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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, bay area, let's get up and get going. >> good morning, at 5:00 a.m. on the dot on thursday, september 22. >> two hours of summer left. we are here to get you to the finish line. i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro. we have alexis smith and drew tuma. >> we have breezy conditions. a lot of wind. we have cooler temperature on the way. especially this afternoon. if you want fall, you will love this afternoon. >> outside, a beautiful shot from our east bay hills camera with great visibility. good morning, bay area. you are waking up to windy conditions and the wind is sticking with us through the entire day gusting to 30 miles per hour at times. that is going to keep the afternoon temperatures limited only to the 60s and 70s. a warm-up is on way. first, though, to the roads.
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alexis? >> yesterday was a tough day from tracy leaving the central valley with wet pavement will today we have high winds and hisly was issued for the altamont pass after midnight especially the high-profile vehicles. you want to slow down and take it easy. we have typical delays westbound 25 to 58027 miles per hour average. that is not too terrible. we will talk about mass transit at 5:08. all the north carolina governor sends the national guard to charlotte. it is the second o after long night of violent protests stemming from the deadly police shooting of an african-american man. >> good morning. it is now quieter in charlotte. but a few hours ago there were hundreds of veries on the street. windows here were bashed in after some protesters turned violent. anger and violence taking over the streets of charlotte.
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four police officers are injured. this morning, one protester is on life support after being shot in the head by another civilian. the profits started peacefully. but quickly turned to chaos. hundreds faced off against police in riot gather. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> anger is building afternoon in charlotte, north carolina over two different stories of how keith lamont scott died. police con fronted him at an aartment complex and were forced to shoot. he exited the vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to cell at him to drop. >> police say a gun was recovered and the familiar said that is not true and claim it was nut a gun it was a book. >> he had no gun. >> neighbor said she was there and also said this was no gun. >> the book fell off his lap. he did not have a gun. he did not get out like this.
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he got out like this. the officer involved in the shooting is also black. >> police say this is dash and body foot agency of the shooting but refuse to release the video until after the investigation. it is only angering many protesters even more. >> we will watch that and we are watching this, students in san jose state university dealing with the after math of a hate crime. >> someone sprayed was taxes on campus buildings and this is a university with a recent history of racial tension. matt keller is at san jose state. matt? >> good morning, san jose state's president is in southern california attending meetings but sent a message to the campus community saying she is sadded and outraged by the news. the late overseas incidented took place at two dorms on campus, washburn hall and campus village primarily housing first area students. two swastikas and hatedful
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language were discovered on tuesday night. according to our media partner one was written in dry race marker in the common area of a village suite and at washburn name tags were removed to make another swastika put in a hallway and room window. this is after another ensure depth in 2013 when three former san jose state students were convicted of misdemeanor battery but acquitted of hate crime target for but thing a bicycle neck around their son's neck and the son was called racial slurs by the white roommates. university police are investigating this latest incident. >> this morning, a man is under arrest accused of attacking sacramento's mayor. >> and jessica, we are hearing something about a man throwing a pie at the mayor's face? is that the case? [ inaudible ] >> it happened last night. this is the man who threw it we
