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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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you're looking live from sky 7 at the scene of breaking news in oakland. that's where a child has died after being hit by an ac transit bus on 35th avenue near penniman avenue. we're zooming in on the bus right there. this is all happening a few blocks west of interstate 580. oakland police officers are there. they are investigating how exactly this tragic accident happened, but a source at the scene tells us the child who was hit and killed was a young boy. officers believe he was 4 years old. the source also tells us witnesses are saying the boy was chasing a ball out into the street when that bus hit him. we have a crew at the scene, and we'll bring you more information as we get it. >> we're also following breaking news in the south bay, and there an ace train headed eastbound
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has reportedly struck a person on the tracks in downtown san jose. this happened south of the diridon station. ace is warning riders to expect major delays. the train also affecting caltrans. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> and i'm kristein sze. an attempted kidnapping in the east bay. >> tracing back to a man who traveled here just to commit the crime. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow outside the san leandro police department. melanie? >> reporter: larry, police say the suspect did not know his victim and had no known ties to the bay area making this case even more bizarre. tonight investigators are not naming the suspect arrested because they say more witnesses need to be interviewed. they say he left the bay area on a plane out of oakland hours after committing the crime.
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>> this is something that you would see in a tv crime drama. >> san leandro police say he was here two months ago, a man attempted to abduct a 2 it-year-old woman in daylight, grabbing her by her ankles and grabbing her towards a car like this one, a nissan sentra edition with rims like this. a 31-year-old man intervened. >> seen him bombing her in the eyes with pepper spray and dragging her into the back vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect closely resembles the man in this sketch and pepper spread the man before he drove off. the woman and man got away. the suspect has a violent criminal history. he was discharged from parole ten days prior to the abduction. >> this is a stranger abduction, not someone who the victim knew. this is not someone that the victim had ever seen before, and we have no information whatsoever as to what would lead this man up to the bay area. >> reporter: investigators say the case could have gone cold. >> what started the break in the
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case was that pris business owner in east oakland that called to us report the abandoned vehicle which looked identical to what he had seen on -- on the news the night before. >> reporter: search warrants at the man's orange county home yielded physical evidence linking him to the crime according to police. u.s. marshals arrested the suspect outside california though they are not saying where. >> we want to ensure that nobody is ever subjected to a crime such as this by this man ever green. >> you know, we got them, so that's good. >> reporter: suspect is charged with felony kidnapping, carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon. in san leandro, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> safety investigators are searching the wreckage of a u2 spy plane that crashed killing one pilot and injuring another. it happened around 9:00 a.m. in sutter buttes, about 60 miles north of sacramento. the plane had just taken off from beale air force base. military officials say a student pilot and instructor assigned to the first reconnaissance
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squadron were on a routine training mission when it happened. >> reporter: the last incident that occurred was roughly 20 years ago. i would match the safety and maintenance records of a u2 with any other aircraft that the united states air force flies. we'll continue flying u2 missions around the world and around the clock. >> the colonel did not disclose which of the two pilots died. the simultaneous withholding their names until family is notified. >> and in marin count county superior court the preliminary hearing against two drifters accused in this years's >> reporter: preliminary hearings about all about new details and we got our share of them today including details from an eyewitness who said he saw the three drifters on the trail at about the time of the alleged murders. his description of them, that tey looked like typical meth
