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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, east bay. let's get going. >> coming up on 5:00 a.m. on tuesday october 4. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have meteorologist mike nicco, and alexis smith tracking the dry roads. >> nice you are back. glad you are feeling better. maybe you brought the sunshine. >> good morning, everyone. put the umbrellas away. no need to worry about wet weather. we have a little bit of drizzle along the coast. you can see that is where the clouds are. otherwise, look how clear it is from our south beach camera. we will talk about temperatures that are running from 49 to 59 this morning. the day planner shows increasing sunshine, low-to-mid 60s at noon and 60 at the coast and mid-60s an the bay and 7 inland. dry and bright at 4:00. grab the coat this evening. 50s and 60s. >> we saw the zipper trucks on the golden gate 15 minutes ago.
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they are now cleared. wider drive on southbound 101 but light volumes. the only place with a slow down is westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to 33 minutes. ace train out of the central valley, we have slow downs. i will talk about that next. >> we continue to track breaking news from the east bay now where officers are still searching for a driver who led them on a chase through several cities. we will show you where it ended in hayward at mission boulevard at hancock street crashing into a fence on bart property at one point. it started when police spotted the stolen truck in vallejo at 1:00 this morning. they tried to pull that driver over. he led them on a chase on the interstates including surface streets. c.h.p. called off the search. that man got away. >> we will talk about the only commute. it is not just bad for you it is getting worse. every year. >> not just your imagination. tiffany is in san jose with one
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of the worst commutes. tiffany? >> yes, good morning, the good news traffic is moving freely. the bad news is later during the commute, this stretch of 101 in santa clara county will look more lick a parking lot than like ally. the new report just released from the metropolitan transportation commission proves the silicon valley commute really is that bad. there is potential that it could be worse. that is because the south bay workforce is growing. and commuting. transit authority say the incredible job growth through silicon valley is behind the congestion and no one wants to say no to more bay area businesses. >> we do not always realize in silicon valley, traffic on our seven highways was increased 40% in just the last six years since 2010. we are now the second worst in the country, second only to los angeles.
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>> the silicon valley leadership group said that measure "b" half cent sales tax could pay for the addition of extra lanes that would reduce traffic. voters will decide on measure "b" next month. >> thanks. now, the worst commute now is eastbound highway 101 to treasure island. i don't think any of you would dispute that. second worse is westbound 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. the third? 680 in san jose. the fourth, is southbound 101 in santa clara county. fifth worst compute is eastbound 80 in alameda county, this is what we hear every morning from election. >> cite growing frustration with bart several east bay and central valley politicians are moving to link bart to the ace train service. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the idea is to put bart to livermore and look it to
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the ace train line running between san jose and stockton. the alameda county supervisor is leading this saying bart spent millions to strangle the idea and it should be noted the public for the new line is when bart said they need $9 billion in new infrastructure to keep the current system running. >> a surprise trip of the pope overnight hit down in an area hit by disaster recently. jessica castro? >> yes, pope francis arrived in italy to tour a small town hit by a powerful earthquake back in august. these are new images we got to the live desk. it was a surprise visit after the 6.2 earthquake that killed 300 people early this summer. he is already made a visit a school there, a makeshift school that has popped up in the community the he also is planning to go to what is called the red zone, an area that is blocked off because of the
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destruction there. it is still not open to the general public. the pope will be able to tour that. these new images coming in to our live desk and i will keep an eye on his visit for you, from here, that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the "washington post" journalist and bay area native freed from an iranian prison in january has now filed a lawsuit against the iranian government. jason resolution was working as the iranian correspondent and he and his wife were jailed on charge of spying. he and the family are suing iran claiming rezaian was tortured during the 18 months psychological. the lawsuit asked for unspecified amount for damages. >> san francisco based wells fargo is losing another big customer, the state treasurer of illinois is suspending the $30 billion investment with the bank for at least a year. california did the same. the wells fargo employees opened millions of false accounts without telling customers to
