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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for. >> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning to you. it is thursday, september 29 the i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and alexis watching the roads. >> fog was a big issue yesterday for our friends in the north bay but the marine layer thickened lifting the height of the clouds. right now look at this, no fog to con continues with. if you drive in the higher elevations you will run into the cloud cover. we will look at what is going on as far as your forecast. we will start by looking at the roof camera and the roof camera
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will show you the i woulds are blowing off to the east again. temperatures are 57 to 79, 5- to 10-degrees cooler than year. the wind are over loma fire and will be worst next couple of days. alexis? >> off to a quiet start. san mateo bridge westbound side is light with no major delays. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes and westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13 is only nine. we are only slow westbound 580 tracy to dublin in the yellow at 37 minutes. i will see you again at 5:10. >> loma fire evacuees in santa cruz fire are allowed back into their homes this morning. >> evacuations were lifted yesterday for homeowners on that end and they are still in place for residents in santa clara county. the loma fire has blackened more than 2,800 acres so far with containment at 22%.
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full containment is expected on monday. as you can see residents are expressing their thanks to firefighters. >> i was driving off, they dumped a big think on my truck and i cannot see out of it. that is what you get for staying when they evacuate you. they are taking care of pets and you cannot ask for more. >> this morning 300 homes are still threatened. more than a thousand firefighters from across the state are battling the flames. >> look at this, time lands video of the loma fire posted on youtube by adrienne saying it looks like a volcano erupted. >> dungeness crash fishermen are hopeful after the dangerous toxin last year. >> good morning, we have a
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fishing boat out here at the santa cruz harbor but we do not have the stacks and stacks of crab pots normally here. but everyone is thinking about crab season and hopeful they can give you all of the dungness crab you could possibly want to eat for the holiday. last season, what a nightmare. normally crab season started in november or december but high levels of toxin delayed it until may. the california department of public health is getting an early start on safety tests and they have collected samples from crescent city to monterey. crabs from four of six regions have tested positive but it is not uncommon. the results are normal for this time of year and they hopeful it is the usual path to a healthy crab season and happy holiday season for crab lovers. in all tests are clear the
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season will start november 5 for amateur fisher men and women out there and on november 15th for the cheryl fishermen. >> hoping for a better season. >> over to the live desk and jessica. >> police releasing video of a woman being kidnapped in broad day light the what is this video, jessica? >> it is incredible. los angeles police arrested this guy. the good news is he is off the streets. take a look, a woman is being kidnapped in broad daylight out of a convenience store and this helped police track down 24-year-old jose karlo, grabbing the clerk, took her out of the store, dragging her interest this red car, and he took her to a cemetery in north hollywood and she escaped. three was arrested yesterday after a car chase and crash. here is a look at that.
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he was stalking the victim for quite some time trying to find out where she lived, refusing "no," about a relationship and reportedly threatening her family. the story and the video is brand new in the live desk. >> crazy. >> happening today a man for peace after a series of shootings in berkeley. police chief greenwood and residents are walking through the berkeley neighborhoods and want to alert leaders, media and criminals, children are everywhere and violence will not be tolerated. berkeley reports 23 shootings in the city this year and everyone is meeting in the parking lot at 5 o'clock p.m. >> there will no longer be a statute of limitation for rape cases in california. the governor brown signed a bill eliminating the ten career limit to file rape charges in affect next year, the emotional stories
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of women would say they were sexually assaulted more than a decade ago by bill cosby prompted this measure. the law is not retroactive and it will only help women going forward. >> another piece of legislation aimed at preventing sexual assaults still has not been signed by the governor. that bill inspired by brock turner guarantees three areas of prison time for convicted offenders. the current law ahows for a lesser sentence in the victim was unconscious. you may remember he was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the governor has until the end of the month to sign the bill. >> assistant professor accused of sexually harassing three students is fighting back. he has not only filed defamation lawsuits but has file harassment claim against the school. he said the school retaliated against him. he is on paid leave. >> slow down on the streets of
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san francisco. happening today, transportation officials will announce the launch of a new anti-speeding enforcement initiative starting next week police will hand out tickets to speeds in areas determined to be the most unsafe in the city. traffic enforcement will surge by 132 hours a week. it is latest phase in the vision zero campaign to eliminate all traffic deaths. >> north bay lawmaker is asking the national park service to 23 the rules to allow for more off leash dog areas in marin. the national parks officials are crafting a new dog leash policy that could go into affect at the golden gate recreational area. the marin i.g. reports a congressman is asking officials to consider keeping your beach off leash dog area allowing dogs to room -- roam free would not
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damage the habitat. >> eight bay area schools had high tests on national tests hillcrest elementary in and thornhill elementary, lafayette elementary, san franciscowood and san rafael elementary, and santa rosa charter while win the honors. the schools among 29 wins in the state and 329 winners across the country. >> now, the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about the loma fire and what will happen. we are feeling the cooler temperatures and humidity increase. it is the dry cold front that will come in tonight through tomorrow and it will kick you the winds and shift them. they are going to push them in the lower levels from the west to the south but above 5,000' coming from the southwest so the flames are going to start heading to the southeast but the smoke is going to head to the northeast right into the santa clara valley. temperatures on the peninsula, pacifica is 52.
