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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 14, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> now, breaking news from abc7. >> the breaking news is in the north bay. the season's first major storm soaked the bay area, a produce truck overturns on 101 in san rafael snarling traffic for thousands. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is a big mess with coverage with alexis smith and latest on the impact. >> we start with our reporter, amy hollyfield, at the scene. >> look behind me on the northbound side of 101. the lanes away free in. sweeping up right now. the truck has been towed. they getting close to opening
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all of the lanes. they sweeping up all of their debris. it looks like we are minutes away which is good news. look at the backup. this created a mess for the morning commute at 8:30 this morning impacting traffic on both sides. both directions of 101. this is at the san pedro off-ramp. part of it landed on the southbound side after crash the center divide. can you imagine seeing the truck coming at you. it is amazing that everyone is okay. one person was checked out at hospital after being hit by debris but is fine. this crash was weather related and the truck was going too fast coming down the hill. >> you based off the statement and witness statements, it appears the vehicle lost control. this is an area as we see with wet weather especially on hills, you get a lot of water at hills and this is an area where you have to pay attention to driving
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and how much water is standing on the roads and play it safe. >> look at what spilled from the tuck, produce. the truck lost its load. it was carrying fruits and vegetables. a waste. officials had to not only clean up the truck and the debris, but, also, of the vegetables and they are still here of the backup is still an issue. they have reopen all of the southbound lanes and it is a little bit of good news we can give you. it took a long time to move if you were headed southbound. we came from the novato and petaluma area. we tried to get here it and took 30 minutes to go 2.5 miles. it was slow crawl. it is raining right now. it looks like this will continue. accidents are continuing, with the c.h.p. officer getting call after call. he said they are coming in like crazy.
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from san rafael i amy hollyfield. >> now to alexis smith, our traffic reporter monitoring the fast growing delay in san rafael. >> not a lost fun for the last 2 1/2 hours and it is raining again. we can barely see the crash vehicle. this is the traffic camera in san rafael, 101, right at san pedro road. the crash is on the nobody side. the southbound side although it is does not look like it, is fully cleared. only the far right lane on the nobody side. however, that is really encouraging and it looks like they are close to clearing it. the residual delays hanging around from novato on the southbound side, if you are headed northbound, it has spilled over to 580 northbound 101 from larkspur area. good news i want to what up, bart issues we had today are getting much better and the early problem has been solved. still a 20-minute delay around the system but it and bouncing back. helpfully we will not have more issues with mass transit. >> now, an alert from abc7
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mornings. >> hello, we are on storm watch. i want to open up the weather window looking west because i am watching the rain overtake the bridge at winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour the on live doppler hd you can see better radar run. green headed through the santa cruz mountains and toward san leandro and oakland. this has been flirting with the south bay. the rain has all morning and stopping in the santa cruz mountains. the rain shadows are taking aim for you guys and our inland east bay takes. the better rain from sfo forward, right now, flight arrival delays average three hours and 30 minutes at sfo. we are going do have waves of rain through 3:00, and it will taper to showers by pack, and showers to drizzle becoming more likely through the evening hours and a stronger more potent storm this weekend. more on that ahead. kristen? >> yes, utility crews are busy trying to get power on for many residents hit hard by the storm.
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contra costa community college is experiencing an outage. the tweet said that all classes have been canceled today. and our reporter is in richmond with the latest. laura? >> yes, kristen, it is raining lightly here and has been all morning. that is part of the problem. i explain that in a minute. the issue here, in point richmond is that the power pole behind me is hard to tell from this position but i will show you some video from early this morning, the top of the people has snapped in half because of the fire that happened early this morning. there was residue, dust, that the up on the transformer that was conductive with the rain. it created a fire. the fire department told me that they had to let it burn until pg&e got here to town off power. and make it safe for firefighters to fight the fire. we will hear from the chief from richmond fire department. >> there was a pole fire.
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it burned for a significant amount of time. it was on high voltage power line. now the power line is unsecure and it goes over the railroad tracks so we had to shut down the railroad for pg&e to mitigate the problem. >> the latest from pg&e is they will not have the power back on in the area and be able to open the street and the train tracks until 6:00 this evening. if it were raining harder the dust an the transformers there have been a couple of incidents here in richmond, the dust would have been washed away. this is a look at the mechanics bank. just a few yards from where the transformer blew. the bank is closed. as our several other businesses. they do not have any power and probably will not have any power until later in afternoon and early this evening.
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>> our crews are on the move all around the bay area, tracking the storm, city by city. >> eight started in the north bay as our team told us it would and our cameras were there and rolling when the first rain started coming down. this is the scene near morgan and 4th street in stand rose. workers told us they were excited to see the rain and broke out their rain boots. >> a lot of people feel the same. it rolled through rohnert park come down fast look rohnert park expressway and our crew saw drivers hitting the brakes and taking it slow. >> it socked in mount tam moving south to the city. look at this video of swirling wind and blinding rain and of course the ocean waves are quite large. this gives you an idea how strong a punch the storm is tracking. >> be careful and stay away from the coastline. that is the warning as strong winds push bigger waves further on to shore than usual.
