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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. glad you are with us. if you are just waking up we have several development on the east coast and terror investigation so jessica will have more on that and new stuff from new jersey and alexis has the traffic and information there you need to know about. drew tuma has a hot forecast. >> some like it hot, today is director day. yesterday we had record setting temperatures and today is close but records are safe. east bay hills showing you it is beautiful this morning. we are fog free and it is sunshine, sun up at of:55 in the morning with the sun it will warm dramatically by hurricane, with are mild to hot again, and 60s and 70s on the coast and 70s and 80s an the bay, and going back to the upper 90s inland. that is weather. we check on the traffic now with alexis. >> good morning, drew, we have a new traffic alert. this is eastbound 80 beyond vacaville headed to sacramento it is a fatal crash involving a motorcycle. it is right here with no
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estimated time of reopening, eastbound is fully closed and westbound has onlooking delays so we will confirm if there are lanes blocked. 80 each eastbound we have a fatal crash this morning. next traffic update is before 6 corner -- 6:10. now a manhunt for a "person of interest" in new york and new jersey. jessica? >> we will talk about that in a second but first, i want to share breaking news i am seeing from rutgers university, an alert moments ago saying they are investigating a suspicious device found on campus. now, this is an hour south of elizabeth, new jersey, where we have seen a lot of police activity but we do not know in they are connected at this point and whether it is connected to the fbi search for this man, 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami, we have been talking about the story through the morning.
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shear a closer look at the suspect. the f.b.i. and police are look for him in connection to what happened in new york and new jersey over the weekend. including the very latest which was five pipe bombs found overnight in the new jersey transit area station in elizabeth, new jersey, and one of the devices was set off as police were investigating and the other are now in police custody as they continue their investigation. what you are seeing on the screens is an f.b.i. raid into a building, possibly the home of the suspect, or someone connected to the suspect, and they now are searching for, actively, in new jersey, and in new york, so, very fluid situation on the east coast and we have been watching it all morning. especially as police have determined that all of the incidents we saw this weekend, the bombing in new york city, and things that happened overnight in elizabeth, new jersey, the devices are all connected so we will have were more as the information starts to come in to the live desk,
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again, a very, very active situation on the east coast. >> now, waking you through what happened on saturday, with an explosion in seaside park new jersey, and later another explosion rocked manhattan's chelsea neighborhood and 29 were injured. a few blocks away an unexpected pressure cooker bomb was found and then on sunday, five devices, five, discovered in elizabeth new jersey train station. authorities are increasing security in new york city this week as world leaders arrive to attend the u.n. general ascambly with members of the national guard placed at transit hundreds and other areas around the city, 135 heads government and more than 50 ministers will attend the meetings. >> more breaking news, in a stabbing attack at minnesota mall, 22-year-old has been identified as the man who stabbed it nine people in a mall in st. cloud, named such is, --
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named dahir adan and the father said his son was born in kenya and grew up in the united states. isis claimed responsibility. in light the new york bombing, san francisco law enforcement now on high alert. more officers are on patrol to provide extra security for evens such as oracle on world starting today at moss scone center. >> security is visible. you can see the entrance, this is going to be a little city in a city, 60,000 people are expected here. san francisco police say they will be watching, but they need your help, too. they also have the unusual popular spots to watch over like the embarcadero and union square and the san francisco police say they have increased their visibility since the east coast explosions and you should be seeing more uniformed officers out and about, but they need the public to be more vigilant, too, saying people keeping an eye out
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is an important layer of defense. >> number one, the best way to prevent this from occurring is, really, depending on the public. a last times, criminals are looking out for us. >> this annual conference is so big they have shut down howard street in front of moscone. i will show you a picture of another officer walking in, walking there right there. we are seeing a lot of officers arriving this morning and they will be opening the gates at 7:00 but they hope that people will be on the look out as the huge event gears here in san francisco. >> thank you, amy. stay with abc for continuing coverage on air and online of the investigation in new york and new jersey by downloading
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our news yam with punish alerts for the latest breaking news. >> happening today as teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a dean girl is expected in court heather butz used to teach middle school in millbrae and she was found last month with a 15-year-old girl in her packed car in san bruno. the inappropriate relationship was first reported 11 months ago. marin sheriff deputies will soon have another tool to improve transparency. 85 deputies tomorrow will be outfitted with body cameras, like these. in june, the board of supervisors ok'd the purchase of the cameras at over $200,000. funeral services are pending for san francisco chinatown icon rose pak. she died year at the age of 68. show was instrumental in changing the face of chinatown and the rest of san francisco although never actually elected
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to office but was strut am in rebuilding the chinese hospital and urged officials to sign off on the central subway. the family spokesperson said that pak died of natural causes >> a local company created these devices, sound grenades and we will explain what they do and a school that is using them. >> a life jacket - we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds.
