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tv   ABC 7 News 4  ABC  September 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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coach for 25 years, 21 of the 25 years nebraska played in a bowl game that was a new year's bowl game. they have only played in three since. how big would it be for mike riley? tommy am strong, gets outside. turns the corner, first down and more. flag down. >> referee: holding number 83 on the offense. ten-yard penal from the spot. second down. >> brock: thates alonzo moore. he can feel tommy armstrong. he is at the top. nearly a face mask. both of the teams, bob, tremendous effort but so much
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reaching and grabbing. just not trusting your fundamentals and techniques. so much happens, as the environment gets bigger and the game is faster, you're not trusting your fundamentals. >> bob: a net gain after a couple yards. ozigbo has a first down to about the 47 yard line. >> brock: this is where you have to really start to manage this game. tommy armstrong, this is not just take five minutes. you still need to have tempo. they would love nothing more than four yards, five yards, six yards, be methodical. continue to run at the under belly of the defense. >> bob: ozigbo caught behind the line, knifing through is rex
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manu. a big tackle. and that is a loss of yards. >> brock: he may have missed the previous tackle. in the previous set of downs. did not miss that time. and i have said this now for 20 minutes on ever game action. when is a double move going to come? as aggressive as the corners have played and as aggressive as they are going to be, when is a double move going to hit them? >> bob: only one deep safety here. oregon shows blitz. they bring five. armstrong pulls it down to the 48 yard line. it will be third down and about nine. nebraska has all three time-outs. still a lot of time on the clock. over 4 minutes. but would it be four-down territory? would they will able to keep the defense on the field if they fail to pick up the third and nine? >> brock: i think you do.
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and you trust the punter. and when they needed him the most. >> bob: armstrong, tries to beat the blitz. floats it to his tight end, cethan carter, can't hall it in. reggie daniels delivers the blow and the hit was clean. despite the fact that carter is shaken up and now a huge decision for mike riley. fourth down and nine. and if they go for it on fourth down, they will be going for it without arguably their best pass catches weapon in this situation. carter has to come off the field for at least a play. >> brock: you can see armstrong having a difficult time-out with the kramcramping and driving th ball. that ball has to be driven to your tight end. and reggie daniels did what schooler would not do earlier.
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the safety could not separate wide receiver from football in the touchdown pass. and that time, the center field safety daniels did just that. the legs, the cramping, the amount of energy that tommy armstrong has extended, you would have loved to see him plant his foot and drive the ball between the 1 and 1 of cethan carter. >> bob: the offense is not walking off with him. they are in there in the huddle. they are 1 for 2 on fourth down today. so here is that question. do you not trust your defense? do you try to punt it deep with four time-outs and try to get a stop? mike riley is basically saying he feels like his offense has to continue to the drive. that's going to give them their best chance. what do you think, brock? >> brock: i love the definitive
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nature. there is no hesitation. i would punt. >> bob: armstrong on fourth down. looking at a four-man rush. fires one over the middle and it is a strike to westerkamp. a fourth down conversion for the huskers keeps it drive alive in front of robinson. >> brock: mike riley has been consistent. he was aggressive in the first half. just enough protection for tommy armstrong. he loves it. he's faced the ducks too many times. he lost too many. the last seven against them. he wanted to trust his offense. >> bob: armstrong on a keeper. to the 34 yard line for a gain of four. tonight after texas and cal finish up, it's "sportscenter" at night. that's tonight on espn streaming live on the espn app and watch
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espn. with lisa concekerney and john anderson. nebraska is huddled up and playing this position as if it is their last. quarterback draw. armstrong in the secondary. armstrong's got a step! touchdown!
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>> bob: nebraska leads by three. 2:30 left to go. oregon about to get the football back and they will deal with the atmosphere of memorial stadium when they do. it's a touch back. tommy armstrong, this touchdown run putting nebraska on top. >> brock: the ultimate team game so often comes down to one on one battles. look at ozigbo, and he wins his battle and allows armstrong to do what that kid does best.
