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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, south bay, let's get up and get going. >> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. tuesday. >> had to thing about that. >> it is tuesday. the whom team is here, jessica castro, good morning. alexis smith, good morning. >> and mike nicco. >> how are you? >> doing well. off a couple of days. i missed the rain and a warm-up is on the way.
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thank you. >> ray of sunshine and warmth. next time, someone takes off she better let us know so we can forecast the rain. here is what going on the i amtrak the storm track and that is where it will stay. in its wake we have warmer weather. sutro tower is showing clear conditions and watch out for the fog, 45 to 56, dress warmer, day planner is 60 to 65 at noon, and 60 at the coast to 7 inland. enjoy the temperatures near average. alexis? >> enjoy a smooth commute on our main highways for now. a look at san mateo bridge, westbound starting to fill in, and the eastbound side, we had a crash on the light are side of traffic, early this morning that cleared before we started the show at 4:30 this morning. no delays from that and road work in benicia, southbound 780 to 680, closed each night from 10:00 to 5:00 through november.
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>> an athlete convicted of domestic violence will be in court. the 20 year old got a lenient sentence from judge persky who preside over brock turner case. persky is no longer involved in the case. he ordered the football player -- actually we will get to break news. three people are dead in a terrible crash. it literally split a car in half. >> we will good it to the persky story later in the newscast. aim is at the scene. we saw the pictures of what happened and it is terrible. >> it is terrible scene. officers are saying the worst they have ever responded to. we will get to the video to see for yourself. a car looks like it ripped in half when it hit a tree on sir francis drake boulevard. a rural two lane road, very windy, 17 minute drive west of
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fairfax. three men were killed in the accident. all were inside the car. no other cars were involved. they were wearing their seatbelts. they were not ejected. there was no fire. it was just such a bad crash they were killed. they are young men. they do not have identities on them yet. they are calling them "young adults." officers could not believe what they saw. >> one of the more nasty ones we have seen. it does happen from time to time. >> the call came in after midnight, and i asked in there is anything obvious that jumps out to the officers regarding the cause, possibly speed or drinking. though said "not yet." it is too early in the investigation to say why it happened. >> thank you for the report, amy. now the bay area athlete convicts of domestic violence
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will be back in court gettin a lenient sentence from judge persky. the name is familiar, because it is the judge who presided over the brock turner case. persky is no longer involved in the case of a college of san mateo football player, smith was facing charge for attack his girlfriend and punching a bystander who tried to protect her. he got a deal for attend domestic violence classes and community service. it is called another example of a lenient sentence for someone convicted of violence against women. all the president of san jose state university is promising change in how students are notified of sexual assaults. the university was criticized for waiting a month before revealing the assault of two female students over labor day weekend. in a letter to the university yesterday, the president action acknowledged the school did not do enough to reach out to two students saying going forward they will communicate better with victims and reconsider the policy on campus crime alerts and start campus wide
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discussions on combating sexual violence and harassment. >> san leandro police are investigating a homicide they say happened over wooden pallets. kadeem edwards ran over a warehouse worker who tried to stop him from stealing the pallets at true world foods. hours later, oakland police spotted the truck believed involved in the attack. investigators are checking for surveillance video of the incidents to try and figure how the confrontation played out before edwards ran over the victim. ed wars is in custody. >> there was deadly confrontation between santa cruz police and a man holding a metal rake. it started at 3:30 on sunday morning near chase street. the 32-year-old sean arlt was pound on the door of a house say he was going to kilt people inside the residents knew sean arlt. police showed up and said he was holding a rake and they made three taser deployments and retreated until they were backed town cars and an officer fired
