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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, north bay, let's get going. it is friday, september 30, welcome. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter, alexis smith. how is it? >> nice and quiet. friday "lite". the bay bridge toll plaza shows, really, no trouble getting through there. we are expecting the metering lights on at 5:30. a lot green at traffic maps so far. i want to zoom in to the fremont area at 15 minutes ago i told you of a problem on southbound 880 before the parkway and a single vehicle collision with the vehicle hitting the center
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barrier, but we have c.h.p. saying it is all cleared and i did not see anyone on the scene. the bars are clear. meteorologist mike nicco still has the first situation in low-to-mid ma. >> firefighting faces, again, overnight, show the temperatures down to 47 in the valley, in the 60s higher elevation and humidity is 90 and 45% and the winds are calm. that will change. even with the cooler conditions coming in, highs nearly 70 today and tomorrow. low, 60s on sunday and monday and fastest breezes today and even interest sunday. there will be ridge jumpers and the fire could spread. remember the smoke coming from the southwest and blowing into possible the south bay. so, be careful down there, and talk about the day planner when we come back in a few minutes and what to expect. >> we are still talking about the fire mike, a firefighter is
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hurt, the loma fire is raging and 17 homes and out buildings were destroyed. winds are concerned through the weekend, and our reporter is at the command center in gilroy. matt? >> good morning, the acreage has grown as you said, and still has containment. i checked the numbers and it is now at 34% and the most devastating thing about this fire is when someone loses their home and, unfortunately, that public has also gone up. >> part of it is gone the part that had my children's...things, my paintings and equipment. i had an art studio but i was told the back burned. it is all just rubble. >> on the santa clara county side the santa cruz mountains she was one of dozens of people
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add a community meeting in loma prieta with firefighters and cal fire said eight homes have been destroyed and one damaged. nine outbuildings were also destroyed. evacuation orders were lifted on wednesday and 325 hopes on the santa clara side are still considered threatened and residents are kept out of the area and roads are closed and many are frustrated they are not getting more information. a firefighter was injured last night and we were told he was taken to the hospital we do not have an update on his condition. we are hoping to get in with firefighters here at cal fire for an update. >> thank you, matt. we know that a lot of you were concern about horses you saw on our air early this week, on tuesday morning, we showed you images of the time from sky 7 of horses that were running around very close to flames. we have an update, the horses are safe and kept at the santa clara county fair drawns in san
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jose and they are waiting for their owners to pick them you. i am relieved. many have been asking. they okay. >> gut wrenching to watch. >> this morning, east bay police officers are remembering one of their own, san pablo police officer ken zink was riding his motorcycle on interstate 80 in vallejo and he collided with a pickup truck yesterday. he was ejected and hit by a flatbed trailer. the officer wassen way to work at helms middle school in san pablo. word his debt spread quickly through the school. he joined the police department nine years ago and in that time was named officer of the year, and recognized for his work in narcotics investigation. >> investigators want to learn why a train in new jersey never slowed down before crashing into a terminal killing a woman. the structural damage is impacting the investigation. can you see how horrific the trash was yesterday morning, 100 people are shut. the ntsb will be in hoboken for
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a week trying to get some answers. the train engineer is cooperating after being briefly hospitalized. the woman who died just dropped off her toddler at day care we were at the caltrain station in san francisco where the agency is in the process of install a safety system that is supposed to prevent crashes like the one we saw. it is called "positive train control." sensors and radios and g.p.s. linked by computers can slow or stop a speeding train in the engineer cannotful the agency has had trouble coming up with the $230 million for the project although it is a federal requirement to have. >> an unfortunate situation lick this happens and we are always going back to look at protocols. >> muni metro has a similar situation in the market street subway and bart has the technology.
