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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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approaching the toll plaza it is long gone, and we have pretty good traveling conditions on northbound 101 at 880 in san jose. we have one blocking through in the south bay and that is sunnyville area with four videos involved in the collision. center lane was blocked, and one vehicle is off on the shoulder, one is off in the center divide, so they are trying to get it cleared but you can see the backup and it grows. the latest on this in a now minutes. now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and checking on weather conditions for the loma fire. >> we are concern about the winds as the last couple of days, and the temperatures continue to be impressive and ideal at 48 in the valley and 58 on the mountain top and remember when it was in the 80s earlier and the humidity is from 90 to 50%. here is a look at what will happen temperature wise, 70s today and tomorrow and ten degrees cooler this weekend, and it is a cold front move through and bringing us the fastest
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winds today and tomorrow and a lesser extent on sunday. at fire level they will blow out of the northwest to southeast at 20 to 30 miles per hour, and the smoke level is going to come out of southwest, and watch out in the santa clara valley it could be quite hazy headed into the weekend. >> look at the flames, 17 homess and outbuildings are destroyed and winds are a concern. matt keller is at the command center in gilroy. matt? >> i was just handed this update and the fire grew 150 acres overnight and now at 4,313 acres. it is still at 34% containment. we also learned that a firefighter was injured overnight last night and was taken to the hospital. we believe the injuries are minor and we talked to criminal -- cal fire but they have not heard because in it was bad they would hear. the worst part of the fire is
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the destruction of several homes and firefighters found several more homes that were destroyed by the flames and the total now is eight destroys, one damaged and nine outbuildings destroy asked community meet was held at loma prieta community center. residents are grateful for the firefighters but are hoping for moreness. >> our concerns we want to be safe and secure and we are just looking to make sure that in there is anything we can do so far, that cal fire has the support and other firefighters and so forth have the support they need. >> the evacuation orders are lifted on wednesday and 325 home on the santa clara side are considered threatened and we are seeing a lost cal fire trucks arrive at base camp in gilroy on 24 hour shifts and we expect them to go out and head into the mountain. >> we thank them for the service
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they must be exhausted. >> positive news on tuesday morning we showed you live figures from sky 7 of horses that were running around outside soviet away from the flames. a lot of you reach out to us and i got a number of messages on social media, and here is the good news: they are fine. the horses are kept in santa clara fair groups in san jose and they are currently waitingn
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>> now, meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> mist and drizzle. temperatures are low-to-mid 50s inland east bay neighborhood and elsewhere, also, we have 57 in san jose, and one of the warmest spots with lgbt at 58. an hour and 13 minutes is the average for flight arrivals into sfo. 57 at 7:00, and 56 at the coast
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to 66 inland, and you will need sunglasses and we low average, 58 to 69, and grab a coat this evening, 56 to 61, and as we head through the next two days, temperatures are the same, until sunday, and that is because rain is on the way. i will let you know if you need the umbrella next. alexis? >> we are looking at a couple of problems in the south bay right now so we will zoom in on our traffic maps, first one for a few minutes, at at least 25 to 30 minutes, westbound 237 but lawrence parkway, four vehicles involved and they are clearing, but unclear in they are totally cleared with a couple of vehicles on the shoulder and possibly one in the middle lane. and this is new southbound 880, three car collision, and this is in the fremont area, we are hearing two of those have cleared, and one is smoldering in the left lane. updates on both of these and a mass transit note next. >> a bay area middle school is teaching children about racism. educators say this can help stop bullying. >> how much homework is too
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for the content of this advertising. >> all news, all morning. >> alerts on your smartphone will be more detailed after a vote to strengthen the wireless emergency alert system. it sends out warnings on missing children, natural disasters or other dangerous events. the rules allow 360 characters
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rather than just 90. and phone numbers and links to get more information. >> video is spoofing police shootings generating controversy partly because an actor in the video is a real los angeles area police officer. the fake commercial was posted on facebook by a group called "black magic," pitching anti-violence medication for police officers and said the property stops the urge to kill all day long. >> producers say it is an effort to take a human outlook at current events. the chief the los angeles port police officer is not laughing and launch an investigation after seeing a police captain starring in the video. man say it is offensive. >> anyone who sees what is going on could not think it is a game. it is not a joke. it is happening to people. >> it is back to using comedy as a way to heal. >> the leader with black lives matter said it is attired foe can youd on real issue.
