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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm kristin zee. a recording surfaced of donald trump bragging about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with a married woman. >> the conversation was inside of a bus with billy bush of ak said hollywood. >> i moved on her and i failed. i did try. she was married and i moved on her very heavily. >> he was heard making crude comments and issued this equipment, quote, this was locker room banter that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. >> democratic vice presidential candidate said the comments made him sick to his stomach but added this. >> i'm sad to say i'm not surprised.
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i should be surprised and shocked. i'm not. >> hillary clinton saying quote, this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. >> mitt romney tweeted hitting on married women? this corrupts america's face to the world. and paul ryan and mish mcdonnell have not commented on you can hear from trump from washington university in st. louis on monday night at 6:00. >> how do you say you're stopping people from shooting and don't take guns? >> a man charged with a death was receiving opinion from a
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controversial richmond program meant to help people turn their lives around. >> melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the story. >> on the one hand, a program created to end gun violence, on the other hand, one victim ease family says they don't support a program that pays young men but does not take away guns. >> this is really hard. >> yolando buried her son, he was 25 years he gave to everybody. if anybody needed anything, he would give it to you. >> her son was slumped over the wheel of his car. >> office of neighborhood safety was created to interrupt, disrupt, stop shootings.
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>> the director says the program also pays the men in allowance of up to $1,000 a month for meeting certain life map goals. >> we're not paying anyone to stop shooting. this is a life leadershp development opportunity. it just so happens to be designed for young men who are suspected of being lethal firearm offenders in the city of richmond. >> he says taxpayer money goes to overhead and allowance is funded by private donations. >> you didn't take their guns. you're giving money to buy more guns. to me, that is what the payment was. yes, you're training them to do jobs but it's a bunch of people. >> this 19-year-old was also an office of neighborhood safety fellow, one of six men facing charges in connection with a string of east bay home invasions. back at the prothro home, his family is hoping his passing will have purpose.
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>> he was blessed in the wrong environment many he was in that bracket between 15-30 which is crucial in the black community. >> it's a bracket critics and supporters of the office of neighborhood safety say needs to be reached. he says that the majority of his 84 fell yeses, half are on track and doing well. he says as of march 1, he says he's created a new organization to rep my indicate the program nationally. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> bracing for hurricane matthew. this is a live picture from charleston, south carolina. you can see heavy rains and strong winds battering yet another part of the coast. here is a look from jacksonville, florida. the area is now one of the worst hit and the storm killed
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people overnight. the storm surges are up to 11 feet along the coast. president obama issued a state of emergency in florida, georgia, north carolina and south carolina. reporter scott maclaine has a closer look. fierce winds, gushing waters and flying debris. hurricane matthew battered areas like daytona beach and st. augustine with one miles per hour winds. coastal communities in georgia, south carolina and north carolina on notice as hurricane matthew continues its path. >> storm force winds will continue to do so. >> we're looking at major storm surges and major winds.
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>> the greatest impact to north carolina will be saturday through sunday morning. >> president obama is urging people in those areas to be on guard. >> those of you who live in georgia should be paying attention. it's going to move into south carolina and there are large population centers there that could be vulnerable. >> spencer christian was on the path right now. a image is still powerful now. winds are going ten miles per hour along the georgia border and it pushes along the georgia coastline. and along georgia and parts of
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northern florida. for much of the remainder of the area is long the coastline. weakening to a category 1 as it moves up along the north carolina coastline. still kicking up heavy rain in the northeastern states. it's going to weaken to storm strength and dive sharply toward the bahamas again towards tuesday. it's still owe pen shally dangerous and deadly storm for the coastline. i'll have more later. >> thank you. >> san francisco based air bnb activated it's disaster response program, giving evacuees and workers an easy way to find
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homes to stay in. air bnb waves fees during these emergencies. the program started during super storm sandy in 2012. we have an up to the minute hurricane blog on our abc7 news app. >> moving on, residents of one neighborhood are angry. they're angry and want action from east bay mudd claiming the utility failed to repair a hand slide. and now, from moraga with a story on abc7 news. >> i can tell you this looks the same as it did back then and not much changed. now there is a lawsuit. also allegations to residents that east bay mudd had warnings this might happen. they tell us that they're not fully responsible for this mess.
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>> the fact of the matter is that has got to be fixed. >> residents along moraga's augusta drive say they've seen enough of this. a large landslide that happened seven months ago. and it hasn't been fixed since. >> the house hasn't been fixed. rain hasn't been fixed. >> tim and his family have in idea when they'll be able to move back into their homes. >> it's stressful. three kids, and a family. fortunate and blessed no one was injured. >> this is ht of our possessions from the home. it's stacked up. >> he says the smaller slide in january should have been a red flag for east bay mudd. >> they had an outside firm come to evaluate the area in january and that report indicated if it continued to rain, the hillside is in jeopardy.
