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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is almost the weekend. i am reggie aqui. >> almost a hot weekend the i am natasha zouves and jessica castro is here and alexis smith and drew tuma. she was upset because it was fall hike but today is warmer. the weekend will be hot. clear skies outside we go. beautiful picture, stunning image from sutro tower. showing clear skies. great visibility. the city is sparkling. the day planner hour by hour, a lot of sunshine. the sun such at 6:59 a.m. and a lot sunshine. bit afternoon the big story is calm wind and warmer afternoon by three to six degrees. compared to yesterday. alexis? >> good morning. ill take you back to hayward on traffic maps with a crash on southbound 880 before you get to net. north of "a" street with a backup forming and the h.o.v. lane is blocked with two
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vehicles involved. more details 10 minutes. and the drive time, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is up to 45 minute and now down to 40 minutes. we take that. just a few delays from the central valley. all the next story is shopping a san francisco firefighter said her male colleagues made her job a nightmare hiding her gear and urinate on her bed with more detail honor r investigation are coming to light. lonni is in chinatown. >> good morning, pretty view dropping details coming out of the "san francisco chronicle" this morning on the harassment. the report said that it began in november of 2015 when the female firefighters apply to fire station 2 and continue dug her first shift in january and went on for eight month shifts in february of this year. the victim told southwest girls her colleagues got into her belongings, even pumping lotion
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all overwhelm's bathroom and removing toilet paper. she then began to take photos of with was happening to her and reported it to her d head. investigator say those firefighters accused of this were not fired or suspended and are scheduled to be transferred to a different fire station around october 8. we back out here the "san francisco chronicle" quoted the fire chief saying that firefighters are required to sign the anti-harassment and antidiscrimination policy forms. >> thank you, lonni. >> protesters walked streets of charlotte for a third night. >> it appears that the pleas form peace were answered last night. maggie is in charlotte, north carolina. that was huge relief i am sure. >> yes, it certainly was. much bomber this morning in charlotte. the curfew was lifted a few
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hours ago. immediately people were back on streets. authorities hope the curfew would avoid the violence and damage we have been seeing here early this week. it seems to have worked and the protests were calmer but even a curfew did not stop the protesters from demonstrating. >> for the third night, protesters filled the streets of downtown charlotte. >> justice. >> police in riot gather and more than 400 national guard troops brought in from across the state to stop this. violent profits left one dead and dozen injured shut down a major highway. both sides overnight calls for calm. >> police have not released body camera footage showing the moment that keith lamont scott, 43-year-old black man was shot and killed by a black police officer. the police say scott had a gun and they felt threatened. the keith lamont scott family said he did not own a weapon and
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he had a book in his hand. the videos are not made public until the investigation is over the all the video does not give me shoot definitive visual evidence that would confirm a person is pointing a gun. all the family saw the vehicles for the first time on thursday. ought violent protests that led to the arrests of more than 50 people and hundreds of thousands of damage, but we did see some good news, we saw volunteers out helping people yesterday, helping businesses repair and helping the community rebuild. >> thank you. michael jordan is among several public figures call are for peace, he owned the hornets and played for north carolina in college saying it is more important than ever to restore calm and come together to have constructive conversations this nonviolent ways. >> tulsa, oak, police officer charged with shooting an unarmed
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black man is out on bond now. can you see the officers' mug shot, betty shelby turned herself in and was released on $50,000 bond. she is charged with first-degree manslaughter for shooting and killing terence crutcher a week ago. the incident was caught on police helicopter and video and has gone viral on social media sparking nationwide outrage. prosecutors say she reacted unreasonably when she shot crutcher not listening to end economies. >> names of the three finalists for san francisco police clear are not going to be released. the commimission voted down the idea yesterday. the move followed a recent push for transparency in the search. this is what we know: 61 candidates put their film in the hat one from as far away as nigeria, and chief suhr resigned after several suspects were shot and killed by his officers. toney chaplin took over at interim chief and now in the running. mayor lee can make the final decision on a new chief as early