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meet aggressive sales quota. >> an investigation has uncovered a statewide child porn ring based out of san francisco. police made three arrests in the city yesterday, this trio accused of distributing child porn to people across the state. those arrests led to investigators to two other men, one is from sacramento county and another was arrested in los angeles. they are accused possessing child porn. >> happening today, oakland city leaders are considering naming part of a park after a plan party member killed nearly 50 years ago, the south side of the perk after bobby hutton who died in a shot out with police near the park in 1968, two days after martin luther king are j was assassinated. the black panther party members opened fire first and he had his hands up when he was shot. >> milpitas city council will update the owner control report after dozens of complaints. many residents say the smell is
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coming from the landfill. the city council said it received 72 odor complaints in less than a in. in november, the milpitas residents will vote on a measure to double the landfill in size because it has nearly reached capacity. as for the smelly complaints, the city council meets tonight at 7:00. >> the contra costa county sheriff is getting a big upgrade to crackdown on drunk drivers. the crime laboratory received $324,000 grant to buy 24 new breathalyzers. officers say the new equipment will ensure the highest quality of analyses in d.u.i. cases with train taking a year. >> the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> how about the storm system yesterday? it is again. behind it, we have warmer temperatures, with clouds in oakland at 58, and clear, down around fremont, and 57, and in between we have 54 in castro valley and berkeley and richmond and hayward at 57 degrees. across the bay we have san
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carlos into the south bay, san jose and los gatos at 57 and brentwood is 52 and novato at 59, and dress for 54 in pacifica. here is what will happen today, warming sunshine this afternoon. we will have 60s inland, and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, and low 60s along the coast into san francisco. still, climbing tomorrow, 60s and 70s with more 70s building around bay and look at this, inland we back to average with 80s show up on thursday, with 70s in the south bay, and 78 there, and low-to-mid 70s around the bay and mid-60s around half moon bay and san francisco. it is neat week but take a look at what will happen as we dip into the weekend. here is a look at san francisco, today and tomorrow, our last two of the warmest days of the year with an average high of 72. by friday, we are at 71. saturday we are at 72, and cooler and more cloud cover, at 625 on sunday. if you are here in san francisco, friday and saturday are the warmest days.
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now, alexis said she has delays. >> ace train is running late so ace one is delayed about 20 minutes out of stockton. that will be five cars when it is move. we have one train out now and another wait to leave stockton, both approximately 20 minutes late. keeping a close dry on that. if you drive out of street valley the typical throughs are building from the tracy area. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are wide open, give it 20 more minutes and we should see the metering lights flipped on and the only blocking issue we have at the moment is in marin county, this was a fatal crash, happened after 1:00 this morning, sir francis drake and shad drove creek, the investigators still have not cleared the scene but it sounds like they are in the wrapup process of that and i will let you know when it is back open. >> do not call it auto pilot, why state regulators are telling tesla that term is deceiving. all the giants prepare for a pitcher's duel in the big apple
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>> we are back at 5:12. san francisco police do not believe week homicides are related, four deadly shootings and another a stabbing across the city from lower pacific heights to visitacion valley. police made one arrest. a 59-year-old man accused of stabbing a woman to death at california streets on sunday afternoon. >> we have more details from the investigation into the armed robbery involving kim kardashian in paris. investigator say she was able to
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wiggle out of the cables and tape she was bound in by assailants after they left and ran to a balcony and screamed for help. show was also able to call her body guard who was at a nightclub with her sisters. the arm problemers were reportedly dressed as police and made off with more than $10 million in jewelry. investigators say kim kardashian's snapchat made her a target. she say the timing of the attack suggest it could be an inside job considering the bodyguard was really only away for a short amount of time. authorities believe the jewelry is out of country and likely broken up and sold already. no arrests have been made but officials believe the pink panther gang could be behind this. >> in the first look the trial is underway for a georgia father in the death his two-year-old son accused of intentionally leaving the toddler in a hot car. here are the details. >> in the first look we take you to opening statements, the prosecutors in the murder trial
