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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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highway one. our reporter is on the scene gathering details. >> yes, this section of sir francis drake boulevard was shut down for 5 1/2 hours. investigators could try to figure out what caused the terrible accident. look at video, the wreck average of the scene, you cannot tell the car was a toyota corolla ripped in half weapon it hit a tree on sir francis drake boulevard. it took 17 minutes to get here from west of fairfax, three machine were killed inside the car, three young men. young adults. they have not identified them. but they were in their seatbelts but could not survive the impact. officer could not believe what they saw when they got here. >> one of the nasty are -- nasty ones.
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it does happen from time to time. >> they got cull after midnight about the accident i asked if anything obvious jumps out for a cause as far as speed or drinking, and they said "not yet," it is too early to say the i asked of weather they said it does not appear that weather was a cause. other than that, it is just too usually to tell and they will take other evidence back to their department to try and put it together. >> truly hard to watch the video. >> we are going to turn to what is happening for the weather forecast. >> you may have noticed we are starting with a chill. >> you want to dress warmer. check out live doppler hd for the first time since thursday morning, it is not showing wet weather. we have patchy fog, check out sutro tower showing some around san francisco, 45 to 56, and fog is done by noon, and 60 at the cost to 65 by noon. by 4:00, 60 to 71. still below average. how is the commute?
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>> not so good, in a couple of areas i will take you to a new problem in marin county, southbound 101 between novato and san rafael, beyond that, we have a report of a motorcycle hitting a deer and the motorcyclist my have minor injuries and we have the left lane blocked and they are working on pushing this to the left shoulder. right now you can see the red approaching the area the we have a problem in the fremont and milpitas area on southbound 880 with an update on that in less than ten minutes. an athlete convicted of domesticcy lens will number court. the 20-year old man got a lenient sentence from judge persky the same judge who resided over the brock town are case. judge persky is no longer involved in the case of the football player, but smith was facing chances for attack his girlfriend and punching a bystander who tried to protect her and he got a deal to attend domestic violence classes and
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community service. critics are calling it another example of a lenient sentence for someone convicted of violence against women. >> developing news from the east bay, police are investigating a homicide they say happened over wooden pallets, the 27-year-old kadeem edwards ran over a warehouse worker who tried to stop him from stealing the pallets at true world foods. hours later, oakland police spotted the truck believed to be involved in the deadly attack. we were there at the suspect was arrested last night in oakland. southwest gays are committing surveillance video of the incident and trying to figure how the confrontation played out before he allegedly ran over the victim. >> we are learning more of the deadly confrontation between santa cruz police and a man who was holding a metal rake. the indidn't started at 3:30 on sunday morning at chase street. the 32-year-old sean sean was pound on the door of a house say he was going to kill the people inside and the residents knew
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arlt. he had a rake and the police made three taser deployments and an officer fired two shots killing arlt. >> he was a little guy, now as big as i am, so even with the ray, how could he be a let? >> police arrested arlt a week ago for trying to break into the same home. the family is too upset to talk. >> a gunman shot an san francisco police department officer in the head on friday, the 26-year-old mcwhorter wounded officer kevin downs because officers chase and shot him he had a p.o. box but lived in a van in san francisco in the sunset district. our sources say he was struggling with mental health issues that the familiar tried to help but were unsuccessful. officer downs is partly paralyzed. he is expected to survive.