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>> veries in southern california were destructive overnight angry over the death of alfred olango. jessica castro? >> i have new video. the third night of protests in el cajon turned violent and police were forced to use tear gas overnight. they launched pepper balls into the crowd. in fact, two people had to be arrested. a 19 and 28-year-old man for unlawful assembly. the protesters were a group of 300 to 400 people, and it was a much smaller crowd than we have seen the past two nights but they were more rowdy and this morning there are reports of car weapons being broken and a motorcycle rider getting knocked off his bicycle. some reportedly threw bottles at police as well, and protesters are now demanding video be released of death of alfred olango. he is the man shot and killed by police in el cajon on tuesday after pulling an item from his pocket and pointing it at police. the u.s. government has tried
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twice unsuccessfully to deport alfred olango bang for uganda. an investigation into the death is still underway this morning. that is the latest and the newest video into the live desk. >> happening today, a paren county superior court judge scheduled to make a ruling whether there is enough evidence for a trial against two drifters accused of murdering two. one suspect, sean angold testified against the two co-defendants in a deal pleading guilty to second degree murder saying how he and lampley and alley good medicine the tourists in golden gate park last year, and said that lampley shot her in the head and testified lampley shot and killed the second victim in fairfax so they could steal his car and drive to oregon. >> happening today, two more officers charged in the underage sex scandal affecting multiple police departments are schedule to be arraigned the oakland police officer and former deputy
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face felony charges of a sex act with a minor punishable by up to three years in jail. the officers are connected to jasmine abuslin who said she had sex with 50 or more officers in exchange for money, protection, or information. them of them when she was a minor. >> two robbers are accused shooting a couple in front of their own home on tuesday night. the woman had just pulled interest her driveway and she was confront bid two men. they demanded her purse and shot into the car. hearing the commotion the william's husband opened the front door and he got shot, too. the couple was not hit. the suspects ran off. police say they had their faces cover asked wearing dark closing. >> the sinking millennium tower in san francisco could be sinking value for owners. 163 condo owners are claiming their homes are no longer worth what they paid. the newspaper obtained records submitted to the assessment appeals board, and some estimate
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the value of their condos as low as $1 or $2, and some reduced value by half. the appeals board has two years to hold a hearing. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk temperatures, stepping out we are in the mid-50s along the east bay. 52 in san leandro and 56 in fremont, and, in union city, oakland, at 55 and berkeley at 53. it is a couple degrees cooler than yesterday a warm spot is now movie at 57 and antioch at 56 and santa rosa is 51 and pacifica is 50 and san francisco is 52. up to the napa wine country the average high is 81. by noon, 64 degrees. if you staying in the sun it is comfortable and in the shade, chilly, hanging out in the low 70s, in the afternoon, but grab a jacket. it will be in the mid-to-lower 60s, though. flight arrival delays.
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50s this morning. 56 to 66. you will need the sunglasses away from the coast and below average, 58 to 69 inland and at 7:00, 56 to 61. notice, in fog at the golden gate bridge and mist is possible and temperatures are dropping and hold steady through saturday, dropping before sunday, because of the chance of rain with the hour-by-hour look at that next. >> a brushfire is close to the bay bridge toll plaza on the baby side of 80. it is on the right-hand side so that is the far right handcar pool lane. that is going pretty good here. we do have fire units on the way to the scene communicating on the best we did get there. hopefully it is tapped out there quickly. i have an update on that next. drive times are okay, tracy to dublin is 33 minutes in the yellow on westbound 580, and dublin to mission is 16 and northbound 85 is okay, highway 101 to cupertino is only 16 minutes. >> humor or insults? why some people say this fake commercial posted on social
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media is going too far. >> warriors begin pre-season play together in vancouver and how they hope
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>> traffic alert from abc7 mornings. >> we want to get you back to the brushfire, westbound 80 on the shoulder, and these drivers are approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and it does not appear we have fire responders on scene. they are on the way. they know about this. they have had a lot of calls in
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c.h.p. so they are working on crews with no word on start. that is going pretty good here. no backups yet. we are keeping a close eye on this with an update and message crews on the scene in a few minutes. >> san francisco police are trying to find two men who robbed a couple tourists from china, on wednesday afternoon at greenwich near the crooked part of lombard. the men claimed they had a gun and took their cameras and ran away. no one was hurt. >> a video spoofing police shooting across the country is generating controversy partly because one of the actors is a ream los angeles police officer. the fake commercial was posted on facebook pitching anti-violence medication for police. the commercial said that the product steps the urge to kill all day long. rowers say it is an effort to take a human outlook at current events but the chief of the los angeles port police is not laughing and launched an investigation after seeing a
