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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> where you live this is abc7 news. >> neighbor vs. neighbor at a san francisco apartment building. a protest over the eviction of a long time elderly resident gets ugly. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui. we have been watching the housing protest from the sky, the ground, and our reporter is in san francisco's western addition neighborhood. it is now getting dramatic. >> you could argue that this is or was one of most interesting in not thrilling protests in a while. now, protesters entered this building which is empty. it is under construction. they went up to the third floor.
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they got on the roof. they juneed on to the building where they claim that a 100-year-old woman is being evicted. sky 7 shows the tenant group dropping 21' banner over the ledge to raise awareness of the issue. now, it got interesting because one of the people would live here got fed up with the protesters and took the banner away. they were struck eling for some time and that tenant ended up tossing the banner off the roof. now, tenants want to convert this building into condos and say that iris has not lived here in years. the demonstration certainly got people's attention. >> there is a national renters day of action today. actions are occurring across the country and across california protesting outrageous evictions and rent hikes that renters are going through. this case is one of the worst
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imaginable. >> iris was at him while this was all going on. she had been hospitalized for a while. her family is saying that she is not the same. as part of this larger protest, demonstrators took over the intersection at height and fillmore interrupting traffic and the flow of buses. that has since ended. everything seems peaceful around here, but, certainly, we assume that this is not the last we have heard of the protesters. i am in san francisco for abc7 news. >> very interesting a lot of passion today. >> new details, san francisco police say a suspicious device found in a muni bus stop this morning was a rice cooker and only a rice cooker. >> officials alerted police to the cooker at 7:30 this morning and it was sitting unboxed under a bus stop near south van ness avenue and mission street. sky 7 was over the scene as police sent in a bomb squad to check it out. they used a robot to take a
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closer look at the cooker. >> they determined it was safe at 9:30 and the operation did impact muni and it smashed traffic in the area. we go to abc7 news and the traffic reporter, alexis smith. >> we had a full closure at van ness at 8:30 this morning at the height of rush hour for san francisco drivers. that was between mission and market. everything has fully cleared. they gotting back hope by 9:30 this morning and as regular joy mentioned we had muni buses re-routed through the area as well. they are back on the normal route and have been able to re-establish the flow not last hour and no major residual delays maybe a bit of a backup southbound side and northbound, too. that should be getting out of there and be typical delays this time of the day. all is looking much, much better now. >> charlotte, north carolina is trying to clean up after a second night unrest and violence over a deadly police shooting.
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the mayor is considering implementing a curfew tonight. our reporter has the latest now from charlotte. >> the national guard and the state highway patrol are on streets of charlotte after a second night of unrest. demonstrations erupt interested chaos at scene of the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott. when protesters vie hospitally stormed into the heart of downtown charlotte. one store was looted the fires would are lone to police. as they fired back with flash grenades and tear gas. trash cans thrown to the weapons of bank of america building. >> we gave additional orders to disperse and protesters continued to damage property and to throw objects at officers. >> police got control of the situation in riot gear. nine were left injured including a man who was on life support. police say that victim was shot by another protester. >> charlotte maritalling "good morning america" that a curfew is considered in protesters continue. >> streets are open. and we are hing for a peaceful
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day but we are preparing for this evening. all the keith lamont scott family sad high was holding a book and unarmed when con front order were tuesday. the family is taking that facebook. >> the police shot my dad by both time for being black. >> but says say he on the add gun and this is a foe of what police say is the weapon recovered. >> keith lamont scott exited the vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. authorities have identified the officer who fired the shot as brently vincent african-american, and now on paid leave. right now the authority are refusing to release any of the body or footage of the shooting to show it to the family first. >> social media is being flooded with images of the unrest including a video that appears to show a man with a gun. >> chants drowned out by screams
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and a man is drying to the protesters and he appears to gnash a gun out of his car window. witnesses say he opened the car door before a police officer on a bicycle told him to get back in the car. the woman who took the video said she does not know what happened to him but said had was a lost noise so she just hid. we have been sending updates on the developing situation in charlotte through the news app and you can download it for free by enabling push alerts and stay on break news as it happened. >> new details involving the wife of the new york and new jersey bombing suspect, ahmad khan rahami. officials say she is back in the united states now after being questioned by the f.b.i. and local authorities in the united arab emirates. a senior law enforcement official said she is being cooperative to a certain degree. her husband is still believed to be in a new jersey hospital where he was taken after being shot by police on monday. a 28-year-old is suspected planting two bombs in new york city that injured 31 people. >> concord police were looking
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for the gunman who shot a man and a woman snowed a home. we first brought it to you as breaking news at 11:00 last night and our reporter is at concord police with the latest. do we know in it was targeted or random? >> unclear. investigators are here right now, meeting about the case. they tell me that when they look at the location and at what happened it looks like a targeted attack. neighbors hoping that is the case. >> residents in the new, quiet, center point subdecision in concord say it was tough to sleep lap night at gunfire shattered the quiet before 10:00 p.m. i was kind scared. i want sure whoever did this was still in the neighbor. >> concord police say one, maybe two, men want inside of a home and opened fire. the 29-year-old woman was shot in the arm. the 28-year-old man was shot in the head. >> it is very prison.
