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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 11, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> slide to right. the giants win. >> don't stop believin', the giants post-season magic continues with a thriller at home, 13 innings and a walk off double that brought down the house, still has fans celebrating today. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i average regular. kristen sze is off. joe panik's game winner ended an unbelievable magic, with conor gillaspie coming through, and the manager called the game one of best he has ever been part of. >> the game had everything:
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timely hitting on both sides, good hitting, just a fun game to be involved with. it is easy to say because we came out on top but it is hard to have a better game to watch than what we had tonight. >> die hards know this: the 10th straight win in elimination game. we will see in they can make it 11 tonight. october 11, it would seem like a good luck charm. the game starts early so you hopefully have enough energy to gt through another late night. >> amy hollyfield is talking to fans outside of at&t park. amy? >> yes, it is quiet out here. we just saw giants executives rolling in to work 30 minutes ago so everyone is getting a late start after the long game. fans did not get out of the ballpark until before midnight last night. it was a long one, a five hour long game, 13 innings, and certainly paid off though if you
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could stay up. this morning, it is quiet around the ballpark and we thought we would see fans but not many are here. there are a few in the stores this morning, grabbing gear now our season is still going. they say last night they definitely experienced a range of emotions. >> we hope you are going to pound the coffee today though, and that you will take a nap because we have to do it all over again. today. in a few hours. tonight's game start as littleilier with immigration fitch at 5:40. i talked to a giants executive who is feeling "very good," especially with our left-handed pitcher on the mound predicting the other team does not hit left-handed pitchers as well and fan said he is looking forward to the fact he does not think either pitcher will last and that will make it more
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interesting. whatever,ing could happen, it is october baseball. who knows? what is what will be so fun so stay tuned as the giants are still in it. >> thank you, amy. the matchup at at&t park starts at 5:40. in the giants win and push deciding game five that is back in chicago on thursday. >> giants fans, look at the great video and pictures to the newsroom. share yours #abc7now. ago we could share it here or online at >> it was nation weather last night and felt like october the we will see what is in store today. mike nicco? >> beautiful picture from south beach look back where all of the magic is happening tonight. here is what will happen, administration far as the weather: we will have the first pitch temperature of 59 degrees. at 5:40. we will drop to 57.
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the low clouds will clear up. high clouds and sun. the sun will set. the temperatures will drop. under stars and clouds. when i come back i will talk about owe chances of rain moving fahd. there is 100% on friday and 70% chance on sunday. a lot of rain is on the ways. but it will be well after we win. reggie? >> that could be late tonight or early tomorrow morning. >> to keep tabs on the game forecast and break news download our news app enable push alerts with updates as they happen sent to the phone. >> developing news, in the south bay, san jose police are searching for whoever killed a man late last night, the body was found in a lowe's parking spot on ridder park drive. matt keller is at the scene. matt? >> the body was found in this park lot 40 minutes after this lowe's closed but i spoke with the manager of the lowe's store and he told me that the victim was not a customer or an employee.
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>> this crime scene was not hidden from view. it was in the parking lot of a low's home improvement store off ridder park drive across the street from the old san jose mercury news building. the homicide investigation can be seen from passing vehicle on nearby 880 with shoppers shocked to learn a map was fund dead here last night. >> never seen any problems. no confrontations. >> surprised. >> ever had problems in this area? >> no. never. >> police say a passerby alerted them to the man would had visible injuries and not breathing when officers arrived the homicide detectives spent ten hours on the scene paying particular attention to pontiac that was towed away as evidence. there are homeless encampments in the area. san jose police is investigated eight homicides involving homeless people this year, one case has been solved. police have not released the identity of this victim for possible such lover many workers in the area conditioned about their safety. >> does it make you think twice
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about walking in the parking lot alone? >> now. >> a it is the 38th homicide of the year in san jose. that is almost eight more than all of last year. >> we have new details about a fatal shooting in east richmond, police officers were called to the park on morning side drive before 11:00 last night, and they found two men suffering gunshot wounds, 21-year-old eric brown of richmond died at scene and 19 year old man from rodeo was wounded and he is expected to recover. investigators say this is an isolated incident. they are continuing to gather clues. the no one-arrested in connection with the shooting. >> three police officers are recovering this morning from a haz-mat incident, this is video of the scene last night on fitzgerald drive near the big five store. firefighters say that five gallons of ammonia and seven pints of bleach spilled in a car. officers were checking out the car and they had trouble
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breathing. they when to the hospital. they have been released. they are expected to be okay. it is not clear where the car was tran parting those products. haz-mat safely disposes of them. >> evacuation orders have been lifted in some area of napa county where a wildfire break out. cal fire has deemed the areas "safe," and opened dry creek road which wassed while they worked to protect homes near where the fire was burning. flames break out after 4:00 yesterday afternoon three miles west of yountville. the fire has burned 60 acres. it is 75% contained. the cause is "under investigation." >> right now parts of north carolina are still underwater and a massive rescuest is underway. this is the hardest hit state after a deadly stone is still causing havoc. >> this are 2,000 rescues by 9 boat crews from all over the
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nation. there are hundreds of folks in shelters and there are at least two people still missing. all of this as we learn the death toll has again up. >> death toll continues to chime from hurricane matthew. at left 14 people in north carolina alone have last their leaves. the state's governor confirmed the news this morning and even said that one death included an officer involved shooting during a high water situation. >> our first responders were cming through with a humvee trying to help and rescue people. all we know is there was a confrontation. and a shooting the it has resulted in a man's death. all the shoot out happened in lumberton where residents are overwhelmed with 1,500 people left strapped yesterday. >> it makes me want to cry and is horrible. people have in electricity, and their homes...