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heads. to quote that eyewitness, they had eyes glazed over like he had never seen. it's been almost one year now since 67-year-old steve carter died from gunshot wounds on this trial near fairfax and 23-year-old audrey carey from canada died in san francisco. today the two remaining defendants appeared in superior court while prosecutors and attorneys manipulated details. >> yes, it's a map of where the scene was. >> reporter: first up marin county sheriff's detective described how an early interview saying lia tried to protect her boyfriend and a third victim pulled the trigger. angold made a plea agreement to testify against the other two and they sailed of a jailed cellmate. the old man needed to die. >> one of the bullets pierced steve carter's walt and put a hole in a credit card and
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shredded the cash inside, that the three used wet bills, according to detectives, to later buy gas. as for the killing of audrey carey the shooting of her was described in grisly detail and too grisly tore television. just before dying carey thanked the three accused for being her friends. back live outside the hall of justice from marin county, the hearing has ended today t.resumes tomorrow. we're told shaun angold will be on the stand friday. the attorneys for the defendants seem to be questioning the accuracy that have eyewitness interview on the trail and also the relimit of that jailhouse cellmate. they say she was motivated to get out and she had already served five different terms for five different crimes. live in the marin county at the hall of justice, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. a san francisco summer camp counsellor has been arrested on child molestation charges. 24-year-old evin blanchard is
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accused of inappropriately touching three juveniles on a field trip and is also charged with sending sexually explicit images and video to the three children. blanchard was arrested in arizona and will be brought back to san francisco to face charges. drivers faced delays near santa rosa because of this big mess, a big rigs trailer overturned and dumped gravel into porter creek. snoem sonoma county road cruise cleaned up the mess this morning highway patrol overs let groups of cars squeeze past the scene until the roadway was clear. no one was hurt. >> four people were displaced from their east san jose home that was destroyed by fire. it happened last night just after 7:00 p.m. on south white road. the fire was started by someone cooking chicken on the patio. abc 7 news viewer jimmy bustamonte shot this video of the thick black smoke from across the street. firefighters discovered a gas cylinder in the backyard that fueled the fire and also charred
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a nearby utility pole. >> you see stuff like this on the tv all the time and you feel bad. completely different when you're going through it yourself. >> firefighters evacuated several people from that area. nobody was hurt and a neighbor's pet rabbit died in the fire. big changes in our weather as you take a look from our mt. tam cam. our natural ac is back in birks and that's what's brought about the change in our weather. live doppler 7 right now showing you the high cloud and the nothing down below. live doppler will be tracking some more clouds as we head into the next couple of days and certainly tracking the changes. 24-hour temperature change down 17 degrees in san francisco. 13 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time in san jose. that breeze is coming in out of the southwest to 20 in fairfield, and that's what's bringing us the cooler weather along with the fog. hour-by-hour evening planner. cool they are evening so it really does feel different. sun goes down and the temperatures will continue to fall. a few clouds will be around as we head into midnight, and it is
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going to remain breezy. the winds will be picking up some more. temperatures dropping further. you cans always track the hour-by-hour temperature changes and weather changes with our abc 7 news weather. a full look at the forecast coming up. >> what a difference a day makes. >> hollywood royalty parting ways. brang lean sax no more. angelina jolie pitt has filed for divorce from brad pitt after two years of marriage and 12 years as a couple together. here's abc news reporter lauren lister. >> reporter: one of hollywood's most proent them power couples slitting up going from brangelina back to brad and angelina. court documents reveal angelina jolie pitt has filed for divorce from brad pitt, husband of two years and partner for over a decade. she is petitioning for cut difficult her six children and requesting brad get visitation. news of the split taking tinsel town by sglorm this was-- by st.
