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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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keep calm, your internet's on. now pr abc7, live breaking news. >> the breaking news is in berkeley. witnesses tell us a mother and her teenage son were shot and wounded. i'm eric thomas. right now police are searching for who ever is responsible for the shooting. it happened before 8:30 this evening near the intersection of alcatraz avenue and king street. lonnie rivera is live at the berkeley police department with more. lonnie? >> reporter: yes, eric. we are here with berkeley police and they say the victims are expected to survive. here is a look at the scene earlier this evening. it happened about 8:30 at king street and alcatraz. neighbors tell us the victims are a mother and son. right about that time gunshots were fired and the victims were struck outside the house as well as an suv which appears to be caught in the cross fire at this time. berkeley police have not made any arrests and they say the
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mother and the son, the man and the woman struck in this gunfire, are expected to survive. that is the very latest. reporting live in berkeley, lonnie rivera, abc7 news. >> thank you. wind fuelled a fast-moving wildfire in sonoma county and here in the bay area if you were outside you probably were wishing you were in a swimming pool. the entire bay area saw summer warmth today and it could be warmer tomorrow. lisa argen is here with the temperatures. >> reporter: absolutely, eric. we have another heat advisory. day two where we will see temperatures in excess of 90 degrees. in fact, we are talking more 1 had you's. more 100's. the winds are not expected to be as gusty as we saw in the north bay communities and the upper elevations. good tips to stay hydrated. right now it is 74 in san francisco and 76 in san jose and a quick check in northern
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sonoma county where the numbers continue to drop. 70 degrees by the sawmill fire. 39% relative humidity and the wind are light, near 100 degrees here tomorrow. you don't get a break in sonoma county until tuesday. after that it will feel like fall and you will all like the seven-day outlook. that's coming up. eric? >> eric: excessive heat and low humidity could make it difficult for those battling the saw mill fire. thanks to gusty winds the fire spread quickly. 1500-acres burned so far. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in sonoma county with the story. lilian? >> reporter: eric, this is one of the road closures in the cloverdale area and several miles up the road is where firefighters are working on containing this fire which at this point is 10% contained.
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>> reporter: earlier when the temperatures were soaring and the winds were gusting the flames spread quickly. authorities evacuated dozens of homes and closed several roads to the public. >> we are following gps and going to the russian river and they have the road blocked the same as the fire. >> reporter: the fire started before 11:00 a.m. about 10 miles east of cloverdale in sonoma county. the area is under a red flag warning which continues until monday. a nerve-wracking situation as they suffered tragic losses from the wildfires the past couple years. >> they had a dream last night that the house burned down. i have been around with the valley fire and the clayton fire and it is scary when you see it at your backdoor. >> in this case the crews say they were able to gain the upper hand quickly. aggressive air attacks slowed down the fire's path as well as help from mother nature.
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>> it was really gusty and it seems to have calmed down a little bit. we are not out of the woods with how dry it is and the past five years of drought conditions, it is really dry out there. >> reporter: which is why firefighters are trying to make as much progress as they can before the sun comes up. lilian kim, abc7 news. san francisco police are looking for five people in a van who verbally and physically assaulted two men visiting from new york. it happened right in the shadow of a police station. abc7 news president arer -- news reporter lonnie raw vary raw has the story. >> it draws locals and tourists sell brighting being bold and different. they made the trip from new york, but it is what happened the night before that is still unsettling. >> when i walked out there was a van that pulled up and started yelling at him. i was like, leave us alone. >> as i am waiting outside i started getting verbally assaulted. being called every name you can with a negative
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connotation. >> the guys came to this mcdonalds in this western edition neighborhood for a bite to eat and that's when they say the name calling started and then it turned into pepper spraying. all of it taking place across the street from the police station. these new yorkers never expected to be hate crime victims in a city known for tolerance and acceptance. >> they are like, do you not understand we have values here? we have family values here. we have children here and you don't belong here. >> the five guys in a mini-van were yelling homophobic slurs. >> the one guy comes up to knee and i thought he was going to take a swing, but he started spraying me with a can of mace. then two other guys come out of the car and one goes after him. >> reporter: officers from the northern station responded, but the suspects drove off. now detectives are reviewing surveillance footage. they are determined to not let it ruin their trip or change their love for san francisco. >> the city has character.
