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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, bay area, this is abc7 mornings. >> i am reggie aqui. the last couple of nights have been hot and you complained, alexis, that --. >> yes, terrible the i blame you. >> i loved it. >> change is coming. that is the point. >> jessica castro and natasha zouves and alexis smith will be happy today and drew is here for mike nicco. >> finally, cooler weather, the wins are picking up, the parent laser back and refreshing afternoons. hello, carl, you have been missed. i think. by many.
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the buildings tops are obscured. at 4:00, much cooler afternoon only in the upper 80s compared to upper 90s yesterday and around the bays a lot of spots are well into the 70s the injury this. now alexis has traffic. >> enjoy the quiet start on the roads. actually, notice we have a pickup with hazards in a cash lane for the bay bridge toll plaza. not sure in that is a collision or a disabled vehicle. i will have another look at that in less than ten. the only blocking issue we have is in the fruitvale area of oakland an overnight crash where a driver it several willing. we have amy hollyfield on the scene with a report in 30 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. that is breaking news in oakland this morning, a look at scene on foothill boulevard, police still
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are investigating after the suspected drunk driver left a major mess. police say the woman who is in her 20 itself cars around 11:40 before crashing into a parked car. the debris is scattered across the street. she was in bad shape when taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. amy hollyfield is gearing information. we will have a report next at 5:30. >> huge flames several people are out of their home this morning after a fire that forced evacuations. >> matt keller is on the scene. >> good morning, what a mess. a chain link fence was put up this morning around the house to keep people out. the tree was charred by the flames with the power pole and the lines. this video was sent by a driver, jimmy recorded the huge blames
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and thick smoke filling the air. the power pole and gas meter caught on fire at 7:25 last night. all homes on the court off south white road in east san jose were evacuated. peg shut off the electricity to 350 homes before they could cut off the gas so firefighters could put out the flames. heat is smoke were intense. >> did you feel the heat? >> i did. it was have humid. when they burned out the fire everything was foggy and you could not see anything. >> four people were forced to their him for the night with no word on when they are let back in. the video from jimmy was incredible. if you see news where you live, like jimmy, and can you safely get video or picture use #abc7now. post it on social media and we could use it on the news. >> we are getting word of major fall out after a deadly attack on a u.n. convoy in syria.
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jessica is tracking the new developments. >> that is right. the strike killed at at least 12 people. as a result, the deadly attack, this morning, the u.n. and the red cross have decided to suspend all of their eight operations in syria. here is video of the attack. the convoy that was carrying life saving supplies in rural ahelp pa will affect a lot people because they did not make it. nows tens of thousands of people have been last without much needed food and medicine and in the last half hour, united states officials said it was not a coalition airstrike which means the airstrike could only have come from either a russian or syrian jet. it was a total of 31 trucks carrying supplies to help out 78,000 people, 18 trues reportedly hit. a warehouse also was hit. we do not know who is responsible. no one has claimed responsibility. we will pass long any new
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information. i am monitoring from the live desk when it is available i will let you now. >> now to the bombings in new york, message, and the suspect is held this morning on more than $5 million bail. and facing five counts of attempted murder. we are in new york with the details. >> crossing two states the search for the suspected serial bomber ends in gunfire unfolding three hours after police sent a text alert and released image of the suspect, 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. the owner of a bar saw a man sleeping in the hall and calls police. the officer immediately recognizes the suspect. ahmad khan rahami flees with a gun in hand shooting randomly as others pursue him. the shake down, 48 hours after the first device exploded on the new jersey boardwalk. we now know ahmad khan rahami is a naturalized american citizen. born in afghanistan. the f.b.i. found more bombs when they searched his apartment. officials also tell abc that ahmad khan rahami traveled to
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afghanistan and pakistan telling authorities he had a wife in pakistan. >> if he has made frequent trips to afghanistan investigators and particularly the file are going do have to figure out who he visited and what were the real purposes of the trip. >> authorities say ahmad khan rahami is refusing to answer any questions or even give his name. right now they are digging into his life online and into the trip to afghanistan trying to find a motive and figure out if he was really working alone. >> more police officers face charges in a sex scan california that rocked the bay area law enforcement with one facing chaz of felony obstruction of justice. an oakland police officer and former contra costa county deputy face felony charges of sex act with a minor. the officers are conduct the to jasmine abuslin. her testimony could be important.