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the rest us in the mid-to-upper 50s. the same every year but los gatos is 54. and oakland is 59. from the exploritorium camera at pier 15 on the water today do not forget we have, again, the small craft advisory starting at 1:00. cheap are air for exercising. walking the dog the humidity is up around here, and the d the driest day this weekend, when is the last time we said that, saturday. we will look at the wet weather on sunday next. alexis? >> we are looking near through the toll plaza and expecting metering lights on at 5:30. a new issue in around lake merritt at lake shore avenue we have some type of a hazard but they did not say
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in it is disabled vehicle or debris but c.h.p. has a crew on the way to the scene. we have more road closures in affect for loma fire and i will talk about that next. >> coming up, the new tactic police in a bay area county are using to fight ought toy theft. >> taking a big step to compete with the mega res
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know better sleep. >> investigators are trying to
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figure identity a motive for the shooting in a south carolina elementary school. a teach december chide are out of the hospital. the six-year-old is in critical condition. investigators in townville, west of columbia, the capital, say the shooter is a 14-year-old who killed his father at home before going to the school and opening fire. the boy now is in custody. >> the body of former israeli leader shimon peres is now lying in state in israel's parliament. the israel leaders including prime minister netanyahu paid respects yesterday. the 93-year-old died on tuesday after suffering a stroke two weeks ago. the white house confirmed that president obama will attend his funeral tomorrow. bill clinton will also be there. >> today in the first look amanda knox is trying to set the record straight in a you it documentary. it kept her in italian prison for four years. here are the details. >> did you kill meredith? >> in the first look, a new
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crime documentary hitting on the murder case that captivated the world, 20 continue -- the 2010 killing of amanda knox's roommate. >> i am either a psycho path or i am you. >> interviews including her former boyfriend and one time co-defendant. >> i only knew her five days. >> shed light on the trial. she and her boyfriend were convicted, freed, and convicted again, only to be found innocent in 2015 by italy's highest court. >> in i'm innocent it means everyone is vulnerable. that is everyone's nightmare. >> at 7:00 a.m., she sits down with robin roberts in times square with your first look. that should be interesting. there is a task force on the east bay focused on stopping auto thefts calling themselves alameda regional auto theft task
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force with the goal to reduce thousands of stolen cars in oakland and surrounding cities each year. we were getting a look at recovered rot from an auto thief who police say specializes in g.m. cars. >> law enforcement has recovered 300 scripted camaros alone in oakland area miss their engines and transmission stolen and found missing their engine. >> this convicted felon, albert murray, was responsible for all of thefts. >> five north korean defectors are in san francisco with a message of hope and change. they hope to find help for their mission to bring change to the world's most isolated nation. we were at union square restaurant as they talk about using weather balloons to launch computer drives loaded with d shows and movies into north korea. a detector remembers picking up a television broadcast from china and it changed her thing. >> i had to block the windows
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with blankets to prevent the light. i wanted the secret tv. >> the delegate hear to draw attention to the abuse of north korean women who escape. >> there is fore that the costs of tokyo olympics could push $30 billion. tokyo's newly elected governor put together a panel that said the ballooning price tag reflects an absence of leadership and now trying to find ways to cut costs. to date, only two olympics have cost more than $30 billion, beijing cost $4 billion, and sochi cost $50 billion in 2012 how much video gaming is too much for your kids? a study shows the procedures and pros and cons it could improve academic performance and reaction time but it can be levered to social and behavioral problems. the bottom line? researchers say that playing more than nine hours a week may not be recommended for children
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between seven and 11. >> i can believe that. >> but you should watch nine hours of abc7 news. >> watching the next minute and 15 seconds it will be cooler, breezy the next few days and light showers are possible on sunday. look what happened overnight, the cloud deck thickened and it spread to all of our neighborhoods and that means significant cooling inland east bay and upper 70s to low 80s. this is the last day we will see thity for a while, mid-50 or mid-60s to low 70s around the bay, and upper 50s to mid-60s from the coast into san francisco. at the game tonight, we will try thursday evening game, still a game up on card falls at 58 to 56. tonight running in the low-to-mid 50s in many areas with more cloud cover. storm impact scale is back is we have a chance of rain. we rock our storms from "1"
