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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 7, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> where you live, this is abc7 news. >> we are looking at poe temperature of deadly flooding on the charleston pence l.a. >> hurricane matthew is marching to the carolinas and turning off the lights and threatening major flooding. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. >> the eye of hurricane matthew is moving closer to jacksonville, florida. we will give you a look right now. we have seen the powerful storm moving along the coast of the sunshine state all morning. >> hour is the damage already to the homes, blowing off part of a roof and a million people are now without power.
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we will go to abc7 news reporter marci gonzalez in new smyrna beach. >> some of the flooding behind me, here, has receded. we still getting strong wind gusts so powerful it brought down trees and branches like this. still, not letting up yet. >> hurricane matthew's eye brushing and battering florida's east coast. gusts surpassing 100 miles per hour. bringing down trees, and power lines. >> leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. the major concern, though; flooding, starting in central florida and the worst is yet to come with a possible storm surge as high as 11' in some places. >> i emphasize to everyone that this is still a really dangerous
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hurricane. >> already, at left one hurricane-related death is reported in port st. lucie, florida and climbing deaths in haiti, nearly 300 killed and communities leveled. moving north to jacksonville. >> there is potential for significant flooding. >> officials urge evacuations in georgia and the carolinas. >> you need to be safe can get out. >> communities are bracing for the destruction of matthew. >> a lot of water. it is dangerous water. >> we are begging you to understand the seriousness of the storm. >> we do not have a clear picture of how severe the impact was here because the wind is still so strong, officials warn that right new, it is still too dangerous for people to be out assessing the damage. now a look at charleston, south carolina. the worst of it is still to come. winds obviously are whipping, and the real problem, though, is
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going to be the storm surge. our meteorologist, drew tomb marks has the littest. they call that area the low country for a only. >> we got the latest information the last two minutes from the national hurricane center and hurricane matthew is a major hurricane, category three, still, winds now at 115 miles per hour. it is making its presence known along the east coast of florida. i will due in near the eye of the storm. in the past 15 minutes, we had a gust south of palm coast, to 83 miles per hour. it is packing a punch along the coast. you can see it is headed to charleston. the map shows the forecast track is going to do the loop but the good news is the latest track has significantly weakening by wednesday as it tries to take aim on florida for a second time. guys? >> thank you. here is new video from daytona beach, you will see the big waves in video the surf is
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spilling on to a parking lot. it looks like we may not have that video prepared...the danger now is not the wind so much but the amount of water that can be flood the area. all the death toll in haiti from hurricane matthew is expected to rise and the asian ministry -- the haitian ministry said 271 are confirmed dead, 200 injured and 61,000 are staying in shelters. keep in mind that all of the numbers could change quickly. >> hurricane matthew is affecting more than just people would live in the path the monster storms. it is causing headaches for travelers across the country. jess yes is monitoring the airports for us at the live desk. jessica? in florida flights are starting to resume, but on a limited basis. i will show you a look at sfo where i have been tracking the conditions and it is getting better. look at this, some of the flights to miami are listed "on
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time," and as to fort lauderdale. that is a sigh of relief for some travelers. the worry is "canceled," for orlando flights and that is the biggest problem spot right now exactly where you want to check the flight status through the weekend even if you are not flying to the east coast. the situation is changing and there is a ripple affect. hurricane matthew is grinding air travel to a halt. >> the one day that we planned to learn there is a hurricane. >> more than 2,250 flights have been canceled across the nation. we expect the number to go to 4,000 by the end of the weekend. time-lapse radar is showing the busy air traffic over florida skies clearing out, and evacuees are worried about their homes but happy they get out of the path of the storm. >> home is a home but our family is safe. we are feeling good. >> got the house ready and left that is all you can do. hope for the best. >> in a rare move, fort
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lauderdale's airport shut down entirely on thursday and reopened this morning which wasn't easy. workers had to san toys the airport, and recertify it. >> during the storm miami international has halted all flights. even orlando international and airport miles away from the shore grounded all commercial flights. >> the kingdom is now evacuated. >> disney has closed, only the 4th time in the resort's history. disney is our parent company. >> right now another look at sfo where skies are clear. remember, airlines are sometime offering to waive change fees for some traveler because of hurricane matthew. in the studio i am jessica castro for abc7. >> more than 100 pg&e employees from across machine and central california were supposed to leave this only for florida. their trip was canceled. the plan was to have the workers help florida power and light with repairs. they had bags packed and before