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>> this is a couple that always spoke so lovingly of each other that this is such a shock. >> reporter: brad pitt saying in a statement to "people california "magazine saying i'm very saddened by this and what's important is the well-being of our kid and i kindly request ask the press to give them the space they deserve. fans of the couple saddened too. >> i don't think they should get a divorce. so sad. such a beautiful couple. >> reporter: the couple started dating after meeting on the set of the 2005 movie "mr. and mrs. smith." they both adopted and had biological children together before ever marrying. jolie-pitt talking to abc three months before they wed. >> i think the important thing is that whenever we do it that the kids have a great time and that we all, you know, take seriously the love and connection between all of us. >> reporter: an attorney for jolie -- pitt said the decision was made for the health of the family and jolie is asking for
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privacy during this difficult time. >> and you can see more on the brad pitt/angelina jolie split, including the reaction on twitter as well as a photo gallery on the abc 7 news a. be sure to enable the push alerts so you get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone. >> coming up at 4:00, san francisco's sinking skyscraper. the new twist today and who developers say is to blame for the mentalium tower's problems. >> $200 million in gains all for you personally. >> welts fargo ceo on the hot seat answering questions about the bank seem that opened up millions of bank accounts all without the knowledge of customers. and the new election backlash over skit
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new details on the sinking skyscraper in san francisco. >> the developers of the millennium tower spoke to reporters for the first time since it revealed the building was sinking and tilting at an unexpected rate. >> vic lee joins us downtown with the story. vic. >> reporter: millennium partners say they held a news conference to address what they called a reckless speculation about the causes of this unexpected settlement. they also said that the transbay authorities, the transbay project authorities engaged again in their words in reckless behave in their statements about this controversy. >> if you dig a 660-foot hole and de-water for six years and
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drop the water table by 20 feet on a major high rise structure, you're going to cause a problem. >> reporter: that in a nutshell is the position of millennium tower's developers, that its groundwater level dropped by a staggering 20 feet when the tjpa, transbay transit power authority built a buttress wall between the tower and its site. that caused the skyscraper to tilt 2 inches and sink 16 inches, far more than they expected. once more, millennium partners says it should have been no surprise to transbay engineers. >> tjpa knew well before they began work on the transcenter site that their construction and in particular their de-waterering of the site could have a significant impact. >> we were promised that this would have zero impact on our groundwater in hour build snoogt
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developers say the environmental impact study for the transit side required tjpa to install devices to measure water levels at millennium tower. the building's engineers began inquiring about the unexpected settlement last year. after that the engineers say transbay turned off the measuring devices. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin says there's perhaps a more important question here. >> we know that millennium partners knew and the city knew and transbay knew as early as 2009 that that building was sinking, yet we failed to disclose that to the public. >> reporter: well, he hopes to get some answers next thursday. this thursday when he holds a hearing at city hall on this very subject. by the way, i did talk today to a representative of the homeowners association who says that they will conduct soil and structure testing analysis next week, and after that they will have more to say on this whole
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matter. vic lee, abc newscenter 5 >> another development, of course, in the story today and that's city attorney dennis herrera speen ardaed millennium partners in this investigation. did that come up in the press conference? >> reporter: founding millennium partner chris jeffrey said he was surprised, his word, again, at the subpoenas, but that he would gladly, happy to comply with the city attorney's request, and by the way supervisor aaron peskin, i asked him about it. he said that he's actually met with representatives of millennium partners and invited them to testify at his hearing on thursday, and he's confident they will attend. back now. >> vic, thank you. >> one of wall street's fiercest critics is calling on the ceo of wells fargo to resign over the bank's dishonest sales practices. appearing before lawmakers on capitol hill today, ceo john stumpf apologized for more than 2 million fake accounts that
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were secretly opened to try to meet sales goals. he denied any orchestrated fraud by the bank's management, however. mass mass senator elizabeth warren not buying it. >> i accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking business. >> have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars that you were paid while this scam was going on? >> the board will take care of that. >> have you returned one nickel of the money you earned while the scam is going on? >> the board will -- >> i will take that as as no then. >> regulators fined san francisco-based wells fargo $80 million. more than 5,000 employees have been fired. the u.s. department of transportation has released the long-awaited federal automated vehicles policy allowing lawmakers to self-certify the safety of autonomous vehicles while following a 15-point
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government blueprint. the 15 points include how cars should react if their technology fails and how to protect passengers in crashes. "consumer reports" which independently evaluates independent systems says the guidelines are not strong enough. visit abc 7 for a link to the specific policy guidelines. general motors has announced its first all ever electric vehicle called the chevy bolt not to be confused with the chevy volt, a plug-in high brimptd the all-electric vehicle logs nearly 240 miles per charge, the first to get that kind of mileage at a lost of less than $30,000. that's after the $7,500 federal tax credit for buying an electric car. the bolts will be available next year. >> all right. aches 7 news meteorologist spetal is here for spencer christian who continues his vacation, but it's a little bit cooler from what we saw over the weekend. >> yeah. you are have to put those shorts away, larry and kristen.