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two shots killing sean arlt. >> it was a little guy, not as big as i am. so even with the rake how could he be a throat. >> police arrested arlt a week ago for trying to break into the same house. the familiar said they are too upset to talk. >> we are lending more of a gunman who shot an san francisco police department in the head on friday. the 26-year-old mcwhorter wounded officer kevin downs because officers chased him and shot him. the suspect died at the hospital on sunday. he had a p.o. box but lived in a van in san francisco's sunset district. he was struggling with mental health issues and the familiar tried to help but were unsuccessful. officer downs is partly paralyzed. he is expected to survive. >> kurdish and iraqi troops are 20 miles from moss sell on the second day of the bailey. smoke could be seen rising from
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the buildings. the battle is led by united states coe his and is expected to take weeks, perhaps months. new zealand pledged $1 million to help need the humanitarian needs of the people of mosul who are affected. >> a man from san rafael has been arrested on federal explosive charges after allegedly trying to detonate a homemade device in colorado. the 64-year-old tried several times to use a cell phone to remotely set off a remote device southwest of boulder. he left the device inside a backpack outside the police station this month, and officers had in trouble identifying him because he is 3', 6" tall and weighs 100 pounds and uses crutches. no motive is released. >> a refinery in solano could be fined $200,000 for discharging wastewater and the bay. the east bay times said
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regulators proposing to fine them $197,000. back in jap, more than a million gallons of wastewater spilled into the bay over the course of nine hours. the wastewater contained elements that are toxic to wildlife and animals. >> happening today a five story tall steer sculpture of a naked woman is debuting in san leandro. here is how it looked when display on treasure island. the artist here, first featured it at bun man three years ago, and sky 7 flew over the technical campus when the legs were installed this month where it will be fully unveiled. it is "truth is beauty." the artist wants people to consider what the world would be like if women were safe. >> now, the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> our cool of the conditions are inland east bay, 47 in danville and san ramon, dublin at 48, along with black lake and we have lafayette at 49, and pleasant hill and pleasanton at
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50. napa is 41. santa rosa is 46. milder in san francisco at 55. pacific can is 54, along with san carlos and oakland and hayward and mountain view at 52 and san jose at 53. we will look at nap parks the average high is 76, we are starting off at 48, lunch time temperature with sunshine and gorgeous to be outside, 65 and the comfortable low 70s from 2:00 to 4:00, and it will be cool quickly, 67 at 6:00 and down to 58 degrees by 8:00. the rest of our neighborhoods nor yellows are creeping in, 70s and mid-to-upper 60s, but, still, mid-to-upper 60s at half moon bay and san francisco, the last day tomorrow the rest us in the mid-70s to 80s and look at the 70s and 80's for thursday, one of our warmest days. i will let you know if it will last into the weekend. alexis? >> looking at our traffic maps we got reports of a new collision in a bad stop but not blocking, so, we are the same
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area we were talking about yesterday morning, westbound 580 beyond the 205 merge approaching the altamont pass. a hit-and-run accident but it made it to the shoulder. the rest is filling in out of the central valley. mass transit taking that this morning we have 38 bart trains in service. they are running on time. ace one is on time. and caltrain has no issues. a possible brushfire in the vacaville area. we will look at that ahead. >> the burger you need a ticket to buy. >> talk about a bad idea, this man tries to get into his house
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>> inmates at santa clara jail are on a hunger strike. we have learned 125 inmates are refusing to eat. they say the department has not implemented recommendation of the commission that include more independent oversite of the jail and a better system for inmates to file grievances. they are upset over the quality food, closing, and prices. >> budget prices force the obama call center in concord do close by end of year six months early. the call center said the contract would not be renewed after june 30 next year. the state said they would cut the budget by 72%, last week the decided to shut it down early. the employment services director told our media partners the east