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police captain in the video. man say it is offensive. >> anyone who sees what is going on could not thing it is a game. it is not a joke. it is happening to people. >> back to using comedy as a way to try to heal. >> a leader with black lives matter said it is satire focused on a real issue. >> the first look, investigators are searching for answers in the death of two american sisters. >> it was a tragic end to a dream vacation. here are the details. >> in this morning's "first look," two sisters dream vacation turned into a family nightmare. 42-year-old from chicago and her sister, 37-year-old from denver, found dead in their room. mysteriously passing away during the trip of a lifetime. they were staying at a luxury $2,000 a night resort, a chain
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of isles in the indian ocean known for beautiful beaches and high end resorts part of a month long vacation in africa, but just days after posting these pictures, a terrible end. the hotel saying that the pair was discovered when an employee of the he temperature tried to wake them in their villa. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will have the latest on the investigation. that is first look this morning from new york. >> we were at san francisco's school for unveiling of a new program to fight racism. organizations are partnering to launch lessons called "know your classmates," breaking bayers and step bullying. >> one out of two, to four out of five kids, muslim kids, throughout the country, experience harassment and bullying. >> it takes courage to mentor middle school students so they can feel empowered to be
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activists if their own small communities at school. >> san francisco mayor lee and district attorney say october 21 has been declared "know your classmates day." all the united states supreme court decided to take up a trademark name case that could affect the washington redskins, involved in a legal dispute over the trademarked name which some find offensive. yesterday, the court agreed to consider the dispute of a portland, oregon, rock ground called "the slants," it was rejected because of it disparages asian americans and they will decide whether names can be trademarked like the redskins. >> and warriors play drop in vancouver starting train on tuesday. the former league machine said a challenge this season is to figure out how much to shoot while playing alongside steph curry and klay thompson. the wise are telling him to shoot what he wants to. durant said the team will figure how to share the ballgame by
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game. athird day of camp and trying to figure things out. obviously, we want -- we get a game in a couple of days. that is crazy. we try to put things in and we it is a long season. not trying to sprint just trying to get better. >> at warriors play the first reseason game at oracle arena on tuesday night against the clippers and the regular son begins october 25. >> back to alexis and we are want the traffic alert. that is the latest? >> it is getting tapped out so end the fire crews arrive we are going to start to see things pete are out quickly. we will take a closer look at this if you are looking for the flames, it is looking like a lot white smoke. if you look on the far said your screen it looks like we have flashing lights and that looks like it is the first crew. you have to look closely but the center, you can see the white smoke, not seeing anymore names and the situation is getting better. i will show you where this is on our traffic maps, westbound 80
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before you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and it was on right-hand side, it was right next to the car pool lane and, again, this is going to be totally clear in the next few minutes maybe onlooker delay but not huge backups. it could be an issue in an hour but we are improving. >> there are still winds and smoke. they are blowing to the southeast. that means the smock is coming across 80 and possibly making it over to 880 but as we watch the cars zooming it did not seem to affect them with the fire extinguished and hopefully that is a nonfact report. everyone, it is cooler and more breezy, with showers sunday and warm next week. now, the temperatures are a far cry from early this week with no 100s, and no 90s, no 80s, barely 70s inland, 60s arrest the bay and 50s at the coast the tonight, we are
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partly-to-mostly cloudy from inland to the coast and temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s from inland to around the bay and coast. storm impact scale is back, we have scattered shower less than .1" and a slight chance of stronger showers and a thunderstorm across the north bay so i don't have isolated higher amounts. my timetable is waking up sunday morning with drizzle along the coast and in the north bay with a steady rain moving in headed from the 9:00 to noon hour, and from noon through 4:00 or action, it moves through the heart of the bay and exiting the east bay and the south bay where we will see the least amount of wet weather. it will be cool it on sunday and theys warming above average by wednesday and thursday. reggie? >> if you need something to do this weekend grab your friends and head over to the golden gate park, the lardly strictbly blue bluegrass festival kickoff and hundreds of thundershowers expected, a they day festival with 100 acts on seven stages,