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>> now your accweather forecast what withdrew tuma. >> and now the hour-by-hour forecast in oakland. we will warm again on monday. start 90060s across the bay area. the mild start as you step out the door by 10:00, we are in the 70s and approaching 80. you can get the hour-by-hour forecast for any city it will come in handy with the heat. the forecast high is mild to hot again. 74 in san francisco. 80 in oakland. 89 in san jose. 96 in fairfield. if you do not like this you will love tuesday, much cooler. another day, and now traffic. alexis? >> we have a traffic alert this morning. you will travel eastbound 80 beyond vacaville headed to sacramento all lanes are down
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because of a fatal crash unfortunately involving a motorcyclist. eastbound 80 that is fully blocked. if you want to cut over before that use midway and head up 113 to get away the closure we do not have huge delays. that is a sig-alert that will be blocked for quite some time. the bay ferry got cancellations in confidential alameda to the ferry, and 7:30 oakland, and to south san francisco all canceled. >> a bay area university is trying to help students feel safer. cal state east bay but 5,000 personal safety alarms for the freshman class from an oakland based statup the size of a key chain and make a loud screech when the pin is pulled. you may recall that this is the same alarm company promoted by ryan lochte after his scandal at the rio de janeiro games. all the raids may have lost the home opener but it is watt commissioner is saying about the
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>> we are back at 6:14. parliament square in london is partly covered in life jackets, a symbol of sacrifice of refugees, 2,500 life jackets
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represent refugees who died on the way to europe. this life jacket graveyard demonstration was created to raise awareness of the u.n. refugee summit taking place in new york today. the life jackets were warn by refugees crossing from turkey to greece. >> millions of people in several southern states are facing a huge glass problem, a pipeline spill in alabama is raising shortage concerns and people are packing gas stations hoping to fill up their partner. north carolina and south carolina and georgia and tennessee and alabama and virginia are all threaten by the spill. all have declared a "state of emergency." some stations are waiting on more gas many are raising their prices. officials in each state have already sent out warnings of price gouging. >> wildfire in southern california forced the cancellation after rocket launch. shear video from the fire showing large flames burning abandoned vandenberg air force
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base that destroyed 1,200 acres. no structures are damaged. a rocket is sitting across the base ready to launch but now delays until tomorrow. the rocket was supposed it take off on friday but had a leaky valve. on board, a space view imaging system, whatever that means, but it turns out that it is strong enough to see individual people on the golden gate bridge! wednesday it is launched government and private organizations can pay for its use for services ranging from weather to military information gathering. >> fascinating. >> raid are nation is confident their team will stay in oakland. we were at raid are villas the fanfest value opens for the season yesterday at the oakland alameda county coliseum. the city is continuing the fight to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas despite a preliminary vote on thursday, $750 million in public money to finance the stadium in sin city.
