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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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department this morning. live doppler hd shows the clouds against the coast. that is why there is the possibility of drizzle the next couple of hours. from sutro tower you can see how much cleaner the air is. it is milder. 49 to 59. the temperatures by noon are mostly sunny and at the coast at 60 and 66 inland and by 4:00 we have temperatures around 60 to 72 and by 7:00, 57 to 62 so you need the coat then and this morning. alexis? >> when you consider later in the morning when we saw the rain moving in yesterday we had a lot of collisions but today we have heavier traffic, and right around treasure island we heard of a hit-and-run accident and it made it off the treasure island off ramp. heavy traffic southbound 880 in the hayward area, and approaching 92 beyond that, near industrial we had a three vehicle collision and it does sound leak it is on the shoulder
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and we have onlooker delay, and we will talk about mass transit. >> new this morning officers are searching for the driver of a stolen pickup would led them on a chase through several east bay cities and this is where it ended in hayward at hancock street crashing into a fence on bart property at one point. it all start when police spotted the stolen truck in vallejo at 1:00 this morning. they tried to pull the driver over but he led them on a chase along interstate 80, and on to the surface streets at 4 miles in all. c.h.p. finally called it off and the man got away. >> our bay area commutes are not only bad but they are getting worse every year. our reporter is in san jose with one of the worst commutes. tiffany? >> highway or parking lot? sties on 101 in san jose it is very difficult to tell the difference. and the new report that came out from the metropolitan trance
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commission, shows just how widespread standstill traffic has become with heavier than normal dry times, expanding earlier and extending later. seven silicon valley freeways made the top ten worst drive list. this increased congestion comes from a good problem: too much job growth, too fast. the infrastructure cannot keep up. it is a catch 22. more people commute to their jobs, it becomes harder for everyone to get to work. >> i s made -- i have made every effort to deal with the traffic between buying a motorcycle to ajusting my hours and right now it does not matter. until it is a major holiday and people are out of town it is brutal every day. >> the silicon valley leadership group said that measure "b" half cent sales tax increase through santa clara county would help
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fix key interchanges and pay for the addition of auxiliary lanes that will reduce traffic and voters decide on measure "b" next month. >> now, according to the mtc here's the top five worse commutes: eastbound highway 101 to treasure island. second, westbound 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. third, 680 in san jose. fourth, southbound 101 in santa clara county. fifth worst commute eastbound 80 in alameda county. abreaking news, hurricane mathew has made landfall in haiti, and hitting the western part of the island country and the storm has been deadly. two deaths have been reported. 3,000 people are in sheltes and this will head for the united states including florida and north carolina and they have declared states of emergency. >> mike will show you how the storm is tracing. >> the "washington post"
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journalist and bay area native freed from iranian prison in january has now filed a lawsuit against the iranian government. >> jason resolution was working as the iran correspondent when he can his wife were jailed on charge of spying. they are suing iran claiming rezaian was psychologically tortured during 18 months in prison and asked for unspecified amount of damage. >> san francisco-based wells fargo is losing another big customer, the state treasurer of illinois is delegating his office to suspend the annual $30 million investment for the bank for a year. california's bank did the same and wells fargo employees are accused of opening millions of false accounts without telling customers to meet seas quotas. >> lawsuit filed in san francisco defense a real estate investor, a lawsuit against "list this house," has been dropped. we more than 150 students claim the seminars promoting getting
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rich by flipping homes does not work. the students will take the lawsuit to texas where he runs his business. >> oakland city leaders are considering nailing a portion of a park after a black panther party member killed nearly 50 years ago the city council will look at naming the south side of theist park after bobby hutton who died with a shot out with police in 1968 two days after martin luther king jr. was assassinated. officers say black panther party members opened fire first but members in the shoot out said hutton had his hands up when shot. >> breaking news from the philippines, with an incident that can cause serious diplomatic continuation. jessica? >> the philippine president telling president obama and i quote, "you can go to hell," saying it a short time ago in a tirade against the president and the harsh words are the latest by the president of philippine over the united states criticism
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of his deadly antidrug campaign. he also has lash out at the european union which also is criticized the crackdown there in the philippines which has left more than 3,000 suspected drug dealers dead in just the past three months. here is why the story is very important this morning the fill means is one of america's most important allies in asome. the story making word headlines and just in to the live desk. >> the philippine president is not into obama. thank you, jessica. the nil pete ciy council plans to update odor control report after dozens of complains and many say the stench is coming from this, the landfill. the city council said they received 72 odor complaints in just less than a month. in november, milpitas residents will vote on a measure to double the landfill? size because it is nearly reaching capacity. we as for the odor complaints, the city council meets tonight at 7:00. all the sheriff deputy is getting big money to crack down
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on drug drivers, the crime laboratory received $324,000 grants to buy 24 new breathalyzers. official say the new equipment will ensure the highest quality of analysis in d.u.i. cases with 4,000 purnell trained to use them. it will take a year. >> a health care for tony braxton and a medical condition willed impact a bay area concert. >> an ef
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>> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> you will notice a difference when you step outside, it is dry and it is warmer with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s throughout our inland east bay neighborhoods and 57 in concord and danville is a cool spot at 50, and all of the 59s in oakland and hayward and san jose at 58, and novato is 59 and san francisco is 58 and pacifica is 55. 60s elsewhere but inland we have low-to-mid 70s today so warming sunshine, still climbing with 70s making thai wear into the bay and 80s return to our inland neighborhoods on thursday and we are not finished. there is warmer temperatures for threat week weekend and that forecast is next.