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including winona, and cyndi lauper and it is free. i that is not your thing there is a silent disco basically a dance party with headphones, so have some fun. >> oracle now owns the san francisco marriott and they have big plans, closing deal on wednesday to buy the marriott for $132 million. officials say they did it this part to use it for training direct sales staff. it will still operate as a marriott and remain open to the public during planned extensive renovations. this is their first hotel purchase. >> necessary, seven things you need to know as you start your day. a bill signed by governor brown moving california a big step forward toward the earthquake warning system. >> new addition you can say hello to on your next visit to the san
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>> these are the seven things you need to know. alexis? >> this is a lofts flashing lights in the area but we do not see the flames, westbound 80 before the bay bridge toll plaza we had a brushfire going off on the right hand shoulder. it was going good a few minutes ago but crews arrived and got it tapped out. not sure if we have lanes blocked and we working to confirm that. >> here are today's temperatures, they are tumbling, until we get to the weekend when the showers roll in to the forecast. today, about nine or ten degrees cooler-than-average with 60s and 70s. i will show you how much to expect this your neighborhood. all the loma fire has burned to 4,100 acres and flour% contained. te damage assessment team has just started the process of identifying homes in the burn area. >> four, 53-year-old san pablo police officer ken zink was killed this a motorcycle crash on i-80 yesterday in vallejo.
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he was on the way to helms middle school where he worked. >> five, federal investigators are on the scene in hoboken, new jersey, after a deadly plane crash killed a woman. the engineer is cooperating and been in the business for three decades. >> six, protesters in san diego county got con gallon station am and destructive overnight. they are angry of the death of 38-year-old alfred olango. >> seven, a philadelphia enoughth grader has great excuse to me school he went to a book signing and he got to meet bruce springsteen and the boss signed his excuse note. >> california has a system that could warn you shes before a major, strikes. the governor signed a bill ensuring the business plan for the system is developed and presented to lawmakers by early 2018. seismic early warn systems designed to sense the first
5:26 am
shockwaves of a large earthquake. engineers plan to develop apps so your phone or computer can receive earthquake alerts. >> you could be dreaming of the past summer vacation but a million americans are done with holiday shipping. another 34 million us have at least started our shopping. and it does future come with holiday cheer three-quarters of the surveys complain it starts too soon. >> a san francisco zoo has a couple new adifficults to tell you about, two flamingo chicks they have gray feathers, and waddling about and super cute. the first baby was born september 17 and the second broke out of the shell on saturday, and the zoo hopes to see more eggs hatch in the coming day. >> we have a full 90 minutes are news including a warning for north valley patients with your
5:27 am
personal information that could be missing after a hack attack. >> world leaders gathered in israel and they are remembering san ramon resolution this morning. >> mission complete, the space probe crash landing this morning and i an getting some of the final images that are popping up on social media in the last few minutes and gathering that. >> a miss dry in the east bay and authorities cannot do anything about offensive fliers showing up on cars at a bart station. here is the commute over the golden gate
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meteorologist mike nicco. >> is in the purple section? >> you are my friend. >> it transitioned over. >> now, we are all great, until we step outside so we need to worry about that as far as the forecast. i will take it away and talk about what is going to happen, mist out there as we look at live doppler hd, you and see it is agree everywhere and you may need the windshield wiper once or twice. there is not much fog, as the marine layer is around,500 to 1,400'. dress warmer this morning, up more 40s to mid-50s and in the mid-50s to mid-60s at noon with clouds, and upper 50s to upper 60s at 4:00 from the cost to inland, so even cooler today and it will be breezy this afternoon. i will update you on the chance of wet weather on sunday coming up. how is the commute? >> i take you back to our only issue at the moment, a lot of flashing light, westbound 80
5:31 am
before the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a good brushfire off on the right-hand side so to the shoulder of the car pool lane, at to point all we are seeing is grab lights for crews. i have seen someone walking down in this area with flashlights and i am sure making sure it did not spread with no hot spots hod no lanes are blocked and not causing issues. friday "lite" in met areas. >> right now an east bay community is morning -- mourning a beloved police officer, ken zink was killed in a motorcycle crash. his live was dedicated to children, the seven at home and those he helped as school resource officer. we are at the police station. kids taking it hard, amy? [ inaudible ] we have problems with the mike and we will come back to that.