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light to "5" severe and this is light with slippery roads and less than .0 5" of rain and a slight chance of thunder from mid-morning to mid-to-late afternoon especially cross the north bay and you can see it pulls away by sunday evening. my seven-day forecast shows when that passes a slow warming trend we get our temperatures back to average tuesday and wednesday. how is the commute? >> quiet so far. i don't think anyone is complaining at this point. a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge on the richmond side so, for the drivers heading westbound, no problems getting through the toll plaza. we do still have the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains and it is still just local road closures, no impact there for highway 17, 101 or figure like that. summit road between southern california and san jose and pole line and mount bache is open but only for residents. uvas is closed and mount dome that is close asked pole line
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road and same as yesterday, croy road is open at uvas but only to residents. >> until now, graton resort is all about gambling but new a new hotel and spa is opening with 200 rooms. a standard room is on square feet running $399 a night midweek and $499 on the weekends and there will be luxury suites. >> you can enjoy entertanment, game, tour the wine country, and now enjoy a spa and so forth in first-class facilities. >> it is pricey. there is opposition, a pastor thing it could increase crime and undesirable activities. officials say security officers and police will keep an eye out to make sure that does not happen. >> a you it law signed by governor brown could ease the housing crisis senate bill 1069 make, it ease are and less
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expensive to build so-called inlaw or granny units, when someone converts part of the home to an apartment and rents it out. the move is expected to create more affordable housing. by one estimate in only 10% of the homeowners create inlaw units that would add 150,000 units starting in january. >> next seven things you need to know as you start your day. asacramento steps into the debate over transgender rights and what sports fans will see when the city's new arena opens. >> birthday surprise, the unusual reaction from a man who got a pair of shoes as a
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the things that i consume a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it'll be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ♪ >> san francisco police is released this sketch of a man they say is a person person in the shooting death of a young man who was playing pokemon go at a park. they released this image of a
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car three was seen riding in at time of the august murder. two, fires hope to gain more ground on containing the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. flames have scorched 2,800 acres. the fire is 22% contained. full containment is expected monday. the f.b.i. is taking steps to protect integrity of the upcoming presidential election in november. they have uncovered attempted hacks on voter registration sites in a dozen states. >> four, president obama is real estating to congress overriding his veto of the 9/11 lawsuits bill. a statement from the white house said that the president saw it coming but it still stung. he also called the everreside a "mistake." >> time to change the wardrobe. fall is back in the forecast. compared to average, flee -- three to eight degrees below and dead is not the coolest or wettest. >> off to a quiet start on the
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roads with no blocking issues. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 46 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard south is okay at 17. and northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino is in green at 16 minutes. >> this is for you and all of the coffee lovers, today is your day, it is "national coffee day." this is our number when, krispy kreme is giving away coffee and free grazed doughnut. >> our stage manager points out that today, national coffee day follows yesterday, national drinking beer day and i call that a solid schedule. >> the sacramento king's newest arena is the first in the entire world to offer transgender friendly restrooms, saying the 23 bathrooms have been labeled all gender and the owners say it is about accommodate all of the
5:25 am
fans, pulling the all star team from charlotte after the lawmakers passed the bathroom law striking down members protecting gay and lesbian and transgender. >> a man in canada react like a kid to a surprise. he just received a gift of new sneakers from his daughter. >> whoa! get out of town. what? >> i love that. something sweet about this. for years he wanted his own pair of light up shoes and his daughter thought they only made for children and i thought that. nikes light up? this viral video is reviewed more than a million times. >> get out of town! >> i wanted those, too. >> >> moms are always there and a mother squall -- mother koala is
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this is a norm in south australia, a bit of think about it, the mother jumps to the fence to rescue her cub carrying him away and she...there you go, baby joey. so sweet. >> cute. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the heads of san francisco-based wells fargo headed back to capitol hill and questions he will be asked. >> arson investigation now along the popular east bay trail and what official, review about a string of fires and how you can track the suspect. >> a in the live desk we have images from israel where they are ready for the former prime minister shimon peres and i will have a look for you when we return. >> something that could make i feel safer when taking uber and lyft with changes for drivers.
