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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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bay area. you can see it in this live picture we're going to show you looking across the bay. this is from our emoriville camera. >> the storm brought rain which, of course, brought problems, none bigger than this nasty accident on high what 101 in marin county which we'll show you a picture of, and there it is. blocking traffic there causing nokes to detour. >> yeah, we'll have more on that in a little bit, and there's also been power outages, more than 12,000 homes and businesses are in the dark. nearly 8,000 of those are in the east bay. an outage forced contra costa college in san pablo to cancel classes. >> team coverage from the santa cruz mountains not north bay and let's bring with abc 7 meteorologist two tuma. >> we're starting to see it exit the north bay that's beginning to dry out and the south bay receiving drops from the storm. you can see the back edge of the system working through south san
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francisco and hay wad and san ramon. showers picking up. finally in the south bay the activity is increasing around sunnyvale, milipitas and make its presence known shortly in san jose. live look from the san mateo camera showing it's a damp area and commute and rainfall today a wide range. as to be expected with this first storm, and i do think that numbers will rise, especially in the south bay as that rain continues to push to the south. so the storm impact scale as the storm weakens. it's getting downgraded to a 1. a light storm this evening and light showers and less than a quarter inch of rain and there will be slick roads out there for portions of the evening commute. another storm moves in over the weekend and has the potential to bring destructive winds with it. we'll detail that and the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> slick is right. traffic pileups all across the bay area are being blamed on the wet weather is and an overturned big rig in san rafael blocked traffic in both directions near
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the san pedro exit. more with the weather's impact on the road with abc news' wayne freedman. >> reporter: many have never seen a day like this. 50 accidents in less than 12 hours. in marin county today, they braced for the big storm. the first of the season, the level of alarm tempered by perspective in some cases. >> well, my brother is in north carolinaing right now, and he's got that hurricane. >> reporter: you see this by comparison and -- >> not too worried. should i be? >> reporter: that depends on whether she plans to travel on highway 101 north this morning because at san pedro road one jackknifed big rig closed three of four lanes, and if you're wondering how this could happen. >> it appears that the vehicle
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just lost control. this is an area as we see with wet weather and especially on hills. you get a lot of water on these hills. >> reporter: leading to a bottleneck and rainy day gridlock that appeared to never end. not only did it back up northbound 101 but all of the surface streets around it in san rafael. >> it's impossible to do anything in this county. >> all in a rainy day's work, some might say and had we asked the statue of yoda in s the force is not with you. >> pg&e stabilized a downed power line that came crashing down after a transformer caught fire. workers in the area say they heard three loud backs and then their flights began to flicker. >> pretty terrifying. it was extremely loud and made you think of a huge explosion, so, yeah, it made us all jump. >> the wire land on a car with another co-worker inside.
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he was able to drive away safely and fortunately nobody was hurt. our team coverage of the storm conditions now with a look at the santa cruz mountains. the nearly 4,500 acres that burned in the loma fire are at higher risk of flooding and mud slides. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at loma prieta. david? >> reporter: here at the 37-hundred-foot level this area is used to getting slammed with strong winds and heavy rainfall and that's beginning to happen now. this is a sensitive area, of course, because of the burn zone and a lot of the soil is unstable. we have begun to see some areas of trouble but overhaul this first storm has not produced any mud slides. the scorched earth you see in the fire zone creed an impervious layer, it's like a waterproof skin. a team of seven people is working on a comprehensive study of hazards that lie ahead.