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two other officers have been charged with misdemeanors. the d.a. will charge seven officers in total. >> happening today three of four suspects arrested in connection with kidnap for ransom plot in vallejo are due back in court today. they are accused of kidnapping 57-year-old woman to her home on june 29. her son received the t message the follow day demanding $60,000 for her safe return. she trends missing. all four suspects are not cooperating. >> family classmates mourn the death of a san jose state student would drowned at sequoia national william, while traveling with the school outdoor adventures program. the group was swimming in eagle lake on saturday and winds started to struggle and sank below the surface. the other could not find him. rangers recovered his body year. he was a san jose native studying kinesology.
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>> three dozen working companies on self driving vehicles including in the bay area, will require any new self driving technical to meet a 15-point safety assessment and follow specific standards. the head of prescription said that states usually set recalls for licenses when the drivers are computers, the federal government feds to get involved. >> five city department in san francisco could implement the use of drones. according to the examiner this is a technical committee to come up with a drone use policy and some are yeared about privacy but the city said that the purpose is to improve safety and security. the fire department could roll out a drone during emergencies, like rescues at ocean bench. >> other departments considering a drone system including the port, the city comptroller, public out times commission and the recreation and park department. >> your forecast withdrew tuma. >> the big story today is
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noticeably cooler and breaking the heat of past couple of days, and 24 hour temperature change feeling refreshing in san francisco. five degrees cooler in mountain view and four degrees cooler in concord and the same in novato. logging at the hour by hour temperature trend in san jose yesterday, we hit a high of 94, nowhere near that today the we are starting out in the mid-60s and it is a gradual warm-up today by look we are in the mid-70s and you will notice by 1:00 in the afternoon, we are holding back from the strong heat we had yesterday and only approaching 80 degrees can you get hour-by-hour forecast for any city with the abc7 news app and it will come in handy tracking the cooler temperatures. if you are a fan of the cool down, the fog here, signaling a pattern change. the next three days the cooler air is hanging around and that will be perfect as fall begins on thursday. that is weather. traffic? >> good morning drew. a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, ten americans ago i
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showed you a pickup truck with the hazards on, furthest cash lane to the lot before you get to the car pool lanes and he is out of had and i am not sure in it was a minor collision but it is again. we do not have major problems getting through the bay bridge toll plaza and no major problem on the drive times, either the only one that has slipped into the yellow from green is westbound 580, tracy to dublin, is 35 minutes and westbound 4 is good out of antioch and southbound 101 from marin county is still in the green. >> a bombshell lawsuit is filed against one of hollywood's most popular stars, coming up, what jim cary is saying about that. >> a breakthrough in the battle agains
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>> a move that could create affordable housing in oakland. the city council will consider sweeping changes to packing requirements including reducing the number of spots residential developments have to provide and eliminate the requirement for parking in offices, retail buildings in areas near bart station. that will clear the way for developers to use space for more housing and charge less for units since parking costs are
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not included. >> an attack in the outer mission left a man partly blind and people hope to find anyone who saw this yesterday at mission street and lawrence avenue, one or to people in a car tried to talk with a man and one of them shot him in the eye with a paint ball gun leaving hip unable to see the all the justice department has opened civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in tulsa, oklahoma, with the suspect with his hands up, ordered to move toward his car. that is when authorities say he was tazed, and shot. the officer who pulled the trigger said she thought he was reaching for a weapon. no gun was found in his car. shelby is on leave. >> in first look, jim cary is condemning a wrongful death lawsuit that has been filed against him. >> here are the details.
