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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> an investigation now underway into the horrific crash in marin county overnight. three young people are dead after their car slammed into a tree. it split the car in half. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. the crash happened east of point reyes on sir francis drake boulevard a few miles east of highway one. our reporter is at the c.h.p. office in corte madera with the latest. amy? >> yes, the c.h.p. is starting to narrow in on a possible cause of the crash but say it is too early to say for sure. all of victims had on their seatbelts but when you look at the car you will understand why
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it wasn't enough. >> the scene shocked c.h.p. officers a toyota corolla torn apart with three dead men inside. >> this is one of the more nasty ones. we do not see it a lot out here but it happens from time to time. all the debbie wasserman-schultz -- car was discovered on a rural two lane section, the call came at midnight but no one knows how long it was there. no one saw it hand, someone happened upon it and called sunday. this were no obvious signs of drink asking no bottles of alcohol but they will do toxicology tests. it look like the car hit a poll and some trees at high rate of speed. >> it appears speed is a factor and we are looking into that. if that is the case it could be an instance of taking the turn too fast but, again,is all preliminary. >> it is tragic situation
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something that we never want to have to respond to no emergency personnel want to respond to this. >> the coroner is still notifying next of kin but said that it will likely release the names and ages of the victims later today. thank you, amy, another accident to tell you about two previouses were hit as they try to cross interrogate 680 in walnut creek before 9:00 a.m. the c.h.p. said they were involved in an accident in the southbound lanes near the split with highway 24. they got out of the car and tried to run across the northbound lanes. that when they were hit by a red car. officers say they are taken to the hospital with major injuries. the driver that hit them is cooperating with the investigation. >> a two-year old boy is still in critical condition this morning after a shooting that some say may have prompted his father to try and assassinate police officers. adam powell is accused of
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ambushing officers at starbucks on sunday pointing an assault rifle at them but it malfunctioned heat ran off and the officers fired hitting him several types, hours after his 2-year-old son was accidentally shot at their home. investigators say details are "suspicious." >> relatives wonder if it affected his state of mind. >> he is a really good man. i don't know what would have gone through his mine at this moment but he is a good man, he was probably distraught. >> his son is expected to survive. powell is in critical condition himself. police have identified him as a convicted felon with robbery and drug-related offenses. san francisco police are planning a townhall meeting on thursday to update the public on the officer involved shooting that last a man dead and a young officer partly pair layed. this hand on friday night near lakeshore plaza as officers
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responded to a call of a man threatening shoppers. police say the suspect, 26-year-old, fired at pass hit the officer kevin downs in the head. downs now is recovering in the hospital. mcwhorter was shot and died on sunday. more details will be offered at townhall on thursday night at the scottish rite center starting at 6:00 p.m. >> new details of two sexual assaults involving female students at uc berkeley. both students say they were sexual assaulted over the weekend at off campus fraternities. according to the community website, the first incident happened on friday at a social event near piedmont avenue and bancroft. the second happened at a fraternity, the student said she knew her attacker. police have not revealed the incidented could be connected. >> another student athlete and a case of violence against women and the same judge. >> this morning critics of the
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judge in brock turner case say he has handed out another lenient punishment. matt keller is at palo alto with the details. >> the question is, is this a political move or is this another defendant getting a break on a sentence because he is a college agent fleet that is the question debated inside this palo alto courthouse. shear video of the 20-year old smith walking into the courthouse this morning for probation violation inquiry, a sophmore football player at college of san mateo and agreed to a deal for domestic abuse against his girlfriend and required to send prevention violence class force a year and 28 daze of community service. the case now is more of judge persky criticized for a lenient sentence for brock turner. stanford law professor is behind the recall effort for judge persky and pointed to smith as another example of a college athlete getting a lenient sentence in a case involving violence against a woman and not held accountable when he
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violates probation requirement. he had an unexcused absence for missing a required weekend programs, according to the probation department he said it was because his football team's bus home was late after a friday night game and the probation department said he is attempting to be responsible and follow court orders. i got breaking news, a man was inside the courtroom, and our reporter said that smith was ordered by the judge for do eight weekends in jail going in december so the judge and violating his probation and he must serve eight weekends in jail. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, matt. san francisco supervisors want to cut ties with wells fargo. they want to punish the bang for creating millions of phony accounts. supervisors in san francisco hold a news conference this morning. they are introducing legislation that would cut the city and the county from the san francisco-based bank. this is less than a week after chairman and c.e.o. john stumpf resigned. the state of california has already suspended business with
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the bank for a year. >> a big settlement could come shortly in the volkswagen emissions scandal. a liberals judge in san francisco is set to hear from volkswagen owners opposed to a $10 billion settlement. the judge is going to determine if the deal is "fair," to consumers. some say they should receive the full purchase price of their vehicles. a proposal decision was hand down over the summer, under today's decision, the german carmaker would spend a large sum of machine buying back cars and fixing them. there is research money set aside to reduce emissions. >> new your voice and your vote, we are a day away from the final presidential debate, this morning, hundreds of protesters swarmed the trump international hotel and tower in chicago, part of a nationwide rally against trump over lewd comments and his treatment of women. a handful of trump supporters showed up saying that trump is the right candidate for president. our reporter has the latest on the race for the white house.