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time for the long sleeves, at least and the long pants for a day or two and then we can reverse that again, all right in the seasons are changing, and it's beginning to feel like it. let me show you right now live doppler 7. you'll notice that we are seeing some more clouds over our area and also dealing with some fog so the marine layer rapidly deepened to about 1,800 feet and that's why you saw the fog this morning. in southern california what's left of a hurricane is tropical depression payne sending up some moisture so they are getting some rain there. getting some high clouds from that system and another one coming in from the north, and there are the clouds from our tower camera. a live look in san francisco and 70 degrees in observing land. san jose you're 80, a far cry from the 94-degree reading you had yesterday. gilroy 88 degrees and a live look from our kgo rooftop. a few wispy clouds decorating the sky. 82 in santa rosa. better inland, concord and livermore, 86 degrees. socked in, golden gate bridge
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camera showing you why visibility is so low, the fog, so watch out if you're cross the bridge shortly. winds cooler than normal in the afternoons, and autumn heat returns this upcoming weekend so we do want to show the wind gusts that are coming wednesday afternoon. the winds will start to ramp up along the coast 34 miles per hour. it the will still be dwuflty wednesday evening. we go into thursday, and those winds will still be howling, particularly the coast and over the hills going into thursday afternoon. with the northwesterly wind comes higher fire danger for santa lucia mountains and the los pad re-s national forest. wind warnings including for the sbranes fire and here in the bay area i would keep an eye on the fact that even though they are not issuing a red flag warning winds developing. tomorrow morning it will feel cooler. upper 40s for the coolest north bay valleys. the rest you in the 50s. watch out.
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patchy fog and high clouds around and then for the afternoon no 80s on the board. 70s inland, a mild one and windy at the coast. temperatures in the 60s. it's going to feel raw at times as we fast forward to thursday. a good five to ten degrees below average and then that's heating up on saturday. low to mid-990s inland and even the beaches will be warm. sunday it's sizzling inland. temperature trend for san jose. average high is 80 degrees and well below normal right on through friday and the temperatures will rise again in a big way. as we change the seasons on the accuweather seven-day forecast on thursday, we'll start to notice the temperatures begin to rise on friday, and it starts cooking again. inland areas, mid to upper 990s. along the coastline we'll be in the upper 630s to upper 70s and then a slow cooling trend next week. >> more shorts opportunities ahead. >> that's right. >> i saw the 94, yes. >> i know you're dying to wear the shorts again. >> thanks, sandhya. >>the really dynamic and different way of looking at
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families. >> an inside look at abc's hot new show called "speechless" and how the stars hope it will make
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ash olympic gymnast is the front-runner in the ballroom. ♪ >> the 16-year-old laurie hernandez is in first place on "dancing with the stars." last night all eyes were on olympic swimmer ryan lochte a week after dealing with protesters. he's opening up about the incident. >> look up in the stands, and i see my mom in tears, and -- and seeing her in tears is ju just -- ♪ >> well, it was an emotional night for sure. got big support from cast members who wore t-shirts with
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lochte's name surrounded by a heart. the big question is who is going to be going home tonight. it's elimination night on "dancing with the stars." you can watch the results show tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> and the new abc comedy "speechless" debuts tomorrow night and the show stars actress mini driver who is hoping to bring more diversity to the family sitcom. abc news reporter lauren lister explains how. >> reporter: "speechless" is a family sitcom with a new twist. >> just felt new in a really exciting way. >> really dynamic and different look of looking at families. it actually gives me goose bumps. >> excuse me. thereto he's no handicap placard on your car. >> the show centers around the life of the dimaio family and eldest son c.j. has cerebral palsy. >> the character has cerebral palsy and cannot speak and my
4:27 pm
character kind of leaves peach speechless. >> reporter: driver playing the mom says she thinks the show plays an important role telling stories about children with special needs and their families and bringing humor and an edge. >> he's all there upstairs and has a thing about staring. that's the fing sneer in the first episode the family moves to an upscale school district where maya finds an ideal situation for her son only to realize it may not be right. >> j.j.! >> hello, sugar. >> reporter: in real life the actor faces many of the same challenges as his character. >> mica fowler who plays j.j. has cerebral palsy and is verbal unlike j.j. but he is an incredibly charismatic actor. >> reporter: series makes its debut wednesday night at 8:30 eastern here on your abc station. >> interesting. coming up on abc 7 "news at 4:00," it's a fight over skittles, believe it or not and a former president who says he'll cross party lines this
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november. plus, a new crackdown on facebook. why they are tracking down certain trump supporters. >> plus, i'm elizabeth hur in new york where new details are emerging about the suspected bomber.