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>> bob: keeper for dakota prukop. to the 28 yard line. now you have a senior transfer quarterback unlike an environment he has been in before. >> brock: never heard the noise in my headsets like i'm hearing right now. >> bob: play action. outside, wide open charles nelson. he is a speedster and has an extra gear all the way out to midfield. a good throw outside the numbers for prukop. >> brock: good throw. you move the chains and look what happened to the tempo.
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and the first down that is hyper critical and nebraska having a tough time even getting lined up. >> bob: slant, bobbled, charles nelson. he's got another. there is aidan schneider. he has not attempted a kick of any kind today. prukop. lowers his shoulders and picks up the first down. and only another three or four yards or so would move oregon into what they believe is schneider's field goal range. >> brock: if this moment would be too big, he has proven to you in the second half, it is not. >> bob: prukop on a keeper,
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turns the corner, flag down. he's got a first down if the play stands. >> referee: holding number 85 of the offense, ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul. second down. correction, first down. >> brock: told you earlier, the indicators the back judges and side judges look for. are the arms out? are you reaching outside the frame? i don't know, in a moment like this, i'm letting the players dictate. i don't see a brutal hold. and i see every indicator to a referee to throw that flag. but what a critical penalty. >> bob: 13 penalties for 126
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yards now for the ducks. first and 20. prukop. that ball's tipped and falls incomplete, intended for carrington. chris jones got a hand in. second down and 20 from midfield. >> brock: a team that has played 82 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. does not have one on the board and a quarterback who has yet to turn the ball over the entire season, can't afford one now in the final 64 seconds. >> bob: they don't need a first down to get in to field goal range. four-man rush. prukop escapes the pocket, districts traffic. heaves a deep one. he's got a man. jump ball and it's broken up! williams got in front of charles nelson at the last moment. but nelson was behind the defense.
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and prukop on the run, couldn't reach him. >> brock: incredible -- what an incredible game and incredible moments we're seeing down the stretch. just under thrown. williams, just enough speed to distract the incredibly tough nelson. it was third and 26 last quarter. third and 20 now. >> bob: only about 12 yards necessary to be in field goal range. prukop hit from behind. the ball's out. it's scooped up. running with it and brady aiello and the guard gets to the 46 yard line. well, that's not field goal range. now it's fourth down. >> brock: and freedom akinmoladun, the defensive end, both defensive ends for mike riley tonight, burdened by the scheme sbft the speed, finally has a opportunity to get home. he gets on the edge of the
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redshirt freshman. no tyrell crosby, knocked out of the game. and a redshirt freshman, the biggest moment of his life. unable to contain. if we think it's loud, and my ears are reverberating the way it is for 59 minutes, i can't imagine -- and mike riley, look at his face. this is why he came to nebraska. he wasn't looking to leave corvallis. 10-14, knows at fourth and 18, he gets a play here, this game's over. >> bob: fourth and 18 to try to extends the game.
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nebraska brings a blitz. prukop is brought down! michael rose-ivey, all but ends the game for the huskers. >> brock: 1-5 were the cornhuskers last year. and as much as i despice rushers on third and 26, sign me up for pressure on fourth and 15. you had a mind set all game long to get after prukop. huh a mind set to go for it on fourth down in the first half. fourth and nine, four minutes to go, outside the convention alg.
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and aggressive when the game was on the line when it mattered the most. and i love that mind set. >> bob: it's victory formation. looks like he is going to call it a day rather than even use his time-outs. mark helfrich is not even going to force nebraska to snap the football. >> brock: curious move. they could have run the clock out with the three snaps. how about that guy? what must he be feeling right now? what a game. >> bob: it is official. a field goal win for nebraska over oregon. and the bath and the hug for mike riley as he gets a sweep
4:19 pm
win against his old nemesis. >> brock: bob, you said earlier, the fans remember the past and they so badly want to get back to what they have done. they played a critical game. the noise, the environment played a huge role. >> bob: let's go to allison. >> allison: coach, congratulations. what is going through your mind right now? >> boy, what a great game. both teams fought back. it was back and forth. really, really proud of our team. kept our poise. i thought we were really nervous at the sport. it didn't look like we were crisp at all. but really tough minded down the stretch. >> allison: what the emotions you're feeling right now to beat oregon? >> i love it. this team right now this is huge.