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>> always finding a way to be nice for fleet week and the air show looking forward to that. we have to get through tuesday morning commute and we have a new problem in castro valley area. westbound 580, before you get to the 238 ramp, we have a two vehicle collision and they made to the officer divide but we hear this is a lot of debris sods there. and southbound 880 is stop-and-go from early crash and ace one is making up for time and they were delayed at 20 minutes and down to 15 minutes into fremont the next couple of minutes and ace three is on time with no issues. >> citing a growing frustration with bart central valley applications are moving on their own to link bart to ace train service. according to the folk surveillance camera the idea to push bart toism and hook it to the ace train line that runs between san jose and stockton. the group of politicians led by alameda county supervisor said that bart spent millions to strangle the idea in the infancy and it should be noted the push for the line comes when bart said they need $9 billion in new
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>> now an update from abc7
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morning, take a look at nasa releasing dramatic new video of hurricane mat i, the eye of the storm hitting the western coast of haiti during our newscast and the international space station 250 mile above earth showing how large matthew is. we have been monitoring the storm all morning long. in fact, right new, 3,000 people in shelters, since the country is so fragile, haiti is not recovered very well from a 2010 earthquake that devastated the island nation. this could turn into a humanitarian disaster with aid already being worked on by the united nations and other northern countries and could cripple the aisle. that is the newest at the live desk and we are watching it carefully. >> thank you are jessica. new details emerge about armed robbery involving kim kardashian in paris. investigators say she was able to wiggle out of the cables and tape she was bound in after her assailants least and ran to the
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balcony and screamed for help and called her bodyguard who was at a night club with her sisters. the armed robbers were dressed as police and made off with $10 million in jewelry. the investigator say kim kardashian's snap of the massive engagement diamond ring made her a target. they say that the timing of the attack suggested it could be an inside job considering the bodyguard was only away a short amount of time. another bodyguard said it was definitely atypical. >> i don't understand, it is totally beyond anything i am used to and i have never had any of my clients or celebrity have star friends experience anything of this, jumping over the boundaries of a gate. authors believe the jewelry is already out of the country, broken up and sold, and no arrests have been made but officials believe the pink panther began could be behind it. >> we are bringing an upstate on tony braxton a show in saturday
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but it has been postponed. according to sure body your partner, she is in the hospital in serious condition with something related to lupus and hospitalized for several days. you can hold on to your tickets because they are good for a makeup concert. >> we have new details of san francisco's third nontraditional homeless shelter. these are the navigation centers offering housing and support it is for the homeless, and the rules are more relaxed and other traditional shelters, you can bring pets. here is a look at the newest one in dog patch neighborhood south of at&t park. the "san francisco examiner" reports plans were approved to open in february with the full board expected to approve it next week. >> now oakland the city council expected to address the growing number of homeless there, this week, and mayor schaaf is pledging to help by moving them interest winter shelters and a sanctioned encampment area. she said the city is working to find the best locations right
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now. >> look at this video, a puppy would shut down a freeway in las vegas. the state trooperred had to stop traffic, trying their best to catch the dog, someone sprinted after it as it ran down an off ramp, and we have no update in someone caught the puppy but we know that it was safely off the freeway. >> hopefully he is okay the i am worried about the people of haiti because this are thousands of people six years later living in tenthses as a result the massive earthquake they had. now they have a hurricane. >> a mission statement at my church they go a couple of type as career to rebuild haiti and the stories of the struggles and the poverty is just heartbreaking and now to see this happening, the flooding, the landslides, the homeless it will create the devastating it came at 1 fry minute wind and if that is not bad enough up to 40" of rain is possible in haiti