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got this picture to the desk moms ago and this is the guy who reportedly attacked the sacramento mayor, kevin johnson with a pie during a charity dinner identified at 32-year-old shawn thompson, and the mayor is a former nab star fought back right away to the guy, giving a speech at a chatter school in sacramento and staff say this man came up and took a pie from a bag, shoved in the mayor's face. after, the mayor tweeted, i appreciate everyone, i'm doing fine, thank you to the sacramento police department for being this. be say. the mayor defended himself but the extent of how much he fought back is still unclear this morning. we are watching the developing story. >> a mystery in san pablo bay as investigators with several federal and state agencies try to track down the source of two large oil slicks. the first was spotted in north san pablo bay a mile long near
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the ferry terminal in vallejo. a worker at the refinery in rodeo spotted the second sheen yesterday morning around a tanker. the coast guard collected samples. officials say it is possible that it just dispersed in the water. there are no reports of injured or oiled wildlife. no ones are trying to determine in it is tied to the mysterious terrible smell that sent dozens of people to the hospital that triggered hundreds of phone calls to the city on tuesday night. >> police have a man under arrest accused beating on an apartment door with an ax in fairfield. it got worse, he was arguing with someone at an apartment on dana drive. he pulled a gun. no one was hurt. the 25-year-old suspect took off in a car. police tracked him down a short time later. this is what police say they confiscated. a loaded handgun. an ax. a large knife. he was booked for assault with a
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deadly weapon and several firearms-related offenses. >> now movie police hope you can identify this man, surveillance video. he is breaking into to red car. he took off with a backpack the on monday, the smash-and-grab budget later happened at starbucks. he drove away in a hyundai. >> four high profile ballot measures in california are hold on to leads as we approach election day. according to the folk surveillance camera, prop 64 legalizing recreational use of marijuana has the highest amount of support at 68 to 36% lead among likely voters. it would officer taxes on cigarettes by $2 a pack up 59% to 36% and proposition 55 has 54 to 38% lead extending proposition 30 passed in 2012 a temporary tax increase on high earners and prop 51 $9 million
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school construction has 47 to 43% lead. oakland police captain has started a fundraiser for the family of the 2-year-old boy hit and killed by a public bus on tuesday. investigators say major my -- say jeremiah was chasing a ball and hit by a bus and killed. gofundme has raised $15,000 so far. in without lake to donate go to we posted a link to the fundraiser. >> this comes as in surprise that california is home to the brightest and most innovative people in the world 4 of the 23 mcarthur fellows live in our state. this sculpture from san francisco and a writer from southern california, jose in finance and hails from san francisco, and jean is graphic novelist from san jose. the fellowship is a five year grant to individuals who showed
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"exceptional creative," and they will get $625,000 each over the next five years and they can spend it any way they want, no stretch attached. three of those four are from the bay area. way to go! congratulations. >> drew tuma? all the shoes. the shoes. self lacing shoes. they can afford them. >> now the weather, summer, original a couple of hours left in the season and fall has arrived and it feels like it. the wind are increasing at sfo and we are nearing 40 miles per hour. 23 in san tar rose, and 25 in half moon bay. this wind is with us through the entirety of our thursday and it is keeping temperatures everywhere across the board. we are in the 50s and it feels chilly. the hour-by-hour forecast, we take you to san jose and it is gradual warming todays we are only in the lower 60s by 10:00, and even into the afternoon look at that, by 1:00,
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only 68 degrees. can you get hour-by-hour forecast with the news app and it will be very helpful today as we track the cooler numbers. it is cool. it is breezy. for the first official day of small. 66 in sausalito, 72 in san jose. 76 in concord, san francisco, up to 64 degrees, and not a fan of the fall like weather, we are turning warmer for friday and we see the 80's turn inland. that is weather. how is the traffic? >> good morning, dry, it is 8:00. it is breezy. san mateo bridge and a mat pass had high wind advisory issued for the bridges and the passes after midnight last night. i have watched the san mateo bridge camera. there are times where it starts to shake around. both hand on the wheel. also, watching this, the eastbound side, we have some sort of response and that is mocking the tar right lane. i don't think it will cause a backup but i will coach an eye on that. also, mass transit is okay this morning, and i have good news as far as bart is conditioned.
