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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. traffic has been a mess this afternoon in san francisco. part of interstate 80 was closed off and on because of an unusual bomb scare that lasted about three hours. this is our live look from sky 7 over the scene right now where, well, traffic is moving somewhat. >> sort of. >> at this point, it's very, very slow right now. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. the problems began this morning. officers responded to a parking lot near 7th and harrison underneath interstate 80 looking at the possibility of a bomb in a car. >> take a look at video of the
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scene as officers sent in the robot to get a closer look at what was in that vehicle. we have team coverage on the story. melody woodruf spoke with the drivers but first let's go to vic lee. >> reporter: all of the streets are opened here but for about three hours, as you said, a lot of streets were closed. a lot of people told to shelter in place or to evacuate. now, it was a big operation here because of what is here. there's a jail right to my left. around the corner, there's the hall of justice and the courts. now, a lot of people were displaced but as the adage goes, it's better to be safe than sorry. employees of auto return the tow yard that you would go, a white
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car had been towed to the yard and on it was a note saying there was a bomb or some kind of incendiary material inside. chp and police closed down bryant between 6th and 8th streets. the hall of justice and county jail were shut down. people inside told to shelter in place. tempers flared. >> people got very, very angry. i'm like, you can't get angry. it's not going to help. >> reporter: as you can see through sky 7, some were evacuated through the back hall. >> we were supposed to get back to our offices. >> it's kind of scary because i don't know where the bomb is. >> reporter: meantime, traffic came to a halt as police blocked more streets. at one point, the chp shut down the 8th street onramp. the chp set up traffic controls
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allowing cars to pass every 15 minutes. shawn whily was trying to pick up his towed car. >> there was a bomb evacuation and i'm here for the long haul. >> reporter: a police robot searched the suspicious vehicle opening the trunk at one point but found nothing. by midday, police opened up the streets again and the highway. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> it was completely clear of cars for drivers in other areas, though, it was a huge mess as traffic backed up during the on and off closures. abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow spoke with drivers. >> reporter: you heard vic lee talking about the road closures.
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prior to that, what a mess. we have video from sky 7. there was a backup but not on the highway. you're looking at the stretches of highway from sky 7 while the closures were still in effect. we were over at 4th and harrison where we heard drivers honking, some very frustrated, others taking it in stride. we met quite a bit of people who didn't mind the backup. many taking ride share services. >> i'm sure this is going to be a huge issue for everything going to the area. this is not backed up here. >> i'm going to work on my laptop and get work done and let them know i'm going to be late to the meeting. >> and walking was an option for some people who were maybe coming back from a late lunch or on their way to another meeting as highways were reopened before rush shower traffic.
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there may be some residual effect but hopefully nothing making the rush hour commute any worse than normal. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> let's take a look at the drive time traffic. you can still see lots of red and yellow, especially in the bridge area. it is a tough go for drivers this afternoon. let's take another live look from sky 7. you can see it is moving now. better than earlier but, man, for hours it was quite the traffic trouble for a lot of people out there. we did send outbreaking news alerts about the bomb threat on our app. be the first to know when breaking news happens. enable push alerts to get the breaking news and all of the updates as it happens. >> we've learned the identity of the police officer arrested on criminal charges. the department says officer ryan walterhouse engaged in prostitution and then conspired to obstruct justice. he was arrested late yesterday,
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posted bail early this morning. the arrest, however, is not related to the sexual misconduct case involving dozens of bay area officers and a woman named celeste. the police department said, "we hold all of our employees to high level of ethical and professional accountability and will not tolerate criminal behavior." family and friends gathered to remember an 88-year-old woman who died during a home invasion robbery. she was attacked in her home and died a month later. hundreds filed in to the church to pay their final respects to a woman they called miss flo. she's being remembered as a kind and gentle woman. the suspect is in custody. a new arrest in tuesday's gang-related shooting. there have been two arrests in this case. vic lee sent out a tweet about the arrests this afternoon. one team was taken into custody on the night of the shooting.