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as next month. >> happening today, a 19-year-old man accused of severely beat an 88-year-old woman from san jose is scheduled to be in court. on monday, a judge ruled that zachary cuen would be held without pale. he is charged with premeditated attempted murder, first degree robbery, first-degree burglar and elder abuse in the attack. investigator say he broke into douglas' home and threated to kill her in she did not give him money. >> the going going suicide bridge facing more delays over the cost. according to the "san francisco examiner", they voted for a 90-day extension for the bidding period. they want to know why estimated costs have doubled. originally estimated had it at $75 million. and did bids came in at $142 and $174 million. we this is the third delay of the year to approve bids for the project. >> some people in santa cruz breathing a sigh of release,
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plans to close a popular commuter cut through have been nixed the narrow one way position of the highlight here is a favorite for commuters avoiding gridlock on southbound highway one. some residents wanted the city to ban the vehicles out of safety concerns and a majority wanted the road to stay open because of convene conference. the city cou with the majority. >> donald trump plans to, expand the choices for supreme court nominees and we are monitoring the story from the live desk. >> donald trump has a list of people he wants to fill the vacancy on the supreme court that is -- he is elected president and now it is getting long ever. he will unveil it today. he has programmed yesterday while in ohio. i am working to find out some of the nays that could be on the list. i can tell you i am seeing chatter, no judges from california. the list could include senator mike lee from utah previously an
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assist an united states attorney, and possibly margaret ryan a united states court of appeals judge that once served in the marines corps and clerk for judge clarence tom. we are work on getting the information. all confirmed. bottom line, the charter said "no california judges." desk. >> a battle is pitting a developer against neighbors who do not want to lose this view. >> a health alert for breast cancer patient
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exclusively at safeway.
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>> the forecast withdrew tomb ma -- with drew tuma. now, we start comfort am with a last sunshine and temperatures around 69 in san francisco, and 74 in oakland. san jose will top out at 77. 81 in concord and 81 is the high in napa. for the weekend, the temperatures are beginning to climb you will notice it is warmer than we are today. even into sunday, look at the numbers, it will go into the 80s in most spots an the bay and the century mark many spots inland. how are the roads alexis? >> a little bit longer than average but the bay bridge metering lighters on and we are
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congested other than the car pool lanes. good news on a couple of early incidents. in oakland, eastbound 24, off the westbound 580 merge we had a two-car crash off on the shoulder now, and one of those was pretty bond up they are working on a tow truck and southbound 880 north of "a" street another two car collision push off to the center divide and you are unwinding from 238. we check our drive times at 6:20. >> next, the reason why tesla is suing the state of michigan. >> a controversial incident caught on camera, and now is going viral with new detail on a video shows police officers if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. ♪
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>> abc7 morning, all news all morning. shocking body camera video showing police pepper spraying a 15-year old girl raising a lot of questions. it happen north dakota merchandise the teen was handcuff asked pepper spray after being arrested. the bicycle collided with a car and caused the accident on her bicycle and refused medical tax and would not answer questions. the done said she was disoriented and scared after the accident knocked her unconscious and she want dead go home. "good morning america" will have more on this coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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>> the first presidential debate days away in the most highly anticipated campaign event with hillary clinton and trump sharing the stage on monday at hofstra university taking very different approaches to getting ready, looking at briefing books each day for hillary clinton. and trump's meeting are pore relaxed. analyst weighs in on what donald trump needs to do. >> come across as calm, cool, and selected and someone that people can see in the oval office. hillary clinton? >> she needs to get trump to react. either with facial investigations or by saying something that would be considered outrageous. you can watch the debate right here with all of the local news starting at 4:00 p.m. followed by world news tonight at 5:30 and the debate begins at 6:00 p.m. with a full wrap up at 11:00. >> right now, more from bay area