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they wrap up the track work ahead schedule and there will be no additional closures between glen park and daly city we have the several weekends and that was scheduled through october, but, they got that ahead of schedule. >> tesla add as new feature to the latest software upgrade and how it is intended to an hive safer -- to be a life saver for children. and
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>> we have learned the name of the engineer killed after a water tanker overturned killing him and injuring another firefighters. today the state capital will lower the flags to half staff in honor of the firefighters. >> stanford students and, far u are mourning the loss of a superstar 4th year medical student. maria birukova died on sunday in a rock climbing accident. her passion for research matched her passion for rock claiming. she focused on research combination of mike biology and engineering and the goal was to prevent and treat complicated inifs. maria birukova loved rock climbing so much she almost turned stanford down. >> i learned that she was weighing accept an offer to go to utah versus an offer at
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stanford, somewhat based on the approximate. of claiming opportunities. all the school and life balance guided her decision to go to stanford, instead. >> redwood city high school students are showing their assistant principal a lot love after being targeted in a hate crime. she is hugged by students and this photo is post on the facebook page. according to the the marin i.j. someone painted racist graffiti targeting her and the forking day the students stop by, gave her hugs and flowers and cards of support. >> the federal reserve is keeping the key interest rate unchanged saying that united states job market and the economy are picking up but that business investment is soft. most analysts think they will raise rate ms. december. investors were pleased and the dow closed up almost 164 points yesterday and the nasdaq up 54 and the s&p 500 up 23.
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>> in "first look," a new book is encouraging parents of young children to let them eat dirt. here are the difficulties. >> in the "first look," new evidence that, supposing kids to dirt can actually be good for them. >> if we miss out on that exposure the immune system is not going to mature in a robust and properly functioning way >> the scientist behind the new book "let them eat dirt," meeting putting your kids at higher risk of asthma, diabetes and obesity. the best way to get the microbes? playing in the dirt. children, especially those under five, should be allowed to be barefoot outside and get dirty. >> let director kid lick the there are in your own house but not in the subway station. you have to let your kids got dirty but under moderately safe conditions. >> we weigh in with the "first
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look," live this morning. >> living in the city not conducive to allowing your child run around barefoot. >> drew? on this thursday morning, live doppler hd is showing you right new we have partly cloudy conditions and starting out with cloud cover in the morning but a lot of sunshine by 9:00. here is the hour-by-hour forecast, the morning planner the fall arrives at 7:21 it will be windy and they will wipe away the cloud cover but it will also be a gradual warming trend so it is beat and breezy by 10:00 and we are barely cracking 60 degrees. gusts are breezy and cool and gusts over 40 miles per hour in some spots and through the afternoon and the evening the wind is going to be whipping
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through the day. you can see the winds are continuing out of the north and you can track the strong winds with the news app and get the hour-by-hour forecast for any city that you live in. the air quality, a good thing of wind, it is cleansing our area and it is easy to breeze so enjoy the benefit from the winds. the seven-day forecast show you it feels like fall as we welcome it this morning and like that, we are warming right back up and sunday and monday it will be hot as could be. egg on the seven-day forecast you could possibly want. now, that is weekend we will look at traffic. >> looking at emeryville camera it is bows around. that is the case with several of our traffic cameras. we had a high wind advisory issued for san mateo bridge and the altamont pass. after midnight last night. if you are drive one of the high-profile vehicles you want to have both hands on the wheel and slow down. today is the last day at moscone
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september. the only drive not in the grown is westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to 40 minutes and no problem in the tri-valley and the south bay is quiet. next update is before 5:30. >> as part of newest software update tesla is trying to reveteran hot care degrees and palo altoen based companies new temperature control function will automatically keep the temperature below 105 degrees by opening vents or turn on the air conditioning as needed and will trend on for up to 12 hours. the new software was rolling out last night as part of the software they are greating the auto pilot. >> san francisco's lottery for 98 new coveted affordable housing units can go failure. federal housing officials tell city leaders they can not reserve the 40% of the units for people in one particular neighborhood but they can set aside the units for any low income residents at high risk of being displaced.