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>> a man accused of a bathroom peeping incident in fremont is expected to be in court. the 26-year-old was arrested at the fremont main library last week, and police say he went into women's bathroom and hid inside a stall a girl noticed a cell phone below the wall separating the stalls and her mother and several other people came in and restrained the suspect until police got there. >> today the san jose board of supervisors are expected to make the city more inclusionive voting on adopting the new city established office of immigrant affairs, a three year plan to better serve and integrity san jose's immigrant community. priors include economic opportunity and safe and healthy and connected communities. they created $77 billion to the county's economy. >> today, president obama holds the last state dinner at the white house, and jessica is
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track the get of honors. that is right, the president and first lady getting ready but the italian prime minister will arrive any minute in washington, dc. you can see the images coming to our live desk all the fanfare out this for the 13th and final state dinner. numerous italian and american flags are held up at the south lane with the stage set and hundreds are there. after the initial reception, when we see the prime minister finally arrive, he and the president will speak together at the rose garden later this morning. here is a fun fact, celebrity chef will be in charge of the dinner. we will keep an eye on the images to lit you known when they arrive. next, a confrontation many say should never have happened. a man arrested for walking on the street? why the video is intoing so --
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>> now your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> in the north bay we have coolest temperature at rope at 43, and napa at 45. san francisco is 55, and alameda is 54 and wooded with is 53 and look at that, san ramon is 46. oakland is a comfortable 65, and the average high this time of the year is 72. we will be up to 70s at 2:30. mid-60s to low 70s today, but we will have upper 60s to a few 80s tomorrow, and the 80s are spreading toward the cost on thursday. i will let you know when our warmest day is coming. alexis? >> i will take you back to milpitas, so we had flee car collision on southbound 880 and necessity tried to clear it five more vehicles were involved so we have a delay forming. near mission boulevard south of that, all the videos involved in
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the crab are off on the right hand shoulder and the far right lane is blocked. it is two miles of heavy frack to get through until it can fully clear and better news, in marin county, southbound 101 we had a motorcycle hit a deer this morning and it was in the left lane and it is pushed to the shoulder now. again, 2 1/2 to three miles of delay on southbound 101. we will look at our drive times next. >> happening today, a five story tall steel sculpture of a naked women is debuting in san leandro. shear it when it was displayed on treasure island, the artist featured it at burn man these years ago and it got a last praise. sky 7 flew over the san leandro campus inwith the legs were installed this month where it will be fully unveiled today. the artist calls this "ruth is beauty," and there is a sign that asks, what would the world be like in women were safe? coming up negotiation, a big
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fine for a bay area refinery accuses of dunning a contaminated water into the local wart ways. >> brazen theft caught on camera and precious items the suspects got away with. >> a look at raleigh, north carolina, and we are teaming up with our sister station to help survivors with ad if drive all day long and you can help by making a cash donation by heading to thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. pronamel is all about your enamel. ♪ if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max is now better tasting, with the same fast powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough.
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>> abc7 onlyings, all news all morning. >> a look from washington, dc, where the italian prime minister just arrived at white house. he is on the left and president obama. they will meet today. today is also obama's likely last state dinner before leashing office in john. jessica told us that mario batali is in charge of food. >> that is quite a way to go out! >> robbers stole puppies from a pet store in houston and authorities hope they can be tracked down, the puppies are would $25,000.
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the robbers took four english bulldogs and two french bulldogs. >> look at this controversial encounter in minute sparking outrage around the world. the cell show as plainclothes police officer stopping an african-american man walking on side of the road because the sidewalk itself was closed for construction. >> can you not put your hands on me like that. >> the officer refused to let go of the man's jacket saying he was walking in the middle of the street and impeding traffic. the woman would recorded this video said that he was as far over as he could be. another officer handcuffed the man cite hill for disorderly conduct. he was released and the citation was dismissed. the minnesota naacp is demanding a formal apology from police say he was manage treated. >> inmates the santa clara jail are on a hunger strike