5:32 am
>> there is a gofundme account, and we will tell you about this to help the family of ken zink and has raised $10,000 and reached that goal in less than $100 people in seven hours. we have a link on our website at >> now to the wildfire that continues to burn in the santa cruz mountains, sky 7 shows the aerial assault on the host loaf that has destroyed eight homes and nine structures and a firefighter was injured. >> we were in los gatos last night where dozens of residents take add community meeting at loma prieta elementary and some were thankful with the work of firefighters and frustrated as they waited to hear in the homes were survived. the damage assessment team has begun to identify the homes that were burned which has burned 4,100 acres and 33% contained. 320 homes are threatened. >> long time algebra teacher at
5:33 am
a school in shows is accused of sexually assaulting a federal student on leave from the school, david graham was arrested yesterday after he taught the victim in 2007 when she was only 13. police say the former student told a friend of the assault this past summer, and that friend reported it to the police. in a statement, the school was shock and dismayed when the situation was brought to our attention and is cooperating fully. >> richmond police say a 20-year-old man suspected in a fatal shooting has turned himself in. the 18-year-old martinez was shot and killed on bayview avenue september 19 while on the way home from work. investigators believe the suspect, jeremy moore, is a member of a gang. yesterday, police issued a $2 million arrest warrant. detectives do not know the motive the >> now the latest in hoboken, new jersey, rail service is suspended after a commuter train crashed into a station during
5:34 am
rush hour, killing one young woman. stehpanie is at scene with more on the investigation. >> good morning. in hoboken, can you still the fire crews, police, and yellow tape outside of train station, there are so many questions as to why this new jersey transit train carrying hundreds of people slammed into the station with no warning. >> a rain is into the train station at hoboken. all the ntsb is investigating the train crash at one of new york city's busiest commuter hubs. >> it was mass chaos. the train bear recommend through the station in hoboken, new jersey, leaving debris everywhere and passengers stunned. in the images you can see the passengers scrambling off the three car train moments after the crash. >> we ran over and a lot of people were kicking out windows. >> many were on the platform, including 34-year-old woman who lost her life after be hit by fly debris. 100 people were hurt including
5:35 am
the engineer, thomas gallagher later released from the hospital and is cooperating with investigators. >> surveillance video shows the train heading south toward hoboken, from spring valley new york, shortly before 9:00 a.m. on thursday morning, the train inching closer to the station never slows down. >> through the air, traveled another 40' and the train flied into the depot. >> investigators are here for another week trying to figure why the train sped into the station the way it did helping to recover the data recorder and two cameras from the train. a long list of world hers gathered this morning for the funeral of former israeli prime minister shimon peres. president obama, bill clinton and palestinian president abbas joined dozens of international dignitaries for the service in jerusalem. the palestinian leader sat in the front row and look at this moment, abbas shakes hands with
5:36 am
israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu. peres won the nobel peace prize in 1994 for dealing with palestinians. >> he understood it is better to live to the end of his time on earth with longing not for the past but for the dreams that have not yet come true. an israel that is secure. and a just and lasting peace with its neighbors. >> netanyahu said continue south a testament to his o missile and quest for peace. >> the space probe ended with a bang this morning. >> look at the new images from social media and nasa has its own account had been tweeting out pictures and this is from the final moments before it crash landed. this is photo from 150' from the surface of cop it and other tweets they have been send out, this is from further away and as the comet or as the probe was
5:37 am
scanning the comet, finding a place to large, some cool images, and it has ended its useful life with other images as the mission was launched. it start the back in 2004 and in 2014 the probe land on the comet and brought us the first images ever taken on a comet surface, and, in fact, nasa has been thanking the mission all morning long saying it has been successful and amazing images that it has brought to us. >> now, your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> if you are head outside it is mist in the air and temperaturs are 1- to 4-degrees cool we than we were this time yesterday. so, along the peninsula it puts us in daly city and pacifica at 50, and san mateo is 53 and everyone el is 54 to 55 degrees. same thing over in oakland at 55, and fremont, and san jose at