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>> we were at san francisco's middle school to fight anti-muslim, a goal to break barriers and stop bullying. >> one out of the two, to four out of five kids, muslim kids, experience harassment through the country. it take courage to mentor middle school students so they can now feel empowered to be activists if their own small communities at school. >> san francisco mayor lee and district attorney george gascon said october 21 is "know your classmate today." >> a texas high school student had enough with the amount of homework he is receiving the each night he said he spends four to six hours doing homework and that is on top of marching band practice, tennis, and boy scouts. it came to a head this week.
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>> on monday night, i was up really late past midnight but i snapped and i decided i warned to make petition i wanted it do something that would lower my homework. >> that petition now has more than 8,400 signatures and right now the district has a homework friday every six weeks and his dad homes the district will expand that. he said he may pull his sound out of some of the ap classes and hopes it will lessen his load. >> i agree with that kid and his parents i had that much in high school and it drove me crazy. >> my kids' cool ap classes they can have unlimited homework but regular closes only 15 to 20 minutes. >> but they tack up. >> new, stacking up, we have a little bit of wet weather that will stack up to a bit of measurable nature headed through the weekend but right now mist and drizzle is not even showing
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up over the next six hours as measurable rain on live doppler hd. so, cooler and breezy today, showers on sunday and warm next week. we talk temperatures, and focus on coolest at 59 at half moon bay and 61 in san francisco, and we have mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland. tonight we are going to be in the upper 40s in the north bay valley and low-to-mid 50s and mostly cloudy conditions and good to see the storm impact scale. we can use rain when we can get it, scattered in nature and not all of us have to worry about it and it will not ruin your weekend plans a sight chance of thunder so local areas could have isolated higher amounts. 7:00 we wake up to drizzle and in the north bay from 9:00 to noon that is when you will be using the umbrella or finding somewhere to stay dry with the isolated showers. at noon to 4:00 it moves through the heart of bay and from 4:00 to 6:00 out of the inland east bay neighborhoods and rainfall amounts are all over the map. here is my seven-day forecast,
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sunday is going to be our cool ever day with post us in the 60s and circuit and 70s and 80s return for wednesday and thursday. >> it is a quiet morning in the north by so for today, so looking at the rich upon san rafael bridge on the richmond side approaching the toll plaza but moving along and the cash lanes are slower. if you were with us half an hour or 45 minutes ago you heard of a problem with bart an equipment problem on one of the trains online and still had 20-minute delays but they are resolved the problem in pittsburgh and bay point and richmond direction. dry times, highway 4 to the maze westbound 80 there was a crash that just cleared on the shoulder but it is crimestoppers at 28 minutes and 16 minutes across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo has in problems in the green at 10 minutes. we have two problems in the clearing stages in the south bay. >> looking for something to do, we have a great idea, grab some
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friends and though san francisco's golden gate park and hardly strictly bluegrass festival kicks off today and hundreds of thousands of people are expected, a they day festival with more then 100 acts on seven stages, and not just traditional bluegrass, there will be winona, and cyndi lauper and there is a silent disco one of the dance ever veterans where everyone is wear headphones. >> cyndi lauper is transitioning to country. >> when do the warm springs and bart station in fremont open? michael finney tells us it could may not be as soon as hoped. >> a big purchase for oracle
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>> zero to 60 in less than three seconds, exercise rather unveiled $2.2 million super car at paris motor show year. i like the wheels. the hybrid convertible has
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the again's formula one cars and only 209 were made. ferrari kept nine of them. the other 200 were sold out before the launch. i want to know, who here in the bay area just ordered that? i know some people will be driving an it in. we have a question for michael finney and this is regarding bart. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> i wonder in the warm springs and south bay area bart is opening soon? we were toll it was but nothing on it yet. can you advise? i would appreciate it. >> it is way past due. it was supposed it open last year. now, bart is not willing to give us any indication at all of when it could help. right new, nothing is scheduled. as soon as we get a date i will pass it along. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your chart phone or tablet and share it on social with # askfinney.
