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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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went bone? >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do follow us at at making news in america this morning, donald trump is hitting back at hillary clinton and the women accusing him of sexual advances. also a new interview this morning with clinton says she felt like trump was stalking her on the debate stage. extreme weather, hurricane nicole slams bermuda. the rare storm tearing across that tiny island. new video of the damage just coming in. plus, bracing for days of several storms on the west coast. chaos in the courtroom. a judge leaves the bench, rips off his robe and gets involved in a scuffle. and a shark scare. a great white pounces on a cage, gets in between the bars with a diver inside.
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it is a cringeworthy scene there. we'll get to that. >> just thinking about it gives me chills. >> yeah, that story off of mexico. but here in the states it's good friday morning. it's a rough one in the political scene. we get started with both donald and melania trump fighting back this morning following a string of sexual assault allegations and taking direct aim at the accusers. >> donald trump is dismissing claims that he groped and kissed women without consent calling them outright lies and he claims he has evidence to refute them. >> trump's wife melania tweeted a letter from her lawyer demanding a partial retraction from "people" magazine. mrs. trump is specifically denying she had an encounter with an accuser after the alleged assault but did not dispute the claims about her husband. abc's angelica spanos is here with the latest. angelica, what are we learning? good morning. >> reporter: well, kendis and diane, donald trump continues to say that the deck is stacked against him in this election. he's denying every single word spoken from his accusers, and now he's pointing the finger at the media, the clintons and says his campaign will show
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substantial evidence that the allegations are all false. preposterous and ludicrous, the words donald trump used to defend himself against allegations of inappropriately touching women. >> these people are horrible people. they're horrible, horrible liars. >> reporter: one of those accusers, jessica leeds, who first told "the new york times" trump groped her on an airplane back in the '80s recalled more details of the encounter to cnn. >> did he actually kiss you? >> yeah, yeah. >> on the face or on the lips? >> all -- wherever he could find a landing spot, yes. >> these false attacks are absolutely hurtful. to be lied about, to be slandered, to be smeared so publicly and before your family that you love is very painful. >> reporter: his campaign now planning an all-out assault on bill clinton and his past misconduct. >> they will lie, lie, lie. the clintons are criminals. >> but on the trail hillary
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clinton is unfazed. she brought out one of her most powerful weapons, michelle obama. >> i can't believe that i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> reporter: clinton let the first lady take aim at trump while she sat down with talk show host ellen degeneres. >> i don't want anybody to think this election is over. we've got to work really hard for the next 3 1/2 weeks because who knows. >> reporter: clinton saying she felt like she was being stalked on the debate stage. >> he was really all wrought up. and you could just sense how much anger he had, and so he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. >> reporter: and right now the clinton campaign is also still dealing with fallout from the wikileaks releases. the newest internal e-mails show clinton's advisers
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persuading her to apologize for using a private e-mail server. kendis, diane, back to you. >> yeah, and the clinton campaign has yet to verify whether those latest e-mails are real. angelica, thank you. as trump's accusers continue to speak out, ivanka hit the campaign trail for him. ivanka made a rare solo campaign swing through pennsylvania taking part in two events attended mostly by women. she refused, though, to address the sexual assault allegations against her father, just talking about politics in general and calling it bizarre and vicious. >> i felt like that i had, you know, sort of cut my teeth in new york real estate and, you know, could take some punches, but this is a rough sport, politics. >> ivanka talked about her father's child care plan and she depicted him as a mentor saying she wanted to emulate him as a parent. in other news now there is a lot of cleaning up to do on the island of bermuda in the aftermath of hurricane nicole. one guy stood outside in the storm as nicole's
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115-mile-an-hour winds roared across the island. you saw him there in the middle of the screen. the powerful storm knocked out to power to just about everyone and so far it's been restored to very few. what's left of nicole is spinning further into the atlantic. >> the northwest is now in the midst of a series of severe storms. high surf, strong winds and heavy rain are hitting the region, forecasters say some wind gusts could reach hurricane strength. some coastal areas could also see more than a foot of rain and this is just the beginning. storms are lining up in the pacific. a second storm rolls through tomorrow afternoon. it could bring widespread damage with wind gusts of over 80 miles per pour, flash flooding and possible mudslides. and we have some new drone video from north carolina showing the flooding emergency there is nowhere near over. that's the tar river still well out of its banks. north carolina's governor says parts of one town are still under up to 12 feet of water. all of it left behind by hurricane matthew, and the death toll continues to rise.
