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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are headed to rain trying to catch it. we are noticing wet streets, so rain has come through here. we first noticed it in the east bay on richmond on interstate 580 before the toll plaza the interstate was wet. no need for our windshield wipers, so we have not -- we just missed it. there was a light shower that got the streets wet enough to notice but no rain dumped on us. we are headed that way to bring you updates in the morning and health you know the conditions. in san rafael a light drizzle is coating our window. nothing major. yet. we will keep you posted. right now we are headed northbound on highway 101. reporting from san rafael i am amy hollyfield. >> thank you. a coastal flood and high wind advisory is in affect on the peninsula with 16' waves
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expected. pacifica coastline cannot take much more. parts of the avenue are fragile after years of wear and tear. in march, the crumbling hillside led to the demolition of an entire apartment building. oakland hims are ready clearing out storm drains clog by loaves praying up debris and cleared out gutter lines yesterday. the concern is that standing water can flood the city's narrow streets. >> this here, along the trees, and piles of debris build up and clog the drain. >> reservoir at 73% but they could always use more. >> mudslides are a big concern in the santa cruz mountains after the loma fire burned almost 4,500 acres and destroyeded 12 hems. people are putting up sandbags to protect the homes that survived the fire.
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the county has been studying the soil there to see how well it will absorb rain and the study should be ready in another week or two. >> a lot of you have listened to the forecast this week because residents in novato are ready for the storm. we were there yesterday and found several people doing last minute preparations to keep their homes and property dry. some contractors as you can see, weather proofing a novato home and preparing gutters and down spites and siding. >> in mill valley, pg&e cruise were busy trimming and removing trees away from power lines ahead of the storm. they tried to make sure that tree limits do not fall on the lines. >> marin county they are ready for the second annual flood preparedness fair. marin saw terrible flooding two years ago, 6" of rain in the novato wall street shed in less than 48 hours. the county hopes to educate the public about the risk of flood in the sorvari drought october
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29, and that is to weeks from now at san rafael hilton embassy suites from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> of course, we are watching the rain closely and meteorologist mike nicco is busy in the weather center. as rain moves in get up-to-the-minute information on the news app and when you open the map tap on the temperature at the top right corner, you can get a custom forecast for you for wherever you live or work, and if you still need to download the news app enable push alerts to get noticed abut the changing forecast, and it will show up right on the home screen of your phone or tablet. super easy. >> police are involving in an all night stand off with a suspect in san jose. it is now going on the 18th hour. it happened at home on fleming avenue and continues to. it began at 10:30 yesterday morning. officers tried to arrest the man on weapons charges and he barricaded himself inside and he will not come out. swat is trying to give in to
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peacefully surrender. it is believed he is alone. >> the garage of a house in antioch was demolished after a push medium came through after the driver lost control. he over corrected and slammed into the house. the owner was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. driver was arrested for d.u.i. he is saking a sobriety test. the crash ruptured a gas main and forced authorities to evacuate the neighborhood. >> united airlines is still working to get hundres of people delayed to their final destination this morning after a major computer glitch. united said the computer issue was resolved. several dozen flights were delayed or canceled this morning. including half a dozen at sfo.
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passengers have been venting frustrations on social media all night because, face it, he did not is were more to do. several toyotaed photos from sfo showing long lines at customs service, and united apologizing for the inconvenience. >> san jose ymca youth counselor is accused of committing lewd act for a girl who attended his after school program working at the ymca child care located at the ida price middle school. the ymca sent letters hoax to parents notify them of the arrest. the suspect, 25-year-old taylor smith committed the acts last month. they would not say in the contact happened at the center. >> a woman who said she was raped by san jose student texted for help during the attack. two women say a freshman water polo player, an international student, raped them at an off campus party. one of the women said that after
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he shove her face on the mattress she texted "help me," to the first two people in her phone, and one of those people was at the party, but did not see the text. the victim said and i quote, "i kept telling him i have no idea who you are, the whole situation is going to affect me the rest of my life." the player has been suspended and it is believed he left country. the d.a. is new trying to determine whether to press charges. >> happening today, prosecutors in the richmond attack of a sikh man are expected to file charges. dustin albarado and chase little are accused of stabbing and beating and caught off his hair. 30 faith-based groups sent a letter to the d.a. calling for hate crime charges. a third attack certificate not identified. >> a boat that sank at there during fleet week is finally out of the water.
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sky 7 is over the pier as crews raised it. they had to hand crank the boat out of water and pump the water from inside to be hoisted to land. >> it looks good. surprisingly we were surprised there was not much damage, no ends gallon out or anything like that. for being under, it looks pretty good. >> 30 people were rescued when it sank on saturday. all of them are out of the hospital new. friend police are now investigating whether the boat had too many passengers. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> our best freeway today besides me, live doppler hd is showing the steady rain is in the north bay and scattered light rain out ahead of it be across most of our neighborhoods so you are going to run into patches of wet pavement and slick spots during the commute before the steady rain is there. we will turn our attention to the coast high wind advisory and coastal flood advisory until 9:00 with waves up to 11' poll
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up to 16' with flooding along the coast and beach spacer ocean. look at the golden gate, winds from the southwest at 30. so the bay bridge is bridge and so is the golden gate bridge and all britians will be tricky with the wet weather and the rain. the activity planner, you need to exercise caution and it will be windy and choppy this morning and it will be wet this morning if you are walking the dog or exercising. cloudy in san jose and 61 degrees. temperatures in the 60 to nearly 70 today. upper 60s to low 70 tomorrow, and mid-to-upper 60s with a steady lighter rain for sunday. let me focus on the winds because this when the power could go out, 8:00 this morning, 20 to 40 miles per hour winds, and they will top out at 5:00, on saturday evening, and 40 to 50, and then on sunday they will top out at 5:00 at 30 to 40. we will take an hour-by-hour look at the storm today and how much to expect rain-wise next.