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bay times her office will help find work for all 121 employees to avoid layoffs. calls are routed to two other state call centers. >> wikileaks is blaming ecuador for cut off assange's internet access. the group said it happened after they published hillary clinton's paid speeches at goldman sachs. evening what do granted assange asylum four years ago allowing him to live at the embassy in london to avoid questioning on sex assault accusations in sweden. the foreign ministry of ecuador reaffirmed thai decision to granted assange asylum. russian and syrian forces outside the city of aleppo are taking a humanitarian pause. in two days they will stop their attacks for eight hours to allow militants and civilians safe passage out. the certify has been leveled by attacks and the state department said it is "too little too late." all the first look video of a
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man being handcuffed for walking in the street on a sidewalk closed for construction is sparking outrage. >> in the first look, a controversial encounter sparking outrage. >> it cannot put your hands on me. >> plain clothes police officer is arresting a man for walking on the road after the sidewalk is closed. the officer is holding on to his jacket as he walks. >> i will take you to jail. >> thomas is agitated and the officer said that tom was impeding the roadway but the woman recording the video said he was "hugging the right side of construction." the officer who is calm, refuses to let go of him. thomas removes life jacket and his shirt. root officer arrives and handcuffing him and cite him for disorderly conduct. we will have the latest at 7:00 a.m. with the first look for
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"good morning america" this morning. >> whoa, tourists in san francisco got quite a soaking yesterday not from the rain, because blue skies. but we were at four point as high tide came in and, wow, splashed over the road. the tides reached 12' from bodega bay to monterey. surfers were happy. they waited under the golden gate bridge to -- a big wave. >> take a look skiers, squaw valley has snow covered step written at 3" over the weekend and squall and alpine meadows will open between november 11 and november 18 weather permitting. >> and this is yosemite falls just gorgeous and flowing well, one of the tallest waterfalls in north america with a drop of
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2,400'. >> mike nicco brought us the rain this weekend. >> all positive. that rain, absolutely. good morning, everyone, we will look at the winds, calm to less than 10 miles per hour and variable, we are not going to have the offshore wind yet. we will have only a wind that is conducive to get temperatures warmer than yesterday. if you take the ferry, angel i'll has a lot of ferries through san pablo on the way to san francisco and southwest at five to eight so water will be quiet the check out temperatures, and who and not making it to 70 today. it is not very men people. richmond at 66, vallejo and san mateo at 68, san francisco is 67, still delightful and half moon bay at 65. tonight, dry air and calm conditions and chilly inland, a lost 40s, and low 50s an the bay. here is wall happen in the seven-day forecast, a week's worth of weather, summed up like
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this, it will be warmest on wednesday, thursday, and friday, and 80s even reaching the bay on wednesday and 70s at the coast, and a sea breeze on friday and we will drop our temperatures, and the sea breeze will reach the rest of us and put us in the 60s and 70s with increasing clouds. it is hooking dry. >> our bay bridge toll plaza we have decorated for halloween and we have a spider on the camera with a spider web. the road conditions are okay. no metering lights. give that another 12 minutes and we will have them flipped on. we have all green with the exception of the central valley. more on that in a second. we hearing about a small brushfire on the eastbound 80 ramp to alamo drive in the vacaville areas so crews know about that. i don't think it will be a major slow down. tracy to dublin is westbound 580 at 44 minutes. no problems southbound 680 out of the tri-valley and northbound
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85 is okay. we had a hit-and-run accident crash in the tracy area and we will look at that before 5:30. >> the spider is obsessed with you. >> happening today the oakland city council is expected to approve funding for winter shelters, nearly 1,400 people in oakland with no place to stay according to a city report. if it is air proved the shelter are only able to help a couple hundred people. the next move will be a pilot program establishing a camp for people living in tents. >> this is a problem that is hit new levels that we need to working to as a community to solve. it is now, the residents are, cubaing our house residents. >> if the plan is approved it will serve 40 oakland homeless providing a safe place to pitch tents and services to get help. >> we are talking about hurricane matthew with a major effort underway right new to help those people impacted by the storm.