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at least 41 deaths are now blamed on the storm and its aftermath. the man accused of setting off bombs last month in new jersey and new york city has made his first court appearance. ahmad khan rahami entered not guilty pleas in connection with his shoot-out with new jersey police officers. now, because the 28-year-old is recovering from gunshot wounds, he appeared via a video link from his hospital room. bail was set at $5.2 million. rahami has not yet been arraigned for the bombings. and there was a stunning twist in the so-called new jersey bridgegate scandal. one that actually could have some serious consequences for governor chris christie. a judge has ruled that a citizens misconduct complaint against christie can go forward which means christie could face criminal indictments. the complaint accuses christie of allowing the bridge closure as political payback. christie's representatives say he will appeal. and president obama says he is the nerd in chief, and he is not ashamed of that. at a technology conference in
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pittsburgh, the president announced $300 million in grants and also played with some new gadgets including using a simulator to dock a spacecraft at the international space station. now this isn't the first time that the president has shown how much he loves technology. >> i confessed, i am a science geek. i'm a nerd, and i don't make any apologies for it. [ applause ] i don't make any apologies for it. it's cool stuff. >> the president also took a picture with a little science fan. >> ah. >> 10-month-old rowan wright in a nasa shirt. >> that rowan will be going to mars for us someday. still ahead, another airline is dealing with computer issues causing delays overnight all across the country. and something new on board. how other airlines are now taking extra steps to prevent a disaster from overheating smartphones. plus, not in his courtroom. a judge rips off his robe when a defendant gets aggressive.
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friends and fans remembered prince at a tribute concert in st. paul, minnesota, last night. the headliners included stevie wonder, you see there, and chaka khan and there was a video message from president obama. the singer/songwriter died in his minnesota studio in april of an accidental overdose. he was 57. united airlines is blaming a computer glitch for systemwide delays last night. the company is now apologizing saying there was an issue with its weight reporting system. at one point overnight the airline's website and app also went down. the issues have since been resolved but delays could linger. this is the third systemwide computer failure for a major airline since july.
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at least three airlines will now have a fire containment bag system on some flights. in case electronic devices catch fire. delta, virgin america and alaska airlines are first putting them on overseas flights. the bags come in a variety of sizes because there have been incidents involving more than just cell phones. other airlines are now considering the bags, as well. miami has a third zika zone and the disease has been confirmed in five people in the one square heil area. two women and three men, it's a setback coming less than a month after another miami neighborhood was declared free of the virus. florida's governor says his state has not yet received any federal funds to fight zika even though the money has been approved by congress. hp is cutting more jobs and the company plans to cut up to 4,000 over the next three years. hp was formed a year ago when when hewlett-packard was broken up. it makes printers and personal
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computers. hp has 50,000 employees. the cuts will be made across the board. on the flip side amazon says it will hire 20% more seasonal workers than last year as retailers expect growth this holiday season. amazon expects to hire roughly 120,000 seasonal workers and last year about one in seven stayed on for a regular full time job. this year the online retailer says that number should be even higher. when we come back, a frightening situation for many parents. investigators say he's cold and calculated. the desperate search for a serial abductor whoing its kids. a great white jumps into a shark cage. see what happens to the diver inside.