4:20 pm
a good team like oregon, everything they have done for us at this stage, it is awesome. to be 3-0 going into the big ten conference. >> allison: you told us that oregon is bold. how did you have to be bold to win this game? specifically going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter? >> well, i thought that might be the last time we see the ball. and somebody told me that fortune favors the ball. we had to just leave it out here today. our kids fought hard all day. we might as well goer it. >> allison: tommy armstrong requiring an iv late in the game. what happen he did show you today? >> he loves football. he is really tough. he competes like crazy. it's awesome. he played a great football game. >> allison: coach, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bob: fortune favors the ball, brock. they go for it on fourth down and get it. two-point conversions hurt oregon. they would have had an extra
4:21 pm
three points on the board. >> brock: this place was rocking this afternoon. >> bob: win for nebraska and effort for the ducks as well. usc/stanford at 8:00 on abc. so long from lincoln. we go back to the studio. guys, welcome in, stan verrett along with mack brown and mark may. at nebraska, he puts out the win. >> more importantly, they lost the games last year. they lost the tight games. and huge win for mike riley and the cornhuskers. >> the crew that called the game did a terrific job. and the great point they made, after the two-point conversion after a touchdown, just kick the extra points. if they do, they win the game. >> they are going to have a good team and they lost freeman today. hopefully he will get back. >> nebraska out to 3-0.
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the prime time game tonight. it's christian mccaffery and stanford. we will look ahead to that one and show you the highlights after that one after a break.
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this game tonight, usc and stanford gives you a look at christian mccaffery, the heisman candidate in prime time here on abc. that is coming up at 8:00 eastern. in progress right now, nick saban and alabama taking on mississippi. ole miss beat alabama the last two years. nobody has ever beaten nick saban three times in a row since he's been at alabama. downyoungblood has it and going with it. >> gets to the quarterback. scoop and score. points on the board nchth tu.
4:25 pm
>> turnovers were a problem last year. and deron payne with a defensive touchdown frp the tide. >> alabama's going to win because they played great defense and they force the turnovers for scoreses here. >> second and three. damian harris, 67 yards and finally drag him down. say he was down at the 1. so two plays later, it will be scarborough who will finish the job for a one yard touchdown. >> nice goal line surge by the offensive line of the crimson tide. >> tide just added another defensive touchdown. jonathon allen, 290 pounds. >> look what i pounds. >> looks like mark may runs for a touchdown. >> with a jet pack on my back. >> he would have gotten cramps. >> the tide in control, 48-30 as they head down to four minutes to go in the game. so high scoring game in this
4:26 pm
one. what jumped out at you looking at it? >> alabama is a complete team. young quarterbacks getting better. they are the number one team in the country. in trouble, a time that eas had their number on the road. they come out and dominate. >> hostile environment for alabama. and when you look at jalen hertz on the road, in e has made big plays. he has settled down. >> jalen hertz making an impression. and de'andre francois, from florida state, on the road with his team from louisville. honoring muhammad ali and the butterfly decal on the field. and lamar jackson, floating and stinging himself. >> he is so special. we do it himself. he can run, he can pass. and nick and bobby petrino have
4:27 pm
made him a better passer. >> and smith on the receiving end of the touchdown pass. >> the speed, the finesse and able to get to the there for a tackle. >> 362 total yards. five total touchdowns. louisville, 63-20. michigan, they were down early in the game, the wovm reens come back to win 45-28. and speight, 229 yards and a touchdown. usc and stanford. christian mccaffery is where we start. >> nobody is able to stop him. receiving the ball, rushing the ball or special teams. that is one thing that usc has to slow down. if they can't stop him, they have to slow him down. >> usc has to do what? >> he has to give it to him in space. he has tremendous speed. >> all right. usc and stanford, getting ready to go. we will see new a half hour here
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on abc.