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>> we are teaming up with our other stations across the country for a marathon food drive today. the storm hit the south more than a week ago and officials are now starting to tally all the damage. it is expected to reach into the billions. continues of thousands are still without power. or a paragraph over their head. >> now a look at our sister station in north carolina. they are doing a 15 hour food drive that just kick off running until 5:00 tonight our time. that woman is doing a dance. the charleston! >> they are hoping to fill the whole truck and several more. >> you can head to you can make a donation. every dollar helps. in amount is too small. you will find the information on our home page. >> if you want to try the latest burger craze to hit san francisco you need a ticket. we told you of the impossible burger last week, it sizzled and bleeds but this is in beef, it
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is plant based, a science laboratory creation not on the menu at two san francisco restaurants. it is so popular that the restaurants are now issuing tickets to make sure they fill all the orders. it was create by a federal stanford professor who wanted to make a more nutritious and more environmentally friendly alternate to a traditional meat burger. seven things you need to know to start your day. he won the nobel prize for literature but the committee is giving up knock, knock, knockin'
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then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. you live a portable life. new dannon oikos nonfat yogurt drink fits right in it. with 10 grams of protein... and zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, zero fat. just what you need to help keep you going. new oikos yogurt drink. be unstoppably you. you may be muddling through allergies.oned with... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. >> he are the seven things you need to know. a terrible crash in marin county, the c.h.p. investigating a deadly crash that left three young men dead. the car hit a tree. it slit in half. this is a few miles from this
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area, and no word on the cause. >> this man was arrested, academy award for intentionally hitting and killing a warehouse worker and driving off. the worker tried to stop kadeem edwards from stealing wooden ballets. the identity is not released of the victim. >> judge persky's presence will be felt in palo alto in court although he is know longer presiding over the case. a student athlete accused of domestic violence giving a deal for classes and community service. the crediteddives say it is another example of a lenient sentence like the brock turner case. >> we are slightly warmer today but check out the numbers, we are not quite back to average yet. onl hayward is at 71 and the rest of us are two to six degrees cooler-than-average and when you step outside, get ready for 40s and 50s and i let you know when the 80s are coming back. >> have the jacket on this morning, and we are okay on all of our main highways here today and the only place we are seeing red, is westbound 205 to 580
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from the central valley we had a hit-and-run collision on the shoulder and stop-and-go traffic and you are averaging 17 miles per hour. >> six, moms ago, wikileaks just released the 11th batch of e-mails from the inbox of hick's campaign chairman. melania trump is in the spot light calling sexual assault allegations against her husband "lies." >> seven, the smithsonian is asking for your help to restore the spark we will to dorothy's red slippers from "wizard of oz," to reform them to the former glory. i am shocked they have already received 33,000 cames on this. they do not have a budget. >> people have the slippers if their heart. no place like home. >> firefighters in tucson, airs, rescued this man, he was trapped inside of his own chimney for four hours. the man said he locked his keys in the house, he was trying to figure a way to get back inside
5:26 am
and a neighbor her him and calling firefighters. the man actually slid down the claim any far enough to reach the floor but he could not get out of the fireplace because it was too small of an opening. firefighters lower a rope and he is covered in soot. >> i am seeing too much, to be honest. >> fortunately -- his face is completely...all the pans are dangerously low for 5:26 in the morning. where in the world is bob deliberate not responding to p fries officials, he won a nobel prize in literature and officials wanted to congratulate hip and ininvite him to the banquet in sweden in december but the academy secretary told swedish state robbery they have given up trying to reach him. they say he is not returning e-mails or calls the bob dylan did not say a word at a concert in las vegas the night he won
5:27 am