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rocks already are tumbling down hillsides and landing in roadways. this could be an early sign of soil instability with the potential of landslides or mad slides. this runoff is being produced by light rain. hydrologists and wildlife experts are part of the research team that will produce a remember. >> call fire is going to install a temporary weather station here at loma preete. given information such as temperature, humidity and ryanful, all important actors in determining the conditions for a mud slide. >> two days ago aerial study was done and for residence it's a time to wait and see how long
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t the rain will last. there's still more days of field work to do and then everyone will have a notion of where complicated would be. david louie, abc 7 news. cancellations of arriving and departing flights at san francisco international airport most coming from and going to destinations on the west coast. check with your carrier as delays are exseconded to last through the evening. they say there's no delays or anything at that airport. >> it will take a little more than rain to stop the music on treasure island this weekend. abc 7 news was on the island as workers geth got things ready ford treasure island music festival. among thousands heading to the
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festival, you might want to pack some galoshes and a little patience. traffic on the bay bridge will be heavy. >> and we have up to the minute weather information for you any time on the abc 7 news app so after you open the app, just temp on the temperature at the right top corner. you can get custom forecasts so i did it this afternoon. put in your zip code for your city and you get instant data where you live or week: other news now, the contra costa district attorney's office has filed hate crime charges for two men on an attack of a sick man and the d.a. dropped charges against a third man. last month this man was attacked at a ruch monday intersection and cut off the man's hair, nearly severed his feigning and gave him face jrnlgs. charges were brought against two
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men but the third man was not. hateful vandalism was found inside a residence hall and the way the crime was carried out has student and staff especially troubled. chris edge enhas are story. >> reporter: on the campus feelings of disbelief and disappointment. >> it's just a scary thing to think that people you live with so close can feel so much harsh xhulgs about your community. >> this student was stunned while wachgd this leaked surveillance video that was shot last week at the resident hall. two students who have since been identified used their blood to draw a swastika on a poster inside an elevator. >> the idea of even like drawing a swastika i don't know who thinks of that as a good joke or funny. i just think it's so offensive to people. >> homophobic and tlanz phobic were also found inside the building. >> real disgusted by thinking that people at santa clara would
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do something like that, and my brother is gay and the homophobic thing hit home. >> reporter: students were notified earlier this week. in a letter to the campus community the president michael ang said i know you will not allow the individual or individuals who have defaced our school to think that we at santa clara will tolerate such actions. the santa clara police department is investigating the incident, and the uniwill be holding a conduct hearing to determine any appropriate sanctions. >> you don't think that anybody in this day and age would do something like that. it's very said. >> a community stind by action of hate that they say has no place on campus. chris nguyen, abc 7 news nevada law enforcement have cleared the way for a raiders move to las vegas. owner mark davis is loving it, but some say not so fast. >> i'm telling you, this is not a done deal for vegas. don't even think so. >> also, the wells fargo bank phony accounts scandal.
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looks like a customer backslash under way. >> and the u.s. birth rate is
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is. nevada lawmakers voted yes to building an nfl stadium in las vegas. the nearly $10 billion project includes the $750 million in public money, the largest public contribution for any nfl stadium. the deal scraped by with a shaky two-thirds vote. the governor is expected to sign it into law on monday. in a statement raiders owner mark davis said in part i would like to thank governor sandoval and members of the nevada legislature on this historic day. while the statement for mark davis makes it seem like the raid remembers ready to back their bags and go many closely watching this issue say not so fast. any move still needs approval from three-quarts of the nfl owners and many an lifts a don't
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think that's a lockerbie any means. reporter melanie driven is -- that's a lock by any means. >> reporter: we're outside oakland city hall where the mayor is expected to deliver her state of the city in 30 minutes. her communications director says she will not be talking about the raiders during tonight's address. meantime, of course, raiders owner mark davis put out that statement earlier today and the fans are reacting. it's not difficult to see ray pair its is an oakland raiders fan. >> i'm a season ticket holder and i dress up with face paint and shoulder pads every sunday. >> reporter: he says he's confident the raiders are here to stay. >> there's no need for fans to cry. if you're a fan, look at las vegas and say thank goodness that our city government isn't waging our future for a billionaire like las vegas. >> today nevada lawmakers approved spending $750 million
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in public funds to build a stadium in las vegas. the nfl would still need to okay the deal. the owners will meet tuesday in houston. >> the only time they should be worried is if the national football league gives a clear and unequivocal sign that las vegas is a very real alternative, and that has not happened. >> reporter: in a statement raiders owner mark davis said all parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this tremendous stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire raider nation. members of the group say oakland sports is upset with davis for turning his back on the city and representative noel gallo said members of the debartolo group members with city officials today to discuss developing land another the stadium. gallo says the news is extremely positive. he just wishes it had come earlier.