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enjoy the water as some areas reach the made 90s. a warm up will continue. a woman out on the water captured a frightening sight. >> and. >> everybody stood and cheered for me. unbelievable. >> how his life changed following an attack that almost killed him. his special reunion today. abc7 news starts now. >> live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> this weekend could be our last blast of summer, with temperatures today well above normal and getting even hotter tomorrow. le hmmm i'm eric thomas. welcome to this early edition of abc7 news due to college football. we begin today with the weather and a noticeable warmup,
4:31 pm
especially inland. it's perfect weather for this, spending the day at the beach. we she clear sunny skies from the santa cruz camera. the real heat is further inland. that's where this view is from. east bay hills. several areas here dealing with temperatures in the 90s. ten degrees above average, at least that's what abc7 news pleertologist drew tuma tells me. >> this final weekend of summer 2016 is not disappointing. total sunshine and warm to hot temperatures. out there, 90s. novato. santa rosa. 97, livermore. oakland mild at 74. warm in san jose at 84. 62 the current number in san francisco. future temperature number hours by hour, 60s and 70s even at 9:00. first thin on sunday you will notice the fog is limited. patchy in nature just over the city of san francisco. our starting numbers in the 50s
4:32 pm
and 60s. that creates the launching pad to get very warm rather quickly. as we advance the temperatures to noon, the lunchtime hour. san francisco at 73, and inland near 90, you know it's going to be a hot day tomorrow, even hotter than today. we'll look at the numbers in the aek weather seven-day forecast. >> now a look at how people are handling the heat. lonnie rivera is live in concord. it's like a late blast of summer there. >> reporter: definitely. you wouldn't know the official start of fall is actually just a couple of days away. not the case here. in fact, you can see the thermometer -- it's a clock now. the thermometer climbed by a couple degrees just in the last hour we've been here. all the people we talked to are planning their schedules around the weather. a shady spot near trickling water offers some comfort for outside diners in walnut creek.
4:33 pm
kris christian knew the right fix to cool off his son's soccer buddies. >> ice cream. >> the boys enjoyed every scoop after their game. >> this is the first time i remember them actually stopping the game in the middle of each half for water breaks. >> reporter: the air quality management district issued spare the air smog alerts through the weekend. high temperatures, light winds are causing unhealthy air quality. people are encouraged to car pool, accuwalk, and use public transit to cut down on smog. at the berkeley farmer's market shoppers enjoyed music while picking up produce to avoid being outside later when it's typically hotter. >> you have got a lot of sun umbrellas up here. i'm going later into the city. it will be cooler there. >> reporter: michele roy enjoys warmer temperatures in the bay. >> i can to 100 if it's dry. >> beyond that is too much. >> too much. >> reporter: temperatures are
4:34 pm
expected to reach mid to upper 90s in several east bay cities through sunday. in concord, lonnie rivera. abc7 news. >> keep track of the warm weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts for instant updates. other news, richmond police are on the look out for a gunman who shot and killed a teenager at the bella vista apartment complex off richmond parkway. officers arrived to find the teen with several gun shot wounds. he was air lifted to the hospital but did not survive. investigators believe neely was targeted. new details in a shooting that injured a 1-year-old boy in richmond. sf gate reports the baby was in his mother's arms as she waited in front of the bay area rescue mission to get food. the baby was shot in the leg. is expected to survive. the baby was hit by stray bullets that travelled two and a half blocks up second street where another man was shot and
4:35 pm
wounded. amazing video showing a sea plane crashed into clear wlak 500 feet from shore. the plane's nose is under water. the tail is up in the air. first responders said the pilot and passenger suffered injuries but should survive. to share video or pictures of news where you live, use the #abc7 now. happening now in berkeley hours before the big cal texas game a fire is putting to out a lot of smoke downtown. brian davis shared this video of the fire at university and shaddic. it startedate 3:45. this is across the street from campus where people are beginning to gather for the cal football game tonight. no reports of any injuries. we'll stay on top of the story and give you updates on our abc7 news app. police helped a disabled person escape a fire in san francisco today. it started outside at colby on pour tolla street at 11:00. you could see smoke clear across
4:36 pm
the city. firefighters say a power line caught fire and spread flames to the home. today oakland's mayor responded to a $66 million lawsuit that claims officers had sex with an unaged girl. jasmine claims she had sex with dozens of police officers. her claim insists it has forced her to suffer unimaginable abuse and suffering. 12 people are named in the lawsuit clog the former police chief. the mayor called it a tragedy for the victim, oakland police, and for the entire community. >> everyone who played a role in the investigation from the very top to the very bottom, we are examining everyone's actions, the decisions that were made, and how this matter was handled. because we believe it's extremely important that we take issues like this seriously from the get-go. >> she says oakland will announce the job description for its next police chief this coming week. she hopes to begin candidate screenings in november.