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of justin harris question how he could forget to drop the 22-month-old off at day care after the two had breakfast a this restaurant down the street just minutes away from both the day care and his office end the boy died in a hot s.u.v. >> cooper harris was trapped in a rear facing car seat for seven hours and this surveillance vido shows his father checking on the car in the middle of the day. >> while his son was dying outside, the married father was senting with other women. >> that show he is guilty. he is charged with murder and second degree child cruelty and plead not guilty say it was an accident. the ex-wife agrees he is innocent. we will have more on the trial at 7:00 a.m. with the first look i am reporting from atlanta. >> should tesla drop the term autopilot? california regulators say "yes." they say until the car can be driven on its own, without having passengers pay attention,
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it should nature be called self driveing or autopilot. kit now clear and change lanes but a person is supposed to take the wheel in needed. >> the to pilot now is available in the model "s" and model "x". >> homeless people who want to set up camp in oakland could have a place to do that with help from the city hall. the number of hopeless living on the oakland streets has been rising. the tents are downtown and in both west and east oakland. the oakland mayor is pledging help and a place to stay. >> we are going to help move the communities off of the streets ino winter shelters and in some kisses, a stented encampment area we are working on identifying. >> the city council is expected to take up the growing problem this week. >> the san francisco giants are now are in new york and getting ready for a wild card game where the winner goes home, and this
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prospect is terrify for giants fans, but for most fans but comforting for giants, the one game playoff format started four years ago and san francisco won the world series after winning the elimination wild car. bumgarner was on the mount at that time and he will be on the mound again tomorrow in new york. the north carolina native has a last mile on his arm but the team said he is strong and they are count on it. >> it is very special pitcher. he has done historic things. we look forward to competing. creating memories. >> his representation is second to none. he will be ready. >> giants made the playoffs after winning the wild card in 2002. they made it to the world series. let's do it again. >> can he save theepend in metee giants gear tomorrow? >> he had on his tie yesterday.
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>> i word with my wife on the appropriate orange to wear tomorrow the anyone else? >> i'm there. i will support you. >> our stage manager, joey will, bright eyed and ready to go. the weather is going to be hospitable. 72 for a high tomorrow in norm. during the game it will be in the mid-60s. clear conditions. falling to the low 60s. we are dry and sunny today. cool nights and warmer days ahead with the warmest day on friday and saturday. we talked about the breezes over the bay water today. it will be choppy. from noon to 9:00. everywhere, 24 to 38 miles per hour wind. 61 at half moon bay. san francisco is 62. oakland at 68. we warm to 7 in san jose. santa rosa is 73 and napa is 71 and mid-70s inland east bay neighborhood and 73 in concord and livermore. as far as the lows we are dipping into the 40s in our deepest valleys, and lynch is
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47. vallejo and napa and santa rosa and cloverdale at 45 and palo alto at 49. my seven-day forecast shows a couple of degrees warmer today and another two to four degrees on thursday and more on friday and then we are in the mid-to-upper 80s inland, and mid-60s at the coast. enjoy that. >> this is our commuter alert for folks trying to get out of the central valley this morning, ace train one is approximately 20 minutes delayed out of stockton and it sounds like they were 40 minutes to late out of stockton and there are five cars for that. they arrived in tracy at 20 miutes late so they are making up time and the average are coming down and it looks like ace three is set to leave on time in 15 or 20 minutes. it look like whatever the issue is, it was isolated with the one train and they are improving. san jose, 101, northbound side at the 880 split, on the left-hand side of our screen, we are look at increasing volumes but no major issues so far today. if you are drive out of the
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central valley, we have typical stop-and-go delays for several miles between tracy and the altamont pass. i programmed to look at drive times and that is next. >> new promise for oakland students because after generous donation. the mayor, students and school officials at the high school announced expansion of oakland promise to the east oakland high school. there was a $2 million anonymous donation. the program provides qualified soviet unions with everything from mentoring to college scholarships. >> this will leave a legacy the you will have younger siblings, motivated and inspired by their older siblings in college and will change the community for the better. >> the goal of oakland promise is to triple the number of oakland students would graduate from college. >> celebrities are gearing up for double elimination on "dancing with the stars" after the show pulled off the biggest theme shows ever. ♪ make me feel