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city is delaying the lottery for the western addition until hud issued a ruling this week. 6,000 people have applied to live in the 98 apartments. >> that shows the needed all the new messaging app is available for download, the app includes group messaging and the ability to add photos, and google said the app can learn from conversations and suggest things to say. you can learn for mimic your speech style overtime and the app is available for download on droid and apple projects. >> we just did the super bowl here in san francisco. >> we only two weeks into the regular football season but you can already buy super bowl tickets. until now tickets were distributed through the league and the 32 teams but now they are selling 9,500 tickets to the fans for super bowl 51 in houston. tickets range from $5,500 to $12,000 seats but come with free
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game party. >> bay area location...houston location... >> the seven theys you need to know to start the day. all the pipeline project that needed a fly over had the maneuver saves hundreds of thousands of dollars. >>
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. >> here are the seven things you need to know before you go. the seven is on for the suspect or suspects who walked into a home and shot two people. the man and woman in their 20ss are in critical condition. it is not appearing to be random. >> swastikas and hateful language were discovered in two dorm rooms at san jose state. the president of the university is "saddened and outraged." >> breaking news in charlotte,
5:24 am
north carolina. the national guard is being called in after a second night of violent protests over deadly police shooting. one person was shot. but survived. seven officers were hurt. >> investigators are trying to determine the source of two large oil slicks found in san pablo by. the coast guard collected samples before the sheen disappeared. officials say it is possible it dispersed in the water. >> windy morning and that will lead to a cool afternoon. 64 for san francisco, 60 behind oakland and 72 in san jose, 73 the high in napa and winds in the afternoon. >> we have a necessary quiet start to our morning commute and we starting to fill in on the bay bridge toll plaza. we are now looking okay with no major incidents. it is breezy, and i will talk how that can affect the commute after 5:30. >> k-mart will start liquidation
5:25 am
sale today after plan on closing 64 stores around nation. three are in california, but not in bay area. k-mart will close those store by mid-december. >> a new technique going high in the sky to repair aging water mains. we were near uc berkeley as they used a helicopter to transport 2,500' of pipeline yesterday. crews tried to drive the pipes up the hill but the turns were way too sharp. >> it is very narrow. very windy. they tried they had the trucks going up there with the 40' lengths of pipe and it was too difficult. >> this is the first time east bay mud used a chopper to move pipeline. the helicopter saved the company six weeks of work >> and now a dairy is selling
5:26 am
non-gmo milk that is expected to be cheaper than organic milk but advocates are worried about the unknown health and environmental risks associated with gmos. >> now thunderstorms from space. look at this, the international space station took this photo 250 miles above earth you can see lightning flashing inside the clouds. a russian soyuz spacecraft and progress spacecraft seen in the photo. >> tortoise has been reunited with her family. this is big bertha escaping recently from a backyard the animal control shared the photo and big bertha weighs 134 pounds. it was too heavy for one animal control officer to list so firefighters helped bring her to the animal shelter. >> she escaped. very slowly. how did that happen?
5:27 am
we have a full 90 minutes of news including how steph curry is spending to the violence happening in north carolina. >> what you need to know as yahoo prepares to announce a major security breach. all the searching condos in san francisco and officials are refusing to stop pumping water from the ground near millennium tower. >> new information on help headed to charlotte, north carolina, after a second night of violent protests.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> that time already? it is friday eve. on september 22nd. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular.
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with alexis smith, and drew due ma here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> end of speaker. first day of fall. we have good visibility across the bay right now with costal cloud cover and day planner will reflect that early. the big story to take away is windy, throughout the afternoon, and that will keep us limited to the 60s and 70s. under plenty of sun. that is both and how are the roads? >> good morning, dry and i have been working the last couple of days and yesterday we had the drizzle and light rain for a few areas and today we have the wind. watching the san mateo bridge camera can you see it rocking around with a high wind advisory after midnight, for both the san mateo bridge and for altamont pass if you take either of those routes you want to slow down and take it i-this morning. however, if major blocking issues. we will see how the bay bridge toll plaza is looking.