5:38 am
56, and san ramon is 52, and mill valley is for instance, and santa rosa is 51 and napa is 54. san jose is cloudy in the shark tank, and going to the beaches, it will be great and brisk so we will call it fair, good and refreshing if you are exercising, a little bit cooler and on the water the entire bay and delta will be shoppy and breezes and evening. the temperatures today are 50s at the coast, mid-to-upper 60s an the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland and a dry cold front rolling through, our temperatures are steady tomorrow, but look at everyone in the green which means 60s for sunday, and showers are possible. hour-by-hour look at how that will unfold on sunday coming up next. how is the morning commute. >> we have flushing lights on the side of westbound 80 before the bay bridge toll plaza and that is due to early brushfire with no flames or any smoke in quite some time so they are just checking for hot spots and i show you where it is on the traffic map. before you get to the tollbooths. that is the first exclamation
5:39 am
point and beyond that, westbound 880 ramp to westbound 880 a disabled vehicle is blocking one lane of the ramp keeping an cry on that. getting this in from bart an equipment problem and that is causing a 20-minute delay on the sfo line and that is in pittsburgh and richmond directions but not specific about what that is the hopefully we will have more detail on that, with the next traffic before 550. >> and marin medical practices concept lost information for more than 5,000 patient when it restored their systems. had was a cyber attack and the company paid ransom to regain control of the system. they said initially no information was compromised. a glitch is blamed for the loss of information. all affected patients are now notified. >> bart said there is little to do to stop a person who is
5:40 am
placing anti-semitic fliers on the witteds of cars parked at east bay part station. we were at the lafayette bart station and we found the fliers litering the ground yesterday. bart righters found them on the cars on wednesday, and a bart spokesperson said they are considered free speech and the agency cannot prohibit it or intervene. however, the person seen placing those fliers is also accused of threatening a rider on when afternoon. police are expected to fill a disturbing the peace charge. >> single occupancy restrooms in california will soon be gender neutral. the governor brown signed the bill into law yesterday. it is aimed at making sure public spaces are inclusive for the lgbt community and to help painses and caretakers who want to accompany people of the opposite sex into the restroom. the law goes into affect march 1. >> the unsolved mystery in the east bay that has police searching for this bus rider. >> new information on how much money is spent to sway your vote
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> all news, all morning. >> 5:43. we go back to our top story, this half hour. >> the loss of a beloved police officer in the east bay, and amy hollyfield is at the pass station. amy? good morning, he was well regarded here at the police station, vote the officer of the year in 2010. but it was his recent work at a
5:44 am
middle school that made an impact. 53-year-old ken zink worked as a resource officer at helms middle school. he was a mentor to a lot of the kids, some called him "dad." ken zink was killed yesterday morning when the motorcycle and a truck collided and it happened on interrogate 80 in vallejo. word spread quickly at the school and students struggling with the news making cards and posters from officer ken zink. >> he was a father figure to me and... >> the police department flag is at a half staff and a tribute is in the reasonable with flowers and a pictures. he leaves seven of his own children and that is in addition to the kids as school would all
5:45 am
loved him so much, and those students are happening a memorial service for him. thank you. sheriffs are look for two people who stole an s.u.v. at gunpoint right out of a man's garage. it happens on wednesday night in unincorporated danville and the armed suspects followed the victim into the garage after he got home. the s.u.v. was later found abandoned in oakland. >> fremont police are sending for this man, they believe he could provide clues of a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian critically injured captured on surveillance video boarding a bus. he could be the only witness to a hit-and-run accident. a woman crossed fremont boulevard on wednesday outside a cross walk and she was hit by a vehicle in the northbound lane. a transit bus was first on the scene and the man was standing near the victim on the street. he appeared nervous.