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the other was arrested today in fairfield. the last victim in the shooting has been released from the hospital. the 15-year-old girl was one of four students hurt. they were taking part in a peace rally scheduled for 5:00 p.m. today being held at 6th and minna streets in response to shootings south of market in the last two weeks. speaking of the midweek warmup, we have sunny skies across the bay area. it's pretty mild. check out the 24-hour temperature change. it's five degrees warmer right now. 80 degrees warmer in napa. 6 in santa rosa. so let's look at current readings. blue skies over the bay, as you can see from the rooftop camera, it's currently 69 in san francisco and 75 in oakland. 80 in mountain view and 64 at half moon bay. the coast is clear. it's 85 degrees right now in
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santa rosa. 84 in napa. novato, 81. fairfield and concord, 82. 81 in livermore. 10:00 p.m., temperatures will be mainly in the low to mid-60s. notice the coastal fog trying to make a return. it will spill out locally out over the bay. just before sunrise, temperatures in the mid-50s. how high will they rise in the afternoon? i'll have the accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. a driver was safely pulled from this nasty looking accident overnight in san jose. this was the scene after a teenage driver plowed into a power pole splitting that suv in half. it took three hours to get him out. the driver's injuries are not life threatening. a dangerous fire for crews in san francisco battling not only flames but also a powerful gas leak.
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>> reporter: the fire was huge and could be seen from several blocks away. that caused confusion for firefighters as they tried to find it. they were given three different locations from callers to 911. but once they found it at market in san francisco's castro district, they knew it was a big one and called for a fourth alarm. one of the major problems greeted them at the front door. >> the gas line was ruptured right where we enter into the building, the front door there. and there was a lot of fire throughout the building at that point. and so they had trouble magikin entry into the building. >> just when they thought it was dying down, this gas-fed fire kept roaring. >> i went up to my rooftop and then i saw this huge fire coming from the sky. i watched another ten minutes, whenever i thought the flames had gone out, and then it got worse. the flames started getting really, really bad. >> reporter: five adults and two children had to run out of their
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burning homes this morning. a total of three homes were damaged. everyone made it out okay. the fire burned for a while. >> it billowed and flames went up very quickly. >> about 100 firefighters responded to this scene. five of them were hurt. >> there was one severe injury. one of our firefighters/paramedics was fighting fire and fell over and caught himself and broke his wrist pretty bad. the others were minor injuries. >> finding the fire's cause, they think it started in the garage but look at all of this burned debris they have to sift through to try to find out what started this fire. they say a lot of their evidence burned up. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. coming up, on the campaign trail, donald trump says he will accept the results of the election but there is a catch. plus, apple takes on amazon. what the cupertino-based company found when it bought its own products from amazon.
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putting earthquake preparedness to the test. how bay area schools are getting every student ready. and taking a live look at our traffic on the skyway after the bomb threat earlier, it's moving but it's very slow. on the left-hand side, that's the traffic approaching the bay bridge. looking better on the right side
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california's health care workers are getting new protections from violence in the workplace. it requires hospitals and health care facilities to develop violence prevention programs which may include increased staffing, video surveillance and panic alarms for workers. >> nurses face all kinds of violence on the job and that consists of verbal assault, hitting. >> cal osha unanimously approved
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the measure. more than half of the incidents of workplace violence took place in the health care industry. apple claims 90% of the products labeled as genuine sold on amazon are counterfeit. the product with imprinted apple products really at danger of electrical shock and fires. amazon identified mobile star as the source. amazon isn't named in the suit. earlier this week, we marked the 27th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake that did so much damage to the bay area. >> californians try to make sure they are ready for the next big quake. >> kristen sze has more. kristen? >> at 10:20 this morning, an estimated 20 million of us took part in the california shakeout.
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drop, cover and hold on. that's the drill. maybe you did it at work or your kids did it at school. they did it at the special education school in san jose. >> attention, staff, please duck and cover. duck, cover and hold. >> reporter: the staff here says organization and practice is key getting all of the children in wheelchairs out of the building quickly and safely for anyone who doubts the power of california's quakes, this shake van is a good example. >> especially when you're looking at an earthquake, it's a no notice event. whatever you've done to prepare yourself before that time happens is what you're going to have. >> reporter: san francisco city hall took part in the shakeout which included this bride and groom whose ceremony was a little more exciting. here are a couple fremont
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students taking part. if you missed it, don't worry. abc 7 news has you covered. larry, do you want to tell them how? >> find guidelines for stocking your emergency kit. go to it's the start of the $2.5 billion project to replace terminal one at the airport. some facilities and areas will be closed possibly resulting in inconvenience or congestion. a special heads-up to southwest airlines passengers as ticket counters are being move closed to delta and frontier. metlife is giving snoopy the good-bye. they will no longer use the peanut's character as part of their campaign.