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>> in the first look, a bombshell wrongful death lawsuit leveled against one of hollywood's biggest star claiming jim cary is responsible for the overdose suicide of his on-and-off girl katrina white who is seen here in early 2015, overdosing that september on prescription drugs. the coroner ruling "suicide," and now her estranged husband is blaming jim scare for death. according to court documents he is claiming that jim cary used arthur king to obtain and provide prescription drugs despite known she was friend to suicide and depression. the actor telling abc that her troubles were born long before i met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone's control. >> we weigh in at 7:00 a.m. with the first look. >> in the first look a bombshell wrongful death lawsuit -- no, we
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covered that story. moving on, one of those mornings, i hope you can bear with us, training camp for the warriors, and basketball still on the back burner for one player. >> we were at the chair moment -- claremont country, with pro athletes playing for the local high school. the school alumnis hit the course raising money for student scholarships that benefit oakland teens. >> it is a great opportunity. the school challenges the kids to exceed more than they are expected. >> about $3 million in student federal aid should be given out. >> now we will go to drew tuma. take it away, drew. >> the temperatures are going downhill, folks are going to enjoy today. we break the heat from yesterday. part of the reason why, live doppler hd after we track the
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marine layer coming closer on street level, over daly city, and san francisco, and patchy fog showing up at this hour around berkeley. planning the morning, here we go, coast ad fog is going to last through 9:00 a.m. this morning, and starting temperature yesterday in the 60s and 70s, and today we are in the 50s and 60s, so you will have a light jacket. high clouds later this morning. ize are starting in south bay, 80 in san jose will feel nice compared to the 94 of yesterday, and 80 in cupertino, and 78 in sunnyvale, 74 in san mateo and 63 in pacifica and downtown san francisco, nice, 66 compared to the 83 of yesterday and 64 in daly city, and the not by is 82 in santa rosa and 81 in snow haw is 68 for sausalito and the east bay, 69 is the high in berkeley and 72 in oakland and 76 in fremont and nice, and inland out of the 90s into the 80's, so enjoy the cool down. the seven-day forecast will show you we are cool through thursday, perfect as audit
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emarrives in the morning and after that we are right back turning hot over the weekend. you can track the seven-day forecast any time with the news rape. that is weather. >> that was an evil laugh, drew talking about heat returning. we do have the fog out this. it is cooler. here is a look at the golden gate bridge you can see that reduced visibility. but it is quiet for the tuesday morning commute. zooming in on traffic map, the street closures, howard is closed between third and fourth through friday because of oracle open world as moscone center causing delays year. broadway tunnel back only. we have cleaning scheduled. 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. each night this week for cleaning work. look 40 that if you travel light at night or early in the morning. the only slow down is out of central valley and we will check on the drive times before 5:30. >> it turns out new technology could make early breast cancer
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detection better and easier. scientists at houston methodist research institute have developed artificial intelligence software. researchers say it can predict breast cancer risk faster and more reliably and bostons 99% accuracy so the risk false positive results is significantly less. >> health officials have lift add warning to day out of miami's arts district. no new cases of mosquito borne zika virus have been reported since early august. officials are crediting aggressive aerial spraying of pesticides that target adult mosquitoes. however, in miami beach, the mosquito transmission zone has green three miles after a cluster of new cases were reported. all the holiday shopping season is not enough to help k-mart closing 64 more stores before christmas according to business insider, three of the stores here in california.
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thousands of workers will be laid off. the close evening start on thursday and be complete by the holidays. all the news more positive for kohl's hiring more than 69,000 additional workers for the holiday at 1,100 stores around the nation. they expect to have all positions filled by the middle of november. several other retailers and businesses have already started ramping up hiring for the shopping season. around the nation, u.p.s. will hire 95,000 people. target, 70s,000. >> the oakland library is going deeper into digital now launching hoopla digital giving patrons free mobile access to digital service. it offers 24/7 access to 500,000 movies and music and e-books using smartphone, tab lets, pcs and more. oakland is 35th library in the system to offer the service. >> seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> william news for raider fans a las vegas stadium may not be
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such a sure thing. >> a new dad giving his tame -- take on his
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>> here's the seven things you need to know before you go, the braking news in oakland, you will want did avoid foothill boulevard at 48th avenue, police are investigating the suspected drunk driverring accident there. the driver was a woman in her 20 and smashed into several cars before stopping. she is expected to survive. >> investigators are looking into the cause of this fire. in san jose. on lieb court forcing evacuation of eight homes. a gas lake and downed power lines added to the problem and it took several crews hours to put it out. four people are dismissed. >> testing will begin next week for people possibly exposed to techbytes at skyline high school in oakland. up to 300 students and staff may have to be tested. fills are reassuring the
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conditioned it can be treated with antibiotics. all the morning and new jersey bombing suspect is not answering any questions this morning while recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound. they are look into his past, including trips to afghanistan and pakistan. >> six states in the southeast are under a state of emergency. a broken pipeline is causing a major gas shortage triggering skyrocketing prices at gas stations. people are driving 20 miles out of the way fill their tank. >> the heat has peaked. we are on way did cooler temperatures with the numbers tumbling today by 14 to 18 degrees cross the bay area. enjoy the refreshing air. >> injury it, quiet commute the while it lasts. we are okay with the exception of westbound 580 tracy to tracyo valley. san francisco is still in the green at nine minutes with a new problem around the caldecott
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tunnel. >> members of a las vegas committee may support a plan to build a new stadium for the raiders but voters do not like it so much. the report of 800 likely voters found 52% opposed raising hotel room taxes to build this $1.9 billion stadium. 32% favor it and 14% are not so sure. last weekend the son nevada tourist infrastructure committee sent the recommendation for the stadium to the governor and he has to decide whether to move the issue on to the state legislature. >> this next story of a family of these bears could be far from a childhood fairytale. a mother and two cubs were spotted walking by a camera in a state park. experts say it is rare to see bears in the southern sonoma county and they were probably displaced by the wildfires in napa and lake counties. >> ryan lochte said the extra security on the bomb room floor gave him the extra confidence he
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needed on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> that is kermit thing going on. >> last week, ryan lochte -- rather, ryan lochte quickstepped. after two weeks of dancing another medalist is in first place, hernandez said it has been "mind blowing," the first elimination of the season during the results show is right here on abc7 at 8:00 p.m. >> he manages with that outfit. >> can you get a review for anything what about a baby? >> this baby is a 2016 model, sleeps well, i enjoy his company is that is -- he is a great baby all the dad has been left alone too long. we like this it is sweet.