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karen? >> three weeks until election day, and donald trump stirs up doubts about integrity at polls. >> 1.8 million deceased individuals, right now, are listed as voters. >> trump's wife, melania trump, speaking out to cnn on the comments in the 2005 video. >> is that a sexual assault? >> no, that is not sexual assault he does not say he did it. they were kind of a boy talk. and he was led on, egged on, from the host, to say dirty and bad stuff. >> hillary clinton spending another day preparing for the debate tomorrow, her campaign is dealing with what republicans are calling a bombshell. in newly released notes from f.b.i. interviews on clinton's private server, an f.b.i. staffer accuses a top state department official of pressuring the bureau to
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declassify an e-mail found on the server. the staffer telling investigators the request amounted to a "quid pro quo," adding in exchange for marking e-mail "unclassified," state would recipient by allow the f.b.i. to place more agents in countries where they are rently forbidden. the f.b.i. and state department said the deal never happened. there was no quid pro quo and the mail in question remains classified, still there is a dispute of who said what and the f.b.i. shows it is their official who raised the idea about more agents in iraq. >> the final presidential debate airs tomorrow night right here on abc7. it will be live from the university of nevada, las vegas, starting here at 6:00 p.m. >> a temper tantrum on a dennis court towns into a lesson seen around the world and how the pro athlete's meltdown could be a
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teaching moment for your kids. >> your chance to help victims of hurricane matthew by filling this truck with food. you can join the effort later on abc7. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. it was chilly this morning, 40s and a few 50s, we are rebounding but not quite back to average, a few degrees of where we should be. i will talk how much warmer it will be, some 80s for some of us and i
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>> the city of vallejo is asking residents do boil their water until further notice. city officials want neighbors to boil tap water for drinking and preparing food and brushing their teeth, either that or use bottled water. yesterday, crews noticed a split in the distribution pipeline leaving the green valley treatment plan and are installing a replacement section. the advisory is a precaution until they get results from water quality testing. >> a well-known professional tennis player and a rise star is getting a major punishment for the bad altitude on the court. jessica castro is leader to explain. percent can? >> unsportsman like, the player was suspended for the season in an example to other athletes, and parents, perhaps a good teaching moment for your rising tennis star. >> australian tennis pro, totally gave up at the shanghai
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masters last week, showing little to no effort, losing straight sets, three, six, one, six. some cannot even watch? >> the first reaction is disdain but you take a step back, you have to realize this really in a last ways was a cry for help. >> he not only barely tapped the runs over the net but he yield at people in the stands and the chair umpire. now, he has suspended for eight weeks. >> the tour did the right thing, he could be a grand slam champion. >> they decided they would reduce the suspension in the tennis star see as sports psychologist and could still give him a chance to start next year at the australian open. he was also fined yesterday an extra $25,000 for conduct detrimental to the game. >> he needs to understand that there are consequences for his
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actions but he needs to understand we need to understand, in the tennis world this guy needs help. >> it is not surprising for kids to throw a temper tantrum but rarely do we see a professional athlete do this. he is ranked 14 in the worm, and he has apologized to fans. >> thank you, helping hurricane victims with truckloads of food and how you can join the tonight get back in full swing on the east coast. >> a look right now from our emeryville camera and across the bay at san francisco and, also, beyond. can you check out how it will take a little while to get the sun. sun. meteorologist mike nicco is life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61.