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astronaut kate rubins having to do with the election. jessica castro is here to explain that. that is right. astronaut kate rubins will vote for matter what even in it is from space. the homecoming could be delayed bringing a new meaning to absentee ballot. she does not know in she will come back in october county end of ought or in it is extended into november because the russians have delayed the next launch for technical reasons. i was scheduled for friday but it now has been postponed and it could be a month so get this, astronaut kate requested the act career ballot before she took off into space back in july. >> she was prepared. >> she was. >> tesla is now suing state officials in michigan after it was denied a license to open a store there. the "wall street journal" reports that the lawsuit claims that state law violates tesla's constitutional rights and
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protects hometown companies like general motors. the lawsuit argues that michigan doesn't have a legitimate reason to ban non-franchise ought dough makers from selling in their state. a spokeswoman for the attorney general said that they are other reviewing the lawsuit." >> in the east bay, homeowners want did keep their view the san ramon golf club. they are hoping to meet with the new owners of the golf course. they are threatening to close the gulf course by end of january in the city does not allow it to develop a small section of the curse with new housing. last nights hundreds of the neighbors went to a meeting to strategize. >> we want to try to preserve what we have, it is imperative we do something before it closes. when it closes guilt die. >> it would sit there and be a closed course with a fence around it. we hope to work out a collaborative development with the community around the course. >> building homes required the city to rezone the rot and take
6:19 am
up four fifths vote of the city planning commission and the city council. >> look at this video, a cute bear running around a town in alaska, in anchorage before the officers caught up with the suspect. the pass say the black bear went on a tour of downtown last week and the department posted this video on youtube, no one got hurt, including the bear and officers saw the bear and got flooded with calls. crews were able to peacefully catch the bear after a rather exhaustive chase. all the bay is up the tree... >> wild animals can invade the space in anchorage. >> we have our fair share. all the pick originals are the worst the. >> i like the pigeons. we get later. the north bay is 40s at 43 in napa can 45 in half moon bay. you need the jacket.
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most spots are in the 50s. warmer today than yesterday, and 7 is the high in san jose. 84 at morgan hill and peninsula 75 in redwood city and 76 in mountain view and pacifica is 62, and sun on the coast. 63 is the high today for daly city and the north bays with 82, and 80 sonoma, and 76 behind vallejo and 81 is the high in napa and the east bay, 74 for the high in oakland and 75 in san leandro inland, upper 70s to lower 80s a nice friday on the afternoon on tap and 80 for livermore. the seven-day forecast shows a mild day on way today, and a warming trend interest saturday and then it is hot on sunday interest monday. likely a last spots going to the 90s around the bay and we will slightly cool off on thursday into wednesday. the seven-day forecast can be
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soon any time with the news app. how is the traffic? >> back to the south bay, seeing heavy volume here on northbound 101, rate at the 880 merge, and heavy traffic north of there and i checked we do not have anything on the boards and we mad two problems south of here, right around the 280/680 split with residual delays. expect a new extra minutes on commute if you travel in the south bay on northbound 101. i p update that at 6:30. this is a friday appropriate traffic report northbound highway 29 beyond the 128 split a flatbed truck carrying a lost grapes is make some slick conditions. so, take it easy fur traveling that far in napa county, and the only slow down so far on the drive time, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 44 minutes with in problems from the tri-valley and okay on 85 in the south bay. another traffic report in less than den minutes.