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the new father thought with everyone reviewing new iphone 7 he will also review his newborn. the pro, easy to feed, and cud telly, the con he poops. a lot. that is considered part of standard operating system. the baby received five out of five stars. >> that baby is wearing a nike t-shirt too. >> stay tuned. the search pool for san francisco's police chief got a legal smaller, a new report is revealing. >> we are closing in on election day, and hillary clinton appears to be losing support even here in california. >> we have breaking news coming into the live desk on the family of the main suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings, find out what investigators are now saying about his wife. >> a look outside at the golden
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gate bridge with the fog com
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it will an good tuesday. we are glad you are here on september 20. i am natasha zouves. >> i like the positive attitude. >> fake it 'til you make it. >> i am reggie aqui. with jessica castro. and drew tuma. and alexis smith is joining us. we have a cool down. >> finally reached the peek of the heat. today is nice. we will take you outside the camera at pier 15. we have the marine layer coming back. that will show you the atmosphere is changing. in the afternoon, by 4:00, our warmest spot inland is only in the upper 80s compared to upper 90s. even around the bay you will notice it. only topping out in the 70s. we will talking how long the
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cooler weather lasts but first we check traffic. alexis? >> we hope our smooth commute will last. in major blocking issues. filling in for the bay bridge toll plaza. a moment ago we did not have the metering lights on but in the next couple of minutes we will. a possible problem around the caldecott tunnel westbound 24 on the southed of the tunnel we hear we had a disabled vehicle. we got a couple of new calls into c.h.p. and it is not a blocking situation. i am not seeing backups. mass transit and the drive times are coming up at 5:38. >> breaking news from oakland where investigators say a suspected drunk driver crashed into several cars. >> our reporter is where it happened at foothill and 48th avenue. >> good morning. we have learn more of woman who crashed. police are saying she is in her 20s. this is what is happening right
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new. police still are on enscene -- the she was in a green honda sick now a mangle mess and the woman was driving westbound on foothill boulevard and she lost control between 48th and 47th. she crossed all lanes and crashed into they parked cars. they do believe she was drunk. this happened last night. no one else was hurt. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. an officer at scene said her continue improved overnight but she in critical. this section of foothill is still closed. officers say they will be here for a while. >> develop news in san jose, firefighters worked into the night with a fierce house fire that forced a house to be
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evacuated. it was fuel by a gas electric that involved downed power lines. we got this video from a viewer, jimmy, thank you. eight helps were evacuated near south lieb and white road. no one was hurt. when you sigh news where you live, post consider video and photos if you are in a safe situation using #abc7now. you could see it right here the doors will test next week for anyone who may have been exposed to techbytes from a -- to high school. health officials held a meeting at school and doctors reassuring that tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotics.
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a great relief to a summer we talked to. >> i warned to see what the administration had to say and the public health department. i feel satisfied they provided full information. i wait-and-see if we get a letter. >> if we do we are in good hands. >> this is a big group of people up to 300 students and staff from sky line may have been exposed to the disease. health officials are also investigating restaurants and businesses the infected person may have visited. >> the c.e.o. of san francisco-based wells fargo will climb into the hotseat on capitol hill before the senate banking committee this morning at 7:00 our time and grilled on fact that his employees created more than two million fake accounts to meal unrealistic sales goals. customers were signed up to products they did not know about with 100,000 accounts refunded for overdrafts and other fees.