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>> if convicted they face assault charges with a hate crime enhancement that could result in a state prison sentence. abc7 news. >> now to developing news in san francisco, 24th street is closed at paw potrero avenue after a police officer hit a man with a squad car. this happened around 8:00 tonight. *9 28-year-old went to the hospital and is expected to recover. police are investigating who is at fault. the man who brought the game of golf to the masses. arnold palmer has died. the seven-time major winner was one of the most beloved figures in the game. his charisma and hard-charging style is accused of bringing them to a blue collar audience. the king, his nickname, won 92 tournaments overall. he was awarded the congressional medal. he was 87 years old.
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the sports world is mourning the loss of a rising baseball star who died in a boating accident in florida overnight. people me marlins pitcher jose fernandez was one of three people who died when the boat they were on crashed into a rocky jetty at the entrance to the harbor. he defected when he was 15. he was drafted in 2011 and was the national league rookie of the year in 2013. a quick response by the alameda county firefighters kept this outside fire from burning a san lorenzo liquor store this afternoon. it happened at the corner and the fire department says a fire engulfed a tree and a parked pick up truck. the flames singed the facade. but they doused the water on to the flames before they did anymore damage and no one was hurt. a column of black smoke could be seen for miles when an aviation truck caught fire around lunchtime. it started in the truck's
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engine compartment and then spread to the cab. a quick response from firefighters kept it from reaching the fuel tank. it did not affect flights as it broke out along a service road that is along the airport perimeter and nobody was hurt. still ahead, it is being called the super bowl of politics. >> this is high stakes reality tv. it is maybe the biggest stakes we have ever seen. >> it is cram time tonight for donald trump and hillary clinton. how they spent their final day before the first presidential debate. and a samsung tablet causes a flight emergency. stay with us. abc news
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>> eric: on the eve of the first presidential debates it has already started. mary bruce has the story from washington tonight. >> the stage is set and the expectation game is in full swing on the campaign trail. >> what we are concerned about is that there may be some sort of double standard here. >> i really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to be these virtual fact checkers. >> the campaigns are trying to set bar on what will likely be the most watched political showdown in american history. their first debate being compared to the super bowl and the race couldn't be tighter. a new poll shows clinton holding at 46%. donald trump is just two points behind. but still within the margin of error. the clinton camp hammering that trump need to be called out on lies. >> all that we are asking is
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if donald trump lies it is pointed out. >> trump says he expects the moderators to be harder on him, the most powerful congressman hopes trump is doing his homework. >> hillary clinton has been doing this her whole life. i think he should obviously over prepare for it. >> the psychological warfare has already started. first they invited trump's nemesis, mark cuban. the republican nominee responded by saying, perhaps i will put jennifer flowers right alongside of him. flowers, the woman who had an affair with bill clinton decades ago reportedly said, yes, i'll be there. >> why did he send out that tweet? >> he wants to remind people that he is a great counter puncher. she has not been invited by the campaign. >> reporter: while both are preparing behind closed doors, both had meetings with benjamin netanyahu. >> get ready. get ready.
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>> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> we spoke with the abc7 news political analyst and political correspondent. she said the stakes couldn't be higher for hillary clinton and donald trump tomorrow night. >> this is high stakes reality tv. this time the spotlight is on him for 90 minutes with her. he has to hold his on on complicated issues. this is not something you cram for in a night. you've got to know this stuff and we will see if he knows it and if she can communicate it in a way that american voters will feel is sympathetic. >> and you can watch tomorrow's first presidential debate here on abc7. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by dancing with the stars at 8:00 and then a special edition of abc7 news at 9:00 and jeopardy and wheel at 10:00 and 10:30 and then followed by abc7 news at 11:00.