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children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at therbottle of tropicana pure oranges squepremium.o each and absolutely no space for added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning. this dramatic scene playing out overnight is carson city, nevada. a brush fire forced evacuation in several neighborhoods. the fire is now contained but crews are working through the night to extinguish some hot spots, as well as some burning
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embers. no structures were damaged. checking morning road conditions, flooding possible for the northwest and into california because of those storms we mentioned earlier. roads will also be wet from texas up into kentucky. some weather-related airport delays possible in san francisco, memphis, as well as dallas. testimony resumes today in georgia in the trial of ross harris, he's accused of leaving his 22-month-old son cooper in a hot car to die. >> a day care worker described the routine for little cooper which was usually his dad would drop him off in the morning and mom would pick him up in the afternoon. then came that horrible day in 2014 when his mother arrived as usual to get her son. >> i told her, i was like, well, what are you doing here, cooper is not here. >> and during the course of that, what was her demeanor as far as -- >> she was confused. she looked frantic. >> now, prosecutors say ross harris intentionally killed cooper by leaving him in a sweltering car for hours possibly because harris was being unfaithful.
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his lawyers say cooper's death was a tragic accident. if convicted, harris faces life in prison. this morning the fbi is stepping up efforts to try to find a man investigators say is a serial kidnapper targeting young children. the suspect was caught on surveillance video walking down an alley wearing a hooded sweatshirt. investigators believe he took a 6-year-old girl from her cleveland home last may and also tried abducting a 10-year-old in february. both girls survived their ordeals. a 911 operator in houston is accused 6 hanging up on people who desperately needed help. creshendo williams has been fired and authorities say she may have hung up on thousands of callers over a six-month period. in one case the caller was a man reporting a robbery at a store where a clerk was killed. officials at the london zoo want to know how a gorilla escaped its enclosure. the gorilla was seen actively and aggressively acting out before escaping his den entering
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a secure zookeeper area. he never made it into the main part of the zoo and was tranquilized and recaptured after less than an hour but some zoo visitors were locked in a cafeteria for their own safety. meanwhile, back at home, a unusual scene in a michigan courtroom. watch as judge john mcbain growing increasingly frustrated with a defendant. he starts mouthing off and talking him right into a jail sentence. when an officer tries to escort him out, things get physical. that's when the judge jumps down from the bench, rips off his robe and rushes in to help the officer. >> put your hands behind your back. tase his [ muted ] right now. >> the defendant didn't end up getting tased. the judge said it's the first time he's ever had to do something like this but says he doesn't regret it. court officials say the judge didn't do anything wrong and that he was just maintaining order in the court. the super bowl champion denver broncos have now lost two straight games after being defeated by the san diego chargers. but there was another game
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played last night as well. let's get highlights from espn. good morning, america. lisa kerney and kevin connors here with you and what a game we had. game five and dave roberts said, no way are you going to see my ace. no way, kev. >> well, until he needed him in the ninth inning. we'll talk about clayton kershaw in a minute. jansen on. first time he ever pitched in the seventh inning this season but gets anthony renndone to swing out. gets michael taylor swinging at that so jansen out of a jam in eighth. bottom nine, jansen still out there. walks jayson werth on his 51st pitch, a career high, that's enough for roberts. he goes and pulls out his ace kershaw who he said earlier in the day no chance he'd pitch. but he needed him and he brings him on and gets daniel murphy who kershaw called the best hitter on the planet to pop out to second. the dodgers, one out away from
4:19 am
winning this series, wilmer defoe, swing and a miss and threw to first gets him. clayton kershaw locks down his first career save first since doing it in the mining fors in 2006 with kenly jansen as his catcher and the dodgers are headed to the nlcs to face the cubs. they win it, 4-3, your final. >> but we don't have to wait for baseball. alcs later friday night between the blue jays and the indians. have a great friday, everybody. >> all right, you two, up next, in "the pulse," an elephant rushes in the river to save a friend. at least he thought so. yep, and a clumsy customer causes thousands of dollars in damage in a matter of seconds. to maintain healthy digestion and help with the occasional gx from nature's bounty unwanted gas and bloating. so wherever i get stuck today, my "future self" will thank me.