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the committee is trying to figure out how high the miscountries went in the company they have been fined $1895 million, and 5,000 workers have been let go. there are calls for him to be fired he made $19 million last year. >> we have break news and the live desk regarding the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings. >> it focuses on his wife. jessica? law enforcement officials say minutes ago the wife of this pan, ahmad khan rahami, left the united states gist a few days before saturday's attacks. ahmad khan rahami is the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings and yesterday morning, here is what is happening, authorities are working with officials in pakistan and the united arab emirates asking to get any access to ask her questions, what did she know, when did she know it. when we get new information i will pass it along from the live
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desk. >> more on this, vest gays not getting any information from ahmad khan rahami who is refusing to cooperate while recovering from a gun shot wound to the leg captured yesterday morning after a shoot out with police in linden, new jersey. this morning, ahmad khan rahami faced five couples attempted murder with the bail is the at $5.2 million. investigators are trying to determine a pettive and look into his past. >> if he has made frequents trips to afghanistan investigators and particularly the fbi have to figure out would he visited and what were the real miles per hours of the trip. >> ahmad khan rahami is a naturalized person citizen born in afghanistan and living in new jersey. saturday's bombings in new york and new jersey injured 29 people. no one was killed. >> and surveillance video shows the suspect, ahmad khan rahami, at a new jersey gas station yesterday morning. this is around 3:30 a.m. our tomorrow. after the explosions in
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elizabeth and a few hours before he was captured. >> despite raw family's arrest -- raw -- rahami's arrest, there aalreadies in the bay area. >> be aware of your surroundings anything suspicious, let the authorities know. that is idea system is in place. this is how i travel when i am here and i did not think a thing about it. i usually always take public transportation. >> we checked with muni and in security adjustments have been made. and the same for caltrain. as for bart's heightened legal of security, in word on how long they continue. >> new developments in the investigation surrounding the behalf steel day truck attack in nice, france. eight suspects were arrested yesterday, and they are all linked to the attacker.
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the islamic taste group claimed responsibility for the attack which he plowed through a crowd and killed 86 people. we have new detail on the soberanes fire burning in monterey county, and now it is the most expensive fire in united states history causing $197.8 million. the flames broke out two months ago and growing strong in remote areas of the national forest. is far, it has destroyed 57 homes and started by unattended campfire that was illegal. >> we are tracking cooler air on tuesday afternoon because the marine laser back. tracking the fog it is tighter and there is patchy fog in the north bay and we have more fog over san francisco at this hour, and patchy fog in the east bay, around berkeley. signaling the cooler air has finally arrived. right now, this time yesterday
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we are mainly in the 60s and 70s, today, though, a different story, a lot of 50s on the board like san francisco at 57, and 54 in novato and san jose is warmer at 64 and oakland currently is 59 degrees. we will take you to oakland, hour by hour, we stay in the 50s at least through 7:00, and that is a gradual warm-up through the 60s yesterday and it is 90-degrees in oakland. today, nowhere near that, and it is noticeably cooler. highs across the region, only 72 in oakland, dramatically cooler than yesterday, 66 in san francisco, a high of 80 in san jose, 88 in antic and 82 the high this santa rosa. that weather of the now the traffic. >> we are okay. we still have the metering lights for the bay bridge toll plaza but we will fill in any second. car pool lanes are o'day and our friendly spider friend is back. the spider tries to start over each day. i feel bad for hill. 36 trains are in service for bar. no delays.