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>> good morning, sole bay, let's get going. >> good morning on this thursday, friday eve, september 29. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter, alexis smith. it is light out there. >> yes, knock on wood. so we are not blamed for jinxing it. mike is questioning that. >> bay bridge toll plaza is filling in. we have not gotten official word that the metering lights are on but i will keep my eye on that. a new problem in the pinole area westbound 80 beyond pinole valley road beyond highway 4 we have reports of a collision in lane number two.
5:30 am
so crews arriving on the scene with more on that in a few minutes. now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco and we still have the loma fire going. how are the conditions? >> they are probably the best they will be. let me show you why and what is going on, we have the lowest temperatures we have, 64 on the mount detain account humidity is climbing from 91% to 35% but temperatures are continuing to tumble. tey will come at a rice and the rice is fast winds. this afternoon and through saturday morning. they will be blowing from the west to the northwest and up to 5,000' and out of southwest above 5,000'. the flames are going to start heading to gilroy and the smoke is going to start heading to san jose. >> we will talk about the fire that we are concern about the hire winds the next two days could be critical for the crews on the gallon lines of the loma fire. it scorched 2,900 acres and 22% contained the dark red shows how big i was yesterday morning.
5:31 am
the lighter red shows how big it is new with 300 homes threatened. helicopters picked up reservoir -- water from the reservoir. cal fire cut down vegetation before the main fire got there with evacuation orders from santa cruz county lifted and are in affect in santa clara county. full containment is expected by monday. >> the i-team has been investigating marijuana grows on the mountain where the loma fire is burning. a u.p.s. driver was one of the first on scene after the fire started on mohammed. the video carlos canche is a crucial piece of evidence. the i-team learned that the investigators are looking into an illegal truck separation could be to blame. i was in aw. and shock more than anything. i have never seen anything like that from my first person view. >> a source with knowledge of the investigation took the video
5:32 am
and believed he identifies the problemmable ignition point. this is an area in rural los gatos. it appears a legal marijuana draw, a suspected illegal pot form and a possible meth laboratory. >> stay on top of the loma fire with the news app by download it for free and enable push alerts for break news updates. >> in the east bay, the investigation after a string of fires popped up. investigators believe it could be arson. our reporter is for us in concord. >> this is a popular spot in the east bay. the iron horse regional trail. unfortunately, officials say it has attracted an arsonist. here is the view from sky 7. you can see the scope running through two counties, contra costa county and alameda. officials in contra costa county say there have been firsts and someone is setting them they do not want to give more details
5:33 am
because they do not want to jeopardize the investigation but they want your help. here are a new things they are asking of people would like this trail, the first request is to be more aware and look around, and know that this going on. second, if you do see someone watching it or leaving the scene get a good look at them in they are wering a fire you happen to constitutional bowl upon. finally, remove dry vegetation if you live along this trail just in case this person strikes again. if you know anything about the fires, contra costa officials are asking you give them a call. >> a devastating fire that bound more than a dozen petaluma home was likely caused by a passing driver's cigarette. it started in trees between the whoms and highway 101 destroying four homes and damaged ten other homes. it caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage.