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>> the f.a.a. is looking into a new incident that forced a plane to make an emergency landing. a delta flight left detroit on its way to amsterdam and was diverted to manchester, england. a tablet fell inside a seat and ban to smoke. it is not part of the recall of samsung phones that catch fire. nobody was hurt. police joined efforts to bring comfort to military members serving overseas. the san jose giants hosted an operation care and comfort packaging event. they are filled with little things we have to take for granted. that means everything to the servicemen and service women who receive them. a ship built to honor was dropped in oakland. it docked in the bay area for a brief stay. the ship was launched in 1988 as a cargo vessel between the
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hawaiian islands. it was modeled after a ship normally seen in the 1850's. now it is a floating classroom teaching children everywhere that it goes about sailing. >> we take schoolkids out as a living history classroom. we get them out of the classroom and on the boat. they set the sails and we haul the lines and we teach them about pacific northwest trade history. >> the next stop is antioch on tuesday. >> tomorrow is one of the rare times when the beach is the place to be in san francisco. abc7 news was at chris see field. a lot of people were out enjoying the warm september weather. now your accu-weather forecast with lisa argen jievment we are not going to see a big dramatic shift in oir weather. in fact, we will see warming. you will notice there is no fog on this picture at all. that is the key to one of the elements that is keeping us so warm. the other is a big dome of high pressure. the winds will not be as
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gusty. we had the red flag warning drop at 6:00 and wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour in the higher portions of napa and sonoma. at least we have the lighter winds. 72 degrees at 11:00 in san francisco. how often does that happen? 68 in oakland. we have low 70s in mountain view and 76 in san jose. gilroy is cool to 66. half moon bay is 59 degrees. another warm day at the coast tomorrow. the golden gate bridge, no fog. 60s in santa rosa and napa, novato. concord and livermore hanging on to the low 70s. we are getting a little cooling where oakland, the airport 94. tied a record in san jose and 96 in mountain view. beat the old record of 91 and sfo was at 9 230ur. 94. look at these upper 90s. close to 100 again tomorrow. little change north bay peninsula and south bay. it is inland.
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i think you will see an additional five degrees of warming tomorrow. the heat peaks tomorrow as the dome of high pressure slides to the east. we will get a weak, weak sea breeze. i think san francisco and parts of the peninsula will be a couple degrees cooler. but much, much cooler by the middle of the week. it will take several days in fact several hours to get to these readings here before sun rye. it happens at 7:01. low 50s in the north bay. a mild night. as we track the fog hour by hour it is not here. monday into tuesday it is offshore. this is what will cool us off into tuesday. take a look at these highs. this is where we were today. for some of you it was even warmer. low to mid-nineties again and how about 97 in mountain view. average highs did you forget 77 in mountain view. we'll look for san francisco
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again in the upper 80s. 80 at the beaches. south san francisco in the 90s could be a record. 100 in cloverdale. another scorcher. at least we won't have the gusty wind. we will look for the slight wind shift and back to an on shore component. you head inland and share about that, one more day. policepleasanton at 101. we are looking at temperatures exceeding that by vacaville. here is tuesday. there is a little relief and then look at wednesday and thursday. we're getting back to normal and in fact below average. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we have the scorching heat again and a heat advisory throughout the day tomorrow. then the cooling begins and we will be partly cloudy by thursday. the last day of september is friday. october at this point will bring us cooler air. things are changing all the time. >> thank you. >> eric: we have breaking news out of japan where two strong earthquakes rattled opposite
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ends of the country almost simultaneously. the first was a 5.5 magnitude on the northernmost island and the second was a 5.7 on oak okinawa in the south. so far no reports of damage or injuries and there is no fear of a tsunami from either earthquake. download our app to get push alerts on breaking news stories. >> eric: after flooding in iowa this weekend, a happy ending for a trapped baby deer. see the good samaritan who jumped to rescue the trapped
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a baby deer is safe and sound after being trapped in a high river in iowa. terrence schatz posted it hoping someone would help. then a good samaritan jumped in and was able to get the calf out of the water. she did note that it is not safe to get into the
11:25 pm
floodwaters, but this story at least has a happy ending. we saw some people running like deer on the field. >> we did do that. the seahawks have the 49ers' number. more starbucks, please. details to come. the defense finally stood up and as a result held off the titans in tennessee. the tale
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before it's final check out. "trick or treat." abc7 sports is brought toy by riverwalk casino. >> i was thinking maybe the raiders could schedule all their games on the road. they are 2-0 facing the titans in tennessee and the defense finally tightened up. first quarter and murray caps off a 60-yard drive with a
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22-yard touchdown run. he only had 37-yard on 10 carries. 40 seconds left in the half. he is out of tallahassee. 19-yard touchdown. raiders up 17-3 at the half. the defense was better, but not perfect. still allowed 393 yards, but had three turnovers picking off mariota two times. 16 seconds left and titans with a chance to tie at the 12-yard line and mariota's pass falls in complete on fourth down and raiders hang on for a 17-10 victory and are now 2-1. >> you are always concerned about things don't go the you would have loved. we did enough to earn a tough victory on the road. >> i hold us to a higher standard than that. i expect more. but we did enough to win.