5:31 am
>> we are tracking an investigation into concord. who walked into a home and shot two people? one was shot in the head and the other in the arm. we will get to our reporter, amy hollyfield. >> good morning. detectives say this doesn't not appear to be random shooting. this quiet neighborhood you can not temperature there was a double shooting here. no scenes of it. detective say looking at this location tells them this probably was a targeted shooting. they are still looking for the person or people who did this, it happened at 10:00 last night in concord police say it appears one or two walked into the home and shot two people. one neighbor heard it happen. >> i was sitting on my bad and i heard a series of four or five shots. a pause of up to ten seconds. then a few more. after that, a screaming of
5:32 am
tires. 30ing ises later i heard sirens. i saw police. >> a 29-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man were shot. they survived. they were taken to the hospital. police say they were cooperative with the investigation and gave some information. the police have not released much only that the suspects were in dark clothing and got away in a car. officers have fought said anything about motive. >> state of emergency has been declared in charlotte, north carolina, after a second need of violent protests. percent can? >> i have new video to the live desk and also new this hour we have learned the justice department community relations service is sending staff to charlotte, north carolina. they are the peacemaking article of the justice department and bring everyone involved together and, also, this morning, the national guard has been called in to help out in charlotte
5:33 am
along with state troopers. with everything that happened last night police felt with violent and destructive night, rioters breaking windows and lotting stores and throw rocks at police, and seven police officers were hurt, one protester was sheet last night and believed by another person at profits and are on life support. it started with a candlelight vigil for 43-year-old keith lamont scott shot and killed by police on tuesday afternoon. police say he was armed the fell said he was holding a book not a gun. the city trying to get back to normal this morning after chaos. this is the latest at the desk. >> a reporter was targeted on camera. cnn correspondent was knocked to the ground on live television. he is okay. he was describing the profits to anderson cooper and someone plowed and him. he got up saying that someone
5:34 am
was taking on out their frustration on him he is a great guy, and he took it in stride. >> he kept his cool. >> he added the man came up and hugged him and apologize. >> steph curry grew newspaper car lot and said and i quote, "pray for my city we deserve better than this," and #7304. that is the area code. we have been sending the latest breaking news from charlotte straight to director phone so download the news app and enable push alerts for the latestness. >> colin kaepernick's protests of shoot ice line the one in north carolina is gaining more traction and the warriors coach addressed the drovers. he said it is good that game day protests are getting people talking. he thinks there will be n.b.a. players taking part. >> i would think something similar will happen in the nba
5:35 am
and i would hope that everyone is respecting each other's point of view. >> he said he will support his players. >> there is a president that shows colin kaepernick is 9 most disliked player in the nfl with a thousand people polled last week and 29% say they disliked kaepernick a lot more than any of the other 350 players filmed. and look at this, popularity among african americans has never been higher. 42% say they like the 49s quarterback. a lot. >> swastikas and hate graffiti were found in two san jose state dom rooms and university officials are investigating. hateful language was discovered in both washburn hall and campus village on floors that house freshman. the university police launched an investigation on tuesday night. san jose state president said she is "saddened and outraged." the meetings were organized by
5:36 am
the university to share and understand different perspectives but in suspects have been identified. it is not the first incident at the university. you may remember this year three white students were found guilty of misdemeanor battery for putting a bicycle lock around their roommate's neck. he was black. they acquitted 9 hate crime charges. the university created a student commission on diversity to advise the university president on creating a more enexclusive campus. >> and now an investigation of two mysterious oil slicks in the bay and are they connected to the strange odor that sent dozens to the hospital? one slick was a mile long by 40 yards and could be seen in the air. the second slick surrounded the 's boat docked at the
5:37 am