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you can have your question answered right here on abc morning. >> oracle owns the san mateo marriott and have big plans. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the again closed a deal on wednesday to buy the mayor idea for $132 million. officials say they did it in part to use to train its direct sales staff and it will operate as a marriott and remain open to the public during an extensive renovation. this is their first hotel purchase. >> changes are coming to public bathrooms in the state. find out when you can see gender neutral signs. >> how east bay students reacting to the death of a resource officer. >> many questions remain in the hoboken train crash, investigators are looking for the recorder to figure out what went wrong. >> plus, a by czar -- bizarre
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attack by clown in ohio is forces schools to close. >> weekend plans could be wet with the storm impact scale back and what to expect
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needs smoothing care. garnier whole blends smoothing oil. infused with coconut oil & cocoa butter extracts. protects each strand for naturally-beautiful, shiny hair. garnier whole blends. smoothing haircare with coconut oil & cocoa butter. >> good morning, east bay, let's get going. this is abc mornings. >> it is a friday. 6:29. september 30. i am reggie aqui. >> glad you here i am natasha
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zouves. jessica castro is here and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. a little bit of drizzle. >> a little. very scattered. very lit. nothing like what is coming on sunday. i will show you the cloud deck that is out this on live doppler hd, and it is going to last a lot less than yesterday. look for sunglasses. you will need them. the day planner, 50s and 60 at noon, and 50s and 60s at 4:00. we were at 100 early this week and fall is back with an update on wet weather on sunday. alexis? >> we had two early problems and the first was on westbound 237, before you get to lawrence parkway here, four vehicles involved and we confirmed they fully cleared that and the backup is gone. in the fremont area, southbound 880 at warren avenue another three vehicle collision and it was cleared quickly. we have longer of a delay there and you were backed up toward
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the dumbarton bridge and hopefully it will losen up. >> we will look at drive times next. >> right now east bay community is mounting a beloved police officer. all the police officer ken zink was killed in a motorcycle crash on his way to work yesterday. our reporter is at the police station. i know the impact on the kids is huge. >> huge. they have a hard time with the loss. he was very well regarded at police department and three worked here as an officer for nine years but it was his work recently at the middle school where he had a huge impact. 53-year-old ken zink was known as zink and "dad," by students at held middle school and then for taking kids under his wing and takes some to the a's game on the weekend. he was killed yesterday morning in a traffic accident on way to work the he was riding his smoke on interrogate 80 in vallejo and
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three collided with a pickup truck. word spread quickly at the school, students made cards and posters for officer ken zink as they dealt with the grief. >> he was like a father figure to me and...i am so sad he is gone. >> officer ken zink was honored back in 2010 as "officer of the year," at the police department. they are now flying the flag at half staff and they have put up a tribute to him in the lobby with pictures up with flowers and three leaves behind seven kids of his own of course in addition to all of kids at the middle school who thing of him as a father figure and they are planning a memorial service for him. >> i feel terrible for the family. look at this, it is nice to see the community coming together for the officer and his family. a gofundme account was set up and their goal was $10,000.
6:33 am
do you see the scene? it is now more than $12,000. in fact, just the past hour, it has gone up quite a bit. if you would like to help out we have a link at >> new to the wildfire that is still burning in the santa cruz mountains. official say it has destroyed homosexuals and nine other outbuildings and a fire firefighter is hurt. new details are impending in the fight. matt? >> cal fire updated me on the injuried firefighter, the injuries are considered "minor," and that is great news. it is amazing this is the only injury a firefighter has suffered while on the low-to-mid ma fire consider -- on the loma fire considering dangerous conditions. these are firefighters arriving here in gilroy and they are coming to start the 24 hour ship they will get food, briefed and
6:34 am
