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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> now, breaking news. >> from oakland this morning, can you see it there a massive sinkhole caused by a water main break that is shutting down streets and making a mess right now. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. sky 7 over montana street in diamond avenue where the water main break busted up a sidewalk and is soaking the streets. amy hollyfield is looking at the problem that it is causing in the area. amy? >> kristen i am standing next to the sinkhole it create asked i want to show you that first. the water has stopped flowing and this is the damage left behind. we are at montana and adele in oakland's diamond district. look at muddy mess going up to the doorsteps of some of the
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homes here. no flooding right now, but, still, a mess and we have cell phone video of the water flowing on this street and you have to look at this video, residents say it was like a river, they say it looked like it was 3 felt foot deep. antibay mud said a 16" water main ruptured. they get a call at 8:00 this morning. residents wait add long time for help to get here and said it was frustrate asking scary. we called 9-1-1 three times and it took half an hour to arrive. east bay mud was here and they were putting up traffic cones and at one point the firefighter and my partner and i were standing on the road in submerged ruptured and we fell in, and the other firefighters had to run over and pull us out of the water. >> they got here when we could, it takes time, because oakland has a lost remark and we do not have licensed sirens and we respond as quickly as we could and will not leave until the pipe is prepared, the street is
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reconcreted and everything is cleaned up and everyone has water. look at view from sky 7 of stranded residents. it impacted the neighborhood but, also, the freeway. they had to shut down the on-ramp to westbound 580. they have turned the water off. we do not see more flooding it is impacting 12 customers including two apartment buildings and i have just been told by east bay mud this is a cast iron water main built in 1931, almost 100 queers old, very old, can residents say it has happened in the neighborhood before. they are frustrated by that. east by mud is trying to repair replace the old pipelines but it takes time and they have 4,200 miles to be study asking trying to replace. they think they will be out here all day long with no word on when the customs get their water back.
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we have new details on a murder case that gripped the bay area early this year. a bring bain woman found dismembered near the dumb dumb pier and her husband committed suicide shortly after. police are saying they believe he killed her and acted alone. jessica castro is joining us with the developments. >> police think this is the final report a murder sued side. paul titchener killed his wife on the night of february 12 and later killed himself. here are the new detail of the case, february 12, the couple had a five minute conversation during which shelly threatened do kill her husband. police say she was drunk. shelly was at a friend's home and the phone was about to die. paul told her he would bring her a cell phone charger the last piece of evidence of her being alived. she was report missing two days later. that time, paul formulate add plan to commit suicide and transferring money his son's
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accounts but paul changed his mind, withdrew the cash and she was already dead. parts of her body were later found dismembered near the pier and the police identified her remains, paul followed through with his original plans to commit suicide. this is a rather complex case but police in their final report say they do not think it was a premeditated murder, but, instead, they think that strain on the relationship, her abusive behavior due to alcoholism, eventually led paul tocy his wife. so, kristen, and reggie, out of remorse or fear of being identified as the killer, he then jumped off the bay bridge. a very sad update. >> thank you for the information. >> new this morning, mountain view police have arrested someone for stabbing a teenage boy at a park three months ago. the 19-year-old daniel martinez was booked on attempted murder
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and violating parole. the stabbing was gang-related stabbing over the fourth of july. the victim was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for the injuries. an oakland police officer scheduled to be arraigned at the hayward hall of justice and the officer is accused afterring a prostitute for sex and tipping her off. he faces two counts of conspiracy and misdemeanor of engaging in prostitution. wall december house has been with the case since 2014 but it is not related to the sex scandal involving several agencies. >> from cupertino police are searching for a man who was posing as an undercover police officer trying to lure a woman in his car. the police at a college say it happened in parking lot "a" on wednesday night. police say the man told the female student she should not
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walk alone and she needed to get into the car or she would be ticketed. she got to her own car when another car drove between them. >> no more parties at uc berkeley for now. this is in light of recent reports of sexual assault, two women claiming they are attacked this weekend at off campus frat houses. police have not made any arrests. the university fraternity council has decided to voluntarily suspend all social events while they reevaluate the risks. >> wells fargo's fake account scandal could cause the bank to close hundreds of locations. the bank has not announced any wide scale branch closures but it could force them to close some branches. an analyst told cnn wells fargo my have to close a sixth of the 6 the branches to may for mounting legal fees. they are under investigation for allegedly pressuring employees to sign up nearly two million