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>> sounds like wasted wine to me. now, "7 on your side" and michael finney will tackle a question we have all had buying pumpture. >> the mass
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was she expecting to find ther perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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>> we have important guidelines on breast cancer that could save lives. more patients should consider radiation therapy after a space mastectomy. there is enough evidence to show that the treatment after surgery decreases the risk of breast cancer returning. experts say the rock dayses help to clarify what was a gray area. even women with small tumors and three or fewer node is can benefit from the radiation therapy. >> now, ask finney. from san jose and dana and buying a new coach. here is the answer from michael finney. >> we are look for a new coach. which is the best way, big or smaller shop? >> deal is where the deal is. sometimes it is local mom-and-pop and sometimes chains, and other times online when buying a couch, there are several important thing you need to look for including how sturdy
6:26 am
is the couch? you want it to feel solid and heavy. you want it is on the cushions. the if dense and heavy it is, the longer it will generally last. feignally, check the joints, you want joins that are doubled out and corner blocked that are glued and screwed into space. that is a lot information and you are talking about real carpentry, never choose something stapled together. that is how they make cheap furniture that will look good in the store and last in the living room 15 minutes. >> i am checking my furniture for staples. >> all my furniture is stapled together. michael finney wants do hear your consumer questions with "7 on your side" and will be in fremont today at fremont street from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you so bring your questions. you can ask the questions on social media # askfinney. >> professors in charlotte finally peaceful after days of unrest. more on the exclusive interview
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with president obama as he reagans. -- reacts. >> an accused criminal towns the tail on police and takes off in their crawser. >> breaking news on the brajolina split, telephone investigators are get -- federal investigators are getting involved. >> a comfortable day on way on this friday and the first weekend of fall is going to be a scorcher, a buff look from san jose with the
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> we have the best news of all: it is friday! welcome to september 23rd. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with jessica castro and drew tuma and alexis smith. drew? it feels like summer even though it is fall. >> we are already tired of fall. >> mother nature is have an identity crisis. in san jose, gorgeous with the sun just getting up the next couple minutes with beautiful colors in the sky with sunshine from the get go. 6:59, the big story, warmer afternoon on the way, 80s inland and 70s around the bay and 60's along the coast. so enjoy the fine friday this afternoon. that is weather, and now a check of the roads with alexis. >> it is looking prosecutesty on 80 in san jose and not so pretty
6:31 am
on 101. we got to bottom the traffic at 880 merge. we have a disabled vehicle north of here so i can show you where this is on the traffic map. this is our third trouble spot on northbound 101 in the south bay this morning, and the disabled vehicle is blocking the last center lane and there is the backup at 880 and you are slow to the 280 and 680 merge with early crashes and residual delays. >> developing news now the san mateo bridge is back open after being shut down for several hours after just a crazy police chase through hayward. >> man is if custody and at one point he stole a police car, and matt keller is in hayward this morning. >> good morning, advise for everyone, do not steal a police car. first off, it is a major crime and, second, they have ways of tracking it. they will find you. >> here is a map to help you understand where everything took
6:32 am
place. it started at 9:20 in hayward hills. the man was in a crash. he was getting help from firefighters. officers arrive and he hopped into the patrol car and took off. the cruiser was spotted by officers and ended in the westbound lane of the bridge at the toll plaza. this is video of the crash scene, he ended up hitting two vehicles with the patrol car. the innocent victims in the two victims had minor to moderate injuries. the suspect was arrested. i found out that the bridge was back open at 12:30 this morning through my news app and all you have to do is download our app and enable push notifications to get news as it happened. >> thank you. breaking overnight a driver is dead after crashing the car into a tree in oakland. police are not sure what went wrong. the crash happened on southbound highway 13 beyond redwood road
6:33 am
at 2:30. the driver was pronounced dead at scene. oakland police department are investigating. >> berkeley man shot and skilled another man with the shoot are walking to a small group of people last note at 7:30. some words changed. he pulled a gun. he fired into the group. several types. he hit and killed the victim the express fought released information on the shooter or a possible motive. >> relief in north carolina after the charlotte mayor issue add curfew that jut ended, and bomber overall. demonstrators marched for a third night, month peaceful scene as they want through the streets police watched them and they did not make them leave despite the curfew. protesters are calling for the release of the police footage showing the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. the family viewed the video and said they still have a lot ofers. the police chief admitted it doesn't clearly answer a critical question. >> the video does not give me