head up the mountain. fire grew 150 acres to 4,313 acres with containment at 34%. community meeting was held for eva weeks and others and some express serious station did did not hear more after number of homes destroyed increased to eight. firefighters say it is important to get residents out of the area. >> there are narrow roads in there, steep terrain and we need to get the fire equipment in and out and make sure the firefighters can continue to work on increasing our containment lines. it could be a period of days before we get people into the area and we realize it can be frustrating but we need the fire quipment and personnel in there to hold our containment and increase our containment >> the weather is cooling down but as meteorologist mike nicco has been say all morning, the firefighters are also echoing his words, the winds, this afternoon, could be troublesome, and we will learn more at the
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briefing from cal fire at 7:00. >> federal investigators are in new jersey trying to figure out why the train never slowed down before it crashed into a terminal killing a woman and hurting more than 100 others. structural damage to the station is impacting the first full day of the ntsb investigation. they did recover the event recorder, and as for the training engineer he is identified as thomas gallagher in the railroad business for three decades now. 34-year-old mother was killed by fly debris. she had just dropped off her daughter, a toddler, at day care. >> we ran over and there were a lot of people kicking out the witnesses to exit the train. >> much more coverage on the investigation and the timeline of the crash on "good morning america" next. >> a long list of world leaders gthered for the funeral of shimon peres including president obama and bill clinton and
6:36 am
palestinian president abbas joined for the service in judgment. the palestinian leader sat in the front row and look at this moment, abbas shakes hands with israel's prime minister netanyahu. peres won the nobel peace prize in 1994 for his peace dailying with palestinians. >> he was never cynical. shimon peres has that faith, that optimism, that belief, even when all the evidence is to the contrary, that tomorrow can be better and it makes us just not honor shimon peres but love him. night net said town south a testament to his optimism and quest for peace. >> :36. a long time algebra teacher at a prep school to san jose is now accuse evidence sexually assaulting a former student. david graham is on leave from the school. he was arrested yesterday. he taught the victim back in
6:37 am
2007 when she was only 13. police say the former student told a friend of the assault just this past summer and that friend reported it to police. in a statement the school said "we were shocked and deeply dismayed when the reported situation was brought to our attention, and the school is fully cooperating." >> new this morning, a 20-year-old man suspected in a fatal shooting has turned himself in. the 18-year-old was shot and killed on september 19 on the way home from work. investigators believe the suspect, jeremy is a member of the swerve significant of richmond. there is in known mightive. >> new detail after cyber attack targeting a novato medical company. marin medical practices concepts lost the information for more than 5,000 patients when it restored its systems. it did that because of a cyber attack in july. the company paid a ransom to
6:38 am
regain control of its computers and initially it said that no information was compromised and a glitch is blame for the loss of information and all affected patients are notified. >> bart is say there is little they can do to stop a person placing anti-met ice fliers on the windshields of cars parked at the east bay station and we at the lafayette bart station where we found some of the fliers litering the ground yesterday. riders found them on the cars on wednesday, and a spokesman said they are considered free speech and the agency cannot prohibit on intervene. however, the person seen place the fliers is also accused of threatening a rider on wednesday afternoon, and police are expected to file a disturbing the peace charge. asingle occupancy restrooms in california will be gender neutral. the governor brown signed the bill into law yesterday. it is aimed at making sure public spaces are inclusive for the lgbt community. and to help parents and caretakers who want to accompany people of the honest sex into the restroom.
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>> now your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we start in the south bay with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s but in the hills in leg log where it is 49, and remember when the lows were in the upper 70s, quite a change. calistoga is 48, and same in bodega bay and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50s and cooler because the cloud deck is not as thick. the air or warm air is rising and the cold air is sinking under it as we head through the next hour. the golden gate bridge shows winds from the west at 15 and they pick up on water today with small small choppy and breezy and it will be cool, at our peaches, and mutt so great but good for exercising. here is a look at the temperatures, they will be the same, 60s around the bay and 70s inland and tomorrow, they will drop dramatically, and on sunday the rain is on the way. an hour-by-hour look at what you should expect and when you need the umbrella.