11:30 pm
it is a good feeling to feel good about, but it is good that this happened and we got the win. >> the 49ers haven't won in seattle since 2011. the seahawks combined for 15 combined points in the first two games had 14 in the first quarter. he is gone. 41 yards and two td's and 106 yards rushing. russell wilson threw for 243 yards and a touchdown. 18 yards to jimmy graham. 24-3 seattle at the half. gabbert averaged 4.8 yards per throw. a terrible display of offense. 254 yards and most of that in garbage time. wilson left with injured left knee and in his place, 16-yard touchdown. doug bald win had 164 receiving yards. despite two late touchdowns and 102 yards rushing the seahawks win it 37-18 and 9ers
11:31 pm
are 1-2. >> there are ups and downs. we have to start faster and convert on third downs. at the end of the day wins and losses matter. we got the loss today and it is a tough pill to swallow. we have another chance to go against these guys later in the year and we have a big game coming up this week. >> we have to clean up the mistakes and can't start from such a hole. the first rule of the hole is when you find yourself in it, stop digging. we have to coach this group and put ourselves in a situation where it is a competitive ballgame and we have a chance to compete. >> this abc7 sport report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we'll tour around the nfl with the plays of the day and check on the giants playoff run and tee it up later in the newscast. the stage is set for tomorrow's presidential debate. one big difference on the debate stage that could separate donald trump and hillary clinton. and the new california law that gives you permission to break into a law under the right circumstances.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, tomorrow is expected to be a tough day for firefighters at the sawmill fire in sonoma county east of cloverdale. dozens of people have been evacuated and the fire started this morning and grew to 1500-acres today. crews were most concerned about the hot and windy weather spreading the flames on the west and north end of the fire. it is just 10% contained. >> eric: police in san francisco are looking for five men accused of homophobic
11:36 pm
slurs and pepper spraying two tourists. the suspects drove off in a mini-van and could be charged with a hate crime. >> eric: one of the most beloved figures in the game of golf has died. arnold palmer is credited with taking the game out of the country club and bringing it to the people. abc news reporter lyndsay davis looks back at his life and legacy. >> reporter: in the golf world he is known seem -- simply as "the king." the place in golf in modern professional sports owes everything to arnold palmer. in the 1950s when golf was largely a country club sport, palmer became the people's golfer. >> arnold palmer is the master. >> reporter: the son of a greens keeper from pennsylvania he blended a working class background, dashing good looks and a go for broke style. his famous flamboyant swing delighted crowd and made him the number one star as the sport moved into the television era. his come from behind victories are legends. he added the word charge to
11:37 pm
the sports vocabulary. he charged from seven strokes back for the win. >> the 1960 u.s. open belongs to arnold palmer. >> reporter: the thousands that followed him on the course and on television were known as "arnie's army" and they never deserted him right up to the end. he was an expert pilot, brilliant businessman and a pitch man for scores of products and causes. palmer also leaves behind a legacy of charitable work almost as long as his golf victories. in almost 50 years he won 92 tournaments overall and seven major championships. >> when you walk up the 18 and you get an ovation like that, i guess that says it all. >> reporter: and now in his passing his influence lives on when ever and wherever a member of arnie's army tees off. lyndsay davis, abc news. >> the man accused of killing five people on friday night in
11:38 pm
a washington state macy's store will be arraigned tomorrow. the 20-year-old faces five counts of first degree murder. the investigators in burlington and washington are still trying to determine why satine went on the shooting rampage. he was arrested near his home. an official says there is no immediate link to terrorism. >> eric: millions of americans will be watching tomorrow night and many have seen a preview of what may be in store. this year's democratic and republican debate are putting the spotlight on hillary clinton and donald trump at their best and worst. abc news reporter mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: tonight the candidate are fine-tuning plans of attack. >> this guy will say anything. >> reporter: clinton may try to get trump to lose his cool and raise questions about his temperament. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: clinton is dealing with a major x-factor. which trump will show up? >> look at those hands.