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analysts say metlife needs to reach consumers is going to shrink because it's cutting most of the life insurance business to focus on corporate insurance instead. bye-bye, snoopy. >> i've just been snooping around here looking at weather maps. >> that's good. i can tell you what is coming our way at the end of the week. mainly sunny skies. we have a warm day with high temperatures well above average in most locations. this is the view from our east bay hills camera looking westward across san francisco and you can see high temperatures so far in various bay area locations and the average temperature for this date in those spots and notice the temperature change, 8 degrees warmer here in san francisco today than average, five degrees warmer in redwood city and eight degrees warmer in san jose. that's a pretty significant warmup. 77 in san francisco. 75 across the bay in oakland. 88 in novato. 82 down in san jose and upper
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70s and low 80s all around the bay. so it's still mindld. here's a look at blue skies over the golden gate. temperatures will taper off. tomorrow, it will be cloudier and cooler. there's a chance of showers earlier this week. let's take a look at overnight conditions. it will be mainly clear and a return of a few patches of coastal fog. overnight lows drop into the upper 40s in the north bay valleys. low to mid-50s are the lows in other locations. tomorrow's highs, 66 at half moon bay. 72 in oakland and 78 in concord. 78 down in san jose. 79 at santa rosa. looking far into the future, saturday it will feel like fall with a range of temperatures from low 60s at the coast. mid mid-70s inland. a similar range of highs on sunday and perhaps a bit cooler in some spots. high temperatures will be below
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average on sunday. and then looking ahead a bit more, rainfall is moving in our direction. 5:00 p.m. sunday, light rain well to our north which works its way into the northern part of our viewing area by 5:00 p.m. on monday but probably not farther south than cloverdale. however, monday afternoon into tuesday, we have a more widespread area of rain in the north bay and golden gate and over to the east bay as well and it tapers off later in the morning hours. south bay will probably be dry. it doesn't look like it's going to get rain from this system. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. it will feel like fall as clouds increase and temperatures drop a bit. clouds continue to increase on sunday. there's a chance of light showers late monday into tuesday as we have that unsettled pattern. at the moment, it's not looking like a significant rainstorm. we'll keep track. >> thank you, spencer.
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that strange sound led to an even stranger rescue, a dog lost for ten years was finally found. let's take a live look at the afternoon commute at 4:21 on this thursday afternoon. this is 101 in san jose. southbound is all backed up. northbound is looking good as is 880 over the
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alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a highway patrol trooper rescued a bald eagle. the florida officer picked up the eagle after it was struggling on the side of the road. he put it in his patrol car and took it to get help. the eagle is recovering at a center for birds of prey. big bird. >> glad he's safe. >> yeah. from little dog lost to a little dog found. look how cute he is. he was lost, though, for ten years. it took a good samaritan in san francisco to help the pup named mishu find her way back home. cornell bernard has our story. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: erica didn't know she was about to make a really big animal rescue on tuesday. she was out with her own dog walking when she heard something strange. >> i could hear animal-like sounds from the hillside. >> reporter: erica recorded the sound on her phone. an animal in distress.
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>> other people were in the area and they were waving, is this your dog? >> reporter: that's when she saw the 12-year-old dog stuck on the side of the steep hill. no luck finding the owner so erica took her to san francisco animal control and care where she got a huge shock. the dog named mishu had been missing for ten years. >> i was blown away. and i thought, the only way they knew that it was her is the microchip. >> it revealed her long backstory. turns out, her owners are traveling out of the country. they got the news and were thrilled. >> a friend of the family now has the dog and hopefully they will get reunited soon. >> so much time, yeah. i hope they enjoy saying hello to each other again. >> reporter: ironically, erica is a dog trainer and now a dog rescuer. cornell bernard, abc 7 news.