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we have eastern had is 25 inmates are refusing to eat, say the department has not implemented rock diss of the recent blue ribbon commission. the rock dayses include more independent oversite of the jail and better system for inmates to file grievances. the hunger strikers are upset of quality of food, clothing, and commissary prices. >> a refinery could be fined $200,000 in sonoma for discharging waste water into the bay. back in january, more than a million gallons of waste water spilled into the bay over the course of nine hours with lets that are toxic to wildlife and animals. >> jimmy kimmel is famous for the mean tweet segments and is get a lot of attention for the funny twitter exchange with virgin america based right here in burlingame the he sent this defeat saying dear virgin
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america i left two be positives and important note pad and ipad on flight 366 los angeles to boston and i am dumb. please help. th airline quickly responded tweeting wow, that is a lot of things. we will see what we can do. >> we do not know if he got his stuff back. we will look for an update, at 11:35 each night. >> i rarely pick a bone but i feel the rest of us are calling customer service and wait an hour on hold, and being transferred to another department and i am just saying, not that he should not circumvent the system but... >> i have used the twitter and also express grievances with the airlines and it has worked. the average man can do it and i am below average. so we are good. >> awesome -- finney, look at
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you. "7 on your side" --. >> i would never claim that. >> ask reggie. >> look at that. ask for dry weather? we have it. the next six hours the rain is up to our north on live doppler hd and stillening the fog around san rafael, and you drive into the abyss as you head south of 101 and at the golden gate bridge it is clear, and our highlights are dry, tranquil and sunny with fog forming and a few days above average this week. but a new of onlyings may have to use the furnace. but, first, the highs, ail of us are around 70 to 73 and vallejo and richmond and san francisco and half moon bay mid-to-upper 60s. more 40s tonight. santa rosa is 44, concord at 49, same in palo alto, and san jose and oakland at 52 and san francisco at 50 so if you like to sleep with the weapons open pile on the extra blanket and dress the kids warmer this morning and tomorrow morning and look in the afternoon, check out
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the backpack as we jump into the 80s but the coast on thursday, so they could leave it at school, the hoodie. thursday is the warmest day, and all of us are cooler with less sunshine. >> i will take you to the san mateo bridge on our traffic camera and we are hearing of a new crash on the westbound side, not seeing it heres obviously, everything is moving along okay but before this camera, four vehicles involved we have one lane blocked and i will put that on the map because we cannot see it on the traffic camera, we will get you back to marin county, southbound 101 between novato and san rafael, we had a motorcycle hit a dear and they pushed it off to the left hand shoulder and we have a backup which is significant that formed 11 miles per hour and 14 miles per hour approaching and our other slow spot is improving, as well, westbound 80 albany to the maze okay, fremont to san jose we have a crash near mission boulevard and that is clearing, and you are still in the green.
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northbound 280 between 101 and cupertino in the green at 11 minutes. >> "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here. >> we will bring in amy hollyfield at mock city with a look at what is ahead. >> good morning, coming up next on "good morning america" mall plane trump speak out and calling the comments immature but accuses the host of egging him out and trump spoke with our reporter on the trail and we will hear what he says and cleveland indians pitcher pulled from the mound early yesterday in the playoff game because of a drone-related injury a game after from the world series and fans worried the season could be over. we have the details coming up and big elimination on "dancing with the stars" last night, amber rose and max sent home all next on "good morning america." back to you.
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>> look forward to it. >> next, seven-day forecast and michael finney has tip for anyone dealing with their cable company. >> a you it product that simulates something that is extremely pop
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>> welcome back. if you want to try the latest burger craze you need a ticket we told you about meatless burgers last week of the it sizzled. it bleeds. there is in beef in the burger. it is plant based and a science laboratory creation. on the menu at two san francisco restaurants and is so popular the restaurants now are issuing tickets early in the inform make sure they fill all of the orders. the burger was created by former stanford professor who wanted to make a more nutritious and environmentally friendly alternate to a meat patty. and make it bleed. >> now time to ask finney. >> question on cable and television bundle. michael finney has the answer. >> our problem is we have a cable bill and a telephone bill that is supposed to have been...combined in a bundle since january and the company
6:26 am
has never bundled our accounts and we keep receiving two separate bills and notices and we pay double. >> call the service provider, explain the problem, at that time, also ask for a refund for all the double payments. if they give you any guff or will not fix the problem call my hotline at the station and we will take kay of you. it will not be a problem. believe me. good luck. >> if you have a question for half manufacture record it on your smart 15 or tablet and share it with us. >> there is a recent wave of campus sexual assaulted. >> three people killed in a her filing crash and we will check with our crew at the scene. all the federal government announcing changes to social security benefits that can affect you. much more ahead.