6:34 am
absolute defensive visual evidence that would confirm a person is pointing a gun. >> the office said he will not release the video publicly until after the investigation is over. >> president obama is weighing in on the violent protests and how to bridge the decide, an exclusive with robin roberts. >> what we have seen is the overwhelming majority of people who are concerned about police-community relations doing it is the right way and once in a while folks are doing it the wrong way. looting. breaking glass. that is not going to advance the cause. >> in charlotte the president said the hope is in the days to come the community will pull together and say how do we do it right way? the interview is this morning on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. right after abc7. >> a new database is up and running tracking any time
6:35 am
someone is killed or injured at the hands of police. it is tied to a new state law passed last area which requires law enforcement agencies to record use-of-force incidents. database officially launched yesterday and it covers everything from deadly shooting down to a broken finger. here is a look at it, named after the grizzly bear on the state flag, and the public can lack at type of information officers have to enter with a series questions you can see such as what agencies are involved, what firearms were discharged and the site shows all of the information later to be analyzed by the state justice department. >> more on the underage sex scandal affecting multiple bay area believes and today one of the oakland police officers charged will be appearing in court. officer is charged with felony obstruction of justice and engaging if prostitution with the case of jasmine abuslin who had sex with 50 or more officers in change for money, protection
6:36 am
or information. some when she was a minor. alameda prosecutors promised to charge seven officers. so for they have charged five. attorneys for abuslin have finalled a $66 million civil claim against oakland for tabling to protect children. >> the wake for rose pak is scheduled tonight found inside her chinatown apartment on sunday. it will happen between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. with the service open to the public. seat is limited. >> san francisco is kicking wells fargo out of the program that helps people would struggle with fans. wells fargo was one of 13 financial institutions taking in part in the bank on program that pairs if. low income or credit problems with banks, to open checking and savings accounts and wells fargo now is at the center of a broad scandal with emmy ease opening two million accounts without customer knowledges.
6:37 am
>> two students have confessed to placing swastikas on hateful language on the residents ham. questions were answered in a meeting yesterday inside the dining commons. >> i wanted to reassure students we are thing how we can work together to live our values and our values of social justice, our values of community. >> she said although some of us may not realize how rude it is to say or draw things like that, other people are affected. >> a couple surprising things. the university said the cases are taught related. and they are not criminal. that is because the words and images did not target a specific person. the students will be subject to a conduct process fixing anything from more education to, pulling. >> new detail on a homicide in san jose. police say they have arrested a man suspected killing another man in july. victim, eric hampton, died after
6:38 am
being stabbed on south 2nd. detective mess sandoval stabbed him on july 24. they also suspect that san volume sexual assaulted a woman before killing hampton. >> charges are filed against man accused in the east bay crime spree. on wednesday afternoon, this man crashed a car, abandoned another, and ended up in the third car drive the wrong way and on the sidewalks before he was arrested. it ended in castro valley. this one case, he still a pickup truck after trying to shoot the driver. the gun did not go off. all the nab season kicks off next month, the refer reese are cracking down on what many are calling "draymond rule." they are monitoring unnatural acts such as the kick to the groin of a thunder in game two of finals. the warriors all star was suspended in the final for a game after hitting will be will be in game four. refer reese were notified during
6:39 am
the pre-season meeting and training camp. >> your accweather forecast withdrew -- with drew tuma. ize are a big warmer than yesterday at 69 in san francisco. oakland is 74. 77 in san jose. santa rosa topping out at 82. now, sunday temperatures...soaring. we are set to wet. 80s make a comeback in the bay and if you can track the oncoming heat and the hour-by-hour forecast for any city you wish. beach forecast is popular. look at sunday, though, the heat, not immune to the coast 86 degrees, and the ocean temperature is chilly at 56. that is weather and now the traffic and alexis. >> good morning, we cannot get out of the south bay with several incidents and we are getting a little bit better on northbound we, we have residual delays from a disabled vehicle
6:40 am