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fans will not give up despite the latest development. >> we don't care what you come up with, this is raiders until we thy right here. nice try, las vegas. >> like the dead indication. the commissioner roger caddell said and i quote, "i believe there is a solution in oakland." >> we have exclusive new video of an insane stunt from the weekend, a successful jump over the snake river canyon in idaho to ode to his idol, evil knievel and the rocket reach an estimated 400 miles per hour before it parachuted allowing he and the ship to land safely on other side afternoon each the 1,400' wide canyon. we will hear from him on meg america right here. >> cannot imagine. >> a lot people are happen about the weather and some have said they will likely feel the same
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way today. >> polarizing. >> people love it or they hate it. >> someone would hates it is right there. >> no air conditioning in the east bay. today we repeat that again and in a couple of days you will notice it is dramatically cooler, something for everyone in the in these days. i will show you the flight delays we are okay locally but if you are headed to the east coast it is a mess, so you may have to be wait at the gate as the storms move through. we are doing okay back here at home, with temperatures by 7:00 a mild start. you are noticing that in the 60s in most spots. by electric, we are quickly warming again and a lot of 70s and 80s, with highs in the afternoon another warm one, 74 for san francisco and 80 in oakland and 96 in fairfield, and up to 89 today, and 87 in santa rosa and 86 the high in napa. the next seven days, today, we
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are still mild to hot and temperatures are thanking into wednesday and you will notice it is refreshing air in time for fall on thursday and all indications do you not like the heat you will not like next weekend, and you can track the seven-day forecast using the abc app. >> we have a traffic alert if you are headed to sacramento eastbound 80 this morning we got an update, and it is a fatal motorcycle crash. all lanes eastbound side are closed until a few moments ago we the far left lane beyond the crash scene and fatality investigation. the road is become open, no lanes blocked on the when side but we still have onlooker delay. you use midway and cut to 113. northbound vasco is blocked with a truck lose the cargo this morning and it is a mess with delays in both directions and bay bridge toll plaza is congested and the metering lights have been on under an
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hour. i have san francisco bay ferry cancellations this morning, i will tell you why at 6:30. >> cheers to a iconic san francisco bar, raising a glass to the lexington club and inveiling the black honoring the famous lesbian bar, recognizing the incredible contribution the lexington club made to the lgbt community. the mission district hotspot closed in april of last year after an 189 year run. >> we were in oakland for the 21st an use kaiser permanente northern california dragon boat festival marking the first year for the two day competition on lake merritt, 120 teams participate asked they included squads from all over united states and the philippines, america's largest drag gone boat festival. >> this will make you life, police are looking for a thief would broke into a ymca and stole fake money.
6:21 am
security footage captured the man kicking through the deduct work in the ceiling of the ymca. can you see he drops to the floor. here is the park that is funny: it is a toy. it looks like a toy. police believe the suspect my have broken into other places before. the suspect is not expect a mensa member. >> google offices were raid overseas and a company is say they own hundreds of months -- millions of dollars. >> kittens
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>> google is under investigation in indonesia, with officials raiding the offices looking into claims that the movie-based company avoided paying taxes for five years. officials say google could owe $400 million for just last year alone. google indonesia said they are cooperating with local authorities and have paid all applicable taxes. >> time to ask michael finney
6:25 am
with a question from san jose. >> "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> if you have oakland and you have, like, a big amount of stock, do you, like, own the company or have a bigger part in the company? >> when you buy stick that moans you are one of owners, it is called being a shareholder. as you buy more and more stock you own a bigger piece of the company burr not the original owner unless you buy all of the stock. that doesn't happen very often. thanks for the question. >> i like he is thinking ahead. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and share it on social so we can find it. or go to >> kittens that survived three days under a wooden walkway are in need of good, loving homes. >> meow.