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sun. meteorologist mike nicco is
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>> right now, police are revealing more information of a homicide they say stemmed from a fight over wooden pallets. >> police are going a news conference to reveal more about the victim. the best chief, interim chief is speaking. >> in hayward on thursday afternoon, at 2:00 p.m., he appeared for arraignment. detectives are would be with the district attorney's office, discussing the evidence and discussing witness statements that were obligated yesterday in preparation for presenting this case to the district attorney for final review and criminal charging. >> that is the news conference being held right now. he is talking about the criminal process and the justice process for the suspect, 27-year-old kadeem edwards surrounded by
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officers yesterday taken into custody. >> there was an argument, and the victim works at true world foods in san leandro and apparently the suspect was trying to steal the wooden pallets from the distribution officer and the victim was trying to stop him. we understand that is when somehow the suspect ended up running over the victim. what we do not know is the victim's information and we expect that will come out of the news conference so if it does the next few minutes we will gather that and have it on our website and later newscast. >> the accweather forecast with machine. i can see temperatures in the 20 we will continue to see them possible make some snow overnight as we get closer to the november and maybe it is premature the november onings. look how calm the bay water is this morning. the winds right now at angel island are nearly calm at two to
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five miles per hour from the north. it is calm. at land, they pick up, at 10 miles per hour in san jose and livermore but they will not get faster, look at golden gate bridge our winds are telling the story: barely moving. a great day to walk across the golden gate bridge and not have for worry about getting blown over. it will be dry, tranquil and sunny, and fog forming tonight, and the next few days it will be above average. today the temperatures stop short a little bit, mid-to-upper 60s at half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and vallejo. beautiful picture the east bay hills showing how clear the area is as we head into the afternoon, we will hold on to the 60 at the coast and dip into the 50s by 7:00. we will stay in the upper 60s to 70s by 5:00 at bay and fall into the low 60s by 7:00, and 50 by 9:00, so a quick cooling and same inland at 70s through 5:00, and mid-60s at 7:00, and dress for temperatures in the upper 50s, in the kids have
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sports or activities outdoors, have the coat handy. 44 in santa rosa and that is the cool spot, a lot of 40s inland, concord and livermore and palo alto gets the cold air drainage out and we are in the 50s. i program the next chan of rain, again, this is a chance of rain. it is more than a week ahead. it is wednesday. next wednesday at 7:00 in the morning you can see it is a very healthy looking chance right new. of course, with it being eight days away, it can change and i have the right to -- i reserve the right to change the forecast. you will tune in each day because it will be gorgeous the next couple of days, 60s at the coast and 70 on thursday, and 80s around the bay and inland and our warmest day and then the temperatures will slide with more clouds dimming the sunshine and bringing more cooling and it will feel like fall but not a private last weekend. >> that is all i need the you do not need to reserve your right to change as long as it is decent we are good. >> i like that. >> a everyone is happy.
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>> this morning we are talking about hurricane matthew and an of the underway to help those impacted by the storm. >> we are teaming up with the other abc stations across the country to try and raise aware di, raise food and money for victims of the storm. it hit more an weekend ago and damage is expected to reach into the billions of dollars, thousands are still without power and a lot of people did not have a roof. here is a look outside our sister station in raleigh, north carolina. they kicked off a continue hour food drive and can you see the truck that was empty and now they are almost full. >> yes, and they are trying to fill the truck. i am sure they canbly another -- they can bring another truck because there are so many donations but if you want to make a donation though every dollar accounts. the information right this on our home page. >> if you have f like the home world is more skinny than you and more popular than you and
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more well rested we could have the show for you. >> mama cat said, where's patches? daddy hears voices. >> dad sleeps at night. >> tonight in "american housewife," all she wants is a nap. everyone in her life is preventing that nap in successively more annoying ways so i talked to the actress who plays housewife, katie mixon. it was her playerous because everyone can understand not being perfect. >> that is what i have been telling everyone, it does not matter your gender, where you come from, everyone has their west point, cut, and it about meeting yourself, celebrating yourself, walk into the fire and coe out on the other end. >> she is from pensacola, florida, and watch her play the american housewife right hire on abc7 and it is at 8:30. funny show. >> when i don't get my nap,
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grrr. >> i am waiting for mine. >> airline passengers are falling in love. with a duck. >> i will show you with this
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>> coming up at 4:00, the black
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panthers 5,years later and hear from the man who started the movement right here in the bay area. iphone 7 vs. samsung galaxy note 7 and how the two phones compare and which one, experts think, you should buy. >> the next store has gotten so much tax on social media, it has to do with a therapy dog and this is a real thing, a therapy duck, on a plane with small red shoes. this is "daniel." an emotional support dog a big hit during a flight from milwaukee. passengers posted video and picture on social media and his owner suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and relied on her companion to keep her calm during the flight. >> that duck does wear a diaper. >> and it
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>> welcome to "millionaire" from our new home here at bally's las vegas. i'm so glad you've joined us, because all this week, we've got some of the hottest stars from the strip stopping by to play for some great charities. it's celebrity week las vegas here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys are here for a great week. it's celebrity week las vegas on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] and today's returning celebrity contestant, she is an emmy award-winning chef, author, and owner of giada, one of the best new restaurants in las vegas. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back giada de laurentiis. [cheers and applause] hello, love. muah. [dramatic music] ♪ >> whew.


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