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[ inaudible ] ought danger is not over yet. in fact, it could be worse with a dam near the area could fail at any minute. >> i want to send a strong message to the people in moore county who could be impacted by the game. get out. get out now. >> in the woodlake dam fails it do set an extra 2 to 3' of water to communities located downstream and make the recovery effort more difficult than it has already been. federal disaster has been declared in 3 counties so for. >> here is another look at the dam in north carolina that could breach at any moment, more than 25 deaths are reported in the united states from hurricane matthew and in haiti it is officially more than 300, but the identification process is very slow and it is all said and done the death toll could be more than a through. tonight, president obama
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will be in north carolina campaigning for hillary clinton. this is new video of the president boarding air force one 30 minutes ago. today, clinton is in battleground state of florida and donald trump will be in the sunshine state. he began the morning with a twitter account against house speaker paul ryan who said he would ditch campaigning in the wake of comments about women, and trump called him ineffective and "disloyal." 25 days from the election trump in a bring tall fight with clinton to the finish. >> they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things and we will continue to talk about bill clinton and hick leg going inappropriate things. >> he wants to talk about with we have been doing the last 30 years, bring it on. >> poll before the date before after the leak shows hillary clinton leading by 11 points, and i should note another poll came out since being on the air from the "wall street journal" and it shows hick has a
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nine-point lead after the second debate. >> samsung is pulling the plug on the controversial smartphone, and what it telling consumers this morning about the galaxy note 7g. >> a showdown in the supreme court and the issue hitting bay area apple against another tech giant. >> she said yes, but will they say "i do," and we will look at bachelor's life a
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>> power outage in southern california triggered major flaring at the torrance oil refinery. neighbors were told to shelter-in-place, can you imagine looking out the window and see this? a majority of the 100,000 residents now have power. the shelter-in-place has been lifted at this point and the outage happened after 5:30. clearing began 15 minutes later at a federal exxonmobil refinery. they usually respond to power outages by burning off product to relieve pressure. new details of samsung which permanently is halting production of the galaxy note 7 phone. the global stop on all sales rported by the associated press is after replacement note 7s also caught four. the replacements were issued after several only burst into flame. the company is topping production for the sake of consumer safety. samsung will either give you a full refund or replace the note 7 with any other sunday model. >> happening now apple and samsung are engaged in a she down at the supreme court.
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justices are considering how much samsung owes apple for copying the iphone design. it is four years after a lower court jury found samsung copied the design after awarded an bell $1 billion in dams. and that was cut in half. they are to decide in they deserve all the properties on the phones or just those from certain features that were copied. >> happy ever after or not so much? a look at life with bachelor ben and lauren as the cameras get rolling for their new reality show. >> look at our sutro tower camera, a
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>> actress turned country music singer is showing off impressive stars on "dancing with the stars" but she said her life is not as perfect as it may seem, kramer is opening up saying she barely made it out of her first marriage alive and now is choosing national domestic violence awareness month as a time to tell her story hoping she can empower other women to get out of abuse of relationships. >> i was sitting in the bushes and, i was hiding in my bushes. how in the world did i get here? >> she is married to a former nfl czar and they have a daughter together, she though is dealing with a recent separation after her husband was unfaithful. she talked about that on "nightline," right here at 12:35 a.m. >> your accweather forecast with mike nicco.