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i am-- very brazen. i am not sure in they were followed into the house they survived. the hen drove away in a pickup truck. police do not know the motive behind the shooting but it looks like it was targeted but, still, it is under investigation. >> we are waiting for the victims to come out of surgery and be able to talk to us and give us an interview about what happened and if it is a suspect they know or a target act or in it is unknown suspect would showed up at the house. all the victim recently moved into the home which is tucked an on a little side street in the subdivision that labels the self-a "private property." some say they think the victims had to have been targeted. >> it is isolated, to be on, i think. why it happened? not sure. they are very quiet. it is kind of showing. >> police do not have a subscription but they were in dark clothing and got away in a
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pickup truck and they are sending the neighborhood in the homes there are surveillance cameras and they were capture on video. thanks, amy. chans have been filed against the man accused of throw pie in the face of sacramento mayor and former n.b.a. player kevin johnson. it happened last night at a charity event and the bizarre story went viral. jessica castro is here with the latest. jessica? >> there are big fines coming down to the pie thrower, look at the 32 yield old thompson, charged with felony assault of a public official and misdemeanor charge of battery on school or park property. look at that cut on his face, thompson did have some minor injuries. the bail has been set at $100,000. mayor johnson, also a former nba star, had no injuries. according to the people would were at event the mayor fought back against the attackers and the scuffle happened at a chat are high school in sacramento
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during a farm to fork seeds of hope dinner a charity event. the staffers say the man came up, pulled a pie from a bag and shoved it into the mayor's face. after, the pair johnson took to twitter and he wrote this, saying appreciate everyone, i'm doing fine, and thank you to the sacramento police department for being there. be safe, everyone. >> thank you, jessica. next, more trouble for yahoo the new accusations they are facing. all the l.a.p.d. weighs in on the bombshell divorce and the department is setting the report straight. >> let them eat...dirt? causing a lot reaction today for parents. >> it is a fall-feeling day, in it has you missing summer heat, don't fret, i have a great forecast this
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>> upon news if you have a yahoo account, we are hagueing the company will soon confirm that it suffered a massive data breach last month. it could affect hundreds of millions ofizers, and it is reported that several sources close to the situation have confirmed the broach. yahoo is investigating claims that surfaced august 1 about a hacker named "peace," would access to 200 million accounts trying to sell names, passwords, and birthdates online.