5:46 am
all the bus driver called 9-1-1 and there was a small speaker action, he step on the bus, off, step on again and then off and leaves the scene. >> another bus get a picture of the man's car a gold camry and it is too dark to tell in there is damage. they will not say? he could be responsible for the collision. >> your voice and your vote, supporters and open popes of 17 ballot measures are shelling out major bucks to sway your vote. people is donated $390 million to hot button issues which is $83 million shy of the record. the report was in 2008 when issues like same-sex marriage went before the voters. it is not over. spending usually skyrockets in the final weeks before the election. this year the most money spent is by far more than $100 million spent on prop 61, which is anyive to catch prescription drug prices. that is coming guessed it, pharmacy companies.
5:47 am
you can take selfies of you and your ballot to prove you voted, and the governor signed a law that lets you take selfie, i know, right now it is illegal. it will not take affect until january. >> we get over to meteorologist mike nicco, is it me or did i see drizzle this morning? >> a little bit. drizzle. had to use the windshield wiper across the bay bridge so this is possible wet weather on sunday. clouds are increasing in walnut creek and south on 80, and it is 53 degrees and breezy as the tray cold front moves through and reenofficers the fall temperatures and cool with showers on sunday and above average warmth next week. if you are on the water today, you can see it is highlighted, and that is a small craft advisory from noon to 9:00 at 24 to 38 miles per hour winds. it will be choppy. temperatures today are
5:48 am
low-to-mid 70s inland neighborhood and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and upper 50s to low 60s along the coast and into san francisco. tonight, upper 40s in santa rosa and napa and cloverdale and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50s under clouds with storm impact scale back and we are tracking a chance of rain. this is going to be light scattered showers and less than .1" but they are scattered and the thunder, could you get a locally heavier storm that could bring us up to .25" of rain. from 9:00 to noon have the umbrella handy to keep you dry in the not bay. from noon to 4:00, the rest us and from 5:00 to 6:00, you can see it is rolling out here. you can see the rainfall amounts are all over the place because of scatter nature and coolest on sunday, and 60s and 70s and 80s return on wednesday and thursday. >> westbound 80 before the bay bridge toll plaza, this is where we had the brushfire early this
5:49 am
morning with no more flames smoke or crews. the scene is cleared. in the south bay on our traffic maps we have a new problem westbound 237, and this is before the parkway, we have a two vehicle collision and first we heard lane one was blocked and then the middle lane is blocked we are getting to bottom of that. the backup is forming. we have a 20-minute delay on the bart behind in the pittsburg and bay point and richmond direction. and just in, san francisco bay ferry alameda to south san francisco and the 7:40 a.m. departure to south san francisco is not happening. they have been canceled. >> at 6:00, california amber alerts will get an upgrade that could help track down missing kids faster. >> experts say you will be saving a few bucks at the pump. >> new concerns on the zika
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> you have to see this video, police trying to get to this guy the he is driving a prius and t-bone as car in the intersection. it gets worse. the suspect is not done. can you see the police car tries to stop him but he is going andd endangers the lives of pedestrians including someone who was pushing a baby stroller. and republican out of -- ran out of way with half a second to spare. he crash interests a parked car and police get him from there. what a jerk. >> unbelievable. all the centers for disease control issued new travel guidelines for the zika virus with 11 new asian countries now on the list. officials are advising press women to avoid southeast asia
5:53 am
including thailand and malaysia. travelers have been become infected in the southeast where zika virus has been a problem in years. this is for nonessential travel. >> burglaries robbed an iconic photography shop to close its doors for good. there was thousands would the of merchandise stolen over weekend. that is according to our media partner at the mercury news. we talked with the owner last week when he announced they are shutting both palo alto locations after 51 years and said online shopping has taken too much of a hit. >> hold on, there is a new ferry company hoping to take you and fellow come myers across the bay in 12 minutes, called prop, and this is video of the high speedboats. regulators have okayed the ferry service to begin early in january. including stops in san francisco, oakland, and redwood