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>> good morning be east bay, let's get going. >> it is 6:29. and 50 seconds.
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it is tuesday, october 18. >> i am natasha zouves. we have the whole team, jessica castro, and alexis smith, and meteorologist mike nicco with a chill this morning. >> chill. mid-40's inland neighborhood. fog to bat. be careful. dress warmer this morning. i will show you where the thick of the fog is at the napa airport between american canyon and napa at highway 12. you will find the patchy fog. in san rafael you are driving into it south on we but the golden gate bridge is clear. low-to-mid 60s at noon, and the rest of us in the upper 60s to low 70s and back in the 50s and 60 by 7:00. accidents this morning. alexis? >> we have westbound 92 before the san mateo bridge toll plaza, i told you about that, and, southbound 880 near mission boulevard we have a call to c.h.p. and that was a three car crash that turned into an eight car collision, and last we check we had one lane blocked and southbound 101 in marin county,
6:31 am
we had a motorcycle hit a deer this morning and it sounds live the motorcyclist is okay but we have it pushed to the shoulder where onlooker delays. we have a problem in walnut creek and a disabled vehicle on southbound 680. back to our top story in marin county. >> three people died after a terrible crash. it was so powerful the car was split in half on sir francis drake boulevard at highway 1. amy hollyfield is there on scene. >> they just reopened sir francis drake in the hour. they were fear for 5 1/2 hours at scene. look at officers saying it is the worst they have ever seen. you cannot even tell the car was a toyota corolla. it hit a power pole and then a tree. all three young men inside died.
6:32 am
they were wearing their seatbelts and not ejected. they could not survive the impact of the your. this happened after midnight. officials still try to figure out the cause. >> anything jump out? drinking? speed? >> nothing at this point. we are still investigating and getting all of our elements in place. >> weather? >> weather probably not a factor. at this point. as far as we can tell. >> this is a very rural part of sir francis drake boulevard, two lane windy road at 17 minutes from fairfax or west of fairfax, and it was shut down for 5 1/2 hours and they have reopened the roads so you can count on it this morning for the commute. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. they have not released the identity of victims just saying three young adult men.
6:33 am
>> it is so sad. a man is in custody this morning accused of intentionally running down and killing a warehouse worker in the east bay, police have identified the driver as 27-year-old academy kadeem edwat the warehouse worker and the worker was trying to stop kadeem edwards from stealing pallets and he was run over. >> he paid the tragic price of trying to do the right thing. >> our hearts go out to the victim and all the remain lowees in true world foods, and the family of the victim and his friends. very, very tragic. >> oakland police spotted the truck a few hours after the incident and they took him into custody the victim's identity has still not been released. >> police at uc berkeley are investigating two new sexual assaults the first happen on friday need action female student said she was at a social event off campus fraternity and she recorded unwanted sexual
6:34 am
contact. on saturday, another female student recorded she was at an off campus fraternity where an acquaintance assaultd her. people have not disclosed if the incidents are connected. and have not said governor they ahead any arrests. >> a local student athlete is back in court, a case of drawing simulators to one that gained national attention. >> this athlete cut a deal with the same judge as brock turner and the punishment is too lenient. our reporter is in palo alto for us this morning. matt? >> yes, another athlete and another case of violence against women and the same judge persky hand down the punishment. he messed up big time, again, and another judge will be hearing the case today in palo alto. this involves a sophmore football mayor at the college of san mateo, and last year the 19-year-old smith entered a guilty plea for domestic abuse for the the gulf and the judge
6:35 am
persky work out a deal to attend domestic violence prevention classes for a year and perform 28 daze of community service. that is after serving 32 days in jail. however, smith has not been complying and is still playing football. now, he will be back in court for probation violation inquiry. the judge had many, many opportunities to hold this young man accountable and to make sure he served his sentence. >> he was going to school full time and playing football at college but working from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning to pay for the classes. they knew he was having difficulty. >> the district attorney did not want to speak about case and the hearing is at 9:00 a.m. >> thank you. the president of san jose state university is now promising change in how students are notified of sexual assaults, the university was criticized for waiting a month before reveal