11:39 pm
are they small hands? >> reporter: will he be crass or controlled. >> the guns don't pull the trigger. the people pull the trigger and we have to find out what is going on. >> the job of hillary clinton will be tough if he shows up and does the i'm not crazy tour. >> reporter: for weeks trump has tried to put clinton on defense. >> i did exactly what i should have done and i take it very seriously, always have, always will. >> reporter: the challenge for her showcasing her experience and some personality. >> which enemy are you most proud of? >> in addition to the nra, the health insurance p ks, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> reporter: both candidates are hoping to avoid being their own wor enemy. those infamous blunder debates. to george w. bush's and his untimely time check.
11:40 pm
>> wabc radio reporter tweeted this picture of the two candidate podiums. you can seat one on the right is larger than the one on the left. clinton requested a step stool to make up for being 10 inches shorter than trump, but they denied her request saying the campaigns were allowed to build their own podiums. you can watch tomorrow's first presidential debate here on abc7. the coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by dancing with the stars at 8:00 and a special edition of abc7 news at 9:00 and jeep fro de -- jeopardy and wheel at 10 and 10:30 and then of course abc7 news at 11:00. an alert for students at uc berkeley following reports of a man groping women on campus. a witness says the suspect was in an electric wheelchair. police continue to search for him. he is accused of inappropriate touching a woman at the martin luther king junior building. he is a white male with curly brown hair. a man of the same description is accused of touching other
11:41 pm
women on campus. none of the other victims have come forward to police. >> eric: a new law says if you see a pet trapped in a car on a hot day you can break the window. but this apply if you tried calling 9-1-1 and animal can troll and can't find another way in. even with a window cracked it can be 10 to 30 degrees hotter. >> they don't realize how much suffering they can do in a closed situation. >> the animals are panting and their tongues are dripping and you can't find the owners. it is one of my pet peeves. >> it applies when the weather is too cold also. >> eric: abc7 news was at star king open space in potrero hill where dog owner can now compost their friend's dirty work. the bags are made by a san leandro company and the goal is to make an estimated 32 million pounds of waste per
11:42 pm
year from going to the landfill. >> currently dog parks are collecting dog waste. the guy has to come and get the can and take it to the landfill. instead of going to the landfill we are taking it to the compost. >> it is turned into topsoil and the program has been successful in europe for 20 years. >> abc7 news was in san francisco for muni's annual heritage weekend. it is from the agency's storied past. muni offered free rides from the collection including this 1950 vintage trolley coach. the nonprofit market street railway worked with muni to organize the celebration. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, farewell to ben. a look at one of the greatest runs in sports history. for seven decades he dominated the air waves and tonight he is saying goodbye. >> hot and dry weather continues for your monday
11:43 pm
several records will be shattered. as you look outside it is pretty out there. the temperatures are still warm in the 70s. some of them are dropping through the 60s and it will be a cool and comfortable night. wait until you see
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
now your accu-weather forecast with lisa argen. >> 74 today and half moon bay is 99 at the napa airport, gilroy and hollister. tomorrow we are going to see even hotter weather with
11:46 pm
increased fire danger due to the extremely dry conditions. do take care to drink a lot of water and leave a crack in the windows and don't leave the kids and the pets in the car there. it is dangerous tomorrow as we look at highs in the upper 90s. we tied a record in san jose. one more day and the average high is 79. then we will drop off about 6 degrees. this is oakland. how about 90 tomorrow? could sty a record or tie a record here and 60s for the rest of the week. we have plenty of triple digits from concord to fair field. antioch and livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the heat alert tomorrow with a weak sea breeze late in the day and then it is a trickle of marine air across the bay on tuesday. the cooling continues and we can't wait to get to it by the end of september and into october. we will feel more fall-like. >> eric: let's keep our fingers crossed for those
11:47 pm
firefighters tomorrow when it gets really hot. it has been one of the greatest runs in sports history. one man has dominated the air waves and tonight he hit it out of the park one more time. vein skullly called his last game at dodger stadium. david wright has the story. >> reporter: this weekend they rolled out the blue carpet at dodger stadium. >> awe, come on, it is just me. >> reporter: the end of an era that lasted 67 years. >> hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you. i thought i would get that out of the way right away. >> reporter: vin skullly has called them as he has seen them since 1950. >> there is the pitch and swung on and missed and the perfect game. >> reporter: from sandy cafax and jackie robinson and breaking babe ruth's record for the opposing team.