refinery. >> it is possibly it dispersed in the water. >> we collected samples to determine what the oil was, where it was coming from and there is a process to identifying that oil. >> in timeframe right now for when test results will come back and at this point there have been no reports of injured or oiled wildlife. >> firefighters in the east bay had a tough time reaching the grass fire overnight, breaking out near homes after 8:00 in young city. the fire burned an acre and it took firefighters an hour to get it under control. this word on what sparked i. >> first are still searching for the days of a brushfire near highway 242. our crew got these pictures arriving on the scene with report on the fire off concord avenue came in at 11 15 and it was out in 30 minutes. >> important news if you have a yahoo account, we are hearing the company may soon announce a massive data breach that could affect hundreds of millions of
5:38 am
users. it is reported that several sources close to the situation have confirms this breach and yahoo is investigating claims that a hacker named "peace," has access to 200 million accounts and was trying to sell names and passwords and birthdays and will likely come this week. > if you have had any problems with your t mobile phone, you are not alone. blackouts were reported throughout the united states, and this is a look at the company's outage page. you can see the bright spots where the problems occurred. it all started at 10:30. t noble acknowledged the problem two ours later and the service was restored to most people at 1:30 a.m. >> now the accweather forecast withdraw tuma. >> good morning, time now is 5:38 the we will welcome fall later this morning and we will do so under breezy conditions. winds right now are frequent gusts over 20 miles an hour, around the bay, in the commute takes you on a ferry you will want to stay in the cabin, it
5:39 am
will be cool and it will be windy along the water. temperatures when you have this strong wind like we do touchdowns to mix-up the atmosphere and this is why we have uniform temperatures across the entire bay area. we are only in the 50s and this is the starting technology use step out the door. the morning planner hour by hour, fall arrives at 7:21 a.m. this morning the we will have coastal cloud cover with the wind kicking in later today, and we will be in store for a writer morning and the wind will keep temperatures limited and barely crack secretary degrees by 10:00 this morning. the next three days, today is the cool of the day we have in the next few days with aing what trend on friday into saturday and the numbers on saturday are back spat 70s in san francisco, and the peninsula, 80's for the south and east bay and inland, we are going back into the low 90, even warmer weather arrives on sunday and that will be the accweather
5:40 am
forecast with more information. >> we have the metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:30. we have our spider web that is always there, on this camera and it is blowing around this morning, so, it is breezy and we had high wind advisory issued for san mateo bridge and the pass after midnight last night. speaking of the altamont pass, if you are traveling from the central valley leaving tracy typical delays, several miles of heavy traffic westbound 205 to 580 and using speed indication tool you down to 12 mils per hour. a last feagues are showing down with the high wind advisory and you are not going to have much of a choice but the drive time is not too bad westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 47 minutes. we are in the yellow. we will talk about mass transit with 5:50. >> as a matter of fact can neighbor is on edge after a violent armed robbery at 1:30 yesterday morning at a home at sky ridge drive. four masked men forced their way and held the spare family of
5:41 am
four at gun point and pistol whipped one of them. the suspect made off with a large amount of cash and property. >> i am shocked in our community that something like that would happen. this is stuff you only hard about on the news. >> one of the family members was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. the suspectrd still on the loose and police do not have a good description. they have only said the suspects appear to be if their 20s with dark clothe asking took off in a dark colored sedan. >> san francisco supervisors will homed a hearing to discuss the sinking millennium tower and will request the report on troubled condo high-rise. the supervisor said there may have been political pressure on city engineers to approve the project even though they knew it was singing. the transbay joint powers authority. continue pumping ground water although millennium tower developers blame construction of the terminal for contributing to the building structural
5:42 am
troubles. >> cupertino is saying no to payday lenders and city leaders are banning then. >> imagine a world without serious
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> all news am morning. >> the military pilot killed in a plane crash this week leaves behind a wife and six children.