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want to get back to the scene of that breaking news in oakland. a real tragedy. a young child was hit by an ac transit bus. let's go live to the news conference going on right now and oakland police officer marquez addressing the media. >> addressing the officers responding to this incident as well as other incidents across the city like this that are tagic and sad. >> [inaudible question ]. >> yes. just before 2:00 p.m. we received a car regarding a vehicle versus pedestrian collision in this area. and when officers arrived on scene they found that a 2-year-old boy was fatally struck by a bus that was traveling northbound on 35th avenue. >> is there any indication ghsh. >> we're taking a look into that, yeah. >> are there cameras on that bus? >> that's something that ac transit will have to speak on. i can't on behalf of us nor do i know that information.
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>> last question. >> [inaudible question ]. >> i'm a parent myself and coming on scene it's sad, again, and it's heartbreaking and there are many officers, men and women that responded very quickly and professionally and we're making the choices to assist in whatever capacity that they can in this incident so it's a very tragic and heartbreaking incident, and we all take it to heart, and oakland is our community, and we want to consider oakland our family, and so when we do have a loss, we grieve as well. thank you. >> how long will the street be blocked off, marco? >> unknown at this time. they are still conducting that investigation. can i go and ask for you. >> are you going to have an update later, or is this it? >> i'll e-mail out to the assignment desk. >> not on camera, not on camera? >> is the boy an oakland resident? >> yes. >> you've been listening in on a news conference by oakland police department officer marco marquez talking about how their heart is breaking over the death
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of the boy who was hit by the ac transit bus. they are still investigating and looking into whether there may be cameras that may have captured what happened. you'll want to get the late by downloading the abc 7 news app and we sent out a push alert when this tragedy happened and we'll continue to keep you posted. investigators are going through the journal of a man suspected of new york and new jersey. he's just been charged with those two acts. the suspect's father also spoke out today. abc news reporter elizabeth hur is live in new york with the latest. elisabeth? >> reporter: kristen, quite a few developments in this case here just been the hour. we learned that federal charges have now been filed and also the fbi confirmed they questioned the suspect's wife in due buy today, this on the same day the agency confirmed that, yes, the same suspect has been investigated before. the suspected bomber ahmad khan rahami's journal now in the hands of the investigators, the pages apparently shot through with a bullet in this gun battle
4:34 pm
with police monday morning, officials revealing rahami's writings included references to the late american al qaeda cleric anwar al awlaki who is linked to a number of terrorist attacks and plots in the u.s., this as the fbi is now confirming agents first became aware of rahami in 2014. after rahami's father contacted the fbi to report that his son was interacting with bad people, a statement he later recanted. the fbi still looked into rahami's travels in 2013 to pakistan, a known hotbed of extremism and later to afghanistan where he stayed for almost a year. rahami claimed he was visiting his wife and family. the fbi investigated and determined there was no evidence of radicalization >>the gentlemen what was the radicalization process? is he telling the truth as to where he went? did he go to turkey or syria? and obviously the -- these trips
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are going to be the foundation for much more in depth investigations. >> and here's where this investigation stands. the suspect who has already been charged with attempted murder in new jersey has just been charged with federal offenses, including use of weapons of mass destruction. his first court date is set for next wednesday. reporting live from manhattan, elizabeth hur for abc 7 news. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. eight new arrests in the bastille truck attack in nice, france that killed 86 people prosecutors say the suspects were taken into custody yesterday and are somehow linked to the attacker mohammed buhlal. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the july 14th attack in which buhlal plowed through a crowd in a 19-ton truck. with less than a week for the first presidential debate both candidates trying to prove that they would be best in the fight against terrorism, but if