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♪ your friday "pulse" kicks off with a shark surprise off the coast of mexico. >> you could say that. >> that's creepy. yeah, so first a 13-foot great white got into a shark cage that is supposed to keep the predator out. it injured itself against the bars and couldn't wait to get out. >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> eventually the shark does get out, but look at this. there was a diver in the cage at the time. >> oh, my god. >> the diver gets out a moment later after keeping very, very still while the shark was in the cage with him, and luckily that diver was not hurt. >> but he did have to change his wet suit after that. >> oh. and then let's shift on to a cuter animal, shall we. >> from that. >> this one lives in an animal
4:23 am
sanctuary in thailand. >> okay, so a park staffer is her bff apparently. a human named derek. when she spotted him taking a dip in the river, she thought he was in trouble and rushed in to save him. >> handlers at the sanctuary say that as a baby the elephant was tortured into becoming a performing animal, that, is until she was rescued and brought to the sanctuary where derek took a special interest in her, and the two apparently bonded for life. >> but how smart of her to know that, you know, he might be in trouble and then rushed in there. >> you could see him just hugging her trunk and saying thank you, thank you even though he was okay. >> yeah. finally, our ken bone-free "pulse" hallelujah admittedly ends with skepticism calling it one customer's epic fail in an electronics store in england. >> watch the guy in a dark outfit. he makes his way over to check out some fancy wide screen tvs just like anybody else and then -- >> that happened.
4:24 am
whoa. that's more than $6,000 worth of televisions hitting the floor. we don't know if the guy had to pay for any of the damage. but some of the tvs were curved tvs so pretty pricey ones. >> ooh. you got to feel bad for him, though, it would be so easy to do something like that. >> really? no. >> yes, you move an arm, you touch it a little too rough. oh. i'm not paying for that. >> and just on cue. i think that worked. >> our graphics department. more news after this. >> happy friday. >> i'm not paying.
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good morning, bay area. let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> this is what the north bay is waking up to. the rest of us can look forward to the next thing in the next few hours, rain coming down in windsor and sonoma a short time ago. it is friday, october 14. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am jessica castro. meteorologist mike nicco here and traffic reporter, alexis smith. mike, it will be busy day? >> yes, we have been talking about it all week. i want to show you where puddles are possible, millbrae avenue and santa rosa, right now, the best moderate rain return coming over 101 and heading to petaluma and hill road. let me broaden it out and show you the steady rain to the north and a second batch moving into mendocino county coming down.
4:29 am
this is san rafael, so where the radar is not impressive we are still seeing rain. heaviest in the central bay, starting at 7:00, south bay at noon and we transition to scattered showers to isolated showers from the afternoon to the evening. we will see in there are spinouts. >> not yet, give us time. i am sure we will have some. it is soggy on the north end as mike explained. this is richmond-san rafael bridge on the richmond side. even if you are not seeing a lot on live doppler hd it doesn't mean we don't have wet conditions. you want to slow down and take it easy. we are still dry at the bay bridge toll plaza. one note, it is breezy. both hand on the wheel especially if you drive a hey profile vehicle. >> you will feel the wind. >> since the rain started in the north by we will start our coverage there on the ground this morning. >> we will bring in amy hollyfield. how far have you made it, amy? >> good morning, we are in san
4:30 am
rafael. we are headed to rain trying to catch it. we are noticing wet streets, so rain has come through here. we first noticed it in the east bay on richmond on interstate 580 before the toll plaza the interstate was wet. no need for our windshield wipers, so we have not -- we just missed it. there was a light shower that got the streets wet enough to notice but no rain dumped on us. we are headed that way to bring you updates in the morning and health you know the conditions. in san rafael a light drizzle is coating our window. nothing major. yet. we will keep you posted. right now we are headed northbound on highway 101. reporting from san rafael i am amy hollyfield. >> thank you. a coastal flood and high wind advisory is in affect on the peninsula with 16' waves


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