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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the dock is completely submerged. the storm surge is expected to be 6 to 10' or more on the coastal areas and the waterway folk are concerned it will overflow and wreak havoc. >> it has been a long night. thankthank you for the report. our drew, what are you seeing? >> still a major category three storm. this is a beach from florida with the wind pounding the trees, the waves are moving, and live doppler 7 hd is showing you we are tracking a very intense storm. we will zoom in closer. cape canavaral reported gusts of 107 miles per hour. the forecast track keeping it category three through the evening downgraded to a one but next week it can loop around as
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a tropical storm and hit florida again. >> cape canavaral is taking a beating. authorities are watching critical facilities at kennedy space center and cape canavaral air force station housing billions worth of facilities and equipment. many older buildings are designed to withstand category two or three storms but hurricane matthew is currently a three. officials are concerned that the hurricane could delay plans to launch a satellite into space which is used to study weather patterns. authorities in haiti have a grim task: they land to make their way to remote areas isolated by the hurricane to search for victims. the storm is blamed for 283 deaths there. the number is expected to rise this morning as they make their way across the region. aid workers have a difficult time reaching survivors because a critical bridge that connects the son part of the island has
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collapsed. >> relief agencies are not wasting time to help. pg&e crews from across northern and central california are now on their way to florida. 130 employ ears flying out of sacramento at 6:30 this morning to help crews in florida. california's urban search-and-rescue task force based out of menlo park has deployed a member, a san mateo firefighter, in the hurricane zone. the team is ready with supplies and resources from the fema warehouse including boats and atvs. >> hurricane matthew is affecting airports in the country and the bay area. 4,000 flights have been canceled since wednesday. we checked flight tracking website and three flights have been canceled this morning out of sfo and the number is expected to change as the morning goes on. no flights from oakland or san jose are affected but if you are headed east check with the airlines. stay with abc7 for continuing
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coverage of hurricane matthew. we will bring you up-to-the-minute details through the newscast and on download the app and enable push alerts. >> now, traffic with alexis smith. >> we are looking okay to kick off the commute, nice and light through the bay bridge toll plaza. we did have a crash involving a motorcycle in san jose, this was on 880, the northbound side, around stevens creek and it is cleared. we are incident free. we will look at the central valley in a few but right now meteorologist drew tuma is in the weather center. a beautiful weekend dialed up for fleet week. all the perfect amount of sunshine, warm temperatures, a look from sutro tower showing a gorgeous site with mainly clear skies and that is the team as we go through the day. hour by hour showing you this afternoon it will be warm.
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90s inland and 80s around the bay and 70s along the coast, enjoy this friday delight. guys? >> we are tracking breaking news in martinez and highway 4 is closed down for hours overnight during an investigation. >> our reporter is joining us. >> amy? >> yes, highway 4 is on now so the morning commute should be fine, but, look at what it looks like last night, and the c.h.p. did shut down all westbound lanes on highway 4 and just west of willow pass road and concord, and they got a call that shots were fired on the highway and this is not a new problem to the east bay, according to the c.h.p. there have been three dozen shootings on east bay highways in the last year and when we talked to drivers and they hear the number that there were 36 of these shootings, they were shocked. >> it is ridiculous. i hear about it all the time but i don't feel like i have heard that many.