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>> taking a look at roads i have live doppler hd on top of our traffic maps a day where weather and traffic will go together this morning. to start things off as mike has been telling us, it is the heaviest in the north bay if you are traveling around santa rosa north of there and the cost and east of there, we could have pond on the roads, could you see hydroplaning, as well. look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera, again, it has changed in the last 10 minutes and we are seeing a light mist under the street latches and i am seeing the wind whip around. it is on the way here if it is not to you it is coming so prepare for the commute. we will look at the drive times next. >> another embarrassment for donald trump, coming up a new report that questions a charity average donation he claims he made. incredible video you have to believe, a diver catches bait to a shark cage and it worked too well. >> we are
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>> the storm-impact scale is level "2" so moderate rain. drive safely. gear up before you go out. >> we are back at 4:42. new on the campaign trail the new york city comptroller cannot find a record of a donation
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trump claims to have made to 9/11 charities. the office of comptroller said they review donation records of the twin tower fund and they found no evidence of a donation by the g.o.p. presidential nominee follow the attacks prior to what he said after donald trump hits back for glopping a number of women. angelica spanos has more on what the campaign will do now. >> good morning, donald trump continued to save that the deck is stacked against him in this election. he now is point his finger at the media, at the clintons and said that his campaign has substantial evidence that automatic the allegations are false. >> preposterous and ludicrous, what donald trump is use to defend himself against allegations of inappropriately touching women. >> these people are horrible people. they are horrible, horrible liars. all the false attacks are absolutely hurtful. all the campaign now planning an
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all out assault on bill clinton and his past misconduct. >> on the trail hillary clinton is unphased bring out the most powerful weapons: michelle obama. >> i can not believe i am saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> he let the first lady take aim while she sat down with talk show host, ellen. >> we have to work hard the next 3 1/2 weeks because, who knows? >> the clintons are dealing with fallout from the latest wikileaks release, the newest election e-mails show advisors persuade her to apologize for using a private e-mail server. i am angelica spanos in new york. >> on the heels of the sunday presidential debate calls to sexual assault hotlines have ared? according to a local brand nation's largest antisexual violence organization. trump's twist 25 reporting of
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him bragging about grabbing women was a big topic during the debate, and we talked with the c.e.o. of the young women's christian association in silicon valley and she told us that it is time new to focus on prevention and support for victims. >> we have to end sexual assault. i hope the conversation pivots and this is a tipping point in our country. >> trump continues to deny the sexual assault alleges. >> hillary clinton brought her campaign to san francisco hosting a lunch time rally with supporters yesterday at the bill graham civic auditorium and went right after donald trump. >> he has attacked immigrants, african americans, latinos, people with disabilities, but pows, muslims. >> after the bay area appearance she headed to beverly hills for a fundraiser and today will campaign in washington state. >> the third and final
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presidential debate airs on wednesday right here, live from the university of nevada las vegas and you can watch it on wednesday at 6:00 here on abc7. >> hurricane nicole is headed out to sea leaving a pat of destruction in its wake, just look at the incredible images from bermuda. crews are busy cleaning up downed trees. last check, 90% of the island was without power. widespread flooding is a major issue. authorities are asking people to stay indoors, and here in the united states officials say swells from hurricane nicole could still cause dangerous surf and rip currents loan the east coast. >> usually it is people lake us, reporters, standing outside in really bad conditions. do not do it, and her is why. this guy in bermuda did not get memo it is a poor idea to do this during a powerful storm, hundred so strong he was able to lean in to the wind. we do not know why he was out
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there but he was trying to take a picture with his phone. he recorded this video from inside the house and i am sure she will be playing "repeat," the next few weeks. >> same for this video you really do have to turn around if you are not watching and see, it will be the craziest thing you see all day. a diver off mexico, found himself face to face with a 13' great white shark, all happened a few days ago. the crew attached the bait to the outside of the cage and it got a little too close, the great white shark went through the cage, through the bars, and a diver was still inside and you can see he is getting out. after a few moments of heart stopping moment he was able to get out, the crew helps him up and he, surprisingly, said he will be back at it and is not going to give up diving.