5:45 am
the officials have identified him and he was with another pilot on tuesday when they had to eject from the jet before it crashed 60 miles from sacramento. the other pilot survived. we do not know the cause of the crash. >> this afternoon the oakland police department will take you to a new substation at high street near international boulevard. officials hope to develop the site into a community resource where children can do homework and work on commuters alongside the officers. the project is in the workings for a year and the event is from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. >> cupertino is a step closer to permanently banning payday lenders. the city council unanimously passed a temporary moratorium on the payday lenders year. according to the silicon valley business journal, santa clara county has 57 of them, and none are in cupertino. the cost of loans created a cycle of debt. the city council will vote on a
5:46 am
permanent brand in november. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and his wife are pledging $3 billion to rid the world of disease by the end of the century. the first step creates a hub in caltran's mission bay for scientific and medical researchers from stand for, cal and ucfs come telling to collaborate. zuckerberg said most people die of four diseases. the cancer, heart, neurological, or infectious. he believes the send to fund research to create new tools and technologies to target the source. >> if we can develop the new tools that allow us to see the categories of diseases we can empower scientists all around the world to make faster progress and break throughs. >> does it not mean that anyone will get sick, but it does men our children and their children should get sick less. >> zuckerberg and dr. chan say they spent two years talking with scientists before launching
5:47 am
the initiative. >> they do not have to do that and they are. they are committed to the health of children. >> drew tuma has the forecast on this first day of fall. >> we are tracking the arrival of fall at 7:21. we have coastal clouds and clouds confined to the peninsula on the south bay. on live doppler hd at this hour the gray shading on the screen south of san francisco through san mateo, into san jose and over to fremont, that is low cloud cover we have first thing this morning. an active wind is clearing the cloud cover and creating a cool start. out there can you see across the board from the bay to the coast and i land we are sitting in the 50s for our starting temperatures. gusts are over 20 miles per hour, and that breeze is with us through the entirety of our thursday so the breezy pattern soft the north and the northern wind will keep us cool and can you she by 2:00 3:00 on thursday we have gusts, still, over 20 miles per hour. you can track the winds hour by
5:48 am
hour for any city you live in on the news app and it cops in handy through our thursday today. we will tack you to the south bay and show you the wind having a cooling affect, 7 is the high in san jose and the south bay is sold holding in 70s so a cool thursday afternoon. the seven-day forecast is showing you feels leak fall today but not in the weekend and we warm up quickly on sunday and monday, and we are hot an the bay, and across the board. that is weather and now traffic. >> we have been talking about the breezy conditions this morning, and san mateo bridge we have seen the camera shaking around and look okay westbound side is filling in and we had the high wind advisory issued for both san mateo bridge and altamont pass, after midnight last night. zooming in to the south bay, northbound 101 filling in between the 280 and 680 split and south of there, if you are approaching the morgan hill area northbound 101, stop-and-go traffic for four miles. pass transit is look okay today, no issues with bart, ace train
5:49 am
or caltrain and the track repairs between glen park and daly city are we ahead of schedule and we will not have anymore full weekend closures. we have the drive times coming up before five o'clock. >> if you help could on way for local college professors struggling to find affordable housing. >> tired of loading phone service when you hit a tunnel? waze wants to come to your rescue. >>
5:50 am
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>> you are look at a happy reunion, in sonoma, the photos shared by the fire protection district, firefighters managed to rescue the pit bull puppy
5:52 am
named marshmallow and she got into trouble on tuesday when the owner stopped on the shoulder of highway one and she slid 250' down a steep rocky cliff. we are happy to tell you she is doing just fine. >> happening today, golden gate bridges will meet to talk of their role when the new smart train service rolls out. the bridge district is work on schultz service from the train stop, the san rafael transit center to the larkspur ferry. the north bay has waited eight years for the smart train, and when it is up and running passengers can ride from the santa rosa airport to downtown san rafael. no official word on an compacts date the service and december has been mentioned right now there are no guarantees. >> happening today historic move to try to reduce pollution in pittsburg, planning to launch it tell free zones outside of school or home where parents leave their car running. the goal is to get the parents to turn off the car in the
