here, and meteorologist mike nicco, and mike is bringing good weather. >> warm weather, we got it. not too hot. not classic offshore event. everyone is fine. >> caught me off guard. now, the weather and show you what is going on. good morning, everyone, we focus on live doppler hd. you can see the marine layer is


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