4:36 pm
you look at a recent poll, really neither candidate has an advantage with the voters. abc news reporter stephanie ramos has the details. >> reporter: in their own style donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to prove that they are the best person to fight terrorism in the u.s. trump at a rally in north carolina blaming terror in the u.s. on immigration policy. >> just a plain fact that our current immigration system makes no real attempt to determine the views. people entering our country. >> reporter: his son donald trump jr. also stirring things up jumping in on the refugee debate with a skittles tweet which reads if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee problem. the clinton campaign calling the tweet disgusting, even the mars corporation which produces skittles chiming in releasing a statement saying it's an inappropriate analogy. as for hillary clinton, she's locked in on trump, accusing him of motivating isis with his
4:37 pm
words and actions. >> we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden who made it a very clear point when he said donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists. >> reporter: clinton is off the trail but appears to have the vote of a former president, republican george h.w. bush who afears have told a prominent kennedy he plans to vote for clinton in november. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sfook cracking down on supporters of donald trump who are adding deplorable to their user names. the social media giant requires people to use their real names and it's forcing users were deplorable in their profile "new yor times" change them. some of the supporters embraced the term after rival hillary clinton said half of trump supporters can be put into what she called a basket of deplorables. clinton has since apologized for that statement. still to come on abc 7 "news at 4:00,".
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>> they want to stay home and don't want to high-risk it. >> the health scare at one east bay school. what's keep coming kids from attending. >> the drought effect on the fall foliage show. what's going to be different this year. >> fall is just around the corner and a beautiful picture from the high clouds framing the sunshine in the city. we have bigger
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ready or not, fall officially begins on thursday but foliage might not be the usual show you're accustomed to. draughts in certain parts of the country are affecting the foliage. in the northeast shallow-rooted treats like maples or bishches will go into survival mode which means they may kind of shut down early to prepare for the winter which causes the leaves to turn brown and fall off before they reach their peak colors. the good news is you could see fall colors earlier this year though. and it's starting to feel like fall. temperatures will be falling as you take a look here. cooler tomorrow. these are the highs so far in the first column compared to tomorrow. san jose you're going down six degrees and concord ten degrees cooler than where you are today. live doppler 7 showing you some. changes. high fog and we have clouds around and natural air conditioning allowing the temperatures to drop. wind along the coast tomorrow, and temperatures will be in the 60s there.
4:42 pm
inland areas, nice and mild and in the 70s and certainly continuing the cooling trend that has started today. if you're going to the a's game against the astros at oakland coliseum, it will be breezy. the sun will be out but a good idea to take a thin extra layer with you. temperatures will be in the mid-60s to the upper 60s and as you take a live look, sorry, one last live look at cooler weather tomorrow you'll notice how much mortgage temperatures will drop. seasons will be changing officially on thursday morning at 7:21, and we have big changes that will follow for the weekend. kristen and larry back at 5:00 and i know you can't wait to hear about the weekend changes. >> cannot wait. >> it's never too early to start talking about the weekend. >> of course. >> even though it's only tuesday. >> absolutely. >> i'm red for the next week. >> still ahead at 4:00, tuberculosis on campus. a scare at an east bay high school that's keeping some kids home for the day. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. apple filed a brand new patent but this isn't for some new
4:43 pm
high-tech gadget. the common household item that the company wants to put its mark on. and abc 7 is celebrating hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today we recognize grupo folklorico los laureles of silicon valley. it's a group that came together to learn traditional mexican dancers. we have more
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people!