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today through tomorrow. that is twice what oakland gets, 2.5 times what san jose gets during a given year. as it starts to move up in the bahamas, this is what conditions me of the bahamas, the storm surge, 10 to 15' during the overnight hours on wednesday, through thursday morning. the islands are not very far above sea level and here is the difference from yesterday, look how close it is to florida, friday, and then it moves to the northeast along the coast of the care lie nasa as a "2" and that means storm surge, wind damage and inland flooding from fresh water rain. for us, completely different, we are dry and sunny today, and i take a step back, relax, and it will be a nice week, cool nights, warmer days and our warmest weather is friday and saturday with the small craft advisory at noon to 9:00 this afternoon, all across the bay water and into the delta with low 60s along the coast, mid-to-upper 60s around the
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bay and low-to-mid 70s inland and tonight the temperatures are in the 40s inland, and 50s elsewhere, so cooler than this morning, and our warmest day is friday and saturday mid-to-upper 80s around the inland neighborhood and low 80s around the bay and mid-to-upper 60s at the coast how is the commute? >> okay, looking typical, especially if you try to get through the bay bridge toll plaza so the metering lights are on for an hour at 5:28. we have quit a bit of congestion in the fast track lanes on the cash lane, california poolers moving without issues. eastbounds on highway 24 a collision before the caldecott tunnel with word from c.h.p. it is cleared to the side and after that happened we saw a backup to highway 13, and it has dissipated and it has thin out. drive times not looking too bad, westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze is 26 minutes and when 80 across the bay bridge another 14 and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo if you have a flight this morning, that should only take you 10 minutes. it has been quiet in the south bay and we will look at that
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next. >> "good morning america" coming up in less than 4 minutes right here. >> and amy is in new york city with what is ahead for us. >> any? >> yes, good morning. great to be with you. next on "good morning america," donald trump trying to make a comeback and hillary clinton is on the attack after donald trump said he brilliantly used tax laws to his advantage and running mates facing off tonight in virginia with the latest and formal fox news host is speaking out sharing her story about sexual harassment she experienced while at that network, and her ongoing lawsuit and we will sit down with her this morning all coming up next on "good morning america" next. >> thank you, amy. next, "7 on your side" and michael finney has a warning of californias you may receive from the i.r.s. and a high-end fashion line creating a big controversy with some find the - in 2013, i was working three jobs bartending, sharing a ten by ten room, struggling.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. >> now, time to ask finney, and a question on the i.r.s. phone calls. zachary spoke to us at the fremont ask finney event. michael finney has the answer. >> i have a question concerning
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the i.r.s., i am getting many, many calls and two this only one at 6:00 in the morning, and i know you have talked about it. anything we can do about it? >> zachary, i have been getting a ton like this, wherever i go people walk up to me and ask about the calls. the i.r.s. will never call you ever, no phone calls, so feel free to ignore any phone call from anyone who says they are from the i.r.s.. many are falling for this scam, more than 26 million dollars is the estimated loss to the con men and women and the number is probably even higher than that. remember, the government will never call and threaten you. that is now how it is done. >> we have all gotten the calls. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smart 15 or tablet and share it with ask finney.