4:37 pm
tonight giants fan brian stow permanently thanked the rehabilitation staff that helped him recover from a near fatal beating outside dodgers stadium. abc news was at the santa clara medical facility today for the announcement. he was in a coma for nine months. osteohad to relearn how to talk. today in a clear voice he thanked the rehab staff and those who still help him every day. >> my caregivers, amazing. and they come there at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. in the morning and help me for two to three hours. first they stretch me, help me get dressed, shower, baitd. >> osteohas become a public speaker. through the brian osteofoundation. he talks to kids about bullying two or three days a week. there is a lot going on around the bay area. that of course means heavy traffic. check of the out. tonight stanford takes on usc in just an hour at stanford
4:38 pm
stadium. watch the game here on abc7. giants take on the cardinals. first pitch is at 6:05 and cal host the texas long horns. that starts at 7:30. also at 7:30, beyonce brings her formation world tour tosy levi stadium. oracle open world starts tomorrow at the moss coney center. howard street will be closed until next saturday. could yelp reviews undergo a radical change? ahead why the website says negative reviews could become a - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds. we thought, "well this airbnb is actually a great way to pay those extra bills."
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the sthi san francisco based is asking a court to throw out a lower court ruling. it rules in favor of a bay area law firm that said some of the reviews about it on yelp were defamiliarer to, untrue and should be taken down. yelp says if that ruling stands consumers will lose out. volunteers across the bay area helping clean up their coastal communities today. abc7 news was at oakland's arroyo via ho park as people picked up frash for coastal cleanup day. last year more than 1,000 volunteers cleared 16,000 pounds of trash from marks across the city. the project helps beautify parks and keep pollution out of the
4:42 pm
waterways. volunteers said they want to leave a positive mark on the city. now your accuweather forecast. >> we have a warm one out there to start the weekend off. those numbers will there are going to rise for the second half as well. near record breaking heat likely for inland locations. across the region it's going to feel hot. live doppler 7. to the coast. patchy fog if you want to beat the heat. besides that, nothing but sunshine out there. take you outside. our live look showing you the fog is pooling around the golden gate bridge. you can see good visibility of sutro tower and today south we are basking in sunshine across the majority of the reason. as temperatures continue to rise tomorrow another spare the air day is in effect. hotter temperatures to round out the weekend. if you are not a fan of the warm temperatures it's going to be dramatically cooler mid week next week. wily is on its way. we just have to get through another day of hot temperatures.
4:43 pm
if you are planning your evening. it is mild to hot out there. 70s around the bay. the sun goes down and we'll get relieve inland, upper 70s. limited fog means by midnight we are still mild. 60s will be on the board. track hour by hour forecast on your phone with the abc7 news app. in the south bay 91 in san jose. it's going to get hot. 89 in sunnyvale. santa cruz mild at 80. along the peninsula, 86 for menlo park. half moon bay along the coast, 74. 88 mountain view, 82 the-high high in mill write. san francisco, 75. 79 in south san francisco. even sunset district going to a warm high of 70. in the north bay, 90s. napa at 93. east bay, 84 castro valley. hercules warm at 80 degrees.