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still, paris says he has not lost faith. >> i'm confident that the city of oakland will get something done and the raid kers stay here in oakland. >> reporter: in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> if the raiders moved it wouldn't the first time or the second. hall of famer al davis made the raiders to los angeles back in 1928 when efforts to upgrade the coliseum fell apart. davis moved the raiders back in 1995 when he failed to get the stadium improvements he says was prompted in the south dakota land. if the raiders could move again mark cuban said it job in 2020. this fire in washow county actually delayed the start of today's nevada assembly session. the governor has declared a state of emergency. 19 homes have been destroyed so far and evacuated are in place. flames were first spotted at 1:30 in the area of a controlled
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burn. the fryar has grown to 2,000 acres and it's zero percent contained. the foyer dubbed the emerald fire started early friday morning in the area of cascade lake and emerald bail. the 200-acre wildfire is currently burning near camp richardson and forced a partial closure of highway 89. flames are just 25% contained. >> a new report says wells fargo is seeing a big drop-off in new accounts. the company reported its first earnings since the fake accounts scandal. business insiders report that wells fargo revealed it's had a 30% drop in both credit card applications and new checking accounts since august and wells fargo beat analyst expectations this quarter by $100 million reporting revenues of $22.3 billion. republicans will have a lot of damage control to do with women voters after the election. that's the opinion of a historian visiting the bay area. author nancy cohen smoke at the
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commonwealth club with abc 7 news anchor dan ashley. she said misogyny was expected but surprised that many still continue to support donald trump. >> the republican party broke it and now they own it so they will have to have a real come to jesus moment and figure out how they can step back into the mainstream of american society after this election is over. >> cohen says hillary clinton will face roadblocks from republicans in congress if she does not win by a landslide. a new study points to a possible increase in the birth rate in the united states. a survey by the centers for disease control and prevention found that half of women ages 15 to 44 expect to have children. that's up from 46% in the 2002 survey. the study's author says it's not a big increase, but it is statistically significant and could indicate a higher u.s. birth rate at some point in the future. the study did not examine what
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was behind the increase. >> and we're tracking the tail end of our first of two storms. going to bring some wet weather to the south bay this evening. the north bay, we're now drying out and we're seeing the back end of that front move through portions of the region and still light showers. street level, san ramon, hay wad and the light glean on your screen and the light showers, the south bay took a while and we're finally seeing our first drops. live doppler 7 showing you a little bit of wet weather around santa clara and moving in on san jose and camel and sunnyvale a little bit of light showers. out there right now you notice everyone is holding right around the 60s and with the cloud cover overhead tonight numbers are not going to fall too far from where we are right now, and tomorrow with limited sunshine they are not going to rise too far evening. pretty much on either side of 70 degrees for your saturday, and we are tracking more wet weather moving into the second half of your saturday.