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>> abc7 news obtained a copy of the report and warns, quote, additional movements could occur if the landslide is not stabilized. two months later, the slide gave way. east bay mudd is now being sued by homeowners. >> what we've learned is that it's a naturally historic site area that predates houses that are there. >> what we've been doing now is to monitor the slides, see if there is movement. >> they're just walking away from us. we might, just sliding down the hill. >> east bay mudd has put plastic sheeting over the area but there plans to make repairs soon.
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>> a two-hour lock the drill was intended to show students the threats are serious. >> a fire in contra costa regional center is and fire marshal on the scene, the fire began from a leak in the boiler room. again, the fire is >> what you need to know if you're planning to see the excitement. >> bikes versus cars and a new attempt for peaceful co existence. >> those slow moving chip cards
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from the air and see, a beautiful and fleet week begins. >> been here for a couple days but officially, fleet week got underway with a parade of ships this morning. and spectators here also got a taste of the air shows this
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weekend. >> it was a perfect day to watch the must angels the skies. fans got to see one air force's newest fighters. >> i think that is absolutely fantastic. that is the job i want. >> the day began with a show on the water. the ships into san francisco bay. >> i work in the city, normally, i can see them throughout the building but i took the day off to bring my sister-in-law into san francisco to see them. >> sailing in behind a spray of water from san francisco's new fire boat were uss san diego, followed by the high-tech guided missile cruiser, next, a visitor, the hmcs calgary. >> we're set up to fight. we're set up to take on any adversaries on the seas. >> the ship was only open to
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special guests like tiffany millie who came down to see her see her husband. >> the >> san francisco, abc7 news. the most popular state park in northern california and the i team in mount diablo, asking everyone to ride and drive safe hi, asking the i team to look into the danger of blind curves. the i-team found 116 collisions. the new report found there have
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been 116 collisions in four years. >> on a normal year, 25-30 occur. >> 180 new signs up in all but a mile of the roads are striped with double yellow lines. four off duty firefighters have gone out to watch the bhu angels practice. they saw someone jump from the bridge. and saving this guy's life, they called for assistance and the man was transported to the hospital. a bay area woman known for her perseverance is part of the congressional record. at age 95, the nation's oldest national park service ranger conducting tours at the rosie the riveter museum in richmond.
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>> it's overwhelming in some respects but to the extent that i am aware i'm living in my final decade. >> whatever it is, it's -- we're going to appreciate every second of having you with us. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> she received what is called a parade of awards and a presidential coin from president obama replacing one stolen over the summer when she was attacked and robbed in her you can see high clouds around. and first, a 24 hour change. it is nine degrees warmer in
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half moon bay and san jose than at this hour, yesterday. this is a view looking south ward. you can see high clouds there and 72 degrees in san francisco. 76 in oakland. 81 in mountain view. this is a view of the western sky that is just stunning. upper 70s in napa and novato. and looking at santa cruz beach, people will go or want to go this weekend coming our way. these forecast features fine weather for fleet week. and turns cooler and tens throughout the week. tomorrow, a spare the air day. we expect to have poor air quality tomorrow but moderate
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everywhere else. low temperatures dropping to 50 degrees, other locations will see lows in the mid-50 on the peninsula, 86 degrees in redwood city. 80 on the coast. and a high of 85. and 80 degrees the high in san francisco tomorrow. oakland, 86 and inland east bay lows in the low to mid-90s and a beach hazard, wave heights are rising because of a long swell, large breakers and possibly rip currents. about the fleet week, it's looking great tomorrow and
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sunday. and monday, still sunny skies and still mild as it winds down on monday. cooling monday but seasonally after rentaling range, cooling continues below average with a chance of rain or showers. >> gets interesting. >> yes. >> still ahead at 6:00 a dozen doughnuts and a job. >> a man visiting the bay area, gaining fame tonight for the way he is
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>> we're back outside wrigley field. giants and cubs bottom of the one, the top of the first and giants not scoring, johnny quatto now. president obama is in the house. and that team comes into this year with a record so we'll see. a man visiting the bay area gained attention for the way he's approaching his job search.