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meow. meow. meow. >> a group of good samaritans dismantled the walk, pulled up the kittens, and they are believed three weeks old, and were discovered early this month near the al. house and grill because customers walk merchandise and heard the kittens me august. their mother was found three days earlier and this video was shared, the kittens are healthy and are available for adoption at pleasanton veterinarian hospital. >> i am not a person and i want one. all the president of lyft is making a strong statement. >> caltrain and a statement on a deadly accident involve one of their trucks and this metal. >> right now the whole nation watching an f.b.i. man husband on the east coast this only for 28-year-old man with the latest on the investigation and how it could be links to terrorism overseas. >> busy morning with traffic center with a lot of ferry
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w have several major developments right now in the attacks in new york and in new jersey. the file launched a nationwide manhunt for a "person of interest" this morning and we will go to jessica at the live desk. >> yes, they are looking for this man, 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. the f.b.i. putting out this wanted poster early this morning. they want to talk to him because he is a man seen in surveillance video rolling a duffle bag near the scene of the bombing in new york's chelsea neighborhood on saturday according to multiple officials who are speaking with cnn. we have learned the bombing in chelsea, a pressure cooker found on 27th street in new york and what happened overnight in new jersey, some devices found in elizabeth, new jersey, they are all connected and the f.b.i. police are looking at the possibility there is an active cell in the area and the new york governor has said in the past hour, that this could be terrorism that has a foreign connection. we have also learned that the active raid in new jersey that
6:31 am
we saw overnight, the images here on the scene, are possibly being linked to ahmad khan rahami and they are look, at a home possibly belonging to the suspect or family members. we saw an active raid there this morning in his belt, new jersey, because that is his last known address. we are learning more about rahami. his identity. where he has live before. and his last address in elizabeth, new jersey. also, right now, at this hour police are investigating rutgers university suspicious package there found on campus but no indication it is related to the search or any of the weekend incidents but we do question that because of the proximity of new brunswick where rutgers is located and we are keeping an eye on that situation, as well, and, again, this is no indication those are lidged and i am watching that situation to, so a lot coming in to the live desk and that is the latest. >> thank you, this story
6:32 am
continues now in new york where police are actively looking for the suspect, and our reporter fans our team coverage and joining us now from new york city. ray? >> good morning, that is right, in the last couple of minutes we have seen numerous members from the f.b.i. bomb squad arrive back here on the scene on the scene, i should say, of the second bombing that happened here in manhattan on saturday night, and hook behind me you can actually see members of the bomb squad they are intensely searching through the street looking for more clues as the manhunt intensifies to find ahmad khan rahami. >> the metro area on edge this morning, another device discovered overnight in new jersey miles away from new york city, five devices found inside of a backpack, and one of them exploding after bomb experts attempted to disarm it. this while authorities say it was right near the bridge late
6:33 am
sunday night where agents stopped a "vehicle of interest," connected to 9 bombings, authorities are trying to get a clearer picture as to who is responsible for placing the device in the manhattan neighborhood, the explosion, the chaos, all happening on a balmy saturday night, law enforcement on the hunt. >> at the evidence we have collected is taking to our laboratory for review and we are following every viable lead as we work jointly with the new york police department. >> federal authorities looking into whether a pipe bomb which exploded in this trash can 60 miles away in new jersey is related to the bombings in new york city. >> f.b.i. has confirmed to that there is a connection a faily explosions that happened here in a new york city metropolitan area and the first priority so to find him and they will try to determine whether he acted alone or is part of a terrorist cell.