and he has not made any public comment, is it possible he is on snapchat or something? >> maybe. >> probably not. >> there are now eight celebrities vying for the trophy on "dancing with the stars" right now. >> amber and matt. >> you amount better rose is officially out of the competition. she and her partner were eliminated on "dancing with the stars" and taking the top spot, now, is janet kramer, doing a steamy performance and the singer earned perfect score and standing ovation for being soaked with water. you can catch "dancing with the stars" right here on monday at 8:00. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the new fallout in san francisco from the wells fargo scandal. >> more fallout from a story from yesterday and what wear lending about the hours before police say a man targeted two
5:28 am
vallejo officers inside of a starbucks. >> three people in the in the bay killed in an overnight crash and amy hollyfield is
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is tuesday, october 18. we are glad you are here. i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. jessica castro is here, and meteorologist mike nicco and track reporter, alexis smith. >> fog? but twirl lift? thank you is the key. it is patchy. i have been tracking it with our cameras and you can see it is thickest around petaluma and toward napa. from the east bay hills you can see encroaching upon san francisco. yes, the fog will be around. it will list at 9:00 and we will be sunny and mild at noon, 60 to
5:31 am
65 degrees, and we are at secretary to 7 by 4, so a touch warmer than yesterday, but grab a coat we are back in the 60s and 50s by 7:00. 50 by 9:00. so far, pretty quiet. is the commute the same? >> good morning, it has been quiet, especially considering how crazy it was yesterday with so many rollovers and spinout. today we enjoy the dry pavement and we have two new props so close together it is just one and they are reported in a couple of spots. southbound 880, before 237, and after 237, so we have at least one lane blocked. working on getting to the bottom of that with a call to c.h.p. >> an investigation underway right new in western marin county, after a deadly accident claimed the life of three young men. >> this happened this morning early. amy hollyfield is at the scene on sir francis drake. >> officers say this is one of
5:32 am
the worst they have ever seen. look at the wreckage: you cannot even fell this was car a toyota corolla. it hit a tree. all three young men inside died. they were wearing seatbelts and not inchjected but could not survive the impact. it happened after midnight. officers were here for five hours trying, still, to figure the cause. >> anything jump out, drinking? speed? >> we are still investigating. get all of the elements of the investigation. >> weather? >> weather probably not a factor. at this point. as far as we can tell. >> this is on a rural two lane section of sir francis drake boulevard a 17-minute delay west of fairfax. sir francis drake boulevard is closed and it has not caused any problems and we have not seen a single car trying to get through
5:33 am
here. we have been here increase an hour. officers say they are starting to wrap up the investigation and are hoping to get this section of the road reopened in the hour. >> sit-in credibly -- it is incredibly bad a man is in jail for intentionally run down a man and killing a man in the east bay, and the man aned is 27-year-old academy award hitting the warehouse worker at a distribution center of the worker was trying to stop kadeem edwards from stealing wood pallets and was run over. >> he paid the tragic price of trying to do the right thing. our hearts go out to the victim, all employees at true world foods, and the family of the victim and his friends. very, very tragic. >> oakland police spotted kadeem
5:34 am
edwards' truck and took him into custody. the victim's identity is not released. >> people outraged over brock town are assault case are turning their attention to another student athlete who cut a deal with the same judge as brock turner. the punishment, and say, is too lenient. matt keller is in palo alto. matt? >> another spotlight is being shined on judge aaron persky, involving an athlete, violence against women and more claims from critics the judge went easy on the punishment. a different judge will hear the case here in palo alto. this of haves a football player at college of san mateo. last year the 19-year-old smith entered a plea for domestic abuse, and the judge worked out a deal to perform 28 daze of community service and attend
5:35 am
domestic violence prevention. he is not complying but is still playing football. he will be in curt for probation violation inquiry. >> this is a case where judge persky bent over backyards to give lenient treatment to a college athlete in this case, a football player, accused of violence against women. >> they could be asking to go to jail, and i have been doing this for a very long time, and i have never convenience the prosecution, and not asking for a violation of the probation. >> the district attorney did not want to speak about case. the hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. police at uc berkeley are investigating two new sexual assaults involving students. the first happened on friday night. a female student was as a social event off campus fraternity and the next morning she reported unwanted sexual contact.