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♪ the way you make me feel >> that is olympic gymnast, hernandez, just a natural. she and her partner earned the first perfect score of season and can you see why, the jazz routine from michael jackson's music got a judge to call her the queen of the dance floor that night. tonight, two stars will go home, you can watch double elimination on "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00. right here. >> next, seven things you need to know as you start your day to know as you start your day and edgy new fashion collection narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining
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the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks >> here are the seven things you need to know. breaking news in hayward where a driver of a stolen pickup crashed after leaving -- leading police on a pursuit from vallejo
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to hayward. driver managed to get away from the police. >> hurricane matthew just made landfall in haiti a category four with winds at 145 miles per hour. the u.n. said that more than 10 million people are in that storm's path with rain reaching 40" in some spots. >> it is more likely to be closer to the united states and i will have that forecast ahead. at home, let me show you the difference we will be two to eight degrees warmer, but santa rosa was 59 yesterday and 73 today. out of tracy we have typical delays and ace train delays with ace 120 minutes late out of stockton. that is five cars, today, and you can expect the delays either way if you are leaning tracy or stockton. >> the majority of americans do not know their names but tonight it is time to be introduced with the only vice presidential debate, with with tim kaine ande
5:24 am
pence preparing as they take center stage. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. >> two trump supporters claim they were kicked out of a bar in san francisco because of their political views. the confrontation is seen on cell phone video, and one or both interacted inappropriately with a bartender. >> tonight marks durant's debut wearing a warriors jersey. the game is on espn, and the first 10,000 fans get a free steph curry bobblehead. >> i want that. >> you have already unlessed flu shot offers at pharmacies and where you work, but, some doctors say it could be a good idea to wait a little bit longer to get the shot if you older. some believe it is better for people over the age of 65 to hold off until halloween so you are protected through the majority of the really bad flu season, and centers for disease control saying it usually peaks
5:25 am
teen december and march. >> italian fashion house is under fire for the latest line of edgy clothes and accessories. the collection is models after prescription bottles, pills and drug information, normally found in over the counter medication. this weekend, they came under criticism by alcohol and drug counselors call on the company to pull the collection and for nordstrom to stop selling the items. >> top retailers pull towels and sheets from the shelves that are sold as egyptian cotton products but there are questions whether that is actually true. "7 on your side" and michael finney alerted to us this issue last night. one of india's largest textile suppliers made towels and bedding for major retailers and now refunds are offered, and target pulled items from the company off the shelves in august. and wal-mart did the same a few weeks later. >> we have a full 90 minutes of
5:26 am
news. >> big changes are on the the way for anyone booked into santa clara county jail and it could be easier to post bail. >> i am tracking hurricane matthew with new information coming to our live desk on exactly where it is hitting right now, and why haiti is bracing for the worst. also, new images. >> dozens of east bay kids and families are rallying for their beloved pool and some residents are demanding changes to the popular spot. >> it is nice to see dry roads out there and we will be right back.
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> it is not even 5:30. you can surface a couple more minutes and hang with us.
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>> you have a minute and seven seconds. i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter, alexis smith. good morning, all, and we are going to have a nice day. put the umbrellas away unless the sun bothers you. that is what we deal with. cloud cover shows the lack of radar returns other than a slight chance of drizzle at the coast it will be dry. from sutro tower you can see how clean the air is. we are waking up to temperatures warmer this morning, low-to-mid 50s out there by noon, the day planner is low-to-mid 60s from 60 to 66 and 4:00 we are going 60 to 72 and dry and warmer conditions. we come back we will look at mathew and how were close are it is coming to affecting the united states from florida, possibly all the way up to the carolinas. alexis has the commute? >> we have the bay bridge toll plaza lights on and i checked at 5:28, a m ago they were flipped on. you can see everyone with thes exception of the car pool lanes are congested.