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baby toads born at the oakland zoo are headed to puerto rico. coopers bagged and netted and counted these guys. the nearly 4100 tadpoles were thought to be extinct until biologists found a few in 1994. they became the basis of a breeding program to help revitalize the species. coming up at 4:00, a big decision on the campaign trail. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election. however, that statement came with a major caveat. plus, the president of the philippines is calling out the % united states again. why he says he's pulling away and what when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force.
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we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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traffic is moving again near the hall of justice in san francisco after a bomb threat caused gridlock for three hours. sky 7 shows both streets and freeways were shut down. look at that. police used a remote control robot to inspect a suspicious car that had been towed. vic lee has been at the scene
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all day. he tweeted, "this was all caused by a note attached to the car saying a bomb was inside." police didn't find anything in the car. coming up at 5:00, elissa harrington tweeted a picture of this officer arrested in a prostitution case. one day after the presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton, ivanka trump spoke on behalf of her father to voters in wisconsin. first lady michelle obama was at a rally in arizona. new developments now just 18 days from the election. >> 18 days, ama. good afternoon. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today but she got a boost from president obama, vice president biden and the first lady. they also blasted donald trump for his comments at last night's
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debate about how he will or will not accept the election results. the president said this is not something to joke about. donald trump said today he had a big announcement but it came with a big caveat. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> the republican nominee, seeming to lay the groundwork for a court fight. >> of course, i'll accept a clear election result but i will also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result. >> reporter: the debate was trump's last big opportunity to take back control of the race. instead, the headlines focusing on what trump will do on november 9th. hillary clinton and democrats pounced. >> he is denigrating, he's talking down our democracy and
4:32 pm
i, for one, am appalled. >> this is so fundamental. what an indictment of who we are. >> reporter: even some republicans chastising trump, including john mccain, who said that conceding an election is an act of respect for the american people. it's the american way. the third and final debate featured more personal attacks. >> from everything i see has no respect for this person. >> that's because he'd rather have a puppet. >> no puppet. you're the puppet. >> reporter: today in new york, another woman coming forward with her lawyer gloria allred accusing trump of aggressive and sexually inappropriate behavior. trump denies the allegation. and after last night's nastiness, hillary clinton and donald trump will actually be sharing the same stage tonight seated just a couple feet away from each other at a white tie
4:33 pm
fund-raiser in new york city. ama, they are both going to deliver remarks and are expected to poke fun at themselves but seems hard to resist poking fun at each other. >> president obama, vice president biden, first lady all on the campaign trail for clinton today. she does have a deep bench of people campaigning for her. donald trump, what does he have? does he have the same? >> he doesn't have much, ama. we went back and looked at the numbers. since august 1st, hillary clinton's surrogates, and she's got a very deep bench, they've had over 100 campaign events for her. donald trump, he just has his daughter ivanka and the clinton campaign says that's enabled them to fund raise and prep for the debates while they don't need to be out there every single day. today, ivanka trump was campaigning for her dad and she said sometimes he's not always politically correct but that's what they love about him. ama? >> karen travers, thank you. monday is the last day to
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register to vote. click the icon for your voice, your vote and then enter your address and it will show you the ballot. that's at and on the abc 7 news app. in the northeast philippines in the wake of typhoon haima, there is a view of a massive storm before it made landfall yesterday. this is the second typhoon to hit the philippines in the last week lashing with raging winds of almost 140 miles per hour. reports say as many as 15,000 people crowded into evacuation centers as that storm swept across the chain of islands in the northern part of the country. the assault on isis is moving more quickly than expected. that's according to iraqi
4:35 pm
officials. the u.s. military officials warn it's a dangerous and tough fight that could last for months. elizabeth herr has the latest. >> reporter: the fight against isis forging ahead with kurdish and iraqi special forces moving from village to village toward mosul. and isis fighting back, scorching oil fields to try to slow the troops from advancing. on the ground embedded with the iraqi army -- >> this is almost an apocalyptic scene. the sky has turned completely black because all across this battlefield, like right there, isis has been setting fire to oil wells for cover. >> reporter: the fighting now just within miles from the embattled city and families continue to flee. some carrying white flags, including this 16-year-old. who tells abc news that for two
4:36 pm
years isis would come to his house to kill him and he would hide to stay alive. families are now free of isis but knowing mosul is home to more than a million people, many still trying to escape, aid is a primary concern. >> it is completely safe, very risky, a very risky journey. they are faced with this impossible choice. either stay where they are or risk their lives going out. >> reporter: and with people racing to get out of mosul, we are told some isis militants have even been found in that line of refugees, some caught posing as women. abc news, new york. we have sports news this afternoon. the ncaa has charged a louisville basketball court with major rule violations connected to a scandal in which the university, an employee of the university provided players and recruits. he denies knowing about the actions of that former employer who was an assistant coach but
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the ncaa says his failure to monitor that employee was a potentially serious violation and could result in him being suspended. the coach addressed the allegations this morning. >> but to be perfectly honest, i'm not there from 10:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. i'm just not. i don't expect any coach to be there, assistant coach or not. i wish it would have been leaked out to me because it would have been stopped immediately. >> sanctions will be handed down during a hearing next spring. a viral sensation. a northern california girl who was made an overnight hero. and this sky is bright and colorful as we see from the east bay hills camera. forecast in a moment.