6:34 am
coming to the aid of others as the explosion. we want to offer a wanting, you may find this video graphic. >> don't worry. you are okay. nothing will happen. >> that is ramon lopez speaking, he shot this video as he helped the injured victims to ambulance in the moments after 9 blast. a woman had blood stain clothing and say something hit her in 9 eye and another had shrapnel lodged. 29 people in all were injured and we can tell you all were released officer the hospital yesterday morning. >> in light of the new york bombings san francisco law enforcement now on high alert, more officers already on on patrol to provide extra security for events like oracle open world. >> amy hollyfield is outside moss scone center. >> yes, security is visible here look at the barriers at entrance of orange school world, they are
6:35 am
concrete blocks inside of the cubes to bring vice president anyone from driving through here like we saw the truck that plowed through france this summer. we have also seen bomb sniffing dogs here at oracle world and they are going through this area to check it and we have seen different agencies, officers from different agencies walking through the area here on howard street and san francisco police say they will need your help, they need people to be aware, and speak up if you sigh anything suspicious. the one worker pointed out to us that is easier said than done. it is hard to know he said without are looking for or what to look for and he said that can be tricky. the san francisco police are saying they are doing their part increasing their visibility around the city and you should see them in all of the high traffic areas and they are doing that in response to what happened on the east coast, or
6:36 am
contact world is another city in a big city to have to patrol and there are 60,000 people expected this week and howard street will be should down in front of moscone this week. >> and the red carpet is looking amazing. we have continuing coverage on air and online of the terror investigation in new york and new jersey and down loud our news app and were able push alerts to get the latest breaking news. >> now to drew tuma and a look at weather. >> good morning, another warm one, you saw the man behind amy hollyfield getting the run in early and that is best time because it is coolest temperatures and look outside, beautiful sun is getting up here at:55 am and by 4:00, mild to hot, in the 90 around the bay and back into the 80s we go and we will talk about when
6:37 am
cooler hilts us in the seven-day forecast but first traffic. we have traffic in licks son, eastbound 80 is beyond vacaville and we are dealing with the fatal motorcycle crash this morning and eastbound 80, still have the sig-alert and the far left lane is getting by on the east side with onlooker delay and they are starting to wrap it up or get closer. we have ferry cancellations and more on that in less than den minutes. >> flags in san francisco are flown at half staff this morning in honor of a woman who never has been elected to office but head tremendous clout. rose pak was a political force to be reckoned with, the 68-year-old was found dead inside her chinatown apartment yesterday morning and friends and family quickly gathered outside expressing their love and admiration for a woman who would not take no for an answer. >> very close friends. very close friends. she was very much part of every
6:38 am
public decision i made and almost every private decision. >> she spear headed fundraising efforts to rebuild the chinese hospital and persuaded leaders to sign off on the central subway. the family respond said that pak died of natural causes and police escorted the van veering her body to a funeral home. >> caltran is offering condolences this morning after it appears an object from a truck killed a map driving on 101. >> matt keller has the results of the preliminary investigation. matt? >> good morning, sad and tragic incident on 101. we have the new statement here is what they say, the truck, c.h.p. believed to be caring the object was driving between job sites. caltran will continue to cooperate with c.h.p. as they finish their investigation. caltran is offering deepest condolents to the family and friends of schaefer.
6:39 am
here is the object, described as a brass bolt the size of a baseball used for plumbing, the 82-year-old schaefer was driving north on 101 through palo alto on friday at 1:00 senate afternoon. it went through the windshield and hit him in the net. he died at the scene. investigators are looking for witnesses. >> thank you, matt. the c.h.p. now is investigating the circumstances surrounding a deadly crash in santa rosa. this hand on sunday morning the c.h.p. said that a toyota was seen speeding through the west side before crashing and a resident called 9-1-1. >> i looked out the door and saw a police officer and said this is someone here. all the unit observed the vehicle to make an enforcement stop and a pursuit ensued. >> the person killed what
6:40 am
identified now as 19-year-old and two other people in the car suffered critical injuries. police do not know who is driving and why the car was speeding or in drugs or alcohol played a role. all the forecast withdrew tuma. >> now, the hour by hour morning forecast, stepping out the door you not two things, it is bright with total sunshine from the cost inland and we are mild in the 60 in most spots and starting out in the 50s and we are warming by 10:00 in the morning already nearing 80 degrees inland and of course you get the hour by hour forecast for any city on the abc7 news app coming in handy to track the heat. highs today are mild to hot again at 74 in san francisco, and 80 in oakland and 9 in san jose, and 95 in concord, and 87 is the high in santa rosa. don't like the heat? you will love tuesday. temperatures are going to drop dramatically and you are going to notice the cool down and we have cooled even more into wednesday, we are going below average for this time of the year from hot to cold in the