so north of 880 and we hearing we had a minor collision pushed off to the shoulder beyond the 880 merge and that is after a couple of problems south of there, average the 280/680 split. a long line of red if you are coming through the south bay and the on-ramp to northbound 280 is blocked because of another crash. we have the metering lights back on at the toll plaza and the drive time shows westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 24 minutes and at the bay bridge, 16 minutes and southbound 101 san francisco to the airport is only continue minutes. we will look at mass transit coming up at 6:50. breaking news surrounding the brad pitt and angelina divorce, claims of child abuse involving pit. jessica, the f.b.i. is getting involved now? >> we can confirm the f.b.i. was brought if after child we will fair in los angeles notified
6:41 am
f.b.i. of an alleged incident involving the couple and their kids on a private jet. we have confirmed the f.b.i. was notified on monday. they now getting assessments from field agents. agents are trying to determine which child or children pay have been involved. they are trying to figure out in the alleged abuse was physical or only verbal. sources tell abc that there is no suspicious of drug use at this point. preliminary information suggests that in any violation of the law occurred the charges would be likely only misdemeanors and not felony charges. the f.b.i. is now trying to determine which leg of the flight this occurred whether it was france to minnesota or minnesota to los angeles. that is the newest here at the live desk. all the way a multi-billion dollar company hopes to change way legal marijuana plants grown. >> the bay area could be more
6:42 am
affordable? say yes, the new research sugges alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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codogs just won't quit.! neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. >> look at new dramatic and frightening video from south sacramento. a woman was rob by two men outside of her home last month a suspect runs behind her and grabs her from behind and another covers her mouth. they grand her purse and ran away. the sheriff believes it could be
6:45 am
connected to a rash of cries targeting asian women. investigator say most of the crimes have happened between 8:00 people and 2:00 a.m. >> look at this 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is on the cover of "time" magazine. this is october 3 issue fueling the debate on privilege, pride, and patriotism. the national anthem protests have sparked conversation in football circles and can cross leagues from the nfl to the n.b.a. >> warriors general manager said that the team is discussing bringing in people to educate players on the issues. one idea? to assemble a panel of sick leaders. >> in the players walked in and steve said we are not practicing today we will meet with the four people, that is more important and the players wouldingly like we will carry that with them and our players are in a unique position have a voice will it up to them how they want to use it. how they choose to use it and educating they will on using it is something we can provide or
6:46 am
help provide. >> interesting to see how the players react. the warriors will have their first preson game october 1 in toronto. >> the investigation continues into the sinking and leaning millennium tower. the evidence of issue go back six years but officials at the inspection department only opened investigation last month. a three hour hearing questioned who knew what, and when. supervisor peskin questioned in the city and developer knew six years ago why wasn't the public told? i received some information the was settling but do not recall where i got the information. >> we are all live had and wondering about our state. all the san francisco our city building officials has been...troubling. >> people would bought condos in the tower and attended said they not satisfied with what they heard in the hearing. difficulty not clarify who is do ballistic missile in the leaning and the singing. >> breaking news from the live
6:47 am
desk. all the breaking news, we have brand new know those of what sacramento mayor kevin johnson when let was attacked. you can see the scuffle. he was hit in the face with a pie at a charity even on wednesday night. you can see much more of that brawlen suing where he scuffled with the person that brought the pie to the event and you can see the man is on the ground and this person has been identified as 32-year-old thompson facing felony charges of assaulting a public official. he was actually hurt. the mayor was not. this photo of the mayor is wiping some of the pie off his face. the brawl happened at a charity event on wednesday night at a high school in sacramento. the mayor has tweeted that he is fine. that is the newest at the live desk.
6:48 am
>> don't met with sacramento mayor. if you have a yahoo account, you should change all yahoo passwords and not repeat them anywhere else. we told you of the problem yesterday morning. yahoo said hackers from another country obtained information about at least 500 million yahoo users. it is the largest known security breach in history. your e-mail dress, birthday, passwords and security questions could all be compromised. we are tracking breaking business news of the future of twitter. >> now to jane king and the nasdaq. >> good morning, twitter could be getting buyout offers. soon. according to this report, google and sales force are among those interested in buying twitter and they say there could be formal bid submitted shortly and twitter certainly is reacting, shares are up almost 20% on the news. a study said san francisco has reached peak unaffordableness.