6:36 am
the assault of to female students over labor day weekend. in a letter to the university yesterday, we i was acknowledged the school does not do enough to reach out to two students and said going forward the university will communicate better with victims, reconsider their policy on campus crime and start and yous on combating sexual violence and harassment. the man accused of trying to assassinate two vallejo police officers is in the hospital with these gunshot wounds, adam powell is accused of ambushing police at a starbucks pointing an assault rifle and pulling the trigger. the gun jammed and he ran they chased him a block and he pointed at them again. two hours earlier the boy was shot under mysterious circumstances. relatives wonder governor that affected his state of mind. >> he is a good mind, i don't
6:37 am
know what would have govern through his mind but he is a good man and probably was distraught. >> police say powell is a con sicked goal long with robbery and drug represented offenses and is in critical condition, his son is expected to survive. >> happening today, in palm springs, 10,000 people are expected to turnout for a memorial for two officers shot and killed in the line of duty. governor brown will also be there to honor officers vague good -- officers vega and leslie zerebny when john felix opened fear. vega was 35-year veteran and about do retire and leslie zerebny just came back from maternity leave. jury selection resumes in sierra lamar murder case and the accused killer could face the death penalty. many are asking for hardship excuse because the case could last through april of next year. sierra was lamar when she disappeared in 2012 on the way
6:38 am
did school. her body was never been found she would be turning 20 tomorrow. >> the federal government announce changes to social security benefits for next year. some people hoping for a little more cash could be disappointed. this is the live desk. >> yes, this coming in, another historic low increase in social security benefits for the year 2017, moments ago we learned that millions of recipient only get 0.3% increase, theth year in a row with low rates and month increase this year. this affects 730 million people, one in five americans and the average positively social security payment is about $1,200 so this is a major, very small increase and only $3 or $4 a month. that is the newest to the live desk. >> happening today, more fallout from the wells fargo fake account scandal, supervisors in
6:39 am
san francisco are going to join community leaders to ask the city to cut business ties with the bank which of course calls san francisco home. city treasurer isis -- cisneros will speak about the scandal. this is a week after wells fargo c.e.o. resigned. the news conference happens at 10:30 at city hall. san mateo has the highest costs of living in the nation accord telling a study and now this morning a decision could come down from the board of directors that gives the county contractors a living wage of $17 an hour by 2019. if approved the pilot program would be phased in over 30 months. >> the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, we have cracked the 40s in the so the bay. sunnyvale is 49 and the rest of us at 50 to 53 in san jose. and alum rock and to movie. the rest of our neighbors are
6:40 am
newark at 53 and redwood city and lafayette at 48, san francisco is 57 and novato is at 51 degrees and half moon bay at 55. i talk how there is no fog at the golden gate bridge and west wind at seven miles per hour, so easy commuting, and if you have a convertible, today is a day to have the top down. if you are exercising, or hiking, twitting dry and comfortable and light chop on water. 41 minutes is agency for arrival delays into sfo and 60s and 70s, and hurricane at 70s and 80s by thursday. i will let you know in the before average temperatures are lasting into the weekend. >> good morning, it turned into a busy morning with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza we had a collision recorded but they have it pushed to the shoulder. we have heavy volumes there until you get beyond the metering lights and on our traffic maps, southbound 680 in walnut creek area before you get to walnut creek we had a disabled vehicle near treat
6:41 am