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customs for programs without their knowledge. >> if you are headed to sfo this morning or any time soon, there are big changes going on at terminal one, part after $2.5 billion rennovation. the southwest ticket counter is in longer where it used to be and not everyone is aware of the changes. this morning, we watched as people got dropped off at the old southwest terminal and, guess what? you have to walk a quarter-mile to get to the new counter. >> it is a very big deal and i am walking with all of this luggage down a couple more steps so, i did not know they changed the location. >> changes will be coming to a portion of the roads and curb side near the terminal. for arrivals, constructions starts today and next friday they will make changes to the departure area. sfo official say the renovation is fully completed by 2024. there is more information on this on our website. expect to see something
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different on the bay bridge tomorrow there will be exits to exercise and leave yerba buena island. under armour unveiled the latest shoe in the steph curry and after the break when they go on sale and how much they will set you back. >> at the inning ceremony for the titans and mavericks kicks off and the historic change surfing fans can expect. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the first sign of changes are on the way, check out this picture from the golden gate bridge, a light one at seven miles per hour and look what it will do to the temperatures, four to 11 degrees cooler and more cooling for the weekend and an update on rain coming
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>> excitement this only for the titans and maverick competition the best big wave surfers about to paddle off off the coast half moon bay for opening day ceremony. matt keller is on the coast with what is happening. there are new features this year, matt? >> yes, women are now titans of
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move ribs, as well. i am at the old landing, a bar where surf errors check in before they head out for the opening ceremony. in fact, many of them leave their surf boards up above and when they come back to town they grab 'em and head to the water. >> it is a big day for surf legend and mavericks founder jeff clark. the traditional opening ceremony for titans of mavericks is held today. this video is from 2012. the big wave surf community paddles at the beep of moveries and circles to celebrate the season. >> titans kick off today and lit her rip. mother nature, bring it. >> they have named 22 of the 24 competitors. two wild card positions are open. for the first time in mavericks history a woman's heat, six female surfers surf for an hour for $30,000 prize named on november 1. >> we are all 41s in the lineup.
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either here at mavericks or at other places around the world. they are stoked. i'm stoked to be able to give them a place where they can put it on the line and show the world what they have. >> surfers find out which heat they are in at the opening ceremony party and the window opens on november 1st and the surfers get call the waves are big and have 48 hours to get here. thank you. it was time for a makeover, the shoes that steph curry will soon be rockin', and you could, too, with the new shoes this morning calls dubs nation heritage, rocking the blue and gold and on sale on tuesday. how much, right? $140. they are arguably a big improvement from the curry two shoes that came out this summer which were roasted online.
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>> he went in a different direction. >> i am sure there will be more colors. >> no plans for the weekend? no problem, coming up, hot ideas for you and your family. >> horrific case of deja vu, the second great shark white attack caught on camera off the coast of mexico. >> a gorgeous day, is it me or extra beautiful? the contrast of the sky and the fog. >> that is what is doing it. >> meteorologist mike nicco is coming up
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>> this is crazy because it happened again. a shark broke through a shark cage. it is caught on camera. again. >> whoa. millions saw the video of a scary great white encounter off the mexico coast. we showed it here with the diver escaping with his life. >> then it happened yesterday. at the same location. this time we get a view inside the cage. this happened deeper in the water. the shark breached the cage. gets stuck. and swims out. several divers were trapped inside dug all of this. one said it was the most frightening things that ever hand. that is a quote i don't understand. "one," of the most frightening things that ever happen? if in are more frightening things that happened, we need to talk. all the diver will go right back out this... >> it is a different breed, right, mike? >> sounds like fun. >> mike nicco, stop this! i will leave the set right now. >> i'm the guy that hated to go