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leaving they were told hurricane matthew has not caused as much damage as anticipated so they were not needed. they were ready. >> you can stay on top of all of our hurricane coverage with the news app, download it for free and enable push alert force breaking news updates. >> look at this gorgeous sight: fleet week is kick off and getting to high gear this afternoon, as ships along the water front start to arrive and go under the golden gate bridge, and you will be able to chile on board, the ships are available for pretours over the weekend, and we are going to be watching the blue angels happening this weekend. kristen? >> speaking of the blue angels, the favorite will, indeed, be back over the skies today for the first of three air shows this weekend. we will tell you about that. chances are you heard them yesterday cutting through the sky at record speed. we were near coit tower during
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the practice runs for fleet week. the air show is today, tomorrow and sunday at noon. the highlight is the blue angels performing each day from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. and you will find a complete list of events on the news app and it is free do down led. >> another honor for the old of the park ranger. we are in the east bay where this attack survivor is celebrating a special day. that is next on abc7. plus, made in the usa, a sneak look at the weekend events celebrating all things american where you
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>> traffic is smoot again through the toll plaza and many of you could have been caught up by a backup, just terrible, a semi that did not know where he was going. sky 7 was above the toll plaza after 7:00 this morning, and marin saying the driver was making the first run ever through the plaza. he tried to use the regular car lane, not one of the wider lanes that normally the big-rigs use. so the driver hit the curve of the toll plaza, broke a wheel, and then veered left blocking three lanes. he was not hurt. >> new at 11:00 the oldest park ranger is get recognition from congress this morning. the 95-year-old who served as the park in richmond last was the victim of a home invasion robbery a few months back. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at the park with betty soskin's
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last it honor. >> she got a congressional record, congressman presented her with the certificate and it states she was recognized on the house of representatives floor. betty is a park ranger here at the rosie riveter museum and play add ski role in development. rosies were in the grant row and beaming with pride the she has received a presidential coin from president obama and we asked her in all the awards are getting overwhelming. >> overwhelming, in some respects, but to the extent that i am aware i'm living in my final decade it is helping to bring together the meaning that my life may have had. >> she a very special person and a special soul and lincoln said that it is not the number of years in your life, it is the
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number of life in your years and in betty's case she has both. >> you may remember hear of betty this summer when she was attacked and robbed if her second floor home and struggled with the three got away and locked herself in the bathroom. he has not been caught but she quickly returned to work. show her strength and her resolve. the congressman point out she was reneged for bravery and the courage and determination she has shown throughout her lifetime. >> she could not be 95s how is she 95. >> she is in a life service. purpose. it will to come, a look ahead to the family fun happening this weekend. >> and a look at sky 7 over the san francisco bay, just gorgeous as the parade of ships is underway for fleet week, and
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>> back to fleet week coverage and the parade of ships happening right now in san francisco bay. >> tiffany is at marina green where fleet week fans are gathering. tiffany? >> yes, the parade of ships began at 11:00. you can see the second ship making its way through the bay right there behind me. we want to take the gorgeous live birds from sky 7. you can see the four ships that are part of the parade, the first, the uss san diego and transport and open all week for tours. the second ship is the us
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of seattle conducts alaskan fish patrols and the uss mobile bay is a guided missile cruiser in the navy certainly impressive, and, also, open for tours all weekend long. families say they are thrilled to expense the parade of ships firsthand. >> i have lived in the bay area a decade and never got to fleet week so i am giving to my checklist items. >> a beautiful day and decided to take the kids out and show them boats and hopefully they will be excited. >> if you like this family and have little ones, no children under seven years old can tour the ships this weekend, there is also no stroller packing and no pets alone including service animals. admission to tour the ships is first-come-first-serve basis but wear closed toe and flat shoes
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and a government issued i.d. there is a crowd and everyone seems impressed. >> now, your weather with drew tuma. >> and tiffany, the weather could not be any better we have sunny skies and the sunshine will continue this weekend. early today, beautiful sunrise from mount tam and just a fabulous way to start your day with the sun getting up shortly after 7:00 and a beautiful hues we had to get us in the right mood sailing into the weekend. we have a few high clouds and, otherwise, we are okay. from sky 7, this is by far onely favorite weekends in the region, the parade of ships happening right new coming through the golden gate bridge, and just a cool sight from sky 7. planning out the activities, the air she is happening, and we have blue skies above, perfect for the viewing, saturday you are out and about, bright and blue and in san francisco at 80