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well, check out this cool picture tweeted from the astronauts on the international space station. they are awaiting the arrival of two russians and an american set to dock tomorrow. if you're looking for something out of this world, we've got you covered. >> jessica castro of abc 7 mornings has some ideas for you. >> we all want our children to have a safe and beautiful place to play. this is the grant reopening of the charles drew bay area school
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yard. there's activities for the whole family. it's a vision of the san francisco shared school yard project. you're seeing images from past openings. check out one of san francisco's favorite free waterfront festivals. the street fare runs from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 in the evening. don't shy away from the mechanical bull. and we saved this event for last, dead last. celebrate at the mexican museum with the free family event sunday october 23rd from noon to 4:00. located at the ft. mason center. this year's event should be especially moving as they acknowledge the passing of the museum's founder peter rodriguez. but despite the theme, it is promised to be a fun and lively event, as always.
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for more information, check out our website, i'm jessica castro. have a great weekend. let's begin with live doppler 7 showing clear skies. sunny skies, as a matter of fact, at this hour. the winter outlook includes this. milder, perhaps warmer than average conditions this winter for san francisco bay area and for the remainder of northern california, warmer than average down in southern california. the warmer conditions are in the desert southwest. an equal chance for either above average or below average rainfall this winter. we'll flip a coin on that one. and these are some of the takeaways and la nina, it's considered a wildcard. there's no consensus of what effect it will have on the
4:43 pm
rainfall but if the strength determines -- if it's a strong one, it will provide some higher than average rainfall for us but no matter what kind of rainfall we get, the long-term drought is expected to continue. that's what we're trying to say here. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. look for a cool, fall-like weekend coming up with increasing clouds, chance of some showers early next week and then we'll have partly cloudy and seasonally cool days next week. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead, social media and sick days, the one thing more and more bosses are doing that could get you in trouble if you're not really sick. >> oh. >> you can use social media when you're sick. the big interest rate on store credit
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and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. when it comes to buying into a university, few students in the wester u.s. are more gung-ho than those at stanford. stanford ranks third in the west when it comes to student
4:47 pm
engagement. the survey mentioned things -- i hate being interrupted michael. interactions with faculty and other students, the effectiveness of teaching and whether students would recommend their school. byu tops the list of schools in the earn u.s. followed by cal poly, san luis obispo and then stanford. well, it's school picture time for lots of kids and one outfit has become an internet sensation. this 3-year-old from rockland chose to wear her supergirl outfit. she shared the spotlight with her sidekick, superman. she, too, loves helping people. >> she's adorable. >> yeah, she is. you might want to think twice next time you're shopping and the cashier offers you one of those store credit cards. >> michael finney is here but first a look at the ballot measures. >> this is an interesting one.