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so bring back the storm impact scale and once again the storm coming tomorrow is of moderate intensity so it's a 2 on our storm impact scale. for the second half of saturday. our main concern with this one is going to be some very gusty winds, near 50 miles per hour, and it will bring additional rainfall as well. so future tracker wind gusts as we go through the morning and what you'll notice is the winds will steadily increase between 20 and 30 miles per hour gusts, but they will continue to rise, and by the evening hours on saturday at 5:00. future wind gusts are estimating winds anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory going into effect tomorrow afternoon and right along our entire coastline including san francisco, the north bay and east bay hills as well and the sthout there that if winds get as high as 50 miles per hour downed trees are possible and downed power lanes so a good idea if you have outdoor furniture and decorations for hall week. secure them tonight or tomorrow morning because they could get blown away. future weather shows you we're
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tracking the rain and we'll have overcast skies and the threat of rain increases first in the north bay and saturday afternoon 4:00 you do see the showers moving in. right around can have that's when we think the heart of the bay area will see some wet weather and once again the south bay might take until after sunset until you see the drop. total rainfall outside of the north bay. estimating like a .1 to .6 of an inch of rainfall and by saturday night up to an inch and then where does the cold front go on sunday? if it stalls we could see a soaking end of the weekend. however, the chance is we could end up with some drizzle. either way. there you get the most updated weather forecast as we check our -- tomorrow it is a wet and windy afternoon and evening on
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tap. sunday perhaps an occasional shower but monday we'll see the sunshine return. brighter skies on to us, and it looks like we'll stay try wednesday, thursday and friday, and we'll have an update at 11:00. i'm trying to fine tune that sunday forecast for you. >> thanks, drew. up next, finney's friday free stuff. things to eat, just had it and you'll want it, and putting on the right face for halloween. >> when this new building moans for students in the south bay. that's next, and at 5:30 on "world news" with caved muir. two tornadoes confirm already and more severe weather. the faa and emergency ban, some smartphones band from
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. [ applause ] >> and with that a brand new art building officially opened today. abc 1 news was at santa clara university as ed dowd cut the ribbon on the new building bearing his name. dowd donated $12 million for students in hart and art history could have a place to study. there's permanent artwork inside and the glass chandelier greets you as you walk in. >> friday, time for finney's friday free stuff. >> yeah, and yummy stuff for us today, michael. let's have it. let's have it. >> do you smell something good there? >> yeah. >> you know october is national pizza month. >> i didn't know that. >> well, let me. >> who knew. >> let me pass along a couple of plates here. >> that's nice. >> california pizza kitchen. >> very nice. >> they are celebrating. take a look at -- would you old. >> these things are -- you have
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to be a trained professional to do that. >> offia, you do. >> what you're going get, these are roasted brussel sprouts and smoked bacon. >> two of my favorite things. >> you'll get a free small plate. it's good
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halloween. >> there's free stuff. take a look at this. comes with a back and reap and some with a snazeroo two of-step guide. the paint comes off very, very easily with warm water and soap and it's made to be removed that way. 300 of those we have. we've got 500 of the small plate specials, so -- >> how do you get. >> what a great question. >> you know what you're doing. there it is. right down there. 800-547-7177 where at any time you can go on >> didn't talk ad you came on a good day, by the way. >> thanks, michael. >> thank so much. >> when abc 7 news at 5:00 continues back where it belong the return of a bracelet. >> lost for more than 75 years. >> when it happens where you look.
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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coming up at 6:00, we'll of course continue to track the rain across the bay area. we have live team coverage and spencer christian will have the latest on another storm heading our way. >> and high expectations. businesses are already cashing in as californians get ready to decide whether to legalize mayor wan ann. that's all coming up in half an hour at "abc 7 news at 6:00. ". >> thanks. ama. finally, they thought it was lost but a peeves history finds its way back to its rightful owner after nearly 75 years. >> the son of a world war ii veteran had han unexpected call saying somebody had found his father's bracelet on the shores of the hudson river in new york. >>ed bowdoin family was south out in saratoga springs to return the vet's bracelet and they even have this photo where they believe the father is living the bracelet. >> very special. >> mm-hmm. "world news tonight" with david
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muir is up next. >> i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric tonight, breaking news. donald trump fires back a short time ago. new accusers now coming forward late today. among them, a contestant from "the apprentice." and trump now appearing to take aim at their appearance. >> yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. also breaking, two confirmed tornadoes already. and tonight, authorities now warning of more severe weather in the hours ahead. the new video tonight. the serial kidnapper on the loose. the fbi now wants your help. images of the suspect accused of breaking into homes, grabbing children. breaking now. the faa, and the emergency ban a short time ago. banning some smartphones from all flights now. the emergency kits they're now putting on flights because of it.


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