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>> the marketing guy found a sweet way to welcome himself. >> good evening. >> i'm looking for a job at that company. >> i knew that i might be written up because i didn't graduate university here or don't have work experince in the united states. >> in fact, staffing firm says work history is the top thing departments look at and they're picky. >> each big company wants the best of the best. it's that fight for the talent here. >> next, he had lunch. >> i ordered a burger just to check ou they do delivery. >> he designed this tee shirt. he had to try three places to get it printed. >> saying you don't have
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permission to use this logo type and brand name. >> but dressed as a doughnut delivery man, he went the extra mile. >> i walk around, 15, 20 miles a day. >> hand delivering doughnuts with his resume inside. >> most of the time they're shocked. like how did you get into the building? >> and out of 40 deliveries he landed ten interviews. >> sounds like he's a go getter, i'd hire him. what does post mates think of this? he didn't ask their permission. >> we loved it. >> the ceo reached out to lucas. >> he's getting coffee with him next week. >> he left us wisdom. >> if you're a marketing professional you need to know how to market yourself, too. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. like to follow up on progress there.
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right? see what happens. >> speaker paul ryan just weighed in on the tape of donald trump making disparaging comments toward women. what the speaker has to say, plus... >> the dogs were choking on the air. i know the horses were. because we all were. >> the inside story of a volunteer who saved
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>> more breaking developments this evening. >> house speaker paul ryan announced republican presidential nominee donald trump will no longer be attending fall fest attended by party leaders. ryan said he's quote, sickened by trump's crude comments about women.
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>> donald trump brags about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with a married woman. >> the u.s. government now blames russia for trying to interfere with the election. u.s. intelligence officials say they're confident the russian government had people hack into american political organizations. vladimir putin said he had nothing to do with it. >> simmering anger over the fatal shooting of mario woods. dawn woods accused the department of treating her son as less than human. >> where is the huchlry for our children? >> she recalled how her son was
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gunned down in december. he was a stabbing suspect. the suspect -- victim's mother says what happened was an execution. >> you're an animal. you don't deserve it. >> police fired several rounds, they say woods was ordered to drop his knife. the case is still open with lingering questions. >> and that gascone come out there. >> yes. >> stop playing around. and charge these police with the murder of mario woods. a legal step forward for one family. >> we filed a civil rights lawsuit in order to bring the family the justice it deserves. >> six months ago, he was shot and killed by police. police claim he lunched at them with a knife under the influence of meth. the civil suit says his body was
6:33 pm
riddled with bullets. >> we intend to make these facts available to the public. >> protesters took their cries inside, demanding a meeting. >> the da offered an embrace, judging from their persistence, this is far from over. a story yesterday about a cookie fund raising fiasco. self viewers noticed the flag was flying upside down. we contacted the school district. officials tell us it was a mistake. they made sure it would be right side up today. >> we're hearing the story how volunteers saved
6:34 pm
from a home. >> he stumbled upon this happy ending we wanted to share. >> it was one of the most dramatic moments, firefighters holding back flames as horses and dogs ran scared. >> so i retrieved two black labs. >> any time there is a wildfire, he heads for the flames. >> you can feel the heat. >> those horses were frantic. just amped up. he faced what would seem to be a mission of saving seven dogs and a parrot. >> why is it important to do
6:35 pm
this? >> i don't like to see animals suffer. he went back to meet the owner of the horses they saved. >> they're like my kids, my children. i was born like that. >> while he gave us a tour of the property and a shooting range, he spotted embers still smoldering and took action. he has to retrieve his parrot and horses. >> this is mateo. >> i hope you find that out. >> i will do my best. >> steven made calls and found ava in a shelter. she's on her way home. >> coming up next, remembering the man who
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a big loss for the
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vietnamese community as they mourn of loss of a man who introduced lee's sandwiches to the bay. a man who wanted the best for his family. >> he had to put business aside and focus on the family. no matter what. >> company co-founder henry lee passed away thursday, at age 58 following a tloo-month battle with liver cancer. family members are devastated by the sudden loss. >> he really cared about the success of everybody in the family. not just his own. but all my brothers and sisters and we felt that from him. >> this picture from the 1980s shows henry with his older brother in front of their original food truck on santa clara street. the two of them would turn lee's into the largest ban-mi chain.
6:40 pm
>> everywhere you look in san jose, you can see the symbol of success from a vietnamese american family. henry was a big force in that. >> he donated time and energy to charity. it was important considering he and his family came to the u.s. with nothing but cloths on their backs and reminded family and friends any struggle can be turned into try yuch. >> i wish he can be with us forever, you know? >> a rags to riches story about a man who loved his family and community with all of his heart. >> the sets we used to use to bring you the news now has a great new home of we couldn't be prouder. >>
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>> it is being used at san francisco state for a weekly news program called "state of events". >> that is going to wrap things up. >> we'd like to thank abc7 news for donating to the department here in san francisco state university. >> you're welcome and we're happy the set has a new home. isn't that great? why do they look better than we do? >> it's not a make you look young effect. right? >> michael finney looks at how effective new chip cards are. stay with us.
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it appears chip credit cards are working. >> retailers are seeing fraud drop by nearly half. >> michael finney has been keeping track and joins us now with good news. >> we've got good news about the biggest complaint about these cards. so fraud is dropping but what about the longer wait when using the cards?