4:48 pm
prop 61 says pharmaceutical companies would have to sell drugs to california state department for a price that the administration gets. why? the v.a. has quite the deal. here to explain is professor of medicine and health policy at ucsf. >> the rules for va purchasing says you have to give us your lowest price that you offer to any other nonfederal purchaser. they can negotiate down from there, so they might be even lower than that but they can never be higher than that. >> those who back prop 61 say they want in on the deal. those opposed say it's unlikely that would ever happen even with the proposition of 61. we'll have another look right here at 6:00 p.m. do you have a store-branded credit card? a survey by says
4:49 pm
store-branded credit cards are among the most expensive. the average annual percentage rate is almost 24%. only half offer sign-up rewards for purchase discounts. the site which compares different credit cards says among the retailers with the highest annual percentage rate are big lots, zale's and staples which have an apr of 28 to 30%. hyundai is recalling sonatos because the sunroofs may come flying off in traffic. they are recalling 2015 and 2016 model years. the panoramic sunroof may depatdetach and careen into traffic. there's no reports of crashes or injuries. it will notify owners about getting a free repair. nothing you need to do. they'll get ahold of you most
4:50 pm
likely by a post card. >> there seem to be so many more recalls than we used to. >> a lot of it is, whenever you have a turnover in a ceo, they don't want to get stuck with the last guy's problems. that's part of the issues. also, they are very, very careful now. you put those two together because gm -- we've seen a lot. brand-new ceo. >> thank you, michael. picking up a penny off the ground could be worth the effort for the next few months. allied bank has placed 100 fake pennies each worth $1,000. they look similar but take a look. they feature the bank's logo. they have been placed in 11 cities in california only in los angeles and san diego. the money for the coins can be redeemed online until the end of the year. unless someone picks it up in los angeles and then drop it
4:51 pm
is -- >> in today's wellness report, an effective way to get your kids to eat veggies. and if you call in sick to work, you may want to stay away from social media. >> a new study says paying kids to eat vegetables really works. this new study found that short-term cash incentives yielded more healthful eating habits in the long term. consumption went up and the key finding was that two months after the incentives ended, many more students than before the program started were eating a fruit or vegetable at lunch. more than half of the adults with mental health problems are not getting the care they need, such as depression or anxiety. many of the people with mental illness don't have insurance. three sexually transmitted diseases have hit a high,
4:52 pm
chlamydia up 6% in a year. gone know rea and syphilis was up as well. a new career builder survey claims that a third of employers have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking social media. of those caught, 27% were fired. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. up next, more tension today in relations between the u.s. and philippines. what it means for people right here in the bay area. kristen has a look at what is coming up on >> the public has got to find these allegations very disturbing. their tough response coming up.
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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the president of the philippines has announced he's separating from the united states. he's separating economically and militarily with the u.s. wayne freedman is live. >> reporter: this is the philippines center on center street and in about an hour there will be a reception in honor of filipino-american history month. with what's going on overseas, those people will not have any shortage of items to talk about. for filipino-americans, there's a little slice of home >> i don't like him. >> reporter: the policies of filipino president rodrigo
4:57 pm
duterte is cause of strife. he's spoke out about president obama in the most nondiplomatic language. today he announced that the philippines will separate itself from the united states and instead go with china. america has lost, he said. >> i really don't understand why he's doing that. >> the filipino people. >> reporter: do you think the filipino people will support this? >> from the state department, puzzlement. >> it's not just the united states who is baffled by this rhetoric. we have heard from many of our friends and partners in the region who are like wise confused about where this is going. >> reporter: another small step, but to where, we don't know. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. that will do
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a new sex scandal rocks the oakland police department and now officers have to arrest one of their own. is the manhunt now over after a school shooting. and what brought cars to a standstill in san francisco. san jose getting tough on gun owners. the new move for a first of its kind in a big city. i hope you've been enjoying the warmth and sunshine. it's go going to look and feel different this weekend. details, coming up. >> it is completely outrageous. >> this does not define our organization. >> that is oakland's mayor along with the deputy police chief talking about a new scandal to hit the police department in
5:00 pm
oakland. >> an officer has been criminally charged for paying a prostitute for sex and then tipping her off to police activity. city officials are serious over the alleged actions by officer ryan walterhouse. elissa harrington just received court papers. >> reporter: the 26-year-old posted bail and is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. according to the complain, he paid for sex and shared confidential information with officer ryan walterhouse was arrested when he showed up for work last night at the oakland police department. one of his fellow officers reported him for misconduct with a prostitute. >> the conduct that we investigated both involved on-duty and off-duty conduct. >> reporter: according to prosecutors, this behavior started recently. october 1st, walterhouse allegedly had sex with a prostitute in a hotel in castro


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