6:41 am
next 48 hours. that is weather and we will check traffic with alexis. >> we have a traffic alert eastbound 80 beyond vacaville in dixon area, motorcycle collision an hour ago unfortunately this is a fatality investigation at this point the far left lane on the east side of 80 is back open and as you can see we have delays on both dresses of the roadway and this is for folks heading to sacramento. beyond the vacaville area, still no estimate that it will be open. we have bay ferry cancellations at can am from alameda to the ferry did not happen, 7:30 oakland and 7:40 alameda to south san francisco, not happening due to a mechanical issue. heavy roads right now northbound 101 and 80 in san jose. drive times coming up at 6:50. still ahead, the nasa rocket test like you have never seen. >> and a nasty twist on what
6:42 am
this can do to your
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> this is a half of a booster rocket and the nozzle is plugged intentionally bursting and pieces were found of that as far as 2,000 feet away. it prevents dust and moisture
6:45 am
from accumulating inside prior to admission. it is a rocket that allows for a trip to mars. >> could the t.s.a. expand their reach? the accident of homeland security and lawmakers want the agency to take on security risks on the ground and by sea. t.s.a. said developing a plan is a top priority, and currently the t.s.a. spends only 3% of annual budget to protect modes of transportation outside. >> officials are returning to the arizona town where a burning plane smashed into a house over the weekend. the pilot radioed saying that his wing was on fire and the couple inside of the home get out okay, and four skydivers inside the plane also bailed before a crash. plane had buns severe enough to be hospitalized and they survived but are obviously recovering from their injuries.
6:46 am
>> the president of lyft make a bold prediction believing private ownership for cars will under in major cities by 2025. he called the cars a $9,000 a year ball and change and said they will be self driving in five years and taking aim at tesla c.e.o. elon musk saying he is wrong to think the auto revolution will hinge on private ownership. >> south bay still has to wait for a year for bart extension to your area, and it is already testing trains in an important security system. according to the silicon valley business journal, the system uses intelligent video that stops bart trains before the operator is aware of danger. these are from santa clara v.t.a. necessary because it is possible that a heavy freight train could derail and block parts of the bart tracks. >> the new i-80 smart corridor extension will be in full separation soon, turning on some of the lines between the
6:47 am
carquinez bridge and the bay bridge three weeks ago and activating more of the signs since that time. in in -- if the lane and blocked you will be told ahead of time to avoid the gridlock. 25 crashes or stalls block lanes on i-80's each day. caltran will told a ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. >> so, there is enough room in the steph curry for multiple stars including his wife. steph curry showed this photo the grand national of the indy car season finale at the sonoma speedway. she sat down with "good morning america" and robin roberts to talk about the family, her cookbook and slow and the inspiration behind the recipes. >> it stems from family, growing up i remember always being in the kitchen and food gets people talking and you feel things so that is why i love it. >> it is so true. at 7:00 on "good morning
6:48 am
america," find out what she coups for steph curry on game day, and the ron she doesn't like to be called a basketball life. she is so were more unanimous that. -- more than that. >> napa is seeing a lot green not just from the grapes. >> now to the money report and jane king. >> good morning, to you. napa county exports reached a record $361 million in 2015 up 5%, a record high of course is the announcement over news from the wine institute of a new record set in 2015 for export of california wines. this confirms that napa's position as an important player in the global wine market. this is a new device that is called "the united states bee killer," draws power from hardware and basically fries it. not good, obviously. according to the makers, it is all about security purposes, the
6:49 am
killer instantly and permanently disabled unprotected hard fair include not only pcs but tvs and anything with a usb port. original apple has protection against the attack. >> olive garden's unlimited pasta passes were going for $300 do $400 last night, a couple everyone around $800 and one was going for $4,200! olive garden sold out of 21,000, $100 pasta passes in one second last week. the markets this morning are unphased by the bomb, that happened in new york and new jersey over the weekend and the dow is up more than 100 points. that is news from times square and the market i am jane king. >> breaking news from the live desk. >> yes an update on the on the g news on the bombings in new york and new jersey. take a look at the scene, this is 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami and h living in elizabeth, new