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our protest has tomb coverage in pacifica. matt? >> i am standing in what i consider to be a safety zone. i'm about 25 to 30' away from the railing at beach boulevard. if you are too close to the railing you will get doused. here is the deal today: if it is now the waves that get you it will be the rain. >> today's the weather at pacifica pier is for the birds and even they may not like flying in the wind. the wind is also dogging walkers and pets trying to get in the exercise bit is too wet. >> we willed that way. >> it will be tough to walk into the wind. >> exactly. have to make it as tough as we can. >> a couple ways to measure the wind and one is by air, it will be a bad hair day foreign out there, and another is with this measurer that show booze miles per hour and going up, and up, now at 18 miles per hour. we measured all the way up to 35 miles per hour this morning. in spite of the wind, and rain,
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people still came out to get a look at the giant waves. beach boulevard is a hazardous place to be if you do not want to be doused. waved are forecast to get up to 16' forcing people to stay inside. >> what is the plan? >> work. >> where? inside? >> keep the kids inside to keep them dry the. >> i sell pumpkins and christmas trees. >> are going to outside? >> outside all day. >> how are you prepare? jacket? >> yeah i do have a jacket. >> good luck. >> thank you. all the waves big all afternoon at their height early evening, but, here is the deal, although the we haves are expected to be smaller into tomorrow afternoon they are still big through sunday and they are expected to the at least above 10'.
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the wettest weather we have seen in months hits san francisco just when many people were walking up to the door. >> our reporter is at mission and the embarcadero. melanie? >> yes, we have seen the rain starting to pick up here in the last couple of minutes. i want to show you the embarcadero the most popular spots for runners and bicyclists and you do not see anyone there now but this morning we have seen people running along the embarcadero, no umbrellas or raincoats. they are committed. we pan around here, probably most significant to check out is here at piers, check out how high the water is. you can see it smashing at time asked going over the railing, high tide just after 11:00 this morning, so, hopefully over the next couple of hours, the water will begin to recede. even people that are walking by this morning are commenting about how high the water is. as we continue to pan over you can see a decent amount of fog
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over the bay bridge, and not too many commuters, hopefully most were make their way in or out of city came in early or left early today but you can see the fog, we have seen drivers being mostly cautious here along the embarcadero, and they have their headlights on, the windshield wipers going and hopefully that will continue today to avoid any weather-wealthed accidents, but, again, check out how high the water here is at pier 14, just a couple of minutes past high tide and hopefully the water will recede as the day goes on and people will be will safe. thank you, so much. i will give. >> look from the sfo camera, where the rain is coming down. you heard mike talking about it we are seeing, in fact, dozens of cancellations and you want to check with the airline. here is what is going on across the bay area airports, san francisco is reporting 58 flight cancellations. in san jose, delays of up to 15
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minutes and no cancellations. oakland, all clear, no flight cancellations or delays. >> these pictures show passengers dealing with travel issues before different reason. >> united airlines said a computer glitch triggered delays and cancellations across the world, including, of course, the huge hub in san francisco. passengers traveling last night and this morning, went to social media, of course, to complain of the delays and they had a lot time to think about that, six hours some people were waiting and united sent a tweet at midnight say the computer issue was resolved and of course it takes time to refer from that. the airline is aapologizing. from airport delays to the path of the storm, get up-to-the-minute weather information any time on our news app. after you open the app, tap the temperature at the top right corner. you can get custom forecasts where you live or work and if you need to download that app, enable push alerts for notices on the changing forecast right on your phone or tablet. >> more fall out for wells
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fargo, next, what we just learned about fate of the san francisco based bank on the he will of the massive account scandal. >> seriously, stop what you doing and look at this, a gorgeous shot of a rainbow right now over lake tahoe. could this be better timing? atop heavenly mountain resort, a stunningly clear. >> in filter. >> in filter needed. stay tuned.
