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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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shots had been fired in the neighborhood. this is the 1700 block of "b" street in hayward. they found a man killed. another man was hurt. they took him to the hospital. they say neither not sure how he ties in to the murder. they have not released information on possible suspects. or motives. they say it is just too early. they are still gearing evidence at this point. they have to put it together to see what they have. they hope to release more information later this morning. >> our other big story this morning, hurricane matthew the massive storm is moving to the united stas. millions of people are being told to brace for a direct hit. right now matthew is hitting the bahamas. you can see the pounding wins. the rain is taking its toll. the palm trees are swaying. people in the united states are
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bracing for what is next. here is maggie rulli. >> school is already closed for two million kids. thousands are flights are canceled and millions are told to evacuation bit. everyone is ready for what could be the worst storm to hit florida in decades. >> florida is preparing for this, hurricane matthew is mobile the worst storm to hit the sunshine state in decades. it makes its way through the bahamass, matthew heads to the united states and strengtheningen over oakland water at 120 miles per hour. florida and.ia and the carolinas have declared states of emergency and residents are forced to choose, evacuate or storm up. a million or asked to leave their homes. >> get out now. it could be a decision between life and death. >> south carolina will evacuate half a million. traffic is bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> they are out of batteries.
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>> the president warning residents to prepare for the warriors. >> if you get evacuation orders, you can also rebuild and repair property, you cannot restore life in it is lost. all the navy is prepard to help. they have east coast fleet in heightened state of ready to be deployed. as maggie talked about thousands of flights to and out of the southeast have been canceled or delays. you head out, miami and orlando or most affected and delays out of jackson, a hub for tell t american canceledded all flights to south florida and several airlines are waging the change fees and air differences and airports are working around the clock do have the quickest restoring of the schedules as
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possible. all the very latest on matthew with winds at 125 miles per hour. category throw storm. it is forecasted to strengthen 250 miles away from west palm beach. later tonight, thursday, at 9:00 in the evening a major category four storm off the cost, winds over 100 miles per hour, and local weather service said that many areas could be uninhabitable for weeks and months. there is something to celebrate, the giants did it again and an unlikely hero stepped up to the plate with gillespie crushing a three run homer at the tonight 9th sending the giants to the diverse series. he was a free agent a year ago to the day. bumgarner sheet out the mets like in the 2014 wild card game and now to chicago taking on the
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cubs. >> and as you can expect giants fans filled the bars at at&t park to watch the game. so nervous. as they watch. then, gillespie turned nervousness to pure joy. this will make you up. >> we see drew tuma in the crowd the he was up late watching game, you can imagine that was the scene repeated over and over again. what you is next? the giants take on the cubs for game one on friday, and game two is saturday also in chicago. the boys come home for game three for the best of five series. game four and five are tuesday and thursday. in necessary. >> the boys came home.
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>> we have word a dramatic water rescue. half a dozen people were swept into the water and we have the i.e.d. video just in. >> it happened in south korea being hit by a typhoon. we just got this video, six sailors swept into the waters by a giant wave from the typhoon. you can see the sailors in the water. they were swept interest the pier by a giant wave and it happened right at the port and you can see the other debris floating in the water. the typhoon has been deadly already and it has killed six people. the sailors were able to get to safety and can you see them climbing up there on the overpass, the coast guard was able to help them out. the same typhoon is now headed to japan. >> deputies in santa clara will get lockboxes to keep their weapons secure while they are not on the job. the sheriff deupty smith wants
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deputies to use the gun vaults in personal vehicles and unmarked department vehicles. she hopes to reduce the number of thefts while deputies are off duty and prevent guns from ending in the hands of criminals. 750 portable lockboxes remain purchased. >> new detail on the creepy clown threat. local schools are mentioned in threatening solve media posts. that is in addition an incident in concord where a clown tried to kidnap her baby. the san mateo police department said that two of the high schools were named in social media posts and the claim of creepy clown is coming to campus with no credible threat at this time and they are just acting a abundance of caution. >> what we did is increased patrols of the two schools in particular that were named and of all of our schools. >> the concord, a woman said a man in a clown tried to grab her
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one-year-old daughter. investigators hope that businesses have surveillance video of that incident. >> this morning an east bay psychologist trusted with children, is in custody accused of a heinous act. authorities say the 68-year-old kenneth breslin was found with thousands of images of child pornography and our reporter has more on the investigation. >> many police officers running down the sidewalk. >> neighborhoods woke town a police raid on this quiet street target the home of child psychologist, dr. kenneth breslin. >> began a search of his electronic equipment. it yielded thousands of images of child pornography. all the 68-year-old press we press was arrested on-the-spot after an investigation by the internet crimes against children task force. neighborhoods are shocked. >> the crime is terrible. >> breslin rented this house and kept to himself the. >> i don't know any of us in the
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neighborhood knew anything about him. >> police raided dr. kenneth breslin's child psychology practice and found more child porn in orinda. >> now a traffic alert. >> we are taking a look at video and this is from a deadly overnight crash off of 680 at mckee road and a strange situation. afternoon they responded to a d.u.i. on the other side of the 680 and they saw this flipped vehicle. obviously this has flipped sever time and sadly the driver did noturvive. the person was already dead when emergency crews arrived. we do still have message cruise on the scene. but not too much is closed. we can zoom in here. it is off 680 and mckee. only the off-ramp northbound is closed. the southbound there are message responders and you will still be able to take the ramp. it is not impacting any of 680.