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>> you need to get the yard done before the we rain, and here is a look at sfo are we still have flight arrival delays an hour and seven minutes. no joke, i got the blower all charged and ready to go to get gutters cleaned. clouds are lingering and cooler today, quiet and cool through thursday and the rains are heaviest on friday and again on sunday. we will see what is going on today, wind speed and direction on live doppler hd and it shows everything is pushing ashore and the cool sea breeze, again, dropping our temperatures below average and it will not be too frisky on water, about 10 or 15 miles per hour. here is a look at the cloud cover, you can see how much more stubborn it is, today, an the bay and into the south bay then it was yesterday but we are seeing a near more breaks along the coast than yesterday but it will be too little too late and still cool by average standards with our warmest temperatures inland, low-to-mid 70s, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and low 60s along the coast and into san francisco. here is a look at san jose you can see the sun is bringing out right now, and we will look at evening planner, encompass all
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of our neighbors from the coast to the bay to inland and at 3:00, 60s at the coast, and 50s as we led from 5:00 to 9:00 and mid-50s there, and around the bay 67 to 66 in the afternoon, and 60 to veteran -- 57, so jacket weather and 53 at 7:00 and 58 by 9:00 so you will mode a jacket there. we will fall down interest mainly the low-to-mid 50s and the clouds are roll into our neighborhoods. we will talk about our storm-impact scale so necessary to break this out. "1" is light and "5" is severe and that is not bad for the first storm of the season, late thursday into friday "2" and moderate-to-heavy rain in the north bay and breezes could shake the weak are tree limbs and cause a small area. you can see the light rain in the north bay, accumulating and the heaviest rain, it falls right during the morning commute, through about 12:00 and it starts to taper for any
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afternoon to evening plans. we will look the rainfall and it is conservative, less than half an inch in the south bay, 1" around the bay and 1" in the north bay with other models almost doubling that amount of rain. we will get about half of whatever falls on friday, again on sunday and that storm on my storm-impact scale of "1" is going to be light. in between you should be able to get outside at times and there could be a stray storm, same on monday, but we have to watch out on friday and sunday for the gully washer coming in. >> friday looks like the real deal. >> it is and it is coming during the only commute and we have not driven in the rain in a while and the oil is on the street. we will be busy but bewe will get you through. >> we will offer massages in between the breaks. >> i like that. >> when the champagne starts flowing and the red rose disappear what happens after "the bachelor." we saw ben and lauren find their ferry tail end, right? now they are opening up about the ream life challenges of making a relationship work. on the new reality show they are
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bouncing the pressures of being such a public couple. >> you are just saying yes to both of you. >> you are telling me that now. >> i had the pleasure speaking them and when a woman said it is "fine," it usually is not. a area since the proposal and on the new year they eninvite fans into their lives, even to couple's counselling. >> we wanted to better ourselves as couple and to use the new platform to bring light to some of the thing we feel strongly about that right now are taboo and one those things is counsel ing. >> you can watch ben and lauren tonight at 8:00 people, and disney is the parent company of abc. >> they like each other, though? >> they say they are very in love. >> body language was...not great. >> sometimes it is all about
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enjoying the simple things in life >> the next story is baby squirrel munches on a pecan in a feel good video.
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⌞> coming up at 4:00, unlucky turn for one of the lucky spots
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to buy lottery tickets, they are closing their doors the tonight at 5:00, not every flu shot is the same. we will have advise on how to make sure that you are getting the best defense against the virus. >> a baby squirrel is doing much better, after it was found dazed outside a georgia home. >> the hungry, and two kids rescued the baby squirrel after finding it alone and in distress in the backyard, and they brought it to the house, gave it plenty of water and the pecan that makes him look even littler, and he seems to be eat just fine, mumbling away, and perhaps the squirrel is seeming to be in good health. >> squirrel that would make grat pets and hopefully learn to eat on its own. >> baby steps, reggie, a step at a time. >> baby step force a baby
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squirrel. >> good weather to the giants tone. >> magical weather, right where we want in the upper 50s, cloudy but not too breezy. >> to we can have the game and win it before midnight, that is...ideal. have a great day.
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>> for the next 30 minutes, you can watch some amazing people, try to answer some mind-blowing questions, and possibly walk away with $1 million. can do laundry. your call. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [crowd cheering] having been a loyal fan of "millionaire" since he was ten years old, our returning contestant never thought this day would come. it has. from evanston, illinois, please welcome back zeke spector! zeke! what's up, buddy? ♪ zeke! what do you mean, you been, uh, planning this and hoping for this since you were ten? >> when i was in fourth grade, "millionaire" was huge back then, and, uh, i loved it.


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