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>> happening now, nevada lawmakers are considering funding a new stadium for the raiders and are reconvening with a special session delayed this only by two wildfires of the state assembly was scheduled to meet at 9:00 a.m. in carson city, after work late into the night. and lawmakers returning from reno this morning were delayed by the fires. look at this map, the big one is burning in the valley near carson city. a small are fire is burning in the area of reno. happening now in south lake tahoe there is a 200 acre fire that break out early this morning with mandatory evacuations underway for on homes in the path of the emerald fire near south shore. part of highway 89 is also
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closed. >> new details from wells fargo. interesting and they are seeing a big drop off in new accounts. the an francisco-based company reported their first earnings since the fake account scandal and business insider reports that wells fargo has season a 30% drop in credit card applications and new checking accounts since august. we wells fargo beat expectations this adequate are by $100 million reported revenue of $22.3 billion. >> necessary, we are continuing to track the storm, a look at the golden gate bridge where it is all wet, and rain is on the lens, so slick roots for drivers. >> in san francisco, people have umbrellas along the bark gather and mike is back, next, with the hour-by-hour forecast where y
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>> and now, the festival is a go ahead rain or shrine. cruise setting up to do what they can to get ready for the rain. the winning pull skin weighed 1,910 pounds. the prize pumpkin and the top five are on display at the festival, and admission is free. >> wherever you are around the bay, if you get weather photos and video, share them with us on social media and we could use them here on the air or online. all the rain does not hurt the pumpkins. be a trooper. the festival attracts so many people. people will get out there. >> there will be drizzle tomorrow, and that is the lightest it will be this
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weekend, the rain will pick up in the afternoon and drizzle to light rain all day sunday. speaking of the coast, look at this, up to 16 frat foot at half moon bay, and those are the higher another another waves we will see. i wanted to start off with this with the high wind advisory we until 9:00 and the coastal flooding, so the waves look beautiful, stay off the beach and watch from from a higher distance. here is what the dichotomy developing golden gate bridge is wet. san jose looking up and saying, well, not again. yes, again, sorry, you will get a little bit of wet weather headed in the afternoon and evening. the santa cruz mountains take most of it. the better radar is foster city off the san mateo bridge. you can see we have deeper moisture. do not give up on the system. rainfall is lighter and not so strong as what we talked about but they were in the range just not the height as the rain.
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traveling across the golden gate bridge from the southwest at 23 to 35 so it is wet because it is rain asking ponding, you will have to hold on tight because of the winds. rain, today, turning to drizzle tonight, and breezy, showers tomorrow, we during the afternoon and evening, and it will be windy with light rain possible on sunday. san rafael will keep on raining and accidents so i will move on and talk about other activities if you are going to the beep, the dangerous surf and on the bay, it will be windy and choppy and if you exercise ill be wet in the early afternoon. here is an hour-by-hour look you can see yellows showing up and moderate pulses of heavier rain are possible, and this is going to end up being a light rain evervict and i pulled the storm-impact scale become to a "1" today ask at 5 o'clock, the higher elevation, the east bay hills, santa cruz mountains have the best chance of the steady rain and you can see transition to scattered showers to drizzle.
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now, a look at what happens on saturday at 3:00, to 7:00, and moving from the north bay to the heart of bay, and by midnight you can see it transitioned over to scattered showers and sunday we will have waves of light rain through the day. lake tahoe will have possibly snow up to 8,500' up to 6,500 feet by sunday. friday and saturday the storms are "2" and i expect heavier rain tomorrow and flooding and heavier wind and the gradual wind and rain for sunday. >> okay. >> on a day like this, what is the perfect thing to do? what do you think? >> cuddle up. >> perfect pet. >> something cuddly and cute. >> that is pepper the rabbit. stay tuned.
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>> now a traffic update from abc7. >> i am alexis smith back to the problem we have been tracking since 8:30 in san rafael. the southbound side of 101 fully back open and it has been for quite some time. we dealing with the flipped semi on the nobody side and we heard from amy hollyfield, jut after 11:00, she said it looks like they will really, really close for now and we are only getting the far right line by. we have long delays, northbound and southbound 101. >> now another look at on -- live doppler hd, a lot green and it is light and moderate rain. now, it is not going to get much more heavy but there will be ponding on the roads and i have heavier rain, through the weekend, and we could get an entire month's work of rain over the next three days. >> that is a lot. >> coming up on abc at hurricane, look at this, a
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michigan judge takes the law into his own hands and richard off his robe and jumps on the defendant in court. >> tonight, at 5:00, the united states birth rate has been going on for years but that could about to change starting at 4:00 on abc7. >> we made to tuesday so we have to end with our perfect pet. mike the introduce us. all the perfect pet is an animal we do not feature often, a rabbit. i would like take it home and snuggle up. meet pepper, a two-year old spayed female the volunteers at the humane society say she is sweet and playful and lores to explore snack on tasty treats and is house trained and volunteers said she is a great choice for a first time owner. go to the peninsula humane society website or go to ours. we will have it on there. pepper is huge. >> yes. look at that scale!
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>> this show has had a lot of amazing moments over the past 15 years. will today be another one for the highlight reel? let's find out. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, let's do it. as a 20-year-old student, our returning contestant could certainly use some extra cash. from vancouver, washington, please welcome back anjuli davidson. [cheers and applause] ♪ anjuli, welcome back, girl. >> hi. >> how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> come on over. ♪ welcome back. >> hi. >> you're in the middle of a great game. we'll catch everybody up to that in a second, but i want to talk about you. >> awesome. >> you're a student? >> yes. >> of what? >> well, eventually i want to become a nurse practitioner


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