5:30 am
also, word of a new your in hayward area southbound 880 beyond 92 at industrial. it sounds like we have two vehicles and a bus involved in this with no backup but i have more information on this ahead. >> we are tracking breaking news, details coming in now of a police chase that started in vallejo. >> it ended in hayward and that is where we find our reporter, amy hollyfield. >> what a chase. 40 miles, just to end up empty handed, building here and you can see the express gone, they have abandoned the search for the guy they were chasing and this is hancock and mission in hayward. but it started well before here. we have video, a snippet of the long police chase when it went through oakland, and it started in vallejo, and it lasted all the way into hayward, it lasted for an hour and it started at 1:00 this morning, and vallejo police tried to make the stop because the dodge pickup truck, a 1993 dodge pickup, had been stolen, but, the driver kept
5:31 am
going, and at one point he hit a fence in a bart parking lot, but, still, he kept going. finally, stopping here at hancock and mission in hayward, but, the person ran away, and police looked for the person for an hour, and then called off the search at 3:00 this morning. so the suspect still is on the loses. thank you. investigators are trying to determine in a string of armed robberies in contra costa county, are the work of one gang. six holdups happened in the span of four days last week, in pinole, orinda, danville, pittsburg, antioch and brentwood, police in two of the cities want to necessity in their cases involved two men wanted for an attack in orinda that involved this woman, school district vice president carol brown, shot we and that is her husband there, he was pistol-whipped in their driveway. the suspects were wearing halloween masks and they got away. authorities say all of the robberies involved two men and they always attacked their victims as they pulled into the
5:32 am
driveway. two of the cases they were spotted driving off in a white sedan. >> we have break news at the liz, hurricane mathew has just made landfall in haiti and right now it is hitting the western part of the island country, look at new images coming in, the storm has already been deadly and we have reports of two or three deaths associated with half rainfall, ahead of the hurricane, and now the country, really, bracing for the worst part of it, 3,000 people are in shelters right new, and u.n. preparing for what they think could be a real humanitarian disaster since haiti was crippled in 2010 bit huge america and it has never fully recovered. i will continue watching new images coming interest our live desk but i want to hand things over to mike who has been tracking the storm. mike? >> yes, nice images of how powerful the storm is but the images will be worse with up to 40" of rain falling on haiti. we will look at what happened while you were sleeping, you can
5:33 am
see the category tour storm, picked up winds to 145 miles an hour, and now it is 10 miles north of haiti, and about to exit off of the southwest tip of haiti and head up to the bahamas. today and tomorrow, wind damage and in cuba this could be 20" of rain and that is how much oakland gets in a day, the storm surge is incredible across the bra ham at 10 to 15' that could bury parts of the islands. guys? >> thank you, mike. a well-known san francisco shoplifting ring has been busted up, 16 members of the rainbow crew are facing charges this morning. they are linked to dozen of thefts in union square and other parts of san francisco. and other united states cities dating back to last year. though eastbounded had name because of rainbow colored outfits and o'hare styles. officials pour over footage for more than 300 surveillance cameras set up around union area and ten suspects were arrested in other cities, and police say the rainbow crew made off with nearly 500,000 worth of goods.
5:34 am
>> a 14-year-old said a man exposed himself to her at a palo alto park and told police she was riding her bicycle on friday and it was close to the elementary in henry and gunn high school and sought man pull down his shorts on a bench as she rode by, a tanned white man in his 50s with sport spikey white hair and medium build. >> santa clara could be the first county in california to overhaul the bail system. the supervisors equity anded to approve a plan to move the county from money bail system to risked base, with the goal do reduce the inmates who are low risk but stuck in jail because they are overincome. critics say they are trying to ruin a system that already works. >> happening todays oakland city council. look at terms of a possible sale of the coliseum property. a conference where property negotiators is on the agenda in
5:35 am
a special closed session. at the top of the list is what the price would be. in ronnie lott is involved, he said he is optimistic the group he is leading can keep the raiders oakland. an agreement with the city gives him until the end of november to work out a deal. >> the red cross is tell us why they have to delay giving supplies to victims of the loma fire. volunteers were supposed to hand out cleaning and comfort items today to those would have been impacted by the fire in the santa cruz mountains. officials say that the building they plan on using to distribute the supplies is not available. they have to resume tomorrow, and the fire has destroyed 12 homes and it has burned 4,500 acres and the good news is it is 85% contained. >> now, the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk temperature on the peninsula, where it is 60 in san bruno and redwood city is 59 and san mateo and menlo park is a cool spot at 54 and pacifica and daly city, at 55.