11:48 pm
>> what a marvelous moment for baseball. >> what did that moment mean? >> to me i try to call the play as accurately and quickly as possible and then shut up and let the crowd roar. there is nothing better. >> reporter: fans watched with him even when they are there at the ballpark watching the game. >> thank you for painting a picture for us and for our families. >> reporter: for dodger fans vin skullly was the soundtrack of summer. >> we will miss you, my friend. we will miss you in our radio and in our cars and in our backyard. >> reporter: an endless summer finally finished. david wright, abc news, new york. >> skullly said he will not call the post season on the radio. one week from tonight skullly will call a baseball game for the final time right here in san francisco when the giants close out the season. that game could mean quite a lot for the home team.
11:49 pm
were you saying 67 years? >> what a career. we have been in our business for almost 30 years, but 67 years. he was 21 when he got his first job. >> he left a legacy. the giants have six games left. they need to win most of those to make it into the post season. they took it on the chin again today in san diego with a one-run loss and pushing them back in the wild card hunt. details and updates comin
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abc7 sports is brought to you lie riverwalk casino. >> the giants are clinging to a post season birth. johnny cueto missed his start with a groin injury. before the game padres' starter clayton richard drew jose fernandez's number in honor of the marlins pitcher who passed away. two-run double and 3-1 giants lead. former a, adam rosales, homerun and solo shot made it 3-2g-men. in the seventh it is tied at three and will myers with an r.b.i single down the line and the padres win it 4-3 your final. here are your current wild card standings. the mets have a lead for the top spot. but the g-men are a half a game ahead of the cardinals
11:53 pm
with six games left. you saw it after 67 years vin skullly called his last home game at dodger stadium against the rockies where the dodgers clinched the division. getting a salute from the fan, umpires and even players. this game was special because all l.a. needed to do is win the game and they clinch the national league west. >> 0-1 to charlie swung on a high flyball. can you believe a homerun? the dodgers have clinched the division and will celebrate on schedule. >> the walkoff winner and it was his first homerun. the dodgers are headed to the post season. 4-3 the final. vin skullly as broadcasting career ends at home. oakland came in losing eight straight at home, but ebbing plodded for seven runs in the
11:54 pm
second. the lone hit of the day and the bases loaded and everybody scores 5-0. the next batter, the rookie came in midseason. the a's go on to win it 7-1. they finished with a 34-47 record at the coliseum. >> a lot of people had a deep exhale as we walked out of here and gave the fans one more positive note to leave on and more victories next year. >> we still have seven games left. these guys want to finish strong. it was nice all the way around. >> and now the raiders can play a football game without an infield. week three in the nfl and this is where the teams started to show who they really are and we show you our plays of the day. the defending champion denver broncos are 3-0 thanks to trevor simeon. four td passes over the bengals. another rookie quarterback has his team off to a 3-0 start.
11:55 pm
carson wentz went second no jarod goff. he threw for two td's in a 34-3 route of the steelers. the arizona cardinals were expected to win the nfc west, but they are in trouble. it was a disastrous performance. bad snap lead to a 53-yard aaron williams fumble return. cam newton sacked eight times by the vikings. that's despite a back up quarterback. aaron rodgers completed 15 passes. two were to major de fell son. packers win it. jets quarterback ryan fitzpatrick threw six interceptions and the jets had eight turnovers and they fall 24-3. finally the colts get their first win of the year defeating the chargers. a minute to play and luck to ty hilton. 63-yard touchdown and those are your plays of the day. lsu fired their head coach, les miles, just four games into his 12th season.
11:56 pm
the tigers were 114-34 overall and won a national championship in 2007 under miles. they fell to 2-2 following their loss last night to auburn. lsu fired coordinator cam cameron and named ed orgeron, the interim head coach. he was the interim head coach for usc. final round of the tour championship. rory mcilroy needed it to win the cup. eagle and six understand on the day. 12 under on the tournament and advance together playoffs with ryan moore who sunk a long par putt on the fourth playoff hole. rory got that for the win. 10million for the cup and a million for the win. >> the golf i needed to produce to win it ranks up there to shoot 66 and 64 on the weekend to win the tour championship and ultimately win the fed ex cup, it was some of my best performances
11:57 pm
regardless of tournament. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. watching that makes me think of a young arnold palmer who did like they said, brought golf to the masses and he will be missed. there was nobody like the king. >> he had that magnetism. people followed him on the course. he was something else. >> thanks, shu. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great evening and a better morning. see you. - in 2013, i was working three jobs bartending, sharing a ten by ten room, struggling. i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy.
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the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life.
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