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degrees almost, and by sunday, a touch cooler, with high clouds, and 70 degrees. right new, it is comfortable temperatures for october, 68 currently in san francisco, 67 in oakland, and 70s in san jose, and 69 in antioch, highs today are going to feel warmer this afternoon than yesterday, by about five or ten degrees across the region and 77 in san francisco in the afternoon and 81 in oakland, and 84 in san jose, and 81 in vallejo, and 89 in antioch, and 86 in santa rosa. the evening planner tonight, perfect, grab the light jacket by 7:00 machine any of stars and by 9:00 most spots comfortable, hold in the 60 across the bay area. tonight, here is the call, plenty of stars, a couple of chilly spots but nothing out of the ordinary. most spots hold in the 50s, and temperatures as we head into saturday we will warm, in some region, especially i land not low 90s, again, and a lot of 80s an bay, and along the coast, mild and in the 70s and by sunday, we are a touch cooler
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but, still, comfortable and a lot of sunshine and the hour-by-hour forecast for bay area, the news app will come in handy today. the seven-day forecast shows fall warm the today and a little warmer today, and we will start to cool off on sunday, and, then, monday to tuesday, first you will notice the increasing clouds and we are tracking a chance for drops on wednesday, and right new one on the storm impact scale, a "1" but possibly a light shower but other than that, a beautiful weekend from mother nature. >> that is the uss san diego between our heads. >> at alcatraz. >> if you looking for something fun to do this weekend other than fleet week, we will have that and we have you covered. >> natasha zouves has ideas force you. >> do you like spicy? if you have heard of hot spot restaurants the new thing is called "dry pot." no water means a lot of flavor. the fresh stir fry meat and investigation damages simmer on
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the open flame at the table and this is chinese bacon and it is awesome. this is how it works, you pick your flavor and from five levels of spice, something called numbing spice, and the co-own are said that a lot of people come to want diagnosis go with the house spicy is that is the maximum level. >> be want the. you will be sweating and eyes water, and, ice water was need for just a "medium." the secret is the sauce in in sr fry made in house twice a week with 60 ingredients to stir from. take on the heat challenge at the inner richmond. if you like supporting all things made in the usa this is the american field pop-up market in brooklyn coming to san francisco and free at ghiradelli square and you will find craft beer to beautifully made
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clothing. >> of course, you can watch the blue angels roar overhead and you will have the opportunity to meet them, come out for the meet and greet at entrance plaza at pier 39 on saturday. head to for the information can we will link you up with hoodline. i am natasha zouves. >> san francisco giants are back in action in the post season and the help with the newest surprise player on the field. >> connor gillespie will likely be in the starting lineup because third baseman nunez has a hamstring injury and is spotted to miss game one of the national league division series. >> giants face the cubs first pitch 6:15 and game did happens tomorrow, and these are both in chicago and the giants head home to at&t park for game they on monday and of course they only play game four and guy in necessary. it is a bet five.
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>> go, giants. >> and you have the orange. >> friday here and that means time to meet our perfect
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>> coming up at 4:00, now two iphone owners say their phones have gone up in blames and we will hear from a california woman is lucky someone did not get hurt. from golden gate park to the ocean edge, there are new fears for tourists, the concern as fleet week ramps up at 5:00. >> finally friday, and what bet way to kick off the weekend than with our perfect pet. >> drew? >> perfect pet adorable dog from the san francisco spca, meet willa, 2-year-old pit bull, and her favorite thing to do and we have this in common is to play fetch. she will need a backyard to stretch her legs and her new owner needs to be patient she is growing into her personality. who isn't? >> if you want to make her part of your family call the san francisco spca: she will go quickly. >> that is true. fetch. >> look at that!
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the giants have a place for you. >> just like in fifth grade! >> bad memories. >> from all of us thank force joining us.
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>> just answer 14 questions in 30 minutes, and you too can walk away with $1 million. it's america's favorite get-rich-quick scheme. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] having responded to 911 calls on the las vegas strip for 20 years, our returning contestant is familiar with performing under pressure. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome back scooter diel. >> come on! >> what's up, scooter? >> good to see you again. whoo! yeah! come on, man. hi. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> being a paramedic could be a little crazy. being a paramedic on the vegas strip--i can't fathom what you have seen. >> nor would you probably


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