5:40 am
same for ace train. first couple are out there starting their tuesday morning commute. caltrain is okay. the drive time are okay. in the green. southbound 101 from santa rosa to petaluma, when, 580, castro valley to the maze, 14 minutes. northbound 101 in the south bay, okay from 280/680 split. >> the spied senior my spirit animal. >> working but not making progress. my theme. >> we know that acting san francisco police chief toney chaplin is among the finals to get the permanent job with 11 people in the running. the paper writes that the city police mission narrowed list down from 60 applications, five of the 11 finalists are from within the department. three names will be forwarded to the mayor in the next month. the mayor will make the final choice. >> many are expected to say a no one amed if by to san francisco
5:41 am
political icon rose pack this weekend -- rose pak this weekend. the service is open to the public but seating is limited. she was found inside her chinatown apartment on sunday. she was 68. authorities say she died natural causes. the locations and times of the services go to our website at >> support is slipping for hillary clinton here in california. she is still way ahead but has lost all of her democratic convention bounce. the latest field poll shows percentage of likely voters has dropped to 50 pass down from 57% in july. donald trump with 33%. clinton's image taking a hit and a majority of likely california voters 53% view the former is the state as unfavorable. >> a spokesman foreformer george h.w. bush is responding to a report claiming that 92-year-old
5:42 am
republican plans to vote for hillary clinton in the uncoming election. according to "politico", bush made the preference then to the daughter of the late robert f. kennedy. a spokesperson said that bush is not commenting on the race saying "the vote cast as a private citizen is just that, private vote." >> riding a bicycle is a popular way to get to bart but what thieves targeting get your wheels and what bart is now doing about it. >> the man accused of violently beat an elderly south bay woman appears in court and the growing list
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>> all news, all morning. >> i would not want to be a passenger on this plane, a bit of a scare last night, this was a southwest flight going from lax to tennessee, and their plane blew a tire after take off and they had to make a u-turn, and here they are in the dark cell phone video aplaiding because they made a safe emergency landing. they were taken off of the plane on to the buts and on to another flight, four hours later, and i don't know why the tire blew. all the teen charges with severely beating an 8-year-old woman from san jose made the first court appearance, zachary cuen was rule to be hold without bail charged with proceed meditated attempted murder, first-degree robbery and budget later and elder abuse. southwest gays say he broke into her home on september 12, and
5:46 am
threatened to kill her in she did not give him money. >> when victim stated she did not have any money, he then started putting and kicking her, multiple times. miss douglas fell to the floor, and he continued to kick had her. >> the d.a. said she suffered pleading in her eyes and brain. her family reports that flo is in critical condition, and he is expected to enter a plea next week. >> terrible. police in palo alto want you to look at this video, thieves break in and ransack a home on channing avenue after smashing in back door they pulled out drawers, and history a few minutes later with a tablet computer. no one was home at time. bart plans to experiment with the new israel grade steel in an of the to keep rider bicycles secure. the east bay time reports the task force plans the you
5:47 am
theft. bart hopes that stronger metal racks will do the trick. >> happening today the san francisco m.t.a. is expected to vote on a final proposal of the muni project that wrote add a transit original lane that removed nine stops in an effort to improve safety. the community said they will submit 2,000 rider signatures asking the board to keep all of the stops, and merchants are conditioned because it in approved 150 pack spaces would be lost, and they say it would hurt their business. the meeting starts at 1:00 at difficult hall. >> the warm weather, the beach weather, the pool weather, a peoplery. >> draw? >> it is coming back, through a last swings the next couple of days, but today we are going downhill temperature wise, look at themes they are going to tumble compared to yesterday, 14 degrees cooler today, in san jose compared to yesterday, that will feel nice, 17 degrees cooler, san francisco and oakland, we hit 90 yesterday, a high today, though, 72, so it
5:48 am
feels refreshing, 14 degrees cooler in concord and 16 degrees cooler in napa and fremont. part of reason is the may everyone laser -- is the company laser back and patchy fog in the north bay and patchy fog in the east bay. hour by hour, we have the fog, first thing, the fog will learning are law 9:00 this morning and you notice that more gradually warming up compared to yesterday with the temperatures rapidly rising at 10:00 a.m. still in the 60 and the hour-by-hour forecast on the abc7 news app coming in handy the next couple of days and the highs today are cooler off across the board. you can see a last 60s and 70s and that el toos refreshing even -- and that fools refreshing even tomorrow. it will feel like fall and we will talk about when we will see the run of smart-like warmth by, first, traffic with alexis.
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>> 5:40 is the time we got metering lights on, and normally it is at least 10 minutes to governor you an idea of how we got the light volumes. really, no major incidents. switching over to the traffic maps we see a lot of green into oakland, so east bay. canning from orinda, 24, westbound, on the connell we con -- on the tunnel, it is made it to the shoulder. westbound 205 and 580, through the pass if you leave tracy we are hearing we have light road work on the westbound side of 580 south of the altamont pass. that is stacked up so if you head no the there and take 205 that is a bitter bet. drive times coming up before 6:00 a.m. >> the new iphone hit the market and some are having issues listening to music and you not happy but what apple is say is to play.