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alexis? >> we are congested through the bay bridge toll plaza and here is a look at westbound 80 before we get to the tollbooths. we had a brushfire up on right hand side and fire crews arrived and got it tapped out. looking at a few our drive times from the east bay, no problems on southbound 680, highway 4, to walnut creek it is coming in at 11 minutes, and westbound 24 is great at walnut creek to highway 13 at ten minutes and westbound 580 has not been material, getting out of the central vietnam between tracy and dublin it is 45 minutes and that is not too bad for that stretch. if you is look at the bart website it is saying 20-minute delay because of the early equipment problem but we caused and they said the delay gone at this point and that has not been updated. and that is in the pittsburg and bay point direction. more mass transit with the it san francisco bay ferry ahead. >> look at this wild police chase in the valley, it is crazy. people had to run out of the way the you will see this prius in
6:41 am
the intersection, t-bone a car, a police cruiser is coming to the intersection to try and top it but the driver keeps going and this is the worst part, he drive on to the sidewalk, and there is a pedestrian, watch this, pushing a baby stroller...that opinion nearly is hit and the driver hit as parked car, rather than the person and police officer make the arrest. ⌞> so glad the mother was okay whoever was public the baby stroller. >> a strange story from ohio where school is canceled something to do with a clown? jessica? >> yes, toys are closing schools in ohio near cincinnati. it is after a woman reported being attack by a man dressed as a clown. it whatted overnight. this is actually an alarming trend we have heard of clouds holding up banks in phoenix be attacking people in florida and this is the scene two careers ago, people dressing up as creepy clowns here in california
6:42 am
across the central valley. now, the trend we are seeing it crop up, again, across the country. in fact, in the case in ohio this morning, the clown specifically mentioned students at the school being in danger a threat that police and law enforcement and school leaders taking very seriously. that is the latest at the live desk. >> unsolved mystery in the east bay, and why police are now desperate to find this bus rider. >> a new start-up promising to save you
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prop 61 will not hurt vets, buti will help all californians by lowering drug prices. don't be fooled. join "vote vets" in voting yes on prop 61. are spending $100 million dollars to defeat it.
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>> fremont police are searching for this man who could provide clues on a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian critically injured. three was captured on surveillance video boarding a bus. he could be the only witness to the hit-and-run accident. it happened on when night as woman crossed fremont boulevard outside a crosswalk when she was hit by a vehicle in the northbound lane. an a.c. transit bus was first on the scene and the driver say the man was standing near the individual on the street. police say the man appeared nervous and fidgeted >> the bus driver called bus, steps off, steps on, steps off and leaves. >> this is a description of the car, a gold camry, and
6:46 am
unfortunately sit too dark to tell in it has damage. they are not saying in the man could be responsible for the crash. >> burglars robbed a photography shop on the planes that is about to close doors for good. the photography in palo alto had throughs of dollars worth of merchandise stolen over the weekend. this is according to our media partners at the mercury news, and we just talk the to the owner last week when they announced they are shutting down palo alto locations after 51 years saying online shopping is taking his business away. >> happening today the giants fans who survivorred a nearly fatal building outside the stadium will share the story with students at elementary school at 9:00 a.m. part of the focus on kindness and anti-bullying. he suffered brain damage during the brutal attack on oning day of 20112011 and through the bryan stow foundation he speaks
6:47 am
to children about bullying two or three day a week. >> supporters and opponents of the california's 17 ballot measures are shelling out major bucks to sway your vote in november. people have donated $390 million to different hot button issues. that is $3 million shy of the record. that record was set in 2008 when huge issues like same-sex marriage were on the ballot. remember, this is not overs spending skyrockets in the final weeks before the election. this year, the most money spent on a single issue and by far by more than $100 million spent on prop 61 to cap prescription drug prices. most of that is coming from, no surprise, pharmaceutical companies. the most expensive ballot initiatives this california since 2000, $172 million spent on four propositions to increase
6:48 am
the number of indian casinos and $163 million spent on a measure in 2005 that would give prescription drug discounts to low income residents. and back in 2006, $155 million spent on a gas consumption ballot. now we will talk about the national political scene, usa today breaking deck as of tradition, and it is not endorsing hillary clinton but it is saying you should not vote for donald trump. the board is causing donald trumpen fit to be president. he traffics in prejudice addition, has a checkered business career, and "is a serial liar." this is the first time in 34 years "usa today" has criticized a candidate like this. usually they never endorse anyone. >> this is the first time. incredible. >> a new start-up could help you save thousands on medical bills. we go to the nasdaq and a check on stocks.