boulevard and it cleared in the last few minutes but southbound 680 is slow back up to highway 4 semiing over to 242. the drive times show 80 westbound up to 13 minutes in the red the southbound 880, still, trying to clear that collision near mission boulevard so fremont to san jose is half an hour, and northbound 280 between 101 and cupertino up to 15 minutes in the yellow and on top of that we have a crash on the san mateo bridge and we will look at that next. >> this only we are talking about hurricane matthew and there is a major of the underway right new to help those impacted by the storm. >> we are join us with our other stations across the country and we are involved in ad if drive today that will help thousands of people still affected by the storm that hit a week ago. there are many without power or a roof over their head this morning. >> a look outside of our sister station in raleigh, north carolina, kicking off a 15 hour
6:42 am
food drive this morning and you can see this have the big ottawa truck trying to fill it up and several more today. we have seen steady progress and they loading big carts of water in there and crackers and biscuits and need need more help. go to with every dollar hope no amount is too small. the information is right on our home page. >> next, new developments in the southeast wagon emission scandal. car own ares and dealers are set to cash in. >> apple scales back on the car of future, and the project is
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> in of own apple iphone 4 they are considered vintage and at the end of this month you will no longer be able to get repair service or parts. that is according to numerous media outlets. the end date is for halloween, october 31. according to the apple website they consider their products obsolete after 15 years. time for an upgrade and apple discontinued repair service for the 13" notebook that came out. yes, people still have apple iphone 4s. >> i thought i was in the dark
6:46 am
ages with my 5c. >> the final decision expected it come down on a proposed settlement involving volkswagen emission scandal. the san francisco form court will announce that at 8:00 them giving a preliminary approval to a $14.7 billion settlement in judgment. under the decision today the german carmaker would spend a large sum of money buying back cars and fixing them. >> low wages are forcing uc workers to live in poverty. we were in oakland out of the uc president's office after the results of a study paid for by the steamers union and 70s% of lower level uc employees struggle to put food on table and 43% say they have gone hungry. at times a worker skips meals to pay rent. >> my rent each year has increased, last year an increase of 7% and this year probably more, and my worry is i could be living in my car bit end of
6:47 am
year. >> the union asked for 25% pay increase over five years and the university is offering continue% pay officer over the same period. the two sides have nature reach an agreement. >> ties have changed, and many americans who could not find work several years ago are now juggling two and three jobs. "usa today" reports that the number of multiple job holders hit the eight year high in september, nearly eight million people according to the bureau of labor statistics. if you own amazon echo you can make purchases with your voice, a list of the thousand most popular toys are released and now you can search the list and order using voice assistance. business insider reports this could give amazon holiday sales a huge boost. >> san francisco based visa step down and the reason could surprise you. we have this story now in the money report. >> gentleman, good morning to
6:48 am
you. visa c.e.o. charlie sharp stepping down after successful four years in charge of the giant. step down from the board as well, said he resigned he could no longer commute to san francisco headquarters the daughter live on east coast and his resignation was personal, under the watch visa stock surged 130% and operating income was up. apple taking a step back from the electric car plan. a year ago apple talked of having an electric car ready in 20 unanimous but blmburg is putting -- bloomberg is putting the brakes on that plan. they will have a plan that allows apple to partner with others. >> the golden state have five of the top best commented athletes in the top seven. the highest paid warrior is
6:49 am
kevin durant and steph curry and draymond green earning in that sage. the dow is up 100 points at 1800 and netflix up 20% after a strong earnings report. >> a lot of people are going crazy for this story has to do with a therapy duck so take that in. on a plane. wearing little red shoes. >> i can't. i can't. this is daniel, an emotional support duck and a big hit during a recent flight from milwaukee to charlotte. passengers were surprised and delighted to see him and they posted video and photos. the owner has pstd and relies on daniel to get her through the
6:50 am