5:36 am
now, san ramon is a cool spot at 51 and los gatos is 52 and napa is 56, and santa rosa is 54. here is what will happen, in san jose, look at the temperatures average high is 79 degrees. we going to be 78 on thursday, close on friday and saturday and sunday and low-to-mid 80's, so warmer than average. here is a look from sutro tower this morning, you can see just how clean the air is, and we talk about walking the dogs it will be cool today, grab the sunglasses, it is dry, you will need the sunglasses, and breezy on water. we will stay with sutro tower here and look at what is going to happen the next flee days. plenty of sunshine on tuesday and wednesday and temperatures in the 60s and 70s until we get to thursday with 80s creeping in, and i will show you the warmer weather for fleet weekend coming up in a second. the seven-day forecast is ahead. but first, election has an update on commute. >> quite a bit. looking outside at the san mateo bridge you are okay and
5:37 am
southbound 880 if you are getting past 92 before industrial we had a flee vehicle collision and it sound like that is push off to the shoulder and i show you what it looks like on the traffic maps shortly. rght now i get you to san francisco be and that is because the dream force years starts as moscone center today and we have had howard street closed since last friday between third and fourth and closed until monday, for tear down as well, and we are expecting 45,000 each day to be in the so ma area so in adifficult to how arrest, there are terrorism muni lines that will be impacted lasting through snday, and there is a big concert at cow palace on wednesday evening, and you can expect closures in the area between 4:00 people and midnight and reggie aqui and natasha that is causing congestion. >> last year they had stevie wonder. >> it is u2. >> they have the biggest names. >> the biggest entrepreneurs expecting to kick off dream force. >> and they will have mark cuban
5:38 am
today and not performing, of course but judging a competition called dream pinch forth pros based on the sales force app cloud. also, today, more than 100 local students taking part in coding workshops and i'm excited about this, a lego robot jousting battle, dream force is expected to draw 45,000 people a day which is quite the increase from past years and it runs through friday. >> also happening today in san francisco, google is unveiling their new smart 15s, not a total surprise but promotional images of google pixel have been leaked. the phone will reportedly have a screen with gorilla glass for protection and rear camera. the mountain view giant is expected to unveil the google home device, the first major competitor to amazon's echo with the smart assistance. >> lafayette are weighing in on
5:39 am
problems over this swimming spot. neighbors of the swimming pool are drowning in amplified noise, trash, and packing -- parking congestion. a recommendation is to limit the number of people from 250 to 195. the planning commission got an ear will listening to a packed round at a meeting. >> we have teens. when they talk playing popular music they are not talking about frank sinatra. >> the time i had there was magical. >> this is what it feels like to be part after huge family. all the planning commission will likely decide on the possible membership cap by early next month. >> two men say they were kicked out of a san francisco bar for supporting donald trump. the bar owner is telling a different story. we have the dispute coming up. >> homeowners would went to earn extra money through airbnb are out of luck and sonoma is
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>> now the race to the white house, tonight is the first and only time we will get to see the vice presidential candidates debate, democra senator tim kaine and republican governor mike pence square off at longwood university in farmville, virginia. mike pence has been in overdrive to avoid the criticisms of being under prepared that dogged trump after his first debate. tick anything has been in
5:43 am
intense preparation. both will have their jobs cut out for them. >> we have two seasoned politicians would know how to talk in rough terrain and respond to difficult questions. >> tim kaine wants to solidify hillary clinton's post debate gains and pence is expected to address the tax controversy of trump. >> you can watch the debate right here on abc7 with coverage at 6:00 p.m. followed by "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, and then a special at 9:00, and jeopardy and wheel at 10:00 and 10:30 followed by abc7 news at 11 is next. >> a pair of trump supporters right here in san francisco, taking aim at a popular bar in the city, they say they were kicked out. cell phone video shows the confrontation, that happened in the mission district over the summer. they were wearing trump t-shirts. two men want into the bar. hoping to get a drink. they say the bartender was unusually hostile. two bouncers approached them can
5:44 am