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your answer could be answered here on abc7. >> italian fashion house is under fire for the latest line of edgy clothes and accessories. the capsule collection is models after prescription bottles, pills and drugs information normally found in over-the-counter medication. on the weekend it came under fire by alcohol and drug counselors calling the fashion company to pull the collection and for nordstrom to stop selling the items. >> san francisco based sales force holding an annual conference in the city so that means root closures and we will tell you how to get an the mess. >> east bay residents weigh in on now problems caused by a local pool and what they want changes that would impact dozens of kids and their temperatures. all the wet weather over, the warming trend begins today and you may want to head to the pool this weekend as the temperatures are nearly 90 and i have a look at that in the accweather forecast and today we are 10 to 14 degrees warmer
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adult use of marijuana, the most important question is how? by voting yes on prop 64: adults 21 and over could only purchase marijuana at licensed marijuana businesses. and prop 64 bans advertising directed at kids... requires strict product labeling... child-proof packaging... and bans edibles that appeal to children. smart provisions to safeguard our families. learn more about the safeguards at good morning, east bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning. it is tuesday. october 4. 6:29 am. i am reggie aqui. >> you are giving me friday energy on a tuesday. i like that. >> everyone else is, like, call down. >> i am natasha zouves with jessica castro and alexis smith tracking the roads and
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meteorologist mike nicco, we have a warmup. >> compared to yesterday especially inland neighborhood, santa rosa is 14 degrees warmer from the 50s to 70s. more coming up but, first, a look at clouds and drizzle at the coast. ," it is dry. look at this, mostly cloudy and gorgeous sunrise developing over san jose with temperatures in the low-to-upper 50s through 7:00 and lunch is 60, and 64 to 76 at bay and inland. 60s and 70s at 4:00. gorgeous day. alexis? all the commute is okay depending where you are. no major problems in the south bay but 101 at 880 i saw traffic heavy there a few moments ago and it is stop-and-go traffic and northbound 17, around the summit, just beyond this area we have a disabled bus blocking one lane and a backup forming. we will look at the terrorism times in less than 10 minutes. >> a suspected car thief is on the run after leading officers
6:31 am
on a chase through three counties. >> 40 miles ended in hayward and we find amy hollyfield. amy, good morning. >> can you imagine a 40 mile chase and still not getting your guy? that is what happened. you can see at the intersection where it ended at hancock and mission boulevard and hayward the police are gone. they did not get their man. here is video of a section of chase that want through oakland, it started in vallejo, and the chase lasted for an hour and it started at 1:00 this morning and started in vallejo when police spot add stolen pickup, a 1993 dodge pickup. they tried to make the stop but the driver kept going. the driver hit a fence on bart property but, again, kept going, finally, stopping here in hayward, and that chase last the for an hour and they ended up in hard at 2:00 a.m. and the suspect ran away, and police spent another hour looking for the person and then called off
6:32 am
the search at 3:00 this morning, gave up, and this person is still on the loose after all of that. >> thank you. investigators are trying to figure out in a string of armed robberies in contra costa county are the work of one gang. six holdups happened in a span of four days and look at all these plays, pinole, orinda, danville, pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. police in two cities want to know in their cases are related to an attack on this woman in orinda, in this case the school district have thal carol brown was shot and her husband was pistol-whipped in their drive. the suspects were wearing halloween masks. they got away. authority say all the robberies involved two men. they always attacked the victim as they pulled into the drive. in two cases they were spotted driving off in a white sedan. >> a well-known san francisco shoplifting ring is busted up, 16 member of the rainbow crew
6:33 am
are faced to urge chaz linked to dozen of threats in young square and other united states cities dating back to last year. they earned the name by the rainbow colored outfits and hair styles. officials poured over footage from more than 300 surveillance cameras set up around union square. ten suspects were arrest in other cities. the rain becrew paid off with nearly 500,000 worth of goods. >> palo alto police are investigating after a man who exposed himself to a seen. a 14-year-old girl told police she was riding her bicycle through the ball pack on friday. she was near an elementary and a high school. she saw the man pull down his shorts on a bench as she was riding by and he is described as tanned white man in his 50s with short spikey white hair and a medium build. in maryland, a man is in critical condition this morning from a head injury after a fight with two oakland raider fans on sunday, during the game in baltimore between the raiders and the ravens.
6:34 am
the victim is a 56-year-old marine corps veteran and the two suspects are now on the screen, both from new york, right now, the raiders' fans are charged with assault. >> happening today, santa clara i don't be the first county in california to make sweeping changes to the bail system. supervisors are expected to approve a plan to slowly move the county from the money bail system to a risk-based model. our partners report that the goal is to reduce the number of inmates who are in low-risk but stuck in jail because they are low income and critics say they are trying to ruin a system that works. >> lafayette residents are weighing in on the problems they say are plaguing this popular swimming spot. neighbors of the sun valley swimming pool say they have too. noise, traffic and parking congestion. growing membership forced the pool to apply for a certify use permit. a recommendation now is to limit membership from the 215 to 195.