5:36 am
on saturday, another female student reported she was at an off campus fraternity and an aquantitiesance assaulted her. police have not disclosed governor they are connected or if they happened at the same from finishty and does not say if they made arrests. >> we have new information of another major car recall. >> jessica? >> yes, this just in. hyundai is recalling 84,000 cars, because of a wiring presbyterian this can cause the front passenger airbag for malfunction and it is for the genesis model 2010 to 2016 model years. it is an electrical connection that is the problem. the sensor can disconnect. it could be a problem if a child is in the passenger seat and hurt them. it could go off with two little force for an adult. so for there have been no injuries reported. if you own one of the cars, the recall starts in early december so in a few months you can take
5:37 am
your vehicle into a dealership to get it fixed. >> vallejo police are still trying to determine why a man tried to gun down two officers with an assault rifle at a starbucks. the suspect add dad powell was shot on sunday night. he was still trying to shoot them as he was running away from them. this happened hours after powell's 2-year-old son was accidentally shot inside his home in suisun city, the boy shot himself, according to be withs. he is in critical condition and expected to survive. police say that powell drove by the starbucks, six minutes before he ambushed the officers leading them to believe it was premeditated. >> jury selection is resuming in the sierra lamar murder case, the accused killer, garcia-torres could face the death penalty. many on the jury are asking for a hard ship because the case
5:38 am
could last until april of next year. she was 15 when she disappeared on the way to school her body has never been ground. she would turn 20 tomorrow. >> more fallout from the wells fargo fake aaccount scandal, and san francisco supervisors will ask the city to cut business ties with the bank which of course, calls san francisco home. city treasurer is also going to speak of resources available to help residents who are affected. this is a week after wells fargo chair and c.e.o. john stumpf resigned. the news conference happens at 10:30 at city hall. >> san mateo county has the highest costs of living in the nation according to a study, now, this morning, a decision could come down from the board of supervisors that give the county living wage laws in
5:39 am
place. >> the cooler weather is now here. dress warmer. especially in oakland where it is ten degrees cooler, and hayward and novato at nine, and livermore is seven, and san jose and palo alto at four. where does it put us? >> the cold air is caltraining from the mountains, and menlo park is 46, and wooded with is 50 and beaumont and san mateo at 55, and we have 53 right now in san jose, and, also, in hayward, and san ramon, 46, concord and oakland at 52, and mid-to-upper 40s santa rosa and napa and mill valley. san rafael is not foggy but it is not too far away as we look south on 101. this is how patchy it will be and how you can go from pristine coditions to not being able to see, like that, be careful. commuting? the top down this afternoon, and exercising will be good if you are hiking, it will be wet and a light breeze on the water. hose and 280 at 17 is partly cloudy and 60s and 70s, 60's and 80s tomorrow, 70s and
5:40 am
80s on thursday, can it continue? that is ahead in the seven-day forecast, but, first, an update on the accident. >> we going to get you back to the milpitas area, south 880, i told you about this 10 minutes ago around highway 237, we should a crash reported not of there at dixon landing and a crash south of there, at 237, so we talked to c.h.p. and it sounds like that is the same collision and we have at least one of those left lanes blocked but they are working on pushing that to the shoulder. three videos are total involved and no delays approaching scene. bay bridge toll plaza, certainly filling in and i walked up here we did not have official word the metering lights are on but judging by the scam a shot they are. but the drive times are still okay and highway 4 to the maze is 21 mens and across the babe, another 11 and 101 southbound san francisco to sfo look okay and slow on the central valley this morning, a closer look at that will coming up at 5:50.
5:41 am
>> a new gun control campaign takes an eye opening twist, next, it is using children to make its point. >> millions of people are still coping with the destruction caused by hurricane matthew
5:42 am
woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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>> all news, all morning. >> it is 5:43. now, your voice, your vote.
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>> donald trump was asked trillion about sexual misconduct alleges. >> have you crossed the line in the past women? >> i don't think so. i have great respect for women. i have tremendous respect for women. >> you can see more of the interview on "good morning america" and the first time his wife melania is talking about agencies. she called them "lies," and talked about the lewd comments in the 2005 video. >> they were kind of a boy talk, and he was...leading on, like, egg on, from the host, to say dirty and bad stuff. >> hillary clinton is still nature comment on the wikileaks release. they posted their 11th batch of e-mails 30 minutes ago appearing to be from the inbox of campaign chairman podesta. they released transcripts claiming to be from the paid goldman sachs speeches.