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in the deep end after "jaws." >> they need a different cage. >> now, what happened this morning? you may have noticed the the cost the temperatures drop from the 70s to the 60s but mostly sunny, not quite so warm and below average through the weekend and the chances, more than one chance of rain, next week, tracking two separate storms. you can see the winds blowing off the water and i cut the temperatures down compared to yesterday and look at the coast. you have cloud cover that will be stubborn for the better part of today. mid-60s at half moon bay and san francisco is 68 and richmond is 72 and mid-70's for the bay and nearly 80 in san jose, and 80 from santa rosa to 79 and cloverdale is 80 and antioch at 80. you can see the cloud deck out
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there, off the coast, beautiful picture of san francisco, sutro tower, and if you are planning the afternoon into the evening, it will stay mainly in the 60s and drop into the 50s at the coast and we will be in the 70s elsewhere until we get to 7:00 in the 60s, and, 50s and 60s so you need a light jacket and no need to worry about wet weather. at the cal game, one loss, one loss, and one loss. three and they. 7th game so they should win against the ducks. guess who is going to the game! >> let's go! >> an important alumni at desk. 59 by the end of the game. i know you will have your family dressed well for that, kristen. upper 40s to mid-50s tonight with patchy fog and up to lake tahoe we are in the 60s all weekend. quickly, the negligence -- next storm in the north bay in the afternoon and could slide to the south overnight and retreat quickly back to the north bay on
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tuesday afternoon and because it is a north bay storm i have not put a storm track on it but you can get a third to half an inch in the north bay and just sprinkles and a better chance with a storm on thursday and friday. the temperatures wherein they are in the 60s and 70s, they stay in. >> beat oregon. come on. >> a minute sense you ventured down to the wharf this could be a good opportunity to head back. jessica castro has the weekend suggestions. >> we all want our children to have a safe and beautiful place to play. this weekend, help celebrate the grand re-opening of the charles drew elementary school yard on saturday at 11:00 a.m., with activities for the whole neighbor, lunch, and a raffle, with the playground the vision of the san francisco shared school yard project with images from past openings. >> check out wharf fest, one of the favorite free waterfront festivals. it runs from 11:00 inner loop
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5:00 in the evening, don't shy away from the chowder competition or the segue or the mechanical bull. we saved this for last, celebrate the day of the dead as the mexican museum with a free fame event on saturday october 23 at ft. mason center. make a school mask and celebrate departed loved ones which should be moving at the staff acknowledgment the passing of the museum founder, peter rodriguez. but "day of the dead," will be fun and lively. for more information for the events, check out our website at we will hook you up with hoodline. have a great weeken. >> good news for prince fans. >> new album and what it will include and when it will be
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>> coming up at 4:00, finishing a marathon is impressive but amazing when you are 84 and what this man has to say about the new world record and why nasa is looking for a few good...spiders.
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we will explain why tonight at 5:00. >> good news for prince fans, the vault is open and never heard before music will be released, happening november 22nd. the album is called "prince forever," with a song "the purple one," recorded in 1982 "moon beam levels." and includes 40 fan favorites like "kiss," and "little red corvette," and a back with unreleased photographs of the sing are taken by a well none photographer. he died in april from opioid overdose. >> a great way to remember they will. a lot of people are still mourning his loss. >> good to hear. >> time to finalize the halloween costume ideas. we have inspiration. all the host of "right this minute," shows how a dad is raising the bar.
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>> dads are awesome especially this dad. he is making his three-year-old, transforming him into the popular super hero wonder woman. it took $1,500 costume to get the transformation perfect with the look at the photo shoot. the final images are on the show later on "right this minute." >> you can catch "right this minute," today and each weekday starting at 3:00, right here, on abc7. >> decent weekend. in front us. right? >> still comfortable. but not so sunny and as warm. but it will be dry. >> shower chances for monday? tuesday? >> in the north bay, tuesday morning they could dip into the south by but it will be light. this is a north bay storm. >>ing in to warrant a number on the scale. >> not yet, it only affects 50% of us. >> that does it for now.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm marie osmond, backstage here at flamingo hotel in las vegas, and i just have to say that i am so excited that "millionaire" has come to las vegas. i mean, come on, you are gonna love being on the strip. i mean, we're practically next-door neighbors now. but really i want to say best wishes for yet another great season of "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ >> hey, everybody. welcome to the show. it's celebrity week las vegas on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] and we are continuing celebrity week with a returning contestant who is a winner of "america's got talent" and now performs his show, "magic reinvented nightly." it's over at the link hotel. playing for charity today, please welcome back mat franco. [cheers and applause] mat, welcome back, buddy. >> great to be back, thank you.


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