6:35 am
the planning commission got an earful listening to a packed room at a meeting. >> we have teens there and they talk about we playing popular music, they are not talking about neil diamond and frank sinatra. >> my time there was magic california. >> i know what it is like to be part of a huge family. they will decide on the we membership cap next month. >> an exciting time to be a warriors fan, with action for the first time we will see durant lay in a warriors uniform at oracle arena. the first 10,000 fans who show up to the game are getting back-to-back mvp steph curry bobbleheads, with golden state take on the clippers. tip-off is 7:30 and you can watch on our sister network, espn. >> in football now, happening today oakland city council will take a closer look at terms of a possible sale of the coliseum property. a conference with the property negotiators is on the agenda for a special closed session at the
6:36 am
top of the list for discussion is what the price would be in the sale were to happen and nfl edge end ronnie lott told our partners he is optimistic that the group that he is leading can keep the raiders in oakland, and an agreement with the city gives him until the end of november to work identity any sort of feel. >> pope francis made a surprise trip overnight touching down in a region hit by disaster. here is the video. jessica? >> yes, look at this new video, pope francis is in italy making the surprise vest. we had photos and now we have video of the surprise visit to the hard hit town in italy that lost 300 people when the earthquake devastated i the area back in august. you can see the pope walking through the rubble looking at everything that remains which is not much. a lot of the buildings are destroyed. i want to show you images from twitter. this is from someone who worked
6:37 am
for the vatican press office. you can see the stunning images of the pope looking the at devastation and a tweet with the pope visiting the victims, saying he and visiting the elderly that were left homeless and the devastating earthquake. i have been watching the visit all morning four at the live desk and that is the very newest information. >> now, the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i take it. i have an update while you were sleeping hurricane mathew slammed into the southwest corner of haiti with 145 miles per hour wind. we up to 40" of rain is possible although it is starting to move through the windward passage but then it goes up to the bahamas. it is 10 to 15' storm surge that could bury some of the islands or parts of the islands. here is the difference from yesterday, it is close to florida on friday morning and over the weekend it will hug the carolina coast with flooding.
6:38 am
we will keep an eye on that. at home, it is quiet and 50 in los gatos and most us in the mid-to-upper 50s in the south bay and elsewhere but alameda at 60 and danville is a cool spot at 51 and the golden gate no need to worry about fog, if you are walking the dog or exercising, cool to mild with dry air arriving and breezy if you take the ferry and that means you can do kite surfing and it would be good. we will look at the warming trend in the seven-day forecast next. >> we are looking at heavy volumes in our typical yales so a look at westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze and this is in the berkeley area so, obviously, stop-and-go directions. in san francisco, we have a major conference starting today at moscone center, dream force. 45,000 are expected each day law thursday. that kick off today. howard is closed between third and fourth in soma sin friday for setup. it will closed through monday. we have muni lines impacted.
6:39 am
12 lines. through sunday. and a big concert at cow palace with u2 so closures around cow palace between 4:00 and midnight. it wraps up on thursday. expect a lot of congestion. when we had on world it impacted getting getting to the babe so a repeat. >> our invites got lost in the mail? >> they must have. i if not get mine. >> the biggest entrepreneurs will be there. >> including mark cuban who usually is seen on "shark tank," so he is part of this dream pitch this afternoon. it is for projects based on the sales force app cloud and, also, more than 100 local students taking part in coding workshops and a lego robot jousting battle. we need video of that. dream force will draw 45,000 each day and it runs through
6:40 am
friday. it is quite the set up. >> happening today in san francisco, google unveiling the new smartphones, and they are not a total surprise because image of the the images have been leaked. the phone will have a screen with gorilla glass for protection and a rear camera. the mountain view based technical giant will unveil the google home device the first major competitor to amazon's echo with the smart assistant. >> two men were kicked out of a san francisco bar for supporting donald trump. the bar telling a different story. >> if you own people computer, listen up, apple said they are going to force your computer to do
6:41 am
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>> now a live desk update from abc7 onlying. we want to update that is happening in haiti where we have been watching hurricane mathew. it made landfall and the eye of the storm hitting the western part of haiti during our newscast this morning. here are the images we are seeing through the morning that have been coming in to the live desk of people bracing for the storm because haiti was hit hard in 2010 by a devastating earthquake this, 7.0 and the country has never recovered from that. now, this storm could be crippling for the island nation. everyone across the world is watching closely, the united
6:44 am
nations and relief groups ready to assist anyone in they need it the we have seen heavy rainfall and it has been deadly. three people have died. this is a result heavy rains. now the eye of the storm is hitting the country of haiti. we will watch it closely. through the day. >> back to you. >> thank you, jessica. new numbers in on the loma fire now 90% contained. cal fire updated that, up from 85% containment we reported this morning. the acres burned stand at under 4,500. red cross is delaying delivering cleaning and comfort supplies for victims. they say it is because the building they planned on using is new available and they will resume the operations tomorrow. now an official fund for those impacted by the fire, we have a lynch to it at >> look at your screen, determined crooks here.