4:44 pm
inland this is our best chance to break new records. near 100 degrees in many locations. 99 pittsburgh, 99 livermore, 100 in brent bowood go to the beach if you want to beat the heat. the water will have a strong rip current. remember, swim near lifeguards. if you can stay out of the water. it is chilly. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you we are hot tomorrow. hot to mild on monday. tuesday it is sharply cooler. and by wednesday it might feel down right chilly compared to tomorrow. by thursday fall arrives and we could potentially, eric, repeat this heat again friday and into saturday. so it looks like we'll have kind of book ended heat with a mid week cool down on our way. >> aim getting dizzy, summer? fall? >> doesn't know as the seasons change. we'll find out soon. >> you think you are dizzy from the weather -- >> oh. >> it's football today.
4:45 pm
and some of it wasn't good football either. >> no. not for some of our alma maters. upset saturday in college football including the second raing ranked seminoles as lamar jackson ran all kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal.
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toaster strudel. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: now abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> today marks the first time in ap poll history where the top three teams in the nation played a true road game against a ranked opponent. cardinals honoring muhammad ali
4:48 pm
with a quarterback decal. action jackson stung like a swarm of bess. two yard keeper. 7-0. everything going louisville's way. jackson's throw to quick. jackson runs in minutes later to make it 35-10. fourth quarter, jackson at it again, 47 yard touchdown run. five touchdowns today. louisville routes florida state 63-20. first team over the put up 60 on the seminoles. georgia state making ninth ranked wisconsin sweat a little bit. fourth quarter, panthers down three, collard kneel, up the gut nine yards. 17-13, georgia state, who had just 33 yards rushing. wisconsin quarterback bart houston was replaced by alex whoo brook who had this one yard touchdown pass. that was the game winner. 22-17, badgers, now 3-0. number 13 iowa hosting north
4:49 pm
dakota state. nd state is going to end up winning this game. and last play of the game was 23-20, byson turning iowa state into upset city. tennessee against ohio. missing three injured starters. 38 seconds in, josh dobbs to josh meline, 28 yard touchdown. on top, 7-0. if ohio had touchdowns instead of kicking four field goals they might have won. tennessee puts it away early in the fourth. another touchdown from dobbs to meline. 28-19 the final. we will take our first time-out before we head down to the peninsula and the farm where stanford will
4:50 pm
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,$8drw kids don't know how to act fake. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. well at least he's wearing shoes.
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well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> welcome back. our game of the week on the west coast, stanford hosting usc. the trojans have lost two straight to the cardinal. joining us now down on the farm, rick quon, rick after a bye week stanford has to be chomping at the bit to get back on the field. >> they are looking forward to tonight's contest. it is hot out here at stanford stadium. expect a hot time both on and off the field this evening.
4:53 pm
stanford better be ready because the usc roej trojans are out to avenge their last two losses. in the last, mccalf rewon wild, stanford won 41-22 but the final score was mid leading. usc led the game late in the third quarter. those two schools developed a history of close games with five of the last seven decided by a single score. coach shaw had this to say about the rivalry. >> there is a lot of mutual respect both sides have earned. at the same time it is an emotional game every time they play against each other. >> 2017 -- >> while the trojan defense will be focused on stopping mccaffery, the cardinal offense have another weapon in bryce love. he returns to the lineup after missing the kansas state game with a leg injury. at a warm stanford stadium rick
4:54 pm
quon. once again, stanford and usc coming up here at 5:00 p.m. stick around after the game with larry biel and yours truly as (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds.
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4:57 pm
today the coach said when he was asked about joining a teamwide protest i'd be for that. pet pedersen believes players have a right to take a stand on something they feel so strongly about. football and yoga. you don't usually use those words in the same sentence unless it is a yoga mat. this mat could break the bank and your down ward dog. it's made of pigskin leather just like an nfl football. it's labelled a broga for guys looking for prestige. word of warning, it's not color fast. the red color will bloody off when exposed to heat or humidity. heat back re yoga may be off limits. >> i was proud of shu when he was giving the highlights of the louisville florida game. >> i got play on one and watch
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