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i don't know... >> he might not by i just did. that will scare me forever from trying that again. >> we don't have that kind of scare but we have a storm head our way. >> good morning, mike. >> isn't shark week over? >> not for that guy. >> good hinge he had a wet suit on. >> sonoma mountain road has the better radar returns congress through rohnert park and parts of santa rosa so have the best radar returns with scattered lighter showers. the win are dangerous around santa rosa and napa gusting 24 to 28 but they are going to ramp up considerably the next cull of hours and here is a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge on the richmond side you can see the light rain falling and a few puddles on the road so breezy to steady, breezy, steady rain to showers today, breezy scattered
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showers tomorrow evening, and, windy with rain likely all day sunday, storm-impact scale has not changed, still too mode a on the scale from "1" to "5" severe, now through 2:00 scatterer inch to 1.5", moving into the heart of the bay by 8:00, through the 9:00 hour, and sliding into the south bay is inland east bay, from 10:00 until 2:00 and you can see it is changing to scattered showers headed into the evening hours. we have a "2" tomorrow and sunday and we will get sunshine and warmer weather next week. i will look at saturday and sunday next. alexis? >> we are hearing from c.h.p. that we possibly have a brushfire off of state route 37. this is in the mare island area. it is near scaggs island road. no delays yet. a crew is dispatched to the scene with more information in 10 minutes. we just got word from bart we
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have a 20-minute delay system wide and this is due to some time of equipment problem on the track, in downtown oakland, and obviously it is a tough start to the friday commute. i will have amendments on both of -- havantses on both of these next. >> a suspect refuses to be handcuffed in court and wait until you see house judge jumped into action. that is next. >> still not sure about a flu shot? the impact your decision could have on your wallet. >> penny near, nickel there, the staggering amount of loose change we are throwing away. but, first, the techbytes. >> containing onboard fires three airlines now have containment bags on some flights in case an electronic device catches fire, delta, virgin america and alaska put them on overseas flights. >> h.p. is cutting more jobs, the desk top computer is adding another 3,000 to 4,000 jobs to
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the thousands it has already set it would cut. smartphones and cloud computing led to a slow down of printers and pcs. >> watch the guy in the dark outfit checking out tvs at a store in england, no, no, no, no, no, not the curb tv. >> painful game of dominoes. >> 6,000 word of television hitting the floor. no word governor he had t
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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>> welcome back, everyone, a look at the golden gate bridge where we are starting to see a few sprinkles, of course, we are watching the storm. it is impacting the entire bay area today. grab a rain jacket. and an umbrella. you will need it. >> i have a sister who is a judge and she has never done this, in michigan, can you see the judge ripped off his robe and helps an officer take down a defendant who refuses to be handcuffed. since there was no other officer in the court the judge decide i have to help out. he told the officer to use his taser. >> judge said he has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in his court room. you can see more of footage on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 right here. >> avoid the flu vaccine can be damaging to more than just your health but it can can impact your wallet. a new study publiclied in the journal of health affairs said not get the flu vaccine costs united states consumers $6
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billion in medical expenses last year. it said that the majority of adults avoided get the flu shot in 2015. of course it is not 100% guarantee but they hope that financial impact can sway some of you out there to get the vaccine. >> i have mine. >> the treasure island music festival kicks off this weekend, a new location on the island, on the southeast corner, and it will be the festival's last year. the reason is not released but a shuttered naval airbase is being rezoned. ice cube and james blake will build there and neon indian. with free shuttle service from the civic audit inform and heavy traffic is expected through the weekend. keep that in mind as you are making your plans. it will be a rainy festival. >> it s i will put the forecast on twitter and facebook.
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i want to focus on tomorrow's storm, 3:00 in the afternoon, it moves into the north bay as you head out for the evening at 7:00 in the heart of the bay and by midnight back to scattered showers. look at sunday, waves of rain all through the day, and by the time we get to monday morning we could get an entire october's worth of wet weather in the throw days from 1.25" to 2" in the north bay and if you head to the sierra we will have snow at 8,500 until sunday when it drops to 7,500 foot. >> i talked to bart foils to get to the bottom of 20-delay delay system wide the crews are doing inspections on the tracks in downtown oakland, and they said work is taking a little bit longer than expected and will be out there in five minutes. all trains were on hold and now moving into the downtown area. the other locations are moving, but they will be hold at oakland until the tracks are cleared. keeping a close eye on that at
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20-minute delay for the moment. also, reports of the brush first state route 37, near mare island, no new information and when the crews arrive on the scene i will have more details in 10 minutes. >> fingers crossed to get bart on track. >> next time you see the change in the trash, you may want to fish it out, thieves blow away $62 million worth of coins every single year, and here is how they got there, after they burn trash, there are 360,000 in change a year. the magnets pull the coins out and turn them into the mint. it is estimated that in they turn around that much money, the nation-wide average could equal about $62 million. if you combine the hall from the other incinerators. >> first big storm of the season is hitting the bay area, this is live doppler hd, and the green means rain. we are tracking it with
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coverage. >> that includes the dangerous surf pounding the cost right now and we will hear from neighborhoods in a community watching the ocean with a lot of concern. >> land to use camera to catch speeders against important backing. but it has a big
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>> good morning, north north ba, let's get going. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and rain is come down in the north bay. the san rafael richmond bridge, the bridge is slick and we are on storm watch. mike said it would be like this on friday, october 14. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> the


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