6:45 am
they rammed into the albuquerque, until, gas station not once or twice but three times trying to get to an a.t.m. machine, it happened a couple weeks ago. police just found the a.t.m., though. they are not saying how much cash was inside or how much was stolen. >> a question for you, are you missing in i jewelry? you may want to check with the vallejo police department. they posted a photo on facebook hoping that someone recognizes we these pieces. you cannot just walk in and take it you need a case number, a full description including sizes and colors and engraving and if it looks familiar contact vallejo police department. >> we are all used to seeing long lines of traffic wherever you go in the bay area and now there is rough our commutes are worse each year. it is not your imagination. our reporter is in san jose. tiffany? >> yes, if you look behind me you can see the track on 101 is
6:46 am
already coming to a crawl. it is a headache that as you mentioned it only getting worse. a new report from the metropolitan transportation commission shows heavier than normal traffic is expanding earlier in the morning and later into the evening and new this year, seven silicon valley freeways made the top ten worst drive list. it stems from a good problem: too much job creation, too fast. >> the fact that they are creating jobs so fast we have a hard time keeping up with transportation and with housing. >> the silicon valley leadership group said the measure "b" increase sealed tax for transportation projects will raise money to pay for atelevision of extra lanes to reduce the traffic. voters will decide on measure "b" next month. thank you, a pair of donald
6:47 am
trump supporters here in san francisco are taking aim at a popular bar in the certify they say they got kicked out of. cell phone video shows the confrontation which happened in the mission district over the summer. they were wearing trump t-shirts. they walked into a bar for a drink. the bartender was unusually hostile. two bouncers approached them and threw them out. >> she looked at the shirt, and said is that for real, and i was, with a proud smile, said, yes, absolutely, and she just said, we don't serve bigots here and we will not senator you. just leave. >> in a statement the manager of the bar said and i quote, "the incident in question occur the because of the individual interacting inappropriately with a bartender and we ask individuals to label our establishment based on that policy." >> now the race for the white house, tonight is the first and only time we will get see the vice presidential candidates debate. tim kaine and mike pence will
6:48 am
square off tonight at longwood university in farmville, virginia. peninsula in overdrive to make sure he avoids the criticism of being under preferred that dogged trump after the first debate. tim kaine has been in intense preparation. both have their job cut out for them. >> we have two seasoned legs. -- politicians that know how to talk in rough terrain and respond to difficult questions. >> tim kaine wants to solidify the post debate gain of hillary clinton and pence will address donald trump's current tax controversy. can you watch the vice presidential debate right here on abc7 starting at 6:00 p.m., followed by "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, and then special abc7 news at 9:00, and "jeopardy," and "wheel," at 10:00 and 10:30 and abc7 news at 11 is next. >> don't plan on booking new rentals in sonoma, because the city council impose administrator inform.