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i have heard about a lot. it is scary. i have a lot of family that drive through here and i drive through each day. >> officers say that the shootings have mostly been gang-related shootings and victims have been targeted and the shooter's car pulls next to the victim's car and fires. there were no victims last night. they are still investigating the case. they were out here from 11:40 to:15 so disrupting the flow of life out here in the east bay. from concord for abc7 news. >> some people in the east bay wake up without power this morning. jessica, do we know what happened? that is right, also in martinez, actually, i want to show you video of the scene that is starting to affect residents since the power pole is down and the power is out in that area, a minivan blued into a utility pole near arthur road in the
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martinez area. the friends and family there could be affected. the crash brought down the live wires. the driver is okay and witnesses say she was not seriously hurt. we are working to confirm details on the crash. i want to show you what i have been monitoring the peg website, there is a power outage reported. we know power pole is down. we do not know how long it will take crews to fix. we are working on a timetable. when we get that i will pass it along. reggie? >> new this morning arson investigators in san jose are trying to determine the cause of a suspicious house fire. the call came after 9:30 at whom on north 17th street. no injuries were reported. the woman at center of a bay area police sex scandal wants $18 million from the city of san francisco. attorneys for jasmine abuslin filed a claim. the woman who used to go by the name celeste guap has said she
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had sex with numerous bay area police officers. some of those encounters were when she was underage. three san francisco police officers were named and their supervisors or superiors. she also has filed claim against oakland and richmond. >> occupy oakland plans to gather outside the san francisco hall of justice and the organization tweeted this poster titled "state of emergency call to action," they want justice for mario woods a stabbing suspect shot 20 times in december in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. no officers were ever charged. according to the post, the group wants to get the attention of district attorney. >> does you issues with t-mobile? some had to call us director land line. what is that? to tell us that the t-mobile network was down. no one could make calls but the texting worked. they tweeted at midnight that a calling issue was "resolved."
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she never explained what went wrong. they had another outage on september 22. >> the accweather forecast with drew tuma. >> good morning, we wake up to mainly clear skies and a few patchy fog at half moon bay but otherwise, shortly after 7:00 there will be a lot of sunshine. novato is only 43 degrees. 45 at half moon bay. san francisco is warmer at 58. 52 in fremont. and san jose. checking in with a temperature of 53 so outside, a look from the east bay hills camera, showing you a gorgeous picture. as you look at yesterday compared to today we will make gains in afternoon highs and by 15 degrees in walnut creek from the 70s of yesterday to thity of today, san francisco gaining three degrees and oakland at five degrees and san jose at six degrees warmer for the friday. look at hayes at 77 in san francisco and 81 for oakland and 84 in san jose and 85 in napa and in the weeken, on saturday,
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we continue to warm up and 90 degree reading makes a return in antioch, concord and inland we are warming up nicely to start the weekend with sunshine. how are the roads? >> you doing the pretty picture weather-wise and i is a pretty picture with the traffic map and a lot of green. hopefully a friday light commute. we earned one after yesterday. the only slow spot i am see so far westbound 580 as you approach altamont pass using the speed indication tool you are down to 36 miles per hour. really, not too bad considering that is one of our worst stretches. san francisco bay ferry ramping up the service for fleet week activities. saturday and sunday, vallejo to san francisco there are 11 departures. alameda and oakland and san francisco route 23 departures, normally there are only 15. >> a quiet neighborhood with a surprising secret: what police
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say was going on inside an east bay home. >> san francisco wins a victory in a battle over this urinal and
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it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. >> abc7 news, all news all morning. >> we have a major category three storm, hurricane matthew stalking the coast of florida. gusts are up for 107 miles per
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hour. the winds can go up to 120 miles per hour. the forecast track is coming up on where it is going the next couple of days. all the best way to track hurricane matthew is to enable push alerts. >> two men have been arrested with a rare violent home robbery in milpitas. the two follow add man and woman home from shopping last month. when they got in the garage the suspects are accused of attacking the man and stealing the jewelry of the couple. police arrested thomas in oakland daze after the incident and are just now releasing details. baker turned himself in three weeks later. investigators are trying to find out whether a brothel bust inside an east bay home is more than prostitution. police made several arrests yesterday in san leandro after be tipped off about the illegal operation. >> there was a lot of activity, and it was at late hours