day. >> we hear the duck was perfectly behaved. >> in case he is not, daniel the duck wear as die -- diaper. >> when you got to go you get to go. >> fascinating. love that story. >> good morning, maybe you love this, the rain move up to the north sunshine and warm weather that will reach the coast the next couple of days. in san jose, cloudy and temperatures running at 53, 280 and 17 cooler start today and warmer ending and cool tonight, weapon out for patchy fog in same areas and warmest wednesday through saturday. now, today's temperature a lot of low-to-mid 70s and along the coast, san francisco, richmond and vallejo and san mateo at 65 to 68, and san francisco is the average high down to 70 and at noon we are at 61. still, chilly unless you are out in a favorite local cafes sitting in the sunshine we will top out at 678, fall back to 61
6:51 am
at 8:00, and keep falling in san francisco to 50. santa rosa, vallejo, concord, palo alto and those areas in the 40s. my seven-day forecast is warm sunshine at the coast thursday is the day, 70s, and the warmest day, with low-to-mid 80s around the bay and inland. 60s and 70s this weekend. >> alexis? >> we have quite a few incidentals the san mateo bridge does not have the crash on camera, the when side with no issues they got beyond a collision blocking the two left lanes and i can show you where it is. a lot of red if you are coming from the east side, southbound 880, this is solid and it is spilling over to the 880 corridor. south of there they are trying to clear a collision near mission boulevard on southbound 8 80's, and this has been there since 5:then this morning starting off with three vehicles and it turned into an eight vehicle collision and five more were involved and everyone is pushed off to the shoulder for quite some time and that is five
6:52 am
to six mile backup. we look at the drive times next. >> a change is coming to the bay area's business of the bridges new on-and-off ramps from the westbound lanes of the bay bridge will open on senator. it will the new route for drivers headed to yerba buena island and treasure island and notice the new exit will be on right side. no longer the left side. signs are up alerting drivers about the change. construction on the ranches started in january of 2014. it may not look like a lot but it costs a lot $100 million. stay tuned. >> but, the photo of the day from instagram, follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. twitter@abc7newsbayarea. can you see our great woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses.
6:53 am
no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
6:54 am
these are the seven things you need to know before you go: one, breaking news in marin county. sir francis drake boulevard has reopened follow the terrible deadly crash. three young men are dead. the car hit a tree. it literally split in half. no word in alcohol or speed were to blame. >> san lenadro police arrested this man, academy award -- kadeem edwards for intentionally hitting a warehouse worker trying to stop him from stealing
6:55 am
wood pallets. >> anti-truck rallies are underway, in chicago and new york and women's groups are denouncing the candidate over his treatment of women. ten women say he harassed on sexually assaultd them. wikileaks released another massive batch of e-mails this morning claiming to be from the inbox of hick's campaign chairman. wikileaks said that these will continue until the election. >> five, from the live desk tonight, president obama will hold his final state dinner at white house afternoon -- this morning and welcomed the italian prime minister at the white house. >> dress warmer this afternoon, we are up to 13 degrees cooler including the kids. 46 at bus stop to 56 degrees in afternoon, bring the cold home. they will not need it at the coast, 60, with unlimited sunshine. >> hearing of a rollover crash on westbound 80 at vallejo near six flags so everyone what that, and check out the drive time for
6:56 am
westbound 92, san mateo bridge, this is due to a crash before the toll plaza, and it is blocking the two left lanes still, and we obviously are in the red, 43 minutes, and that is jammed from 880 and beyond, and pulled over to 880, and southbound 880, with video another crash in fremont. >> thank you, alexis, we continue on all your emotional -- mobile devices. we will see you this 25 minutes. clear
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- i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
7:00 am
good morning, america. melania trump breaks her silence standing by her husband after that lewd tape scandal. >> i accept his apology. and, um, we are moving on. >> attacking bill clinton. >> well, if they bring my past, why not? >> and donald trump opens up to abc news fighting those sexual assault allegations. >> have you crossed the line in the past with women ever? >> i don't think so. i have great respect for women. hillary clinton under fire. the democratic nominee facing new questions over the fbi, the state department, and one of her e-mails, as she looks to turn red states blue, sending her secret weapon, michelle obama, to arizona. and that dramatic moment in the playoffs. the indians pitcher gets pulled from the game. >>


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