6:49 am
this is a good thing. he said it will lead sellers and land alreadies to lower prices on housing and offer perks for rentals as they scramble over the glut of supply and record highs. facebook is launching friend to friend payments in 2015 and now they have assisted dying reminder that will remind you, you owe your friend $18 for pizza the only night and you can get questions and answers and then them out for making plans with your friends. >> a lofts interesting news. >> guardening giant scotts is the first big company to gamble on america's "budding," legal marijuana industry. it is known for miracle grow. to put it bluntly, the lawn
6:50 am
industry is not growing that fast, so that sparked an idea for the multi billion dollar company to invest in specially grown marijuana, weed grown in a battle or flow of oxygenated nutritionent enriched water. by selling products to grow bigger plans faster they can possibly get $1 billion in revenue. >> quite a few puns in that story. drew? >> summer has been again for 12 hours and today, it will be noticely warmer into the weekend. live doppler hd is showing you we have clear skies, under the clear skies a couple of chilly spots including napa and half moon bay and san ramon, so the jacket needed first thing out the door. hour by hour we go with sunshine from the start, and sun is leader at 6:2359 a.m. with the sunny skies and calm winds we warm up nicely and by 10:00,
6:51 am
comfortable with the mid-to-upper 60s. today, the highs are comfortable, oakland in the my 70s and san francisco is upper 60s and slow topping out at 77. we will jump ahead until sunday and the temperatures are going to surge and that is not a typo, oakland is going to 90 and san francisco is 85 and san jose is 93 so the second half of our weekend is going to be rather hot the seven-day forecast shows mild today, warmer today, the heat is kicking in around here on sunday and into monday especially before we start to have a gradual cool down midweek and you can check the seven-day forecast any time on the news app. alexis? >> i want to start off on track map to the south bay so a couple of different problems, northbound we still bounce back from the usually disabled vehicle, and a backup on northbound 280, the on-ramp to 280 is block because of a commission backing on to the main line. another look at the bay bridge
6:52 am
toll plaza we are hearing of a collision before you get to the toll books and i have not spotted it on the camera and a report of debris, plywood at the peteering lights in the far left lane. look out for that and mass transit note: if you take the golden gate ferry the fall winter schedule kicked in so the is 11:40 a.m. from lark purr will -- larkspur will be canceled. >> uber has a first-of-its-kind training program to help drivers and customers share the road safely with bicyclists. this is a video produced by the san francisco bicycle coalition with tip on how much space to allow between bicycles and cars and remying drivers and passengers to lack before you on the car door. >> we have seven things you need
6:53 am
to know if you go. >> we have a lot of good photos
6:54 am
>> we start withdrew. >> accweather, temperatures will subject, with numbers start out saturday, very warm, 60s on coast, 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s inland, and there we go, set to sweat back into the 80s around the bay
6:55 am
near the century mark inland. >> two, it has been a light friday morning commute and we are not complaining, southbound 101 santa rosa and petaluma at 14 minutes, westbound 580, castro valley to the maze only 14 minutes and whatever slow spots northbound 101 between the 280 and 680 submit and highway 85 in san jose recovering from early problems in the yellow at 23 minutes. three, c.h.p. now investigating the deadly solo car crash highway 13 in oakland this morning. the driver went off the road. he hit a tree. beyond redwood road. >> suspect in custody after investigator say he stole a hayward cruiser from the scene of an accident and led them on a chase he crashed near the san mateo toll plaza closing westbound traffic for two hours. >> peace of night of protests in charlotte after two nights of violence. demonstrators are call on police to release their video of shooting of keith lamont scott. the police chief will not
6:56 am
release it until the investigation is over. >> tulsa police officer is free on $50,000 bond in the shooting death an unarmed man terence crutcher. officer shelby surrendered. >> mark zuckerberg getting the green light to recommit plans to tear down and rebuild smaller versions of the four home he bought to increase the privacy. >> have a few minutes to get out your t-shirts and shorts. it will be hot.
6:57 am
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at yourmercedes-benz.s-benz dealer. the best or nothing. good morning, america. breaking overnight, more protests in charlotte. [ chanting "no justice, no peace" ] >> the family of the man killed by police speaking out about new video released. in an abc news exclusive, president obama on the anger and violence in those streets. >> every once in a while you see folks doing it the wrong way, looting, breaking glass. those things are not going to advance the cause. >> the president also sharing his advice for hillary clinton about those upcoming debates. and his message this morning for donald trump. >> 500 million accounts at yahoo! breached.


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