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starting at 8:00 and kill to 7:00 and then you could see a lot of gentleman. >> stella is one of self neighbors who complained to police that something was suspicious was acting at this home. >> if you tight with your neighbors neighbors and talking things happen and we do not accept that activity. >> police investigated on a website known for prostitution, a detective communicated with a woman who agreed to sell for $160 and gave the address. police serve add search warrant. >> ron democrats, lubricants and seat cases filled with lingerie. >> three chinese women were in the house and three tried to run and were arrested the one admitted she just arrived from china with the intent to engage in prostitution. >> maybe starting voluntarily but usually they are then forced into the sex tuesday. they are manager by pimps and they get into something they have no more control of their
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own lives. >> detectives are working with the human trafficking unit and need to find out who the women are. they have no identification. >> a group is appealing a judge's decision over this. the judge decided to dismiss a lawsuit over the only air public urinal in san francisco. a group calls the european-style installation "offensive to manns and morals." they say it violated privacy and discriminates against women and people with disabilities. the city installed the urinal to prevent people from urinating in front of their hems. all the federal judge is questioning arab argument that a san francisco vacation rental ordinance violates federal law. yesterday the judge said that the city's law does not limit rental ad on the company website even in the ads are for illegal units. airbnb argues that the law violate as federal rule
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protecting websites against their user's consent. the ordinance requires short-term rental services to make sure the hosts are registered with the city a ruling, possible, by next week. all the giants have the surprise star in line young at wrigley tonight. >> third baseman nunez is out for game one of the series because he has a hamstring injury so wild card hero, gillespie, will likely start against the cubs. the bay area went craze after he hit a game winning homer to beat the mets on wednesday. there they are going bonkers. start time for game three at at&t was announced yesterday playing at noon. and games four and five happen, in they are required. >> it is an even year so get into the spirit. the giant fans photos #abcnow. you could see them on air or
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online. >> florida is getting the worst and we are getting the best of the wear. the story could not be too different. >> mother nature is trying to ball the atmosphere out so while the east coast is dealing with a major storm, the west coast is going to see tranquil weather including the bay area. we have chilly spots this morning and novato and napa at 45 degrees and the same at half moon bay. at 54. 52 in antioch and san francisco at 58. on this friday, first thing you have a light jack secret by, a lot of sunshine and remain aing up around the region and looking at highs across the bay area, 77 is the high in san francisco, at seven degrees above normal this time of the year and 84 in san jose, 81 the high for oakland, and 9 in antioch and it feels warmer this afternoon then it did yesterday. the seven-day forecast shows you that we are tracking remaining temperatures into saturday, and we will gradually cool off and increase our clouds and, yes,
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wednesday next week, tracking a chance of a few showers around the region. that is weather. how is the traffic? alexis? >> very quiet on the golden gate bridge. we low pressure for friday light commute. so far that is the start. weather is not an issue. it is just about as nice as it can be for us in the bay area. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, still in the green. 29 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard is 15 minutes and highway 101 to cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. we made it to the final day of the dreamforce conference but it does not mean the end closings and that is ahead. >> now, an update from abc7 mornings. >> i want to show you incredible video just in to show you how strong the wins are in florida right now. because of hurricane matthew. you can see a billboard has come off its frame and it happened in juno beach, a smaller city north
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of palm beach. you can see it is whipping around and it look like a giant flag. we have been watching live feeds and getting new video from florida all morning as we get the new stuff. that is the latest. >> notwithstanding you. coming up next a breakthrough in the fight against diabetes there is a new test that could help millions of people better control their blood sugar. >> firefighters finally get control of the loma fire and what is next. >> workers pull a sunken river boat out of the delta and the big price tag for the clean up. >> hurricane matthew triggers a social media safety system. facebook activated safety check for anyone in the hurricane zone that allows users to inform their friends that they are "safe," with only one click. >> snapchat is going public and the parent company is working on an i.p.o. pitting the value at
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$25 billion and hoping to sell shares by march, snapchat has over 100 million daily active
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>> fur just getting up we are tracking what is happening with hurricane matthew. this is a picture from jacksonville, florida, the worst of hurricane matthew has not gone that far north yet. right now it is further down in the state and hugging the eastern coast of florida all morning. no landfall yet.