6:49 am
the concern is that sites like airbnb are breaking up neighborhoods, and taking houses off the market and driving up the prices. they have had conflicts between long term residents and short testimony guests. until the city council figures how to deal with the issues, that moratorium is going to stay in affect. >> we are lending uber is putting the plug on a super fast delivery service in the bay area. >> and now to the jazz dark with the money report. >> yes, good morning, everyone. uber pulled the plug on the instant option for eats delivery service in san francisco and many other cities. instant daily hand made items from rotating restaurants and promised deliver in minutes. the regular uber eats service lets you order from the menus of scores of restaurants will continue unchanged. they said people wanted more choices. >> facebook wants to be your
6:50 am
new craig's list. facebook market place lets you browse to buy from people would live in the area and you can list your own stuff for sale, saying they could be safer than craigslist because you know the person's are file. it launched this week in a couple of countries including the united states, u.k., australia and new zealand but only on mobile. in it is popular it could roll out worldwide and on the web. >> apple will have an automatic down load of the desk storm on m-a-cs compatible with the new software. users with automatic download switches on and enough storage space. get the sierra update over the next week. downloads begin today, and with apple randomly choosing when you get it. now, a check on stocks we are seeing stocks open upside, quite a difference of a day, the dow is up 25 points. that is the news from times
6:51 am
square. >> we are putting the umbrellas arm, mike? >> for six hours i have live doppler hd showing you, no measurable rain out there. a little drizzle is possible the next hour at coast. we have 50 minute flight arrival delays into sfo because of cloud cover. we will see increase sunshine and warmth and it will be dry and warm all the way through when the heat peaks on saturday and a pull back on sunday. in the south bay, sick, san jose is at 71. moving up the peninsula, mid-to-upper 60s and menlo park is 68. low 60s hook coast at 59 in daly city, and downtown san francisco is 64, and today and tomorrow, that is the last of a string of six days that are the warmest in san francisco where an agency high of 72 and we will get through on friday and check out saturday for fleet week it is going to be 74 degrees. make sure you have the sunscreen on. through the north bay we have 60s where it is breezy near
6:52 am
the bay for san francisco and vallejo low-to-mid 70s elsewhere and san it rose is 73 and we were 59 yesterday, and mid-to-upper 50s l60s along the east bay, my seven-day forecast shows 40s and 50s cooler tonight, and 60s at coast and the rest of us are in the 80s on friday and saturday. alexis? >> we see the marin county commute fill in so southbound 101 is okay crossing the golden gate and yesterday in the afternoon we were soaked there. on golden gate, so nice to see the dry rides this morning. far fewer accidents than yesterday. we have a new accident in the tri-valley eastbound 580 so light are side of traffic beyond lynch avenue, s.u.v. hit a deer and spun out facing the wrong way mocking lanes three and four and the driver is okay. but the vehicle is not going to be able to drive off on its own so they are call a tow truck. drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is an hour and eight
6:53 am
minutes, that is long time for in type and northbound 85 is okay, highway 101 to cupertino is 29 minutes. >> coming back
6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know. break news, hurricane mathew has just made landfall in haiti during our newscast. the eye of storm is hitting the western part of the island country. 3,000 people are in shelters.
6:55 am
it is heading for the united states and florida and north carolina, they all have declared states of emergency. >> i will tweet you the latest on that. now, today, two to 12 degrees warmer for the bus stop, 60 to 72 this afternoon after being in the 50s this morning. >> three, it has been quiet as far as incidents this morning. we have a new problem in oakland. that will be westbound 580 at the 80 merge. we hear reports of a disabled vehicle or a collision. that is blocking lane two. we have a couple folks out of their vehicle waiting for c.h.p. >> four, driver of a stolen pickup crashed after leading police often a pursuit from vallejo all the way to hayward. police spotted the truck after 1:00 a.m. and the driver managed to get away. >> five, tonight is the first and only vice president am debate in virginia. both have been preparing for weeks to take center stage. our coverage starts at 6:00. >> authorities are question, whether the armed robbery involving kim kardashian was an
6:56 am
inside job. they say it is the only way the suspect could have gotten to her. she was alone a short amount of time while the body gas ward away. >> many of us could be celebrating taco tuesday but today even more reason to celebrate because it is "national taco day." many restaurants offer special deals that can be checked out on >> i will take a crispy. >> and a soft shell. who's buying? alexis? >> why not? >> have a great day.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane matthew slams the caribbean. the eye hits haiti this morning. a deadly category 4 storm. 145-mile-an-hour winds. fears of a life-threatening storm surge. and more than three feet of rain triggering floods. as cruise ships reroute to avoid the storm. now the east coast braces for its impact. states of emergency already declared in florida and north carolina. donald trump fighting back against that bombshell tax story. >> i have brilliantly used those laws. >> hillary clinton hitting him hard. >> here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> as new polls show the democratic nominee topping trump after the first debate. and their running mates prepare for their own big showdown


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