6:49 am
>> i am going to keep going although i lost you. google has offered the waze ride sharing to san francisco users and "wall street journal" said san francisco residents can request tries through the waze app kind of like uber and lyft but there is a difference. google wants the waze service to match riders and drivers headed in the same direction. a start-up said it can save you thousands on your medical brings and is called remedy, partly because of the complex united states health care system americans pay $120 billion a career in medical billing we reports and overcharges and they want to combine technology with experts to save consumers millions. there is a fee, 20% of any savings it finded. 34 million have started christmas shopping and by end of november a quarter of united states adults will be finished. the real annoying overachieveers
6:50 am
are those who are already done with their holiday shipping, a million people. already. finished. for the career. stocks recouping the losses we had yesterday, the dow at 106, and sap also in the green and up. >> thank you. one of those people who started the holiday shopping, years ago joy? >> not me. >> regard self? >> i know what i will a getting you. i don't understand are this happens every year. >> i will were shamed daily. >> i thought you were talking about my wife buying for herself because i am so inept. hopefully not this year. good morning, everyone, from south beach i ran into mist but that is it at 2:30 coming across the bay bridge, you can see the clouds breaking up. the cold front will bring frees and cooler and with the sunshine, a cool weekend and showers on sunday and were
6:51 am
warmth middle of next week. on the day today and into the delta it will be choppy and breezy at 24 to 38 miles per hour from noon to 4:00. maybe not the best friday to be on the water. temperatures today are 50s at the coast, 60s away the bay, and barely low-to-mid 70s inland. at the game, the dodgers like to do nothing more than keep us out of the play 506s but we have a game lead on the cardinals. more windy than normal at at&t park. if you have not been with us, we have rain in the forecast so we bring the storm impact scale out and we rang our storms from "1" light to "5" severe with scattered showers less than .1" but isolated heavy showers and thunderstorms and you will need the umbrella from 9:00 to noon and noon to 4:00 through the bay but not a complete coverage of wet weather. they are scattered showers. some of you will get rain and some not. all of us are cool in the 60s on sunday, and 60s and 70s and 80s returning for wednesday and thursday. >> good morning, we are taking a look at the golden gate bridge and the same next this morning
6:52 am
on my drive in as mike, a few sprinkles on the windshield wiper and not looking too bad if you coming southbound 101 the volumes are okay along with the clouds breaking up a bit. zooming in on the traffic map, westbound 80 we are okay today but we had a crash quickly come and go around ashby and that is gone but you can see we have crimestoppers all the way back into san pablo and that is just a typical day along that proud. a quick note, a couple trips not happen this morning and the 7:30 a.m. departure from alameda to south san francisco, and same thing at:40 oakland departur to south san francisco nose are canceled and i will have several of the alameda and oakland departures to the ferry building on a reduced capacity vessel again today. >> coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know. >> but, any our instagram photo, follow us at bay area and you can get more great pictures like this one share your photos and
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>> he are the 15 things you need to know. new numbers released by cal fire on the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. it has green do 4,300 acres and is 33% contained. 17 homes and outbuildings have been destroyed. tday is the day we wait for the winds to pick up so watch out. it could be more dangerous.
6:55 am
we talk about the wet weather, and cooler conditions up to ten degrees cooler and the wet weather comes in on sunday. enjoy the day. the bus stop forecast grab a jacket. the sunglasses this afternoon. >> three, we are starting to look better in the south bay with an early collision, southbound 880 in the fremont area, and it blocked a few lanes but it was cleared off to the shoulder. zooming out you can see stop-and-go traffic to the dumbarton bridge. >> and students are mourning the loss of officer ken zink killed in a motorcycle crash while headed to the school where he worked. >> federal investigators recorded the recorder in hoboken, new jersey, after a deadly train crash that killed a woman. the engineer is cooperating and has three decades of experience. >> six, mission complete. the space propose we rosetta intentionally crash larged on
6:56 am
the comet it has been chasing for a decade, with the first images ever taken on the surface of a comet. all the hardly strictly bluegrass festival kicks off in golden gate park in san francisco including more than 100 acts such as cyndi lauper. it is free. that means, hundreds of thousands of people are going do be there so as alexis knows plan how you are parking. or not parking. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. deadly train crash right at rush hour. frightening new images from inside that new jersey station. >> we just heard, like, a ka-boom. the whole place shook. >> panicked passengers flee the mangled metal. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> one mother killed. after dropping off her toddler at day care. more than 100 injured. investigators trying to determine why the train didn't slow down. and this morning, an exclusive interview with the real-life superman. >> i was trying to help whoever i could. >> he rushed into the building when so many were racing out. "unfit for the presidency." the stunning headline from one of the biggest newspapers in the country, slamming donald trump. as the gop nominee sounds off, now saying the debate was fixed. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all


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