6:45 pm
well, that is getting better, too. consumers complain they take too long to use. >> it's a little slow and cumbersome. >> marine was shopping when we talked and i had some good news. >> here is the thing that is fun. >> rather than take almost 10 seconds for a chip card, it will do it in two and a half seconds. >> we'll see. >> you're not sure. he tells me a third of all transactions are now being processed with a chip card.
6:46 pm
>> they can help, put items in the cart. and they can multi task. >> when this many people are going through a line it's important to keep things moving. that is the challenge index that software company tackle. >> you can dip it. >> any time. dip it. and yes. two and a half seconds or let's. >> it's working. sarah owens is with new leave community market. >> i'd set up 13% faster from start to finish. >> that takes us out to the front of the store. >> i counted. >> five seconds? >> five seconds? >>
6:47 pm
took me that long to sign. you're going to notice because you can dip it and pull it out, it makes it seem just as quick as swiping. >> let's update the forecast. >> yes. spencer? >> with live doppler 7, you can see high clouds around and warm up is going to continue tomorrow. sunny skies with lingering high clouds. mid to upper 80s around the bay. and sunday, nice, and here is the accu-weather forecast. after a warm weekend, cooler weather in all parts of the bay area monday. clouds increasing and a slight
6:48 pm
chance of rain at the very end of the week. >> a lot going on in sports. >> yes. >> somebody dressed in giants? >> yes. >> there is a game going on now. >> we'll update the giants situation and we've heard collin kaepernick weight and strength were kweeping him on a benc
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good evening, collin kaepernick may be back at quarterback soon. the nfl network purports kaep and niners are close to reworking a deal that would take out a clause for next season. that clause probably saved his spot on the roster this season as you look at vitage footage there. the new deal would allow kaep to opt out. if he produces for niners he'd be free to hit opt market and as
6:52 pm
a valuable commodity. gabbert, 18 of 34 and a touchdown passing. one rushing and missed opportunities in the passing game. today, chip kelly was asked about a change in quarterback and chip said everybody is being evaluated. >> i'm not naming for buffalo. don't rule anything out is what i'm saying. okay? but the headline is that i didn't name this guy the starter. i didn't name any starters. that is what i'm saying. i said our offense didn't play well. and it's not nothing to and two years ago, giants knocked out the nationals in route to their third title if five years.
6:53 pm
so tonight, wild card giants and best record cubs underway in game one of the they're in the third inning and there is no score. dusty baker, top of the three, justin turner with a bomb off max sherzer. and so is dusty. but johnson, a closer, as dodgers take opener 4-3. game two as coco krift. price got rocked for five runs
6:54 pm
including a three run homer and cory cluber strikes out seven so indians win going two up in this series with game three sunday. another al series, notice a lot of former a's and highlights. josh donaldson trying to go two up on texas. and kevin vilar and ed win edward incarnation. and jay's hang on 5-3. they can hit the title series. and we come across dumb things all the time. but this is
6:55 pm
and luck will recall a $140 million deal. the trouble with this logic is that they're terrible before luck got that contract. there is a team in santa clara that would love to take luck off the colt's hands. dan? kristin, back to you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, coming up, what that will mean for the job market at >> the donald trump fallout, and his lewd comments about women and here is tonight's prime time line up on abc7. at 8:00, it's last man standing followed by dr. ken.
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and it's 20-20 followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> a few thoughts about what really matters. coming owe work i had a nice encounter with a stranger on the street as i turned to head to the embarcadero. he made eye contact with a guy getting ready to cross the street. as my car passed i pointed and mouthed words "thank you" and gave him a thumbs up. he beamed a smile and returned the gesture, a small moment representing a bigger point. we tend to forget sacrifices made by our armed forces around the world. fleet week is a chance to honor the work those in our armed forces do. we're glad you're here and have a much-deserved good time. what matters is to recognize men
6:57 pm
and women who serve honorably should get our recognition, respect, and our thanks. i appreciate hearing from you. let me know what you think. >> and we've enjoyed them. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm kristin zee. >> from all of us, we appreciate
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an academic director from brooklyn, new york... a systems engineer from los angeles, california... and our returning champion, an author and administrative assistant from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thanks, johnny. this has been a week of big wins. two days ago, margie picking up $34,000. sarah with a big win yesterday.
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nate and bryn, it could happen to you also. good luck. here we go. now the categories for the three of you... followed by... quotation marks. you need to name the present-day country where each person was born. sarah, start us. let's take "race" for $400, please. sarah. -what is the rat race? -rat race, yes. "race" for $600, please. bryn. -what is arms race? -yes. color, $200. nate. -what is black and white? -that's it. let's do "race" for $800.


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