6:50 am
jersey. the f.b.i. is sanction to track him down and they released several images. he may have changed his appearance 5' 6" and weighs 200 pounds and brown hair and eyes and brown facial hair. he is armed and dangerous. they are connecting him to the explosion in the which will see neighborhood a pressure cooker found in manhattans an explosion in new jersey seaside heights and the devices found in elizabeth, new jersey and they have identified him based on a cell phone found and surveillance video. this morning, f.b.i. say they are raiding a home belonging do someone with a similar name in elizabeth, new jersey, and that is it from the live desk. back to you. >> thanks you. if you enjoy the summer weather we have had you will enjoy it today and drew tuma has a look a how hot we will be. >> repeat performance by mother nature with the above-average temperature today. right now, out the door you go
6:51 am
tore work and school and most spots are in the 60s and you will notice the mild start creating a lawing pad for a warm afternoon in the south bay and 89 in san jose, 8 pa in cupertino, and 83 in sunnyvale, and 93 for moran hill and along the peninsula, 83, and upper 60's along the coast. downtown san francisco, we are going to 74, 75, south san francisco and 67 daly city, and the in the bay is warm to hot at 90 sonoma and 85 in san rafael and in the east bay, today, oakland up to 80 this afternoon and 84 in present and 85 in castro valley and inland we worker than 90, 98 for livermore. seven-day forecast shows you temperatures are going to tumble into midweek, in time for fall, and we are going right back purpose over the weekend. remember you can check the seven-day forecast any time on the news app. that is weather and now the traffic. >> good morning, we have a traffic alert on eastbound 80, a fatal crash involving a
6:52 am
motorcycle. beyond vacaville with only the far left lane is get by right now for the investigation. and they do have a tow truck on the scene but we have a sig-alert and we have delays in both directions of 80 and this is mostly affecting folks headed to sacramento you can see midway for at alternate and up 113 the on the bay bridge toll plaza, we have our spider trend crawling through the camera shot. he has to appear, right? and westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 34 minutes and westbound 80 bay bridge is 20, and san francisco to the airport is 11 minutes. >> it is good luck when we see charlotte and the web. >> a
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> 6:54, and he are the seven things you need to know. breaking news, authorities looking for this man, 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami, a "person of interest" in the new york city explosion and the f.b.i. has released several images of him. he could have changed his appearance. call the f.b.i. if you have information. officials are saying the ballings in new york city and new jersey are connected along with devices down at two other locations. five people have already been taken into custody in connection with the new york blast. >> three, the incidents on east code led to increased prince by san francisco police. you will see more officers on patrol especially around the moscone center where oracle
6:55 am
world begins and popular hot spots like embarcadero and union square. we are waiting to hear about funeral lands for chinatown's greatest champion. -year-old activist rose pak died yesterday at her san francisco home. she worked wiresly to improve her community like raising funds to rebuild the city's chinese hospital. >> on the way to another warm day across the region, highs are well above average, this time of year by 4:00 we are in the upper 90 inland and a lost 80s away the bay and even along the coast approaching accident degrees this afternoon. >> six, i got some good news, the traffic alert we have been following since before 5:30, eastbound 80, in the dixon area, fully reopened all lanes are open now, and this is following a fatal motorcycle crash early this morning and hopefully the backups will wind up quickly. big night for "game of thrones" at the emmys, the most awards
6:56 am
ever with 38, and "veep," tom comedy and the co-star won best comedy actress for record setting six times. i an proud to say she and i share one thing in common, we both went to north when. >> huge welcome back, reggie, so nice to you have. >> good to be back! it doesn't compare to hawaii but it is nice to be back. >> at least he is honest. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. for our viewers in the west. a massive manhunt underway for this suspect. linked to the bombings overnight in new york and new jersey. a backpack with five devices discovered near the tracks, authorities detain five people during a traffic stop at a new york city bridge. millions of commuters on edge. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> the fbi and homeland security now investigating after a weekend of terror. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> that blast on a crowded manhattan street injuring dozens. >> it was big, black clouds, like, smoke. >> another bomb going off at a charity race for the military in new jersey. and isis claiming credit for a knife attack in a minnesota mall. the candidates weigh in. >> we better get very, very tough, folks.


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