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that is a look at traffic. now over to drew tuma and the forecast. we are looking good today. >> we are headed into the welcome nicely today and tomorrow. and warming trend is underway. outside it is cool with napa at 45 and 46 at half moon bay. san francisco is a mild spot checking in at 57. compared to yesterday, yesterday a lot of comfortable temperatures, 60s and 70s. we will gain one-or-two degrees in most spots cross the region. but inland, we will heat up quickly and correct will see six degrees of warming from 75 yesterday to 81 today. here is what will happen. nothing but sunshine. and warming temperatures. enjoy. the forecast for threat week is coming up but, first, the forecast.
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>> car break-ins are getting worse and worse in san francisco and a move ten list car rental companies in fighting back. >> burgers, fries and a forecast. serious
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whatcha' been doing braydon? reading let's see pictures, pictures,pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪ >> abc7 morning in, all news all morning. >> welcome back. check out this footage, this is something we are all too familiar with if you live in san francisco: car break-ins.
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new legislation was introduced this week aiming to protect visitors. it requires car rentals to provide disclosures about the high number of break-ins and how to avoid being a target and place warnings in the car. officials say from 2011 to last year burglaries tripled to 24,000 reported incidents. >> mcdonald's workers in oakland are planning to protest against alleged sexual harassment at restaurants around the country. yesterday, labor organizers filed federal sexual harassment complaints against mcdonald's and their franchises on behalf of 15 workers members of the fight for 15 campaign. that campaign has been pushing for higher wages and a union for fast food workers since 2012. today's lunch time protests are at noon at mcdonald's on jackson street. the warriors will formally announce an agreement to employ union janitors a the new arena and the president and chief operating officer will announce
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the deal with local 87 at union headquarters. the 18,000 centers are scheduled to open for the start the 2019 season. >> controversial blood testing company will close their testing laboratories in california and two other states and lay off more than 300 workers. one has been closed since july which the regulators were not licensed. they ran into trouble after testing disputed their claim it could diagnosis several medical conditions with a drop of blood. >> a second pot grow bust in san leandro in less than two weeks has netted $400,000 worth of illegal marijuana. police arrested five people and four homes yesterday morning in the bust. they provided abc with the photos. you can seat indoor operations. more than 2,000 mature marijuana plants were seized. the suspects could have made up to $1.6 million each year from the operation.
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>> here's all residential neighborhoods and it could union next door neighbor. in fact, if you drive down the street or i drove to all of the closes here in san leandro and driving by the houses, you would think this is quiet little san leandro, going on right under our nose. >> september 25, gunshots led police to another home convert interested an illegal grow house. >> a question for you, are you ready for some football? tonight the 49ers are play the arizona cardinals and it is their only thursday night game. trying to rebound from the loss to the cowboys. you may want to get there early to avoid traffic. parking lots open at 1:55 and stadium gates open at 3:30 and kick off at 5:30. >> we had a gorgeous day yesterday. more on top today? >> good football weather. to santa clara it will be nice. 76 by kick off.
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a lot of sunshine. before that if you are tailgating plenty of sunshine. 67 degree by 9:00 and plenty of stars. in the lie today, in the south bay at 77 in san jose. 77 for corps attend. 75 for sunnyvale. language the peninsula, breezy and a lot sunshine at 75 in palo alto and 72 in san mateo and half moon bay is 65. downtown san francisco is nice at 70. a lot of sunshine in the north bay, and comfortable temperatures on a lot of 70s and 80s on the board which is typical and oakland today, up to 74 and 76 in fremont and 77 for cass tremendous valley and inland, really comfortable, mild sunshine at 81 in pittsburg, and 84 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows the next seven days we have a gradual warming trend and the weekend and warm to hot and now, the roads? alexis? >> aside from the fatal crash we have at 680 and mckee we off
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to a quiet start and most likely 5:30 this morning or a few minutes before or after we will see the metering lights slipped on the enjoy it for now. 205 to 580 you are looking heavy out of tracy through the altamont pass is and overall it is not too terrible at 33 miles per hour average. we will look at drive times and talk about a lot of big events in the san francisco area that can slow you down the next few days coming up before 5:00 a.m. >> now an update from abc7 mornings. >> i want to show what you is happening in the bahamas, video from moments ago you can see what appears to be a transformer blowing in the middle of your screen. this is new video from paradise island. that is where atlantis resort is located with heavy winds blowing the palm trees over. brand new video coming and i will track more information
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through the morning. >> police in the east bay have a fraud warning. ticket sale for an event that is sketchy. >> the most painful thing to watch babies going through is teething and parents may have one less option for soothing the pain. >> black friday backlash, the bold stance a major shopping icon is taking against sales that start thanksgiving night. >> in techbytes facebook messenger roll owe the new feature to keep chats private. but end to end help description is not default feature so users have to activate it for every conversation. >> the military is getting into extreme vehicle. >> this is the colorado zh26789, 6.5' tall and 7' wide and the hydrogen fuel cell the s.u.v. can run in stealth mode. >> a big step toward sending
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paying passengers to space, with a successful test of an emergency escape capsule reef the edge of space and came
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man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. man: they said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to lear how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting. man: a symptom may cause you not to be
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able to do that anymore, and at one point, i was able to do any of those. man: since i've been cycling, it's definitely helped my walking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key. they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. >> we are back at 4:50. if you bought tickets for crab and brew fest, police want to hear from you, you may have been scammed.