5:50 am
>> back from brink, what scientists say is behind a sea otter come back in california. >> if you use waze, you could now find the elusive parking spot
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>> now, drug smugglers are getting more creative. we have the proof. look at this. mexico's national security commission found a homemade bazooka that may have launched narcotics offer the border. this was found in a van reported stolen. gist across the border from arizona. customs say they have seen this before. they saw it happened in california in 2013. >> do you love sea otters?
5:53 am
would doesn't? we have good news. they are making a come back right here in california. >> the u.s. geological survey say they are at the highest population level since 1982 surpassing 3,900 for the first time. that is important. because that is the total that is need three years in a row before they can be considered to be removed from the endangered species list. u.s. geological survey said the growth in sea otters came from the high amounts of sea urchins their favorite food. all the top of the tv screen in the middle, do you see this time-lapse video showing a funnel cloud following and it was taken in mexico city on saturday during a light next storm. we have another spectacular site -- sight in alaska, the northern lights above mckinley park shot this month. >> a rare part of pristine california cost lynn is up for sale. this is a big catch. can you not do anything with i.
5:54 am
central california, three nearby rans are on the market together as big property outside of santa barbara and here is what it looks like. gorgeous. the realtor provided the photos of the 2,000 acre area. but first, you have to have a lot of money $200 million. you must also agree to preserve the area and protect the prosecute from any development. the pool of buyers? expected to be pretty small. what you can do is donate the property to a conservation group and get a nice tax break. if you have that kind of money, can i be your friend? >> i want to be their friend too. what i was thing. we talking about mother nature being our friend if you like the cooler temperatures. finally seeing a break in the heat. the exploritorium camera shows carl is back, welcome back, sir, we missed you, signaling our atmosphere is changing. we have fog along the area
5:55 am
leading do cooler afternoon on the way. the seven-day outlook shows what is store, our warmest spots in the 80s with the cooling continuing on wednesday, and thursday as fall arrives in the morning and then we are bringing back the heat saturday and sunday, so something that can be track any time. >> you laughing, drew. now, we will enjoy the next couple of days with the fog back this morning, and an indication that the temperatures are going to feel more mild out there today as you head out and hit the roads. in major blocking issues so for for the commute, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is filling in. and dublin to mission is 22 minutes. okay not south bay at 85 northbound between highway 101 and cupertino at 16 minutes.
5:56 am
hearing about a potential new blocking issue on the nimitz and we will look at that after 6:00. >> waze can soon help you find a parking lot with google teaming up to improve a where to park feature with a firm that provides parking information and services to ling automakers like bmw and toyota. waze said it will find the best parking by price and location. >> if you have a car that doesn't require premium gas but treat your car with it anyway, aaa said you are wasting your money. research shows in your car is designed to run on regular, premium doesn't do anything to increase horse power or improve economy. so you are waking that 50 cent more a gallon. aaa said in 2015 drivers spent $2 billion they did not need to spend on premium gas. >> another reason to get t.s.a. precheck, long airport security lines could be back this fall. you may remember the hours long wait times with passengers
5:57 am
experienced in the sprig, t.s.a. increased their staff to get things moving again but that could change. the government shut down could come due to congressional budget issues and the t.s.a. chief said in congress does not agree on a budget, the additional staff they hired over the summer will feed to be cut. >> a facebook emmy he quits despite his generous salary all because of living experiences now he is offering a solution. >> a big day for self driving vehicles impacting future of driverless calls. >> it is hard to watch this polar bear depressed and pressure on a zoo to shut down. >> more breaking news on the attack on aid workers in syria, and we are hearing even more deaths and gathering the newest information
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, north bay, let's get going. >> not even 6:00 a.m. copy are with us on tuesday, september 19
6:00 am
or september 20...yes, it is september 20. >> all day long. atrying to trick me. >> we have alexis, would you say it is light? >> surprising. >> okays then, drew? >> temperature change and hex election is happy because she does not have air conditioning. all the fog was back. it was cool in the city. it will feel refreshing to the love folks. good visibility the can you kind of see on the horizon, white is the fog we have. the day planners has the fog and you want to notice at 4:00, a cooler afternoon in the 80s inland, a last 70s around the bay the enjoy. the weather and traffic. alexis? >> looking outside at the san mateo bridge, everything is moving along okay on the westbound side of 92 but it is getting busy if you come through the hayward area, southbound 880 near the off-ramp we have reports of a disable


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