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it is recorded that the announcement will come this week. >> new this midday, advise from scientists is really raising eyebrows with parents, a new book called "let them eat dirt," calls for parents to let kids do just that, eat dirt. and nastia liuin is here -- and natasha zouves is here to explain. all the logic could sound unusual but the authors insist that letting your kid get their hands it dirts is good, walking barefoot and even licking the floor and help their immune systems but it is not flying. >> there is no way around it, some mothers can be agrade ideas and mother of three girls is one of them. >> i worry about what they touch and then put their hands in their mouth, in their eyes. >> there is new evidence that exposing kids to dirt can actually be good. the scientists behind the new book, let them eat dirt argue keeping kids too clean shields
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them from certain microbes essential fore a healthy immune system. >> if we miss out on exposure the immune system is not going to mature. >> the authors say that meeting putting the kid at higher risk of asthma and diabetes and obesity. the best way to get microbe is playing in the dirt. children, especially those under five, should be allowed to be fair foot and to get dirty. >> let your kid lick your floor in your house but the now the subway station. >> you can let people hold and touch the newborn and let the family dog give a lick. >> that dog will lick you and the kid, it is good, bridge the outdoor into your home. >> the. >> their say kids do not have to wash after being identified and do not panic in the pacifier fall on the floor. >> do not wash it, it actually is beneficial to reduce asthma
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and obesity. >> but it is a bit much on a blog post. >> do not put your kids in a bubble, that is not healthy but it is hard not to want to protect them from germs. >> remember, everything in moderation. close eye on your kids and if you are looking to take drastic live style or diet changes, talk your doctor, first. >> and the key word "moderation." i need to sweep my floor before anyone licks, it is not in a great state. all the hollywood split that has everyone talking, what the l.a.p.d. is saying about new accusations regarding brad pitt and claims of bad
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>> new details involving brad pitt and angelina jolie's pending divorce. con rather to media reports, pitt is not investigated for child abuse. the l.a.p.d. is responding to claims by tmz the ator was being investigated for child abuse after becoming verbally abusive and physical with his kids on the couple's private jet. she filed for divorce on monday citing irreconcilable differences and asking for sole physical custody the. >> do you feel hike your grown kids treat your house like a have market. >> "right this minute," we have the viral video you have been waiting for. >> there is no place like hope when it is your mother's home and you treat it like your own personal grocery store what is what summer is doing in this
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video visiting mom and checks items off the grossly list and takes soap, candy, frozen ham budgeter, ally of bread and the toilet paper. tune in to see in they she got away with the goods. >> it is right here today and each weekday at 3:00 p.m., followed by abc7 news at 4:00. all the forecast, withdraw tuma. >> fall arrived this morning and mother nature will have an identity crisis the next couple of days as we cool off, we will warm back up into the weekend. live doppler hd is showing you a pretty clear picture, outside we go a look from mount tam, beautiful, full is hooking great cross the bay area right now with a lot of sunshine and you can look right now most spots are sitting in the 60, very slow to warm and that is because we have pretty active wind out there, current winds are generally from the north and anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per
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hour and we will have this wind with us through the afternoon and evening so it will be breezy for the majority of the thursday and as we look at the highs for the day today, it is a 8:00 day, below normal at 64 in san francisco and 68 in oakland and 72 in oakland and 73 in napa and inland, it will be comfortable with 76 for the high. hour by hour we will have plenty of stars in the sky as of sun goes down at 7:07 and it will be chilly with temperatures dropping into the 50s and you can get the hour-by-hour forecast on the news app for any city, coming in handy with future tracker temperature on sunday, the times are going to soar back into the 90s inland and even around the bay we will be cooking in san francisco in the 88. the same in oakland. and san jose going into the 90s. the seven-day forecast is going to show you it feels nice today for fall. breezy. we start to warm up on friday and you will notice on saturday, but, really, sunday into monday it is hot out there, and around the bay and inland, slight cooler on tuesday, and then wednesday fog returns and it will help to cool us off.
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an exciting new show right here tonight, notorious behind the scenes of a fictitious cable tv newsroom with a news producer named julia george who is in with a defense torn named jake and the two want to make great great but they ride the behind between right and wrong. >> they based on real people, and in real life, those people had this behind the scenes relationship with mark could get his clients on to the news in order to help court public opinion and that is what we are seeing is the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing of the smart people trying to shape the had lines. how far dot characters go? you value to watch to find out and catch the premiere of
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notorious right here tonight at 9:00. most people get a check out of a farm animal but this guys like giant bugs. >> michael finney want dozen hear your consumer questions, and will be in fremont tomorrow at street eats from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and might you but he wants your questions so bring them. can you ask questions on social media, by post them with # #askfinney.
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>> coming up at 4:00, the rising cost of road kill millions spent each year because ofallies between cars and wildlife, and what is being done to fix the problem. >> a little boy in australia proves beauty in the eye of the beholder with insects. >> what do you have? >> i think... [ inaudible ] >> does it tickle? >> yes! >> he get as big kick out of giant bucks and is giggling as it crawled on his head. >> he is holding a female stick insect that will be only getting
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bigger. the mother is teaching her son not to fear insects that can't hurt you. that is the case with this. she would not have an i secretary that could hurt her on her son's head. >> it looks like a branch. have a good day.
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