they say threw them out. >> she look at shirt sex that for real, and i had a proud smile and said, yes absolutely and she said we don't serve bigots here and we will not serve you. you can leave. >> in a statement the manager of the bar said and i quote, "the incident in question occurred due to the individual enter agenting inappropriately with one of our bartenders and we ask individuals to leave our establishment based on this policy." >> a big tech fundraiser tomorrow for hillary clinton, mark cuban is on a show "shark tank," a special reception at the event south of market in san francisco will cost $5,000. general admission tickets are only $100. clearly, mark cuban is using his final in san francisco to its fullest. >> do not plan on booking any new vacation rentals in sonoma, according to the press democrat the city council unanimously imposed a moratorium the concern is places like airbnb are
5:45 am
breaking up neighborhoods, and taking houses off the market, and potentially driving up prices. there have been conflicts between long term residents and short term guests, the city council pen say they can figure out how to deal with the issues with the moratorium and it is still in affect. >> umbrellas away, time to embrace the sunshine with more heat in the bay area. mike? >> good morning, nice to see you back, glad you are better, it was amazing to watch the rain develop in santa rosa and election said it is raining in santa rosa and she can see why a budge of citizens is happening. nothing like that this morning. the next six hours no measure average rain on live doppler hd. a little bit of drizzle at the coast. that is it. here is a look and notice the winds are blow offshore and that is a dry and warmer breeze as we look from our camera, increasing sunshine and warm today and a dry and warm pattern developing that will climax saturday with temperatures above average everywhere, and even in san francisco. temperatures today are in the south bay, upper 60s in
5:46 am
milpitas and sunnyvale and everyone else is 70 to 73 with san jose at 71. it will be breezy on the peninsula today with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s from millbrae at 6320 palo alto at 69, and 60 in pacifica, and the sunset in downtown san francisco at 64 degrees and 63 in sausalito, and 69 in san rafael and vallejo with cooler breezes off the bay wear and the valleys less influence there, in low-to-mid 70's and the highs yesterday were ten degrees cooler than that. and mid-to-upper 60s across the east bay shore with oakland and orinda and union difficult and new a at 68 and inland we have temperatures from 71 to 76 degrees. tonight, clouds clearing, and a little bit language the coast temperatures are in the 40 inland and 50s elsewhere. my seven-day forecast shows it is two to four degrees warmer each day, and, notice, 80s are locked in on thursday through monday inland with 80s around the bay friday and saturday and mid-60s at the coast. a mice stretch of weather. how is the commute?
5:47 am
>> not so nice if you try to get through the bay bridge toll plaza and mike has the good news and i have the bad news. car pool lanes are moving okay but that is it. we got the metering lights on 20 minutes ago at 5:28. flipping over to the traffic maps i take you to hayward south 880 beyond 92 before industrial we had a three vehicle collision an ac transit because and it sound like they have pushed to the lot shoulder and we are working to confirm it is c.h.p. but we have heavy traffic in the area approach the san mateo bridge. ace train one was late leaving stockton and 20 minute delay and it look like they are arriving in pleasant at 5:49 so making up a few minutes at 12- to 15-minutes late. and ace three is on time. >> an entire city in idaho will hurrican patricia a dog as the hometown hero this is jackson 11-year-old pug who authorities say recently saved his entire
5:48 am
family from an electrical fire. that is why he is wearing an honor air firefighting badge around his next, jackson came to the rescue according to the owner. >> i listened and noticed sparked coming from the helmet anding was wrong. >> can you tell he is so cute! jackson's own are used a fire extinguisher and got the fire out in time, the city plans to present jackson with a special award later today. we hope it involves food for him. >> i hop my dog would do the same but i have a feeling he would justify save himself. >> mine, too. >> there has been a health scare for singer tony braxton and impacting bay area fans. >> determined crooks tried smashing into this gas station not junction but three times. >> warning if you like to salt your food, how little it actually
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> check out the determined crooks, ramming into an albuquerque gas station, not once, or twice but three times trying to get to an a.t.m. machine a couple of weeks ago. the a.t.m. machine is right there. police just recovered the machine. they are not saying how much cash was inside or in any was stolen. >> livermore police are searching for the suspect in a bank robbery from saturday afternoon 2nd street. police got several 9-1-1 call on robbery at gunpoint. officers say he wayed up to the teller and showed a gun and demanded money. police have fought said if he actually got away with any cab
5:52 am
but if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. >> a maryland man is in critical condition this morning from a head injury after a fate with two oakland raider fans during the game in baltimore between the raiders and the ravens. the victim is 56-year-old marine corps veteran. look at mug shot of the suspecth >> a new study suggesting that childhood trauma can cause premature aging down the line. researches looked at 4,600 people and the focus was the protein caps at the end of chromosomes that are the aging clock. they get shorter as you age. the study finds that if you experience childhood trauma lick abuse or a death in the family they are shorter by 11%. >> we know that teach salt is bad. it is lead to high blood