5:45 am
the camp has not confirmed or denied the legitimacy of the e-mails. >> speaking of the race for the white house, this is something that is happening right now, a protest outside the trump towers in chicago. we have seen the planned protests across the nation. we saw images from washington, dc. this is in chicago. you can see people dressed this black outside with women dressed in black and, also, led by survivors of sexual assault. the plan is to form human walls outside trump powers across the nation and we are seeing this happen coast to coast, they want women to reject women and members of the g.m. to withdraw support from trump although i am seeing some protesters with bill clinton signs, as well, so this looks peaceful for now and i will monitor the protests and will let you know in it escalates. if we get more images i will pass them. that is what is happening at the
5:46 am
live desk. >> the third and final presidential debate happens tomorrow, right here on abc7. it will be live from the university of nevada las vegas and you can watch it at 6 p.m. right here. >> we have valuable tool to help you prepare for election day on the free abc7 news app or go to enter your zip code and address for a comprehensive resource with the candidates and the measures on your local ballot. that is on >> a richmond police officer and his k-9 are now credited with getting this gun off the streets. the department posted the pictures on facebook yesterday. it said that the officer stopped a car and it had a gun magazine loaded with bullets but necessity gun. later, they found the gun on the route the car has driven. a happen was arrested for a
5:47 am
firearm violation. no one was hurt. >> new gun control psa shocking a lot of people. an organization fights to prevent gun violence released this satire, a video calling for deporting of toddlers. last year, toddlers shot can killed more americans than terrorists. the psa is certainly satire and the campaign said it highlights the problems of gun falling into the wrong hands, and urging people to vote for strict gun laws. >> airline reservation system that want on the fritz caused worldwide backing problems now is back on-line. nationally, southwest, virgin, jetblue, could not back or change reservations during the outage. the problem was with the pricing engine in the online airline reservation system, sabre and experienced check in issues used by 300 airlines an the world. >> we have patchy fog?
5:48 am
>> we do, the big story was the storm track moving north and the cooler conditions and the patchy fog. if you head to the north this is where the rain is, north of ukiah to oregan headed into afternoon. at whom you can see from the east bay hills the patchy fog is faking over san francisco with some of our north bay valley. we are off to a cooler start, 11 degrees cooler and ending up warmer than yesterday with total sunshine, it will be cool tonight, want out for patchy fog. our warm of the afternoons are wednesday through saturday. some of that will leak to the coast and it will be coolest at half moon bay at 65 and santa cruz is nice at 70. san francisco is 67. vallejo is 68. fremont is 70. san jose and livermore and napa at 71. san jose is going to top out at 71 at 2:30 but until that time we are start off at 8:00, 53 and noontime temperature is 65 and dress for 60s into the
5:49 am
evening. tonight we are falling back into the mid-40s low 50s and notice the 80s show up reaching the bay by thursday with 70s at the coast. it looks to be the warmest day with temperatures tumbling this weekend with less sunshine. alexis? >> good morning. amy hollyfield is at the scene of the terrible crash in western marin county saying that sir francis drake boulevard should be reopening soon, and they are being asked to move is we will have an update at 6:00 this morning. in the meantime back to this problem in milpitas and fremont area, southbound 880, near mission boulevard, we have moved the location of the crash around a few times and it started off as a three car crash and five more vehicles got involve. eight cars are involved total. it does not sunday like there is a major damage, but, still, use extreme caution through the area. i will let you know when it is back open. pretty heavy volumes from the
5:50 am
central valley, westbound 205 to 580 expect it to be typical stop-and-go. >> thank you. hurricane matthew may have come and gone but tens of thousands of people still need help. >> abc is proud to be panning with abc stations across country today in order to help those in need. hurricane matthew caused billions of dollars in damage cross several states. more than a week after the storm some people still do not have power or able to go him. >> here is a look outside our sister station in raleigh, north carolina, they kicked off a 15 hour food drive to help hurricane matthew victims. they are hoping to fill up the truck and have several others she hope to fill up. we can all help because if you go to, you can make a donation. every dollar helps. no amount is too small. we love you to go to our web page. >> amazon is making it easier to get your holiday shipping done