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it is at category three. thousands of people without power. >> loma fire in the santa cruz mountains is now finally fully contained. cal fire estimated crews would not reach full containment until tomorrow. they will remain on the scene to do mop-up work. the destruction started on september 26, flames destroyed 12 homes and 16 outbuildings. it burned more than 4,400 acres. all the first time this year people in solano we have been diagnosed with west nile virus, with three people in the cities in the county have the potentially deadly disease. it is not clear how or where they became infected. these are the latest in a total of 276 human cases in california of west nile virus. nine people have died from the virus. >> switch gears, it is friday. that is not the only reason to smile. today is "world smile day." it is dedicated to spread joy and love and celebrate what make
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you happy. >> keep on sending emoji, and mona lisa is the most famous paintings. >> you all make me smile. >> beautiful. >> you, too, drew. >> thank you. >> now, taking you outside it is a beautiful morning from the exploritorium camera showing you we have the embarcadero lit up in blue they have been lit up all week for the blue angels and you probably heard them yesterday fly over the bay area doing their routine. today, they are doing it again and we will see them through the weekend with a nice forecast if you are out and about. the day planner, hour by hour, the sun is up shortly after 7:00 this morning. it will did so under a few clouds but mainly along the coast. the bigger story by 4:00, this is going to be a warm october day, 70s on the coast and
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80s around the bay, and 90s inland. you can get hour-by-hour forecast for any city where you live, with the app. how are the roads on this friday? >> a lot better than yesterday. we had the terrible collision on the dumbarton bridge is a lot of folks took the san mateo bridge, instead, and it was ugly yesterday. today, nothing like that. wide on. it is quiet i want to show you road closures howard is closed between third and fourth starting last friday. it will go through until sunday night at 8:00 p.m., and of course this is for the dreamforce conference at moscone center. an additional 45,000 people in the downtown and sonoma areas. however, the road will be closed through the weekend for tear down. that was a major operation and they need a couple of days to get it back to normal. >> the capsized spirit of sacramento boat is out of the water account clean up has a big price tag, here is what it looks
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like: quite a mess, a month after capsizing in a sacramento river delta. the boat owner had federal orders to create a fuel removal plan. he did not do it so the state and federal agencies had to handle it and it costs $1.6 million. in oil spill liability trust fund is covering that, but the boat owner could end up on the hook. he just bought that bet and he bought it for a bargain price $1,000. it turned out to be not a great deal. all the c.e.o. of an adult classified website is now facing charges of pimping in california. the coe -- c.e.o. was arrested or a warrant in texas. the site ads for s consider service makes it on-line brought el that generates millions. an attorney did not respond for phone calls. he will now face extradition hearing before being returned to
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california. >> the federal communication commission is perform, new privacy rules. companies would not be able to collect sensitive data unless you opt in. you have to specifically say it is okay. sensitive data includes information about director kids, health, finances, web browsing, app purchases, location, and condition tenths of your e-mail. companies are not able to champion you to keep that data private, but they could offer. >> discount if you allow them to use your data. >> the big story is, 100 miles per hour winds and torrential rain with hurricane matthew hitting the coast of florida right new. this is a picture of what is happening. next, why the next few hours will determine how much damage the area is going to suffer. >> local group that is familiar with disaster zones is ready to help out again. >> speaking of hurricane matthew, the situation for flights this morning, we are looking at that and it is having a trick chemical down affect, i
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live where you live this is abc7 news. >> we watching closely hurricane matthew as it hits the florida coast. millions are in the path of the this is the powerful wind and rain that is already wreaking laugh ok on the florida coast. the next few hours are critical as we wait to see in the eye makes landfall or continues the push from offshore. >> good morning on friday, october 7. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. drew tuma is tracking the latest. >> we got the latest updade from the national hurricane center and hurricane matthew i


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