5:54 am
city, and they already provide charter service to a handful of tech companies. >> it look like a beautiful day when they shot that video. i don't me in that is today. mike? >> not going to be today. afternoon we have white cap on the bay. small craft advisory from noon to 9:00, and look what is back, deep main layer is dropping drizzle as we look from our exploritorium at pier 15, tells are summer like on machine, and 90s and 100s in san francisco, and fall like today. 60s and 70s. at the gale -- game i can smell the garlic fries dropping to 56 and breezy at at&t park, a gale up on the cardinals. hardly, strictly bluegrass festival, more sunshine and warmer tomorrow and drizzle to showers and that is poll -- possible on sunday. alexis? >> we are better on the commute. this is the bay bridge toll
5:55 am
plaza, with the metering lights on at 5:31. before this point we mad a brushfire on right side with crews getting their quick there and it was tapped out they cleared it from the scene. that is for longer an issue, we had a problem with bart, at ten minutes ago i told you of a 20 hadn't delay on the san francisco lane in pittsburg direction and was called earlier equipment problem that now is resolved. we still are seeing 20-minute delays. we will look at a collision in the south bay next. >> happening today, the giants fan who survived the fatal beating outside dodgers stadium will share his story with more than 300 students. he will talk to children at west lake elementary school in daly city at 9:00 a.m., and the presentation is part of the school's focus on kindness and anti-bullying. he suffered brain damage during the brutal attack on oning day of 2011 and through the bryan stow foundation he speaks to children about bullying two or three days a week.
5:56 am
>> the alameda animal shelter is at risk to be closed because of budget issues. the shelter is underfunded and running out of money. next week pet owners will rally to save the shelter and keep it open, gathering outside city hall on tuesday while friends of animal shelter plead the case. it is one of our perfect pet partners. >> you could be glad to hear this we will not see any significant increases in gas prices for at least a year. analysts say the market saturated with supplies in inventory and, also, demand for gas is declining, not just in the u.s. but in indiana and china. it is due to vans in electric cars and fuel efficiency. right now the average price for gas is $2.9 30 a gallon in san francisco, and lower around the state, at $2.70. >> starbucks, dunkin' donuts is coming for you, according to they are teaming up with coca-cola to launch ready to drink ice coffee
5:57 am
products available with melted sugar and be sole at grocery and convenience store and dunkin' donuts locations. the doctors are expected to hit the store shelves next year. >> san francisco's only commercial farm is about to lose its home, little city farm now is being forced to move. all the growing fire in the santa cruz machine tables with the weather concern firefighters have. >> protests turn violent in southern california and i am getting new details at thely on why police were forced to use tear gas. >> should your kids have less homework? a texas student said, yes, and how he is
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. happy friday, time to get up and get going, the weekend is almost here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and we have alexis smith. what is up? >> brushfire earlier westbound
6:00 am
on the bay bridge toll plaza approaching the toll plaza it is long gone, and we have pretty good traveling conditions on northbound 101 at 880 in san jose. we have one blocking through in the south bay and that is sunnyville area with four videos involved in the collision. center lane was blocked, and one vehicle is off on the shoulder, one is off in the center divide, so they are trying to get it cleared but you can see the backup and it grows. the latest on this in a now minutes. now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and checking on weather conditions for the loma fire. >> we are concern about the winds as the last couple of days, and the temperatures continue to be impressive and ideal at 48 in the valley and 58 on the mountain top and remember when it was in the 80s earlier and the humidity is from 90 to 50%. here is a look at what will happen temperature wise, 70s today and tomorrow and ten degrees cooler this weekend, and it is a cold front move through and bringing us the


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