5:53 am
pressure. now a new 25 year study from harvard finds salt, even a little, could increase your risk for premature death. researchers found if you normally have 1.5 teaspoons of salt a day average for american, adding another half teaspoon can boost your odds of dying early by 12 pass. most of the sodium is in processed food and cutting back at any point can extend your life. >> now a stanford engineer testing an airbag helmet to protect bicycle riders from a concussion. it comes with a soft pocket warned an the folk that pops up like an airbag when it senses potential collision. it was compared to traditional helmet and results everyone striking, it is already available in europe. it will need a little more testing before it is legal to sell here. >> it could be a good day for a
5:54 am
bicycle ride. >> absolutely. be careful the closer you are to the water. from the east bay hills camera, make sure you wear the sunscreen, also, and talk about the temperatures, which are painly two degrees warmer than yesterday in oakland and redwood city and san francisco and san jose, but it will feel warmer than that because you are standing in the sunshine, inland warming the most at concord up eight degrees to 73 and santa rosa up for 73 from 59 yesterday. we are supposed to have a high of 81 in napa. at noon, 65. hang out in the low-to-mid 70s through 4:00. dress for temperatures in the 60s if you head out this evening. guess who has the information you need to know for the commute? that is me. >> we just got word of a new problem on eastbound 24, just before the caldecott tunnel with red a few moments ago and it is cleared but it sounds like we have a big-rig and root vehicle, possibly blocking the two right makes or maybe one of the right
5:55 am
lanes and i was seeing a bit of a backup from highway 13 and it thinned out. i will keep an eye on that on the light are side of traffic. now, our drive times southbound 680, only seven minutes and westbound 24 okay between walnut creek and highway 13, and westbound 580 tracy to dublin is the slowest at 58 minutes. >> san jose based tech company is rid of hundreds of jobs according to the business journal, cypress will cut 5,000 jobs, 8% cut. it is estimated the cuts will cost $40 million and $50 million. >> governor brown signed a bill to look how marijuana affect as driver's motor skills. the university of california will research the physical impact of marijuana. law enforcement continues to struggle with establishing a level of impairment while under the influence of pot. >> compassionate use condemn
5:56 am
plates that people could wish to use marijuana to roads with youi we have an interest and how it aknows their ability to drive a car our safety on the roads. >> voters crew the state are going to decide whether to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. >> an effort to clean up a huge bit of trash in the pacific ocean is underway, with a plane returning from a survey of the great pacific garbage patch a large debris field made up of discarded fishing nets and plastic contains a thousand miles off the california coast. the survey will determine how much trash is tale there and observers say off the bat it is bigger than they thought. >> at the love different sizes of on objects out there and it is amazing, you have giant nets and the smaller containers. >> the first wave of cleanup is expected to start a year from
5:57 am
now. >> "7 on your side" michael finney has a warning of phone calls claiming to be from the irs and you should never respond. >> at bay area commute is bad and it is only getting worse and what is to blame for the increase in congestion. >> at the live desk the president of the fill poops making inflammatory remarks against president obama and making world headlines and what he said when we come back. >> he spent a year and a half in iranian jail and a bay area native now is suing. >> a look outside on a tuesday with a ball
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning on tuesday. october 4. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter, alexis smith. not too bad on tuesday. we have good weather. >> monday was sleepry.
6:00 am
quieter in the weather department this morning. live doppler hd shows the clouds against the coast. that is why there is the possibility of drizzle the next couple of hours. from sutro tower you can see how much cleaner the air is. it is milder. 49 to 59. the temperatures by noon are mostly sunny and at the coast at 60 and 66 inland and by 4:00 we have temperatures around 60 to 72 and by 7:00, 57 to 62 so you need the coat then and this morning. alexis? >> when you consider later in the morning when we saw the rain moving in yesterday we had a lot of collisions but today we have heavier traffic, and right around treasure island we heard of a hit-and-run accident and it made it off the treasure island off ramp. heavy traffic southbound 880 in the hayward area, and approaching 92 beyond that, near industrial we had a three vehicle collision and it does sound


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