5:34 am
>> we are working to get you more information on a deadly shooting in oakland at 10:30 last night. we know a person was shot and killed. we are maying calls to oakland police. when we hear more we will let you know. >> the latest on a story from orinda a couple came back from grocery shopping and two men in halloween masks attack them. recovered cell phone could hold clues. they took the home from the 70s year old carol brown and shot her, twice. our media partner reports that police located the phone after getting a ping from it. her husband was pistol-whipped on monday night outside their home. >> we have new developments in the shooting debt of calvin riley shot to death while playing pokemon go in san francisco. police want to know if you recognize this sketch of a man who is named a "person of interest" with an image of the car he was riding in. the car believes to be a 2013 to
5:35 am
2015 wright four door toyota avalon driven by a white woman driving suspiciously up-and-down van ness avenue where the 20-year-old calvin riley was shot. >> he was drive down van ness and at some point pulled over near the dumpster or turn around area and was driving up and pulled over and drove become down. >> investigators still do not is a motive in the cream. anyone with information is upped to call the pack police. >> we make a quick correction we told you of an assistant professor fighting back against sexual harassment claims by some students we showed you the wrong photo this is the correct photo of wentworth. he now has filed lawsuits against his three accusers and a harassment claim against the school. he is currently on paid leave.
5:36 am
>> happening today the man at the center of a bizarre kidnapping case is expected to change his three in federal court. mathew muller's attorney said his client will plead guilty as part of a deal and they will seek 40 year prison term rather than life charged with kids napping denise huskins from her boyfriend's home and turned up in orange county. you will remember this when the police dismissed her step as a hoax. authorities uncovered evidence learning the defendant to the crime and huskins is now suing the city of vallejo. >> happening right now halfway around the world people are honoring the late israeli leader shimon peres lying in state. jessica? a look at what is happening in scrum jam right now where thousands of people are expected to pay their respects to former israeli prime minister shimon peres. you can see people out there taking photos and some have been crying through the morning and his coffin will trend -- will
5:37 am
trend in front of the parliament. he died after suffering a stroke two weeks ago died on tuesday he was the leader of the jewish nation and woman the nobel peace prize in 1994 for his role in negotiating the oslo peace accords. earlier we told you that president obama and former president clinton will be at his funeral tomorrow and i am also announcing reports that palestinian president abbas would like to attend but no confirmation yet on if that will happen. here is a look at his coffin there in front of the parliament building in jerusalem. >> your accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> in the east bay we have had the hottest weather during the afternoon hours and it has cooled off nicely at might and it did last night through this morning a lot of mid-to-upper 50s and i want you to notice mt. diablo is 6 and lows drop
5:38 am
pose is 61 up do 3,400' so the marine layer in the cooling conditions have taken over all of our neighborhoods. it is 61 in mountain view and followed by oakland and hayward at 59, and san carlos and san jose at 57, and pacifica is 52 and napa at 56. the marine laser thicker and not pushing the clouds closer to the ground. southbound 101. here is the day planner, staying in the mid-to-upper 50s and mainly mid-to-upper 60s from noon to 4:00 amend bay and 73 to 79 inland. gab a jacket if you are head out and good news for kids with outdoor activity in the afternoon, nothing too taxing. the fiscal year throw days show today is cooler, tomorrow is cooler and breezy, we get a break on saturday and a chance of showers. alexis? >> we got official word that the metering lights are on and before 5:30 this morning, and, yes, car pool is move along and everyone else is slow down at this point. switch over to traffic,
5:39 am
westbound 80 in the pinole area beyond pinole valley road, i confirmed with c.h.p. we have two colleagues in the same area that got everyone pushed off to the right hand shoulder but not before a bit of a backup formed and i can show you what it is doing. westbound 4 antioch to hercules approaching the choice, 38 minutes and when you get on westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze is another 26 minutes. beyond those collision scenes it opens up significantly and northbound 87 still okay in the green at eight minutes. we will look at the south bay closer coming up next. >> we are hearing about problems with the safety gates around the new smart trains in the north bay that could delay the launch supposed to be later this year. crossing arms are coming down too late, too early or a long time after the train passes. according to our media partner, the marin i.g. there have been issues at 63 crossings. not one of the crossings is ready for passenger service.