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get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. an oakland school is getting set to test students for tuberculosis after a member of the community was diagnosed with the airborne disease. >> nbc 7 news reporter aim el hollifield has the details. >> reporter: a new accessory made an appearance at this high line high school, students wearing medical masks as a result of the confirmed case of tuberculosis on campus. >> people are saying they don't want to come. they want to just stay home. don't want to risk it. >> reporter: school officials have been proactive with information and the patient is in isolation and some parents say they still feel a little uneasy. >> it's kind of scary, you know. if i have two children here, i definitely don't want either one
4:47 pm
of them catching it so i'm hoping they will test all the kids and not just the ones they think they are being exposed. >> reporter: health officials said that could lead to false positives and petroputting kids on anti-bite, necessarily. those parents will soon be getting letters when the principal is expecting a strong reaction. >> i would expect there would be more parents concerned when they get the letter saying their student may have been exposed and then it hits your kitchen table when you open the mail. >> reporter: for now attendance is fine and parents are calm. >> had a parent meeting last night, and there were about ten parents in attendance. what it says to me is that the parent body overall is comfortable and confident in what we're doing and how we're doing it. >> reporter: because of privacy laws the principal can't say who the patient is but she expects this person to make a full recovery n.oakland, amy hollifield, abc 7 news. >> all right.
4:48 pm
now, if you've been around with somebody with tb, symptoms to look out for include fatigue, a loss of appetite, unintentional weight loss and doctors say you should be seeing if the weight loss is dramatic or if you cough for more than three weeks. the good news is that tb is treated with antibiotics. >> and here's some not so good news. millions of americans may be spending too much on the wrong gas. >> and samsung has a new way to inform owners if their batteries could explode hopefully before they do that. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain that. >> reporter: >> a high-tech way whether or not to know whether you need to return your samsung. samsung has received 92 reports of batteries in its galaxy note 7 phones overheating, they issued a recall last week, no doubt you've heard about it. samsung announced an upcoming software update that the will tell users if their phone has been recalled or if it's not affected by the recall. the warning will pop up every time the phone is turned on or
4:49 pm
charged. at least 26 people have reportedly been burned by faulty phones. new galaxy note 7 replacement phones will be available starting tomorrow in stores across the united states. perhaps no other company has been as successful as apple as claiming the cool factor, but can apple make its paper bags appealing to hipsters? the cupertino-based company has filed a patent for a shopping bag. it has a handle made of paper fiber yarn knitted in an h-stitch circular pattern. it's as flexible as a shoelace and made with 60% recyclable materials and analysts predict we'll be seeing the bags used at apple stores. motorists may be wasting $2 billion a year putting premium gas into cars that don't need, it don't want, it don't ask for it. that's a word from aaa which says if your car's manual doesn't specifically say to use premium gas don't. many motorists think this will improve their car's performance and in reality aaa says all
4:50 pm
you're doing is pouring money down the drain. now i want to hear your consumer questions so i'll be in fremont friday at fremont street from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you so be sure to bring your questions and also send those questions on social media and post them with the #ask fin. as for the premium gasoline i've done a lot of reporting on this, and people think they are giving their car a treat, and i would remind you it's me can camp you're not being nice to it. it doesn't care. >> good to know. thanks, michael. >> i'd like to think it does. thank you, michael. >> sure. in today's wellness report a new study says doctors are moving from smaller to larger practices, and that's happening at a rapid pace. >> and can meditation help pain or surgery? here's jane king. >> reporter: in the near future, you're more likely to have a doctor who is part of a large group practice than a small one. the study from health care consulting firm lev yilt partners says the financial and technical challenges of running a practice today, along with the shift. industry towards population health are the main drivers of
4:51 pm