5:53 am
zones. officer say car exhaust is the single large of the contributor to air pollution in the bay area. >> los angeles will have a last rival to worry about in the bid to host the 2024 olympics, the mayor of rome is opposing the campaign to host games say the olympics are not sustainable and only bring debt. if rome officially withdraws their bid it will leave only los angeles and paris and budapest. a host will be selected in september. >> we are tracking not only breezy conditions first thing as you step out the door but a cool start, as well, the first day of fall will feel like it and winds are in a lot of spots are gusting over 20 miles per hour, so the winds will give us a gradual warming trend and we will take to you concord the hour-by-hour forecast and we are slow to warm out of 50s by 10:00, and only at 63 degrees, and early on in the afternoon, only around the low 70s. future track temperatures are
5:54 am
morning cloud cover in the south bay is out of here by midday and only in the 60s in most spots, later this evening, our warmest location is only topping out in low-to-mid 70s. that is weather. alexis? >> we have not had any major problems so far today, starting to see a lineup approach the toll plaza and this is westbound, the richmond-san rafael bridge, so folks are leaving the richmond side and ling into marin county, but it looks like that should filter out here and it will not an major issue so the bay bridge, inbound to san francisco coming over from the east bay, we did have the metering lights on at 5:29 copy are looking fine and looking at drive times we are filling in, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is in the red at 53 minutes, southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard leaning the tri-valley 21 minutes and south bay, still, quiet, and northbound 85 dweeb 101 and cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. we will look at the north bay in
5:55 am
less than 10 minutes. >> speak of the morning drive, waze is looking to take the frustration out of the commute, the navigation company wants to launch blue tooth beacons bats dry powered devices you put in a tunnel to transmit signals so do you not lose service that can be offer by transportation agencies or cities. each beacon is $29. the install haitian usually requires 42 a mile. all the port of oakland has a storage solution following a shipping company's bankruptcy. the report said that it will accept empty cargo containers owned by hanjin shipping to free up trucks to transport new loads. they file for bankruptcy protection. it disrupting the global supply train leaving ships stranded at sea. >> a study could treat the condition with gut bacteria important. researchers look at the gut
5:56 am
bacteria in 84 children and teens of different weights and found four groups of bacteria that thrive in those who are obese bacteria more efficient at metabolizing carbohydrates. early identification could lead to targeted treatments. >> amazon prime got another perk announcing a new print service yesterday for those who have amazon prime. prime membership comes with a photo storing service and you can take the photos and print them or create photo books. the calendars are added to the lineup and other stock dropped 12% base of the announcement. >> and nasa has a surprising discover with big new findings over the ocean harboring moon with a huge ocean of water below
5:57 am
the icy shell and biologists believe it is a solar systems best places to host life. four years ago the hubble detected a plume of water extending 120 miles into space and it was never confirmed and this is an emergency meeting so we will learn something about science. >> next at 6:00, we are tracking a state of emergency in north carolina with a report from charlotte after another night of violence. >> an oakland boy is hit and killed by the a.c. transit bus and the community is coming together to help the family and what you can do to join them. >> we have just learned a united states fighter jet crashed overnight off the coast of japan. i am
5:58 am
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grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. >> good morning, north bay, let's get going. good morning, it is thursday, september 22nd we have an hour of summer lost. >> an hour and 21 minutes.
6:00 am
>> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro, and alexis smith, and drew tomb ma. in san francisco we are feeling like the middle of the summer. >> our summer begins. but on the calendar fall arrives at 7:21. at studio on the embarcadero you can see the flag on the ferry building waving in the wind. we are in store for a windy afternoon. do you notice by midday we are only in the 50s and 60s and in the afternoon the wind gust over 20 miles per hour. it will keep the temperatures cool. only limited to the 60s around the immediate bay water and the warmest spot inland is chilly with temperatures only in the 70s. that is weather the now the traffic. alexis? >> we do not have visibility issues because we have the breeze. that would chase any of that potential fog out of here. looking okay on the golden gate bridge with no issues with volumes there, and we just got this net from mass transit, san francisco bay f


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