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look at web page, it said it is sponsor by the emeryville artist agency and no group exists. the event location is given simply as chrissy avenue in emeryville with no specific address. the event twitter page was created this month and has only posted one tweet. although it claims it is the third year. >> if you are caring for a wild who is teatsing there is a new warning: the f.d.a. wants you to stop using home i don't -- one company said they are cooperating with the investigation, and does add that their tablets are fully tested. >> a big event for video gamers kicks off in san francisco, riot games holding the 2016 league of legends world championship at the auditorium. it draws players from all over
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the world with 16 teams from 13 regions competing for the title. this is pretty astounding: organizeers say 36 million people watched last year's finals online and the championship starts at 4:00 p.m. and continued through sunday. this is hilarious, taco bell is giving fans a once in a lifetime chance to win a delicious steak, transforming one of their ontario, canada locations into an airbnb and this is what the setup looks like. not your local taco bell. they have made it quite special with entries accepted by airbnb. the winner is announced a week from today. can you bring three friends for the steak-cassion and movie and food provided to promote the newest items, the steak double "d". >> ever dreamed of living at
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taco bell then you have strange dreams. >> way to go. >> drew? >> hungry. now, a look at the highs, a nice afternoon with a lot of sunshine and a few clouds. highs today are very october-like highs at 70 in san francisco and 77 in san jose. an 81 in livermore and 82 in oakland and as you plan the evening, you have to go out it will be nice with plenty of stars, and the sun goes down at 6:44. enjoy the bowl fall day. we have warmer weather on way. first, we will check on the roads with alexis. >> good morning, we are okay. it is a really busy week in san francisco. not only do we have dreamforce and howard is closed and that is right around moscone center the next couple of days and clean up
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through monday and we have fleet week and the blues start their survey flights and they are doing a practice for the full shows tomorrow and sunday. the department of emergency management is urging folks to avoid treasure island and you are not going to be able to view the shows from treasure island because of a history construction but they suggest heading to the marina district and going to crissy field or the great lawn at the presidio are more acceptable. the original slow down i am seeing westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 33inut. southbnd 680 from the tri-valley and northbound 85 and cocoa to cupertino is green at 16 minutes. a fatal crash in san jose area and i will have an update on that ahead. >> in your children use finger paint, sergeant art is recalling nearly three million packages of craft paint. "7 on your side" and michael finney alerted us to the recall last night. the jars could be contaminated with high legal of bacteria.
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those germs are dangerous to people who have weakened immune systems. so for no imnesses have been reported but it affects we watchful finger paint and glitter finger paint. stop using the products now. the company is offering refunds and the information is on michael finney's facebook page. >> today is the day prince fans have been waiting for the extraordinary private estate of prince opens for tours. here is what on display: urn with his ashes, and thousands of custom-made groups including the oscar he won for "purple rain," and the motorcycle he was on in the smoke. the private living quarters are off limit with tours today, saturday, and next friday. after that the estate closed until the minnesota city where it is based can figure a way to deal with increased foot and car traffic in the area. >> a bold move bit largest mall could start a new thanksgiving day trend and the mall of
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america in minnesota is going to close on thanksgiving day, and it has been open on the holiday since 12 but this year they want to give workers time to be with their families. given the size and the status, the move could inspire other stores to follow suit. >> police released a 9-1-1 call reporting a teen amended with a gun and at 5:00 a.m., what it turned out to be and the wanting officers now have for parents. >> stand for police are investigating two sexual assaults in one week and why they never alerted students to one of them. >> how is hurricane matthew matthew affecting flights? are there cancellations from the bay area? >> 4:57, a gorgeous embarcadero.
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>> good morning, pay area, let's get going. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and it is friday eve. >> is thursday. >> yes. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro, and alexis has traffic, and we have meteorologist mike atcco and drew is here with the


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