this movement. the percentage of groups with 100 or more doctors is now at 35%. meanwhile, the cdc reporting some worry some news about antibiotic ruse and hospitals. the centers for disease control and prevention says while it found no significant change in overall antibiotics use from 2006 to 2012, it did find that the percent and of anti-bite thanks are reserved for patients that are resistant to multiple antibiotics did increase, and by quite a lot. the study results adds credence to the claim that people are developing more resistance to antibiotics, and doctors at new york's mt. sinai hospital testing if meditation did reduce patient needs for reducing pain kirls after back surgery. the "wall street journal" says testing will use audio tapes to help patients tolerate the pain and they have found them with other medical and psychological issues and the fda has approved a drug for muscular dystrophy going against recommendations of its experts and parents and patients rallied hard for the
4:52 pm
chance to try the drug. the drug treats duchesne md which affects 5,000 to 12,000 americans, almost all-base boys. i'm jane king. here's to your health. a new effort to help the homeless in bun bay area city. >> and a look at what's coming up on "abc 7 news at 5:00." >> a live update that led the newscast, a 2-year-old child hit and killed sadly by an ac transit bus and old technology combined with new techniques to do tune in your vibe. a look at thin owe rate issive mood
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kolt change in your pockets change lives in the city of san
4:56 pm
rafael thinks so and is prepared to launch an effort that encourages people to put their money in a special meerlt rather than giving it to panhandlers. carolyn tyler joining us live now from downtown san rafael with that story. >> reporter: we're told a survey of business owners here in the downtown area, more than 80%, want something to be done about panhandling and that's the impetus for the parking meter program. spare change? instead of giving it to a panhandler, san rafael wants you to feet the meter. a meter like this that will even take credit cards. the money will go to the downtown streets team, an organization that gives non-cash stipends to homeless participants. >> i figure it's a win-win for taxpayers. it's a win-win for the homeless themselves. it's a win-win that want to see their money go to something good. >> reporter: marion scott is on
4:57 pm
the downtown streets team and calls the meters a more dignified approach for the homeless and those who want to give. >> you're giving of your own free will. there's no one that's sitting there in front of you. >> reporter: local merchants will be able to pay to put their logos on the meters, and that money also helps the effort. business owner and chamber of commerce leader stephanie plant calls the program a proactive alternative. >> everybody parks their car on a city street, so it's -- it's a viable option to provide people with a chance to give. >> reporter: several cities nationwide have adopted the homeless meters. san francisco dropped the idea years ago because critics called it a gimmick, but people here want to give it a chance. >> i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: and this man tells us the spare change will help a program that once helped him turn his life around. >> put me back on my feet. i'm a productive worker now >> reporter: meter program kicks off late next week. in san rafael, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
4:58 pm
>> let's hope it works. thanks for joining us for "abc 7 "news a
4:59 pm
next at 5:00, breaking news live from oakland where a 2-year-old boy has been hit and killed by an ac transit bus. >> new information coming in on a fire that gutted a home and forced the evacuation of a san jose neighborhood. plus -- >> you should resign, and you should be criminally investigated. >> the ceo of wells fargo excoriated on capitol hill. one senator calls him gutless. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel. the last days of summer going out on a cooler and windier know. i'll let you know what fall will bring coming up. >> a heartbreaking tragedy in east oakland, a little boy just 2 years old is hit and killed by an ac transit bus as he ran out into the busy street. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm kristein sze. thanks for joining us. sky 7 is live over the scene at 35th avenue near pennyman avenue. that's a few blocks west of interstate 580, and you can see police officers still investigating more than two hours after it happened. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is there live for us with the late on this tragedy. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. i'm standing at 35th avenue and pennim penniman. the bus is behind me and they are getting ready to tow it out of this area. let's show you some more images from sky 7 hd this. happened a little bit before 2:00 this afternoon, and we understand from oakland police the lead agency that this little boy was struck and killed in the middle. roadway. we've also heard from neighbors that the boy might have been chasing a ball out into the street, again, just 2 years old. apparently the bus driver stopped as soon as he could but it was too late for this little toddler.


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