5:51 am
early and you can use your voice to order the season's most popular gifts. >> the million dollar pledge san francisco city hall is making to flood-prone neighborhoods and the money the victims could be in for. >> if you are one those who puts tomatoes
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> san francisco's public utility commission said the city will pay residents $30,000 for progresses to help protect against flooding. the promise was paid last night during a community meeting at the police station. the meeting was called to give residents an update on efforts to fix the aging sewer system. they are starting a $20 year multibillion dollar program for
5:54 am
updated systems. >> san francisco is adding to a fire boat fleet, that play add big role after the 6.9 loma prieta earthquake. a grant made the san francisco fire department's third boat a reality and this is pretty fun. students suggesting the names and the win serrate-year-old. you will fall in love with this kid he won with this suggestion, st. francis. >> it felt like i was like being mayor for five seconds. >> you want to be mayor some day? i would rather be president. >> if you ask the question, he will give you an answer. the city's other fire boats were nailed by kids, felix and guardian. >> what is the name about nicco that is fabulousness and big dreams. >> hope he sees this through.
5:55 am
now a look at what is going on this morning. i am living the dream. ask my wife. here is what is going on -- just stop digging. stop digging. right? stop digging. the rainfall over the weekend compared to what we get in an average october. san jose is 103% to livermore 525%, and pier 15 action great place to go showing clear sky over san francisco with patchy fog slow warming today, so temperatures are back 1- to 4-degrees above where they were yesterday. alexis can you get me out of this? >> ia mike was on when you said that my friend, it was not a commercial break. southbound 880, new information here for three car collision that turned into an eight car collision, and this is near mission boulevard and you can see a bit of a backup formed with all vehicles on the shower.
5:56 am
it sound hive we have one lane blocked and i will let you know when we clear. the bay bridge metering lights were turn on a few minutes late. a new crash involving a motorcycle and a deer in marin county and we will check on that in a few minutes. >> a new study explains why tomatoes can lose flavor when you put them in the refrigerator because the genes are chill out, researchers say when a tomato's environment drops below 68 degrees, the genes responsible for making it taste lick a tomato are turned off. scientists are neverring of -- scientists are thinking of breeding special tomato. >> and a monster lobster, a crew in bermuda caught 14 pounder after hurricane nicole hit the
5:57 am
area. the charter boat was fishing for snapper and they got this guy instead. the post on facebook going viral saying hurricane nicole blew in sea monsters and that is accurate. the post said necessity did release it back into the ocean so it can grow to 24 pounds. >> not enough butter in the world. we have a lot more news ahead including breaking news from north bay, a her file -- a horrifying crash that left three people dead. we have detail on the investigation. >> right now, the white house is getting ready for president obama's last state dinner and i am work on images from washington,
5:58 am
5:59 am
live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> you an update on breaking news we have been tracking in the north bay. sir francis drake just reopened after a deadly crash closed it for several hours east of
6:00 am
highway one. our reporter is on the scene gathering details. >> yes, this section of sir francis drake boulevard was shut down for 5 1/2 hours. investigators could try to figure out what caused the terrible accident. look at video, the wreck average of the scene, you cannot tell the car was a toyota corolla ripped in half weapon it hit a tree on sir francis drake boulevard. it took 17 minutes to get here from west of fairfax, three machine were killed inside the car, three young men. young adults. they have not identified them. but they were in their seatbelts but could not survive the impact. officer could not believe what they saw when they got here. >> one of the nasty are -- nasty ones.


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