5:40 am
crews are currently test trains on the 42-mile route. >> this could ice may feel safer next time you get uber and lyft it will be a give with a red beard the both companies have to conduct background checks on all drivers, uber and lyft will have to get rid of drivers who have been convicted of domestic violence, driving under the glue, and registered sex offenders and often with the new law the terms and conditions require riders to agree the companies are not liable for your safety. >> happening today, wells fargo's top dog is going before congress. again. c.e.o. john stumpf is testifying about the seams practices. last week senator warren suggested he step down after point out he made $200 million because of the fake account scandal. >> he agreed to giving up
5:41 am
>> a bay area music landmark is getting the green light to sell pot next
5:42 am
5:43 am
all news, all morning. we are back at 5:43. someone took out a hydrant in berkeley the it caused the water
5:44 am
to shoot up in the air. it happened at shattuck last night the can you see there is a car with the emergency lights on and we not clear in that is the car that caused the problem. >> music lovers searching for their favorite albums can supplement their tunes with medical marijuana. the music story on telegraph avenue in berkeley has received the green light to open a dispensary. the campaign started 20 years ago along telegraph avenue down the block from the music store. they opening a dispensary in the record store with a difficult permit in hand following 4 1/2 years of work. >> to open a dispensary right down the street from where we campaign asked dreamed we would do this is a dream come true. this is about keep the music alive because the music store has operated at a loss or broken even since 2008. it will bring needed foot
5:45 am
traffic back and scheduled to on in march. >> we are get pictures of a major marijuana bust in lake county. 24,000 plants were destroyed at two spots. the first happened in rural mountains when a hunter tipped east police. the second involved 17,000 mature marijuana plants. the sheriff said that they have destroyed 310,000 plants so far this year. >> president obama is asking colin kaepernick to think of the impact military families the next time he takes a knee during the national anthem. he made the comments during a cn in fact townhall with members of the united states military last night. >> in a democracy like ours, there will be a lot of forbes doing stuff we do not agree with. as long as they doing it in the law, we can voice our opinion objecting to it. it is will their right. all the president said he respects camp thick's decision fought to stand and he adds that protesters shut be aware of ron
5:46 am
they are able to share their opinions is because people fight for them to be able to do so. >> we want you to tweet us about the next story, a san francisco woman is fighting a ticket she get for parking in a red zone that she said was not this when she parked her car. rebecca derenthal said she pad her car at a legal spot on july 11 on franklin street and she came back from a business trip five days later, her parking spot was painted red while she was away. so, she had $110 citation for parking in a red zone. she appealed the ticket but it was denied. >> ii don't think they took much notice and maybe did not review the pigs. in they did they would have seen it was clearly an issue of them painting while i was parked there. >> after 72 hours when a new restriction is put in place, we are able to enforce the new restriction. >> nowhere in the rejection letter does it say there is a
5:47 am
72-hour packing violation. she will appeal again this time in person. >> don't park in the city, period. >> it is expensive. you never know what colors mean what. >> paining michael finney, pick up the white courtesy phone. all the golden gate bridge has in fog but gaining stream up to 20 miles per hour at angel island for the win but nothing like this afternoon. a small craft advisory after highlights, sunny but for the coast tumbling temperatures at three to eight degrees cooler than average and the weekend is breezy and cooler and light showers are possible on sunday. same area as year, the same timeframe 1:00 to 10:00 this afternoon to the evening with 24 to 38 miles per hour, and i will talk temperatures in the south bay, mid-to-upper 70s in the heart of the so the bay and los gatos and morgan hill touch 80 to 82 and 70 in san mateo and 74
5:48 am
in palo alto, and mild on the peninsula, and chilly along coast and upper 50s to mid-60s downtown and south san francisco, and if you are going to game, cheer hard we lost last night but so did the cardinals so we are a game up. 58 dropping to 56 from 7:15 breezy and chilly. low-to-mid 70s through the north bay and the east bay shore, 60s and orinda and castro valley we have a few 70s. 78 in san ramon and 83 in brentwood, with no air conditioning running yesterday. tonight, we are in the 50 and i don't thing we will have quite the cloud cover because the winds are pick up and that is good news for cloud cover and bad news for loma fire and they will be gusty bringing in sure on sunday with a storm impact scale of "1" and the commute is getting more...hectic. >> not too terrible. yet. we have volumes rising, westbound 80 if you traveling
5:49 am
through the pinole area we have an early collision where you are slow and slow again approaching the maze through emeryville but we are okay at this point. i want to zoom in for the south bay, northbound 101, between the 280/680 merge and 80 we have stop-and-go traffic. no blocking issues. for the entire south bay. our slow of the drive time this morning is getting out of the central valley, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is 53 minutes and we could have a new issue in castro valley. >> new at 6:00, drink up, the big change that could come to a hair salon near you. >> pimples can be a teen's worst enemy and there is a if side to acn. and the move to free you from your
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>> if you grew up with acne like i did and so many us, there is a good function of this later in life. your skin is likely to age better. dermatologist has noted it for a long time. but there is research from london and it shows that white blood cells of people would have pimples have longer stretches of d.n.a. at the end of their chromosomes so this is published in the journal of investigative dermatology. >> i like this new and i still use the pro active. >> happening today an opportunity for you to land a job ahead of the busy holiday season and several retailers at shops at huge shopping center in san bruno are looking to fill
5:53 am
sales associates, manager, stylists, cashiers and more. the job fair is happening from 1:00 to 5:00 with a list of stores at >> first, the galaxy note 7 and now samsung could be facing trouble with yet another product, consumer safety toys are warning about top-loading samsung watches, and look at the figures, 21 people have reported their washers have exploded during the spin cycle and it has sent notes and bolts flying. samsung has been investigating the issue since last year. company said that there have been no issues when customers use the lower speed "delicate," cycle. good luck with that. >> a vote that could impact how you watch television. the fcc is making the final decision on set top box rules excuse pay $230 a year to respect the boxes, but they make an estimated $20 billion a year in rental fees. the fcc will vote whether the tv
5:54 am
companies have to provide a free app for access. it could result in a lot of technical problems. >> the storm impact scale is back. we will talk about this, the when for storms are ranked from "1" light to "5" severe and this is light with shipry roads on sunday as the showers develop and thunder afternoon from mid-morning through most of afternoon and that is the best chance of wet weather. the numbers have increased and wet weather is trying to make it all way down to the loma fire in san jose. .02" but the greatest amount is .2" in santa rosa. >> it has been so long since we have had significant rain and the oils rise to the surface of the roads. slow down and stake it easy if you are driving on sunday. no choice right now taking it easy through the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on at 5:28. a couple of problems in the same
5:55 am
area, northbound 238 beyond the 580 merge in castro valley, we have reports of a collision cannot confirm if i is blocking. in the hayward area southbound 880 beyond industrial and the san mateo bridge, a disabled vehicle is blogging lane three. >> perhaps a sign of times in the bay area's ultra expensive market, the property managers are taking applications in berkeley for part of a low bemarket rate program if you make less than 82,000 a year can you apply a lottery is held october to decide who will get one. >> speaking of that, update update on the 100-year-old woman fighting ever voice a judge granted retrieve for the 11th time give lawyer another week to find a way to keep her in her
5:56 am
western addition apartment. look at this, her story has spark outrage. last week, sky 7 caught demonstrators hangingty ofviction banner in front of the building with a tenant trying to rip it down and a back-and-forth situation. her apartment owner said she violated the lease agreement by not living in the apartment for years. she denies that and said she has been this since 1965. >> planning is underway on first smart city in the county. there is research of technology to do everything from controlling traffic lights to helping drivers fine alternate routes to improve traffic flow. the property would pave the way for autonomous cars in the city. planners want the public to weigh in on what they want to see in the city. >> a new unit to investigate police shoot, in san francisco gets a boost. >> slow down. the new effort to stop speeding in a bay area city. >> breaking news, oakland police
5:57 am
investigating a double shooting. i am gathering information and video. >> getting a head start on crab season what officials are doing to avoid a disaster like last year. >> gorgeous look at the embarcadero.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, bay area. this is abc7 mornings. >> good news. you made it to thursday, september 29. >> we are almost there. i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is here, we have alexis smith we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> an update on what is going on in the santa cruz mountains. better conditions developed during overnight hours and by that the humidity is higher, and the temperatures are cooler. no matter what elevation. but here is the setup for the next 24 to 72 hours, a bowl of cold air from canada is going do
6:00 am
bring gusty conditions to the mountains and the weapons are blowing at different levels starting this afternoon through saturday morning at the surface, they will blow from northwest to southeast but above 5,000 soviet foot they beginning do blow from southwest to northeast so that means the flames are heading south but the smoke is going to head north into the south bay. eve evacuees in santa cruz are allow back in the homes with evacuations lifted yesterday for home owners on that end of the fire, with residents still in place. the loma fire has blackened 2,800 acres with containment at 22%. full containment is expected on monday. residents as you can see displaying their thanks to the fires. >> i was driving off they dumped a big thing on


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